Climate Engineering, Clearcutting, And Record Wildfires


Dane Wigington

Record wildfires continue to sweep the globe, incinerating what yet remains of Earth’s formerly vast thriving forests. Why? We are told by official sources that the catastrophic wildfires are being caused from a lack of so called “forest management” (logging). But does such a narrative hold up to front-line facts? Or does this official explanation actually serve to cover the tracks of the climate engineering operations (the actual core causal factor for the exponential wildfire increase)? This same false narrative also helps to facilitate the unbridled corporate plunder of remaining forest resources. The 15 minute video below provides a shocking glimpse into what so called “managed” forests look like.

Our government is nothing less than a criminal cabal that exists to serve the military industrial complex and corporate interests. The relentless looting, pillaging, and plundering of Earth’s remaining forests is a case in point, populations must be fully awakened to this reality. It is imperative for each and every one of us to understand that without trees, we will perish. All of us are needed in the critical battle to sound the alarm. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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50 Responses to Climate Engineering, Clearcutting, And Record Wildfires

  1. Virginia says:

    One week from today….Hope to see you there at the Geoengineering Event in Redding, California.  If this ancient bag of bones can make it, so can you! It promises to be very informative and interesting, as well as entertaining.  The weather (whatever that means) is cooperating by being mild and comfortable.  And Dane always delivers, as you all know, with incredible presentations.  So, thank you, in advance, for supporting such a vitally important cause.

    Regards and good wishes to all.  Virginia

    PS.  If you are traveling by auto, a nice morning or early afternoon drive up to Lassen National Park (via State Highway 44 East of Redding) would be of interest.  One can get a first-hand look at some of our dying pines dotting the landscape. But, there are still beautiful cedars, etc., that refuse to cave in. Bring a sweater….cool in mornings.

  2. JR says:

    I hope this post. I was having issues trying to post. Here in the Southwest, New Mexico area getting a little rain. As in many years past now our rain clouds get busted down to nothing with SAG/SRM, aka Chemtrails. They are what they are, chemicals, metals polymers, etc. We should know by now that evil exists, but good in the end will prevail. We are here on this earth for but a while, so good people do good and evil will do evil but pay for that cold heart in the end.

  3. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Prosecuting Corporate Crime When Corporations Are Too Big to Jail
    Nick Werle / Corporate Crime Reporter
    Some corporations have become so large or so systemically important that when they violate the law, the government cannot credibly threaten them with efficient criminal sanctions.  That’s according to Nick Werle, a recent graduate of Yale Law School and the author of an upcoming law review note – Prosecuting Corporate Crime When Firms are Too Big To Jail (Yale Law Journal, 2019.)  Werle shows how the too big to jail problem reduces prosecutors’ ability to deter corporate crime just by fining a defendant corporation without any accompanying prosecution of culpable individuals.   Werle shows how the risk of corporate criminal liability alone cannot incentivize a too big to jail firm to invest in internal controls or cooperate with government investigations.  Werle argues that in the presence of too big to jail firms, prosecutors must adopt a strategy that credibly threatens culpable managers with monetary and non-monetary penalties and that eschews excessive reliance on corporate defendants’ cooperation.  Werle puts forth a structural explanation for the relative dearth of individual prosecutions relative to negotiated criminal settlements with too big to jail companies.

    • Hello V. Susan Ferguson:  Thanks for posting this link, because it outlines how a whipped puppy from Yale has been manipulated into becoming a mouthpiece for the "system".  Incompetent and lazy fools such as Mr. Werle, demoralize audiences with the illusion that corporate executives and/or their "assigns" cannot be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for the crimes they sanction by default.

      The audience caves in, because the audience has been hypnotized by our "educational" systems – to reject self-education, and instead rely on the soft brain pablum of the "experts".   It all pisses me off.  I'm not going to let banal pricks like Mr. Werle dictate a bunch of imbecilic garbage and get by with it. > What a dick.

      Excerpted from: Vicarious liability – Wikipedia

      "Vicarious liability is a form of a strict, secondary liability that arises under the common law doctrine of agency, respondeat superior, the responsibility of the superior for the acts of their subordinate or, in a broader sense, the responsibility of any third party that had the "right, ability or duty to control" the activities of a violator. It can be distinguished from contributory liability, another form of secondary liability, which is rooted in the tort theory of enterprise liability because, unlike contributory infringement, knowledge is not an element of vicarious liability.[1] The law has developed the view that some relationships by their nature require the person who engages others to accept responsibility for the wrongdoing of those others. The most important such relationship for practical purposes is that of employer and employee [2] "[End quote]

      Complete text:

      Excerpted from: Proximate cause – Wikipedia

      "In the law, a proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to an injury that the courts deem the event to be the cause of that injury. There are two types of causation in the law: cause-in-fact, and proximate (or legal) cause. Cause-in-fact is determined by the "but for" test: But for the action, the result would not have happened.[1] For example, but for running the red light, the collision would not have occurred. The action is a necessary condition, but may not be a sufficient condition, for the resulting injury. For an act to cause a harm, both tests must be met; proximate cause is a legal limitation on cause-in-fact.

      The formal Latin term for "but for" (cause-in-fact) causation, is sine qua non causation.[2] " [End quote]

      Complete text:

      Excerpted from: Causation (law) – Wikipedia

      "Causation is the "causal relationship between conduct and result". In other words, causation provides a means of connecting conduct with a resulting effect, typically an injury. In criminal law, it is defined as the actus reus (an action) from which the specific injury or other effect arose and is combined with mens rea (a state of mind) to comprise the elements of guilt. Causation only applies where a result has been achieved and therefore is immaterial with regard to inchoate offenses." [End quote]

      Complete text:

       Also see: Strict liability (criminal) – Wikipedia >

      Allot of trained ambulance chasers like Mr. Werle make the error of going for a "lawsuit" (settlement).  As soon as the plaintiffs file for a class action settlement, they wave Common Law rights, and find they are facing an Admiralty court.  Dumb asses!  Geoengineering is Felony assault and civil Mayhem, not a parking ticket…

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul. Very interesting.

  4. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met, yet,

    Today was farmers market #23, 4 more to go, this year. It was a beautiful engineered day today. 63 degrees and mostly sunny. "We" got hammered with aerosols this morning and they quit at noon or so. I had to travel to town and back twice today, so I got quite a show. 20 miles and 2,000 ft elevation each way. As I tended the booth this afternoon, the sky thickened up and it got a bit cool for a while there. I could see the micro wave activity blasting it all apart and moving it all along its way. Well, as I got closer to home this evening, I could see where they trucked all that crap. Right up here in the highlands. I have no doubt that a large percentage of what was dispersed today contained chemical ice nucleation agents. The frost this morning had a real bite to it for only 28 degrees.

    Today I had a Paul Beckwith follower come by the booth. He was quite taken that I even knew who Paul Beckwith is. He was a very nice and well dressed older gentleman. It was obvious that he understood the science that Paul puts out there. I said several times in our conversation that there can be no reasonable conversation about global warming, climate change, without including Geo engineering and chemical ice nucleation for weather modification. I kept getting asked "what is the goal?", "what's the end game?" Each time he found that I don't fit well in a box and I can not be cornered. I will add here that it is extremely good to know the "weather wars" that have already been "fought" and their inevitable outcomes. Lastly here with this man, I mentioned several times that it would be good for Paul Beckwith to come on board with "us". Those of us that understand what we are seeing above our heads everyday, globally. Oh ya, one more thing with this loyal Beckwith follower, listener, I mentioned that he can easily find a debate with Dane Wigington and Mr Beckwith on this website. I requested he not choose sides rather listen to "all" the facts, decide for himself. Last year I had a visitor at the booth that was once a Boeing "final inspection" 'person'. He inspected entire aircraft front to back before the customer took possession. He's seen it all when it comes to the apparatus installed in Boeing aircraft. He happened by the market looking to return a gas can some stranger had loaned him. That's how people roll around here. (He ran out of gas on the way to town. They were to meet at the market). He was surprised that I remembered who he is and his name. My friends, when you meet someone like this man you don't forget 'anything'. I was happy to learn that he has been circulating the video I gave him. I gave him a different one today and about 50 flyers, old ones and new ones. This man won't come forward, but he 'is' talking about it all with his peers. That's good enough for me. I've dug up 3 people in the last 2 years that have worked in the aircraft part of the Geo engineering assault. All 3 will not come forward. All 3 consider themselves to be Patriots. On one side I can't blame them and on the other, it's totally game over if they don't come forward. I know I don't walk in their shoes, But, I live in a small community and damn near everyone around here knows my face and "who I am". Every "nut job" I've ever seen around here has faded into the wood work. Guess I'm not one of them. The more I get out there, the more kindly the community treats me. More importantly, the more questions they ask when I see them around town. Things aren't right and it's starting to show all around us no matter where we live. Now is the time to be a good teacher.

    Love and strength to ALL, 'a' simple horseman

  5. Tom Keith says:

    Hello all.  Here in the Iowa Illinois Mississippi valley we are experiencing intense flooding do to all the rain.  The Mississippi is over the wall in Davenport and the Rock River is 2 1/2 foot  over flood stage. We also have a myriad of smaller rivers over the banks.(wapsi, cedar, iowa and others). Although not affecting me greatly,  I will be  challenged to get to the Davenport farmers market to spread the word about the chaos above our heads 

        Looking forward to my trip to Redding via rail next week. Ill try to post some video while enroute. (If I can figure out how to do it)



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tom Keith, won't it be fun to follow that swollen bulk of water on down to the Gulf of Mexico? Geesh…. I am glad you live where you are higher than the water.

      Tom, I am very excited for the journey you are about to embark on. Truly, I hope it takes you even deeper into the rabbit hole. I hope you will be stocked up with flyers to hand out to those you travel with. I know the road you will travel and from here, it looks like you get to go to Woodstock and I get to stay home and mind the common folk(lol). Make me proud my friend I 'will' meet some day.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Hey there Mike!  I'm locked and loaded with flyers and information. Proud of you for what you do my friend.  We will, indeed,  meet someday. 

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The Dawn of Aquarius


    It’s a steel grey morning

    No sun within the keep

    The giant continues sleeping

    Foreboding in his breast


    The hills lay dank and angry

    There is soot upon the leaves

    Black eternal sentries

    Send smoke above the town


    What price to pay for freedom

    The gods are surely weeping

    For the children lost their way

    Sometime before the dawn

    Riverview Park – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – March 29, 1975 PV

    Jimi Hendrix ·Woodstock / Ending Theme tune – YouTube

  7. concerned says:

    An interesting article at, "GMI's for GMO's"

  8. Vicki Charron says:

    Sadly, our trees in NJ are dying as well.  We have had so much rain, constant spraying and total cloud cover.  Everything feels moldy and unclean….not like the autumn rains we had in the past.  We have been socked in here in north NJ for another five straight days.  No sun…not even clouds….just a solid wall of gray with no definition.  This past Monday was the worst.  The only word I can think of is ….oppressive.  

    On a positive note…..have been experimenting with organic seeds from the fruits and vegetables I buy and have had some success growing trees and veggies from organic seeds and pits.  People should start tearing out their lawns and planting edible and insect friendly gardens instead.  And for Gods’ sake…stop using poison on your properties.  Natural remedies work but they take a bit of effort.  

    We have enough pollution in our environment already and it seems to be escalating daily….happening in real time, at a faster rate than ever. Because the house of cards is falling as folks gain knowledge and open their eyes and see.  Now is the time to act.  Keep pressure on the ones running the show in your community.  We may not be able to change the world but we can make a big difference on a smaller level….one community at a time …..if we learn to stand together.  That is the key.  UNITY.  AND NO FEAR.

    Think about it!  My opinion only.  

    As always Thank you, Dane and family, for your constant efforts to bring awareness.  When I first discovered this site you had 10m followers….it’s now over 31m and climbing.  You are doing something right!!  God  let’s! 💖😊💖

    • Can00 says:

      Hi Vicki I am in New York and we have the same symptoms. It has been mostly rain every day all August into September and now through October with flash flooding now expected in the area Near Kingston NY. Just like you said a wall of gray. We are drowning with precipitation. There are mushrooms growing off wood that is not rotted yet. The mold is forming everywhere. There has been so much damage to the trees the roots are water logged and crops have been flooded and destroyed. There has not been more than 2 consecutive days where it has not rained in the last 2 and a half months. If at this point it stopped raining and did not rain for one month the ground would still be saturated as it is cooler now. As more truth is revealed the weather weapons come on stronger.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    Dane, thank you for chronicling the situations we see out beyond the masses eyes. Folks need to see what is being done to our habitats that are not in plain sight. It sure as hell ain't pretty, is it folks? I can fully imagine how hard it is to produce such an article as this one. "Welcome to a big part of the reason I don't ride in the high country anymore". Heck I don't even ride anymore. It has become to much like riding through a battle field of soldiers dying a slow death. Ever since I was a little boy, I have loved trees. "Ever climb to the top of a very tall Cedar and start it to rocking it back and forth?" It's a rush, let me tell ya. "Boys will be boys", what can I say, "it was fun". I don't think young folks do things like that anymore. So sad, they miss out on so much. It used to be awesome to be "a kid". Not so much so anymore. To many restraints.  To many moms and some dads want to make sure the brick wall they hit won't be so hard. Don't know about you folks, but myself, I learned a lot by learning the brick wall is actually hard. It hurts. Just saying……

    I fully recognize what I see in this video article. I know what equipment was used to plunder the forests you all see. I can tell by the way the ground looks. I've watched all the devastation depicted here happening in real time. Everything from high lead logging to skidders to cutter bunchers to helicopters plucking old growth out of creek beds. I must in all honesty add that, "back in the day", back when young growth would actually grow, a "clear cut" recovered quite well. There was no helicopter spraying of clear cuts. Foresters knew that one growth help out another growth and trees helped each other out. Now days, foresters are taught to look at forest land like it was a corn field tasked with maximum yield. To me, where the underlying crime truly is, is looking at all those left behind logs. The hard woods. There was a day long ago where a simple man could go in and salvage those left behind logs and create marketable timber. It's a shame how much the noose has tightened around our collective necks.

    • Satya says:

      Hi everyone, Satya here again. 

      I don't know how many of you clicked my Clearcut Feelings article link below, but in answer to 'a' simple horseman, I just wanted to say, I have a sawmill.   Why do I have a sawmill?  I got it so I could have lumber and not pay for clearcutting.   It's only the rain here that has allowed up to five successive cuts.  Most climates can't tolerate such abuse.

      While I live in a very rainy area in the Washington coastal hills, and the forest death I have seen east of the Cascades has not been the case here, and the human corporations is still the most devastation forest pest here.  We lose one big second growth Douglas fir every few years to Douglas fir beetle.   These dead trees have been our lumber supply, while the view of the other side of the valley is of clearcut.  Our few acres (a joint 45 acres) of nearly 100 year old second growth, mixed species, forest are maintained as a natural preserve, for the time being. 

      Though, and I think Dane agrees, we passed a point of no return for the biosphere already.   The areal spraying is just as evident here as anywhere.   Temperatures here are above the long term average, but I use more firewood than ever, as we have far fewer clear days, and when it is clear, the solar gain is greatly diminished.


      I will add, I grant permission to reprint my article, with or without, attribution.   It's about what I said, not who said it.



  10. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Now it's being touted that 97.5 percent of the population in North America really does NOT need Vitamin D supplements.  They make the point that seniors take it for their bone density, and said it has no benefit in that.  They said that "outside of rare cases, rigorous studies of the supplement don't find any health benefit."  Really fake news.  Doesn't D help with calcium absorption?  While I'm no expert (help me out here) I've read that Vitamin D is like a hormone that regulates many and varied organ functions and body processes, without which we are ill.

    Just who wouldn't want us to have good health!?!  Rhetorical question.

    But we get Vitamin D from the Sun! this article insists.  I know a woman whose business (over a decade ago) tested hair to see what nutrition was necessary.  She found nearly 100 percent deficiency of Vitamin D. 

    My own experience was that in 2009 I tested as extremely deficient (after living on the equator for 2-1/2 years btw)  Dr. said I needed 50,000 expensive IU's daily or the levels would not/could not rise.  Medicare would not pay, even with a special doctor request.  I took 1200 IU in liquid drops a day from GNC and in a few months I tested normal, and felt much better.

    The article concludes:  When I asked Avenell what she thinks about the fact that so many people are diagnosed with deficiencies, she said, “It can’t be the case that just about the entire population is deficient in Vitamin D.”

    The article is 'Millions of Americans take Vitamin D.  Most Should Just Stop' by Julia Belluz, Oct. 4, 2018

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Bella Fantasia for posting that article. It’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say this system is insane. I too just get the D3 liquid capsules from a health food store. I take 5 a day when it’s overcast (which is a lot lately) and 2 or 3 when it’s clear. Along with a magnesium supplement I feel much better than most other people around here. 

  11. Bella_Fantasia says:

    For me, mourning our losses is essential.  Painful as it is, taking the time to mourn is also the road to maintaining connections of our spirit with all the living spirits of life on Earth and across the Universe.

    Every point in the Universe connects to all the others.  Having a life, we have a miniscule place in the web of life.  At least we can transmit our tiny bit of life energy to life's struggle.  Our very persistence of living consciously has value.

    For me, mourning will be forever, never abandoning gratitude. There is no drug to dull the pain.  The seeming paradox of mourning forever is the bulwark against despair.  

  12. Charlotte says:

    We've been off grid 3 hours northeast of Dane since 1983.  We are at 5,000 ft. elevation and are night time temperatures are so warm we have not had a freeze yet.  We have "drunk" birds pecking at our windows and I have some spring bulbs popping up.  The birds must be eating fermenting grapes I assume, first time we've seen that one.

    Another new phenomena I want to share though is the smell after we got our first rain of the long dry summer.  We had 3 inches in 2 days which is a quarter of our yearly average and instead of that wonderful smell of wet dirt and forest floor it smelled like CAT PISS.  We drove to Redding on saturday and it smelled that way through all the mt. passes.  Then a friend came up yesterday, he has been a logger his whole life and he said himself and a group of friends said the same thing! CAT PISS  Is this the smell of acidification and dying trees Dane?

    I am sick about all the trees dying on our Mt. and surrounding area all the way in each direction.  The pines will be gone soon as they hardly have any needles left, just the very tips.  The cedar trees I planted and the native ones are all heavy with seed or dying.  Even the beautiful birch trees and blue spruces in our yard and driveway are dying!  We have planted trees,cleared areas in our forest, and the clearing and thinning we have done is not making a difference in the health of those areas.  New trees are not thriving. The leaves on the birch trees are so sticky this year.  It feels like they are bleeding out.  I love trees, It's breaking my heart.  I've planted hundreds in my lifetime. I share all of your pain, it's gut wrenching.

    Here at this elevation when they spray heavily at night I can literally hear the jets at night roaring above, and I wear ear plugs!!!

    If people can't "see" with their own eyes, or "hear" with their own ears, or "smell" anymore then what?????

    • Dennie says:

      @Charlotte:   I'm wondering if this scent signals the debut of a "new and improved" fall formula that we'll all soon be treated to: Eau de cat box–? Yeeuchhh!  My heart breaks for you and for all the dead and dying trees of this world.  A few years ago the S.F. Chronicle ran a several-pages-long feature article in a Sunday morning edition that brought out the fact that California has something like 130,000,000 dead trees, maybe more (and we actually have a local North Bay wing nut propagandist with initials "D.T." who's on record trying to make people believe that the C.E.O. of some kind of hip Bay Area company has hired teams of guys to go out in the woods, slash the trees and paint them all with some kind of poison, and that's the real reason why there are sooooo many dead and dying trees– can you believe this crap?? SHEESH!).  I think if everyone took loads of photos from all over the world and stuffed Keith and Caldeira's inboxes, and all of our elected representation, plus all the faculty and department e-mails of all the schools that have classes leading to the "how to's" of S.A.G./S.A.I./S.R.M. with the photo files of the dead and dying trees so it jammed their servers, it would serve 'em right– rub their arrogant heartless noses in the evidence of all of their destruction!!!  And while we're at it, I'm praying for a way to get this across to the reptilian-brained GENERALS and LT. COLONELS and ADMIRALS to be forced to SEE what they've done to this planet.  They need to be outed on a "rogues' gallery" style list, and frankly, I think it would be wonderful if we had at least the addresses of their offices and the names of the institutions where their kids and grandkids go to school.  These people need to be publicly outed and shamed.

    • Pierre says:

      I also share all of your pain, it is gut wrenching. 

      And then last week as a conclusion of the IPCC, the magnanimous Shell Corporate "Boss" recommended to plant a lot of trees to the size of the Amazon, to limit to 1.5C temperature rise. And then, GeoEngineering will likely kill or burn them all over again. I checked, this represents 390 billion trees divided into 16000 species. And the guy proudly says, yep, its doable…


  13. izzy says:

    Been watching the degradation of my own patch of Mendocino County for the last 40 years, which has accelerated noticeably over the past 8 or 10. Many thousands of acres of uninhabited forest land stretching for miles, now essentially an enormous fuel load waiting for ignition. And trying to report on the situation, even to locals, often just gets a blank look. It’s a bit like the vapor trails overhead – the obvious simply remains unseen. A strangely quixotic undertaking.

  14. GWEN says:

    Dear Dane, i have learned so much from this site, but i know i need to learn more. I knew nothing about GMO trees, and now my heart is just aching. I went searching for more information, I ran across an article in Natural Society, titled why GMO trees will destroy forest biodiversity and life on earth, it was by Christina Sarich, March 16, 2014, i don't know if you would recommend it or not, but i got a good education!  What i would like to know is, why would they kill Oak Trees???? My land lord has 140 acres of land, and a lot of those are oak trees, he does not allow people to come in and cut trees. I notice that across the road there are new oak trees growing, they are the only ones that are "green", do they fight the chemical assault better? Is there anyway to save our ash trees that have that ash tree borer? Dane, I know i have ask a lot of questions, and I know your are just really, busy and your time is very valuable, so any answers you can give me or direct me would be greatly appreciated. in my final note here, a gentlemen wrote a sentence on that article he said: TREES ARE THE LUNGS OF THE EARTH!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Gwen, thank you for your report, and for your support in this battle. In regard to your question, the oaks are spiked and killed because they compete with the genetically modified monoculture timber plantation that the timber companies want to dominate their land. (that are now also not growing).

  15. Theo Radic says:

    Very distressing to follow you on your hike! I grew up near the San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountain ranges, thick with lovely forests. I often hiked there, and although I have not seen such devastation like that in your video, fires have ravaged these forests throughout my life.

    In his Autobiography Benjamin Franklin calls for "Scouring the Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus." Heeding this lunatic call, the pioneers devastated entire primeval forests in their demented compulsion to destroy. The magnificent forests, standing for centuries before Columbus landed, were an insult  to the settlers of the Ohio Valley (where George Washington owned real estate).

    Much of the pioneers’ working time was devoted to the conscious destruction of forests. Alexis de Tocqueville was horrified by this barbarity – barbarity that is part and parcel of the American Dream. The pioneers scorned the trees as obstacles to progress – worse than useless –  tall things that hindered the sunlight from reaching the soil and their cornfields. They slashed, cut and burned with impunity, while the indigenous people looked on in stupefaction. These sacred forests were veritable temples for the First Nations which had sheltered them for untold generations. Now, obeying Franklin’s call, these forests were being devastated by strange creatures come from the east.

    The settlers forcefully girdled the biggest trees, which died in a year. The wood was not even used. It was simply destroyed in colossal bonfires  that could be seen for miles around. An Ohio resident of the time, David S. Stanley, wrote: "The adjoining woods are lighted up, fences stand out in bright relief, the sky is red with reflected forms and firelight, and the saddest part of all, hundreds of cords of the finest firewood and thousands of feet of the most beautiful timber – all consumed and for no purpose but to get rid of it." (D.S. Stanley, Personal Memoirs, Cambridge, Mass., 1917)

    This all-American passion to destroy turned the Ohio Valley, with its magnificent primeval forests, into the abandoned industrial wasteland that it is today, looking more like war zones than a civilized society. This ongoing compulsion to destroy, still a big part of our high technological society, has made all Americans answerable for an unpardonable, epic crime for which no expiation is possible. We owe great thanks to Dane Wigington for making us aware of these ongoing crimes today.

  16. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Dane.  I could not watch the film. I moved to Northern Minnesota to be near (or in) the Superior National forest back in 1997. I had been trying to get there since 1987, but life got in the way. Though there had been significant "selective" logging in some areas, I was still able to hike for miles and miles in some places where stands of trees were still in their natural state. I hiked perhaps 3500 miles on old forest service roads, fire breaks, deer paths, bush whacking, you name it.

    By 2007 I found myself sobbing and cursing at the destruction. The cedar and ancient stands of white pine sometimes spoke to me. >  My father lys over there. My brothers and sisters are few. They are over there. Some were taken long ago. The seeds I have given do not grow. I will soon be alone…

    I ended up having to leave. There was nothing I could do.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Thank you, Dane. Heartbreaking. Tragic. Terrible. The trees on the Olympic Peninsula are not dying yet. It must be that the constant cloud cover is somewhat protective of the UVs. So hard to live watching the trees you love die. In the 1980s, the Monroe Institute did some OBE remote viewing and saw our planet in the future empty of people, but Nature and the forest thriving. Sounds good to me these dark days. The Navy sprayed us like crazy today. Multiple trails. Thank you for your inspiring courage. I pray for you every day. God Bless and protect you & your family.

    • Dennie says:

      I am convinced that most of society has a death wish.  More to say on the apparent "population explosion" and what's driving that, but that's a conversation best left for another forum.

    • penny waters says:

      dear dennie

      "most of society has a death wish"

      methinks most people don't know what being "alive" is

      love to you all

  18. Jeanette S says:

    I saw this happen when I was a kid. plowed the woods to make an industrial park. where there were woods and animals there was now dirt as far as you can see and dead animals on the road. 10 years old and wondering if I will outlive my usefulness too. the nerve of some unnamed, do not care about this community or life, [people]. who are they to think they are above anyone. My parents said it was progress…like they were told…why didn't it feel that way? that was one of the incidents that made me the environmentalist I am today.

    • BaneB says:

      Jeanette S:  A couple of years ago I came across a photo of the construction of yet another Amazon Distribution Center.  It's in Virginia.  It is HUGE.  It's incredible how much natural pristine forest was cut and bulldozed to make way for this facility.  The scraping clean of a huge swath of green earth is nothing new.  There are countless shopping malls across the bludgeoned landscape to attest to corporate stupidity and greed. Search under abandoned malls.   Many of these malls now stand empty, the result of changing economic winds.  Dead zones, just sitting there where once was a natural habit.  Are they cleaned up?  Is the land restored?  No, because the economic paradigm says it is not economic to do so.  And there they sit, rotting into gargantuan trash heaps of plastic decor and pipes, buried under acres of cement and macadam, never again to be anything but a toxic leach field and a visual eyesore. This is the kind of economy we have, designed to destroy the earth.

  19. Earth Angel says:

    Several ago I had a brief correspondence by e-mail with a nuclear expert and whistleblower formerly employed by Livermore Labs. This person is known throughout the world and has their own website. It was explained to me that the head of the British Monarchy basically controls the lumber industry- (at least in Canada and North America) and I would surmise much of the rest of the world as well. It was then that I first heard the term 'scorched earth policy'. The information was somewhat difficult to take in at the time but certainly appears to be playing out now. A documentary film called "Unrepentant" by Kevin Annett, a pastor from a small town in Canada seems to back this premise up. It explains how the native children were taken from their villages and families and placed in 'residential schools' by the British government and brutally mistreated, some even murdered while attending these 'schools'. Smallpox laced blankets were distributed sickening and nearly wiping out whole native villages. The film is frankly hard to watch but another 'must see' to get the full picture of the scope of the evil we are all dealing with. I bring this up because one of the reasons for this was for the monarchy to take control of Canada's natural resources which of course included land and TIMBER. I apologize for not posting the links to the things I recommend but I am fairly computer illiterate. Those of you computer proficient should be able to type in the title and author on duck duck go and it should pop up. That's how I found it again. ( it did not come up on youtube ) Though it is heartbreaking please view it and share with others. It is not hard to make the connection between then and now, at least it wasn't for me.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Earth Angel. Yes. This film was forwarded to me by a local native shaman shortly after it's first release. I was devastated. I had been investigating Native traditions and Strega "wood magic" – or prayers to the wood spirits. The contrasts of the film to my Pagan belief system was crushing… Thank you for bringing this into the light again. Most non-Canadian or non-Native people simply don't know… > UNREPENTANT: Canada's Residential Schools Documentary – YouTube  Published on Dec 7, 2013

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Paul, for posting the link for me. I really enjoy your commentaries and excellent links and information. Another very good documentary to see is 'Puerto Rico Blackout' at It gave me an 'aha' moment as to one very good reason why Puerto Rico was targeted for weather destruction by hurricane 'Maria'. I'd love for others to view it and get their reactions as well. Much love and gratitude to all out there fighting for Mother Earth- and to expose the vast scheme of crimes against us all.

  20. Jeanette S says:

    I do not know if this will help. One idea I have with an area like that is getting tarps ten by 12 or so. put them up to shade a good are that has or might get seedlings. then water and tend it leave everything as it is the wood over it for shade and to keep moisture in, decompose for  them. Plus yu do not want to disturb it any more than it is. put out a pan of water for anything that may still be living. I would probably do several tarps and use repurposed household water. rinse spoon put a cool whip size clean bowl under it. wet your hands to put soap on them. use that water do not let it go down the drain. not the soapy stuff but only the clear. I would even solar distill soapy water. remember, succession where bare dirt starts out as grass and weeds, then perennials, bushes and vines then ultimately to trees. so do not worry if weeds grow it is step one. you can get seeds and plant trees, as we speak I have apples and fruit trees, lowquats. I plant all the seeds I can get my hands on. citrus trees grow readily here, the seeds I mean. even houseplants and do cuttings. I have a tropical ficus and it is going nuts outside. cut and share, If you need to cut it any way. even pots covering asphalt and concrete, get something growing. If you have taller plants, put alyssum or strawberries around the bottom to keep the soil shaded. I get my seeds from organic produce. what about grapes and pomegranites? both you can put on an arbor I saw a stunning buddist yard with fountains with a pom. over head on arbor and the varying sized pome. were so amazin all these various sized orbs. I will bet it was stunning in blossom. the blossoms have the same pinking shear lip on that the fruit has in brilliant red. try it or pot up some natives, esp. in a place where they will get run over, sprayed, etc. we need a green shell of cover. the uv bounces off of and the ground does not heat up. we need to get cities buildings and roads COVERED!!

  21. damon cook says:

    Hello Dane, I feel your pain,tears,and sorrows.How people can not see at what is rapidly unfolding to our once thriving planet is beyond comprehension. I will stand proudly with you and your beliefs to try and make a difference for all life and the greater good.Dane you are great man with great words of wisdom and truth.Pease wake up people and listen to his very dire facts or we have nothing left.Time is not on our side so please, please do something to help out our cause.Thanks Dane you are my guiding light of truth and facts.Stay strong we are here for you. This is a fight for all life plain and simple!! 

  22. BaneB says:

    Ryan Zinke!!!  A genuine nutcase.  I believe the political hack resides in Montana.  Just the other day Ryan Zinke was calling for a physical blockade upon Russia to prevent oil and gas shipments from being exported.  Russia's response was that such an action would constitute a declaration of war.  Clearly this Secretary of the Interior is a genuine crazy. US leadership has gone psychotic.  I really do not hold much hope for the future.  It seems to me madness is the rule and not the exception, everywhere. 

    • sharon s says:

      BaneB I think they're shooting for WW3, any excuse to start it. Have food, water, ammo on hand. I do, AND, for firewood, I can cut down all my poplars that finally croaked this last horrid, hot, smokey, contrailed summer in Nevada. 

  23. Virginia says:

    To Cori Gunnells at 2:34 pm

    Very well said, Cori.  Thank you.

  24. Virginia says:

    I just do not understand why everyone is so worried about the world's problems.  Really.There is nothing to worry and fret about.  We are all in good hands, for there is a report out today that Trump and Jared Kushner are having a meeting with——Kanye West, the rapper from the Kardashian nut club.  It is stated they have some important issues to discuss.   Perhaps Kanye will be the new UN Ambassador to replace Haley – man, that would be so cool. Someone, please tell me I am merely having a nightmare.

    On a more serious note: Dane, your video was difficult to view without shedding tears of anger, disbelief  and wonder how mankind could utterly destroy one of the most beautiful (and essential)  things ever created.  Your honest and heartfelt narration coupled with the outstanding visuals gives this video an impact that goes right to the heart. The aerial filming shows the magnitude of the sickening slash remaining and the imprints of the heavy equipment that took out the useable logs that were cut and headed for the mills.  Whether it was Sierra Pacific or one of its subsidiaries, someone made some profit on lumber.  Reminded me of the fire we had here in Shingletown (Shasta Co, California) a few years back on Sierra Pacific land.  Many acres of beautiful cedars and pines were burned.  After that, if one drove Highway 44, he would see truckload after truckload, one following the other, hauling our once proud and beautiful trees with their burned barks on their way to the mills.  To me, it was like watching a funeral procession and I could feel the sadness being felt by the trees, themselves, as they were being taken away from their homes. I felt for the little birds and squirrels and other little guys who made those trees their home.  How mankind has ravaged this planet is beyond my understanding.  One can only imagine how the animal life suffered during that fire – all killed – gone.  I see these wonderful creatures on my own heavily forested acreage and marvel at their entertaining escapades and the happiness they bring to us. I even learned to like our cougars – from a distance.  To think they might meet the fate of the animals in your video is painful and worrisome.  As silly as it may sound, I speak to them and to the trees (truly) and ask their forgiveness for what we have wrought.  My grandkids and their kids have been taught that when they take the apples and cherries from Nana's trees, they must each hug the tree and say thank you. And to this day – they still do it and pass it on to their own kids.  They know they have a role to play as protectors of this forest, these animals and the trees that give us food. We owe them so much.

     Dane, you are truly a wonder.  The love and reverence for life that  are so apparent in all of your work are virtues not given to many.  It is beyond our good fortune to have those virtues as models  to emulate.

    Thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      @Virginia:  After looking at the sad, sad picture of that dead tree and the sad birds perched on it, all against a ghastly background of smoke and metal-particulate-laden air, I had to laugh out loud to read what you'd written about Kanye West meeting Trump.  Your nightmare is someone else's dream come true.  And remember, if it's too good to be true, well………

  25. Cori Gunnells says:

    Once again, well done. I know it was crushing for you (I could hear it in your voice) to walk into this annihilated and desecrated landscape to report the truth for all to see – or I should say, all who are 'willing' to see. We should all be equally responsible and active in forwarding the teaching/warning/education to others. It's solemn and heartbreaking, maddening, unjust, and a indisputable indicator of where we are, and where we and all other life is headed… faster than what even those of us who monitor things closely can imagine.

    This (and more) should be shared with everyone in our reach, and the link kept as a tool to dispute anyone who dares repeat the nonsense of Sec. Ryan Zinke or his sycophants. 

  26. Satya says:

    Hello, friend, Dane,

    My name is Satya.  I live here in what I call, "Clearcut County, Washington."   I wrote this piece 23 years ago, and though my own website, and the site that first posted this, have both disappeared, the piece is still up at 

    It's called:

    Clearcut Feelings

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Satya:  Stunning!  You totally get it.  Many people have never heard the forest speaking – have never had to walk carfully and silently. Have never smelled the scent of moss and cedar, mixed pine, birch, moist leaves, mushrooms begining to assemble. They've never heard the myriad voices of life – abundant and thriving. Have never celebrated. Have never known anythng but death… I don't even know how to feel about this anymore… You are blessed. Thank you for sharing.

    • DanaG says:

      Beautiful Satya. Thank you for sharing this! 

  27. Sezer Behlul says:

    This was painful to watch. I walked through a similar scenario several months back through a pine plantation where there were large sections chopped and bulldozed down in a similar fashion. Overwhelmed by emotions, it was enough to make anyone feel disdain toward the human race.

  28. Jeff Z says:

    Thanks Dane for all you do.  Here in Connecticut the weather could not be more abnormal.  Mid 70s with high humidity in Oct!  Torrential downpours! Temp doesn't drop at night but the humidity is in the 90%'s.  Insane!  But I can't get anybody to acknowledge that something is way off.

    The worst part is knowing how bad it'll continue to get.  For what it's worth I'm referring everyone I know to this website in hopes it'll help.

  29. Tehc says:

    So do you think that if the forests stop burning that we will be able to save the forests? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Tehc, if we are to have any chance of saving any of Earth’s remaining forests, the human race must completely alter it’s current course. Time is rapidly running out, we must make every day coun’t.

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