Climate Engineering, Disinformation, And Lord Monckton, What’s The Connection?


Dane Wigington

Anyone who claims to be against climate engineering, anyone who claims to be in the fight to expose and halt it, and anyone who claims to care about the truth, has a responsibility to view the 15 minute video interview below. "Lord Monckton" adamantly and aggressively denies the climate engineering/weather warfare reality.

Now more than ever before the power structure's tools of disinformation and deception are in full operation. There are specific individuals who have become the front line of the disinformation effort relating to climate engineering and the true state of the climate. "Lord Christopher Monckton" is one of the most prominent faces of the ramped up disinformation campaign being orchestrated to cast doubt on climate engineering and the true state of the climate. Monckton has been touring and speaking in Northern California, below is a letter that was just published by the Siskiyou Daily News. If the truth matters, then the links in this letter should be opened so that the statements the letter contains can be verified.

Local Event Speaker Has Very Dubious Record

"Lord Christopher Monckton" was the featured speaker at a community meeting in Yreka that took place on Tuesday, December 6th.  "Lord Monckton" claims to be an expert on the state of the climate (and the environment), and he was represented as being a credible speaker on the subjects mentioned, but is he? Should Monckton be considered honest in any sense of the word?  A simple online search of "Lord Monckton" reveals a long list of damning information (from numerous credible sources) that exposes his inability to simply tell the truth. For example, the Guardian newspaper in the UK published this report

"The House of Lords has taken the unprecedented step of publishing a "cease and desist" letter on its website demanding that Lord Christopher Monckton……… should stop claiming to be a member of the upper house."

The cease and desist action taken by the British government in response to Monckton's fabrications is just the beginning. The excerpt below addressing Monckton's deceptions is listed clearly in the UK parliament website and numerous other sources.

 "The House of Lords authorities have said Monckton is not and never has been a member and that there is no such thing as a non-voting or honorary member of the House."

What other deceptions has "Lord Monckton" tried to propagate about himself? The excerpts below were taken from the long list of information that has been compiled on the "Lord Monckton Rap Sheet" public information website.

1. Monckton claimed that he has developed a cure for Graves’ Disease, AIDS, Multiple Schlerosis, the flu, and the common cold.  This is no joke–he actually filed applications to patent a “therapeutic treatment” in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

2. The list of diseases cured by Monckton’s miracle tonic expands from time to time.  At one point he claimed, “Patients have been cured of various infectious diseases, including Graves’ Disease, multiple sclerosis, influenza, and herpes simplex VI.”  At another time he said, “Patients have been cured of various infectious diseases, including Graves’ disease, multiple sclerosis, influenza, food poisoning, and HIV.”  Maybe some of you physicians out there can help me interpret this, but it looks to me like Monckton is claiming that his Wonder Cure will 1) wipe out any virus without harming the patient, and 2) cure auto-immune disorders that may (or may not) have initially been triggered by a viral infection.

3. "Monckton claimed to be a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore and the IPCC because he supposedly sent the IPCC a letter pointing out something that needed to be corrected in a draft report.  At one point he said the claim to be a Nobel laureate was all a joke, but it continued to be posted by Monckton in his bio at the Science and Public Policy Institute until early 2012, and the sorts of people who believe Monckton have often repeated the claim with a straight face. This brings up an important question.  On whom was Monckton playing the joke?"

4. "Monckton has made several dubious claims about what he did as a member of Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit."

5. "One example of these dubious claims is that he was the author of “a 1200-word article for the Daily Telegraph on the reasons in international law why the Falkland Islands are British, read out on the BBC World Service’s Argentinian broadcasts every 20 minutes during the Falklands War.”  George Monbiot phoned up the BBC, and they said they had never done any specifically Argentine broadcasts.  Maybe Monckton was confused about who did the broadcasting, however."

6. "Monckton is now claiming to be “an appointed expert reviewer for the forthcoming ‘Fifth Assessment Report’ to be published by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”  But all you need to do to be an “expert reviewer” is to make a self-declaration of expertise and volunteer.  The IPCC doesn’t “appoint” anyone as a reviewer."

"Lord Monckton" is also currently touring the US with a scientifically verifiable false message that he just put out on KCNR radio in Northern California: that he (Lord Monckton) has single handedly disproved the entire science community on the subject of global warming, (he further states) there is nothing wrong with the climate, more Co2 is good, the oceans are not acidifying and are in fact healthy and thriving, the Great Barrier Reef is fine, the planet itself is greening and thriving, there is nothing wrong with the environment at all, and we need to burn more coal in order to save lives.
It is unfortunate that "Lord Monckton" and his long list of deceptions were not in any way investigated by those who are now parading him around as an oracle of truth. Whatever "Lord Monckton's" motivation is, whatever his agenda is, willfully deceiving the public on the dire issue of the climate is not OK. Given Monckton's incredibly long list of verified public deceptions, why was he represented as a qualified expert and allowed to speak as such?
Dane Wigington

A final quote (not included in the published letter above) that was issued from the UK Clerk of Parliaments and posted on the UK Parliament web site:

I must repeat…… you are not, and never have been, a Member of the House of Lords. 

What actions cause great harm to the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering/weather warfare? "Lord Monckton" was recently the top speaker at an event in Arizona that was built completely around exactly the kind of verifiable disinformation "Lord Monckton" is spreading. The organizer of this event claims to be against the lethal climate engineering programs. If this is true, why would an ardent climate engineering denier ("Lord Monckton") be the top speaker at this event? Why would well known alternative news sites (who claim to be against climate engineering) also push this aggressive climate engineering denier who is propagating the exact narrative the power structure and the climate engineers would want him to put out? This only helps to hide the tracks of the climate engineers. Why would any website or group push "Lord Monckton's" false narrative when his total disregard for the truth (on countless dire issues) is a verifiable and undisputable fact of record? Why would anyone who claims to be fighting to expose and halt climate engineering help to advertise and advance the agenda of a speaker who so aggressively denies climate engineering? In the all important battle to expose the truth there is no room for ideology, preconception, personal bias, or personal agendas. Those who claim to care about the truth must show it by actually investigating the facts, and then building their conclusions on those facts. The "herd mentality" or peer pressure "groupthink" has no place in an honest search for the truth. The effort to expose verifiable truths must only be about the fight for the greater good. It must only be about the commitment to face unimaginably difficult realities head-on without closing our eyes in denial. It must be about prioritizing our available time, efforts, and energies toward the fight for the greater good no matter how daunting the challenge appears to be.

104 Responses to Climate Engineering, Disinformation, And Lord Monckton, What’s The Connection?

  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Lord Monckton is nothing other than a big clown, who wants recognition for his false titles of classification! Monckton states the atmosphere is way to large for Geoengineering to affect the biosphere and climate. Monckton talks about a big depopulation agenda, but yet he denies climate engineering. Who would even begin to believe anything he says.

  2. Teri says:

    as if it isn't taking place for the past 70 years here is HARVARD saying it needs to be done and don't worry slave. no harm will be done as we monkey with the climate and if you don't believe us we will have you arrest for putting out the truth and call it ''fake news''…

    these people are insane. and so are the order followers who worship them as if they are their gods. add in the people and you have a church larger then any other. government and their goons are the new religion. soon it will be the only one allowed. heck. the bible itself will be ruled ''fake news''…those who have lied for decades are now going to be the ones to DECIDE what is real and what is fake and people will allow it? i don't know which one is worse. those doing it or those accepting it as normal. those who carry out their orders are evil beyond compare but so too are those who go along with it and say it is natural and normal. who believe their master and his henchmen. they too are evil. 

    now the media is coming out slowly and admitting the truth but in a way that is making it out as if it is an idea instead of a fact. twisting the truth as always. 

  3. Lee Eyerman says:

    How long till someone makes a chemtrails movie.Where is Micheal Moore?We need him bad.

    • BaneB says:

      Lee:  Michael Moore is out whining and advocating overthrowing the election of Donald Trump.  He has no time and likely no interest in the topic of weather control and manipulation, imho.

  4. Barb Z says:

    Marc, as you said early this AM "I had occasion to go to Phoenix, AZ. yesterday. I must say unequivocally that the skies were a complete canopy of smeared shit from horizon to horizon in every direction all the way from Tucson to Phoenix, about a hundred mile drive. Uncountable sprayed trails going in every direction, in various stages of dispersion, with new ones being laid out in every sector of the sky."………… The skies here in Buckeye AZ has been this way all day, the worst I think I've ever seen. What are they doing now?

  5. Erik says:

    This guy is full of it. How can he sit there and just lie and deny the whole chemtrails phenomenon. And he claims to be an expert on the climate?Another power structure puppet. And the worst thing is that he carries a cross on his neck and claims to be an honest person. Lieing and and not telling the truth. How much are they paying him? What a hypocrite!!!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      But, is His Cross Upright?  Many of them wear them upside Down. You know like Chelsea Clinton!

  6. Kevin Myers says:

    Just listened to a replay of Guy Mcphersons latest update. Its amazing how callers call in asking him to explain the geoengineering thats going on in the sky above and all he does is dance around the question and tries to have his little minion Mike Sliwa answer the questions for him with extremely vague answers. Complete hypocrisy!

  7. horsegirl says:

    The sky looks like a filthy dishrag, like Hell blew its nose all over it.  The air is witchy with one of their potions to fornicate the ionosphere.  Me, I'm feeling crazy.  Like listening to fingernails scraping on a chalkboard.  Not to mention the dent this filth puts in my recovering vision, which makes me truly nuts.  Spend all my brain power trying to identify my periphery.  Worst of all if I ever saw a nominee for the reincarnation of Caligula, the clown image fleered out from a magazine cover in the grocery store yesterday.  ""…There shall certainly be a resurrection for the righteous and the wicked" (Paul, Acts 24:15).  Now I really believe everyone comes back, first for answered desires, then later for rewards according to deeds – the payday all should fear.  Consider the picture on the magazine cover, a politician recently named to the oval office whose name rhymes with rump.  A cadmium red tie on, like a comedian's get-up.  A train wreck emergency red tie, too wide, almost a bib.  Those porcine eyes that don't seem to quite work in tandem, with a big thumb hoisted at the public (what's that?  Anyone?).  Remember Caligula?  Who took his troops to the beach to wage war on Neptune (read Robert Graves' Claudius the God)?  Who named his horse Incitatus as a Senator?  Maybe the souls are distinctly different, but here we go with essence.  Now I know elections are pure pantomime, but the poster boy of choice is really disturbing.  The days are gloomy with filthy skies, landing on our withering eyes like Mosaic curses.  Ouch.  What a rotten time we witness now.  /rant

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I saw this on yahoo news this morning. It's from the LA(lie there ass off) Times. Our "air scrubbers" are in serious trouble. Mankind is not worthy of and should not be the manager of "our" forests. Our Mother should always have her way and we all should listen closely.

    Anyone found any real snow flakes yet?

  9. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    The real domestic danger, to me, appears to be the incoming adminstration of Donald Trump, who's very busy right now appointing the most outspoken and rabid 'global warming' deniers/fossil-fuel tyrants to top posts in his Cabinet. These crazed men are rudely wiping out all hope of unifying the American public under the honest realization that we are collectively dooming Earth with our mindless consumption and unfettered habitat destruction. Forget about Trump admitting even those basic truths, let alone doing anything as commander-in-chief to stop psychopathic military and corporate hacks from spraying poisons in our skies and modifying natural weather patterns on a regular basis. To be the most effective observer, I've chosen to stay off the Trump Train as it hurls our nation toward a long, dark tunnel. He is unleashing the most ruthless types of modern fascism–and virtually no one in the federal government has the courage to stand up in opposition. 

    • BaneB says:

      Lawrence:  My view is its way past the game of republican vs democrat. But, he was elected.  And unless we want the entire house of cards to blow away, and the dire ramifications of national disorder, it makes sense to do as we have done for over 200 years….remain calm.  Frankly, neither of the two houses of cards represent me.  Neither candidate was a viable choice if this planet is to be kept viable for all life.  

  10. Marc says:

    I had occasion to go to Phoenix, AZ. yesterday. I must say unequivocally that the skies were a complete canopy of smeared shit from horizon to horizon in every direction all the way from Tucson to Phoenix, about a hundred mile drive. Uncountable sprayed trails going in every direction, in various stages of dispersion, with new ones being laid out in every sector of the sky. Another observation I thought peculiar was the repeated deafening roar of military jets at periodic intervals ALL the way to Phoenix. And at the location in Phoenix where I conducted my business, you would have thought a f**king war was in progress right overhead. I mean, I have seen some shit skies over the preceding years due to the activities of these worthless motherf**kers, but yesterday's skies were right up there near the top as among the most depressing, soul-destroying, hope-crushing, vindictive, evil, stupid, UTTERLY stupid, pointless, senseless, arrogant and deadly poisonous skies I have ever seen. Just what the fuck are these morons trying to accomplish that is so goddamned important it necessitates the ruination of whole regions, not to mention entire worlds? When I see military jets flying sorties over my fair town I am ashamed. I see only tragic exploitation and psychopathy. The US military has become something far beyond the one-dimensional understanding of the average Joe on the street. And it does not, and will not, engage itself on behalf of the security and sovereignty of the American people. It is a plaything of ugly, faceless "commanders" who are as clueless about the vastness of human consciousness, and the depth of spiritual devotion as most people are of the extent to which they are being systematically disempowered, molded, and reconfigured from the inside out.

  11. adam coleman says:

    Monkton is one of those rare self aggrandizing, pompous arrogant asses who somehow became famous without really accomplishing anything meaningful. Al Sharpton is one of those too.

    If you go to YouTube and look up Bill Cooper's expose' on IRON MOUNTAIN it really sheds light from decades ago coming into place today in detail and geoengineering is one of those pollution methods (not mentioned specifically) being used to bring mankind to heel. It's despicable treason and sadly, Bill Cooper went to zero BP being murdered in his front yard just a month or so after 911 which he predicted weeks before anyone else before it happened 

  12. Joe Ceonnia says:

    This guy "Lord Christopher Monckton" is a self appointed LORD, and he's a lord of nothing in particular – just another disinformation agent who is so misinformed and at least admits he's NO EXPERT, that's about the only truth he tells in this very old interview. But there is hope, there are rumblings at and in the new administration, that their aware of what these NWO folks are up to, and a plan to stop it…Coming from a source from within, and it's upsetting and ruffling a lot of feathers of the mainstream politicians, which is just find with me, including the feathers of the old CIA folks that has an agenda that doesn't sit well with this new administration. It's about time someone calls a spade a spade!!!! I looking forward to an administration that is willing to upset the apple cart as we know it.

    One someone doesn't owe or can be owned, by the current power structure, it can only bring them trouble, so my prays are with the GOOD IN PEOPLE, and just a side note: There is plenty of food, plenty of room, plenty of land for all the people of the world, now if we can get the corruption out of our politics the world will be a better place for all humans. Because it's not the people, it's the elites within the populous that is the problem, they want to tell the rest of mankind what's best, and that is the problem. THEY THINK MONEY, AND POWER IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!!  How wrong can they be, it's the positive aspect of human intellect that will see us threw.

  13. Carol says:

    Hello Dane !!  Forgot to put  this yesterday online Daily Mail UK on climate weather modification … Love u Dane for what your doing  .. I am trying to wake the people up ? Where ever I go I tell people and give them your website … 

  14. gotta go says:

    Southern California sky is so bad I think an Asthma event is being planned.

    • BaneB says:

      Gotta Go:  The weather terrorism is particularly acute for your region.  There must be some Luciferian goal.  What do these psychopaths want?  Your irrigated farmlands for pennies on the dollar?  Your water rights?  Agenda 21?  You to say uncle? Instability?  Death?  Six years of a Pentagon created drought and no let up yet.  And a $7,000,000,000 water bond measure that was absolutely not required had the bozos in Sacramento and DC listened to The People.

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB: It's all of the above– whatever "they" can get, lots of "buttons" that "they" just start pushing.  I like the "sky looking like a filthy dishrag, like Hell blew it's nose all over it."  We had those here in the North Bay for a few days between the last rainstorm and the skies above the current one truly are a "canopy of smeared shit from horizon to horizon."  DON'T the ASSHOLES in the Capitol SEE this, ever???  DO THEY EVER LOOK UP AND WONDER?

  15. Seeing Clearly says:

    A sad but true way to think about our current course is if people don't care about all the bad things that happen in the world what makes them want to care about Geoengineering. A response to such behavior would be that we must awaken the spirit to one that gets up and acts instead of one that if you just donate to the cancer society you did enough.

    • LS says:

      So true, Seeing Clearly. We have just been alive through a genocide that didn't have to happen. Aleppo. The U.S. is us……., tragically. It doesn't represent me or the people I know but so many are stuck in fear, they are meant to act on fear and they are sinking under the weight of their own inaction. We are in deep trouble with the deep state in fear of their power, right now. I hope Joe is right and the new administration will get rid of the new order implementation. And Dane's warnings to be prepared seem to be more urgent these days. Like the guy from Colorado said, we are being set up to be burned up by fire with all the trees and plant life affected. California too. And yet we don't act as if it we are in a war for all life. The drugs to keep people complient work well on most apparently. They are spraying more than metals from the sky. 

      This great site of Dane's is fast approaching 25,000,000 visitors. Let's make it a time to gather, both here and at every state capital and government building in this land. Time to get up, stand up, speak up, show up and cause change to happen. Because standing still and doing nothing is NOT an option. 

  16. LoriBridgeford says:

    Want to see how NOT to call this an interview with Monckton -watch below Lisa Havens (45 min.) from the Dec.  $400.00 weekend in Phoenix called Freedom Force.  Despite him calling some out for profit -Dane NEVER charges  for anything. Only donations to keep website , radio, and FB afloat.  Constant work with the legal team also pro bono. So annoying to hear him accuse /infer such. Not necessary to call Dane a communist either on radio, and live in Yreka.  Name calling? Really ?  Monckton just needs to relocate that English thing called manners. Lisa,  like all others in online  media,  gets run over by his  verbal manipulation, he took over- so hard to stay on track with this man. Like a vampire, he just  kinda sucks the life out of  my listening capacity. Draining to track him.  Hope he watches his clips and can see this , and maybe he cannot, or just won't. Makes little sense, & is rambling & tangential.  Gave up taking notes on this. A friend said he is more Lord Lizard; on the  whore tour after watching this vid here. Harsh , yet I had not met him until CA stop. One gets blocked, cut off and interrupted. On the road is not easy.  I hope he has a conscious & not yet another mind controlled for  the power elite ; that he  considers WHO he is speaking to , as fakers will say anything to win favor, recognition, invites, etc. No idea who is indirectly sponsoring Mr. M -would not surprise me if San Fran billionaire Tim S. (despite saying he is not paid .)  Don't know. Watch below example -so it won't look like selecting one clip and making a blanket remark. Seems to be very pervasive. We don't have time to fall asleep and that things are just fine. The numbers are wrong and YOU Mr. M magically figured it out. NOAA just on news now saying double the temps ans Arctic melt.  Cannot be hidden- even by NOAA.  Lisa – Please look at his real bio troubles/ faking name as Lord -do a follow -up.( You can not be this desperate for material, as you do plenty )   Maybe Lisa -you do not believe in geo-engineering programs – you asked almost nothing , no notes,  looked more like a gushing school girl. Sorry. That's what it looked like to me. Maybe it was real late and you were tired ? Hoping we snap more out of the magnetic heavy metals burrowed in our grey matter.  The dumbing down is stacking up. Am getting very impatient with disinfo/ misinfo. So few want to officially debate Dane- hmmm wonder why .

  17. Dennie says:

    Tried going out for a walk just now but the air's sooo toxic, sooo full of ice-nucleation chems and sooo cold you just aren't wise to expose yourself and it just makes my stomach feel much worse to walk in this sh!t.  Wish I could tell "Dr." David Keith how this IS affecting me, but he just. does. NOT. care, mainly because HE can't FEEL anything!  My fear is "they" will just find out where you live and make your life a living hell– now how're they gonna do that, with every last person who notices, and more noticing every day now?  I am no Big Fish, just a person with an ax to grind whenever I see and hear lies.

  18. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Dane, a nephew call me and said to me that are some metal bands that are talking in their lyrics about the MFs. About the sky shiiit and vaccines too. Two of the bands; Metallica and Testament – last CDs.

    About Music, Sharon Jones have passed away recently and she has a very interesting song;


  19. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.


    If someone achieve to pass an International LAW to BAN the nano tech business, because of safety reasons ( the particles are impossible to filter by any respiratory system, animal or vegetal ), maybe this would help fighting this F MADNESS.



    • BaneB says:

      Pedro: You are absolutely correct!  When bio-tech began its rampant genetic hybrid experiments with diseases, they had at least enough to put together a big conference at Asilomar in the 1970s to discuss the dangers and implement regulations for lab security and levels of containment.  This is not to say their hybrid diseases are not getting out into the environment, but the concept of safety was welcomed:-). And now these nut cases combine bio-tech with nano.  There are other manufacturing operations about which the public knows little to nothing.  One known is the production of nano thermite.  How much of that shite is getting into our atmosphere?  And what about nano aerosols like the shite being sprayed by jet aircraft?  Yes, the entire field of nano-technology ought to be banned.  None of this is sane behavior.  And threatens all life on earth.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello BaneB. Thank you.

      And the same we can say about the gmos ""foods"".

      The approach has been totally wrong. Safe or not safe.. gmos are a FRAUD! Those things look like food but are NOT FOOD. The DNA is different! gmos corn, for example, is something that looks like corn only in appearance, because the F DNA of that thing is not the DNA of CORN!! Also these FALSE products are created to make PEOPLE SICK!!, Not only because these things are difficult to digest and much less nutritious than REAL FOOD, but another  BIG problem is that the gmos F shiiit are loaded with the F POISONOUS glyphosates. More; the "guys" that produce these POISONS don't reveal the entire chemical composition of the herbicide. Because of business competition, they say. With the composition, maybe it would bee possible to prove the herbicide is not safe for using anywhere.

      Can you tell me about the nano thermite?, the name of the shiiit sounds like a problem.

      For me it's a new thing. thank you.


    • Pedro says:


      only to add;

      not forgetting the intolerance and the allergenic effects that the gmos FALSE food CAUSE TO PEOPLE and to the Animals we eat. Even if we could have them without the POISONOUS glyphosates.

  20. Abigail says:

    The man is flat in DENIAL! He seems to think that where he lives in Scotland is the only place on earth. He apparently doesn't even know what he's talking about. He did say Scotland is not a good place to show-up. And he's not a conspiracy theorist?  LOOK UP! Monitor the air. And OPEN YOUR EYES AND MIND. It is not contrails, it is CHEM TRAILS, GEOENGINEERING!  They better pay attention, or the earth will totally disappear, slowly and painful for plants and animals! Sharing with Russ Tanner's website. Thanks Dane! Remain at your post. You are being prayed for, and may blessings be on you and your family. Sincerely, Abi  I'm so sick of hearing about Al Gore's report. He knows nothing! Thanks, Dane. PRESS ON! He's more worried about his 'BUDGET'! What about the air quality and the death of the plants and animals! I'm off!


  21. Bette Thatcher says:

    I find it interesting that this lying bag of hot air is up in Shasta County were you are located!

    We just flew back from Maui yesterday afternoon to Sacramento.  We were about 33,000 feet up.  I watched a perfectly shaped and straight chemtrail out of the window facing south.  It was in the same path that we were in.  It went from east to west towards Hawaii.

  22. Bruce says:

    Scientists Want to Give the Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change – It won't solve the underlying problem, but "geoengineering" may have just gotten a bit safer. – by Eric Roston, Bloomberg –

    • Dale K says:

      The past few days have been an ideal opportunity for precipitation in Southern California as the Jet Stream flow pattern has been moving directly into the State in a due East flow pattern. The intense aerosol 'chemtrail' spraying weather modification operation being conducted over the Southwest U.S. has again prevented much needed precipitation in Southern CA!

    • BaneB says:

      Dale K:  The terrorists want to dry up the Sierra watershed.  And they seek to diminished the flow of the Colorado River by drying up the basins that feed it from the Colorado wellspring to the Mexican border.  These psychopaths running the weather warfare assault upon the State of California and the southwest have an agenda.

  23. Tyran says:

    Even on days where you don't see trails or suspicious haze or funky clouds, the blue canvas of the sky… It is much paler a blue than it should be and that it used to be.

    I read a pilot's words, pointing that out, but when I saw for myself photos from my childhood, the deep blue sky I had forgotten since the perpetration of Project Indigo Skyfold, it nearly brought me to tears.

    I could handle being murdered, I could handle my whole family, my whole city, all my countrymen being killed off, as unjust as it is, but the really painful part is imagining that ALL of life is going down with us.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      Yes. That's my biggest sadness too. Not even that concerned about dying myself, I see myself in this life as just a projection and the unseen part is the real me, the projector. The loss of this beautiful symphony of life on the planet is the heart breaker and I am mourning the loss of each of them every single day now. I can see the decay around me. Life is rolling back on the miniature scale. In the garden and the bush there are imbalances and some things are disappearing in front of my eyes even as I read the horrific news of species collapse worldwide. Also I am in the Southern Hemisphere. How much worse must it be in the North? I used to live in Northern Europe. There too I was an outdoorsman and horticulturalist. So very sad to see it dying. Worste of all to realise so far in advance that it is all going to go.  🙁

  24. tony searles says:

    Plainly he is a total idiot . Or paid to lie.

    • Al C says:

      As of this moment, my new moniker is Lord-Al C-Ton and I also am an expert on climate change and every single problem afflicting mankind.

             Are you shitting me?………….. People actually take this douche bag seriously?

            If he has a cure for Graves Disease, he obviously hasn't used it on himself…………Aren't one of the symptoms eyes bugging out?

                  Here on the East Coast today, blue sky early X heavy spray activity=Total sun obscuration.

           So Lord Douchington, normal contrails block out the sun……..Please explain in layman's terms so we can be brainwashed into buying it.

  25. Joe Ceonnia says:

    As I listen to these misinformation agents, I am discussed!

    Mainstream Media is losing and they don't even know it, me and my buddy are reading an article out of a 12-13-16 issue of USA Today only because it's free, and the Headlines read that "Republicans join outcry over Russia's" The CIA is at it again, and we can trust the CIA lol … THis is suppose to be the INTELLIGENCE Community right. They are NOT AWARE THAT THE SYSTEMS USED IN OUR ELECTIONS ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET! They're so old and antiquated that you would have to be in the building with the machines to actually change the voting percentages, which is what they (DNC) did to railroad Bernie Sanders, and the Central Intelligence Agency wasn't upset about the corruption there, The problem now is – The Prez elect is not so keen on the CIA – In fact he just said that you guys are the ones who told us Americans about the weapons of mass destruction?? WTF Do they really think that everyone is that stupid? I guess so, The Reason That Trump Won, isn't because of the Russians, it was because the American people got out and voted for a NON-POLITICIAN, and the POLITICIANS are having a seizure, they don't know what else to do, so those idiots will try anything and the stupid politicians will go along, because Trump is not playing by their rules. Thank God! Can they get any more desperate ??? "We The  People" have had enough of all the BS we can take;  from this Administration and the past Four Presidents.

    People have awoken!! I sick of the fake media. 


    • jsthe2nd says:


      Veteran NSA WHISTLEBLOWER, William Binney SAYS YES!

      Napolitano then mentioned Binney, arguing the NSA veteran and whistleblower who "developed the software that the NSA now uses, which allows it to capture not just metadata but content of every telephone call, text message, email in the United States of every person in [the country]" knew the NSA had hacked the DNC —not the Russians.

      All in order to keep the Hildabeast from becoming president!  Find out WHY:


    • BaneB says:

      Joe:  The CIA is interfering in our domestic political process.  They are acting unlawfully. They are suppose to collect foreign intelligence.  That agency needs to be put in its place!

  26. LoriBridgeford says:

    I has the displeasure of listening to him at last Yreka , CA called "Attack on Rural America".  He was sarcastic and relied on an montage of bizarre slides -hiding behind Power Point far too long. He dodges questions, re-spins, and does not answer questions like a normal presenter. He does it on radio when I attempted to engage on climate engineering.  He was trying to say We are all fine, nothing much a trouble at all. Made be so ill from his DENIAL.  We are all sick of frauds and fakers ! Do  contact the local paper to THANK the Siskiyou Daily News;  editor David Smith for publishing the falsehoods surrounding this man.  530)842-5777 or   Might be useful to have a  "Monckton tracker  "- have some Geo- Eng watch people appear – confront, challenge and ask the obvious. A hatched up sky  of trails is just contrails ? water vapor ?  on what planet ? Didn't CIA Dir. John Brennan just state this, as have the  whistle blowers and film footage,patents, etc. He repeats that his passport reads :" Lord , blah, blah,  –omg with the longest  name list and who cares  at this point of collapse Christopher Walter. Truly-it's useless, not necessary. Antiquated. Let it go, and knock of this need to fluff up-it's stupid and meaningless to most.  My father's side is Scottish, and this is NOT good to misrepresent to the tragic level.  Drop the  portcullis logo entirely Mr. M, this parliamentary emblem, even if you curve it a tad ,  is not yours and not worth prison ( skipping  logo on slides would help de-clutter as most people haven't a clue what the heck is on these garbled mess for grad school tech.  level slides.) Unclear why or how here in USA . People flee countries when in trouble and hope this is not the case.  Attendees were probably  farmers, ranchers, and small business folks- that  "presentation" only makes him look like a  pompous windbag. Challenge to track him, and gave up taking notes -it was that awful & I  have a masters degree in psychology.   He did not engage with attendees- requested only a question-nothing else. Room of 250 people and maybe 8- 9  got the mic.That was it.  Warn others if he comes to a  city in your area. He will cover  a little Agenda 21/NWO which pulls people  in  maybe-it's just his twisting on geo-e is so adding to the harm.  Mr. M  will flip the science term into "chemtrails" even though I clearly used proper  science term. Awful experience. Be forewarned. TOTALLY  protect yourself around such persons.

  27. Leo says:

    Dane should debate him…hopeful that trump will pull funding for ge

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Leo, 3 weeks ago national radio show host Jeff Rense extended a debate acceptance/invitation to Ed Griffin and his associates, “Lord Monckton” and Tim Ball. This request was put our at my request as a responce to Mr. Griffin’s public challenge for me to debate them. Mr. Griffin and his associates have not responded to the acceptance of their challenge, it seems they were not really serious about a holding an on air live debate about climate engineering and the state of the climate.

  28. Michel B says:

    It's embarrassingly clear that Monkton is lying. Every uncomfortable posturing he demonstrates is body language for "I am a Liar!" He tries to talk over the interviewers and mumbles and bumbles, all the while trying to sustain an oh so polite veneer and that schmalzy shite that he finishes off with burbling about truth was cringe worthy indeed.

    He indeed knows what is going on. He is one of the first that will be dropped by TPTB when TSHTF. He is a traitor and his own skin is what he values the most. Those to whom he toadies despise him, even though they use him and he betrays every member of the public in his lying denialist stance. This man truly has no friends, not even among his own fellow liars, for like thieves there can be no honour among them.

  29. Ian Mitchell says:

    I  was going to see this guy when he toured New Zealand, but after seeing this interview and seeing what a fraud he is, I didn't go to any of his meeting's.As you said Dane this guy is a gate keeper and a misinformation troll.

  30. Frances says:

    G'Day, especially Aussies.  I am too old and frail to be an activist; however, is there an Aussie interested in this fight?  Here over  Kilcoy, Esk, Western Downs, Qld. I see the evidence of the spraying, etc.

    • BaneB says:

      Frances:  There is a post way down the page. No direct link there, but Search out South Canterbury Sky Watch.  It's an Aussie site, with videos, of what the weather control terrorists are doing to the Australian sky.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Frances.

      Where else but here can Australia and Alaska meet in common cause?  You limitations are respected, but you are writing here, where people all over read what is written.  We encourage you to tell us more.  Writing is activism.


    • Michel B says:

      Hi Frances, I live in Brisbane and the SRM is everywhere. I agree, there has to be a concerted effort of getting Aussies who know about this to speak in one voice. I think on line petitions don't work very well. The action there gets reduced to pushing buttons on a keyboard. I am not sure of how to consolidate public voicing on this issue.

    • carrie from aus says:

      Hello Frances,

      I'm a fellow Australian and know this part of our country very well. Yes the geo-engineering is relentless in this area.  I have a 180deg view there are no blue morning skies, just incredible while glare.  Most of the fallout seems to drift from further West across to the East.  There is constant white glare to the East & South daily. 

      A doctor in the area told me it is a very bad area for "allergies". Really?  It's pollution from our skies on a nearly daily basis, making people sick.  I didn't think anyone else even noticed.  Very few people notice the skies & fever think there is anything wrong.

  31. Mario says:

    Speaking of weasels . . . here is David Keith's new idea.  Or newest idea on how to sell the atmospheric spraying programs.  Hang on to your seats folks.  David "I'm playing god" Keith has a new formula for the aerosols:

  32. Jeanette S says:

    We are being heavily sprayed with various things with all the fish scale clouds and various shapes, sizes and colors here in the SF bay area/Oakland.


    • BaneB says:

      Jeanette S:  A friend texted me several pics of the afternoon sky over the Bay Area.  What a mess!  How is it that with the incredible wide open skies in your region, with views for 50 miles in every direction, the population remains deaf, dumb, and blind?  There are a few good websites in San Francisco that video time lapse the aerosol spraying and how this process impacts the cloud formations.  A genuine indictment of criminal weather terrorism.

  33. Dennie says:

    After all the rain we got lately, above the rain clouds even as it was raining, the jets were up there high above the precip, spraying away.  Once the smudgy grey-brown clouds cleared today, the skies were nearly whited out with chem clouds up high,and lower down the clouds all bore the frequency signature, all fish-flakes and wavy– very ugly indeed.  More's supposed to be coming.  The air has a gritty texture. If the ice nucleation chems get onto the exposed roots of my teeth, it's really painful and they start feeling like they're freezing.

  34. tina says:

    they have been saturating northern calif at night again. Tonight as I type we have a black chemtrail next to a white one in front of the moon. The haarp has been on high also. With all the corruption being exposed at light speed, you would really think this would have stopped by now. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, what's with the black chem trails?  Rosalind Peterson used to talk about all the actual stuff that they're testing up there. I'm sure that none of the scientific research institutions are posting that anywhere we could find it.

      Today I have been having serious stomach cramps and I cannot keep any food down.  My feeling is that since this is just a stomach complaint and I have no other symptoms such as a runny nose or fever, it's a reaction to the chem shit "they" have been snowing us under with.  I have literally been sequestered to the smallest room in my house, hunkered hovering over the porcelain stallion.  Even one bite of anything comes up again about 20 minutes later.  And I can't even keep so much as water down today.  This is how my system reacts to "Their" toxic plan of action to "heal" the planet—NOT!!!

  35. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Joe S. You're right on the MARK, no pon intended, It was a beautiful evening here in eastern Pennsylvania, Full moon clear sky's and they came… The Contrails lol. As they say once you see these aircraft the weather is about to change. and change it did !! The clouds rolled in the wind picked up, a complete and utter white out. It's amazing to me that more people don't notice these changes nor see the chemtrails from these aircraft, especially against a bright full moon ?? But there it is! The trails are happening at a expeditiously pace, it like there in a hurry to destroy us all more swiftly, as if it may stop? Maybe it's the amount of people awakening on this issue. I sure hope it's the case, I applaud all who are awake and aware.

  36. Dana Guetterman says:

    Looks like they're getting ready to admit what they've been doing all along. 


  37. Jeanette S says:

    Up there in senility with Henry Miller on gmos…anybody that sees and sees these lines in the sky, the amount of them, the number of different types and anomolies. And the fact that they did not even say anything or tell us. The cost of this is enormous and yes, they owe us an explanation. The cost, this just appears…how can anybody with some intelligence not think that there is something going on and if it were in our favor the forked tongue sb’s would have been patting themeselves on the back long ago. It is bad news…say this to people.

  38. Eva says:

    More B.S. from David Keith:

    Scientists Want to Give the Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change

    • BaneB says:

      Eva:  I need to take an antacid pill every time his countenance shows up in the mainstream media.  He is FAKED news.  Unfortunately he is a genuine nightmare.

  39. ️Nance says:

    Thanks Dane for all your info.How can anyone stomach this guy?

    My day was made today when someone asked about the signs I have on my van and I could give them a brochure and tell them to go to the GeoEngWatch website 

    Let's keep waking people up!

  40. Dennie says:

    "Not showing ANY increase" in any particulate or any other pollutant from samples taken on his property– Wow!  Monckton is either some genius with the ability to shield his own property from the crap they ARE in fact spraying, or he's actually a bald-faced LIAR!!!!

  41. Mary Elizabeth says:

    What a weasel!!

  42. virginia says:

    I had heard this man speak not too long ago and thought at that time what a egotistic, self-absorbed idiot he was.  The self-importance he gives himself as being a peer and therefore a lord was too funny.  As if all those idiotic titles in England made any difference to the rest of the world or if they lent any credence to his resume'. We should not be wasting our time on jerks like this.  Today, Redding, California skies were a sad spectacle with the criss-crossing of lines that you knew were toxic to all of us. If only we had the real power to stop this.  Is it too vast an enterprise to even hope, anymore?  Trump and his appointees do not look promising at all for our cause. 

    • Ruthanne Raia says:

      I think if we appeal to Trump's ego, he could be an ally in this. Convince him he could go down in history for breaking the biggest scandal ever, the secret government conspiracy called "weathergate," and that he would be heralded by the masses, and I bet he'd be all over it. If I could get access to him, I'd be completely willing to pitch the idea. I think it's worth a try if anyone has anyway to get the idea/info in front of him. THe best I can do is use Twitter…

  43. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Yes, the truth very much matters! I heard this interview with Monckton a few years ago and wondered then why anyone would care what he had to say on the subject of…anything. I'm guessing those organizing the Dec 6th event took advantage of Monckton's scheduled speaking tour and visibility and were desperate to find someone who might seem an expert and who agree with their opinion of climate disruption and engineering. OR the Dec 6th event gave Monckton opportunity to schedule other speaking engagements while in the area? No matter. Either way, he's spreading disinformation with great consequences. I'm grateful Dane raised the red flag about who Monckton really isn't and grateful to Siskiyou Daily News for publishing the letter! 

  44. moderncalamity says:

    No public official will go on record admitting to geoengineering.  They face death for themselves or family members/friends.  It is a waste of time trying to get a real answer.  The masses need to wake up soon. What do the autopsies indicate for those who were killed by thunderstorm asthma (really geoengineering toxic nanoparticles or bio/chemical weapon form the spray)? We need to get more people on board before it is too late.

  45. Sebastiaan says:

    Listen to this very recent debate about the ethics of governance of solar radiation management.

    especially on 12:03 where he has a slip of the tongue

    must be very hard to lie in front of the camera all the time, while knowing the truth.

    • Ruthanne Raia says:

      Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, this oh-so-neat Little Man sitting across from a MAJORLY CLUELESS Asian-chick interviewer– whatta pair, huh?– as he so very nicely describes to us all just how much our planet "needs" an "antacid."  My acupuncturist said "throw out the antacids, they make your situation worse, not better."  Same with this crap.  WHY CAN'T these rapacious motherf*ckers GET IT??????????????

    • sea says:

      Sebastion – thanks for posting this youtube, WOW this is one everyone should view .I only wish she had put his feet in the fire and stated that GE was already wayyyy underway! Without her commenting as such it remains in the category of "possibilities", so the public continues  to believe the lies.

      It needs to come forth from a group of scientists that feel compelled for many reasons to tell the TRUTH!

  46. Gottago says:

    Dane find out his schedule and attend his next event.

  47. BaneB says:

    Its a safe bet the Record Searchlight would give this lord of the flies print space in that rag were he to show up in Redding.  

    • Jeanette S says:

      Stupidity abounds Bane. I honestly don't know what we are going to do…I have to have one foot in the UN real-world and play along when I know what is going on and have the sense to look up. All I can say is we need to start going higher…and start getting demanding and testy. Now that Trump is in…go to politicians, congressman's meetings and say since there is no climate change then get rid of that sht. I bought a book by Aric McBay, Lierre Keith, and Derrick Jensen called "Deep Green Resistance". Derrick Jensen has another book coming out…I forget the name but if you go to Amazon which I am going to, to see what it has to say.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeanette, I have tried to get information to Jensen about the climate engineering assault, he does not seem to want to know unfortunately. I have read one of Derrick’s books, and certainly found it valuable, but I hope he and other environmentalists come out of their comfort zone to face the weather warfare issue.

  48. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    In my country they are forecasting in radio not only the "weather" but also the kind of clouds we'll get for the day ( !! ). THEY ARE forecasting THE SHAPE of the CLOUDS!! Today they have said that; we'll have baby-clouds on the sky ( !! ). I've heard this while driving in the car before 7.00 am. It was still dark! Amazing, maybe it was mr mockery that was talking, I don't know.. And by the way, the clouds to which they were referring appeared after mid day. Before this it was a very dense and thick formation of grey clouds without spaces in between. The MFs started spraying yesterday, after 4 pm, and maybe during the night. Before the planes, we had one weekend almost free from the sprays.

    We stay strong.

    • virginia says:

      Pedro.  Hi.  I've read your previous posts and always wondered in which country you resided.  Could you give us the name of your country so that we could compare notes?  Thank you.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Mrs Virginia.

      The problem is that. My country is the World. I am part of the Web of Life. I am a little part of Nature. I am a little part of God. I am an Elephant, a little Sparrow, a River, a Dragonfly, a Shrew, a Lion, a Tuna Fish, a Blue Whale, a little Lizard, I am Sun Light, I will be dust and in my body I have the H2O that 200 million years ago was inside the body of a Brachiosaurus. I am your Family.

      My Tribe is the Human Species, my enemy is the MFs species ( they have a morphologically different brains, you know? Maybe different DNA also ).

      The Atmosphere have NO boundaries. The Web of Life is a thin layer over the Earth of more or less 15 km thick ( in average ), composed by the Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Atmosphere.

      Above, we have the magic gaz – the Ozone.

      Without Atmosphere, Game Over.

      My country is the World. My Tribe is Humanity ( not only the Anthropoid Humanity ).

      Without the Web of Life the Earth is rocks and dirt.

      Good Luck to Us All.


    • virginia says:

      Hola, Pedro:  Thank you for clearing that up.

    • Pedro, thank you for your eloquent reply…
      “My country is the world”
      It reminded me of the famous “Desiderata”.
      If only everyone knew of our utter reliance on this fragile web of life, we would not be enduring this obscene, demented toxification of our once-fair planet.
      If you don’t mind, I think you have just given me my next music video idea. With your permission I will try to set your words to music and pictures….Got to unleash the truth!
      I tried to post a just-finished original tune called “SAG Blues” on Youtube today, but upload was interrupted when the local library shut down early… as a result of a sudden, and quite possibly ice-nucleated, snowstorm!
      Talk about irony…
      I will try again tomorrow. My antique browser and computer no longer let me upload from home, haha ain’t planned obsolescence grand?
      May God help all you wonderful people here at
      Geoengineeringwatch! Keep up the good fight.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Steve. Thank you.

      If you want to make something, make it right.

      Put Vets from RAP music like Public Enemy or Ice Cube ( or both ) singing your idea with my words, of course. For me this would be an Honor. When we believe, things may happen. If you're in CA or in the US, this is NOT impossible, and would draw attention from a LOT of People.

      Another thing, I wasn't trying to be eloquent. I was being real and trying to be emotional.

      We ( modern societies ) are detached from Emotive Feelings, Mysticism, Spiritualism and NATURE.

      This F "technotronic" pseudo culture will be our downfall, because the MFs know very well how to use this heavy "card" against US.

      Globalization is Culture eradication.

      And there is only one way to eradicate Cultures. You eradicate People.

      We are living Critical and Historical Times.

      Good Luck to your Musical project, friend.


  49. izzy says:

    There is something deeply disturbing about the general public’s easy acceptance of so much BS about almost anything, especially when it flies in the face of ordinary daily experience and observation. There’s a point at which gullibility, willful or not, becomes a pathological condition. To paraphrase Jefferson, “I tremble for my species when I reflect that Nature is just”.




    • Edward Palys says:

      It is deeply disturbing but understandable. Some people have little intelligence to understand much of anything. Some educated people believe everything they've been taught. Some can't use the logic that has been freely given to them. Many are too selfish to listen to reason. Many have been brainwashed with mind control. Unfortunately, this makes up most of the population everywhere. As a perfect example, how can a jumbo jet bring down a skyscraper in a perfect collapse of the structure, that has a "frame" made up of over 200,000 tons of structural steel? Yet, I know educated engineers who believe what they saw was FACT.

  50. Cori Gunnells says:

    The truth matters… 

    Monckton clearly has a string of lies on his record, enough to show anyone who cares enough about geoengineering, climate, and a viable Earth (habitat) to investigate. What you'll find should satisfy anyone's truth-meter showing he is 'not' a source to follow, support or repeat. If you do, that says as much about you as it does him. 


  51. Rodster says:

    If he’s never been part of the House of Lords then why do we acknowledge his title? He should be referred to as Christopher Monckton. Btw, Greg Hunter did an interview with him a while back and had Greg Hunter convinced that global warming is a fraud.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, yes, many have convinced thenselves of what they would like to believe, but in the end, what matters is what is. The true extent of damage to the biosphere and climate system will soon enough be clear to all. The single greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Lets all make our voices heard in the most critical battle to weather warfare assault.

  52. Sezer Behlul says:

    I don't know which is more frustrating,the lies this man is spouting or the ego driven followers that propagate his damaging lies?It seems to me most of the anti geo engineering community has naively swallowed the global cooling/nothing wrong with the planet LIE.To verify their belief people had previously referred me articles where the headline and the rest of the article are two different subjects.Yes we need activists to act collectively,however if this is not to be done selflessly with integrity and objective research,they may as well be benchwarmers rather than sabotaging this cause. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      I agree, most people I met in this cause are selfish, irresponsible, narcissists who did a good job sabotaging the movement.  I question how these kinds of people are even aware of Geoengineering and whether their mission here is to confuse those who are awakening.

  53. Susan Ferguson says:

    LOL! Monkeyton says, "I'm not an expert." Perhaps the only honest statement he makes. Contrails…very funny. Thank you, Dane. Hard to even look at this man. Curious that he uses the word "ain't" which is highly unlikely from upper class Brits. I would like to see his testing methods on his estate – perhaps a birdbath? "We're not a good place to observe…" Oh? He leaves himself so many sleazy weasel exits. He must have a diligent, perhaps frustrated handler. Saying that 99% of science is paid for by taxpayers is obviously intended to gain sympathy from the listener. Text book instructions from his coach on how to manipulate your audience. But hey, did you forget those corporations that fund scientific research to support their expenditures? Geoengineering too expensive? Tell that to the geoengineering departments that have opened at Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, and other universities. He contradicts himself again and again. Double-speak. To show how ignorant this man is, it was Thomas Jefferson who said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" – not Edmund Burke! With his bulging eyes (a symptom of hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, and others) he states, "We have the truth." Obscene coming from this worm infested mouth. Wonder who signs his paychecks?

    • Bija says:

      If you are not an expert on a particular topic, then you damn well better become one before spouting lies and half truths like a royal idiot! I have spent a lot of time at this GW site learning the facts that Dane so clearly presents. Then there are all of you…the most intelligent and truth seeking commentors on any of the sites I visit. You have provided so many leads and honest questions and answers. I spend an inordinate amount of time investigating and studying credible and factual info that can be reliably sourced and fact checked. Much of it is Government and FOIA documentation. Earnest seekers will inevitably find the truth. And who do you hear besides Dane begging us not to take his word for anything but do the research ourselves! These buffoons like Monckton are so transparent to those of us who understand and immediately identify the disinformation agents and Fake News presstitutes masquerading as journalists and reportersl!

      The world is in a sad state indeed. The deeper down into the rabbit hole the more horrifyingly unimaginable the agenda becomes. We could easily go the route of Guy McPherson if we all became cowards and cast moral fortitude to the wind

      I recently listened to an interview by John B Wells with Anthony Patch and Chris on Arc Midnight #27, mainly regarding Cern. I highly recommend it if you are out of conspiracy boot camp and can look pure evil in the eye without backing down. It led me to other YouTube's of A nthony and his partners. Well worth the look see, particularly if you have a strong faith!! Never give up. The liars have a very shallow repertoire and eventually are disgraced.

    • kathleen says:

      Many thanks, {{{Susan}}}. You took the words from my mouth, and added many more colorful phrases and analyses of his lardship's fraudulence! I always appreciate your consistently spot-on insights that enrich and expand my hungry-for-knowledge base.

      That aside, some days I just want to curl up with my G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds), a term coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman ( as an easy way to remember some highly nutritious foods we'd all be wise to incorporate into our snacks and mealtimes. Take pumpkin seeds, for example: Note: I do NOT recommend using a microwave for anything (but storage of EMP/EMF-sensitive spare devices). You can pan roast these babies in a low oven or dry skillet, or plant for a future bounty (

      I'd add turmeric, herbs, unsalted nuts (in small quantities), garlic and ginger to that list: THUGG lol. BTW, always consider adding black pepper to turmeric: (Dr. Michael Greger is another of my favorite MDs, and his book How Not To Die is excellent, despite its paltry index.)

      The sooner we include healthy, nutrient-dense foods and decrease or limit the empty and often downright poisonous calories, the faster our bodies repair. This also helps if one needs to lose weight: nutrients give us what we need and greatly improve satiety, which means we need less food. Your body will always feel hungry if you feed it junk. This is particularly important if you live in highly polluted areas i.e., big sigh, most anywhere on earth these days.

      To help Dane and his loyal compadres (that includes us!) combat this onslaught of global warfare on the earth and all its creatures, water, soil, food, and, most importantly, air (you've heard this: three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food is a path to death), it's imperative we keep our minds sharp and bodies well-tuned. Read voraciously, eat judiciously, act bravely, and live compassionately. Not even the smallest effort will go unnoticed — most often immediately by our brains and bodies, and, with good fortune, in the minds of others very soon. This is apparently our last battle, the reason for our existence in these trying times. We encompass a wide range of age, race, ethnic, background, belief, education, sexual identity, family experience, "wealth," life lessons, etc., but we are all HERE AND NOW, together. This is proof to me that divisive issues (poly ticks and religion being two of the most rancorous ever invented/co-opted for nefarious goals) CAN be overcome for the benefit of the whole. Take comfort in the fact that you are holding hands with others who share our desire for a healthy, peaceful environment, and for truthtelling. That's a rare gem, my friends, and praiseworthy. Kudos to each of you who help me maintain a modicum of sanity as we hurl off the cliff.


    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Can you track down the patent for the ice nucleation chems?  I think they use a pseudomonas bacteria to cause the instant cold.  I'm wondering just WHAT these pointy-headed little science-nerd poisoners are putting in there that makes you INSTANTLY NAUSEATED with projectile vomiting when you breathe it?  Sorry to report, that's where I'm "at" today– can't even so much as keep water down, I sense this is a lot more than "just" a gall bladder attack and is being precipitated by POISONS we're being sprayed with.

  54. Dennie says:

    Monckton appears to be yet another "useful idiot" to the corrupt and sick power structure that seeks essentially it's own death and the death of everything else around it, as those with a death wish have no regard for life. When LYING is more important than life itself, we are all in Big Trouble. 

    Just this past week I see the disinformation and clamping down on the truth ramping up from sorta-kinda to full-swing, heading into overdrive, with plenty of stupid little order-follwing people wanting to fight with truth tellers to uphold the sick system they've put their faith and trust in that is going to fail no matter what lies people try to promulgate– or even just support by going along with the lies because the lies are so much more comfortable to brook than the actual truth– whether consciously knowing the difference between the truth and the lie or not, the net effect is still the same, they have made a conscious decision that they are on the side of the liars. 

    Take a look at the bullsh!tting going on with regard to the "Russian hackers" myth about the DNC e-mails– reality is, the information about those e-mails was actually LEAKED; DNC's website was NOT hacked– there's a big difference– and C.I.A. is actually behaving really stupidly in their efforts for you not to notice:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Dennie, They are also saying the Republican party's emails and campaign were hacked as well, and with the Democrats too, saying there is more than what was leaked.  We get millions of cyber hits per day, and most are easy-ish to trace as nearly all have many bugs and dings that leave "fingerprints" as to origin.  These in discussion are sophisticated and said to be Russia, though not exactly who or what in Russia, but sophisticated enough to assume nation state, therefore problematic.  To my way of thinking, the fact that both sides of the aisle in the House are taking this seriously means one of two things-or more!  One, hacked to influence outcome.  Or, many members of the House as well as the three letter agencies, are very worried about Trump as president and want him disqualified, some, perhaps to save their own jobs/careers. Others perhaps fear his agendas and perpetual embarrassments.  A Statesman he is not.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, well, here's The Best summary of the whole mess that I've seen to date, found on– idiot in Uhmerukuh wouldn't dare to print anything as realistic as THIS.  Have at it, folks, bone up and get familiar with the entire subject matter:

    • Dennie says:

      To put it very succinctly, Trump represents a real threat to the status quo CABAL currently running the world's resources, natural and not (money, markets and derivatives).  Putting Hillary and her Zionist-Jewish money masters in the White House is The Point of the "Bullshit," as described so well by Craig Murray, former U.K. ambassador to Uzbekistan, who blew the lid off the whole thing, in an (you guessed it) English publication.  Again, Uhmeruhkun Eedjots would never dream of publishing anything like we saw Craig say.  Namely, the truth.

  55. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    My my my, what a bloody idiot, i think this clown likes hearing his own voice and tried to sound intelligent but he summed it up in a the few minutes… HE IS NOT AN EXPERT… dam right bout that.

    • Joe S says:

      I refer  to Chris Monckton..A hack actor and ???

      Lord of what ???

      During WW2 the Germans wanted to foil the Englanders

       with Fake British pounds.  The forger was caught when putting

      the Pounds into England.

      So this time an inept imposter is at it…..

      I have been to New Zealand much since 2000. Was good until

      PM John Key came in.  An Ext UK banker wanted to take

      over NZ and do the phoney Transpacific trade agreement.

      An allowed Geoengineering over NZ skies.

      He failed, as Prez Obama and he know the Trade deal is

      dead with the new Prez and US Congress

      John Key has resigned from PM of NZ…  hooray, I say.


                  ….Joe  S

      Funny to us all all who know



    • BaneB says:

      South Canterbury Sky Watch:  Great videos!  Your "pulsed" clouds are exactly what I observe over this area of Northern California.  Time lapsed videos are very instructive.  The atmosphere is choking on aerosols and saturated with microwave.  Thanks.

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