Canadian Petition regarding high altitude aerial spraying January 2013


A Petition to be presented to the Canadian House of Commons regarding high altitude aerial spraying – that is, chemtrails.

January 2013

Petition download English:

Petition download French:

Ten years ago we organized a similar official petition, in both official languages, that was presented to the House of Commons.No action was taken by Ottawa at that time but the evidence with respect to aerial spraying over Canada has increased and become a feature of Canadian radio talk shows, TV documentaries (including the Discovery Channel), Internet blogs, discussion forums, many thousands of Canadian YouTube videos plus “chemtrail” is now part of the lexicon recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary.The time has come for the people of Canada to collectively demand answers from their MPs and put an end to what is going on up there in our skies!We suggest that you deliver a copy of this petition to the local office of your MP – make certain they are aware of your thoughts and that they know of this Petition in their constituency.

Chemtrail Petition package
The previous 2003 Petition about to be sent to Ottawa.

Link to the original Holmestead Chemtrail Petition of 2003 web page.

Although an online petition appears to be a simple and attractive option – just click and it is done – they are virtually useless because the parties that the petitioners are attempting to influence pay little attention to anything unless it follows their official rules and contains original signatures.  For more see:  Canadian government petition requirements.

Therefore we have a new public Petition here that is drawn up for presentation to Parliament by a Member of Parliament.  The prayer, or request, contained in the Petition has been reviewed by Jacques Maziade, Procedural Clerk and Clerk of Petitions, House of Commons, and found to meet the official requirements.

The files, English or French, are in Adobe Acrobat, or .pdf format, for the purposes of uniformity of presentation and printing.  Most computers have the file reader installed but if not the free reader is available here for download:  Adobe web site PDF

Print out or photocopy as many pages of the Petition as you think you can fill with signatures of family, friends and associates.  Any number of signatures on a sheet is acceptable as all will be gathered together in total before submission.  We hope to gather signatures from coast to coast.  If you have any questions please e-mail us – there is a link below.

Needless to say this Petition is only for those who qualify as residents of Canada – any other signatures will be deemed invalid.

Although we have set a date of 15 May 2013 to gather the Petition together and submit it to Ottawa please send along any completed sheets whenever you have them.  The specific instructions are included in a cover page in the .pdf files:


Download .pdf: English Petition

Download .pdf: French Petition

Chemtrail Petition aircraft

You are invited to contact us at the “Holmestead“.

3 Responses to Canadian Petition regarding high altitude aerial spraying January 2013

  1. Please have a look at the skies of Toronto for the last couple of years.

    This must stop!!! The Harper Government and the Canadian/American miltarty need to be held accountable for this.

  2. richard thomas says:

    Water in the jet engine contrails melt at high altitudes and at a short distance behind the aircraft. One day, on Granville island in vancouver, a jet was passing by northward to Alaska. It,s right engine was emitting a long steady emission but the left engine was emitting a long spiraling contrail. I have never, ever seen that before and the was no mechanical trouble audibly speaking. It was a clear sunny day. The contrails dissipated about 45 min. later. I, like Mickey, have problems with download. Please e-mail the petition. Thanks Rick

  3. Mickey Moore says:

    I have noticed atmospheric spraying over Vermilion, Alberta over the last three years, with an increased intensity last fall of 2012.

    I have tried to download the petition, with no result.
    Can you email me the petition?
    Thank you for trying to organize this for us. I pray that the gov. will come to their senses and stop this procedure. God help us all.

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