Chem-Trail Versus Con-Trail


My neighbor looked up, noticing the lines of clouds in the sky. There were five and another being added as we watched. “Chem-trails.” I said with disgust, shaking my head.

by Patti Jo Roth-Edwards August 7, 2013

“Con-trails,” he corrected me, and launched into a tirade about conspiracy theorist fools and there are no chem-trails. “It’s just jet exhaust!”

I never took my eyes off the sky. “Really? Just jet exhaust?”

He looked up again, less certain. “Well, Yeah.” I left him at the fence, went inside and did an internet search for a definition of con-trails.
“Chem” is short for chemicals that are aerosolized and typically sprayed out of six nozzles located on the wings of the jets. The tiny particles then spread out across the sky leaving a milky white sort of haze that obscures the sun.

“Con” is short for condensation which is mostly made up of water vapor and dissipates within minutes after the jet passes.
This led me to geoengineering which is the science of weather modification. Hours and many articles and videos later found me reading actual patents.

Currently, according to my now extensive reading of patents and government documents, we, tax-paying citizens, are being regularly sprayed with Aluminum Oxide, Barium and Strontium by our own United States military.

April 27, 1920 is the date of the patent that begins this list (3): “Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists

March 1, 1927: “Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft

Moving down the list, I find a reason that is both believable and disturbing. Here is a patent that lays the foundation for ownership of our environment. The link to the Patent is below(1): “Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits” Carbon credits are a way to charge us (the citizens) money for the exhaust from our cars or anything else they (the powers that be) decide we might be doing that cause greenhouse gasses.

Quoting from the patent:

“A business method for providing an emissions trading approach value to products and services that provide active cooling of the Earth that provides a sustainable means for global cooling strategies to achieve commercial value, in order to drive development and real-world application of these approaches, comprising the steps of manufacturing a light-scattering nanoparticle (527), deploying the stratospheric nanoparticles for reducing solar radiation incident on the Earth (537), receiving Carbon Counterbalance Credits in exchange for the local, national, regional, or international benefits derived from said deployment (547), and derives income from selling said credits in order to create a sustainable and viable business (557). Systems, devices, and agents for deployment in accordance with the business method are also disclosed.”

Chemtrails are a bi-product of Geoengineering. Up until recent years the main chemical used was fairly benign. Currently, Aluminum Oxide, Barium and Strontium are being used and are showing up at many times what is considered safe by the EPA in places like mountain tops where there is no source for the increased levels except geoengineering atmospheric aerosol applications.

On top of Mount Shasta where residents have had their ground water tested, independent lab results are coming back at thousands of times the level of normal. Hair samples, even of small children, are showing high levels of aluminum. This is of great concern because aluminum toxicity causes autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s. As this particular application of aluminum oxide is in the form of nano-particles (100X smaller than the width of a human hair) it cannot be filtered out.

Further, I read that Aluminum Oxide changes the ph of soil making it impossible to grow certain organic vegetables. Lucky for us, Monsanto has patented an aluminum resistant genetically modified seed. It is a matter of public record that the Monsanto Corporation is invested in geoengineering as is one of their large shareholders: Bill Gates.

Below is a link to a patent (2) dated January 12, 2010 that coincides with the use of Aluminum Oxide in geoengineering. “RFID environmental manipulation” by inventor: James Neil Rodgers of Langley, BC, CA

It is believed by researchers, meteorologists and thousands of individuals who post on social media, that it is geoengineering that is causing climate change. The reflective metals blanketing our planet actually reflect in both directions keeping the earth from cooling at night. Geoengineering is believed to be causing draught and the toxic metals causing lightening and forest fires to burn hotter according to researchers (5).

Global March Against Geoengineering and Chemtrails
is having an event on Sunday, August 25 in Ashland at the Plaza, noon to 2:00 pm. This corresponds to similar rallies and marches that are taking place around the world. I will be there with my guitar.
My neighbor may not agree, but I feel quite certain that those lines that have now obscured my summer sky are not con-trails.


(1) “Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits

(2) “RFID environmental manipulation

(3) Other Relative Patents

(4) Carbon credit definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(5) GeoEngineering Watch

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  1. Kat says:

    Re sharing this information. Why do we not see the number of visits to this site anymore? what happened to it? thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kat, there was an unknown issue on the web site server, but the visitor counter was still preserved and is back up.

  2. lynne bernasky says:

    Thank you for exposing and taking the risk associated with this topic.  I find it amazing that people say it's just contrails….  I shake my head in unbelief at their unbelief.  

  3. Rose Cupo says:

    Here are sharing links for #MadisonstarMoon chemTrail Whistleblower show

    Pls go to these links & “ReTweet” if you have Google Plus and /or Twitter accounts. THX

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