Chemtrails: The Conspiracy Theory That Never Was


Source: Dorset Eye, article by Sean Hunter

The geoengineering program has been going on for so long, is so well funded and was so carefully applied at the start that nobody noticed. But that was the intention. And when you have limitless amounts of money and a whole chain of command at your disposal with a ‘need to know’ clearance attached, not even the sky is the limit. Now they know they can get away with it they have become almost reckless with the trails. They know that the general population are so absorbed with the app’s on their latest iphone that they hardly have time to look up.

When I talk about this ‘out of the box’ stuff with people, I get asked questions that begin with: ‘why would they? How could they? As if we were talking about some kindly, gentle old grandma – and there is the problem. We live in an age of takeaway food, instant coffee and television ‘programs’ but what comes with that, is an armchair reality. We are so used to having people pre-prepare our lives that we have lost the ability to apply reason and go seek the truth.

During my life there have been one or two people I have trusted who have let me down badly. They were people that I loved. It hurt. It was hard to move on but I have. I bear no grudges but I have a long memory. They were people that I thought I knew inside out. But I’ve lived and learned.

So I cannot understand this unshakable trust that people have in an unknown quantity of strangers who hold the questionable and loosely described position of ‘the powers that be.’ Especially as most of the time they operate in complete secrecy and so regularly demonstrate that they do not have our best interests at heart.

Corruption is evident throughout government, police, media, banking and corporations alike. When the need arises they rally to protect each other and close ranks to hide the evidence behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy. People’s protests are ignored, promises are broken, bonuses paid, expenses claimed and life at the top continues unabated.

Meanwhile, ordinary people are losing their jobs, their homes and their privacy. Thanks to CCTV we are watched in the street, in the shop, the garage, library, car park, school, hospital etc, etc – cameras can even be found in some school changing rooms. This is not a healthy state of affairs.

At home our on-line activity is followed and our personal details and preferences are shared among people we don’t even know. Some councils are encouraging us to spy on each other (as if the state wasn’t doing that well enough already) and then tell tales, something that responsible parents have always actively discouraged.

We have endured generations of being controlled. We have accepted authority for the most part without question. We have followed the rules, often against our better judgement, while the rule makers have consistently broken the rules themselves – and all the while, the gap between the haves and have-nots grows exponentially yet still we trust that they will do the right thing – eventually.

We should be asking who is benefiting from all this control? And who is controlling the controllers? – As they are clearly unable to control themselves most of the time.

What we are in real danger of losing for good, are all the most valuable and treasured gifts we inherited as human beings when we were born: Freedom, independence and privacy. The right to make choices for ourselves and our families – especially our children. The right to own our own property, grow our own food and have access to fresh water. It seems ridiculous to have to be saying it but I will add to this list the right to a safe, unpolluted, natural environment and a clean sky.

As sentient human beings we have always had an unbreakable connection to nature. But we are now living at a time when there is more outside interference in our natural lives than there has ever been. Food, climate and living standards are all being ‘engineered’ to some degree – and in a way, we asked for it.

We are constantly involved in wars with people we don’t know in countries that are as far from us in culture as they are in distance. But news programmes have taught us to accept what we are told and to believe what we are shown. Yet we live our lives to a very great degree within mass media where fact and fiction are almost indistinguishable from each other.

The only way most people measure truth these days is by the amount of faith they have in who is telling the story. Often their truth comes from just one newspaper or one television news programme that they follow without question. Despite this narrow conduit of knowledge they will defend that truth to the bitter end against all your hard-earned research on the internet and suddenly you are being described by them to others as a conspiracy theorist.

And so to chemtrails. We all know that the weather isn’t right, the sky is white or grey blue most of the time, there are droughts or floods and the trees are dying. The sunshine is lovely when we get it – but then it’s too hot. We all complain but it gets blamed on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ and we’ve been persuaded to believe that it’s ‘all your fault’ – it isn’t!

Geoengineering has been discussed for years as a possible solution for ‘correcting’ the world’s weather. But all the while that discussions were taking place amongst recognized establishment scientists and government advisors it was already in place and in full swing, just adding to the climate confusion. They were having their discussions ‘in the dark’ so to speak anyway, because it had already been sanctioned and financed by people at a much higher level with the necessary connections to the military.

So, if this is true, what are their objectives?

Here are my conclusions based on available evidence and the work of leading researchers at the sharp end.

A. To weaponize  the atmosphere for HAARP/Scalar technology (completed).

The particulates in aerosols which are now permanently present in our atmosphere due to continual replenishment by aircraft, have allowed the atmosphere to accept a current. The atmosphere is naturally non-conductive  this means in effect that it has now been weaponized.

B. To dominate all agriculture/seed production using weather as a weapon

 By heating the ionosphere using HAARP, the jet stream can be moved. Weather systems can be manipulated denying chosen areas their natural rainfall. Storms can be propagated or snowfall created – in fact almost any kind of weather event can be manufactured for political or financial advantage.   

C. To ultimately have control of the world’s population using A and B above (Agenda 21). 

But it appears that there is also a further and more sinister objective.

Although information through normal channels is limited, it has nevertheless been clearly established by researchers such as Clifford Carnicom, Sofia Smallstorm and others, that part of the aerosol programme is to facilitate the implementation of a trans-humanist agenda without our consent. Therefore we must add:

D. The combining of the natural human system with nano technology.

This involves the changing of our blood, tissue and DNA – and to some extent the evidence to date indicates that this has already been achieved. 

Morgellons disease has now been shown to be a direct consequence of a body’s intolerance to the microscopic fibres and nano technology found in aerosol chemtrails that we are all breathing. There are now many thousands of sufferers worldwide. Visit

Clifford Carnicom's site contains a wealth of meticulous investigation into all aspects of the aerosol operations and its consequences for human health including the Morgellons catastrophe. He is making it freely available for the good of humanity. You can view and download all his scientific research to date.

Dane Wigington’s site has the best coverage you will find in one place – anywhere on the internet. I doubt there is anyone with a more comprehensive knowledge on the subject. Like Clifford Carnicom Dane has been forced to give up a ‘normal’ life in the pursuit of truth and exposure of this massive crime.

It has become clear to me over the years that there is a common thread that connects all ‘truthers’ as we might describe ourselves. That is that we are all conscience driven. You will never enlighten anyone about chemtrails, corruption or anything else if all they care about is what there might be ‘in it’ for them – or they don’t care about tomorrow. Most people I know are like this to some degree and sadly, I have lost some friends along the way because they didn’t understand and I wasn’t prepared to do all the compromising. Tragically, as ecosystems collapse and species’ become extinct, the weight of stubborn, often arrogant, deniers of geoengineering hinders its cessation.

In sumary, it is my belief that the aerosol program is a joint operation shared by several different groups who’s objectives overlap and who have been forced to work together bound by the need for absolute secrecy. It’s clear that a lot of politicians, scientists and doctors are still in the dark, because they get their information from official sources above them who’ve been told that geoengineering is still just ‘an option’ should we need it.

As for human health, the incidence of Alzheimer’s, Autism, Dementia and many other serious illnesses such as Morgellons has increased dramatically since the spraying started in earnest in the 1990’s. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the ingredients of aerosols sprayed around the clock in such huge quantities are poisonous to very many life systems including our own.

As hard as it may be to accept, the perpetrators of this agenda know this. It is logical to assume, in that case, that as they have access to such incredibly advanced technology, they must also have the means of protecting themselves. Remember, Agenda 21 is all about massively reducing the world's population so it may be enjoyed by the surviving elite.

The truth about the geoengineering agenda, like so many other truly important issues of our time, will not be found in your TV set. If you ‘Google’ chemtrails you won’t necessarily get the truth – but you will get over 6 million results. That’s a hell of a conspiracy theory.

Sean Hunter


20 Responses to Chemtrails: The Conspiracy Theory That Never Was

  1. SkyWatcher says:

    Check out the second picture…the skier in blue…look at the sky….and they wonder why there is a drought in California.

  2. Thank you for your FANTASTIC website!
    YES, this is an article that ‘anybody’ should be able to understand.

    I’m taking this one to Orbis Vitae with Russ Tanner~! Keep up the good work. ‘Your labor of love will not go unnoticed.’
    HIGH FIVE X ,1000 !
    Great is your reward ahead, MARCH ON! Keep on fighting the good fight. So many hundreds of thousands of people are AMAZED at this outstanding article, and all the sidebars as well.

  3. scott loveday says:

    I as thinking how stupid the scientists are when it comes to common sense.Do you think they would think the Sun does more than just warn the planet we kind of made it to survive lack of vitamin D doesn’t do anybody any good not to mention molds and photosynthesis, how about life for everything on earth.I Think when they get the man mission all ready for Mars they need to put them on the rocket .Let them terraform Mars I’m sure they got that in mind too…Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help put an end to this now…it has to stop.

  4. db aka Blu says:

    Taxes deducted by whom? Used by whom? To pay for what?
    I won’t be able to clean up this mess! They need to go hide soon!

  5. Bane says:

    Thanks for enumerating the overlapping agendas for why the jet spew is a multi-tasked operation that serves the interests of a organized and extremely well funded group of high level conspirators. Regarding the nano metallic particles being sprayed and then electromagnetically zapped, here over Mendocino County the clouds all the time look “wired.” Very weird looking stuff. A day does not go by that the cirrus clouds look natural. I don ‘t believe from what I observe, other than cumulus rain clouds with reservation, that we anymore have natural clouds. It is a freaky sky and becoming more so.

  6. Gloria says:

    What an AWESOME article! High Five!!

  7. Freedom Ranger says:

    Marc, I have thought about this, evil is not illogical. I think maybe we dont have that much longer, an ELE is around the corner. They (sociopaths in charge) are simply buying themselves time to build shelters and stock them. who cares if you poison the earth if it is not going to be livable in 20 years. Using Occam’s razor it is the only conclusion I arrive at. These people in positions of power are using this power entrusted to them for our mutual safety to secure safety for themselves and their progeny and mates. They cannot build shelters and stock them without our help. It is much like building the tomb of a king and being killed after its done. They have poisoned the Earth to get a few more good years out of her. They are not prepared as of yet. This is what I believe.

  8. Cynthia Lauren says:

    Sorry. I forgot to add another ‘tidbit’ of news from the Australian Front…

    We’ve been told that should we not want to be ‘vaccinated’ ~ that Australia is implementing a ‘pax-vax’ to be included in the chem trails.

    Sorry once again. You’ll have to look that up. I’m too busy with other farm matters at the moment. Nope. I’ll look up just one article, ’cause I said that I present FACTS, not conjecture.

    Here you go:

    Cynthia Lauren

  9. Cynthia Lauren says:

    Thank you, Sean. Your article is clear, concise and factual. (I research, too ~ therefore, I can say that with certainty.

    Within the last year, South Australians have been becoming aware that our NRM (Natural Resource Management) has been pushing Agenda 21. Folks are beginning to wake up. In the video I’ve posted here, a farmer from the Southeast recounts of how he found out in 2010 that the NRM says that the ‘crown’ OWNS the water that comes down from the sky. (*That statement wakes farmers up a bit.)

    Just to further advise anyone ‘out there’, I believe that with governments patenting everything that is ‘Agenda 21-ish’ in nature… even to virus propagation and now, the geo-engineered ‘rain’ they are concocting ~ that they can ‘legally’ claim that they in fact, ‘own’ the water that falls from the sky. They’ve patented the processes that make the clouds that do so.

    Just this morning (December 3rd, 2014) I woke to a thunderous downpour at 5:30 a.m.. The rain that is unseasonably occurring, is damaging to our plants and goes on in dark hours and stops again ~ unnaturally with a STOP after 10-15 minutes.

    But, this morning ~ I smelled something different as well. We had our farmhouse window open next to our bed and there was a terrible smell (rather than the glorious smell that occurs during normal rainfall) that REEKED of something noxious.

    I’m NOT a ‘reactionary’ ~ I’m merely stating FACTS, here.

    I admire what Dane is championing and I stand in prayer with you all as we continue to fight what I consider to be our generation’s Good Fight of Faith.

    Here’s the quickie video. I always back up what I report on.

    God bless you, Dane. God bless you and keep you in the protection of Psalm 91 and all it’s benefits for you and yours and us all.

    Cynthia Lauren Thorpe
    Christian American living in South Australia’s Outback Coast

  10. JV says:

    I thought today that we have to be a power opposing the assault on the biosphere, to meet the power with our power, and this could be the power of prayer and knowledge of sacred mother earth wanting to heal with a greater hand. It is known that prayer can influence water molecules, energize them. So we call on the great oceans of the world to give us powerful and clean water in the form of strong air to combat the force against good. Know the earth is always more healing than any force against. For example the plant bamboo is very resistant to metals and any radiation exposure, these were known to prevent metal sickness. So have some bamboo tea or bamboo shoots for a meal. Plant bamboo gardens and pray.

  11. Excellent work, especially the trusting people to be good angle, it is the story of my life. We must wake up to the fact that there are always nasty hens in the house and they want you out and they are just born that way and can never change, so it’s up to those of us who are “chosen” before we were born to lay down our lives to the God of truth & fight them all the way.

  12. john says:

    Some Americans are really quite bright. You have expressed a great deal of information in a short article. very concise and readable. Your “Overton Window” has been expanded to the point that you are able to assemble many disparate parts to see a whole picture. The actual “in-our-face” truth seems too incredible for most folks to accept at first. One by one we’getting it. Check Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Field Theory to understand why the people might yet prevail in the move to sanity. We live in a conscious universe. We are not just helpless orphans of a dying world. I love you man. Stay in motion.

  13. Jay Sprueill says:

    TRUST: Every time you vote you are placing your trust in someone, that is why I have never voted, because I do not trust any one, except the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT, and I’m glad life on this fallen planet is almost over. MARANATHA

  14. Marc Rennard says:

    Psychopaths, an entire army of psychopaths, who would design and execute an ultra-top-secret agenda of jet stream manipulation, drought-outs, blizzards and ice-storms, and “polar vortexes” (go to hell Weather Channel) all for what? To control the court of public opinion on climate change and global warming? You mean fuck over the better part of an entire continent just to dupe the dumb-ass public into questioning the reality of global warming? REALLY?
    And yet, this is, in part or in whole, precisely what is happening. The disconnect from the natural and ancient earth and it’s infinitely subtle ecosystems and glorious biosphere becomes the disease from which these psychos are suffering. A prime expression of Paul Levy’s concept of “wetiko”.
    Perhaps what we are seeing is man’s “tool-making” capabilities running so completely amok that now we find that our un-evolved consciousness cannot handle such technologies in a way that benefits the GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY, but rather must seek ways to weaponize every goddamn thing for some advantage or gain over some perceived enemy or threat.
    Not to mention the use of such technologies to gain financially, which at this level of the game, is tantamount to weaponization….draining wealth from communities, taxpayers, you and me.

  15. AdamCT says:

    Great article, and more importantly digestible – I fully recommend sharing this one as much as possible everyone!

    Great work Sean

  16. BRAVO! DANE… U have FOUGHT The GOOD FIGHT… Finish The Race… WE ARE WITH U…[Nothing GREAT is Done ALONE]…March On SOILDER 2 the Finish line…
    @selinasorrels….[NO REST].

  17. Earth Angel says:

    One of the best, well written, most heartfelt articles I’ve seen yet. I have already forwarded it on to others. Thank you Sean Hunter and Geoengineering Watch for posting it. This needs to get sent to as many meteorologists and politicians as possible!

  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thanks for a great article! It’s just such a relief to have validation from others who have similar beliefs about what is happening in our world, especially in our skies. It’s a rare great day when there are no aerosol sprays happening in our area, but I know that much of the damage has already been done. Shame on those pilots and shame on the elites for making humanity suffer. Our only hope is that people will continue to wake up and look up at the sky one day and ask themselves, “What the hell is that?!”

  19. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Great article.

  20. sheila smith-ramirez says:

    Thank you so much for what you do and the information you present in an objective (as possible) attitude. I have been watching, photographing and trying to get people to understand for about 4 years, the best I can–with good intent. I appreciate what you do and please don’t quit. Many people are getting tired of fighting the battle, but I think that is when things could turn, right when you are ready to give up, so I don’t.

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