China to Control Weather to Address Different Issues


For those who still remain unconvinced that geoengineering/weather modification is a reality.

Published on Friday, 06 September 2013 07:46

China plans to intervene with the weather to solve problems like pollution, as well as help agricultural and hydropower operations.

China intends to control the weather to aid the country with problems like pollution and for better agricultural and hydropower operations.

Under a new national plan, which will run from 2013 to 2020, China plans to intervene with the weather by dividing the country into regions and setting up an interprovincial mechanism for weather control, said senior researcher of the Weather Modification Center under the China Meteorological Administration Yao Zhanyu, according to China Daily.

Each region will have an infrastructure and a command center for weather intervention, and programs for weather intervention will depend on the region.

Particularly, programs in the northeastern, central, and southeastern areas will be used mainly to secure wheat harvest; the program for the northwestern area will focus on environmental protection; the program for the southwestern area will focus on helping with agriculture and hydropower operations; and the program for the north area will have water supplies in mind.

China intends to intervene with the weather by increasing either the rain or the snow in the hopes of preventing damaging weather like hail, fog, and rainstorms. This weather intervention will be done through cloud seeding.

“Cloud seeding to coax rain can relieve agricultural drought, reserve water for lakes, cool down high temperatures and ease pollution,” Mr. Yao noted.

To test out the national plan, the northwestern region which spans Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces were selected as the pilot area to test the coordination system. Around 1.1 billion yuan, or $177 million, will be invested to build a regional weather intervention system, which will include 12 weather intervention airplanes and ground-based facilities. – EcoSeed Staff

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  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    After doing a billion dollars of damage with nucleated snow, now they’ve perfected it all? $177 million and 12 planes and a few HAARPS? I’ll be interesting to see what happens. It definitely will not be good if their pollution ends up here.

    I suppose we may have to give the Chinese credit for addressing national issue rather than world domination with this. But I wish it would all just go away. 🙁

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