Bill Gates, Monsanto, Geoengineering & Vaccines – The Critical Tie Points


Source: The Liberty Beacon, article by Roger Landry

TLB Note: The video contained in this article has many eye opening points and facts concerning Monsanto, GMO’s, Vaccines, Geoengineering, Bill Gates and their connections. Many of us who are aware know or suspect there is a connection (the big picture) but lack the tie points. This video provides some vital tie points and the possible motive! This video is not extremely detailed but does give references you can research (so be prepared to hit the ‘pause’ button). We have and it scares the hell out of us, but you judge for yourself …

The activity of aluminum appears to play a vital role in disrupting the maturation of the immune system in infants and children. Vaccines contain aluminum. Why put a substance that HARMS the immune system in vaccines?

Chemtrails saturate the ground with aluminum, fact. There is a concerted effort by Monsanto in conjunction with other (partnered) GMO related companies to produce aluminum resistant plants, a substance rarely seen in the soil?

Fluoride facilitates the movement of soft metals across the blood/brain barrier to infiltrate our brain tissue. Fluoride increases bone and other cancer rates. Cancer is a $500 Billion/Year medical industry.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a known associate and attorney for Monsanto. He refuses to recuse himself on cases involving Monsanto…

How does all this and more tie together …

Today America is the sickest society on this planet … made so in three short generations. Is it coincidence that we are also the most – Geo-engineered, Vaccinated, GMOed,  Fluoridated and Drugged society. Each of these mechanisms on their own has the ability to wreak havoc on our health over time … Now imagine the disastrous impact on our health with all perpetrated simultaneously, the impact is not additive … it is exponential!

Here is a list of patents for climate engineering

Source: The Liberty Beacon, article by Roger Landry

40 Responses to Bill Gates, Monsanto, Geoengineering & Vaccines – The Critical Tie Points

  1. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul V., your first entry here made me laugh so hard and gee I needed that.  I view laughter as medicine.  Thanks!  But, your last two are gut punches leaving a lighter shade of pale-or was it whiter?  Love the tune.  Love that you backed up my JFK remark to the hilt.  You are a font of info.  And a bit like the comedy/drama masks.

    Freedom Ranger, I do hope you saw all the support here and hey, you are not the only one to feel this way.  I was not in the service, but I lived my entire life in service to this Earth and for what?!  Well, it did benefit me and mine and others.  Course we had no idea we were being poisoned all along.  A few weeks ago, a couple of neighbor friends invited me over for a bit of food and conversation.  I took the opportunity to tell them a bit about geoengineering and all that goes with, but I kept it short and they politely listened.  Then, later, one of said he believed me, admired me, but had been having the first pleasant day of his in a long long time-wrecked.  Dang.  Didn't mean to wreck a rare day for him.  But, I just gotta be me and they know that.  And they know my commitment to Earth and they really do need to learn.  I am flexible.  So, next, I'm gonna find out more about his depression.  Go that route and share bird stuff with him.  Currently, I have a pair of nesting chickadees in a green roof birdhouse on my porch.  He loves birds.  Perhaps that is the avenue.  I never give up, but for one person. One day awhile ago, at the same neighbors' place, I laid down flat on my back sorta spread eagle on their green manicured lawn.  All were amazed, apparently never saw anyone do this.  I highly recommend it.  Earth knows us, is just waiting to heal us, waiting to be heard and experienced.

    As for the 2,000 birds that fell dead from the sky in Idaho, well, the Navy is active in Idaho and I blame them, as well as for the sea lion pups that just showed up here, malnourished-no doubt the Navy killed their moms. 

    It has been Cold here in Berkeley.  Some fog that actually smelled wet and refreshing, and today early, a tad of rain, just a tad.  All cloudy and dark-feels wet, isn't.  Nonetheless, I'm gonna plant some stuff.  I am that contrary!  It ain't over until it is over!

    And by the way, there is such a thing as dry gardening.  Some vegetables will come through minus water!  It does work.  Fewer fruits and smaller, but such intense flavor!  Nature doesn't give up, it just gets pissed.

  2. Andrea says:

    We reside in Norfolk VA where there is heavy spraying almost daily. In fact, you can set your clock to the trails blocking out the sun.

    Last week a very heavy dump was completed and I became very ill with an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis.

    I am otherwise healthy, non-smoker, 7 days later and still fighting to recover. I feel like I have been poisoned.

    A doctor asked me how I think I got sick, I told him the truth and was met with disbelief questioning my sanity.

    My daughter is vaccine injured so am accustomed to being in the receiving end of denial and at times rage. But come on.

    What else can we do besides being vocal, writing our congressman, and taking care of our own health? Outside of moving to South America.

    I feel like we are walking amongst programmed zombies.





    • Maria says:

      Andrea, I had the same thought and actually moved to S. America. Unfortunately, there is heavy spraying here too, at least where I live in Colombia and where I am now in Cotacachi, Ecuador. The virtually daily chemtrails in Boyaca, Colombia are even worse than the ones that we had in the Sacramento area.

    • Chad says:

      Don't feel alone! Happening in Northern California right on the pacific daily! Just got over being sick for 5 weeks and it's starting again in my throat glands! We need to do something quick! My doctor gave me same run around! What a bunch of brainwashed sell outs ! They call themselves Americans! god bless us all! We are in deep shit!

  3. Thank you, Dane! Your hard work and endeavors to help millions of people are so greatly appreciated. I have taken the website you gave "What Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, vaccines have in common", and have posted it on Russ Tanner's website OrbisVitae.  YES, as you have said, even though the government along with 'other idiots' continue with their ludricrous chemtrails and other harmful ways to destroy planet earth, we DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! (my wording)  We must keep on spreading the news that you so laboriously post, AND TELL OTHERS! God richly bless you. Sincere appreciation.

  4. KellsBells says:

    I feel like a lot of people who have expressed their hopelessness and fatigue at just mentioning the word "chemtrails" to people. Someone in my family just lashed out at me and said, "You're nuts if you think that." without any hesitation in his voice. Like he was "programmed" to say that like a robot. without thought, without question–yep, I'm ready for the psychiatric unit! Take me in! I just say to him, "Look up" it'll come to you, eventually. 

  5. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County update:  four days of Pineapple Express clouds but no rain.  It should have poured, but we did have mist and a few sprinkles.  The size if the system stretched from Hawaii to California.  Odd stuff coming down.  Flakey looking.  I thought it might be moisture except it was very light weight and floated in every kind of direction.  I used a million watt flashlight at night.  Tonight totally clear of clouds and the stuff is still coming down.  Also the light's beam looks like I live in a very smokey environment.  Yet, my area is remote and relatively pristine.  No factories, no highways, no forest fires, no large cited within 150 miles.  The atmosphere is contaminated with nano particulates, and bigger flakes.  Anyone know what the flakes might be?

    • Blue Sky Lover says:

      BaneB, I live in the same area and this last "storm" was not even close. I was watching the Doppler the whole time and it was showing rain on one site and nothing on the other. Another great tool is to see real time planes and to check for atmospheric humidity. Most of time  we see very low humidity at the elevation of these planes and we have the data from these and other real time sites to verify. Its hard for folks to deny real time facts…

  6. Jeeezzz, you guys. You need a lighter shade of pale here… 

    A reader asked the other day what I meant by "getting physical" in reprisal for the crimes of geoengineering and HAARP destruction of our planet. Well… I've thought about this allot:


    First: You need to arrest all 4 and 5 star generals over the age of eighteen. It's mandatory to do this all over the planet. Surgically install large brass toilet flush handles on the left side of their temples. It's obviously a left hemisphere dominance problem that really needs a good flushing out…


    Next: Arrest all scientists who have ever received cash payment or "enhanced credentials" from any military contract. Build beautiful marble asylums equipped with rubber rooms and specialized equipment. The "special" equipment would be set up to torture them with clean fresh air and glorious natural sunshine for the rest of their lives… Make 'em eat organic too!!!


    Thirdly: Repatriate all captive zoo animals from zoos all over the world. Set them free in their own native habitats, and make that habitat a permanent natural preserve. No industrial enterprise can ever be allowed again in these natural habitat zones. Done deal…


    Next: Arrest all those who think they belong to a royal family or political party of any kind. Relocate them into the empty zoos you just cleaned out. You could put all the royal families on monkey islands. Have nice shiny gold plaques explaining what specie they belong to…


    Fourthly: Arrest all members of international banking cartels, and replace the left arm with one of those old fashioned chrome handles from one-arm-bandit slot machines. Make it fun. Every time you pull the handle the banker looses money…


    Next: Arrest all those who work crooked Wall Street deals behind the backs of private citizens. Strip them of all assets and properties and move them into specially built MacPlaylands. Have tall "securities" fences topped with barbed wire around the entire zoo. Equip the MacPlayland with all the really cool play ground stuff that you see at MacDonald's hamburger joints. Let groups of pissed of gorillas in heat live there in the MacPlayland with them. I'm pretty sure those nasty brokers would be feeling very insecure in no time at all…


    Well, seems to me I've covered all the bases. Case closed… Ta-Dah! 

  7. Jeff says:

    Even as sad,and sick as the video is,its not shocking any more.

    I have been thinking,that there are a lot of very intelligent people out there (reading your comments),that we should be able to find weakness in the criminals that are doing these crimes against us.I'm not sure exactly how,other than trying to inform others. But I do feel there is some action that spells doom for this criminal action. Clinging to hope,and persistence.

  8. Diana Moss says:

    News today from Idaho, over 2,000 snow geese just fell dead from the sky during their migration to Northern Alaska.  Officials are blaming this on a kind of avian disease.  For those who read this site on a regular basis you may also have read this news.  Does this make any sense?   I am not sure why but I have a feeling that it would more likely be caused by something like HAARP. 

  9. Diana Moss says:

    I have to wonder:

    1. If all of the climate deniers have a safe place to land when what they are championing will also ultimately affect them also?

    2. Are the RX companies developing meds for them to keep them safe?

    3. Will Bill Gates and his cronies at Monsanto finally control the world?

    4. And if they accomplish their goal what will their final goal be after they have destroyed the planet?  What then?  What will be left for their wealth to buy?

    5. Wondering about everything that has been and is happening is so evil that it is impossible to comprehend.

    6. I wonder how long we can continue to cling to hope.  If it wasn't for Dane and other dedicated individuals like him I personally would have lost hope some time ago.  Kudos to all who are continuing the fight.  God Bless.

  10. Kim says:

    Yep, we aren't far from an air force base.  I see single trails all the time going up from that direction, but have never seen the formation that I saw today.

  11. Kim says:

    I saw the weirdest thing today in the sky here in Michigan.  It's even hard to explain, but it looked like three vertical wide stripes going straight upwards in the sky from a common point lower in the sky and expanding.  I saw no planes, and it definitely was no normal cloud formation.

    Dane, any idea what this could've been? It looked like a "V" with a line in the middle and it was a clear blue sky other than that, so it was very noticeable. I couldn't believe the formation. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kim, is there any possible distant location where a ground based lauch could occur? There are some aspects of weather modification that can include this kind of deployment, but only in certain locations. Hard to say with any certainty.

    • deb says:


      Confirming that the exact same configuration was visible in the western sky close to sunset today (Tuesday, March 17, 2015) here in southwest Florida, Punta Gorda.- three vertical lines fanning out from a common lower point and all expanding. Exactly what I observed this evening.. We are running temps about 10 degrees above "average" for March and are heavily sprayed every day, with a very active period between 2 PM and sunset that rapidly coagulates into dirty gray clusters of particulate. that hang like death at the horizon. Most people pass this off as storm clouds or wild fires in the vicinity, which it is not. There is little or no moisture to be had. It seems as though it is a very specific action to add a thick dark underside to the cloud mass. The stench is unbelievable…like rotten eggs sauteed in caustic chemicals.  



    • Cathy says:

      I live in southern Ontario, I saw the same odd V formation as if it were a fan shape originating, I thought, somewhere over Michigan or Ohio.  I didn't see any planes either.  The fan part of the formation was right over us.  Nothing about it was normal.  I usually see the planes flying over us, sometimes on my way to work it is not uncommon to see 2 or 3 planes flying parallel to each other at the same time.  I lean forward and look up through the windshield at them hoping someone driving in my direction will wonder what I am looking at too and look up and see them too.  Mostly people are too involved with their cell phones and staring at them even while driving. 

  12. Freedom Ranger says:

    I feel so defeated. Not today but the previous 2 days we hit 90 in Boulder. i went for a walk and every neighbor was saying how beautiful the weather was. Neighbors I had talked to about climate engineering. In my head I am like its March and its 90 people. I feel like I failed I just sat there and said it is going to be like this tomorrow. I know this is crazy but I feel like people are infected with some kinda of mind control virus and they make sure they are "checking" you to make sure you are infected. I know its crazy so I dont want to go into it but I feel like invasion of the body snatchers when they have to show no emotion or they get spotted. Marc you are right, i am wrong, I want to throw my medals for bravery away. I just want to hang my head and cry. I know I have been used by lies and for lies and liars. the America they told us we were fighting for never existed. I am so tired. It is just so hard for me to realize how much we have been lied to how much i have been deceived all of my life.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hope you stay at your post and that you keep sounding the alarm at the top of you lungs Freedom Ranger, the willfully comatosed will soon be forced to wake as their delusions collapse. Then they will finally join the fight for the common good as there will be no other option for them.

    • Tim says:

      Freedom, I live here, too. Let me know if you have any interest in forming a chemtrail group. The chemtrails here have been insane. Friday was a complete white out. Tim


    • Linda Nichols says:

      Freedom Ranger,

      I live in Colorado Springs, I feel like the same thing happened to me, it was in the 80's here, no one questions it!  I love nature and I feel like I live in the twilight zone, I don't know how long we are all going to live, or, what they are going to spray next, and nobody cares!

      Also, a lady in her 50's that I met at a Bible study a few years back died a few days ago from an asthma attack.

      The deception is great!  I am absolutely amazed that what is happening right in front of our eyes……99% do not see !!!

    • Tim says:

      Send me your emails if you would like to start forming a Colorado chemtrail group..

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Ranger, for some reason I picture you as Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sineese) from Forrest Gump up in the crows nest screaming at God and the world. I thank you for your brave service to our country. My feeling is that the honor and bravery that you are showing in THIS fight will be more rewarding than All of the others combined. WE are the sane ones. Win or lose I am honored to march with you in this fight. Never give up!

    • Cathy says:

      Freedom Fighter I live in Ontario Canada and although March has been somewhat warmer with a little blue sky, we have lived through the coldest February ever.  All geoengineered, they spray us every day, all day and most of the night.  I hear the planes as well as see them, they wake me at night.  I too feel people have had their brains altered in some way and wonder if the show the walking dead is so popular because it is what may happen.  the skies will be all gray with muted sunshine and people will comment on what a beautiful day it is, I find it so hard to believe, I keep encouraging people to just look up and put down those stupid cell phones and stop texting.  It is like the roman days where they entertained/distracted all the poor people with games except now its hockey.  The evil is winning because people are too blind and the evil becomes more blatant every day, emboldened by all the blind, distracted people thinking the status quo still exists.  I am sickened by what is happening to our planet and all the innocent creatures who have no say.  sometimes I believe humans deserve what will befall them due to inaction and ignorance as we can make choices but the rest of the planet's creatures cannot  It is a constant struggle for me to still believe we can endure this and overcome what has been going on for decades.  I feel your pain.

    • Heather says:

      Don't give up hope! You are not alone, there are so many of us who are awake to the lies and manipulation, but the system is working to make us feel all alone and crazy so we will give up! We can’t give up! We have to stick together and let others know they are not alone either! Most people who you even approach about these issues just cant allow themselves to believe how we have been manipulated and lied to because it is such a devastating shock that it is easier to put their head back under the covers and hope it just goes away. We all know the feeling of loss we had when we realized it’s all a lie, our lives have been manipulated and we had lived believing in an illusion. Most people are incapable of waking up to that until they are faced with something life changing and have no choice but to accept reality.

      Sorry for the rant, but i am tired of being made to feel crazy, and alone so that i will just shut my mouth and quit speaking out! They have made us go completely against our instincts as humans and to doubt our abilities and power- but it is time for that to stop!!!!


    • E. Grogan says:

      Freedom: hang in there! my heart goes out to you. Yes you really have been had! But you were willing to put your life on the line to protect our country and that counts for something! at least in my book. Thank you for being willing to pay the ultimate price so we could all live in freedom. Now you must fight for freedom in a different way. 

      I come from a military family, so I understand where you're coming from. BOTH my parents went off to WW2, my mom was in WACS and did SRO shows, my dad was a journalist and corpsman. He later became a mustang admiral and worked for Reagan as an advisor. I still run into people today who speak very highly of him. BUT – he was betrayed and threatened with being smeared with lies so had to step down. He didn't talk about it, as most men didn't in those days, but he was disillusioned and disappointed that's for sure. 

      If you are willing to put your life on the line fjor freedom, that makes you EXTREMELY VALUABLE and we need many more like you, with your courage to step forward, spread the truth and keep fighting. Google: mind control

      you'd be amazed at what you'll find, you aren't too far off IMO. Good luck to you, dear one, and keep fighting as we all are in our own way. Dane has set a good example for the rest of us, we all have to keep fighting for the truth and for the planet, we can't give up. It's OK to get discouraged as long as we don't give up in the long run.

  13. Hi Dane,

    I think that fit's together: THEY want to get rid of most of the American people. It's not me that is making this statement. It's Deagel:

    "There are 209 countries listed below. View year 2025 forecast."

    predicted population in 2025:  69,086,600
    population today:    316,440,000

    Many other Western countries in their list

    also show a huge predicted decline in population until 2025. Coincidence??? And, according to my information, Deagel ist not a joke site but gets its information from governments.

    "Owning the weather in 2025…."

    What the hell  is going on in this matrix? I think there is a certain link to above mentioned topics!?


    Yesterdays sunrise:

    They are going to kill us! This way or another…WW3?






    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karl, though I am sure the power structure wants to “thin the heard”, I would not rely so much on any particular document. The heard will be thined one way or another as you correctly stated, based on the conditions that are already unfolding. Our common goal should continue to be exposing and halting climate engineering. If we can do this, the rest will unfold.

  14. Frank says:

    As the final chapter in our lives is being written, most individuals are too blind to see.  The earth is in meltdown with corporate terrorism being played on all of us forever.  The technology that has been hidden from us all could have enriched our lives in so many ways. We had a chance to be energy free and abide by the laws of nature but a few greedy evil parasites in power decided differently. 

    The biggest radical change was the start of the nuclear age. This went against the laws of nature that was there all along provided by our creator. The sick parasites used this perverse science to destroy our ecosystem on this beautiful planet. The advent of many discoveries that were hindered to the public more than a century ago were put to use to control us all. It was from the begriming of weather modification to now total Weather control by chemicals that effects us all daily. 

    The technology has always existed to benefit mankind in ways to cure all medical and psychological diseases. The biggest disease we all have is the manipulated control of free thought. The human brain is a miraculous organ that when used properly can heal our bodies and propel us all to limitless possibilities. The countless manipulation of our brains by authority figures and now microwave and scalar technologies are beyond frightening. We all are lucky at times to get out of bed and tie our shoes. 

    The purpose in life is varied by many. The purpose of life is to progress the existence of every individual. We all as humans need to help others to benefit mankind and ourselves. 

    What I see daily is the constant bombardment of our media and authority figures to tear down all values of a common peace we all need in life. The deception of all news is normal and what news we do get is further manipulation for our future. 

    To have any hope of surviving we need to terminate this climate engineering now. All other purposes in our lives need to stop and we all need to inform everyone with extreme vengeance. I don't know any other way of saying this but all of our time  is near. We will see mass extreme changes starting this year with our weather. They can't control the catastrophe they started. The release of Methane will only get worst and extreme rapid warming will happen. 

    The extreme temp swings I have seen this week concerns me very much. In parts of the Midwest there are temps above 40 degrees of normal. This is still done by heavy spraying and blocking of the sun. What would the temps be if the atmosphere was chemical free. The artificial cooling this winter was orchestrated for results also to freeze over the great Lakes. That massive area of water is used to cool the US combined with the Arctic. The Arctic is showing massive breakup sooner than ever as the power structure runs out of options to cool the Lower 48. 

    I have seen lately where Al Gore is back talking about the same old BS of Co2 and carbon credits. No one ever mentions the missing link of this whole equation. That missing link is many decades of total weather control and destruction of our ecosystems  by the power structure. They are at the ends of there rope and so is our planet. We all need to fight these criminal parasites to stop the spraying. I fear the events when the spraying is stopped but what is better knowing the end is hear and doing nothing?


  15. Lola says:

    I think organic farmers and people whp advocate for them are a great target group for this activism. It occurred to me yesterday that even though I buy organic, there is really then no truly organic food.


    This will form my activism and I hope it informs others.

    PS. NYC was sprayed like crazy as soon as it was clear yesterday — are commute times targeted? Another observation.

    Oh, the horror.

    Best wishes nonetheless…


    • helpEarth says:


      Same thing in Huntsville, AL. It was clear all day yesterday and then morning the striping began. I noticed this afternoon there are crisscross patterns. What a shame.

  16. John Major says:

    I understand the food, vaccines the floride and big pharma, the ultra rich can afford that , but how do they afford the air , the chemtrails?? This has always confused me. Anybody?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, I have covered your questions many times, the posted live presentations on the home page of should help with your investigation.

    • Yogi Greg says:

      In reading through the list of Patents the latter ones which deal with Nano-fibers tells much. The capabilities of such entities which can expand with heat in a jet stream could easily be mixed with fuel or sprayed out of one small tank with a very small tube inside or outside a single engine housing…they are moisture sensing devices for tracking moisture in the air passed through…they could signal the turning on or off at a certain altitude when entering a patch of moisture or cloud" with lat and long coordinates  to keep the process on or off depending on where the plane is. minimizes waste,

  17. helpEarth says:

    It's truly appalling what's taking place on this planet on all fronts.

  18. Some quotes from the Kiss: >

    "The elderly are useless eaters."
    — Henry Kissinger, quoted in the book The Final Days

    "Military men are 'dumb, stupid animals to be used' as pawns for foreign policy."
    — Henry Kissinger, quoted in the book The Final Days

    "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries."
    — Henry Kissinger, National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974

    "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

    And now that Henry is nothing but dried up and old, he's also a "Worthless Eater"

    Excerpted from: Kissinger boasts of three decades of treason


    Article by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    EIR Volume 9, Number 21, June 1, 1982


    ["Kissinger insists that since no later than the term of office of Secretary of State Jimmy Byrne [June 1945-January 1947], the foreign policy of the United States has been dictated from London by means of secret, unwritten agreements between certain U. S. officials and the Royal government. It is the documentable knowledge of myself and my associates that there are many important instances corroborating Kissinger's claims on this point.

    Equally important, we are well informed, if certainly not completely knowledgeable, concerning the special, unofficial channels of "secret government" through which successive presidencies have been manipulated into submitting to such unlawful forms of foreign-policy dictates by Britain."]


    Complete text:


  19. A person doesn't need bad music to explain the connections. The Council on Foreign Relations is all about implementations of programs to turn America (and other Nations) into open air slaughter houses. The corporate ghouls who own the world's economies are known quantities…

    Here's some more military fun-house stuff. >

    Project 112 was a biological and chemical weapon experimentation project conducted by the United States Department of Defense from 1962 to 1973. The project started under John F. Kennedy's administration, and was authorized by his Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, as part of a total review of the US military. The name refers to its number in the 150 review process.[clarification needed] Every branch of the armed services and CIA[citation needed] contributed funding and staff. Canada and the United Kingdom also participated in some Project 112 activities.[1]

    Project 112 primarily concerned the use of aerosols to disseminate biological and chemical agents that could produce "controlled temporary incapacitation" (CTI). The test program would be conducted on a large scale at "extracontinental test sites" in the Central and South Pacific and Alaska in conjunction with Britain, Canada and Australia.[2] At least 50 trials were conducted; of these at least 18 tests involved simulants of biological agents (BG), and at least 14 involved chemical agents including sarin and VX, but also tear gas and other simulants.[1] Test sites included Porton Down (UK), Ralston (Canada) and at least 13 US warships; the shipborne trials were collectively known as Shipboard Hazard and Defense—SHAD.[1] The project was coordinated from Deseret Test Center, Utah. As of 2005[update] publicly available information remains incomplete.[1]

    Top-level directives

    In January 1961, McNamara sent a directive about chemical and biological weapons to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, urging them to: "consider all possible applications, including use as an alternative to nuclear weapons. Prepare a plan for the development of an adequate biological and chemical deterrent capability, to include cost estimates, and appraisal of domestic and international political consequences." The Joint Chiefs responded with a five year plan, in three phases.[3]

    On April 17, 1963, President Kennedy signed National Security Action Memorandum 235 (NSAM 235) which approved:

    Policy guides governing the conduct of large-scale scientific or technological experiments that might have significant or protracted effects on the physical or biological environment. Experiments which by their nature could result in domestic or foreign allegations that they might have such effects will be included in this category even though the sponsoring agency feels confident that such allegations would in fact prove to be unfounded.[4]

    Project 112 was the United States, portion of a four-way agreement between the U.S., Britain, Canada, and Australia to conduct a highly classified military testing program which was aimed at both offensive and defensive human, animal, and plant reaction to biological and chemical warfare in various combinations of climate and terrain.[5]


    The command structure for the Deseret Test Center, which was organized to oversee Project 112, somewhat bypassed standard Defense Department channels and reported directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Cabinet consisting of Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and to a much smaller extent, the Secretary of Agriculture . Experiments were planned and conducted by the Deseret Test Center and Deseret Chemical Depot at Fort Douglas, Utah. The tests were designed to test the effects of biological weapons and chemical weapons on personnel, plants, animals, insects, toxins, vehicles, ships and equipment. Project 112 and Project SHAD experiments involved unknowing test subjects who did not give informed consent, and took place on land and at sea in various climates and terrains. Experiments involved humans, plants, animals, insects, aircraft, ships, submarines and amphibious vehicles.[6]

    Biological weapons tests

    Project 112 tests are known to have involved the following agents and simulants: Francisella tularensis, Serratia marcescens, Escherichia coli, Bacillus globii, staphylococcal enterotoxin Type B, Puccinia graminis var. tritici (stem rust of wheat).[7]

    Agents and simulants were usually dispensed as aerosols using spraying devices or bomblets. There was a large variety of goals for the tests, for example: “selected protective devices in preventing penetration of a naval ship by a biological aerosol,” the impact of “meteorological conditions on weapon system performance over the open sea,” the penetrability of jungle vegetation by biological agents, “the penetration of an arctic inversion by a biological aerosol cloud,” “the feasibility of an offshore release of Aedes aegypti mosquito as a vector for infectious diseases,” “the feasibility of a biological attack against an island complex,” and the study of the decay rates of biowarfare agents under various conditions.[7]

    In May 1965, tests using the anthrax simulant Bacillus globii were performed in the Washington D.C. area by SOD covert agents. One test was conducted at the Greyhound bus terminal and the other at the north terminal of the National Airport. In these tests the bacteria were released from spray generators hidden in specially built briefcases. SOD also conducted a series of tests in the New York City Subway system between 7 and 10 June 1966 by dropping light bulbs filled with Bacillus subtilis var. niger. In the latter tests, results indicated that a city-level epidemic would have occurred. Local police and transit authorities were not informed of these tests.[7]

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