C.F.R. Meeting Discusses Geo-Engineering [To Fight (the staged )Global Warming]


“The tens of millions spent to confuse the public about the issue of global warming??? Just how many disinformation films are there? Just how many are employed to troll you tube and face book ?
Just about enough to convince anyone waking up to reality… that it is a fact the establishment, spearheaded by think-tank groups such as the CFR (which run the Whitehouse) are in fact participating in a massive propaganda campaign around the world to deceive the worlds population. How much longer are we going to let these psychopaths ruin our planet and murder and control Billions of lives??? originally Uploaded by mikemb123 on Aug 30, 2010 PEACE 4 ALL.”

2 Responses to C.F.R. Meeting Discusses Geo-Engineering [To Fight (the staged )Global Warming]

  1. Christopher Bowen says:

    Absolutely this FAKE medical paradigm for world control is well underway, even as far as establishing the injections as still promotionally benefitted. It still seems utterly fantastic that a human population could be this utterly zombified to just ignorantly induced to go along.  But this is 100% what is going on!

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