Battling Disinformation Trolls on National Radio


Dane Wigington

Debating a "doubleteam" of disinformation trolls on a major national radio station can make for some interesting conversation. After standing ground with solid data against the ideologue "head in the sand" disinfo host on an earlier show, he invited me back for another session. The second show was to be with his hand picked "expert" who teamed up with the host in an effort to discredit and marginalize the geoengineering reality. The two of them did their best to "debunk" hard geoengineering data, I will leave it up to the listener to decide the outcome of this "debate". Though the interview was scheduled for a full hour, it seemed the disinformation "tag team" decided to throw in the towel when they apparently felt they were losing ground. The host even cuts off one of his own listeners who calls in at the end of the debate to agree with the facts I had presented. It is my hope that this debate might be of assistance to activists that inevitably find themselves in such exchanges.

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  1. yalonda says:

    Dane, what you shared during this broadcast is of upmost importance and significance. For those of us who are awake and willing to see, know and allow the truth to be as it is, stand with you in the presentation of the facts and acknowledge the gnat flying about reverberating incoherent murmurs which are observed as a slight annoyance that one swats at, giving it no other significance whatsoever. The truth as presented can be uncomfortable may give way to cognitive dissonance. But it is still the truth and you speak it factually, assertively and with moral conviction. Thank you and may you continue to be a beacon of light and truth. Your activism has inspired mine. A job well done sir!!

  2. Big Wanda says:

    That caller was great!

  3. bo says:

    painful to listen to. most ashamed of the host.

  4. Agent Xtra says:

    If I didn’t know any better it would baffle mine!

    I can’t decide if it’s better just to go back to being ignorant as at least you’re happier!

  5. Agent Xtra says:

    But Obama says HOPE AND CHANGE!!!! LOL! I think he was referring to pocket change.

    • waverly says:

      Spot on with your post. We're working on the hematologic impact and its measurement via blood tests. Barium is the number one ingredient besides aluminum – both neuro and cardio-toxic in their effects. Not good, and with long term exposure – fatal.

      Have developed anti-toxic metal protective strategies and research on how to protect ourselves. All that's required is adherence to the truth.













  6. Diana DEES says:

    Dane, you are the voice of reason. I saw you speak at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference, and was impressed with your level of knowledge and love for our planet. Thank you for everything you do to spread accurate information. Craig is a paid shill who uses the typical tactics of name calling, accusations, blame, and lack of facts. He sounds like a ridiculous Rush knockoff who sunk his own ship. Too bad he doesn’t want to save our Spaceship Earth!

  7. Diane Ridaeus says:

    o.m.g this troll gave me a headache. But Dane took it away. phew 🙂

  8. 57states says:

    all trolls pretend they are right wingers!

  9. […] Wigington was on a radio show talking about his research on chemtrails.  He actually has facts to back up what he […]

  10. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Dane , I commend you for keeping your cool and being so informative with all the facts ..the message is so clear .. investigate for yourself .. MAKE THIS STOP !

  11. Mike says:

    Yes … Craig is officially a fool. It is frustrating to listen to this “expert” espouse malformed vagaries.

  12. Karen says:

    Dane was awesome and informed—that Craig person was a sociopathic jerk. We know what’s really going on.

  13. teresa says:

    Look at the Report from Iron Mountain, then find Agenda 21 to read. Plenty of info out there to find that chemtrails and frequencies used in tandum can replicate lightning, thunder, Floods, hurricanes,tornadoes, hail, snow, crop failures due to drought….. has most of the docs on to blow your view of reality away.

  14. Mr.B says:

    My feelings are that our intuitive sense is beginning to return to us during this ‘time’. We know something is up, by looking up, and many will resist that reality. I see the sky get blanketed and destroyed with an unnatural haze on select evenings, often waking the previous late evenings onslaught as it travels from West to East (by design it would appear).

    I spend evenings outside reading under a clear blue sky, only to watch it become decimated in a short period ( <- see here.

    Dane, you highlight a great amount of information (I especially enjoyed this debate). Kudos, and thanks for putting your neck and the whole of you on the line. In the wake of your vibrations, a collection \ library is being put together on this end too.

    As it relates to our intimacy with the concern for the species in its entirety a quote from an enormously respected being:

    "The first person who attacks you will be your spouse. Second will be your relatives. Third will be your students. Fourth will be your intimate friends. And fifth, you'll be seduced and induced by everything called 'temptation.' Just remember, this comes with the territory, because under every candle, there's a dark shadow. It's not that you are a bad Teacher; it is just that intimacy brings contempt. Therefore do not worry about that contempt. They are innocent."

    – The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 22, 1996

    Keep up the fight. We're with you.

  15. Mystic says:

    Non-factual opinion vs. science-based Facts.

  16. Harry Rhodes says:

    Must see fantastic eye opening awareness. This is obviously the year chemtrails awareness will totally expose and shut down this evil agenda. You will see why this comment is warranted here. Awareness is skyrocketing.

  17. amaezed says:

    A Carbon Tax is what we don’t want. To tax us for global warming…no…climate change..whatever…is corrupt. We shouldn’t have to pay for breathing or using electricity. No one denies the air, soil and water and foods should be clean but to tax us for their mistake is wrong. One thing I might mention is, here in Australia we are seeing less chemtrails. Yes, they still occur but less frequently. Are we getting too close to them? Are they running out of money? Are the tides turning for them? Yes, yes and yes. We all know of “follow the money” scenario but this goes a lot to the “carbon credit” scheme, where if you for example shut down a business, sack all the employees, you can cash-in on emitting less carbon worth billions of dollars. Apart from the “control” factor with geoengineering the business side of this is the main point of doing it. They make a lot of money. We are getting a lot of businesses closing here in Australia. One after another. It’s weird! But thanks for the information and keep up the great work! We are slowly but surely winning. Exposure is what they fear the most. Cheers.

  18. SL says:

    I could not quite determine Creg’s position on weather modification. One minute he was saying weather mod was nothing but a theory, another minute he seemed to change his mind and say “weather modification does exist, but climate modification does not”…. I think that would be a great discussion. The fact that geoengineering takes place is just that – a fact. The question for many of us remains, – is what we are seeing in the air simply local weather modification (plus, other aspects like surveillance etc.) or is it an attempt to modify the climate of larger regions, possibly of the entire planet?… The first (weather mod) is obvious to anyone who is not living in complete denial, the second is harder to prove. I tend to agree with Dane’s opinion that there is a bigger plan with regards to engineering our climate as a whole, however, I’m not quite sure there is enough data to confirm this opinion at the moment. Do they spray metals, plus, Sci-Fy-ish neno particles on us? – yes,.. does the map of North America look unnaturally divided on dry and wet areas right in the middle? – sort of,.. does the snow have indications of being artificially nucleated? – appears to be,.. do satellite images indicate the presence of persistent trails? – looks like it,… does this data prove the climate engineering takes place?… – I don’t know… Seems like putting all these factoids together may give an idea of a larger scale climate engineering. I’m trying to listen to people like Dane, plus, several others who honestly try to understand what the larger goal of the spraying may be… I’m doing my best to have an open mind and not being tied to one hypothesis. Trying to find common denominators in all those researchers’ ideas…. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I wish there was more discussions going on between those honest researchers, because, I don’t believe we have the whole picture of what’s going on quite yet. Thank you to all those who puts their time and energy in trying to figure it out!

  19. Colleen T Mcdougall says:

    How can I get this in an MP3 format that I can download & listen to later?

  20. Carol says:

    Craig was so non-sensical that it was difficult to even listen to his rhetoric. Does he never go outside and ‘Look Up’ at the sky!

    Here in South East Michigan where I live, we had the worst winter on record this past year.
    Last Thursday there were numerous planes spreading their poison in all directions. The worst I have ever seen here.

  21. Kyle says:

    an argument based on insults, bullying and trying to push your opponent into submission is so easy to spot out. this guy clearly has an agenda. we support you Dane, keep doing your amazing work.

  22. julie santall says:

    Wikileaks, where all good scientists/politicians get their information from!!! Dane, I commend your patience and fortitude. It was fairly obvious who was talking sense.
    Fear is a massive driver of ignorance.

  23. Ruth says:

    AS usual bullshit tries to baffle brains!

  24. Hsaive says:

    Craig is spewing nonsense and raising his pitch because he’s got nothin’. In order to believe his junk about not enough aircraft to fill the sky would require us to believe aircraft are not emitting contrails, either.

    Total nonsense and shooting from the hip.

  25. […] Debating a “doubleteam” of disinformation trolls on a major national radio station can make for some interesting conversation. After I stumped the ideologue “head in the sand” disinfo host on an earlier show, he invited me back for another go, this time with his hand picked “expert” who teamed up with the host against me. The two of them did their best to “debunk” hard geoengineering data, you can decide who had their facts straight. The interview is only the first 40 minutes of the linked recording below. Though it was scheduled for a full hour, it seemed the disinformation “tag team” decided to throw in the towel. The host even cuts off one of his own listeners who calls in at the end of the debate to agree with the facts I had presented. It is my hope that this debate might be of assistance to activists that inevitably find themselves in such exchanges.  *** Continue to 20 Minute audio […]

  26. Rod Leonard says:

    When at 64 years old and a veteran Soldier I heard of Geoengineering, my first reaction was the same as Craig Vermin however I did my own research and have got to agree with Dane ….Craig you are an uninformed idiot.
    The truth is coming out by the way I have always been slightly right of Ghengis Khan I am not left of anything.

  27. Hsaive says:

    Nice job….Keep hammering. People are listening.

  28. Karen Strong says:

    Well very interesting … Craig … So arrogant loud obnoxious and so unbelievable niave … I know who I believe … Dane .. humble concerned informative and calm …

  29. daniel marcus says:

    craig came to a shit fight with a fart

  30. Michel Pelletier says:

    A definite win for facts over bluster.The caller’s outrage at Craig Vermin’s use of insult over fact was
    Days 8&9 were full of chemtrails on Cocoa Beach.
    I walked along the beach with a friend. I pointed
    out the trails and strange clouds.He said he would
    mention the subject to his golf friends who are
    airbus pilots in Canada.Hope to get feed back.

  31. mark says:

    A victory. INFURIATING this is the state of our condition. Dane, that you are able to keep the lid on your head during this kind of idiocy is a miracle – amen.

    And this is a window into the nature of our idiocracy. Dear God! – how in the world are we supposed to imagine making progress on all the fronts confronting us when we have these kinds of idiots stringing together untethered syllables and passing it off as thinking?

    You’ve offered another example of hope against all odds and idiocy. The victory is worthy of celebration, but it’s discouraging to see another example of what we’re up against. Onward.

  32. Maureen says:

    Dane comes across as sane and logical, Craig IS and comes across as vengeful and irritated. Craig is so uninformed.

  33. Debbie H says:

    I just listened to this dialogue. Thank you Dane for your courage, composure, all the WORK you have done, and the information you have made available. I believe this is likely the most important issue facing mankind, no the PLANET, at this time, and I will be working to get the message out. The more I read on this, the more I am incensed.

  34. Obviously is was not much of a scuffle. More like a beat down. Thank you Dane.

  35. Melissa Roach says:

    I could hear only anger and frustration in Craig’s voice, which usually does happen when one knows they have no idea what they are talking about and feel backed into a corner. This brings me to a very important point in the this debate. Dane specifically asked Craig where he was getting his facts for which he based his arguing statements on. And Craig responded with, “WIKKI”.
    For anyone who does not know what “WIKKI” is….
    “A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.”

    And Craig is making a documentary?!

    Thank you Dane for giving the listeners USEFUL information on what and where we can in fact research and find the FACTS for ourselves.
    Thank you Dane for in fact ENCOURAGING us to not take your word on geoengineering, but to do our own research. Easy to encourage others to do so when you know the documents and facts are out there. Unlike Craig, who appeared to only be talking out of his…”WIKKI”. And had absolutely nothing to offer the listeners.

  36. Randa says:

    Excellent Dane Wiggington. Craig Vermin sounds like a sociopath.

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