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CFR/CIA Connection to Covert Climate Modification and Aerosol Geoengineering


Evergreen Air is a CFA/CIA front for covert operations within North America based at Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona with corporate offices in McMinville Oregon, near Portland.

A missing piece of the aerosol geoengineering operation was revealed by an Evergreen Air pilot who spilled the beans in a fit of hubris after consuming too much alcohol.

While portraying himself as an incarnation of the mythical “James Bond” at a McMinnville bar, the pilot recklessly revealed that Evergreen International Aviation is an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. His “spirited” revelations confirmed suspicions that Evergreen is part of a major geoengineering operation dumping tons of aerosol pollutants in the skies and over the forests, farms and fresh water resources of North America.

Evergreen Air was formed in 1979 and remains privately owned by 82 y.o. Delford Smith but the company is wholly owned by Evergreen International Aviation. The company operates from over a 100 bases with 4,500 employees. The following is an excerpt from the company’s history:

“In 1974, Evergreen had bought the lease to a large air base in Marana, Arizona, from the Central Intelligence Agency, which was coming under congressional pressure to divest its holdings in airlines such as Air America. The Marana facility, which had the capability to work on any type of aircraft, became known as Evergreen Air Base and housed repair and overhaul operations.”
Evergreen was given a no contest bid that awarded them all the facilities in Marana, Arizona that previously belonged to CIA’s Air America (Pinal Air Park, Arizona). Airpark security is said to be severe and run like a classified military base. One pilot landed by mistake only to receive an armed escort immediately off base. The pilot with 10 years experience said it was nothing like anything he has ever seen.

The company brags that their 747 tankers have 7 times the capacity of other fire fighter aircraft delivering up to 20,000 gallons of fire retardant in one mission. But those huge tankers are conspicuously absent from helping to contain the hundreds of wildfires in Colorado, Northern California and the western US.

Fitted with an advanced aerosol deployment system patented by their own corporation, Evergreen’s fleet of B-747 tankers are apparently too busy dropping weather modification aerosol bombs to have time to put out a “pesky” wildfire.

Giving away their involvement in covert operations, Evergreen is allowed special exemptions to fly anywhere without needing permission to deviate from a designated route or flight plan.
When asking who or what agency has the authority to grant such exemptions, the CFR’s Philip Lader and John Wheeler III (deceased) are likely suspects.

In 2010 Wheeler was murdered and dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Since no meaningful investigation on Wheeler’s death appears to be underway we can only speculate that his murder was retribution for threatening to turn whistleblower. The CIA happens to be the enforcement arm of the CFR. The EU Times online reported:

“A shocking report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) states that one of the United States top experts [Wheeler] in biological and chemical weapons was brutally murdered after he threatened to expose a US Military test of poison gas that killed hundreds of thousands of animals in Arkansas this past week.”

Wheeler had been a consultant to MITRE, a US non profit corporation with jurisdictional oversight over FAA flight patterns and much more. His threat may have been more than to turn evidence on the atmospheric biological testing to include the covert aerosol geoengineering operation and dangerous conditions resulting from the FAA’s impossible task of coordinating thousands of domestic drones later announced by Barack Obama.
Evergreen’s operation is contracted to WPP a British corporation chaired by Philip Lader who worked under the current head of the CIA – Leon Panetta – when he was White House deputy chief of staff under Bill Clinton.

With Lader as chairman of this UK corporation, WPP claims to be the world’s largest communications services group, employing 158,000 people* working in 2,500 offices in 108 countries. WPP’s ability to infiltrate multi-national corporations is revealed in their mission statement:

• We relieve our companies of much administrative work. Financial matters (such as planning, budgeting, reporting, control, treasury, tax, mergers, acquisitions, investor relations) are coordinated centrally. This frees WPP companies to devote their time to the pursuit of professional excellence.

• We encourage and enable our companies of different disciplines to work together, for the benefit of clients and the satisfaction of our people. In the management of talent, the parent company plays an across-the-Group role.

• A recent development, and for a minority of clients, WPP itself can function as the 21st century equivalent of the full-service agency, acting as a portal to provide a single point of contact and accountability.

Lader is an insider with authority on international affairs and business. In addition to WPP, Lader is also senior adviser to Morgan Stanley International, a board member for think-tank RAND Corporation, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral Foundation and trustee of UC Rusal – the largest aluminum company in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. ”Nat” Rothschild is a significant investor in UC rusal and in July, 2012 the company joined the China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association.

As US Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s (1997–2001) Lader addressed trans-Atlantic audiences from the U.N.’s General Assembly Hall to state chambers of commerce, local world affairs councils while a member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations.

The MITRE Corporation is an American not-for-profit organization based in Bedford, Massachusetts and McLean, Virginia. It manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) supporting the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the Federal Judiciary.

MITRE is a disturbing post-9/11 matrix with tentacles that connect the Pentagon to DHS, IRS, US Court system and Federal judiciary.

The centralized authority implied in the structure of WPP (UK) and MITRE (USA) provides easy access to global eugenics agendas like secret aerosol geoengineering where complicity to crimes against humanity is highly compartmentalized and promoted as a “career opportunity”.

It’s probably no coincidence that the Federal Reserve Act and the authority of the IRS were enacted by congress in the same year – 1913.

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