Chemtrail Jet Tracking Tools


Available Tracking Sites

Flight Radar 24:

Flight Aware

Flight Explorer:

FAA  Aircraft Inquiry

Check Relative Humidity to Rule-out Peristent Contrail Conditions at University of Wyoming Weather Sounding Data

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5 Responses to Chemtrail Jet Tracking Tools

    • Mike Oates says:

      Here in Texas you can go to our state license site and get a license for weather modification.  Now that is what I call right out in the open.


    • brooke says:

      interesting in DAllas here. See a ton

  1. Bob Shroyer says:

    You can see by the matrix of flight paths that spraying chemicals/particulates into the atmosphere based on this pattern would certainly be effective if you wanted to poison population centers.

  2. easy to use tracking system with google integration. WORKS.

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