Climate Engineering, Forced Vaccinations And Synergistic Toxicity


All those who have chosen to deny very real and verifiable threats from issues like climate engineering and vaccinations will soon enough be forced to face the fact that their health has been irreparably damaged by both. The highly toxic heavy metals we are exposed to from each of these sources is lethal enough, but when all these metals are combined, "synergistic toxicity" is unleashed, which makes the overall toxicity exponentially worse. There is virtually no place on our planet to hide from the climate engineering fallout. Now it seems that the power structure (and the fanatics who support them) want to ensure there is no place to hide from vaccinations. Toxic bioaccumulation is occurring in all of us from the constant exposure to the aerosol spraying in our atmosphere. If forced vaccinations occur, the threat posed to our health would increase profoundly. We are all in a fight for life, make your voice heard while you can. The 2 minute video below is sobering.
Dane Wigington



12 Responses to Climate Engineering, Forced Vaccinations And Synergistic Toxicity

  1. kirk mannor says:

    l can't  believe this is really happening, it’s like there's a war going on and were losing the battle, your yelling watch out but no one hears you.

  2. SexyBabe says:

    I just don't know what to do – i TELL EVERYONE! i've copied the documentary "why in the world are they spraying" i sent to everyone i knew including the Mayor of my town, and some people got it and "woke up" and are now as incensed as i am but what difference did it make?? The spraying continues everyday.  I've written my senators & congressman and either they are dumbfoundedly asleep or just in the pocket of the companies/people purporting this agenda…It feels futile! There are even protests against in all over the world yet it continues! every god damn day i look up and there are no more blue skies just white haze or dark gloomly crap which i can't even identify as clouds!! UGGGHHH i'm so frustrated!!

  3. Brent Flowers says:

    I think that the only other thing we haven't discussed here is the GMO foods being pushed now too.  We are breathing in the toxic chemicals, they are being directly injected into our bodies and unless you pay close attention to what you eat, you are ingesting toxic chemicals.  It's the Bermuda triangle of unhealthiness. 

  4. mike says:

    Climate engineering and war are being used to cause wealth transfer to the .001%, because the countries damaged by them are forced to take out loans from those who privately own the money supply, which includes the Dollar and the Euro, then they use their power over the world economy to intentionally crash those countries economies, so they default and they can take the collateral which is real assets.

    The money supply is privately owned by the owners of the Federal Reserve and the IMF, who are a very small group of people, and is an instrument of wealth transfer to them, because the entire money supply is constantly being paid back to them, however, they merely put ink on paper and call it money, then they use the money to buy corporations, real estate, gold, property, and to bribe politicians.

    If this privately owned money supply were no longer used by the people and the government, and a publicly owned, soveriegn money supply were used instead, the actual instrument of wealth transfer would be eliminated, thus ending their ability to gain from damaging countries, which would obviously cause climate engineering and war to be stopped because they would be irrelevant for the purpose of wealth transfer to the .001%.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, though you have correctly outlined a part of the equation, there is much much more to what is going on in our skies. We do our best to examin all the pieces to the puzzle, the equation is complex.

  5. Ransom Thomas says:

    Government Mandated vaccines is  just the  start as our planet’s ability to support life, gets  worse by the day.I am doing my best to get the word out, yet feel the powers that be will keep it going at any cost.How can anyone think of having a kid now, as there wont be a life to live on this planet. I stand with you all in this fight.

  6. Kaidi says:

    Natural solutions had a very nice tools for taking action. One letter goes out to 90 representatives with one click. Could we develop something like this on this site? I find myself a little overwhelmed trying to find out who to contact about this issue.

    • Jay Fiato says:

      Kaida do not waste your time they will have you figuratively running around in circles , we a send mass emails as a united front of every concerned  citizens  this and these tragic  crimes against humanity and Our planet every animal and chain of life .Thank you all who do not let this go Dane you are an inspiration and this go I believe  will hit Critical mass soon .peace



  7. Bija says:


    With climate engineering, we have no choice but to breathe these toxins until this is stopped. With vaccines, being able to make a choice is our fundamental right and our right as parents to make informed choice for our children. Do not believe your government! Do not believe your doctors! Do not believe the medical professionals who bow to Big Pharma! Do extensive research to find out what is really in these vaccines and how mega doses are harming our children. It's horrifying. And synergistic toxicity from further exposure to toxic heavy metals from our geoengineered skies, GMOs and exposure to radioactivity and harmful frequencies, our children and future generations don't stand a chance of being healthy. BE INFORMED! BE ACTIVE! It is the basic human right of you and your children!

    Listen to MAY DAY, MAY DAY! Vaccine Truth Marathon – 16 hour broadcast from May 1, 2015 hosted by Dr. Rima Laibow on YouTube or UCY TV

  8. Ralph says:

    The only thing the Power Structure is lacking, is for Pres. Obama to grow a little mustache under his nose.  Then the picture is complete.

    Bottom line: Say no. Talk to everyone about it. There can't be very mothers happy about having their choice taken away, given what is in the vaccine as the delivery system. ie: Mercury..etc.  Exposure is the only thing these Gangsters are afraid of.  That and being held accountable in a "Nuremberg" type court trial.  (Damn that has a nice sound to.)    

  9. Lori Lamb says:

    This is so very disturbing but not surprising to me. I'm reading Suzanne Somers newest book called Tox-Sick and I figured with her living in California, geo-engineering Central and the fact that she is always touting Dr's who are aware of chemtrails that they would for sure be talked about in this book. No such thing. She names 8 reasons for our toxic exposure and hops right over geo-engineering. Seriously, who does she think created this drought? Why are people who seem to be so vocal pull back the reigns when they have an opportunity to inform? I guess, book sales and the fear of turning people off must be greater than exposing this practice. I'll never stop taking pictures and posting and talking about this criminal practice. They have no right to mandate anything that we do or don't do to our bodies!

  10. Cori Gunnells says:

    People better start standing up, and fast. At what point is your authority over your own body, or that or your children no longer your own? Government mandated vaccines is very dangerous, very wrong, and should not be permitted. Period. 

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