Climate Engineering Mayhem Continues To Take Its Toll


Dane Wigington

The unraveling of Earth's life support systems continues to accelerate all over the globe. Devastating droughts, highly destructive deluges, record forest fires, and completely engineered snowstorms, all are taking a horrific toll on the planet. Though academia and mainstream media still refuse to acknowledge the geoengineering atrocities, the damage related to these programs is mounting at blinding speed and will be all but impossible to hide for much longer.

El Niño is bringing rural Colombia to it's knees, a new report is showing the devastation El-Nino is having on the South American country Colombia.
As Columbia bears the brunt of El Niño, thousands of dead animals and other shocking figures caused by the weather phenomenon of El Niño are devastating the South American country.
The data has come from government entities and federations who discussed environmental and economic damage of the crippling drought in Colombia.
The high temperatures and drought that the country faces as a result of El Niño has claimed the lives of at least 100,000 cattle and goats with some experts claiming the figure could be as high as 500,000.


Formerly lush South American rain forests are being transformed into scorched moonscapes.

Andres Felipe Garcia, chief advocate for agricultural affairs said that in addition to these deaths the El Niño phenomenon has also claimed around half a million hectares of crops along with the displacement of hundreds of people to Bolivia.
Forest fires have affected a further 128,000 hectares.
And the recovery of these areas could take up to 30 years to repair.
The 128,000 hectares have affected about 23 forest.
Rivers are drying, therefore, in addition it has been reported food shortages in districts of the Caribbean coast which can only receive supplies by boat, according to Semana.
Magdalena has 10 critical points and has reached such low levels you can not even measure how much water runs out there.
The same can be said of the Cauca River and the Sambingo has all but disappeared.
In addition to rivers, lakes also have low levels, the Calima has lost 82% of it's water.
It is thought around 20,000 children are at risk of malnutrition.
To date, there are 316 municipalities at risk of shortage of drinking water.
Today 96 have partial shortages and 90 are with rationing.


As climate engineering continues to contribute to drought creation around the globe, the forests that remain will continue to burn at unprecedented rates.

Though El Niño is a natural phenomenon with very real impacts, the protracted droughts that are occurring all over the world are more directly a consequence of the atmospheric aerosol saturation which is creating a "global dimming" effect. Though the constant geoengineered bouts of "winter weather whiplash" continues to confuse much of the population, the planet is likely already in a "runaway warming scenario" which is creating an "abrupt climate shift". The still continuing string of record breaking months of global heat just got broken again as February 2016 completely shattered all former monthly "above normal" temperature records globally.  Arctic ice is plunging into record low territory, sea levels are rising far faster than any former worst case predictions, heat waves are raging around the globe. Global climate engineering is making this entire scenario exponentially worse. In addition, our entire planet is being contaminated from climate engineering. How much longer can we remain on this course before there is nothing left to salvage? We must all stand together in the critical effort to sound the alarm.

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115 Responses to Climate Engineering Mayhem Continues To Take Its Toll

  1. anotherAnon says:

    Heavy spraying in North Alabama yesterday and today (Monday, March 07, 2016). Awful what we're subjected to. Who the hell has the right to spray the skies? We are ALL sharing this planet and not one person or body of persons owns this damn planet although the governments sure act like they do… Pathetic.

    • Steve says:

      They are so blatant now , I saw them spray a line out at about 4,000 ft. The straight cloud then began to stream stuff down like a rakes tines I couldn't believe it. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. No aircraft exhaust acts like that. Even the air smells like aluminum. I've come home from work on many a day and you can smell it. Here in central Alabama, they spray day and night. You can count on any day 10 to 20 chemtrails or more. I'm sick of this crap. They think people are stupid, Lawsuit or not the people of this country have got to wake up. The government is only going to deny what they are doing. The elites run this country, they are becoming more blatant because no one has stopped them. At this point it would take a miracle from God to stop them, let's pray He will.

  2. Dennie says:

    Horseman:  Wow, these simply have got to be The Real Deal.  There is no way in Hell or anywhere else (what else would you call any place where devices, and pictures of them such as these, could be taken, hmm?) that these could be faked (now I'm just wondering when they will show up on Alex Jones' sites?). 

    It would appear that we have a real friend in the person/people who took the pics and leaked them, as well as Greg Prescott and the in5D website.  Truth will out, Shakespeare said.  The nature of information is that it gets exchanged.  We have a tsunami of exposure of "their" Damnable Dark Dealings and Denials thereof; now, a problem just as terrible is on the RECEPTIVE END: Those who need to be paying attention, see this, acknowledge it, and work together to get this stopped once and for all.  What the Hell ELSE–? GOOODness!

  3. clark says:

    Dear EK Knight,

    Is it possible the aircraft are all piloted by computer software?
    I suspect the aircraft are all pilot-less drones. It could be there’s a room somewhere filled guys wiggling joysticks to control the aircraft (or, one guy can control them all?) however; if you look at Google’s driver-less cars as an example, that suggests the technology for pilot-less drones already exists.

    That sure would help to answer the question posed by deniers who say a secret this big cannot be kept by a large number of people, therefore; the program does not exist.
    What if only a small number of people ‘in the know’ are required to operate the whole program?

    • Dennie says:

      The technology for pilotless drones already exists, and has, since some time in the 70s.  Read the chapter on that in Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, to find out who had a remote-controlled flight company that fell to rubble, along with CIA and Enron offices, at WTC7, a building that did NOT get hit by (remotely controlled) jetliners on September 11, 2001.  The FACT and EVIDENCES of this technology's been all over the radio, t.v. and other news media for YEARS now.  And just because a plane's bigger than the Little Deal crap they fly on the playfields at your local schools DOES NOT MEAN IT CANNOT BE FLOWN REMOTELY.  This is all FACT, NOT fiction.

    • BaneB says:

      Absolutely.  Fly by wire.  Not only can computerized aircraft be hijacked from the ground, they can be targeted into buildings.  It needs no human hijackers.  It does require patsies and a cover story.  And, just where is that Maylasian passenger jet.  Drone technology has been around since the 1970s.  The technology was capable of taking over four aircraft.  

  4. Kenny Simpson says:

    Looked out my front door this morning at 7:10 AM.  Jets spraying! What else is new?  For the life of me, I don't understand why most people aren't paying attention to our skies.  Every morning I cough for a minimum of an hour to clear my throat and lungs.  My throat is usually sore on a daily basis.

    I'm a strong man and consider myself to be tough.  This is the first time I have ever been fearful of loosing my life.  This evil insanity must end.  This is crazy!  

    Certainly, I can't be the only one.  By the way, I'm not a smoker nor have I ever been. 

    I pray each morning and every night before I go to bed. That's one area of my life that can't be taken away from me.

    Science Czar John Holdren and his team of radical Scientist will have to answer for this when their toes are pointed up after they take their last breath. 

    May God Bless the Good People of America!



    • Dennie says:

      Kenny:  The air crap we're being forced to breathe/ingest is so toxic to me that it will and actually has put me in the hospital– yeah, right, like anyone actually cares– Big (your favorite expletive careful, now!!!) Whoop.  It just gets in everywhere you go and I've got levels of it in my house that I find unacceptable, even after replacing 20 windows and 3 doors, plus customizing the window and door weather stripping so all window weather stripping actually meets one side to the other, touching at a 45 degree angle, without any gaps, just like it does on the more expensive Marvin windows, and double weather stripping/door sweeps and a shoe on my front door.  It's still getting in here.  That happens everywhere.  It's totally unavoidable, even in hospitals, where it categorically SHOULD NOT BE!

      The owner of Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA, which, among other environmental toxins, can, has and does mitigation on barium invasion (their tech told me last time they were here that they'd cleaned up around 12 houses in Marin County) said just a few days ago that he'd discussed the offending particulates with his senior tech, a guy who told me his grandfather had worked for Martin Marietta on classified projects for the aerospace industry (how perfect is that?) who reported that these are so small they may as well not use negative air treatment because the filters don't trap the particulates, though I do sense that if a lot's gotten trapped inside your house, it will blow out the excess. 

      I'm so frightened of what it can and does do to me that I have yet to be a 24/7/365 resident in my own house again after nearly six years of "exile," because I am too afraid of what will happen to me if I go to sleep here- the terrible fact is that I am just not comfortable here the way I feel I should be and am worried that this is becoming permanent… can ANY of you reading this imagine what it would be like if YOU were forced to leave your own home because of the chem trailing??  Can ANY of you possibly hope to understand how that makes you want to use the language of the "lower-brained" fight-or-flight mechanism?  Because I have absolutely been forced down into our God-given fight-or-flight chakras (NO, they are not EVIL, BAD or somehow INFERIOR!!!) and I will fight you to the death if you try to attack me, says the SURVIVAL program, which we NEED, in case you haven't notice that already—RRRRRRRGHHHHH!!!

      There are places where it's better but you don't know unless you visit and the prospect of selling and buying another place is so daunting, you also don't know how the house you're buying would keep the crap out, though if you're in it for a while, you can get a sense.  I'm hoping to do more leak testing and find out why my house seems to get so much of it in here.  My fear is that the windows are not performing as intended– a nightmare to the tune of $25,000.00.  No, I do NOT have it "easy."  Figure it out.  It's only going to get harder for most of you.

    • BaneB says:

      From my perspective there is no way one can keep this nano crap out of  our homes, or lungs…..just as with the radiation and particulates of dust so ubiquitous and unavoidable.  Yes, there are technologies that provide clean rooms.  But who can afford it.  I know the land and air and my house are all polluted.  There is nothing I can do about it.  I vacuum the floors in occasion.  I worry more for the children, my dogs and the wildlife than about me.  If the psychopaths decide to ignite WW3 there is nothing anyone of us can do.  We are all trapped and no where else to move.  This does not depress me.  Rather this pisses me off.  There is NO choice but to press ahead and expose the terrorist politicos and scientist who have created the death cult that holds us in its talons.  Anger is a motivating force for pushing against the murderous paradigmic juggernaut.  Let's stay mad as hell!

  5. Just one more blatant in-our-faces irony that strikes me every single day, as the planet relentlessly toxifies and spirals towards meltdown…is the US election year circus. It kills me how ALL the would-be leaders, of both big parties, can fly in their jets, continually travelling over the country, campaigning in the primaries…THEY ALL MUST SEE, right out their airplanes’ windows, the blatant intersecting lines of nano-metallic poisons….. and yet NOBODY mentions these lines of doom in a speech, or EVER talks about the geoengineering elephant in the cockpit.
    NOT A SINGLE CANDIDATE says a single word!
    “Make America Great Again” says Mr. Trump.
    How, Donald? By coating it with brain-killer
    nano-aluminum? I don’t think so, Mr. Free Enterprise Smart Negociator Chieftain… And Mr Uber-Democrat Man Of The People Bernie Sanders NEVER EVER mentions the SAG outrage going on right outside his jet’s window. We wouldn’t want to alarm the good, patriotic sheeple, would we now? No, with the TV networks dramatizing it all, let’s have Bread and Circuses all over again. Hey, it worked for one Empire, for awhile, that is. Only now the bread is GMO, glutenated ,glucose-fructosified, metallic oxided, nano-chipped crap. And the circus is Wi-Fi-Smart-Phone-S-Quad-TV- beamed straight into what’s left of our brains.
    Yikes! Maybe it’s time to bring back the barbarians? Orrrr…Wait a sec, just MAYBE…tilt the old programmed heads back, open up those mesmerized eyes, and wake the f*ck up! Dear God, don’t let them boil those poor frogs AGAIN….I really couldn’t take another Dark Ages. Tesla Power Now… Zero Point Energy, Create The World That’s Meant To Be.
    End rant…I feel better now…God bless you Dane, and ALL the Geoengwatchers!

    • EK Knight says:

      Steve, your comments are right on. Everyday, a perfectly blue sky Colorado day ends up with tic-tac-toe across the skies. You can almost see the pilots playing tag with each other or writing their name across a normally, blue sky,,,,,then it starts dripping, down until the skies are silver and grey filling the entire CO front range with a haze of pollution. This is far worst than the well known Denver brown cloud you'd expect to see in the winter from wood stoves. Everyday there are more and more pigs flying above us. My questions are….who are these pilots and how can they sleep at night? What can we do RIGHT NOW to stop the pigs? Please share more steps people can take right now to make our voices heard. Thank you for all you do Dane.


  6. Marc says:

    How despicable it is that these rapists have been plastering our skies for SO MANY YEARS and yet have the disgusting audacity to cover up this fact with lies, disinformation, misinformation and every other conceivable kind of deceit known to man. It wasn't always like this. Seems in years past, vis-a-vis the 1978 congressional document for example, open discussion and "official" disclosure seemed to be part of the paradigm. But something changed somewhere along the way and the bastards pulled most of the plugs on transparency. And so it has gone for almost 40 years! Until the last handful of years wherein most discussions of geoengineering have been framed  entirely in the context of PROPOSALS that deserve more scrutiny and scientific analysis. Again, more deceit. Who gave these motherf**kers the right to lie to us and conjure up every conceivable form of clever disinformation to seed society with? Seems everywhere we turn we can find examples of just how far-reaching these attempts to confuse the public have gone. Very……very…….clever. Very slick. Mixing truth with just a dash of just the right kind of lie and voila!!! We have an incredibly potent tool to fuck over the understanding of the average Joe on the street. These tactics and hundreds more are now in full, blazing deployment. And I agree with Diane Friday that one of our worst fears has been: what if open disclosure of geoengineering begins to hit the airwaves, such as Janice has alleged ( in Canada) in a post below this one? Really? Is this actually true? Are we gonna see a massive wave of disclosure to "roll out" the program in an effort to legitimize it and allay the fears and concerns of growing public scrutiny? This would majorly suck. However, to what extent can they  "roll out" their program that would be demonstrably different than what we've been seeing for years and years? Is there any conceivable RAMP-UP that would cause a citizen to look up (that did not do so before) and exclaim, oh yeah, I guess they're doing that geoengineering stuff I heard they were gonna start doing. Unless of course the aforementioned citizen has been a f**king mindless, distracted, nearsighted, un-opinionated and complacent moron who can't connect two dots on a piece of paper with a fresh sharpie. Who on this earth cannot see what's going on out there? It is blindingly obvious to everybody who comes to this site, yet we all have stories of those around us who magically have remained blissfully unaware. Hard to believe.

      I am so afraid and so disgusted with all of this. I struggle every single day, I mean, EVERY DAY, with very dark, insoluble feelings of hopelessness and anger and impotence. I do what I can to spread information and talk to people but the mile high tsunami of societal collapse hovers over us just off-shore like the sword of Damocles. And day after day, month after month, the monsters continue to saturate our precious atmosphere with shit that ain't no part of anything Mother meant for us to breathe. There absolutely is an end point to all this. And it is when all geoengineers cease their activities or die. Will their blind toxic rampage boomerang on their sorry asses? Are they fully PREPARED to go down with this ship? If not, why?

    • Dennie says:

      Marc:  I believe that the evidence all points to the obvious fact that since "they" can't feel anything (DENIAL of feelings, mainly), "they" JUST DO NOT CARE.  Especially not when "they" own the companies doing the spraying, like Dr. "Death" David Keith, who is making Dr. Mengele look like a real piker. 

  7. Kevin Love says:

    Yesterday I suggested for Dane's "action activist suggestion" page to have signs made for the back of your car in the material that can peel off.  Use the same sign that we see on billboards shown on this website "they are spraying our skies"…."you are the bug"!  That photo says it all as a man with a gas mask is seen.   This is a very effective to to alert drivers behind you and won't upset you if your being tailgated because they will learn something.  

    • Jay Fiato says:

      I think that's a great idea, Kevin, something to plant a seed and the more people that do this the better. Peace

  8. JR says:

    From Southwest, New Mexico with a quick note. We are inundated with SAG/SRM- aka Chemtrails, the sky is super whited out?!!! These people have sold out their souls for $$$, and pleasure's of this world. Lord have mercy on His, Hold Fast, and Press On People. The Beginning of The End may be real close. I am not a Fear Monger Friends…

    • JR says:

      Early Saturday morn. from all night spraying into present time. Much clouds up there again only to be attacked with the Lowlife zombies  scum SAG/SRM Sprayers at 6:30 a.m. And R-12 Freon was bad??? We will not live in the Spirit of Fear, or be Worry Warriors!!! Be ye Angry but do not Sin….We will do what we must to Survive and Expose Evil at its roots at whatever the cost. We will live in Oppression no more. As I said awhile back they (it) will pit us one against another (divide) as Canada, and put this up for a vote!? They like laying out 3 lines pattern side by side on purpose as a dove leaves its print in the sand, some sort of tuning fork in their research? People are very gullible in general and believe their interest in all is for the best when lied to by authority. People need to Discern. They will want Perfect Weather-Climate, etc…..They don't want to be bothered and very complacent in their (our) comfort zone blinded all along with their children and loved ones in a crooked and perverse generation. 

    • Jay Fiato says:

      No, you are just saying what you see and it’s the truth, unfortunately, most just can't handle it. Peace my friend

  9. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, the sky is fully whited out this morning. The homogenous, featureless blanket phenomenon has caused a cool down to counter what was to be a hotter-than-it-should-be day.

    The air is so completely still, which is another effect cited around the world. I vow to introduce this topic to at least one more unaware person today.

    • Kevin Love says:

      Leave your knowledge with everyone you run into.  It's worth it.  What do you have to lose….oh yeah…,. The Planet!  

  10. This is Orwellian madness. You can’t make this stuff up…
    Monsanto is Suing California for Telling People the Truth About Its Chemicals / Claire Bernish / March 3, 2016
    (ANTIMEDIA) California — Monsanto is suing the State of California for its intent to include glyphosate — the main ingredient in its wildly popular herbicide, Roundup — on its Proposition 65 toxic chemicals list. …
    Echoing concerns of an increasingly knowledgeable public, CFS, the Center for Food Safety, believes in transparency and the right to be informed of risks from being exposed to toxic substances. Monsanto’s lawsuit to block such labeling belies its indifference to harming the world’s population and contaminating the planet — or, worse, its intent to profit despite such harm.
    Should Monsanto be victorious in this court battle, it would represent a major defeat for the people’s right to know when they could be harmed. Worse, it would be a victory for an already aggressively arrogant industry bent on profit at any and every cost.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, Apparently the Evil Empire thinks it can still run rough shod as its bloodlust for California even goes to court which is sort of surprising for the mob it is.  Who knew they knew from legal?  Guess its "hit" on California for the past 4 years didn't yield the success it hoped for.  Here is hoping this state and our turncoat governor allows its defeat, helping set a legal precedent, while sending a shot heard round the world against their agricultural/soil/water/ and people destroying ways.  What about this in Oregon?  Oregon has stood against them longtime, even somewhat paving/leading the way.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Thanks to the wording of legalese in the recently signed TPP agreement that was designed for protection of the corporations against laws or mandates from governments,  they will most likely get a huge settlement.  Everything is timing, everything is conducted, and it sure isn't a beautiful piece of music.  If only a player would show up that has the jurisdiction and authority to de-evil this nightmare.

  11. Investor Jim Rogers has said that a rapid rise in the price of gold is evidence that the market is near the end, perhaps along with everything else. The end of a cycle, a cycle of time.
    BlackRock Suspends ETF Issuance Due To "Surging Demand For Gold"  / March 4, 2016
    BlackRock's Gold ETF (IAU) has seen fund inflows every day in 2016 (no outflows at all) and with the stock trading above its NAV for most of the year, the world's largest asset manager has made a significant decision:
    It appears the huge demand for physical gold (and lack of supply) is finally catching up with the manipulation of paper prices. If this is anything other than a brief technical suspension, it could well unleash panic-buying as we already pointed out – there is no physical gold!  As we [Zero-Hedge] previously concluded, the reality that there are just two tons of gold to satisfy delivery requests based on accepted protocols should in itself be troubling, ignoring the latent question why so many owners of physical gold are de-warranting their holdings. Considering there are now less than 74,000 ounces of Registered gold at the Comex, or just over 2 tonnes, we may be about to find out how right, or wrong, the skeptics are, because at this rate the combined Registered vault gold could be depleted as soon as the next delivery request is satisfied. Or isn't. Meanwhile, this is how gold is taking the news – it would appear that some gold is still available… one just has to pay up for it.

    New York Spot Price

  12. Nyira says:

    It's all unbelievable…  and I'm having a difficult time convincing anyone because the response I keep getting is "Why would they do that to themselves and their own families?"  Why??  It really sounds like something out of a science fiction movie… do they think they can just cause all of this destruction, destroy the planet and many of its' inhabitants (while profiting immensely)… and after the great fall do they plan on coming out of hiding and grabbing their organic life-giving seeds from their (Gates, Monsanto) "seed vault" and rebuilding the planet???  What is the agenda behind this?  That is the ultimate question.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nyira, the question you pose about the “why” of geoengineering does not have a simple answer. Why do people take pharmaceuticals when they generally to far more harm than good? Again, the equation is complex. In the case of climate engineering, many agendas are being carried out at once, hope you will continue your investigation with the data provided at Thank you for your courage in facing this most critical issue Nyira.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Nyira, Too add to Dane's reply, at this site you'll find much speculation as to why.  As with most things in life, there is no one simple answer as much as many would hope there was, and some think they know.  On the other hand, too few involved seem to know what they are doing.  Much has been modeled by individual scientists and universities with government backing with one hand not knowing what the other is doing.  Some is as simple and horrifying as disposing of waste, dangerous waste from coal to nuclear and everything in between while giving that another name, claiming it is to our benefit.
      ;We are all sitting ducks.  Unfortunately this jibes all too well with the on-going theme of greed and money=power.  On this site you will find a government manifesto called: Owing the Weather by 2025.  And so much more that with horror, you will find out that few of us have ever known normal weather, natural weather unless you are more than 70 years old!  Even then……So many layers to this onion.  Hubris leads the way and lines the pockets of the military/industrial complex.  Our main hope is awareness.  Spread it like good fertilizer.  Scatter seeds wherever you can.  "Why?" makes a start.  Don't get demoralized by others' reactions.  It IS a shock.  One past due!

  13. The Goal is global connectivity — even in the remotest parts of the world — thanks to teams of tiny, intelligent, swarming satellites called CubeSats. Does aerosol spraying increase this technology for global 'connectivity'?
    The following is a list of CubeSats, nanosatellites used primarily by universities for research missions, typically in low Earth orbits. Some CubeSats became their country's first national satellite.
    An ambitious project is the QB50, an international network of 50 CubeSats for multi-point by different Universities and other teams, in-situ measurements in the lower thermosphere (90–350 km) and re-entry research. QB50 is an initiative of the Von Karman Institute and is funded by the European Union. Double-unit ("2-U") CubeSats (10x10x20 cm) are foreseen, with one unit (the 'functional' unit) providing the usual satellite functions and the other unit (the 'science' unit) accommodating a set of standardised sensors for lower thermosphere and re-entry research. 35 CubeSats are envisaged to be provided by universities in 19 European countries, 10 by universities in the US, 2 by universities in Canada, 3 by Japanese universities, 1 by an institute in Brazil, and others. Ten double or triple CubeSats are foreseen to serve for in-orbit technology demonstration of new space technologies. All 50 CubeSats may be launched together on a single Cyclone-4 launch vehicle in February 2016.[1] The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the QB50 CubeSat was released on February 15, 2012.
    “Incomplete” List of CubeSats

    Crazy Engineering: CubeSats
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  As annoying as the avalanche of your postings may be, you do have a knack for digging up the best of the crap "they" cook up, then dump on us.  I've noticed that quite a few of us are really really good at putting The Bigger Picture on the map.  Go team!!!

  14. Melody Meachum says:

    My oldest daughter stated a year ago (I agree) that there is no longer "natural winter" in the "snow" states or eastern half of the US. As Dane says, the weather makers are keeping up the facade as long as possible. 

    The snow always comes via tankers working in concert with the aerosols spray drones. As soon as the induced cold and snow is done, we go back to a resting temp of 50's to 60's and we're talking January and February in Michigan. This isn't even dealing with what's happened in Alaska and the Artic.

    I believe this has been the case much longer than many of us have realized, save for those (including Dane) who have immersed themselves in climate change and weather warfare.

  15. levi says:

    ("life out of balance"), and three Hopi prophecies

    "If we dig precious things from the land we will invite disaster."

    "Near the day of purification,will be be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky."

    "A container of ashes might on day be thrown from the sky,which could burn the land and boil the oceans."

    • a simple horseman says:

      Levi!! Where did you get this material? I read it several years ago and failed to save where I found it. I follow the Hopi legends closely, meaning, I live my life accordingly. I don't just say "ya, ya, that sounds nice". They were far beyond anyone we would know today. Technology is NOT our evolution, it is turning out to be our demise. Same thing with "money". I love picking on "christians" and making them think about their own "written word" as "they" believe it to be. Basically just calling a hypocrite a hypocrite. Why have professed beliefs if you are not willing to live them? Regardless!! Geesh!!!! Apostle Paul is known to have said, "the 'love' of money is the root of all evil". Holy mistranslations Batman!! Dig deeper my christian friends, Paul said, "money" "is" the root of all evil". Dig deep, you'll find I am true. Then ask yourself why you have been mislead. The happiest times in my life have been when I had no money and still lived an "abundant life", bills paid, roof over my head and food to eat. Folks, you don't have to live in a prepared and boxed world. Christ refused to get in the box most live in today…………………………..

  16. Gino Polak says:

    Dear Dane.
    I, admire and respect all your efforts towards bringing this
    nightmare out in the open. Unfortunately, many countries 
    use NOAA's info including my country. I, share your articles
    with my fellow citizens so, they'll wake from the spell they're under.
    Only the THRUTH will set us free. 
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
    Your efforts are highly appreciated.


  17. cinnamon says:

    Here in NJ, 9AM, temps at least 42 degrees and snowing like crazy.  never stuck to pavement or sidewalks, but now I am watching what did pile up earlier is now quickly melting, even tho' it is snowing very hard and now the winds are picking up.  HAARP/ELF/RF dialed up, trying to keep this "storm" intact.  Total BS!

    • cinnamon says:

      Drama, Drama, Drama…OK it is time to close down the "production", the "producers, directors and actors"..This is the end…no more reprisals in theatres, hollywood "productions", "PLAYS" AND THEIR ENDLESS "REMAKES".  "THEIR" CYCLE MUST END.  TURN OFF YOU TV'S, STOP GOING TO THE MOVIES AND THEATRES, SPORTS EVENTS, ETC.  THIS IS HOW THEY REPROGRAM OUR MINDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN, THIS IS HOW THEY USE OUR FREE WILL TO ACCEPT AND NEVER QUESTION.  WE MUST FIGHT BACK AGAINST YET ANOTHER ILLUSION/DELUSION.  .  THAT THIS IS NOT OF OUR CREATION, BUT THE MANIPULATION OF OUR MINDS IN A FALSE BELIEF.  , BY THE FALSE PROPHETS.  "THEIR" BELIEF, IS, HE ONLY WAY TO BRING LUCIFER(THE FALSE LIGHT INTO RULE) IS THRU THE FALSE PROPHETS, AKA MASS MEDIA, ETC.    I BELEIVE SO.   HUMANKIND MUST FIGHT BACK, THEY NOW TRY T O SCRAMBLE OUR BRAIN WAVES THRU haarp/elf/rf waves.  For all of here, witnessing and testifying, are trying to limit our transmission to Source, even further.  Bu, are bing blocked.  think about it.  Our awakening has only been followed with more and more geoengineering, that is no coincidence, they want to stifle and distort our own higher electoromagnetics we produce.   In simple terms, tring o ancl out the positive, by strengthening the negative..  And if you are to contemplate, why are bloods referred to has "positive  and negative blood types"   Duality in itself.

  18. Richard says:

    Friends & family treatment about geoengineering  are simply  our  burden to bear  in this fight, friends, reminds me of the Roddy Piper movie where only those with the eye glasses could see the aliens for who they truly were. We need to figure out a way to open our brothers and sisters eyes about the reality of the spraying over our heads, before the bad guys start  to use their ray guns on those of us who can see the aerosols being dumped on us!

  19. Rebecca says:

    A sample taken from upper respiratory passages contains aluminum coated fiberglass.


    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      I noticed all the deniers of Global Warming dismiss the doom and gloom and say there is no cause for concern as the warming is natural and that it will only be a 1 degree C. increase in 50 years  No one talked about geo-engineering or why it was necessary to spray the skies, Haarp, or anything that Dane publishes. This is going to be nasty.

  20. Johnny says:


    You have to watch the Twilight Zone, episode titled 'Third from the Sun'…  Incredible dialog which touches on the destruction of the planet at the hands of humans.


  21. david says:

    every cloud over orlando today was artificial aerosols.  this happens a lot.  

    • Fred Milton Olsen says:

      Madison, Wisconsin is the same way.  Clear day to start, lots of persistent contrails that form every cloud in the sky and eventually a covering haze.  Some days the sky is already criss-crossed by dawn.  People just don't look up much any more, I guess.  It's so easy to see.

  22. Diane Friday says:

    Thanks for that Dane. It certainly seems they know the pressure is on. Those of us who visit this site daily and share our experiences, and or frustration and sadness and anger, know we aren't the only ones checking in. We know that they're keeping an eye on things as well, and that's a huge understatement. 

    Reading today's installment, becoming aware of  just how bad things are in South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and just about everywhere else, makes it all that much harder to sit here and listen to the Growlers fly over. Third one so far in the last hour and 15 minutes. Being made aware just how extensive and severe the catastrophic drought conditions are in once lush, tropical locations, can somebody tell me why the hell they're putting such incredible effort into the engineered "Arctic blast" we've been treated to here in the northeast, again? I watched as they laid down trail after sickening trail from first thing this morning until well after dark. Watched the "increasing clouds", which of course were in the forecast from the NWS, being made by line by toxic line until there were first real-looking clouds, then the usual dirty whiteout of the skies, while at the same time the very artificial cold settled in hard and seemed to permeate everything. And all this for a scheduled "nuisance snow event" overnight into tomorrow morning (right in time for the morning rush hour, as usual). The scheduled accumulation (for southeastern PA) is allegedly going to be 2-3 inches by the time all is said and done. An entire day and night spent setting up one specific geographic location for a "nuisance snow event", punctuated by the nighttime Growler flyovers?!?! Meanwhile, so many countries around the world are literally drying up, rivers and lakes disappearing, their animal and plant life now rapidly dying off?!?! Forget psychopaths; the great minds responsible for these ongoing atrocities are obviously clinically insane. 

  23. Google Is Building a Big, Mysterious Radio Transmitter in the Desert
    Coming soon to Spaceport America: Google's newest secretive project.  / By John Wenz / Mar 3, 2016
    Spaceport America, outside Truth or Consequences in the deserts of New Mexico, has been retooling its tenant list in recent years. The facility has one big advantage for the non-rocket crowd. It has lots and lots of fiber optic communications cables just waiting to be used. It seems Google may be making some good use of them, but exactly what they're doing is still under wraps.
    According to an FCC document unearthed by Brian Benchoff at Hackaday, the internet giant applied for an experimental radio license to be built in the New Mexico desert. Much of the report is redacted, thanks to a request for confidentiality by Google. But a few details can be sussed out: It will work in ranges typically utilized for communications devices (the 2.5 GhZ and 5.8 GhZ band), but includes higher millimeter bands.
    As Benchoff points out, there's a transmitter in the 70-80 GHz band. That band isn't regulated much by the FCC, and is typically used for high-bandwidth communications, and frequencies just under that range (60 GHz) may indeed be utilized for high-bandwidth wireless routers. But whereas those devices will use power in the watts, Google wants a 96.4 kilowatt transmitter. AM radio stations top out at 50 KWs, which can reach at least 38 states. But whereas that's omnidirectional, Google wants something that also concentrates on very narrow widths.  …

    • BaneB says:

      Prepare for more clanging in our ears!

    • bill mudd says:

      Anytime someone wants to do all this in a place like Truth or Consequences  you got to figure its clandestine. Thanks for this post, Ive always wondered about GOOGLE, now I really do.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Do any of you remember the stories of google exec's meeting once a week last summer at the "white house"?!!!
      Connect dots!!!  For your "self"… and all………….

  24. Chemical Safety Bill Could Help Protect Monsanto Against Legal Claims
    NY Times / By ERIC LIPTON / FEB. 29, 2016
    WASHINGTON — Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, the giant biotechnology company Monsanto last year received a legislative gift from the House of Representatives, a one-paragraph addition to a sweeping chemical safety bill that could help shield it from legal liability for a toxic chemical only it made.
    Monsanto insists it did not ask for the addition. House aides deny it is a gift at all. But the provision would benefit the only manufacturer in the United States of now-banned polychlorinated biphenyls, chemicals known as PCBs, a mainstay of Monsanto sales for decades. The PCB provision is one of several sticking points that negotiators must finesse before Congress can pass a law to revamp the way thousands of chemicals are regulated in the United States.
    “Call me a dreamer, but I wish for a Congress that would help cities with their homeless crises instead of protecting multinational corporations that poison our environment,” said Pete Holmes, the city attorney for Seattle, one of six cities suing Monsanto to help cover the costs of reducing PCB discharge from their sewers.
    The House and the Senate last year both passed versions of legislation to replace the 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act, a law that the Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged had become so unworkable that as many as 1,000 hazardous chemicals still on sale today needed to be evaluated to see if they should be banned or restricted.
    … Already, attorneys general and top environmental regulators from 15 states have written to leaders in Congress demanding changes.  … Some of the most vociferous objections relate to the so-called Monsanto Clause. The provision does not mention the company by name, but between the early 1930s and 1977, Monsanto manufactured almost all of the 1.25 billion pounds of PCBs sold in the United States. … “The House bill specifically exempts PCBs,” ensuring that protection from lawsuits would continue “after the passage of the new law,” the lawyer argued, even though the provision remained locked in negotiation.  The House provision is now drawing protests from local officials suing Monsanto to try to recover costs associated with PCB cleanups, and from lawyers who are trying to collect damages for individuals with health problems linked to PCB exposure, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    “Taxpayers and public entities would be left holding the bag to pay hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars cleaning up Monsanto’s PCBs,” said John Fiske, one of the lawyers representing the six cities suing to collect money from the company to help cover cleanup costs.  … The House bill presents a different issue: It would prevent a state from regulating a chemical if the health risk the state agency was targeting was different from the risk the E.P.A. had already acted on, the attorneys general say. For example, an E.P.A. regulation targeting a cancer threat from a cleaning product could block state officials from regulating the same product to protect consumers from respiratory illnesses.
    Despite such concerns, Democrats and Republicans — as well as environmentalists and state officials — want legislation passed this year to replace the current law, which was rendered all but unenforceable by a 1991 court ruling.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      What I want to know Susan is how a version of this stuff ended up lining all canned goods?!  It was totally unnecessary and is very harmful.  Is anyone planning to do something about that?  I've been involved with the TSCA issue for years.  I'd thought, as had many, that the protection against lawsuits and blowback for Monsanto actually passed, secretly, via the sequester.  Luckily, some Senator? saved the day at the last possible second.  I swore I would not forget his name, but have, but it can be looked up.  Along with the navy's plans along all coasts and extending to Hawaii, this Monsanto protection forever nearly, way too nearly went through.  The guy whose name I can't remember really saved the day.  So, it seems they are tossing Monsanto a bone here.  but what a bone!  This is the stuff that caused so much malformation of critters in streams, feminized boys and pushed girls into early puberty.  Plus, the stuff can kill you.  Without so much as a by- your- leave this junk ends up lining nearly ALL canned goods.  Especially leaches with acidic foods.  Brain not optimal today.  Seems to me the can lining is a variant, as in BPA.  I find it hard to believe that all PCBs were made by Monsanto Until 1977.  That cannot be correct.  These were water bottles and such in use until very recently, some seemingly still being swapped out.  Frank Lautner? was the man working on the chemical act until he died and apparently highly respected, his vision exceeding this by miles, light years?  He was serious.  This is not serious, this must be a joke-on us.  That lawyer in Seattle got it right.  Can we get a petition going?  God help us if this is up to the EPA.  No surprise there that they rigged it to conflict and stifle progress.  I am almost pissed off enough by this to snap to!  The Evil Empire cannot win this one.  Just can't.  Might set some kind of precedent.  No favors in exchange for our health and environment for Monsanto!  No!  Not one!  They KNEW what they were doing and in doing forever poisoned a major river.  All they make is poison.  Everything poison.

  25. I just ran across an article about the various stages in scenarios of global average temperature rises..detailing ocean water level rises, desertification, effects on human life support essentials producing mass migrations, etc. What tweaked my antennae about this piece is how dramatically it was couched, building to an apocalyptic finish, and the fact that the writer is anonymous, and it is posted on a Dutch financial company’s website…seemingly the only thing in English on the site…any opinions? Url:

  26. Jim says:

    I have been reading about the horrible effects of geoengineering not only in the USA but world wide as well.  Who exactly is directly responsible for this activity?  How can we get this problem into the presidential debate processes?  This must be stopped.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Jim.  Dane and other here as well have figured out a lot, Dane most of all, and he encourages everyone to do their own work, their own research and that does help.  Yet no one has all the answers yet.

      As for getting it into debates, good luck.  Cynical for a reason.  I do online activism and again and again when asked about candidates, or by candidates or anything from the President or our representatives, they often have a list of what you care about the most, then a place called "other".  So, in "other" I always put "full disclosure about on-going weather modification, stop geo-engineering our planet!".  Sometimes I get to add that if one were to address this, one would stand to gain a million votes.  At least.  As Natives say: They have no ears.

  27. Rosalie says:

    Is this why pilots are able to spray us like bugs and feel no guilt?

    Just a thought.

  28. Rosalie says:

    I used to work at CBC.  This was "the" place to be, for any credible journalist or talented artist.  Oh how times have changed.  I sent an email to the TV newsroom about six months ago with a link to Dane's website.  No response. For the CBC to come out and normalize geoengineering; that is so disturbing.  

    • Rosalie, I had to laugh at the pathetically juvenile say-nothing posting on the CBC. Dumbing down is alive and well at our national Tee-Vee. I used to work there too, God bless ’em. I gave The Fifth Estate a large file, all about those lines in the sky that nobody notices, way back in 2002. It sank without a trace. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      It is called Government controlled media.  Many countries do it.  Why not us?  To hell with justice and liberty for all.  To hell with democracy.  I mean what the hell would happen to Wall Street if there were no disasters to be traded?  It is a hellish trend.  Had to laugh over following comment: "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."  It's been a long time since I've heard that old adage.  It so fits now.  With the unaware.  Answers why.  I mean, if they see no evil, then they can avoid hearing about evil, thus not having to speak evil.  Tidy little package there!  Gets a person off the hook in a graceful way.  While staying safe from the spy masters-in the sky.  Reputation wise.  What fear causes refusal to see or to believe your eyes?  What fear causes people to close their ears?  What fear keeps mouths shut?!  What fear is left if the world is ending for real?  Who is left to care?  Silence seals the tomb.

  29. Kevin Love says:

    Where I work in Westlake Village Ca. many of the customers are retired guys from Amgen or other pharmaceuticals as well as tech companies.  I've been making them all aware of the spraying and why it's being done, but one of the guys got very distant with me over the past week since I exposed this mess.   I knew he worked and still does some work for Raytheon but until the night after talking with him…when I watched a video on this webpage that identifies Raytheon as a culprit to this chemical assault…did I realize I hit a nerve.   Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction!  

    Listen to the Rush song "the enemy within" and you will see a prophetic piece of lyrics. 

    • Kevin Love says:

      The song "Natural Science" by RUSH talks about man's interference with nature and poetically and convictingly exposes the corruption in man's nature.  This was written in 1979 but applies to our state of affairs today.

  30. EagleScout says:

    40  degrees here in north georgia , and snowed 2 inches at 40 degrees..???

  31. Roger Gibbons says:

    St Pete's beach area today heavily sprayed in criss cross patterns. The sun disappeared but you could see pattern after pattern of spray. The good news is that I mentioned it to my neighbor and she said tell me more ……so I did and her eyes were opened.

    There you go ….one at a time.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Roger, well done!  I'm still waiting on some to ask me: Tell me more.  It will come.  Some things just can't be forced.  I've been "in a mood" not common for me.  Might have to do with our weather.  It is raining and all looks lush and normally I love rain.  But, I watched Vice last night.  Oh so depressing.  The cattle for hamburger stuff is so out of control and just plain wrong in every single way. Did show cows done right, but on a small scale, which it should be.  Can be done right, if done small.

      Then, the water crisis.  The Ogalala Aquifer is almost dry.  As is nearly every other one in the world!  To hell with the price of gold.  Can't eat it, can't drink it.  We can live some long time without food or much food, but very little time without water.

      No doubt your dramatic skies got your neighbor's attention.  The criss- cross tic tac toe ones especially obvious.  Yet….well how the hell do people miss this?  So many do.  I think part of what I am feeling is the info overload others talk about.  Seems impossible to save anything.  Doom.  And more doom.  And more and more, endless doom.  What a thing to marinate oneself in.  Yet, what else can be done?  So, I celebrate this success of yours today and so glad you shared!  Thanks.

  32. Rodster says:

    This morning in Venice, Florida you could visibly see crisscross trails in the sky and some of the trails were low and wide. The sky had an abnormal look to it i.e. murky, silverish/blue color.

    Gone are the days of no haze, bright blue skies and white puffy clouds.

    • Tag says:

      Got that right Rodster!  I can't even remember when I saw a deep blue sky with big fluffy clouds.  All I see today is the possibility of a blue sky in the early AM, only to be assaulted by the planes so by noon at the latest?  Nothing but this hazy, white mess.  I have even heard our local, bought by lies, weather men refer to this as "filtered skies"  WTF are filtered skies?

    • Ed Bee says:

      I have heard the forecasts for "filtered sunshine" here. I have to ask myself, "filtered through what?" Then the maddening things like "partly sunny turning to partly cloudy later. Then mostly cloudy in the evening turning cloudy overnight. Foggy in the morning. Cloudy with rain turning to snow….." Drives me nuts when I see man and not Mother Nature creating the weather.

  33. DrDignity says:

    Dear Everybody, Please read this article about yesterday's brief arrival of baseline temperature up to two degrees C above pre-industrial baseline in the northern hemisphere.  Meteorologist Eric Holthaus (Slate Magazine) wrote this article today entitled, "Our Hemisphere Just Reached a Terrifying Milestone."  At the end appears a kind of "Welcome to the World of Geoengineering" video entitled "How Geoengineering Works," fashioning itself as a more whimsical idea that is not yet begun. It's a cartoon which is totally non-threatening. The earth is heating up very fast now & that's probably why the skies of the world are so hazy.  Today in Palm Springs, the sprays are relentless. 

  34. Will we ever stop using fossil fuels?
    Not without a carbon tax, suggests a study by an MIT economist.

    Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office  / February 24, 2016
    In recent years, proponents of clean energy have taken heart in the falling prices of solar and wind power, hoping they will drive an energy revolution. But a new study co-authored by an MIT professor suggests otherwise: Technology-driven cost reductions in fossil fuels will lead us to continue using all the oil, gas, and coal we can, unless governments pass new taxes on carbon emissions. …
    …The study concludes that burning all available fossil fuels would raise global average temperatures 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100; burning oil shale and methane hydrates, two more potential sources of copious fossil fuels, would add another 1.5 to 6.2 degrees Fahrenheit to that.
    “Such scenarios imply difficult-to-imagine change in the planet and dramatic threats to human well-being in many parts of the world,” the paper states. The authors add that “the world is likely to be awash in fossil fuels for decades and perhaps even centuries to come.”

    • Susan, want to read a scary little piece on temperature rise apocalypse? I ran across this offering on a Dutch financial company’s site.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, as dire as the article from Berrens might seem, reality is actually far worse. All available front line data indecates the planetary warming is already over 3C from baseline. The single greatest leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt the insanity in our skies, lets keep marching forward in the fight.

    • Dennie says:

      The ONLY way to stop the burning of fossilized hydrocarbons as fuels is to TAX them.  This IS something that the "left" and the "right" actually DO agree on.  It was an idea that was discussed and recommended in the book titled A Presidential Energy Policy, by Michael C. Ruppert.

    • Steve Thompson — Thank you for that, very informative and appreciated.

      And Dane…the reality is worse?  sigh… On we go!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Oil consumption will stop when we "demand" suppressed technologies that have been suppressed due to not being "profitable". What "WE" need is already in existence…. Everything but critical thinking. Sadly we here on this site will remain the minority for a little while longer… Chin up my friends, we will over come and prevail or we will go down trying to save us all… Either is fine with me. I can live with myself either way. I can only do my best, regardless….

      What say "you"?

  35. The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism
    By Chris Hedges /  Mar 2, 2016  [excerpt]:   … Fascist movements build their base not from the politically active but the politically inactive, the “losers” who feel, often correctly, they have no voice or role to play in the political establishment. The sociologist Émile Durkheim warned that the disenfranchisement of a class of people from the structures of society produced a state of “anomie”—a “condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals.” Those trapped in this “anomie,” he wrote, are easy prey to propaganda and emotionally driven mass movements. Hannah Arendt, echoing Durkheim, noted that “the chief characteristic of the mass man is not brutality and backwardness, but his isolation and lack of normal social relationships.”
    In fascism the politically disempowered and disengaged, ignored and reviled by the establishment, discover a voice and a sense of empowerment.
    … There is only one way left to blunt the yearning for fascism coalescing around Trump. It is to build, as fast as possible, movements or parties that declare war on corporate power, engage in sustained acts of civil disobedience and seek to reintegrate the disenfranchised—the “losers”—back into the economy and political life of the country. This movement will never come out of the Democratic Party. If Clinton prevails in the general election Trump may disappear, but the fascist sentiments will expand. Another Trump, perhaps more vile, will be vomited up from the bowels of the decayed political system. We are fighting for our political life. Tremendous damage has been done by corporate power and the college-educated elites to our capitalist democracy. The longer the elites, who oversaw this disemboweling of the country on behalf of corporations—who believe, as does CBS Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves, that however bad Trump would be for America he would at least be good for corporate profit—remain in charge, the worse it is going to get.

  36. Is Goldman Sachs about to ‘buy’ Saudi Arabia?
    Saudis Turn To Capital Markets For $10 Billion Loan
    By Charles Kennedy / 03 March 2016 16:43 | 1
    Saudi Arabia is seeking a $10 billion loan from international banks, according to Reuters, which represents the country’s first major loan in more than a decade. The Saudi government is hoping to discuss the matter with several unnamed banks, and while the amount was also not disclosed, a source told Reuters that it could top $10 billion. …It now appears that the Saudi government wants to turn to international lenders to help plug the budget hole. As one of the world’s largest oil producers with a huge war chest of cash reserves, Saudi Arabia shouldn’t have trouble finding any lenders. Not only that, but Reuters says that banks might be eager to lend to Saudi Arabia because it could improve their chances of being selected to conduct the bond offering that Saudi Arabia is planning on holding later this year.

  37. Mike says:

    It's plus 14 in Calgary Alberta, Canada, we never get it this hot in early March,

  38. Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

    Australia is underprepared to deal with the escalating problem of extreme "killer" heatwaves and a "whole of society approach" is needed to deal with the problem, a Climate Council report says.

    This very hot air ( from the vast sunbaked interior) typically arrives with a ferocious, high speed wind due to the barometric pressure differences. Is also why the bush fires are uncontrollable;not uncommon to have 100 KPH wind speeds. Aiming your hair dryer  at your face will help one appreciate the 'experience'.

  39. Dennie says:

    This morning's guests on KQED fm's Forum radio show (San Francisco, CA) hosted by Michael Krasny included Stanford sociology professor Albert Bandura discussing his research over the years and his new book.  Included in the discussion is the phenomenon of moral disengagement, how it's created and how it plays out in scenarios that affect the common good, such as social violence, including bullying (TROLLING is a part of bullying), environmental destruction including man-made green-house gas-driven climate change.  No one called in with any mention of geoengineering programs.  If man-made climate change as well as  geoengineering aren't actual forms of violence, I wouldn't know what is.

    You can listen to the show rebroadcast tonight at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, or download the mp3 of the show archived on the website.  Here's the link to the station and the program:


    • girlbot says:

      I am going to listen to this show and am listening to you. You are spot on with advancing the idea that this is war, this is violence—this self-destructive cannibalism I say, this is mind-boggling violence far beyond the mineshaft, this is in fact a philosophical and existential cause celebre—and we need to put this on a political footing that is as important as the larger society puts the violence of war—at least at some level of politics. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions today.

  40. Terri says:

    I had a wonderful surprise today in a lab waiting are.  I was there for my tummy issues, which I can not heal on my own, after 2 years.  I found myself in a medical lab waiting area this morning…

    .Another woman with her son about 7 years old were company for me. Both were heaving and coughing, blowing noses and sneezing; child had appt with a Dr. after mom was done.  I said, " Have you seen the skies and how they are spraying us heavy the last 2 days?"  SHE DID & KNEW ABOUT THIS TOPIC!  She also is well aware that nothing Dr.'s do or prescribe helps with these symptoms, yet today, she is in Dr. office's.  Wonder of Wonders what a great surprise that was though!  I felt my hope meter rise a smidgeon.  Acoustics were good so others in the office over heard much of our brief exchange. LOL!  Keep talking, don't be shy!  

    Northern Arizona has been bombarded the last 2 days, incredibly heavy blanket of white over the sun.  They must be relocating the rain & storms the TV News idiots are talking about.  I notice every newscast the forecast changes, as to now, "if rain will get to Arizona or not at all" when 3 days ago we were going to see some real action. El Nino and all that, we were told.  I also notice younger, bouncier (happier, the brightest of the bright) weather folks (They all look like clones except for Al Roker!).   Older weather folks saying NO MORE, being replaced by pliable innocent (meteorologists LOL!) youngsters?  Up here everything is in wild bloom very early, yet  snow with this latest storm due is possible.  How?  Hugh? Today we are at 86 degrees? 

    Well, keep up educating folks, don't bother to push, just plant the seed and mention this web site a few times in the conversation….like they do in TV commercials!  (urgh) This is getting very hard to ignore at this point, the spraying is literally in your face.  Educate!

    1PacificRedwood is a site I recently found.  He talks on a level I understand.  You might give him a listen and see what you think.  I gagged when he showed the chemtrail saturation over the Colorado River Area on his report of 3/3/2016.  They are out to kill us all off, one way or another.  (((banging head on counter)))


    I walked past a Dr. Office today. Everyone in the waiting room, every single person I saw including staff, were wearing medical masks. I did a double take and made eye contact with an unhappy person. Can the medical world be so behind & backwards as to not know of Chemtrail Flu and the various symptoms?  Yep, )):

    • Terri —  Regarding you "tummy issues" I have been suffering various GI symptoms for nine years now. Recently a friend who also has aerosol spray related symptoms, told me that KEFIR was helping him & his lady in Berkeley CA, where they are being drowned in sprays everyday. So I am trying Kefir for the first time in my 70 years and from the first cup IT HELPED.  We are all different, but Kefir has natural probiotics. FYI.


    • Dennie says:

      Many students coughing/sneezing/snuffling (my nose is really irritated by the nano-particulates being forced on us; itchy nose, itchy eyes, itching skin, irritated mouth, blowing my nose, etc.)  Is THIS the "New Normal?"  WHY the (YOUR FAVORITE ADJECTIVE HERE– NO OFFENSE!!!) would ANYONE ACCEPT THIS–???

    • girlbot says:

      May I please recommend ayurveda to all of you? Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine/way of healthful living/ literally, "science of life", not only can treat many flus under the sun, even the new nasty engineered strains I think, and really addresses the core of health, which is digestion. I am studying it myself and it is really a phenomenal tool of self-care. I recommend a site called, for one, which is based in the US.

    • Dennie says:

      The metals and god-knows-what-else we're being sprayed with most likely work to wipe out the gut flora that are needed to digest our food and contribute to a healthy immune system.  I had diverticulitis last year (!) after a nasty slip on a hillside that caused me to twist my left side very deeply, irritating my colon upon tossing a small tree down a hill (can't believe I really did wonder those big lugs wear belts whilst power-lifting heavy weights!).  I now take a probiotic specially formulated for someone my age and gender, on a somewhat regular basis.  I have always enjoyed fermented foods (because they taste so good).  Kefir's great, so is kombucha, various types of yogurt, sourdough bread, olives, cheese– sheesh, you can go crazy with all the good foods that are also good for you.  Now, how the HELL do we STOP the Mass Murderers from DESTROYING agriculture??  The Fothermuckers are just a little more insane that their cousins, the EnviroNAZIs, propagandists who go around spouting stuff that sounds like "agriculture was the beginning of the end," (yes, that's true, the way THEY see fit to practice it), "storing up surplus crops was cause for the beginning of warfare" (..nooooo, I actually believe that warfare was going on a long time BEFORE agriculture.. don't blame it on the wheat!), and other krrr-ayzeee nonsense, such as "humans are a cancer on the earth…" well, the ones spouting crap like that probably ARE– they need to go look in the mirror before blaming all the sh*t that they cause on everyone else.

  41. Paul Barbara says:

    Hi, all, this may be known to you, but just in case:

    World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules:

    I found it while looking to  see if I could find the CBC broadcast Janice mentioned above.

    Paul,  London UK

    • Marc says:

      Paul Barbara, thanks for the excellent link to the article about psychopath Russ George's harebrained scheme to conduct so-called ocean fertilization experiments. Do any of us think for even a minute that George and his team of "scientists" are conducting a 100% legitimate and safe experiment? Bullshit! This is unconscionable. That a private entrepreneur can get away with such thinly disguised "research" and dupe the local indigenous people into donating to such phony schemes is horrific at best.

    • Dennie says:

      I read this article about that "experiment" and it was actually ILLEGAL.  I can't believe the Haida went along with what that narcissist Russ George did.  You don't just go dumping tonnes of crap, what, iron sulfate? into the ocean.  The result is that this little Fothermucking narcissist and his team of ghoul "scientists" ruined the crab season in California– krayzee f**k wiped out a whole industry!!!  Most likely actually contributed to the further demise of the salmon. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I remember this, George's first attempt.  Did not hear of second nor this one.  This in July of 2012.  So, what is the upshot?  Is he in court?  Has any real action been taken?  Seems the UN would be a losing hope.  And if this were to be held up to legal scrutiny, then that might pave the way for geo-engineering cases, which "they" are not going to allow.  So probably just a slap on the hand?  This was more than 4 years ago.  Any one know the upshot?  Seems important to know.

      Dennie, this probably does not explain our entire fish problems given warming seas like crazy, Hanford's spill, Fukushima and our own navy. Hard to parse this from that.  But! Nonetheless!

      Who knows how many others like him are out there?

  42. Danny says:

    More and more spraying in northern California. Dane please post the conference info for Redding California in March again.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Danny, one FB link for the event is attached, details are there.

  43. glendon says:

    so i've been trying to figure out how the weather reporters do what they do.  we all have heard them say, 'the models state' so and so will happen.  they say they use two different models, ours and the european.

    so these models spew out what is going to happen a couple of days prior to their forecasts.  

    now the modelers, that would be raytheon and the military, sit and decide what the weather is going to be.  they do this by experimenting with different geoeng tactics.  these tactics appear to follow seasonal weather patterns, but they also shield military activities.

    dane, do i have this right?

  44. Dennie says:

    We are ALL of us Colombians.

    We are ALL of us Syrians. 

    We are ALL of us Japanese.

  45. Kevin Love says:

    Yesterday and today in the San Fernando Valley where I live you can't see anything because of the milky atmosphere.  I exposed all this crap to everyone I know as soon as o found out, which was only 2 weeks ago.  People are believing now but is I sucks to know we have to breathe this muck everyday.   We used to have brown smog but with stricter emission standards here in L.A. the smog levels are way down…but to what avail?  I think this crap is worse for us.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

      What terrible catastrophic consequences Columbia is experiencing. I did not realize the country is in such a dire situation. Of course Mainstream Media will not discuss these conditions! I was at one of our Public Libraries in Jacksonville, Florida today, I gave/left 10 sets of the 8 (80 flyers total) Informational Flyers in the Correspondence/Reference area. A gentleman was standing in front of the library with a Vote For Marco Rubio sign, I walked over to him, to give him a set of flyers, he rejected at first, then as I walked away, he changed his mind & accepted them. I told him it would be good if Marco Rubio, took this subject of GeoEngineering into consideration, as it is extremely important. Does everyone rememember last week, it was stated that Marco Rubio feels the condition of the economy was far more important to him, than the condition of the Planet, Climate/Weather. The Big Red Bus for Blood Donations was in the Library parking lot, the same time I was there, so I opened the door to hand 1 set of 8 flyers to a nurse, she gladly accepted & said thank you! I plan on passing out flyers at the International Airport, what a great place for me to spread the word. Great to see all of you posting comments here, as I have noticed an increase in posted comments! Keep pushing forward!!! Thank all of you.

    • Dennie says:

      MOST EVERYONE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND OR EVEN SO MUCH AS OBSERVE THAT WE ARE INDEED IN VERY, VERY DIRE STRAITS.  THERE IS MASSIVE ONGOING ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION, and that's OKAY as long as we KNOW that eggs come out of a box, ditto milk; meat and cheese appear in plastic bags and vegetables magically appear in bins. 

      NO "MOTHER NATURE" REQUIRED TO PRODUCE ONE (your favorite expletive here) THING– WE ALL KILLED THAT B***H a long time ago– remember???

  46. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Dane – I found two interesting sites from the CBC – one from 3/29/2014 –
    There is a 25-minute audio presentation there.
    Another site from 1/30/16 is
    This David Keith guy is a college professor that is promoting the wonderful benefits of “fixing” global warming. I’m stunned by all of this!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clare, thank you for locating these posts. David Keith, yes, I am very familiar with him. The attached link is an short exchange I had with Dr. Keith at an international geoengineering conference in 2010. It did not go well for Keith or his attempts to sell climate engineering to an unsuspecting population. All journalists and researchers were subsequently banned from the next conference which was scheduled for the following month, perhaps due to the exchange.  FYI  AAAS conference 5 minute video

    • renate says:

      1. David Keith runs a geoengineering company funded by tar sands money


      In addition to being an author and a professor, David Keith heads up Carbon Engineering, a Calgary-based startup that is developing air-capture technologies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The company is funded by Bill Gates, who is also a geoengineering proponent, and by N. Murray Edwards, an Alberta billionaire who made his fortune in oil and gas. Edwards is said to be the largest individual investor in the tar sands, and is on the board of Canadian Natural Resources Limited, a major tar sands extraction company. Carbon Engineering hopes to sell the carbon dioxide it extracts to oil companies to help in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)- a technique for squeezing more fossil fuels out of the ground which will in turn be burnt to produce more atmospheric carbon.

    • Dennie says:

      David Keith is completely in DENIAL about what he's doing.  In one e-mail exchange I had the pleasure of experiencing with him he declared that he would "never" do anything "unethical."  How about IMMORAL???

  47. Troy - Weather around the World says:

    Dane, you’re never alone in exposing the climate crimes being committed around the world. My hope is more and more people wake up and look up at what is being done.

    Moscow hit by spring blizzard

    Transports disrupted as Russian capital sees heaviest snowfall in 50 years

    Vietnam hit by worst drought in nearly a century

    Agriculture in the country has been badly affected by the lack of rainfall in recent months.

    El Nino strengthens its grip on the globe

    State of emergency in five countries as a result of weather phenomenon

    • Dennie says:

      HOLY "effing" COW!!!  As Canada goes, so goes the United States!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      There's a very old saying that "an army rolls on it's stomach…"  Well, THINK ABOUT IT!!  What are those military f***s going to CONSUME when the food can no longer be grown easily or thriftily??? Does ANYONE HERE ACTUALLY BELIEVE that there is enough space in the D.U.M.B.s to FEED AN ARMY?  REEEALLY??? 

      Today on KQED f.m.'s Forum program we had comments that the U.S. military will go to ALL-ROBOTIC WARFARE, NO HUMANS NECESSARY, in the future. God help us.  I posted the link to this program earlier so I'm being "responsible."  You can find it yourself.  Ugh.

  48. Janice says:

    They are  not hiding the fact of geo-engineering here in Canada as it was announced on the main news station here (CBC) that there is a new program that the government is starting called geo-engineering?!?!  New my a#%.  It has been going on for years and years.  They say they are doing this to combat global warming which is another  massive lie and deception upon lie.  I told people this is what they would say.  I figured they would have to announce it at some point that now many have woken up.  So now, the ones whose eyes are just opening are saying it is all for our own good, and back off to sleep they go.  It is absolutely maddening!  I mean, where do we go from here?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Janice, can you give us more data on what you heard or a link to the particular station so we can try to recover a recording?

    • Diane Friday says:

      Hi Janice. This was my greatest fear: that "they" will soon go public, telling everyone it's something they're just starting or have been experimenting with, announce that it's a last-ditch effort to save the planet, and yes, there will be some negative health effects, but the benefits outweigh the risks, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Then, everyone who either couldn't or wouldn't simply LOOK UP, or who refused to believe us when we tried to tell them about the atrocities being committed day in and day out, will not only see and believe, but will be clamoring for ever increasing geoengineering efforts, because hey, they're saving the planet!!! 

      I hope you can provide Dane with a link to the broadcast on CBC. Keeping track of developments like this is so important, and I have a feeling there will be more and more such unadulterated b.s. from the mainstream media in the not-too-distant future. Heaven help us  


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diane, those in power know they will not be able to sell the geoengineering insanity to the public, some climate scientists are already stating on the record that geoengineering CAN”T work to cool the planet. The CBC story appears to be the usual “geoengineeering proposal” story. FYI on the attached link,

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Diane Friday, Hi Diane.  I'm not sure why this was your greatest fear and a "recent" one?  This was inevitable.  Built in.  They've been proposing this a long, long time now and for all the reasons they are saying.  Further saying/lying that it is not happening yet.  As many say it would greatly disturb nature and is a last ditch move.  Lies all.  Looks like Canada took one for the team.  Now that things are indeed harsh-and harsh seems mild in this context-they can come out and say what is going on, rather what little they want us to know.  Don't forget that Kiel Institute study.  They are noting the response from public, timing it.  Really sort of clever for those that fall for it.  "They" valiantly try to save the day, but alas, too late.  As for truth-deny, deny, deny.  Plus this way they can claim that all the destruction so far is down to "climate change", not geoengineering.  Use what we are seeing as a result of geoengineering to validate "coming out of the closet".  As saviors, who fail of course, but tried.  Covers their asses.  Given how clueless the public has been so far, no doubt they will buy this lock, stock and barrel.  I sure hope you can hook Dane up with this news info, or that it can be found.  The date for this was when?  And where?

  49. marc says:

    No other way to characterize geoengineers but as murderers. And that includes EVERY SINGLE ACCOMPLICE to the furtherance of their despicable and heinous agenda.

    • Diane Friday says:

      You got that right Marc. My new mantra, which I repeat at least half a dozen times a day, is "You ———- inbred, soulless, cowardly, ————–  will rot in hell – a hell of your own making."  I've reached the point where I have to make up new vile things to call them. I don't usually censor myself, but the things I call them are SO vile that I feel it's the decent thing to do. If I could transform the rage and sadness and hatred I have for each and every one of these psychopathic bastards into some form of energy to counter what they're doing, this nightmare would've already ended. 


    • girlbot says:

      We've got to IMAGINE REAL SKIES. Imagine nature returned to herself.

      Keep this thought going and the bouts of hate will become less. But it is a practice, of course.

  50. Mike looking up says:

    Things are becoming much more noticeable in the upper midwest as well. Besides the warmest winter I can recall in SE Michigan we get a bump in a few days with temps nearing 80 degrees.  The anger at times is hard to hold back especially, as I hear FB friends make excuses for all the pictures I post that I personally have taken on sratospheric arosol spraying.  Last Sunday we were near to 70 degrees and the skies were filled with 12 or 15 lines every hour on the hour, layed down by military aircraft I'm sure, as were only 20 miles from Selfridge Airbase outside Detroit.  As the day went on and on, it was a scene from a different planet. Dane, I know were running out of time, as 80 degree temps in the first week of March is unheard of. God speed.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Nearing 80 degrees Mike?! That's crazy!.. In March, in Michigan!.. We here in Ga. will only be experiencing temps near 70's next week. Which is more like May temps. would be. Here we go. Here comes the unravelling of the climate, of the planet. Ugh.

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