Climate Engineering Lies of Omission


In this 11 minute video, a private weather modification company, Aquiess Global Rain Project, clearly admits (on network news) to many of the existing weather/climate modification technologies. Though a mountain of data from countless sources also makes clear climate modification has long since been a reality, all county, state, and federal agencies in the US try desperately to pretend geoengineering is only a “proposal” The mainstream corporate media spin machine also does its best to marginalize the subject of climate engineering. Generally corporate media stories try to use the term “chemtrails” and to avoid terms like “geoengineering” or “solar radiation management”. The goal is to distract the public from hard science that could help wake them up to the all too visible nightmare occurring in our skies day in and day out. Consider this, in this video we hear absolute confirmation of weather modification technologies being utilized by a private company. I ask, what sane person would realistically think the military is not doing this on an exponentially larger scale? We are to accept that private companies for hire can fix all our weather problems for enough money, but then we are told by the same mainstream media that if we say the military has already fully deployed climate modification programs, we are considered “conspiracy theorists”. Those in the media, that are helping to hide the climate engineering insanity, should he considered accomplices to the crimes. Those participating in the environmentally decimating highly toxic atmospheric spraying should also be held legally and morally accountable. Once critical mass of awareness is reached on the dire climate engineering issue, I believe the public will do exactly that. This is why there is an ever increasing effort to continue hiding the aerosol spraying crimes. All need to join the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. We must combine our efforts to expose and hold accountable everyone responsible for the all out geoengineering assault, its up to us.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Steve says:

    I cannot believe the hidden-in-plane-sight psyops crap these geoengineering hubris-laden bozos, and their media pimps, get away with! Has anyone else noticed the full studio background graphic art, which is visible during the wide 3-shots of the “news” studio portion of this video?
    It is a computer rendered city skyline, and guess what’s in the sky above the buildings? 3 big, fat, chemtrails!
    Check it out…the first studio wide shot occurs at 4:40
    into the video. Nothing like a little semi-subliminal
    re-enforcement of the agenda, eh? These cruds are shameless.

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    So, today I grabbed some time and looked up Aquiess. Kenya in 2011. Why did it take 3 years to find this? At the same time I find out about all the torrential downpours in US right now. Just as I recall the Aquiess guy emphasizing gentle degrees of, not floods. Uh huh. I agree with Philip Dec. I don’t see his words as rambling, and I want to read the book about the deliberate dumbing down of America because it is all too obvious. And yes, childish. I don’t know what I feel more: anger or depression. The two are related of course. I am so angry at all these fools playing God, yet feel helpless, hence depression. Not to mention that I have children and grandchildren. And nobody seems to really care about this. Yeah, life is tough and all that. But this should be front and center for every adult. Yet, even in this “sophisticated” town, no one will listen, no one believes, all seem afraid to appear unAmerican. The people I know-most don’t even own a television. But they are afraid of “conspiracies”, thinking: There goes Rachel again with depressing unbelievable information. They are anti GMOs, but refuse to believe in geoengineering!?!? Dumbing down achieved!

  3. Gloria says:

    I have sent this video to all the naysayers in my community of Portland, OR. All the TV lying meteorologists, and TV News Stations. Also to talk radio hosts! IF we keep spreading this info they are going to have to see truth, but I am sure they have to worry also, about keeping their jobs and bowing down to The Puppet Masters

  4. Gloria says:

    Beautifully said JR

  5. JR says:

    Good Morning; 8-13-14 at 7:30 a.m. the El Paso, Texas area east of the Franklin Mtns. and city is being sprayed heavy with chemtrails decimating the rain clouds. The planes are coming from east going west, no u-turns yet observed as I’ve witnessed in past. These lowlifes are obsessed no less, no souls left, anything for $$$$, shame on them. The word tells us I repeat and asks what good is it to have all the riches of the world but in the end lose your soul. Our Lord knew when he created Earth how to control all its seasons, but man is too smart for his own good with much reasoning to go with those thoughts (He called them stiffed-necks). The way things are going our weather will be put up for a vote soon enough with the idiots desiring how they want their weather or climate as one said some years back on another post or thread. How can you have one without the other??? There are a lot of naive people in this country and world, yes and selfish bubble heads (dingbats). These people (all) doing these evil works are the the same ones that if something bad happens to them they whine and ask why bad things happen to them. They then say (I’m) a good person never hurting anyone!! Why, oh Why? Where’s God??? My thoughts and concerns go to all in this fight and all our families. Peace of the Lord be with you, and have a good day and give thanks in all…….

  6. Gyver says:

    The guy from Aquiess, Mahendra Shah worked 35 years for the UN, the World Bank and other global entities. It must feel like you are on top of the world to spend that many years at that level. Maybe even arrogant enough to alter the Eco system and destroy our entire planet!

  7. Derek says:

    I find it disturbing how easy these men talk about modifying the weather. Geoengineering scientists, and men like the ones in this video don’t care about the consequences of playing with the ionosphere and weather. It’s pure insanity! It’s a business plan for the man from Aquiess! He’s not thinking about the effects that such tampering will do to the ionosphere and the planet. He’s only thinking about the money! After learning about Agenda 21, I do not trust the U.N.’s intentions either. If weather modifying continues to become a business practice, then we’ll have other companies world wide manipulating the weather more than it already is. What do think will happen to the ionosphere, and atmosphere with all this weather manipulating combined? Not to mention adding to what our governments are already doing. Do you think the earth’s system, and It’s natural process’ could handle all of these people playing with it? Look at the state it’s in now.
    The Earth took billions of years to perfect a natural system capable of sustaining life. Now within humanity’s relatively short, industrial existence our most arrogant, and greedy have sought to hijack, and manipulate that natural system for profit, power, and control, and with total disregard for all life on the planet. I’m not against aiding other countries and people who are living in drought conditions but I think these drought conditions were made by geoengineering and weather modification to begin with. Look what’s happening to California. Maybe if the earth was allowed to function naturally without manipulation it could replenish and correct some of these conditions over time.
    It has become a question of human survival now because I’m sure the Earth would rebound after we’re gone. I think It’s a shame the animals and other wildlife would have to suffer our fate. They have lived in harmony with the natural system all along. It’s humanity that deviated from it. I don’t mean to sound as if I have written us off. I haven’t. I have hope that we will stand together and make change before it’s too late. I must admit, though, that I feel overwhelmed by this issue at times, and angry with those responsible for spraying us. I have children and I am deeply concerned about the world they will grow into and inherit. I am deeply concerned for their health and well being. I am deeply concerned for all children. Sometimes it’s hard to look at my kids faces without tearing up, knowing what I know, and knowing what’s at stake. I feel strongly about telling them about this because it’s their future, but they are too young to comprehend it right now. Hopefully I can tell them that we put a stop to geoengineering and that the rest of the world decided they wanted a better future.
    Although many of our brother’s and sister’s are still in denial, or still asleep, I believe that we are smarter than “the powers that be” give us credit for. They count on us being naïve and ignorant to their deceit, but we’ll show them that they no longer pull the wool over our eye’s. We’ll show them that they are the one’s who are naïve and ignorant because they forgot who really has the power!
    Let’s make it happen, people. I know we can!

    To Dane;
    Much thanks. You are a warrior for truth! I appreciate all your effort.

    Peace and Love to all.

  8. L Nesset says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. I hope governments realize that the same people that can ‘fix’ their draughts can be the same ones that are causing it! Very scary that private companies can go around holding countries hostage!

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Well done Dane!! You are relentless! I am grateful. You have the tools, ability and drive like no one else. You are truly unique. As always, I’d like to know the date this was filmed and where. Africa of course but where in Africa? International conference on meteorology?! That sounds interesting. As does how the guy from Aquiess refers to other weather modification efforts in other countries but seems fuzzy about what the US is doing and offhand suggests affecting the ionosphere as well as mentioning chemicals in rockets-which reminds me of one of the things Rosalind Peterson says. If this guy is telling the truth about how “gentle” his program is and no chemicals involved this might explain why he could be working with the UN and not violating the treaty at issue. Which, other countries including the US are violating. Which is why I think our government and military are not disclosing what they are doing. Our military has a way of distancing themselves by contracting out their work, as they do on reservation lands here when drilling for oil and mining uranium. And I think we know that our government will never disclose what all they have done. However, they may use this as a way to introduce what they are already doing. Or as a proposal to do, to come to our “rescue”, but like doctors, they will never admit their wrong doing or say sorry.

    At one time, America seemed to have a lot to offer. Land and bounty and freedom and a way to better oneself and one’s family’s future, but that is no longer the case. As we are not as productive or financially sound as we used to be, it is of little surprise that they came up with Owning the Weather by 2025. And, Monsanto owning the food supply for the US and much of the world. It is a financial maneuver. If we can’t grow food for the world and have very little to export, this must have been their hope. Africa is seen as a potential feed basket if only there were not so many problems with Africa. Ukraine is also a feed basket. India won’t take Monsanto, nor Europe. Perhaps the hope is that Africa, in their desperation and extreme need will. But first, we’d have to fix those pesky African problems like Ebola. This recent outbreak seems bent on finding cures for Ebola, not to mention other tropical diseases. I wonder what “our” guys think of Aquiess?!

  10. Angelique Zammetti says:

    The Geo-Engineers in the USA are either, extremely incompetent by successfully accomplishing drought and flood instead of reducing it or, they are intentionally causing loss of life. Either way, the United States is in serious trouble. I noticed Dr. Mahendra Shah did not want to be specific when he spoke of the programs in the USA. Actually, he seemed a little nervous when he referred to the US programs.

  11. sherry taylor says:

    Since those fires like the one in the Arctic are doing a good job of providing a thick blanket of carbon..I wonder what the other reasons for the constant spraying could possibly be..especially on the “important” places like the cities.

  12. Philip Dec says:

    In the mid to late 1800s, there was a faithful minister of the gospel living and preaching in England by the name of C. H. Spurgeon. Some time ago, a friend quoted the man who now preaches from the same pulpit as Mr. Spurgeon more than a century ago, and I will never forget the quote. The minister said: “Never in the history of the world has there ever been more widespread childishness than there is today.” Not only can I see examples of that well-stated observation almost daily, moreover, being of a conspiratorial mindset, I see a clear agenda at work driving it.

    Adults that just want to taunt you over the climate engineering issue: why not be bold and come right out with a question for them? Ask these people how much time they spend each week watching the Simpsons and televised sports:) Guaranteed you will find many surprised reactions as your aim hits it’s target dead center. Researcher Alan Watt stated in an interview a few years ago, that sports in the US used to be mainly for children to give them something to do and help keep them physically fit. Gears shifted when the ruling elites realized that sports addiction could be used to pacify adults for life. Notice the 24/7 promotion of that particular addiction and the overall effect it has. The talk radio neoconservatives usually come alive when someone wants to talk sports, but call them regarding climate engineering and see how fast they want to move on to the next caller. Like children with a short attention span, they often have no real interest in serious discussion.

    Have you ever noticed how fluffy and childish much of the conversation in the workplace is today? Granted, people are there to work, but it doesn’t stop most from talking. Remember when people were not afraid to discuss real issues facing the nation at work during breaks or slow parts of the day? Just one more illustration before I close.

    Some time ago, I went to the Facebook timeline of someone who was trolling for 9/11 Truthers and people who researched the chemtrail issue. And what did I find? The Simpsons and sports almost every other post! The same can be found on the youtube channels of debunkers. And folks wonder why you can’t reason with them. Alan Watt was right. And so was Charlotte Iserbyt, in her best-selling book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

    My sincere thanks to everyone who stood alongside Dane at the Shasta County meeting that was recorded and placed on youtube recently. Did not mean to ramble with this comment. If moderators just set this message aside I would understand.

  13. Karin Six says:

    So THEY can decide who lives and who dies… If they can bring in rain, they can withhold rain to the highest bidder! Disturbing!

  14. Andrea Campbell says:

    I am 100% behind you on this, Mr. Wigington. I seek justice for our home land, for our planet, and for all the lives affected, plant, animal and mineral.

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