Geoengineering Contamination: Learn how to protect yourself from these treacherous poisons


(NaturalNews) Short of living in a hermetically sealed house and only eating food grown indoors, dodging the dangerous ramifications of chemtrails is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, these poisonous aerial sprays have become a day-to-day reality for most – requiring individuals to fortify themselves with detoxifying food and supplements in order to avoid serious disease. Whether enjoying a humble apple or specifically targeting heavy metals with chlorella, addressing the virulent effects of geoengineering is an exceptionally important daily routine.


Poisoned from above

The toxins found in chemtrails infiltrate every aspect of our lives, from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the food we eat. Is it any wonder that physical and mental diseases are increasing at a staggering rate? Astoundingly, these aerial sprays often contain the following bizarre mix of pathogens and poisons:


Pseudomonas fluorescens – Linked with biological warfare, severe blood inflections, coughing fits and vertigo.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Associated with pneumonia, bronchitis, ear and eye infections, meningitis, cystic fibrosis and joint and muscle pain along with gastrointestinal disorders.

Mycoplasma fermetans incognitus – A bioengineered pathogen connected with Gulf War illness and chronic fatigue.

Morgellons – Attacks the skin, leading to eventual death. Morgellons is a “mystery” pathogen, as scientists aren’t sure whether to classify it as a bacteria or virus.


Ethylene dibromide (EDB) – An EPA-banned toxin that damages the liver and respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Heavy Metals

Cadmium – Carcinogenic. Compromises the cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive and respiratory systems.

Nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass (CHAFF) – Impairs brain function. Linked with emotional instability, paranoia, poor memory, irritability, decreased alertness, mood disorders and bad judgment.

Mercury – Damages the nervous, respiratory, digestive, renal and immune systems.

Barium – Promotes cardiac arrhythmias, paralysis, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders and respiratory failure. Barium is also implicated in neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Detoxifying daily habits

If we want to protect ourselves from this health-harming madness, a few select foods and supplements can help.

Chlorella – Pulls heavy metals from tissue and encapsulates toxins to prevent reabsorption in the digestive tract.

Pectin – Absorbs heavy metals in the intestines and assists with removal.

Cilantro – Eliminates mercury, lead and aluminum from the body.

Kombu seaweed – Rich in heavy metal-absorbing alginate.

Oxygenated silver – Destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Activated charcoal – Binds to heavy metals for safe removal from the body.

As a powerful detoxifier of heavy metals, parasites, pollutants, bacteria, fungi and viruses, bentonite clay is an excellent defense against chemtrails. For internal consumption, only ingest the food grade variety known as calcium bentonite clay. It can also be used in the bath for gentle detoxification through the skin.

Additionally, DMPS (sodium 2,3-dimercaptopropane-l-sulfonate) is a sulfuric acid salt which is extremely effective in removing heavy metals from the body. In laboratory tests, when an intravenous shot of DMPS was given, 90 percent of heavy metals were excreted through the kidneys after 24 hours. Oral supplementation is also an option, although it’s considered less effective.

Ultimately, the discontinuation of spraying is the best protection against the health-ravaging consequences of chemtrails. Practical steps for stopping the assault can be found here.


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  1. cristian says:

    Zeolite,why no one say about this one? im an applied kinesiologist, the zeolite absorb heavy metal and every poison on your body,have similar characteristics of clay,but more … is a volcanic powder bright gray, they use to put in biscuits during  Chernobyl

    i did a thesis in intoxication of heavymetals

  2. Eileen Martinez Carey says:

    Thank :You so much…Care Infinite 

  3. Angry Nomad says:

    I live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, spending 90% of my time in the forest  or on the water. Living this lifestyle for a number of years has definitely has its pros and cons; (One of the biggest pros is being able to avoid basically all forms of technology) The only reason I use it now is I may be able to provide some information that may help others, and even living basically like a glorified caveman doesn't exclude me from the widespread effects and technological poison of chemtrails. 

    I've noticed when I witness planes excreting "clouds", the next morning I wake up with the taste of plastic in my mouth and the scent of what reminds me of burning metal. "What the hell is going on!?", Was the first thought I had about all this. "Who would knowing and willingly want to do something so disgusting and perverse to nature and other people's health????".  Immediately following the scent and taste I had experienced, I went looking for herbs, roots and other medicines because I knew being exposed to these chemicals, sickness would soon follow.

    Chaga has been the greatest help for me, as it is the easiest for me to obtain in the dense, birch rich forests. Making tea from this "growth" gives you a huge energy boost, a noticeable change in everyday health and as I came to later find out, partial chem trail immunity! I drink this tea at least 5 times throughout my average day, every day. Since I started doing this I've only had chemtrail related symptoms twice in the past 12 years. 

    For those of you who don't know what chaga is, it is the blackish growth that grows on birch trees in the majority of the northern hemisphere. Not to be confused with the "lines" that appear regularly on Birch trees. Chaga is described as a "growth" or "conk" on the trunk if the tree. Often bulbous in appearance, this growth is NOT a mushroom. It is essentially a malignant tumor that neither helps nor harms the tree. The brown inside if this growth is the stuff your looking for, not the black exterior. You can easily enough learn about chaga and the tea making process by picking up any holistic medicine book or by searching the web. 

    However, these chemtrails need to be stopped asap!!! The toxic aluminum in it alone is turning the soil alkaline, preventing alot of plant species from continuing to grow and poisoning the ones that still can. Even the meat of some animals is starting to taste different…. Not good! If there's a way to make this stop, I want in!!!!

  4. Justin says:

    I don't know why anyone would think what Gene Maynard said was wise. God isn't spraying us with Chemtrails, Man is. Cowards will make excuses and believe that the end is near while doing nothing about it. The only wise thing to do at this point is to spread the word, people will call you a conspiracy theorist… I call them Mainstream zombies! Hit them with facts and know what you're talking about… study and do your homework and be prepared for their questions! I wont go out quietly believing this is what "God wants for us". Total bullshit. 

    • Michael says:

      Agree with you. I believe we're in the End Times, but don't believe for one moment God wants us to just take it when it comes to our health. There are a lot of people who need to hear the Gospel. If we are just wounded soldiers and can't go on with our own lives, then what good are we to the Creator? The more people who hear of healthy things to offset GMO's, Flouride, and Chemtrails, then that means there will be even more possible evangelists for the Gospel. Just look what Christ and later His Disciples did. No one would have ever believed them if not for the good works and miracles that were performed. Everyone on this site and others like it are looking for answers so we can stay alive for various reasons. We can't stop what's taking place, but we can adapt to our environment so we can continue being servants for the Lord. Think about the Watchman in Ezekiel 33. God commanded him to warn the people of the danger that was coming. If he knew and did nothing, the blood of the people would be on his hands. We are all appointed watchman after learning of the truth of what's happening in the world. There's nothing wrong with saving people's lives with the information we have come upon. I have no doubt God approves of doing so, using it, and helping others. God bless

    • Lynda J Ehrich says:

      Anybody who thinks God is doing this does not know God:  “'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. '” — Jeremiah 29:11.  God is all about LIFE!

  5. Bodo Muth says:

    The island of Malta in southern Europe is subject of heavy spraying since November 2015. The following website shows the spraying.  

  6. Dana Celeste says:

    Does anybody know how to combat the effects this has on our health. I have been experiencing severe respiratory problems on days when there is heavy spray over my house. Last night my husband and i witnessed them spraying well after dark, resulting in several x's over my home; which resulted in another night of no sleep. I fall asleep but wake up competely soaked in sweat and feels as if someone is suffocating me. I try to stay awake after that bc i have a panic attack. When the spray isn't so thick i am fine but lately its super bad. Have been having stomach problems lately also…PLEASE HELP. This is unbearable.

    • Bodo Muth says:

      I agree with you Dana, I have the same symptoms. But when I turn on my IQAir purifier they seem to disappear. Sometimes I wake up and my heard is beating fast. In that case I take Potassium and the heard turns to normal. I recommend you contact the


    • LINH TRAN says:

      Dana! Detox will help! I have been taken Poke roots (you can get it on amazon) which will cleasning your blood and increase your immune system to fight. I also take Mineral Mana (you can get it on Vitality website) for detoxng heavy metals out of your body! I have been taken these two supplements for over the years. My kids, 8 and 10 are also taken these too as well as my friends and family you are waken up. 

  7. Erica says:

    today in houston texas mass amounts of CHEMTRAILS were sighted the sky was no longer visible you can smell strong odor of plastic took video of it being done but it wouldn't let me upload it shortly after having strong headaches throat itching constant sneezing & upset stomache if there's anymore home remedies you could give me to help pls.pls. do so anything that can be used with children would help to thank you

    • Betty says:

      True! They're being heavy in Houston all week long! Thank goodness we haven't been outside a lot and none in my family has gone sick. But today when I went for a walk with my children, I saw a trail that was finishing spreading right above where we live. I wish this could be stopped!

    • Debra Mercolino says:

      I can tell you that they have been doing this for a very long time now and it's affecting everyone everyone is having different symptoms to the metals if you want to learn how to protect yourself Google how to protect myself from Chemtrails and it will give you a lot of information of the different things that you can use to help the matter

  8. Anna Lysis says:

    Speak to your neighbours about this.  Together we are strong.   The evil elite must and wil be brought down totally.  BUt we can not afford to wait and sit down watching …

  9. Jilly says:

    I'm a gardener so outdoors ALOT! I live in Scotland in the UK & there is a lot of large jets constantly spraying stuff in grid form almost everyday now. I've noticed the lines of chemtrails don't dissipate, they spread out thickly into almost lines of clouds & join up with the next chemtrails to blanket the whole sky. A lot of people I talk to about this think I'm paranoid/crazy, but I've read up a lot on line about this – also company's are now selling this service for £100,000 to people to 'cloud seed' to guarantee a sunny day for weddings – even so the vast majority of people are completely oblivious to what's happening above them! It makes me feel very alone – as I know this can't be healthy! I'm really glad there are other people who are 'awake' & can see it too – I know I'm not crazy! I've started taking sea kelp tablets as I've read it can help alleviate some of the health symptoms eg. Memory, fatigue, weight problems, immunity etc..I also purchased some Adya clarity a couple of years ago (they used that after the nuclear disaster in Japan following the tsunami to clean up the nuclear radiation) it's about £60 a bottle but lasts years. It helps pull out heavy metals & toxin build up in our body & flush it out – I drink it routinely & have felt a massive health boost! I also believe Jehovah God is soon going to Act & destroy the 'cartel of thugs' & everyone involved in the ruining of our wonderful planet – every bible prophesy has come true to date – so we have no need to doubt Armageddon! We do need to take our own practice steps to protect our health – we're not completely powerless against this! I'm going to Continue to pray that God Take action ASAP!!! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jilly, yes, we must all do our best to protect our health so that we can most effectively and efficeintly do our part in the battle to help sound the alarm. On that note, biblical scripture (and other great traditions) require us to take action, to make our voices heard, to take a stand against the gathering storm. The attached link will shed more light, FYI

    • Johnnn says:

      You are not alone, of course most of people are blind but they are slowly waking up just keep going show good examples to people because with examples is the best way how to talk with them. I understand how you feel, its hard to talk to people about this but we should do it, its crazy to see how often people around dies from cancer. We should stop it!!!!

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Jilly, you are not alone by any means, I am in NW UK and have gone through the same process over 5 years, people disbelieving and ridiculing you, not willing to look up and realise these are not normal, short-lived condensation trails. I have written, with evidence, to my Member of Parliament, Dept of Transport (allowing these criminal activities in our airspace) and the Dept of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Agriculture (responsible for our air, soil and water quality – requesting metal testing results) – all met with complete denial.

      But, people are waking up. My wife heard talk about it in a local charity shop whilst discussing the crazy weather and other places so there is some awakening. I think that is why this activity is being accelerated. Personally, I no longer think it is purely for SRM purposes, I think that story (though even that is largely denied) is a cover-up and there seems to be several other theories for it being done. I personally now go with the aim (also) being to put enough metals into our bodies to be able to control our thinking, or at least our behavior, via microwaves. It sounds far-fetched but I understand science (in the wrong hands) is now that advanced. I may be wrong but whatever the motive, it seems the criminal elite, in spending a reputed $5-10 billion a year on this so have strong motives, must have some antidote for protection.

      Like you, I have a Christian faith to see me through whatever lies before us but with children, grandchildren, it is of constant, daily concern. I have those ailments you mention, my wife now has Parkinson's, brain illnesses are rocketing and I have my suspicions why. I try not to get angry about it and just hope we can bring this evil out into the light and somehow get this stopped, Not easy when the media is complicit. We owe much to people like Dane for their work. Ex-military whistleblower Kristen Meghan and Chuck Norris are also brave in speaking out.

  10. stalked562 says:

    in addition to aerial, public gassing occurs.
    FBI / NSA / DHS….scum

    • Luke Skywatcher says:

      I would not doubt it. I just relocated to central Oregon, near Bend and I am astonished at how much and how often the sky is criss-crossed with chem trails. Lots of sheep here that seem totally indifferent to this unacceptable practice. 

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Don't forget to include bosom buddies, the UK GCHQ. It is now clear that our `democratically-elected' governments, there to supposedly serve us, are nothing of the kind and are just the puppets of the criminal elite who are orchestrating this crime against all humanity. 

  11. Sandra says:

    Hi I live in Santa Rosa, Ca. currently. For a few weeks there was nothing in the sky. Now they started up again about a week ago. This morning I would estimate about 30 chemtrails in the sky. Totally unbelievable. How do we get them to Stop. Recently saw a woman go before the united nations regarding this very issue for northern Ca. She was asking for help the chemicals in the ground have increased extremely it is absolutely destroying people, animals and the standing people (Trees). What steps can be taken to stop this.

    I have fibromyalgia and my nervous system is much worse when they are spraying. There are many people around me who are oblivious to these types of clouds. I have a special needs son and yes I am concerned for his future. Where do we go to help stop the mass kilings?

    Thank you


    • Julian says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Just wanted to let you know that fibromyalgia is related to MSG (monosodiumglutamate), an excitotoxin. It has many names such as yeast extract, torula yeast extract, hydrolized soy protein, etc. Excitotoxins are known to primarly target and destroy the nervous system. You might want to start reading the ingredients on the food you consume and eliminate them fro your diet to prevent further damage. There's a reason I don't eat at Asian restaurants anymore.

    • Leslie says:

      I live near Ukiah ca. I have been suffering in the summertime this year, untill two days ago when they stopped the spraying almost like i flipped a switch.It's extreme this year, I have videos pictures. Anyway when they stop, it smells like nature again, feels clean in the air not sticky,itchy with black specks like mechanics dust sticking to your skin.,,. Q's we should have.

  12. V.Chidambaram says:

    It is a shame that we human beings are used as guinea pigs, and to what avail to satisfy one's ego. The people who are destroying our skies by spraying with chemtrails forget that they themselves and their kids get affected by the poison. It is high time that people revolt against these b******s and bring back our age old blue sky and eat chemical free grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits. All living beings, down the sky and in the planet earth are being subjected to chemtrails, nano particles and smart dust. When will these morons realise that it is dangerous to go against mother nature?

    • Eva says:

      Don't get it yet?

      This is about global domination by groups that have different blood, DNA and soul composition, that have the technology to "clean" the Earth after most of us have died off. (Georgia Guide Stones) And they promised "affiliates" a place in underground facilities plus access to appropriate medicine, natural of course.

      Our weather is not normal anymore….since a long time manipulated. And then WE are to blame for climate change??? Come on…..

    • Erin says:

      Lets all stand strong together and make our world good again!! A system built for us by us!!! No hiding, no manipulation, no hate or hurt!! No Money=No problems. No more pyramid climbing or climbing the corpupt establishments ladder!!! Sharing is caring!! Resources enough in the world for all to prosper if done properly. All systems in place appear to be designed to fail!!! All in favor of a NEW WORLD ORDER! STAND UP MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! JOIN HANDS AND MARCH FORWARD TO SQUASH "THEM" who say they love and protect and serve us but in truth only serve themselves and the DARK SIDE!! LET US ALL COME INTO THE LOVE AND LIGHT!! JOIN THE FIGHT!! SAVE THE WORLD AND ALL ITS ATTACHMENTS!!

  13. Donna says:

    Gene, I understand where you're coming from, however I am angry that God lets this happen to us. He leaves us like lame sitting ducks. Our soil is being contaminated so that eventually we will not be able to grow our own food, the only seeds that will grow are Monsanto's (surprise!) aluminum-resistent seeds. Void of all nutrition, of course. This is part of Codex Alimentarius. To remove all nutrition from our food, we are full yet we are starving and we don't know it. Then, according to Codex (this will be worldwide, by the way) all vitamins, minerals and herbs will be outlawed. So we are unable to ever get the nutrients we need. It's a lot to get into on here, so what I want to say is that I'm angry that God isn't protecting us. He watches, but what is he doing to protect us? He could be shielding us from the chemtrail poisons…is he or isn't he?  He could malfunction every plane up there spraying. He could stop it from absorbing into our soil. I'm grabbing for something, anything, to make me believe that there's a "God" up there…and if there is why isn't he helping us?


    • Jtresor says:

      So sad that so many like yourself blame God…when if you read in the bible that he says …in the last days …

       The Bible states that God will “bringto ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18) In what ways would people be ruining theearth? The time period when Noah lived was described in a similar way: “The earthhad become ruined in the sight of the true God, and the earth was filled with violence. Yes, God looked upon the earth, and it was ruined.” So God said of that corrupt society: “I am bringing them to ruin.” (Genesis 6:11-13) Have you noticed themounting evidence that the earth is becoming filled with violence? Additionally, humans have arrived at a unique point in history: They have the potential literally to ruin the earth by wiping out all human life on it. They have the weaponry in their hands. And the earth is being ruined in another way. The systems that support life onearth—the air we breathe, the animal and plant ecosystems, the oceans—are steadily being degraded because of human mismanagement.

      Ask yourself, ‘Just over a century ago, did mankind even have the power of complete self-destruction?’ But now humans are exerting that power by amassing advanced weaponry and by devastating the environment. The rapid developments in technology seem to be outpacing man’s ability to understand or control the consequences. However, earth’s destiny is not for man to decide or control. Before all life on this earth is eradicated, God will step in to destroy those destroying the earth. That is his promise!

    • Annie says:

      God gave us free will, we chose what we will allow, what we will tolerate.  It's not God fault we let evil men take control and keep it.  God gave us everything we need to sustain life it's up to us now.

  14. john holmes says:

    Our lives are being determined for us and we as human beings need to stand up for ourselves.

  15. jaykay says:

    sorry about my typos below I did not proofread or check spelling and I use voice to text because I was in a rush.

    but my point below is some of the chemicals they’re spraying is for weather but they are also spraying chemicals that could possibly alert our DNA possibly using synthetic blood to carry disease and other chemicals that affect our brain in our pineal gland so we cannot get in touch with our consciousness which is what is happening to humans all over the world the evil are in trouble we will prevail there’s hope!

    there definitely is hope !

    a little tidbit of information for Americans Vladimir Putin is against the New World Order and Obama ! the second Malaysia air flight that was shot down in Ukraine with an attempt at his assassination! research it if you don’t believe
    he will not conform to the elites and so called whatever they are “illuminati”
    Or the 13 families.. my point of saying that is that they’re trying to destroy us and not everyone in the world government is in their pocket so we have to put up a fight ! there is hope
    A single or few buckets of water will likely not put out a fire,
    but together many! many buckets of water will !

  16. Dorothy Smith says:

    could it be that they will blame the chemical in water or food is from Fracken, or oil, or is it to create sickness or pandemic asking for help of goverment, or to let the UN control the American.

  17. jude says:

    this is all true, however, God is the one who created these items that can be used to maintain health during the assault of tainted air/water/soil and this should not be ignored. If God is ready to take us, it will happen no matter what, but this is no reason not to try to take advantage of His preparations for the health of His people. No reason to fear, but to be prudent, many reasons. peace

  18. Rob says:

    I don’t see what you said very often but you are correct. God is not sleeping no matter what dirty deeds man is up to.

  19. Chuck says:

    Hello, the sad news is spraying in Central Florida has been really bad!! There has been steady spraying Nov. 10th and 11th 2013. Is there any one in Florida that I can contact? Thanks for the help!! Chuck

  20. Gene Maynard says:

    Forgive These People
    No man or demon can ever, with predictable results, tear down what God has built. The earth, the oceans, the atmosphere, the solar systems; all are so intricately woven as one as to be intractable to man. Man can never add to it, all that the most brilliant mind can ever hope to do is detract. All men can do is tear down and not even that unless God allows. What is being torn down must be torn down. God is building an indestructible kingdom minus the evil intent that so dominates this worldly kingdom. Man’s life was given by God. It transcends all we believe we see being destroyed. Our life is woven seamlessly in the fabric of God’s life. A minute ago I finished writing a full page outlining the myriad ways I see that geoengineering will extinguish all life; but then I deleted it. All it does is glorify mans ability to instill fear in his fellowman. All you see happening had to be; a separation had to take place. Be sure we will not save this world! Neither will we save ourselves; even with all the detoxification methods we can muster. If that’s our definition of an answer, we had better get started storing all this stuff. You won’t need food; you will spend all of your time ingesting this stuff. Everything you see is changing, not because men are destroying it but because God is allowing them to do something needed. Allow your mind to at least accept what is happening, give it permission to say good-by to all this. You cannot successfully fight against God; if men were solely responsible for this there would be an answer.If men can take it away anytime they wish, why do you even want it? Something permanent is on the horizon. They believe it is their superior intellect that has accomplished this. However, at the end of every foolish endeavor historical man has ever embarked on, the only thing that never fails to be discovered cowering together is a band of humbled fools. A wise missionary once said, “A man is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he can never lose”. If concerned people around the world will earnestly commit this to God, I truly believe our greatest fears will never be realized! We have to trust our lives to God and pray for Him to turn this around.

  21. T says:

    I’m in Oregon and i also have noticed quite a few days in the past 6 months that the spraying didn’t seem to be nearly as heavy as it had been during the last few years. And the planes seemed to be fewer.

    However i did notice more colors in the sky. They looked like .. chemical rainbows. The kind you see on polluted, oil filled mud puddles in a old parking lot.

    It made me wonder if perhaps something changed .. ? maybe the makeup of the spray itself? Perhaps the formula was changed so that it’s less ‘visibly’ noticeable from the ground?

    I don’t know if that is the case .. was just an observation and a thought that crossed my paranoid little mind a few weeks ago.

    Hopefully, that’s all it was – just a crazy thought and not reality :\

  22. Gene Maynard says:

    I have some questions. The above sounds great but most of us live from week to week or month to month. My question; Here in S.E. North Carolina I haven’t seen any planes for three days. We’ve had relative blue skies and kind of hazy sunshine. The temp today is mid 50’s. I know the air is still full of toxins because when you walk out and come in, your skin is sticky and clamy feeling. What’s going on with the planes? To stop is not good either. Kind of strange.

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