Chemtrails: Frightening Lesser-Known Facts


“In the last ten years, respiratory disease in the US has moved from 8th to 3rd highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s’ disease, a condition that is caused by aluminum poisoning, has also skyrocketed. “

April 2, 2013
Human Pesticide?
by David Richards

If we don’t organize to stop this scourge, we deserve what we get.

There has been an increasing awareness of chemtrails in recent years. Protests have been organized, movies have been released and whistle blowers have come forward. Most significantly, former Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson made a video denouncing chemtrails shortly before his death in 2011.

The heavy spraying began in NATO countries in the late 90s, but today chemtrails are being recorded pretty much everywhere, from Russia to Brazil, South Korea to Cuba. This is a program of extraordinary scope and importance. However, while we know a chemtrail program exists, there is very little hard information on how it functions and what its goals are.

I have been researching chemtrails and, while I don’t yet have the full picture, I present this information will plug a few holes.

    Most politicians are as oblivious as we are. AC Griffin, a former CIA and NSA operative, says: ‘The monies that go into CIA projects don’t necessarily come from congressional appropriations. The congress as a whole is completely oblivious to the aerosol program.  They are afraid to ask.’

People on the inside who oppose the program are punished. ‘One of the key people who designed the aerosol is now sitting in federal penitentiary. They still go to him to ask him questions.’

Griffin also revealed that former Clinton era Navy Chief  of Naval Operations, Jeremy Boorda, left, was murdered because he opposed the program. Boorda was found dead in 1996 with three shotgun wounds in his chest. The authorities were quick to claim he committed suicide, and the autopsy results were never released to the public.

    Commercial airliners are involved in spraying. In the very beginning, the aerosols were sprayed solely by military planes, but now the program has been expanded and commercial airliners have been outfitted with aerosol units controlled by computers and satellites. Photos provide evidence of this, like this Lufthansa jet flying over the US (below,left).

In the airline industry, the operation is known as Project Cloverfield. In 2000, a high level executive at an American airline revealed his office  was visited by two men from an unnamed government agency:

‘They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release special chemicals from commercial aircraft. When asked what the chemicals were and why we were going to spray them, they told us that information was given on a need-to-know basis and we weren’t cleared for it…We were made to sign non-disclosure forms that basically stated that we would go to prison if we told anyone what we knew.’

Delivery by commercial aircraft raises the possibility that many countries have not given consent to being sprayed, and may be unaware it’s even happening.

    Weather manipulation is a daily occurrence – Chemtrails are used in conjunction with HAARP for geo-engineering (the technical term for weather control). Much is written about the ability to create disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis against an enemy, but we don’t realize that weather patterns are manipulated all the time. Scott Stevens was a TV weatherman in the US but quit his job upon realizing that this was happening on a nigh daily basis.


Global warming is the cover story for the increasingly severe and bizarre weather worldwide.

    Geo-engineering is used to force GMO crops on the world. Manufactured floods and droughts damage harvests and put farmers out of business.

Monsanto has the patent for GMO seeds that are drought and flood resistant, as well as resistant to the poisonous effects of aluminum, one of the key metals in chemtrails.  Any farmer who refuses to grow GMO crops will not be able to guarantee a good harvest and will go out of business.

Even worse, Monsanto’s end game is to force what are termed ‘Terminator’ seeds on farmers worldwide. These crops don’t produce seeds, meaning the farmer has to buy new seeds from Monsanto every planting season!

    Weather Derivatives are chemtrail insurance. – You may wonder how the big players protect their interests from weather warfare. Say, how does George Soros, who owns thousands of acres of farmland in America, protect his profits from engineered drought?

Companies use financial instruments to hedge against risk of adverse weather conditions. They first appeared in the late-nineties, the same time the heavy spraying started! Michael Agne, a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, explains how they work:

‘You’re betting there’s going to be a weather disaster within a particular time-frame, at a particular location, and when it does happen there’s going to be a big pay-off.’ Obviously, insiders can make big bucks making bets based on the geo-engineering timetable.


    Chemtrails are a ‘soft kill’ operation – Soft kill attacks primarily aim to disable and weaken the enemy, not kill him. As Dr. Len Horowitz has explained, wars are an inefficient way to lower population numbers because they destroy infrastructure. The preferable scenario is to create a sick population dependent on the military-medical-industrial complex for their health. In this way, you have population control, make vast fortunes doing it and keep the infrastructure intact.

Chemtrails are a Multi-Pronged Attack

Firstly, the metallic salts used in the aerosols are highly toxic and require our bodies to waste tremendous amounts of energy removing them. Millions of people cannot do it. In the last ten years, respiratory disease in the US has moved from 8th to 3rd highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s’ disease, a condition that is caused by aluminum poisoning, has also skyrocketed.

The second thing is the release of diseases. A high placed military insider claims that bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and placed on fine filaments for release. The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply.

Third, chemtrails contain nano technological weapons. Surprisingly, this fact has remained so low-key in the alternative media. It is well proven by researchers like Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and former government scientist Clifford Carnicom.

The nanotech consists of genetically modified organisms that are basically bio-robots. When we inhale them, they take up residence in our bodies and live as parasites. When the infestation becomes advanced, the individual develops what is termed Morgellons disease. He is so weak that he can barely do anything and suffers an array of bizarre and ghastly symptoms: scabs that don’t heal, hair that falls out and is replaced by pseudo hair and unceasing crawling sensations beneath the skin.

Morgellons is a new condition that has appeared in the last decade – the same time the heavy spraying kicked in! There are an estimated 60,000+ sufferers in the US alone, and their symptoms are chronicled by the Morgellons Research Foundation.


There is evidence that the nanotechnology in the aerosols creates genetically modified red blood cells. Clifford Carnicom has found these cells in the atmosphere and in the blood samples of most people he tests. They are quite unlike normal red blood cells; they can grow outside of the body in a petri dish, survive high temperatures and withstand being doused in acid. Clearly, this is highly sophisticated bio warfare!

We don’t know for sure what purpose they serve, but the answer may have been provided by Ray Kurtwell, one of the biggest names in the transhumanism movement. In a recent speech he said: ‘In the next 25 years we will have bloodcell -sized devices that go inside your body and keep you healthy from inside, that go in your brain and interact with your biological neurons and merge with our biological intelligence.’

When an establishment scientist tells us with certainty that something will exist, assume that it already does. There is a chance that the ‘blood-cell sized devices’ that Kurtwell mentioned are the weaponized red blood cells being discovered, and that mind alteration is currently underway.

    How do the perpetrators protect themselves? The Illuminati never launch an attack without making sure they’re protected first. For instance, President Bush took an anthrax vaccine two weeks before the anthrax attacks in 2001. They may drink a solution once a day that removes the toxins from their bloodstream, or have a chip put in their arm that acts like a tiny dialysis machine.

Many involved in the operation probably don’t know the true agenda. Dr. Bill Deagle, was a doctor at Buckley air force base and claims to have treated the pilots who were spraying the aerosols, ‘95% of them told me they were up there spraying to reflect the sun to stop global warming, so most of them are dumb enough to believe that garbage.’


The Illuminati are vandalizing the skies, as visibly as a graffiti artist spraying a wall, and yet most of us remain oblivious. Like little else, chemtrails bring home just how desperate our predicament is.

Despite this, I think anti-chemtrail activism has tremendous potential. The existence of the operation is easy to prove and we have the testimony of many whistle blowers. The protest movement can continue to generate momentum because chemtrails will persist for decades to come.

David Richards, 24, teaches English in Mongolia. He is a regular contributor.

Makow Comment- Citizens should form committees in every city to monitor and photograph chemtrail activity; educate the public and spread awareness; and to petition politicians and media. The Illuminati positively hate spontaneous political activity they don’t initiate and control. This is a great way to increase consciousness about the NWO conspiracy.


13 Responses to Chemtrails: Frightening Lesser-Known Facts

  1. Jed Roe says:

    This is from Author JLY (Just Like You) in response to the question why, what and who are spraying our skies.

    They are building clouds, big enough to consistently block out the sun. Conveniently along the way this white haze will heat the planet up (thin cloud gives you more Skin Cancer). The Cartel in control will be telling you this soon via your Idiot Box. They will say “that Nature is cruel and they can save you from the nasty Sun”. LOVE THE SUN
    The Cartel also know that you cannot kill the masses by heating up the planet, but you can by cooling it down – Sucker.
    If you go to the Wankapedia section of Wikipedia and type in Solar Radiation Management, under Geo Engineering, you will read that SRM is only theory. Presently, what the Cartel is spraying is a WFS “White Fibrous Substance” it is in all lower layers of the atmosphere and people will become slowly sicker, and thats got to be “Pharma Joy” (if you haven’t already noticed we are all becoming much sicker and your Idiot Box cannot expain why – Wake Up GEN X, the TV is your enemy). You now drink it, eat it and breath it in. Nano Aluminum particles inhaled equals Emphasemia and or Dimensia.
    So now you know that the Cartel is quietly ceasing your existence and thinks your Blood Line is expendable, what are you going to do about it.
    Also the WFS traps smoke, smog, etc, collectively they are a form of pollution, nature normally does a fantastic job of removing these, but the Cartel is attempting to noble the process…..think – look.
    “Fear not the Zombies rising from the dead, you are already here. Protect your Planet People and have a nice day :-)”

    Live a long happy life please


  2. Rina van der Merwe says:

    I am sure that one way we will make a difference is starting with ourselves. Give up your cellphone and Wi-Fi. I live near a tower and every morning and evening a helicopter or small plane comes past to probably do certain readings. About half and hour later 2 jets will fly over and an increase in EMFrequencies can be felt and the puffs left behind can be seen dispersing in the sky.We are paying to have superfast connectivity 3G, 4G in cities, towns and the bush. The spraying helps create this i-cloud and see to your every wish. So join the dots and get back to basics.

  3. Brandon Wombacher says:

    This is some weird but interesting stuff. This might explain why the Judicial system is so messed up. Chemtrails would not be legal. It also made me realize that the pharmicutical company’s could put poison in the air and get people sick and then the people go buy pharmacutical drugs to make more money. Sometimes when I think about some conspericy theroies, when I imagine them being real. They acualy explain some things that don’t make sience in real Life. It is quite interesting..

    • Laura says:

      I am glad you are waking up! “Conspiracy theory” is a buzz word to incite scepticism. These are WELL-DOCUMENTED FACTS & THE RABBIT HOLE ONLY GOES DEEPER! Please keep digging but remember there’s lots of DISinformation too! It’s taken me years of research and soul searching to get where I’m beginning to get a clearer picture but I know it’s still so much bigger-but what we do with this is KEY! WILL WE UNITE & PREVAIL OR BE EXTERMINATED?!?!l

  4. Sally Quinn says:

    Protect yourself and make orgonite. Orgone devices disperse chemtrails. This is how you fight back. Protesting simply keeps you busy on a protest line and nothing gets done. Build yourself an orgone device and you will disperse chemtrails easily. Research on you tube or google.

  5. Melissa Roach says:

    Does anyone have information to help me…How can we get fibers tested to see if they are in fact these Morgellon fibers? My four year old daughter and I are covered! BEFORE I even knew about Morgellons, chemtrails, etc., I was constantly complaining how difficult it was to comb my daughters hair…I was always having to stop and pull stuff from the comb before I could continue combing. I called it “fuzz” that’s what it looked like, tiny fine fuzz.

    Last year is when I began noticing the sky and the crazy looking clouds. And then hearing these strange loud noises that appeared to be coming from the atmosphere? Other people also heard these noises, but just simply blew them off. I asked others if they noticed anything different about the sky and they blew me off. But I knew something wasn’t right and so I decided to Google, “strange clouds” and also Google, “strange loud noises in the atmosphere”. I was hoping someone else around where I live have noticed this too and maybe had information on it. I was really just hoping to prove that I wasn’t the only one around here noticing this and that I really wasn’t going crazy. This is when I discovered that people all around the world are in fact hearing the very noises that I have heard. And this is when I also discovered about the geoengineering/chemtrails. While reading up on the chemtrails, I saw pictures..they were the non-colored looking fuzz that I had seen in my daughters hair/comb! This got my attention and I clicked on it and this is when I discovered Morgellons and that these were being called fibers. I saw other pictures of the colored fibers as well. I decided to comb my daughters hair again and this time, I took a magnifying glass to the comb and what was on it…what I had called fuzzies. What I discovered under that magnifying glass horrified me and part of me was in shock and disbelief! What I had thought was normal non colored fine fuzz, under the magnifying glass turned out to be these crazy wiry looking fibers, there were blue, a wiry black, this bright pink, red, emerald green, copper, and some were in fact non colored. As I was examining them all under the magnifying glass I noticed that they were sticking all over my fingers, all over the tweezers and I couldn’t get them off! Some moved! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on my or that maybe there was a breeze in the bathroom or my breath making them move…but they moved funny, almost wormm like, the tip would move.

    I told my husband and he told me I was crazy…so I decided that I was…I decided that since I had seen the pictures, that it was just coincidence that the one’s coming from my daughters hair looked like the pictures I had seen. I dropped it. I mean we don’t have lesions, although we do, especially me, get sick with terrible symptoms all the time…so I decided we couldn’t possibly have what this site I was on was describing.

    I didn’t put two and two together at the time, but I recently thought back to this…after I had taken the time to observe and handle these fibers that one time, I became very ill. A sudden HORRIFIC cough, it was non stop…I thought I was going to die! The cough was so bad and so constant that I didn’t have time to take a breath in between the coughs, the cough was so powerful it would make me vomit, so there I was coughing, vomiting while coughing, no time for breath and I was terrified! I went to the doctor over and over again…this cough lasted for FOUR MONTHS STRAIGHT! The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, one doctor said it sounded like whooping cough and that he was seeing many people with this symptom. I was sent to a lung specialist who just told me that it had to be some sort of virus causing the cough.

    I now am putting two and two together because two weeks ago, I again decided to look at the fibers and observe them. After my daughters bath, I allowed the water to drain slowly from the tub and then took my magnifying glass and looked the tub over. I was shocked at all the pink, blue, wiry black, red fibers that was left behind in the tub. Then I saw two strange things, one looked like a red pod the other an emerald green pod and this green appeared to look as if there was glitter in it. I grabbed my tweezers and needle and using the magnifying glass to see it, I pulled it and the red one from the tub. It appeared solid, but when I used the tweezers and the needle to pull them apart, I soon realize these pods were made up of fibers?? I still don’t know what the shiny glitter looking things were that was in the green one? After I spend MUCH TIME observing these pod looking things and all the other fibers I pulled from the tub and her hair and comb..withing the hour I began to feel horrific fatigue, almost lethargic! And the cough was sudden! I have been sick ever since. I also noticed that the urinary tract infection that I get every couple of months for the past TWO YEARS, has suddenly come back. I decided, though it may be crazy, that I was going to see if fibers were present on me. I washed my hair and then thouroughly washed my daughter black fine tooth comb and looked it over with the magnifying glass to make sure nothing was on the comb. I then combed my own hair with it. I didn’t see anything with my eyes on the comb, but when I looked at the comb with the magnifying glass, I discovered all these fibers clinging to the comb. There were blue, copper, pink, the non colored ones and then I saw something absolutely crazy that was caught at the base of the comb. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, it appeared to be a creature. My first thought was, “Do I have lice?!!” I pulled the creature from the comb and sure enough with the bagnifying glass I saw body, legs, and head! I also found what appeared to be a brown egg or pod! Maybe it was simply a dust mite or something…I don’t know?! But what I do know is that with being so sick these past couple of weeks, I also decided to wipe my self clean, then take a piece of toilet paper and look it over with the magnifying glass to ensure there was nothing on the toilet paper…I then urinate in the toilet as normal and wipe with the piece of toilet paper. I look at the toilet paper under the magnifying glass and there were blue and black wiry tiny fibers on the toilet paper! I did this FOUR different time through out the day and each time with the same results. I had spent a lot of time outside that day taking pictures of the tons of jets flying over our home spraying. I did the same toilet paper test in blowing my nose many different times and each time I discovered these tiny, that you cannot see with the human eye black wiry and blue fibers.

    I went to the doctor and requested a hair analysis test for heavy metal toxicity. Well, my doctor now thinks I’m insane! He treated me like I was delusional and asked slowly and suspiciously, “Melissa…and who do you think is spraying and doing this to you?” I quickly realized he thought I was delusional and crazy and tried to explain the geoengineering and spraying that has been going on and all the heavy metals that are in the sprays. I know he doesn’t believe me, but he did ask the lab that he uses if they do hair analysis. They don’t, but my doctor did tell me that blood work would show the same things and he ordered six tubes of blood to be tested. I’m fearful that the blood work won’t show what a hair analysis will, as blood work shows the here and now and hair shows long term exposures. And since he already thinks I’m delusional, I didn’t dare mention the fibers!

    So how are we to be tested? How are we to get these fibers tested? How are we to get a hair analysis done to see if in fact the chemtrails are contamining us with all these heavy metals?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me? Please? I’m so tired of being sick and I just want answers. If these things on and in us aren’t the Morgellon fibers, I want to know so I can put my mind at ease. And if they ARE in fact the Morgellon fibers, I want to know so I know what to expect next.

    About a year and a half ago my husband had his son have blood work done. He was actually having his blood tested to see if the ADHD medication that the doctor was prescribing was in fact in his system as we had suspicion that he X-wife was not giving the medication to their son, but taking it herself to get high! The blood work results not only proved that the medication was NOT in his systme, but something odd showed up in the blood….ethylene….it was a long word, but I do remmeber ethylene! And we couldn’t figure out how in the world this would be in his system. And now that I know all that I do about the chemtrails, I’m wondering if the chemtrails is what exposed him to this?

    My thirteen year old constantly has terrible head aches, red swollen eyes recently, they ooze and water often and burn and itch often. A few days ago, along with all that, she had a fever of 103 degrees, now with cough, diarhea, severe fatigue, body pains. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he told us that he has been seeing a lot recently of adenovirus. I had never heard of this before and asked him if this was a new virus and he told me that it has been around a long time, but comes in spurts??? I looked this up and found out that it is a respiratory virus and I’m left wondering if this is from the chemtrails or just a simple virus that she picked up???

    I just want some answers so if there is anyone out there who has information on how to be tested, please share with me. Thank you.

    • May says:

      I have been researching this disorder. It is real. You can try this site.. I hope it helps.

    • Laura says:

      There’s lots of truth the rabbit hole is DEEP. The holy spirit is necessary to discern the truth amidst so much DISinformation! Your intuition will guide you as you research. You are NOT crazy!! But don’t let it make you crazy cuz it could! Remember GOD is in control & is more powerful than ALL of It! Even Stephen Hawking agrees..

  6. Harold Saive says:

    When making a video I prefer to use a separate audio recorder especially if the camera doesn’t have a plug for attaching one to the speaker. I use a digital Sony dictating machine plugged into a lapel mike….I use an editor to synchronize the video and audio. People will watch a bad video with good audio but seldom the reverse.

  7. Brett Miller says:

    I noticed the trails and wondered, so I started researching and found Wonderful site horrible reason for a site. I am ready to fight and want to do anything possible to expose this and educate the public….I am buying cards to pass out today and will continue to learn and become more and more active in this fight…..This makes me ANGRY very ANGRY

    • admin says:

      Thanks Brett, It sounds like you are using that anger in a positive way in sharing your awareness of this crime! Good for you! Thanks for writing!

  8. Judith Chapman says:

    I have symptoms of something crawling under my skin ,itching ,headaches,nose bleeds all the time,what do I do??

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