Geoengineering: There is NO Debate!


So why respond like there is?

chem Those who deny the existence of climate engineering are either willfully ignorant, dangerously arrogant or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar global geoengineering program.  Then there are the simple folks who refuse to believe because of a bad case of lifelong cognitive dissonance, or an unshakable faith in trustworthy government, or a serial neglect of skywatching (as in never looking up at the sky).   Lastly, there are the legions of scientists and academics, researchers and writers, from whom the faculty of human reason has completely fled.  These pseudo-scientists are not only devoid of common sense; they lack the ability to apply objective and unbiased critical thinking.  For many of these lost causes, years of university study have force-fed them incorrect science theories, taught them flawed scientific methodology and encouraged their blind allegiance to defective scientific paradigms. These PhD types have often been exposed to years of intense and purposeful indoctrination.  Erroneous information and incomplete knowledge, that is incessantly reinforced by professors and reference books alike, ensures that they will never leave such an intellectually-challenged reservation.  They also know quite well who funds their various grants and scholarships, and how not to put them in jeopardy.  Furthermore, the relentless doctoral conditioning and/or post-doctoral brainwashing virtually guarantees that they will always side with the “system”.   As a matter of fact, they are programmed to see only see what the “system” tells them what they see.  Conversely, they publish in the peer-reviewed journals only what their editors and peers permit them to write.  Likewise, any and all  TV and radio interviews contain content that has been thoroughly vetted by their government sponsors, academic mentors and/or corporate overlords.  In these and other ways, it becomes perfectly understood that, if these PhD scientists want to keep their tenured positions and/or department chairmanships, as well as remain in their lucrative corporate consultancies, they will NEVER stray from the prescribed narrative.   Should anyone ever decide to leave this particular reservation, especially where it concerns such a multi-purposeful, global sky-spraying program like geoengineering, the consequences would be quite severe.  No one is ever allowed to use their position of authority or lofty platform to espouse anything but the official government line.  To do so would effectively translate to an immediate suspension of one’s leadership positions and job title, as well as forfeiture of their compensation package and benefits, grants and stipends, and any other perquisites derived from their loyalty to the anti-geoengineering cause.  Now that we know the ground rules by which the naysayers play, it’s much easier to understand the many irrational, unreasonable and ridiculous responses provided by officialdom.  All of the key policy makers, enforcers and their spokespeople are locked up in a gilded cage, wearing golden handcuffs, and furnished with golden parachutes.  How could they possibly give all that up, particularly in the face of the harsh realities which would follow any departure from the official narrative. Which begs the question:  Why would anyone ever bother to debate the existence of geoengineering with the aforementioned parties?  Given their obvious lack of commitment to the truth, and multiple incentives to support the prevailing illusion, what would be the point?  How can the self-deceived ever be expected to disseminate the facts about geoengineering, and related matters? Which begs a much more important question!  When the urgency to terminate jet aerosol spraying has become so urgent, is it advisable for the geoengineering truth movement to waste time and energy, money and resources, trying to change minds which are incapable of being changed? Most of the chemtrail deniers are hopelessly incorrigible, as was just pointed out.  They don’t want to know the truth or hear the truth or speak the truth.  On the contrary, they are determined (and sometimes paid) to spend their time undermining the truth movement however possible.  Since many are literally programmed to obfuscate and dissemble around all matters related to geoengineering, why given them attention? Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.15.30 AM The Resources Available To The Truth Movement Have Never Been Better There has been an explosion of high integrity media material available to truth seekers everywhere regarding the ongoing geoengineering disaster. The number of videos and radio archives, articles and essays are now seemingly countless.  Perhaps the best use of our time is to efficiently disseminate the evidence and testimony to those who do not yet know about the relentless geoengineering assaults.  This would seems to be a much better use of our limited time and resources.  With each new supporter of this cause, there is the increasing likelihood that the critical mass of individuals is soon reached necessary to produce the necessary change. All most people want, who are aware of these chemical assaults, is the immediate cessation of the climate engineering-spraying of the skies throughout the world.  That is a very simple demand that can be complied with by those who illegally obey orders to spray the blue skies.  Such a request should be very easy to understand for the real decision-makers as well.  After all, their families and friends are exposed to the very same chemical cocktails as the next guy or gal, as they themselves are.  Can they be that obtuse that they are okay with such regular, aerosolized chemical invasions from above? As more individuals become aware of the adverse health effects from the unrelenting geoengineering-spraying, the day will surely come when these harmful programs will be shut down.   The following article presents the many illnesses and symptoms associated with the climate engineering poisoning of our skies.  The many correlations made in the following essay are so compelling that many individuals have taken up the anti-chemtrail torch after they understood the potential impacts on their health. Inarguably, every resident of Planet Earth is a victim of geoengineering toxicities wherever they are sprayed.  For those few places that are not sprayed, there are still extremely destructive weather patterns that geoengineering has created to contend with, which even those inhabitants of the planet cannot avoid.  These climate patterns are highly unpredictable and producing devastating  weather events everywhere.  Therefore, it can be said that ultimately every human being ought to be a passionate stakeholder in both clean skies and unobstructed sunlight.  If not for themselves, at least for future generations should everyone rally around this Cause of the Millennium! Conclusion: Does anyone know anybody who has not been significantly affected by the new normal in local weather patterns?  Perhaps as these highly destructive weather events continue to intensify, more folks will look up to the skies and begin to question just what it is that is causing the meteorological mayhem. Likewise, as more individuals become aware of the adverse health effects from the unrelenting geoengineering-spraying, the day will surely come to terminate these harmful programs.  When the people have had no say about the geoengineering overhead, they will realize that there are certain reasons why they have not been told about these clandestine operations.  The list of ingredients in a typical climate engineering cocktail will reveal some of those reasons.  When this information becomes common knowledge, those in government who unlawfully foisted them on the nation will be held accountable. chemtrail92373983933-1 Lastly, it is important to note that climate engineering dispersions are quite obviously not contrails (See photo above).  So why waste precious time and energy debating with those who are clueless?  It is much better to spread the message to those with an open mind and who care about the welfare of their family and friends.  There are also many who have a genuine concern for the well-being of Planet Earth who would want to know about the illicit geoengineering going on everywhere. State of the Nation 2014 May 8, 2014 Author’s Note: These are just a few of the articles which shed light on the ongoing chemtrail conspiracy, which ought to galvanize anyone not yet initiated.  Their are many other resources included below which will serve to further educate and enlighten anyone looking to comprehend the enormity of and true purposes behind this furtive government-coordinated program. 

11 Responses to Geoengineering: There is NO Debate!

  1. True courage is more than hypocracy says:

    I am from Germany (NRW). I have recognized the first chemtrails in 2009. Silence hasn`t stopped the spraying till now, 2018.

    I am still wondering how people could be still so ignorant about a obviously environmental gas attack directly in front of there and sometimes there own children face. Watching somewhere else, is a common known behavior here, especially if something is running terrible wrong. There is no one of this good leftist or the green party, nor any other sellers of wisdom mentioning anything.


    They are not blind, they are just scared. This is what i am thinking.

  2. Bikini island says:

    Living in Ireland. We're being sprayed, film appears on windshield while driving in the early morning. Leitrim has a small population. Clear trails in skies that have no airport route. Overcast unatural fug not fog in winter cause there is no moisture. Unbelievably no one except a few believe. I have researched reports and o am concerned because if this has been happening for a number of years we're all infected.

  3. Colt says:

    Debate going on in Kingman AZ about the meeting tomorrow with Govt and it is amazing how many are calling people concerned about the chemtrails as needing tin foil hats and that they must be concerned about bigfoot, also. It gets so old. What is it going to take? How much more do they need to spray this crap before people wake up?

  4. Alan says:

    Here in western Iowa we have chemtrails and fake smears of clouds every morning when it should be a crystal clear day.
    Also, the is a crust layer on top of the dirt in all of the gardens on my property. Even after 3 inches of rain, within 24 hours the topsoil becomes crusty and lighter colored and by the next day cracks and chips occur in the dirt.
    I would like to have the soil tested, are there any safe methods for testing without corruption by lab or govt. ?

  5. horsegirl says:

    From our own experience, there exist at least a few areas where the spraying is unseen. We moved numerous times in Mexico to get away from spraying so heavy you had to sweep tiny pellets up – the gunk got into everything. We finally found a region where although we see McClouds that are really just gasses, not true clouds, we don’t get hammered by planes. Having lived in this zone for two years now, it lends perspective as to how some parts of society might not see the most egregious stuff. It seems there is a difference between the US west and the US northeast, where skies are kept pretty overcast (I trade notes with people living in different areas. Not sure but it seems the Pacific coast and large western cities have the greatest chance of seeing really gross spraying campaigns.

    That told, it is ridiculous for anyone to mock others for testifying about what they see. All these horrid checkerboard patterns are not photoshop jobs.

  6. Lee G. says:

    My question is why? Why are they spraying?

  7. arcadia11 says:

    thank you for addressing the ever popular ‘debate’ issue. i very rarely see this mind-numbing ploy recognized for what it is. and it is indeed, itself, a most serious issue.

    debate is much worse than a mere red herring. it is a designed facilitator of moral relativism, a loss of powers of observation and critical thinking skills. and a loss of knowing.

    self-evident truth: once that virtue disappears, no one is left standing. debating that which should never be debated invalidates self-evident truth and has ushered in the age of “normalizing the unthinkable”. it does not get any worse than that.

    cheers –


  8. bikerkim says:

    OK, personally have been aware of chemtrail spraying for last 8 years. Have travelled full-time attempting to escape the spraying. This worked for most of the last 7 years as my wife and I found spraying of the northern California coastline was very seldom. That changed this past year. This area is now sprayed as heavily, if not more so, than inland areas. We believe this has to do with the CA drought agenda as heavy spraying often ties in with projected rainfall, which then is minimized.

    However, we have found a personal solution which is working for us to reduce the impact on us personally. We have discovered a dietary program to radically strengthen our immune system. Medical research has shown the human body’s ability to expel toxins is directly proportional to the strength of the immune system.

    We simply focus on eating foods supporting the cleansing and nourishing of our digestive system flora. It works. We feel better, have more energy, and are less concerned about what is being sprayed. As the opportunity presents, we also teach others to do the same thing. Most are much more receptive to hearing about ways to boost their immune system than hear what is raining down on them from above.

    May not be the most proactive and expeditious approach to stopping the chemtrails, but nutritionally awakened people are more able to make better decisions affecting their true best interest. This also shows the established dietary guidelines to be ridiculous and thus starts the individual on to the path of independent thought and logical thinking.

    The dietary program is outlined by the Weston A Price Foundation as well as Dr Natasha Campbell McBride’s book, GAPS.

  9. Constant Walker says:

    Maybe the most effective ‘hold’ its sponsors have on the ‘foot soldiers’ in the geo-engineering operation is a promise that they and their families will be included in the “few” chosen for places in the worldwide underground shelter system, when whatever is slated for everybody ‘else’ is put into its final phase. A more effective ‘bribe’ is hard to imagine, for inducing not only active participation in the ‘program,’ but complete silence about it.

    That the extreme likelihood of the ‘promise’ NOT being kept (at-least to those in the ‘lower’ echelons of the operation, given the ‘record’ of massive betrayal already established by the most “power”-deluded among the virtual sub-species homo domesticus) doesn’t seem to ‘dawn-on’ the ‘grunts,’ is perhaps proof of that rampant “cognitive” dysfunction mentioned above. The ersatz Human “individual” is designed and manufactured, however, to be easy pickings for the wannabe-parasitic predatory behavior of both those among their own virtual ‘kind,’ and the invasive retro-viral tormenting entities whose ‘process’ manifests in Earth’s Living Arrangement as the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, now in its terminal throes.

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