Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Manipulation


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  1. k jjk says:

    Haarp waves  deflect and turn downwards!!!! Fault lines UG get disturbed!!–Result EEaarth quakes!!!!!!!!

    Scientists hasve to train These Hi-tech m/c operators so to minimise downward raadiation.. EEaarthquakes are on rise. Small ones are also damaging worth trillions of mooney!!Otherwise HAARP is promising and The pride OF US..It can steer Huurricanes away from laand areas — not dreamed by anybody. The gigantic storm system may be spli, but not triggered Fault lines..SO let's do what is possible to common purpose of SAVING SOMETHING 4 next generation — to own children, who are to move forward the only known liife in the Universe as per present knowledgs!!!

  2. Marcia says:

    I live in Indianapolis. I'm lying in bed a few days ago and hearing an abnormal amount of airplanes flying overhead. A steady stream of air traffic flying at low altitude for a long period of time. The next day it seemed as though the flood gates of heaven opened and there was massive flash flooding everywhere!  The day before that there were at least 4 tornadoes in the same small town of Kokomo, not to mention all over central Indiana. Has anyone else made this connection where they live? 


  3. Joseph says:

    Hi folks!  I am a fully aware of what has been going on for the past decade.I actually reviewed a free online PDF document explaining the need for cloud creation, which has reportedly been practiced since the 1950's whereby silver iodide is sprayed ito cloud formations to increase their size for the sole purposes of creating more cloud cover; hence reduction in sunlight and likely more rain. 

    I've read about the NEXRAD articles claiming chemtrails (which are fact and not fiction) in conjunction with NEXRAD RF's are used to heat up the air and create artificial low-pressure systems.  This to me sounds more plausible as high pressure always rushes towards low-pressure; hence the ability to alter Jet-Stream trajectory; hence cooler or warmer weather.

    I'm reading a lot of what Dane Wigington has to offer, and his reports are pretty convincing. 

    While it is extremely difficult to know the exact procedures being used by the government, I do know for a fact that our government is doing this for a reason.  I'm not sure I buy on to the "population control" idea, but it certainly does seem possible if/when they are successful in blocking sunlight, which is needed to stop photosynthesis. 

    Sadly, I do not believe we can stop this; especially in America.  Most Americans are quite ignorant and completely dumbed down that any obtuse circumstances directly in their faces are passed off as merely out of the ordinary, but nothing to worry about.  Americans have become a bunch of distracted passifist's who will ignore any illogical event that happens to them.  Sorry America, but you are not worth the freedom you've enjoyed for so long.  You've become so ignorant, and profoundly stupid, not to mention naive, that you do not deserve the power nor the freedom to maintain what used to be a Democratic Republic.  In short, we get the government we deserve because we're more focused on reality TV shows, sports, and movies.

    Goodbye America….it was great knowing you!


  4. Joe says:

    HAARP was the research facility utilized to learn and test the technology which was then applied (upgraded) to all NEXRAD weather radar stations nationwide. You can go to the government’s websites and see what “mode” a particular NEXRAD station was operating in and for how long. You’ll see many that say “unknown operating mode”. These are the modes where they are conducting HAARP-like weather control in conjunction with the nano-particles of metals sprayed by the aircraft deploying the aerosols which are utilized for the purposes of geo-engineering. The NEXRAD pulses are now steerable, polarized, and can create rotations. Now, consider the number of stations in operation, imagine what they can do now with the weather. This is why the DoD wanted to just shut down HAARP. It’s not longer needed. They learned what they needed, applied the new technologies to each NEXRAD station and voila, they have a national network of “HAARP” stations which can manipulate storms, weather fronts, and the jet stream. If you pay attention to the National Weather Service Doppler Radar sites you’ll sometimes catch their activities, although they are really good at stripping out their activities from the data and it’s cleansed and then displayed for you. You are not seeing what’s really going on unless you have high-tech weather tools that don’t “clean up” the images but instead provide the raw data. You’ll witness some very unusual activity.

  5. DML says:


  6. jeszcze says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for

  7. madeline marzullo says:

    Definitely interested in the HAARP/CHEM TRAIL/Weather manipulation that has been going on for years to control the weather. I believe this is part of THE
    ONE WORLD ORDER to decrease the population by killing off the elderly with excessive heat; bring on
    more respitory illness such as COPD which is now at epidemic levels, this includes children with lung disorders will die off with auto=immune sicknesses.

  8. joem789 says:

    Anyone who cares and pays attention already knows that the Earth and its atmosphere together are a life-form. The atmosphere acts and reacts to a number of factors for the sake of sustaining the Earth. After all, its like a powerful force of heat inside. Weather is extremely important to the Earth. And it is (believe it or not) particular about how the weather system acts at any given time. These acts may seem random to us. But to the Earth, they are not.

    Now with those things said, think about consequences of weather tampering. Areas that should be wet or cooled are no longer wet or cooled. Areas that should be dry or now flooded. And again, even post tampering, it may seem random to us. But again, it is not. The Earth “knows”.

    What do you think will happen in the long run? You think the Earth is resilient to these things? The undoing will reveal itself in the form of massive earthquakes, new volcanoes, right along with the unnatural forms of atmosphere that are a direct result of the tampering.

    “It’s not nice to fool mother nature”

    And we shall see the anger when it arrives. Many will perish because the Earth will go severely unbalanced. This can all easily be avoided. But it will require major bravery in collective form. Masses will have to join together and LITERALLY storm offices and drag leaders out into the streets. Plants, such as the HAARP facility will have to be destroyed due to its inherently evil nature. The only reason at all that these elite evil forces get away with what they do is tolerance and fear. People have been brainwashed to be afraid of authority. Turn off your evil media influenced TV and start forming large groups. Get out there and give them something to fear. Until these things happen, there will be no stopping what is about to come. And all of you will have become as guilty as those who caused it all.

    • DB says:

      You're words are so wise, and it's not coincidence that this was published at 11:11. A global shift is coming. We need to rise together. Our numbers are huge, they're weak should we not obey!

    • Sherry says:

      This is exactly what they are doing. They did this in Viet Nam !! You did not see the documentaries? Yes the

      weather can be manipulated. YES YES YES!  It is in the Bible . He warns us. God is not doing it they are!

  9. In the 1.50 mhz region of the Haarp spectrum monitor there was seen a green and sometimes red band from 11 november last year to the beginning of may. There was an unusual frequent horth wind blowing over Europe.that turned to west (our usual direction of the wind) for a week in may sinchronous with the ending of the green band for a week. After a week there started at once two first red and later green bands on the spectrum monitor, followed again by the freezy hard north wind. Then at the 17th of may the monitor closed down but the Haarp status monitor showd the west of Europe red, while the north wind is still blowing, and a massive flood drownd central Europe. Officialy the relative faster warming of the north pole which pulled the jetstream far to the south and stopped its velocity is blamed for it. But can this melting ice give such a big effect that appears at once. And why is the wind over land so hard while the wind in the jetstream is relative slow ? According to the exact correlation with the green band in the haarp monitor and the north winds I think Haarp is at least partialy to blame. But i cannot reseaerch this connection anymore because at first the spectrum monitor was black for several weeks and for the last 10 days the whole website of Haarp is off line. Are they concealing something ? Or do anuone know what is hapening ?

  10. laura j says:

    I have been studying this for yrs. & have seen many major weather events develope w/in 24 hours of spraying….also watched millitary drop canisters w/ white “stuff” & then monitoring what happens….

  11. Lannyboy1 says:

    Heres my understanding of all this. HAARP facilities exist not only in Alaska. That said, it appears that the Artic and Greenland ice sheets are being melted using Tesla Tech Arrays. Why? To open up the Artic and Greenland to oil, natural gas, and mineral exploration. Also, the melting of the ice allows for shipping interests to move through the Artic waters saving 40% in shipping costs between northern latitude nations.

  12. Kathryn Hove says:

    I have seen a number of films. I wish I had one 15 minute film that could be given to county farm organizations concisely explaining this to a person who previously knew nothing. The film would say what HAARP is, what a contrail and “chemtrail” are and how to know the difference, it would show pictures of a few government documents and explain that the military considered how to control weather as a strategy and then Scott Stevens would explain how the weather is changed, and use some his footage such as what he used in the conference last year. Explain this be used to cause a drought. List other countries that have HAARP like set-ups too.

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