Chemtrails – How They Changed My World


Soon I will be turning 60, and I cannot help but recall my mother’s words when she told me she felt as if she had outlived her understanding of how the world worked.  She was in her eighties when she explained this sadness, and I felt this must surely be a common feeling in eldership, and I felt deeply sorry for her.  Little did I know that I would feel much the same at sixty.

By  Nancy Levant – Contributor –

I grew up in a time when kids left the house at 8:00 a.m. and stayed outside all day minus the run-ins for lunch and dinner.  We rode bikes everywhere and miles and miles from home.  We went trekking through miles and miles of woods and tried to get lost so that we could make our ways back with tremendous pride in our outdoor skills.  We made creek rafts out of sticks and leaves, climbed every climbable tree, and we made forts out of deer thickets and snow.

We lived for the storm systems to roll in and ran with careless abandon beneath thunder and lightning and relished in every snowfall that had us dragging sleds up gigantic hills over and over and over again. We were never too wet or too cold.  We were outdoor kids.  We loved mud, heat, bugs, frogs and toads, and we knew every critter in the woods.  We knew the names of most trees, shrubs and flowers because our parents knew them, and we could name most insects and birds.

I never had my own phone, computer or TV set.  I had a bicycle and friends who only and ever wanted to be outside.  To stay home and watch TV meant punishment. To talk on a telephone was boring.  To be outside was heaven, and I can still smell every season in my memories, remember visionary skies of my youth, the terrible annoyance of and fascination with insects, and the utter joy of the mass bird migrations during the Fall season; so many birds that from horizon to horizon the ground would turn dark beneath millions of birds in flight.  And when they would land to rest and feed, the noise!  Trees would come alive with such loud vocalizations that you couldn’t hear your friends sitting next to you.  Every telephone wire for as far as the eye could see was covered with birds; every rooftop, every puddle alive with migratory critters, and this teaming of life brought everyone out of their houses to take it all in.  Everyone used to enjoy the fall migrations, everyone, because it was part of the beauty and meaning of autumn.

During the warm months in the evenings and prior to air conditioning, screens were on all doors and windows, which were always open and, once the sun set, every kind of insect you can imagine would end up enjoying the porch and indoor lights by resting on the house screens.  They covered, literally covered the screens.  I hated June Bugs because you had to fight them to get into the house without 50 of them coming in with you.  Flies were horrible and we simply lived with them with fly swatters in nearly every room. Back then there were absolutely amazing moths of every color, size and shape, and they were beautiful albeit annoying.  During that time Luna Moths were often seen and they were magical, almost fairie-like.  Equally, bees and butterflies of every color imaginable, size and shape were simply a part of every flower and vegetable garden.  And the night time was loud, very loud, with the sounds of frogs, crickets, cicadas, and other insects; it was the sound of summer nights, and the grass was wet, soaking wet with dew all the way into morning where insects and birds drank from the blades of grass and swarms of gnats followed you especially in the mornings.  There was so much life, and it all made sense and defined every season.  It was a blessing to see it all, to smell each season and the creatures that lived their lives to such extraordinary purposes; to hear their voices, the screeching, the bass tones, the chirping; to hear and catch a cricket or a cicada.  There was so much motion and sound; so much life.

I don’t know when I first noticed the aerial spraying. I was late, very late, in finally realizing something was wrong with the sky, but I noticed the lessening of insects, birds and amphibians a long time ago.  For many years I thought it was weed killers.  Then I thought it was water pollution; then Monsanto. When I finally learned about “chemtrails”, I knew—immediately—why these creatures had disappeared.  Years later, I knew why birds were dropping dead out of the skies, why Lady and June Bugs were gone, and why fireflies were disappearing.  To my horror, I finally realized why the bird migrations had all but ceased and why 20 years ago Cornell University’s Ornithology Department was asking children all over the U.S. to feed, count and identify birds at their feeders.  Birds were dying.

Today there are no migrations minus small groups of ducks and geese.  There are next to no moths, butterflies or any insects for that matter minus a few flies and moths, Japanese beetles, and what may be genetically modified mosquitoes.

Ponds and many bogs are silent.  Evening doors are no longer covered with bugs, and I never heard one cricket this fall, not even one. I cannot explain the depth of my heart sickness, because my childhood memories no longer exist in the real world.  And, having written this piece, I understand my mother’s terrible sadness of outliving what she knew, what made sense in her life.  I do not know how to make sense of the perpetrated murder of nature.  I can’t even wrap my brain around the immorality, the criminality of such abject insanity that kills; no, murders everything it touches.  All I know is, in humanity’s ever-increasing ill-health, there will be a great reckoning, and to all of us older ones who know, who comprehend such profound loss; our world dies before our eyes; a wholly unnatural order.  This sadness, the grief, is quite simply beyond words.

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  1. foofighter says:

    Thank you for the beautifully written remembrances!  I, too, took note of my g'ma's sudden pausing near a mirror in the entry hall one day, and, with a stricken look, she said "I've lived too long!".   I kinda understood what she meant; in the late 1960's and 1970's, technologies were ramping up, life was more complicated.   She was in her mid- 60's when she said that.   Now I'm in my 60's, and understand that comment from a more personal perspective.  

    I remember chemtrails across the S. CA skies, in the late 1950's [though fewer of them then].  There was a LOT of stuff going on in the 1950s, which I glimpsed at, when Dad had a "bring your kid to work day".  Little hints of things that installation was doing, and Dad's secrecy.  And other things.  

    Now in the PNW; SW WA, there seemed few chemtrails…until I really started looking more.  

    And I think of the trees in the region….those have been sickly for over 30 years.  SW WA has been suffering a creeping, chronic drought that no one seems to notice.  Trees are drought-stressed from hot, dry summers; less rain than there has historically been, in winters.  Weather reporters claim "hottest day" or "coldest day" or "wettest winter" records, but, those are NOT in real-world context… people only get infotainment instead of real weather……unless there's a disaster to report, like a flood, tornado, etc.     For years, there were fewer bugs.  Fewer frogs singing at night.   What bugs there are, tunnel under bark of drought-stressed trees, then woodpeckers go after those, eventually killing the trees….now extrapolate that to the entire PNW….all those trees.   WHAT is going on here?   

  2. Nancy, Thank you for another beautifully written article, rich with the fullness of a thriving world we once knew.  Here in Western Pennsylvania, we will soon add to our chem-trail laden skies, armed drones.  The idea of trials and juries and judges is not so treasured here and rather than go through all that trouble, the powers that be will be free to eliminate whomever they choose by remote control. I don't even recognize my own country anymore.  Most are so wrapped up in their little worlds, they don't even notice that so much is missing, like the sound of crickets, or what could have happened to all the monarch butterflies, or why a field of clover has not one bee hovering and buzzing over it.  I am so thankful you remember, as many of those who have posted do as well. Thank God for you all.

  3. Oonagh O'Neill says:

    I understand completely.  Growing up in Western PA we spent all day at the creeks investigating crawdads, and salamanders and toads.  I haven't seen an amphibian in years.  Water holes are closed now due to water quality and houses are built in our magic woods.

    My children don't understand what we've lost and adults don't look up and never think about it because they have so many distractions.  It's like we are all asleep while the world dies around us. 

  4. Carla says:

    I am new to this website and the term geoengineering.

    When we moved to Redding in Shasta County, California, one of the first things we noticed were the contrails over our property. There were at least five directly overhead. I remember thinking how odd that seemed, so many in one concentrated area.

    Contrails don’t necessary mean conspiracy and poisoning. But without having had any proper introduction to the potential dangers of contrails, I remember just standing there, staring up at the sky and feeling concerned.

    This was in October 2013. Our first fall and winter here we had a symphony of frogs down at our creek. So many it was almost deafening at times. I loved it. The heavy spring rains last year probably wiped out much of the frog population. But I just assumed that was the natural course of things and fully expected their return.

    They didn’t return. There is a very noticeable absence of frogs in the creek. I can hear some down the road as we drive by one section of the creek, and the other night I heard some down at our creek. But it’s nothing like it was last year.

    Weather patterns, excessive rain maybe, are to blame. When we moved here in 2013 it was so dry and brown that we couldn’t find a nice setting for our Christmas photo. This year was different. The rains started in October and continued for weeks. We were thrilled with all of the wonderful greenery all around our home.

    But the frogs. You would think an increase in rain this season would mean more frogs. I am curious as to why things are different this year.

    I am also concerned about spraying. I’ll have to call the county and found out if they do aerial spraying. I’m only aware of spraying for the Med fly back in the 1980s and farm spraying for crops. I didn’t realize aerial spraying is a common practice on a wider scale.

  5. Jane says:

    Nancy you are a very brilliant girl. I knew something was wrong in1998 when I saw all these planes flying around constantly. I didn’t know about the Agenda back then. It is crystal clear now. I know a women that died of Cancer. She had a toxicology test just before she died. Came up with extra heavy doses of Cadmium in her body.

    I say it was from the aerial Spraying

    Keep up the Fantastic work Nancy

  6. Alicia Warren says:

    They are keeping us preoccupied with these smartphones, video games, this bullshit reality tv and every other thing that takes our mind off of the environment around us. Many people don’t even realize the change!

  7. James says:

    Hi Karen, we are here, and living through the same set of feelings you are living. Its beyond words, so any words you have are helpful.

    Looking up at my sky tonight, at dusk, i saw the wave effects on the cloud ceiling produced by whatever is managing my sky. The cloud ceiling was noticeably low, too low, there was enough sunset left to see the wave geometry clearly. The air was different, unnatural, too humid for -17 Celsius, too close, I felt like i was in a meat cooler.

  8. Karen F. says:

    So tivana,

    We spent a large part of 2013 gathering data to help in this cause.

    I have been aware of the spraying for almost 10 years. I have had to bury several fawns that died on my property during heavy spraying in 2009 and 2010.

    I myself suffered from barium toxicity just from doing landscaping and gardening on my property that has been HEAVILY sprayed for years and I have been very aware about it.

    My trees are dying,my families health has been compromised and I know this because we were health freaks for the last 40 years and very healthy before.

    SO go ahead and say

    “You have drank too much science is golden kool aid to have a worthy opinion on this matter”.

    Maybe you should stop and think before you post hateful comments like that. Maybe people run deeper than you think!

    What did you do last year?
    When I look back at 2013 now I feel horrible about all the time I wasted.


    Happy New Year and lots of luck!

  9. Karen F says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like I am being blasted from all sides.

    When I talk about Jesus I get blasted for being a Christian…when I talk about using science to battle this I get blasted for being into “mainstream science”

    WTF is wrong with EVERYONE?

  10. tivana says:

    Karen F.
    WTF are you talking about? The real data comes from real life witnessing of the changes all around us. You have drank too much science is golden kool aid to have a worthy opinion on this matter.
    Science that comes from the mainstream and is stamped official are lies, especially when they go against empirical witnessing of fact.

  11. I only learned about chemtrails just over a year ago. A friend was talking about a science conference she was at and casually mentioned the word chemtrails in her conversation. I asked her right away, what chemtrails was. I didn’t really understand her answer so I made a mental note of the word and googled it when I got home. What I learned that day kind of destroyed the happy bubble I once lived in. It is so obvious in the sky that I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. I was so happy I was made aware of what was happening that I didn’t understand other people’s reactions when I tried to tell them about chemtrails, ignorantly believing everyone would have the same reaction as I did. So I look like the crazy one but chemtrails are in plain site of everyone, that I just don’t understand how others that I tell don’t get at all upset about it, or actually believe that is what clouds look like. I’ve taken a kazillion pics of the chemtrails that are sprayed over my house almost daily. I know what’s happening but yet I still get so angry almost daily, every time I see thick chemical crap in the skies above me. The other day I watched the Sound of Music, and the first thing I noticed were clouds, real clouds. Seems when I watch shows, these days, the action is on the ground, but I notice the awful chemtrails in the sky. I live in the country in a beautiful area, but I don’t see beauty like everyone else seems too. I see nature being robbed from me, from my daughter, from everyone. This year, the leaves on our trees were dark spotted brown, and by mid august most of the leaves were already on the ground. No such thing as finding pretty leaves to scrapbook anymore. And, I grew a garden, which included almost 100 tomato plants. The tomatoes actually looked good, but the plants were so awful looking that I threw away all my tomatoes. I saw what was in the sky and didn’t want to eat vegetation that was watered with those chemicals. I have a cell only for emergencies and it’s always off, I have no wifi at home, no microwaves, etc. EMF free as much as possible. Yet new cell phone towers are popping up everywhere, and they recently blanketed neighbouring areas with wifi internet. And I don’t know what’s more frustrating, that it’s happening, or that most people choose to believe it’s not.

  12. Nancy Levant says:

    John, Yep, the emotion of the thing swings wildly one day to the next, but staying in the battle is the most moral thing we can do. Write, speak, send info, bother the press and politicians to no end. The Skyderalert App is brilliant, but bombarding local media with photos as trails are laid overhead should also be coordinated between a lot of people. Just keep going even in pure grief. What else can we do. As long as there remains a living insect, bird, fish or kid, we have to keep going and use whatever skills we have to use.

  13. John says:

    Dear Nancy,

    What a gorgeous piece of writing. The spraying is heavy today in Los Angeles — the weather is otherwise beautiful. I went outside and just wanted to cry. It seems like no one cares, no one knows what to do about it, and no one will. I realized today that my life is over. The only thing for me to do is get right with God then try to fight this evil knowing it may be a losing battle. What a horror. You captured my feelings beautifully, even though I have felt more optimistic before today, well today it was just despair.

  14. outtahere says:

    Nancy Levant says:

    “I don’t know when I first noticed the aerial spraying. I was late, very late, in finally realizing something was wrong with the sky”
    follow the money

  15. Karen F. says:

    Nancy Levant,

    So you are not interested in the facts and willing to do some work to have real data at your disposal?

    All this talk has already been done for years. What do expect to accomplish if you are only repeating what already has been said and have no real data to back it up and ignore what work others have done?

    It is just talk talk talk in a Silent Spring.

    Follow the money….

  16. Nancy Levant says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The young ones don’t even know what real nature means or was, and they cannot imagine it. We also need to teach them about indoor growing, which is fast becoming a necessity. We also need to stock up on vitamin and mineral supplements and we need to buy natures seeds while we can, A LOT OF THEM.

  17. Nancy Levant says:

    Truthy1, I hear you, I understand what you are saying because I, too, am a Christian, but every insect, bird, plant, tree, watershed, and grass in the fields are our charge to protect, our garden, our sustenance, and the sustenance of our children. THIS was God’s gifted creation, and we cannot stand back as Christian people and do nothing. We are told to love humanity, and humanity is being poisoned and destroyed. We are told to be guardians of this earth and its creatures. What we must do is work with all people to help in this great spiritual effort. Yes, God’s will, will be done, but truth and wisdom is expected from us. This is where Christians and atheists and people of other faiths come together, all of us sinners, which we all well know, and demonstrate Christ’s love for his people.

  18. Tag says:

    I will be 60 this April and have the same memories growing up as you do. I can remember, riding my horse in the late 60’s and having to be careful with the flocks of Quail and pheasant in my path! I haven’t seen one in the wild in at least 30 years! Re-winged blackbirds were every where. Not today. Canadian geese where here in the summer and gone in the winter. Now? They just hang around and have quit their migration patterns. Even see Robins in the snow and cold.
    The rivers and creeks we used to play in are now just dead. No fish, or at least not any I would eat.
    I have struggled the last couple of years with my garden. NO BEES to pollinate. It is sad nobody seems to realize, when the bees are gone a whole lot of the produce we enjoy will be gone also. GMO’s or Chemtrails? Or BOTH? Whichever, the bees are dying in record numbers. And they just are not talking about it.
    We used to have frogs in our pond. All kinds, small and large Bull frogs. Toads galore! Some nights the noise was unbelievable. Now, silent.
    It is sad the generation growing up today will have NO memories of any of this. I think it is up to OUR generation to teach, tell the stories and hope they get passed on. I only have one granddaughter, but at 13 she knows how to cook from scratch, make butter, homemade noodles and pasta, grow a garden, can, freeze and dry vegetables and herbs for use later. She also knows the difference between animals raised in feed lots and those raised the way God intended. People our age will be gone in 20 years or so. Just as the government is hoping! Pass on your skills and knowledge. They sure won’t learn it in school, controlled 100% by the government that wants to own and dumb down our children. Drum the truth in, even if they don’t want it. They will remember it when the SHTF!

  19. Truthy1 says:

    The second coming of Christ is all about destruction and judgement. Some will never awaken until the door is closed and it is too late. Others will awaken, only to find out that what they thought, was wrong. Consider yourself lucky to have seen the signs in the heavens and keep watching. Know Jesus,Know Peace,No Jesus,No Peace

  20. Roger F says:

    Nancy Levant:
    “To all Responders, Please let me know what you are doing on behalf of fighting geoengineering, and also relay ideas you have, particularly Internet ideas as we have a whole world to educate and engage.”

    Um, You need to do soil PH measurements, UV and TSI measurements, send water samples to certified environmental labs, test for radioactivity so you have a baseline before something from Fukushima makes it’s way here. Without these simple things you have zip, zero…

    Everything else is “Dancing about architecture”

    Disconnect from political and religious organizations because they know what’s happening and are doing nothing… Talk to your political leaders? What?
    They are the ones that are doing this!!!!

    Lets keep it simple folks!

  21. Nancy Levant says:

    Sue, Yes! And get the older folks involved and working, speaking, writing and advising. Younger people never experienced a healthy planet or perhaps even clear-headedness/brain functioning. Seniors know/remember. Many may have actual photographs of the mass bird migrations, masses of insects, fabulous, natural skies, be experienced with real farming, and most could speak to how people used to feel and how they used to die, etc. Older people would also be best for educating other seniors because they are peers in memories and former ways of life and beliefs, and many have large social systems through senior centers and churches. Just as seniors are the largest voting block, we need them as the largest activist block in this movement, and because they are so vulnerable to the aerial spraying, we need them involved NOW. Think of them taking a road show, so to speak, on the road to their RV parks and speaking to campers and their choirs, etc. We need senior involvement. There are two outstanding educational videos attached to “Living on the Edge of Biological Nature” posted on this site (the first link is in the process of being fixed, so give it a day or two). Thank you for your efforts. You are so appreciated, and it feels so good to have right on your side.

  22. Nancy Levant says:

    Lynne, Yes. This “law” is a sick joke, especially since they have been spraying us for decades, possibly 50 or 60 years. And this is even worse than a crime against humanity; it is a crime against all biological life and all necessities for biological life. It’s insanity beyond insanity (pure evil?). And, yes, we need to find not just a lawyer, but teams of lawyers who have been educated and understand what they are fighting. I’d say we should advertise for them, but I know full well that shills would respond. Another dilemma is that the U.S. is not the only nation spraying and HAARPing. The complexities are internationially significant, and I’m not expert on national or international law, but God knows, we need trusted legal advice and help NOW.

  23. LYNNE ANDERSON says:

    Nancy, I can see only one possible solution. Go to utube…type in..LAWS THAT AUTHORIZE CHEMICAL AERIAL SPRAYING….a horrifying story will come up that shows that these laws that authorize chemical testing and geo-engineering on humans are already on the books and authorized for the Department of Defense to conduct. The law states that if we do not legally protest these laws we have then given our consent to them. We have been duped? We must file class action lawsuits against the Department of Defense. Who knows how many humans have already died from geoengineering.
    We need smart powerful lawyers. At least it would bring the knowledge to more of the general population. THESE ARE CRIMES AGINST HUMANITY!!!WE ARE ALREADY SAVING THE WHALES???? WHAT ABOUT THE HUMANS???Talk to your lawyers….it must be done through the courts…

  24. sue says:

    i am a bit older than nancy..and resonate with all her words…. i have moved thru the dire depression of the reality of chemtrails and on to a positive and motivated state of mind by watching “the awakening” by max igan on youtube…and also some of his other documentaries… and the “thrive” movie, also free to watch on youtube…i get business cards printed very cheap and leave them everywhere. and i AM going to rent the local hall and put on a movie like “what / why in the world are they spraying… i believe we need to start with our local community.

  25. Nancy Levant says:

    To all Responders, Please let me know what you are doing on behalf of fighting geoengineering, and also relay ideas you have, particularly Internet ideas as we have a whole world to educate and engage. There is quite a bit of information on the Internet, but it needs to be directly targeted to the largest possible groups and organizations of people who have the potential to be open to the info. Ideas? We also need to target churches, children’s groups and university classrooms; hence, we need to educate educators, and I think we should target liberal arts/humanities/social sciences. Ideas??

  26. Brent says:

    Indeed, it is said that we are in the thrall of a mass extinction. For comfort, we may recall that Earth has already experienced several, and that life has always rebounded anew. What can we do, but hope and pray.

  27. Patty says:

    It is a shame that so many people look up at the sky, see the chemtrails and don’t even give it a thought. I can only hope the second coming of Christ happens before severe destruction is done.

  28. Hugh Mann says:

    It makes my heart ache to think we are killing this beautiful planet in every way imaginable. What makes it worse is feeling of helplessness to do anything about it.

  29. How sad it is. Im Humboldt County.The changes Ive seen in my lifetime are very profound. Not just the enviroment. The people. If only they would turn the TV off. What an awakening it would be. God knows. The TV has been a very negative impact on america…

    Could we stand as one. WOULD we stand as one..!!??

  30. Jan La Salle says:

    I just found out about chemtrails recently and then did a lot of researching of my own on the web, youtube etc…
    All of this information had affected me deeply and I am beyond grieving for animals,people , earth..this horrible reality is beyond science fiction..who could have imagined this..evil.
    Ive shared this with a few friends and Im sure I am classified as a gloom and doomer..others are thinking about shopping and we have a say in this matter or will we be thrown in a Fema camp for going against the big plan?

  31. LYNNE ANDERSON says:

    The piece was absolutely EXACTLY.. what I was thinking. I tell my 20 something children that the skys are not the same as the puffy clouds we awed at and made little sheep and other creatures of. I never see a pristene day…the junk is always in the air..and so frightening to contemplate the potential of evil of the powers at be…..but the kids laugh and barely look up from there phones to take a glance,thinking I have lost my mind… After all these are the only skies they have ever known…We really must get lawyers, a suit has been filed in Shasta, California and I here in Arizona am talking to lawyers….we must fight!!! FOR ALL OF HUMANITY!!!!!

  32. Roger F says:

    This mirrors my experience too!
    I am turning 62 this year.
    The first 15 years of my life I spent with acute asthma and could not go outside very much. I eventually won that battle through hard physical exercise.

    In the years that followed I spent almost all my free time hiking, beachcombing and playing in my prog rock band.

    Now, whenever we go outside we can feel pressure build in our sinuses and i and my 32 year old son are developing asthma symptoms. For my son it is new as he has had great health until 2007 when the toxic spraying was getting heavy here in Northern CA.

    Our trees are dying as fast as we can cut them down, the soil PH has skyrocketed to 7.5-7.8 even in the municipal water supply.

    We are seeing really heavy levels of UVB now, as in twice the amount of UVB as UVA which is extreme but verifies that not only are they destroying the ozone layer, it appears that there may be actually very little ozone left at all, at least here in the wilderness in No CA.

    I also test for radiation but we see only very low to low background levels here which is a shock since we are living in the coast range of the Pacific Ocean.
    I am a certified instrumentation tech by trade and use 2 Geiger counters and a small test source of uranium to verify my tests, so I know they are spot on. I also have extensive UV testing instruments obviously.

    Now, there is NO DEBATE. They are spraying poison substances in our sky! Any denier or shill is either a complete blithering fool and an idiot or being paid by the ENEMY to espouse the spume they gush so freely. I will not exchange with any denier at this point.


    You perpetrators have no right to do ANYTHING without the people’s permission… PERIOD

    WE WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!

  33. Steve says:

    This article is such an immensely sad and moving testimony of a once-beautiful world now disappearing before our eyes. The evil that would carry out the geoengineering covert-but-in-our-faces program must
    be fought with all our hearts and minds and actions.
    I have one suggestion…if every one of us
    aging (or indeed younger) folks who are aware of the problem would build a “chembuster”, the positive orgone generating device, we could make a difference. After years of just watching the crap in the skies, I finally got off my old butt and built a chembuster this year. So far, results are very encouraging, seemingly a great reduction in visible chemtrails!
    They are not that difficult or expensive to construct,
    I built mine in a couple of weeks, cost around $350.
    There are good construction plans at…
    I say, “A Chembuster in every backyard!”
    Go for it! We have our planet to regain, and nothing to lose.

  34. Nancy Levant says:

    Oh, Jack…yes to everything you said. What an enterprise. They really, really do not want to share their wealth, and they are terrified of the exposure of their pathological greed. And, yes, I do believe they intend to cull humanity. In fact, culling of the Third World was always a part of the plan, but today every nation is supposed to shave down their numbers. In 2012, we surpassed the one billion global abortions mark, but that apparently was not enough. Tens of millions die each and every years, and birth rates are down in most nations, but apparently that doesn’t cover their desires for even lesser people. However, starvation and drought will do it; hence, aerial spraying, GM foods, and pharmaceutical poisons which conveniently kill off major organs. As I said, what an enterprise. Proof in the pudding that money and power corrupts, wholly. As such, humanity is recruited in the fight for survival because that is exactly what it is. You are a “big picture” guy, and therefore I hope that you are educating in some capacity EVERY DAY. Hopefully, you are writing and/or public speaking. I am so grateful that you wrote to me. Many thanks.

  35. Nancy Levant says:

    Edgy, I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years. I have no doubt that we are discovering a lot of new astronomical information, and I know about the reptilian take, but I am profoundly rooted in what I can know for certain, because there is no time to ponder what I can’t prove. What I do know is that corporatism and technocracy has overtaken the ethics and morality of the profit hungry, and they have become pathological liars and thieves; hence, their highly bankrolled global warming campaigns to melt the ice caps for drilling and fracking access, AGAIN gas and oil profits. Now we have five or six nations begging the UN for seabed rights, and ALL of them want the ice gone, while WE are BLAMED for global warming and THEY are planning “international taxes” to be inflicted upon US to cover their “global” damage. These are facts, and this is where my efforts lie, because via their aerial spraying, they are destroying biological life. We have to focus here. I feel that a lot of the other issues are diversions, specifically for us; diversions of which we can do nothing about. We have got to work with what we’ve got. Many thanks for your note because, I, too, wonder particularly about the universal and celestial implications… a lot. Blessings.

  36. Nancy Levant says:

    Yes, Abi, yes! Most people are good, but they are also easily manipulated, particularly when they walk around all day with dangerous electronic devices next to their brains, which as we know are wholly addicting. Young people are terribly vulnerable today and distracted by their “devices”. WE have to wake them out of their hand-held/screen trances so that they care about something besides their phones and text messages. We have to engage the next generations in earth activism; otherwise THEY are going to lose not only the planet but also their natural human biology. EDUCATE! Use whatever talents you have, which you know are many. We have no choice but to win this thing! I am so grateful that you took the time to write to me. On we go, Abi!

  37. Nancy Levant says:

    Jersey, Let’s see…how can I put this politely? Screw the people who call us names. We have been right on the money, have destroyed the credibility of the mass media, and we have educated the world. In many ways we are making great strides, but at the same time, their fear of us grows. It’s on, my friend, so…on that note…we fight with right, ethics, and morality on our sides. Truth is truth. Scum is scum. This is a mission worthy of all-life’s effort. Yes, I get really sad, but I am a tough old bird who calls it like I see it. We CAN do this because we have no options. Until we stop allowing freaks into positions of power, we’ve got no choice. Take heart. We can do this. Blessings.

  38. Nancy Levant says:

    Fran, I hear you. I used to grow Milkweed on purpose to have them in my yard. That doesn’t work anymore because they are failing as a species like most other critters. This is why we should be talking to gardeners, garden clubs, and all other green-thumbers. Older people KNOW, which is why we are RECRUITED in this cause–our existence. WE cannot let this happen, and for whatever reason, we’re here, at this point in history, and we have a responsibility to the younger ones…particularly since we have histories of voting in the criminals who caused this nightmare. We have to become more than involved. This has to become our life’s work. Bless you for writing to me.

  39. Nancy Levant says:

    Hanna, Last year we saw some strange happenings in a garden shared with neighbors; strange fungi,unripened fruits, etc. I think we are going to have to do a lot more indoor growing. We also have to get older people talking in their communities, schools, churches, etc. about aerial spraying, and EVERYONE needs to download the Skyderalert App, take photos of the sprayed skies, and bombard government and local media. Global warming = melting the polar ice for drilling and fracking in the Arctic. It’s about $$$, purposeful, and we are blamed and we are going to be forced to pay international taxes due to THEIR damage, globally. We have to educate everyone. Thank you so much for the note. Onward!

  40. Nancy Levant says:

    Karen, Oh, no. We do not go gently, not on this issue, which is our sustenance. We have to assess our talents and use them accordingly. EVERYONE can do something. Everyone can make phone calls, forward articles and documentaries, download the Skyderalert APP and forward chemtrails photos to “representatives” and to local media. Everyone can orchestrate community gatherings to discuss/educate on aerial spraying. We have to work, especially us older ones because we remember what nature was before this monstrosity overtook the planet. Many thanks for writing to me. Blessings.

  41. Nancy Levant says:

    Sam, I hear you. We have made a commodity of meals, which has resulted in the most barbaric taking of animal life imaginable. The best way to stop this is 1) educate, like spreading videos just as you are doing, and 2) do not eat fast food, which created the corporate food industrial complex and its requirement of mass meat and all ill-treatment thereof. You are right. You have to pay for immorality one way or another. Today we pay buy being poisoned by the very animals we mistreat by ALLOWING them to be mistreated and drugged by greed/profit. All actions have paybacks. Thanks for writing to me.

  42. Nancy Levant says:

    Natacha, I think it’s for the oil and gas under the Arctic, which is why they are warming the planet. We, of course, are blamed and will be forced to pay for the global damages via “international” taxes, while they continue to go tax-free. We all know the drill, and we have to work, daily, to educate and make clear what has actually happened. I am very grateful for your note. Hang tough and work hard for our world.

  43. Nancy Levant says:

    Ken, I actually brought several lumps to my own throat; it is so hard to stomach what has happened, particularly when they blame us for the devastation. This is why we have to keep telling the truth to anyone who will listen and learn. People our age REMEMBER, which is why we have to speak. Young ones don’t know and have no frames of reference. We have to tell them what has happened and WHY. I am so grateful to you for taking the time to write. Onward we go.

  44. Nancy Levant says:

    OH, I think he knew a lot. I believe I read they bought 25K acres. However, devastated we are, we have to keep working. This is our home, our sustenance, and we have to use whatever talents we have to save ourselves. It ain’t over till it’s over. I am very grateful that you took time to write. Many thanks and blessings.

  45. Nancy Levant says:

    Indeed, sir, indeed. I am also convinced that the global warming is orchestrated to melt the ice over the natural resource loot beneath the Arctic seabed, while we will, in turn, be blamed and force to pay for the corporate damages, globally, via international taxes. As such, we have to work, daily, to keep educating the public and exposing these criminal enterprises. Many thanks for taking the time to write. Very appreciated.

  46. Nancy Levant says:

    Angie, The changes are profound, almost not the same planet. As such, we have to educate everyone, and one of the best ways to do that is to recruit seniors who actually remember a healthy and productive biological nature. We need to get them speaking in public. Many thanks for your kind note. We have to keep working.

  47. Nancy Levant says:

    Jodi, I actually fell apart after I wrote this, but every time I am “sprayed”, my fight returns. Spread the word far and wide. Educate EVERYONE. Many thanks for your note.

  48. Susan says:

    Well thought out and well written article. Thank you.
    The deep emptiness we feel for the loss of our world habitat is indescribable. I continue to feed the the wildlife who share my home and property. I feel it is the least I may do to help the few left survive this horrible decimation of our closed biosphere. Truly we have had Earth’s fate sealed by this greed induced insanity. Those who blindly follow orders and chose to ignore informed people’s warning are starting to realize that by believing the propaganda and their labels will find that the label of conspiracy theory actually means truth tellers. Native people foresaw this decimation and have tried for centuries to stop it. Honestly those of us old enough are fortunate to have seen and experienced the wonders of nature. My heart feels for the youth of the world and all I can do is send out love to them. We are living in a man made hell.

  49. jo momma says:

    “Project Popeye” was an attempt to indefinitely extend the rainy monsoon weather over southeastern Laos by cloud seeding. Testing on the project began in September above the Kong River watershed that ran through the Steel Tiger and Tiger Hound areas. Clouds were seeded by air with silver iodide smoke and then activated by launching a fuse fired from a flare pistol. 56 tests were conducted by October; 85% were judged to be successful. President Johnson then gave authorization for the program, which lasted until July 1972.[24]
    Barrel Roll/Steel Tiger/Tiger Hound areas of operations

    Testing on “Project Commando Lava” began on 17 May. Scientists from Dow Chemical had created a concoction that, when mixed with rainwater, destabilized the materials that made up soil and created mud. There was enthusiasm from the military and civilian participants in the program, who claimed they were there to “make mud, not war”.[25]

  50. jo momma says:

    Operation popeye.The program is a lot more scientific in 40 years.I believe Monsanto goal is to rid the world of organic crops so they will be only suppliers of seeds genetically altered to not reproduce.Operation Popeye in Nam was First program.Con trails evaporate chem trails take a long time sometimes hours to disappear.

  51. Jodi says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    My childhood was much the same in a small town in WI.

    This makes me sick and sad!

    Whats worse is that so many people are choosing NOT to believe it…


  52. Angie Home says:


    You speak the same thoughts as mine. I too lived in the way you did, up to my ears in mud, always out during thunderstorms running in circles with glee at the power of the storm. Loving the seasons as they passed by, the sound of the rain, the dew on the grass in the morning, the crunch of frost on the soil, then the snow piled high in drifts and clinging to the branches of the tress, watching the flurries as the wind whipped it up. But the loss of the birds and the insects is so noticeable now. No butterflies which used to fascinate me when I was a child, no sounds of the birds in the morning greeting the dawn. Nothing.

    I am so sad that all that I see is the death of nature and so too, our own death.

    These men are fools. To think that they can reverse this as and when it suits them. They are wrong. Its like some horrific science fiction reality that is heading our way.

    • Nancy Levant says:

      Jodi, I actually fell apart after I wrote this, but every time I am “sprayed”, my fight returns. Spread the word far and wide. Educate EVERYONE. Many thanks for your note.

  53. Jack says:

    I find it interesting that our views of modifying our “eco” systems have changed so radically. For the past umptine years, our farmers in this country have been inundated with demands by those folks who believe that farming practices have been the endall of the demise of living creatures on our Earth, and the Fish and Game Administration, as far back as I can remember (68 years), has advocated doing away with farming altogether. Recently, with the assistance of United Nations Agenda 21(whose name is changed as often as I change socks…I wonder why?), the plan to make it impossible to farm has been made public knowledge and will be enforced “voluntarily” by completely restricting the use of water. OK…., now that we have that problem solved…

    Now Monsanto and our Federal Government, with their Weather Modification Project, are poisoning us with the chemicals (aluminum hydroxide, barium, selenium,
    lithium…the list goes on) they are spraying into our atmosphere with aircraft flying crossing-patterns
    daily, and these chemicals, as they float down to the ground, are killing the same birds in the air and animals on the ground that the Fish and Game folks wanted to “protect” from farming practices. And, hey, no big deal, but those “animals” on the ground include…guess what?…WE THE PEOPLE. (But perhaps that gives some credence to conspiracy theory that TPB want to thin out the world population of humans to 500,000 of the “elete” to get rid of the “riff-raff”). And also, the chemicals floating onto our soil will change the pH of our soil enough that current stores of grains for the production of foods and feeds will not germinate, and guess who holds 100% of all the patent rights to all GMO seed production…the only seed which will germinate in soil with the new pH???
    Go figure…

  54. Gary Brandt says:

    Nice story Nancy. I moved to Wisconsin from So. Cal 6 years ago and notice the same things. I have a bat box I bought when I moved here which I lazily never got mounted. Now, 6 years later, I don’t think the bats could survive with the loss of so many bugs for food. We still have bee keepers here but the neighbor to the south is having trouble keeping his bees alive. Now with Fukushima adding pollution in our air, Northern Hemisphere life is declining fast. I’m 64 and wonder if I will see 74. Bush bought major land in South America. I wonder what he knew?

  55. James says:

    Nancy Levant, you said it all. I’m sending this piece of yours out to every person I know. In my 60th year, I can’t say how sad I am, but you did, thank you so much. One cannot have an IQ high enough to fathom the fullness of this monstrous operation and its purpose. We woke up in a nightmare. The questions are endless. What do we do? I’m listening.

  56. Ken says:

    I am 63 and grew up in Los Angeles. But even so, can remember and relate to so much of what you’ve written about the way it used to be. You’ve brought several lumps to my throat.
    Many times while looking at the depth of the insanity that has this planet in a death grip, I am thankful for being as old as I am. I cannot – and dare not – imagine what horrors await the younger generations.
    Currently, I’m living in central Mexico. I foolishly though “certainly it (the aerial spewing) won’t be a bad here as northern California” when I first moved here nearly 2 years ago. Very sorry to report I was completely wrong. Most days it’s actually worse.
    At the current exponential rate of psychosis growth, it would appear that “humanity” has not much time left in which to continue destroying the planet and its atmosphere.
    Game, set and match. Humans – zip! Creation takes it all back.
    Thank you for a beautiful piece.
    See you on the other side.

  57. Natacha Rakisits says:

    I am a woman nearring 50. I was privileged enough to have grown up in such places as Africa and the Middle East. When I remember my youth it is always filled with the sounds and images of a plethora of animals, insects, flora and fauna that filled each day and night with an amazing orchestration of life itself. I loved those sounds and images. I also loved seeing the incredible blanket of stars above me each night. I felt at home with all of it.

    I no longer hear or see those wonderful entities. All is now sterile. The depth of my life has become bland and one dimensional. I fight to remember the feeling of the depths I once experienced and pray that I will no loose those precious memories, but in truth I am not sure if they will remain. I sometimes think that I am not alone and believe there are fewer and fewer off us that can remember. It seems such a waste. Todays world will never know what has been lost. All of this has been sacrificed for ???.

  58. sam says:

    I can explain it. Go to You Tube and key in “veal crates” and every other type of murder of animals which everyone we know eats without the SLIGHTEST, slightest THOUGHT! Then go look up the definition of “karma.”

  59. Karen F. says:

    Reading this I feel this is my story too. I am sure there are a lot of us, but sometimes it feels so lonely in this realization.

    Thank you for the well thought out written expression of this grief. The feeling that this has happen to this degree is overwhelming.

    I suppose us older ones should be grateful to have known the real world at all. The fact that is so hard to accept is that all this beauty and life was taken away by mere humans. It appears it comes entirely from the greed of a few small minded selfish ingrates.

    They have taken away our ability to go gracefully with some amount of peace in our hearts. I feel confusion pain and anger because of what they have done to this beautiful gift EVERYONE was given. That is not the way I wanted to feel at 60+ years old.

    “Let us not go softly into the endless winter night”

  60. Hanna says:

    You have expressed perfectly what is in my heart. I am 62, I knew that world too. Later, I would overlook the social changes when they came. But when I began to be able to read the contemporary sky overhead was the point of awareness when everything changed. The institutions that I believed in from days past have become as dust. What remains is only how the animals and insects carry on in the face of the changed weather. They give me inspiration to continue too, but every year is different now. Planting and harvesting is not the calming cycle from before, but a kind of guesswork and patch-job. I find weeds and insects which used to occur at certain seasons but now are jumbled together at the same time. I had an invasion of cucumber beetles followed a day later by “snow”, then back to warm weather. I find summer weeds and winter weeds together now, and neither is strong.

  61. Fran says:

    I’m just about 60 and everything you said is true. This year I only saw 2-3 monarch butterflies. What do the next 7 generations have to look forward to?

  62. JerseyCynic says:

    Nancy, I’ve felt your overwhelming sadness for many years now. Your heart has put into words what so so many of us are feeling and going through today.

    I will forward this to a few local tv mouthpieces. Maybe they will reconsider a frank discussion — so far no luck – cause — you know — I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist with nothing better to do with my time.

    May you find peace in one of the few remaining “top 10 days of the year”

  63. Abi says:

    Thank you for your very moving reflection. I am not yet 40 years old but feel the pain and loss also. Your memories are wonderful.. Our planet is/ was incredibly beautiful, intricate and rich. Like you, I cannot grasp the capacity of human beings who could do this to everything and everyone and utterly despair when I think of what should have been our childrens’ inheritance.
    A morsel of comfort is knowing my own heart and motivation are still good and kind and ,apart from spreading the word, all I can do is hold to the goodness and kindness that does exist in most of us.

  64. edgy says:

    Hi Nancy…beautifically expressed piece !…totally resonate with these thoughts/memories of yours ….like others, I’ve wondered what really was behind this agenda…on the surface (sorry, couldn’t resist) it didn’t make sense somehow, even after factoring in the underground cities, as,according to Dane, we’re on a “Venus syndrome” course…the latest “dot connection” for me, ( supplied by John Carpenter via Ray Nelson, author of “8 o’clock in the Morning” ) that our planet is being “acclimatised” to accommodate the survival requirements of our alien rulers does seem to add-up ( granted, in a sense only a demented mind could fathom ) …this IS, after all, a PHASE-OUT ALL NATURE project …so, at least at this juncture, I am satisfied that it makes sense to someone….other aspects of the film “They Live” also seem apropos.i.e.., the collaboration of the reptilian-human elites with their masters …and, let’s not forget the reward incentives referred to in the flick, for say, the pilots of the planes that are poisoning everything, the sold-out scientists, military, police, politicians, entertainers, media, criminals of all descriptions,etc., ….in fact every one of us human-hybrids on the planet, elite or regulars, high or low profile, fast or slow frequency-vibrators …we’ve ALL ‘signed on the dotted line’ …by our acceptance of and voluntary participation in the survival-system that has materiality, money & consumerism at it’s core …And, THIS IS BIG, in Nelson’s story but not in Carpenter’s film adaptation, there are several references to the aliens being reptilian, and this in 1963 !! ( 8 o’clock in the Morning was written in that year ) ….I would like to contact Nelson if he’s contactable, as it seems he’s very prescient in these matters…And what are we to make of the EMV’S & their occupants role in this solar system….these planet-sized objects NASA has photographed on the rings of Saturn & the Sun ?……over to you Nancy….cheers, Edgy

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