Climate Engineering And Dangerously Darkening Ice Sheets


Are there connections between the out of control global geoengineering programs and the rapidly blackening heat absorbing ice packs? The connections are stark and undeniable. Climate engineering programs are rapidly accelerating humanity’s descent toward total extinction. What part has six plus decades of weather modification insanity played in the now unfolding cataclysms? Simply stated, climate engineering has completely derailed Earth’s attempt to respond to anthropogenic effects and damage to the climate system. The ongoing atmospheric manipulation has totally disrupted the planetary hydrological cycle, shredded the ozone layer, and contaminated air, soils and waters around the globe. All of this has contributed radically to the off the chart increase in forest fire frequency and intensity. This in turn has added massive amounts of soot to the atmosphere. As the soot settles back down to Earth it is blackening the surface of glaciers and ice sheets, another climate feedback loop is spawned. Exposing and halting the global climate engineering programs is the greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction. Make every day count in this fight, this battle will take all of us.
Dane Wigington

Slate Exclusive: Why Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You

 Source: Slate
Photo by Jason Box
Isn’t ice supposed to be white?
Photo by Jason Box

Jason Box knows ice. That’s why what’s happened this year concerns him so much.

Box just returned from a trip to Greenland. Right now, the ice there is … black:

Photo by Jason Box
Dark ice is helping Greenland’s glaciers retreat.
Photo by Jason Box

Photo by Jason Box
Crevasses criss-cross the Greenland ice sheet, allowing melt water to descend deep beneath the ice.
Photo by Jason Box

Photo by Jason Box
This year, Greenland’s ice was the darkest it’s ever been.
Photo by Jason Box

Photo by Jason Box
Box and his team are trying to discover what made this year’s melt season so unusual.
Photo by Jason Box

Photo by Jason Box
Box marks his study sites, appropriately, with black flags.
Photo by Jason Box

Photo by Jason Box
Box’s ‘Dark Snow’ project is the first scientific expedition to Greenland to be crowdfunded.
Photo by Jason Box

The ice in Greenland this year isn’t just a little dark—it’s record-setting dark. Box says he’s never seen anything like it. I spoke to Box by phone earlier this month, just days after he returned from his summer field research campaign.

 “I was just stunned, really,” Box told me.

The photos he took this summer in Greenland are frightening. But their implications are even more so. Just like black cars are hotter to the touch than white ones on sunny summer days, dark ice melts much more quickly.

As a member of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Box travels to Greenland from his home in Copenhagen to track down the source of the soot that’s speeding up the glaciers’ disappearance. He aptly calls his crowdfunded scientific survey Dark Snow.

Courtesy of The National Snow and Ice Data Center
This year was another above-average melt season in Greenland.
Courtesy of The National Snow and Ice Data Center

There are several potential explanations for what’s going on here. The most likely is that some combination of increasingly infrequent summer snowstorms, wind-blown dust, microbial activity, and forest fire soot led to this year’s exceptionally dark ice. A more ominous possibility is that what we’re seeing is the start of a cascading feedback loop tied to global warming. Box mentions this summer’s mysterious Siberian holes and offshore methane bubbles as evidence that the Arctic can quickly change in unpredictable ways.

This year, Greenland’s ice sheet was the darkest Box (or anyone else) has ever measured. Box gives the stunning stats: “In 2014 the ice sheet is precisely 5.6 percent darker, producing an additional absorption of energy equivalent with roughly twice the US annual electricity consumption.”

Perhaps coincidentally, 2014 will also be the year with the highest number of forest fires ever measured in Arctic.

Box ran these numbers exclusively for Slate, and what he found shocked him. Since comprehensive satellite measurements began in 2000, never before have Arctic wildfires been as powerful as this year. In fact, over the last two or three years, Box calculated that Arctic fires have been burning at a rate that’s double that of just a decade ago. Box felt this finding was so important that he didn’t want to wait for peer review, and instead decided to publish first on Slate. He’s planning on submitting these and other recent findings to a formal scientific journal later this year.

Photo by Jason Box/NASA
Arctic and sub-Arctic fires were more powerful in 2014 than ever recorded before.
Photo by Jason Box/NASA

Box’s findings are in line with recent research that shows the Arctic is in the midst of dramatic change.

A recent study has found that, as the Arctic warms, forests there are turning to flame at rates unprecedented in the last 10,000 years. This year, those fires produced volumes of smoke and soot that Box says drifted over to Greenland.

In total, more than 3.3 million hectares burned in Canada’s Northwest Territories alone this year—nearly 9 times the long term average—resulting in a charred area bigger than the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts combined. That figure includes the massive Birch Creek Complex, which could end up being the biggest wildfire in modern Canadian history. In July, it spread a smoke plume all the way to Portugal.

In an interview with Canada’s National Post earlier this year, NASA scientist Douglas Morton said, “It’s a major event in the life of the earth system to have a huge set of fires like what you are seeing in Western Canada.”

Box says the real challenge is to rank what fraction of the soot he finds on the Greenland ice is from forest fires, and what is from other sources, like factories. Box says the decline of snow cover in other parts of the Arctic (like Canada) is also exposing more dirt to the air, which can then be more easily transported by the wind. Regardless of their ultimate darkening effect on Greenland, this year’s vast Arctic fires have become a major new source of greenhouse gas emissions from the thawing Arctic. Last year, NASA scientists found “amazing” levels of carbon dioxide and methane emanating from Alaskan permafrost.

Earlier this year, Box made headlines for a strongly worded statement along these lines:

That tweet landed Box in a bit of hot water with his department, which he said now has to approve his media appearances. Still, Box’s sentiment is inspiring millions. His “f’d” quote is serving as the centerpiece of a massive petition (with nearly 2 million signatures at last count) that the activist organization Avaaz will deliver to “national, local, and international leaders” at this month’s global warming rally in New York City on Sept. 21.

Source: Slate

10 Responses to Climate Engineering And Dangerously Darkening Ice Sheets

  1. Muad'dib says:

    The last 2 days were the worst I have ever seen, probably because it was 95 degrees in october at 5800 feet above sea level. I have over pressured my house with air passed through nano filters pumped by powerful fans (1000 cfm). I actually feel better. I am not getting the “glass in the eyes” feeling followed by flu like symptoms. My head and body has stopped aching as much. Heavy duty carbon filters are what I installed 300 bones a piece the powerful fans were 200.00. I suggest you all do this to your houses because I can assure you the ones who are doing this to us have their own home over pressurized with filters.

  2. Earth Angel says:

    My guess would be that this is fallout from the massive fires that have been burning around the globe in recent years. It could also be from the factories in china, which I understand are unregulated for pollution. The aluminum build up in everything from the atmospheric spraying programs to influence the weather has created a real tinderbox effect- aluminum being an accelerant- this has worsened the blazes and made them hard to fight. No telling what else may be falling all over everything. This is very sad and alarming. I grieve for all life on our once beautiful and magnificent planet. 🙁 May the ba%#*r&s responsible for creating this tragedy BURN for it themselves.

  3. anthony barrett says:


  4. Hawkeye says:

    Isn’t it ironic how Dane has been saying “let the planet respond” and she is. No one can stop her from responding to anything, it is the way she works and how she will do it is never quite foreseen but we are witnessing this right now in many places on earth. It is crazy that world leaders “think” they are able to control a planet and it’s environment. That is the insanity which creates the cause and the effects are all over the place off the charts and strange. And sorry folks, we did not cause this, we “trusted” in others while we raised our families and went to work and voted for things that never came to be. God knows all do not fear. This is just one example of earth responding to all of the manipulation with geo today and to all the decades of polluting. Geo is trying to stop or slow it down but a laughable effort it is. Black ice absorbs yes = earth responding. Methane bubbles all over the earth causing 200+ quakes a day so far = earth responding. Volcano’s across the globe are all now in active or eruption mode = earth responding. Forest fires abnormally excessive = earth responding. This is earth trying to heal her atmosphere, duh! Does everyone realize yet what is really happening?? Geo is not just a plan to kill everyone and for no other reason as too many still think even though that is what it is doing, it is a plan out of panic to try and save the planet from burning up and the evil is just the wealthy trying to reduce pops to save years for themselves. Why else would colonizing mars or the moon be a plan? LOL…. God has written no bunker will save them, all evil shall perish and the meek shall inherit a new glorious earth. The meek are those suffering! Poor alone is not “meek”. No human can control any of these things so laugh! Rejoice! Behold the Lord. He is cleaning house, a good thing much needed. Have faith in God and you shall be saved. The translation of apocalypse is “an unveiling”. Polar shift seems likely. The actual title given to this whole mess by the scientists informing governments is “Thermal Expansion of Earth’s Crust” CAUSED by global warming from earth’s core. World wide spray program is the diagnosis med. Well no wonder earthquakes are so numerous and volcano’s are blowing. That is how earth’s crust moves and how she cleans her air. The ice caps are like weights and the north cap is tipping due to the melting reducing weight on top. Polar shifting. Airports around the world have already ( 7 years ago ) had to re-align their GPS instruments so planes would not fly off course it has shifted that much so far. Yes, this is what is happening and only prayers will work now. Please pray. Many will need it.

  5. Kurt Pantaleo says:

    I think we aDane. These stats and info is alarming to say the least. It seems like instead of making things better we have are foot on the gas pedal and we are racing to oblivian. I fear we do not have until 2060 and we will meet our demise even sooner.
    Kurt P. 9/20/14

  6. Muad'dib says:

    I am truly sad today, I see everything for what it is, a circus to entertain the stupid or those who wish to remain stupid. It is obvious geoengineering is the most f*cked up thing the government has ever r concocted. I think its obvious their end goal is to extract as much wealth and work from the populace- it takes an Army of engineers, workman, plumbers, electricians,farmers, computer engineers to make and provision their Deep Underground Bunkers. I think they plan on living down there for a long long time perhaps hundreds of years. i think they will drop the curtain fast and kill us off quick when it is time. They will disappear and leave those middle level traitors to fight us all. WE LET THIS HAPPEN, NEVER FORGET THAT, WE WERE NOT INVOLVED IN OUR GOVERNMENT, WE ALLOWED OURSELVES TO BE BRAINWASHED OUT OF OUR HUMANITY. It is our fault in the end, we let evil proceed over the land like a plague. Am I guilty,no. Are we guilty, yes. Do I know what to do, I haven’t the slightest clue. STORE FOOD, STORE FOOD, my only hope is when they leave for their safety bunkers they will finally leave us alone. That is why I SAY STORE FOOD because when they leave us, which they will, we might have a miniscule chance to turn things around as there are true geniuses living among us who actually can solve our problems, GOD HAS NOT DESERTED US. So STORE FOOD and create community with the worthy;we might have one shot to change things but you better believe these monsters will try to kill us all first. STORE YEARS OF DRY FOOD WHILE IT IS STILL CHEAP 100lbs of rice 50lbs of beans will sustain 1 individual for 2 years on half rations and only cost about 100.00. GET EVERYTHING NOW WHILE IT IS STILL CHEAP. At the very least you will be able to die on your own terms and be able to make peace.

  7. Constant Walker says:

    There are, of course, myriad ‘reasons’ (read: more-or-less lame excuses) given by “the power structure” why purposely shutting-down just the climate-engineering/weather-warfare parts of the massive “civilization” disease-driven geo-engineering operation (never-mind any of the rest of it) is not an “acceptable option” for the ‘operators’….and thus ought not to be, either (from this “elite” point-of-view), for the hapless subjects/citizens who are now-mostly-‘redundant’ constituents, anyhow, of the dying ‘world’ that is being ‘operated’-on. Mr. Wigington and others have regularly and eloquently remarked here upon this death-spiral ‘dynamic,’ and noted the many fatal feed-back loops (like the darkening of Arctic ice, and the release of methane) already and long-since initiated by domesticated Humans attempting vainly to “play God” with Earth’s Living Arrangement.

    Besides the expected-to-be-catastrophic “backlash” (at-least for the architectural and institutional super-structure of their idolized “civilization”) from natural systems such as a global climate freed suddenly from military-grade and industrial-strength “forcing” by the witless agency of homo domesticus, there is the Natural Fact that artificially “individual”-ized Humans are trapped, by their own, in relentlessly “self”-referential attitudes and modes of behavior which render it virtually impossible for them even to recognize the overarching ‘process’ (that of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease) by which they’ve been co-opted, and to which they are witlessly and suicidally subservient. Which is not even to mention their being all-but congenitally unable even to sense their utter helplessness to respond, either “individual”-ly or as random collections of same, to this “self”-inflicted predicament in any beneficially effective Way. Set beside that stark Reality, all of their grandiose delusions of “power,” and the card-houses of rationalization they deploy to prop these up, shrink to the pitiful near-nothingness that they are (and have always been) in Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement….and orders-of-magnitude more-so, in The Never-ending Song ‘n’ Dance of Life Herownself, within which Mother Earth and Father Sun and all of US, Their Natural Children, are Singing the Notes and Dancing the Steps that are Ours, by Virtue of our Essential Nature….which for us Humans is to Function Organically as a component of Earth’s immune system.

    It is because they are presently cut-off from this Essential Nature, from what some would call The Tao of their Humanity, by the “self”-possession that is the active mechanism of the syndrome’s immune-suppression regime, that our tame Human Sisters and Brothers are in the dire straits they are, here-and-now during the terminal stages of the wasting disease process. Our Ancestors learned the-hard-way that there may be no worse thing to befall Human Beings than to lose The Way of their Humanity….their less colloquial manner, maybe, of saying that those unfortunates who do “are fucked.”

    To find their way back to The Way, though, they have only to get over their own captivating and sickening “self”….admittedly not easy at this far-advanced phase of the syndrome, but still the only thing, and everything, they might still do that is actually Humanly possible. Then they can rejoin us surviving Free Wild Peoples in “Just doin’ what comes nacherly.”

  8. Muad'dib says:

    I understand why people don’t want to wake up,its because most of this country is dependent on the Federal Government; its like admitting your parents abuse in the most vile of ways. Only when this illusion they have over the majority is spent can there be any change. That is why we must yell THIS IS A PLANNED DEMOLITION OF THE PLANET. We have not only the government opposed to us but every piece of humanity that yearns for government sponsored stability and control. Only when there is no more stability will there be change. 60% of the US is employed whether it be through welfare or jobs by the Government. They more than anyone resist us, the ones who are slaves to the Federal Government oppose and deride us. You see we are no longer one nation we are 2, the Federal government and their lackeys opposing the Free people of the United States. That is what we have become. Its not North and South it FREE vs Communist -This Federal government is in the business of destroying the planet for whatever reason, perhaps total control over vital resources. We have literally created hell on Earth. I think we will only wake up when the government is no longer employing a large majority of the country. These people are dependent and could care less what the government does, they have no freedom, they are slaves who occupy their time with stealing from the PEOPLE.They want the PEOPLE in the same condition as themselves, slaves. Every pilot does what they do because they are afraid to go hungry and homeless, what kind of excuse is that? Every scientist-same reason. I really think the people who do this don’t care what they are doing as long as they still get paid. That is the stark reality.

  9. RasDreads says:

    Congressional Research Service
    Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy

    “…could be reduced or reversed sea and land ice melting (as long as the aerosols don’t settle on and darken snow and ice)”

  10. Cori Gunnells says:

    If people read this, see the photos with their own eyes, look at the charts and data, and still can’t see that ‘warming’ and altered feedback loops are a reality… they simply do not want to see the truth. This research spells out big trouble to all on earth.

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