Climate Engineering: Programming Public Acceptance While The Planet Is Decimated


How many individuals in our society have completely abandoned any sense of honor or morality? How many have sold out to the cancer that currently controls the country and will now do or say anything so long as their immoral behavior provides a paycheck and a pension? This is the world we live in, this is the world that we have allowed to metastasize. The ongoing climate engineering all out assault against the planet is tearing Earth's life support systems apart while at the same time continuing to completely contaminate the entire biosphere and every breath we take. In spite of the clear and present dangers posed by the climate engineering insanity, there are those in academia who are all too willing to provide their skills to the power structure for the purpose of designing studies for the specific purpose of selling geoengineering to an unsuspecting population. The authors of such studies should be contacted and challenged to justify their criminal behavior. We must all work together toward the task of exposing and halting global geoengineering. We must also do everything we can to hold accountable those who are trying to hide the climate engineering crimes. The 3 minute video below highlights the tyranny of so many in academia. Our sincere gratitude to Co Creation Productions, Inc, for producing this video.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Clark says:

    Excellent article!

  2. Lorraine says:

    There is nothing more important in our lives than stopping the stratospheric aerosol injection dispersed from aircraft as well as other ground sources for disbursement of deadly chemicals each and every day 24/7 we breathe deadly toxins. This is Global and there is nowhere to find non-toxic air on from this program on this planet. Persons ask the desperate question: Where can we relocate to be safe? There is no where safe on this planet.

     Wouldn't and shouldn't you protect your children and grandchildren from harms way? We are all in harms way! This is not a predator you can protect yourself from with a weapon. This is not a predator that you can call 911 and be saved. There is no way to prepare yourself, this has been going on for decades.There is no prepping. This is a deadly predator that is out of arms reach unless we the people stop it now. We the people need to stop being distracted by the number one mind control device: Television!  How many hours are spent in front of the TV? How can people be so impressed with all the actors and actresses that make millions, literally billions from we the people, but make no effort to protect we the people that put the money in there pockets. Why are the most adored public persons not standing up for humanity. What a concept: if we the people boycotted all their new theater movies that they spend a million to create and benefit millions to billions in return profits? 

    Nothing wrong with enjoying a good movie, but we are running out of time. 

    What if? We the people, all at the same time stopped paying our Mortgage for reasons of non disclosure. When I signed my mortgage documents, I never saw in the many documents that there was a program going on that would effect my property (Structure/soil..etc.) and my family's health. No where did I see in the contract that stratospheric aerosol injection would be taking place. There was nothing in the contract that said that my property would have fallout of deadly toxins being sprayed from aircraft in the sky above my home. There was nothing that said I give up my constitutional right to clean air! There was nothing in the contract that said I consent to being used for experimental reasons while residing on my property.

    All persons involved in this genocide need to be held criminally responsible in a court of law of course, but what if? we started by taking the money out of their pockets that we have lined for too many years! . . 



  3. Martine Victor says:

    Hi Dane,

    A little background; I live in Vermont, a state under siege in terms of “green” ($$$) energy projects, most notoriously industrial wind on ridge lines but solar projects too threaten wet lands, agricultural/pasture lands, forests etc… a battle rages between communities and carpet-bagging developers over the viability and citing of these projects and the fact that RECS (renewable energy credits) are sold out of state… (I absolutely support renewable energy when it’s done right; preserving the environment, respecting communities)

    I mention this because a major disconnect occurs when you live in a state where everyone is super aware of carbon footprints, efficiency upgrades, renewable energy, and then everyday you look up at the sky and see the plaid crisscrossing of geoengineered chem trails. Not only is it an outrageous source of intentional toxicity, but consider the enormous amount of polluting jet fuel used, wasted.

    Now, to get to my point! Is their such a thing as state sovereignty of the skies? Is there a way to prohibit the trespass of these odious, poisoning jets, to keep them out of VT skies? It’s bizarre and infuriating to me that while all of this furor and angst occurs over renewable energy on the ground level, those jets pollute with impunity in our skies and no one acknowledges it.

    It’s something I want our state’s environmental community to address, so any thoughts, ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Dane, for your continued leadership and dedication to this critical issue.

    ps – of course my concern extends to our entire country and the world but sometimes it’s better to tackle something in small pieces…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Martine, your points are on target and well taken. In fact, the approach of our attorney team is along this trajectory. More announcments to come soon.

    • Tamra says:

      If individual State could get on board, perhaps we could hire state defense aircraft and alert the Federal Government that if any planes fly over head said state the aircraft which is spraying aerosol poised will be given a warning & if they don't comply they will be shot down. If has to have been an agreement that was international (globalist Bilderberg type agreement) & if the Feds don't want to defend us, maybe the States will? Time to get an air force militia of sorts. Any thoughts? 

  4. donna g says:

    I live in Reno and  and they turned on the weather machine via spraying,it went from warmish, about 70 degrees, (not normal temps for this time of year) to howling winds then a 37 degree drop in temperature to just above the freezing level, to heavy snow. It snowed in over 32 degree temps about a foot in Reno alone on this last storm then the temperature shot right back up to 50's during the day.

    Nothing is natural in our weather patterns anymore and it is so obvious to anyone that pays attention. they spray the skies relentlessly for 2 to 3 days right before the "predicted" storm comes, then on cue, the storm in the sierras comes and hits their target of "predicted" snow amounts.

  5. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Dane – I wrote to the authors of the Kiel Working Papers on "The Role of affect in attitude formation toward new technologies: The Case of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection" — their e-mail addresses are listed at the end of that report. No response. They have drunk the Kool-Aid so I'm sure they believe that anything the government does is for our benefit. I have a friend who believes this — but wonders why her solar panels don't work so good on days when the spraying is heavy over Phoenix.

  6. Roger Gibbons says:

    New update for today ……they started spraying ……they must have read my earlier posting ……right on time …

    they will never just stop ……….i just read a super article on how they are using coal ash in the mix for spraying which within the coal ash the alumminun oxides in it and the rest of the crap.

    The coal fired hydro plants use to store it out side with no where to go …but now they sell it really cheap for aerial spraying so they dont have to store it ……they just drop it on us.


    What they do for money.


    • Teri says:

      that isn't the only toxic waste that is dumped on us i am sure. the spraying campaign could dispose of biological waste. waste by products from nuke plants. waste from corporations such as monsanto is dumped in the water supply or pumped down fracking holes into the aquifers. they are literally using the planet and all life on it as living filters for toxic waste. 

      they put fluoride in the water which is a waste byproduct from making aluminum and fertilizers. the waste is added to most city water and people are forced to drink it.

      they put soy lecithin in almost everything and it is a soy oil sludge. another waste produce they learned to get rid of by feeding it to us. it is in almost all candies that kids cherish. they put human hair in the bread called L-cysteine. another way to get rid of waste. make people eat it.

      our bodies have become the biggest processing plant for corporate and government waste products. they are using us as biological toxic waste disposals unit. Air, Food, Water, Vaccines. Almost all of it is toxic these days. 

      Little wonder they can spray us with coal fly ash. I would bet the electric company pays the military to ''dispose '' of it for them. just as all the others that generate toxic waste do i am sure. it isn't just coal fly ash. it is anything they want to get rid of through the biological waste system. Our bodies, our animals, plants, trees, water, aquatic life. each are being used. 

      The saturation level is way beyond our endurance. Those who rule us couldn't care less. The pilots who are carrying out their ''orders'' will do their ''job'' no matter what. They are soul less and mindless. just the drones they operate. one and the same.  

    • DVSdan says:

      Colorado is currently under an all-out assault from the airborn chemical death squads. There is not much time left.. I see my loved ones and friends all coming down with sudden illnesses and skin leigions. THIS DEATH MACHINE MUST BE EXPOSED AND BROUGHT TO A HAULT ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  7. dang says:

    heavy spraying seen as i hike the santa rosa preserve so cal this morning . so cold down in the bottom of the gullies . the sky went from blue at 6:30 to silver with mostly cloudy lines by 8:00 . i hope we can all make the 9/11 Redding event we need a large show up


  8. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    "Crafting A Public for Geoengineering" Rob Bellamy ad Javier Lezaun, University of Oxford, UK, 2015

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      Well THAT is one hell of a bedtime read. Are these written by human beings?

    • Dennie says:

      This article and particularly the totally cold, heartless-will-less-BRAIN-less mindset of the authors is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING.  It should more properly be titled thusly:  How to Ram the Poisoning of Earth Right Down the Throats of The Citizens Who are Still Paying Attention.  A$$holes– you mean, like, somehow, they AREN'T–??

  9. JR says:

    In Southwest, New Mexico our rain clouds decimated to nothing by Chemtrails, SAG/SRM. This practice is now a normal and accepted evil by the masses in the USA. Brain washed to the MAX. Of course we will be in drought!!! What great leaders we have in government….

  10. Nina says:

    Third day in row, horrendous stink blowing in from sea (Portugal). Smells like the Acetone type chemtail described on Globalskywatch. Very toxic. Makes me feel awful.

    • Dennie says:

      We keep getting handed the burning Salty Metalic nano-metal s**t here on the Left Coast of the U.S.  So bad last night in Ukiah (Mendo County, CA) I actually felt like I was suffocating, literally.  Pain in back, chest, etc.– the air crap is filling up every single bit of space– HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON? 

  11. Roger Gibbons says:

    Up date on weather here in the greater Toronto Area ……today like the past several days have been warm. Temp today highs in the 40F, also like today and for past couple of days it has been clear with no atmospheric spraying ….which is Hard to believe to say the least .

    No jets passing over this area so far this morning just clear and bright.

    Wow I know that sounds weird but it is true. 

    That makes it hard to sell the truth to the unbelievers.





  12. Roger Gibbons says:

    Just a reminder to all ….when i hear the words international bankers i believe that most think of the Rothchilds and the rest of the elite bankers ….i would like to insert that the biggest international bank in the WORLD ….and who perfected the banking system is the Vatican bank.

    Throughout all of history the Vatican as controlled all kingdoms through her wealth and religious hold on all populations.


    The Vatican made Kings and Queens and destroyed them at will.

    The Vatican is estimated to have 63 thousand metric tons of gold ….and thats just gold …not including her land holdings around the world the stolen art, and not including her other world holdings.

    Jesus was one of the poorest persons in the world he owned nothing except the clothes on his back. And the so called universal Chruch owns …." What"

    Just food for thought everyone …….international  bankers, like Dane says, do run this world but there still has to be a boss.

    The Bank we all should worry about is this bank (Vatican)

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      If the Man commonly known as Jesus were here today…. I wonder what He would have to say about the Society of Jesus? ….  Have wondered since my early childhood why His face wasn't engraved on any coins…  

    • Hello Roger Gibbons: Right on. >
      Excerpted from: Unam Sanctam – The Bull on papal supremacy issued 18 November, 1302.
       ["In the registers, on the margin of the text of the record, the last sentence is noted as its real definition: "Declaratio quod subesse Romano Pontifici est omni humanae creaturae de necessitate salutis" (It is here stated that for salvation it is necessary that every human creature be subject to the authority of the Roman pontiff)"]
      Complete text:
      Excerpted from: Romanus Pontifex – Wikipedia
      ["…since we had formerly by other letters of ours granted among other things free and ample faculty to the aforesaid King Alfonso — to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit — by having secured the said faculty, the said King Alfonso, or, by his authority, the aforesaid infante, justly and lawfully has acquired and possessed, and doth possess, these islands, lands, harbors, and seas, and they do of right belong and pertain to the said King Alfonso and his successors, nor without special license from King Alfonso and his successors themselves has any other even of the faithful of Christ been entitled hitherto, nor is he by any means now entitled lawfully to meddle therewith.[8] "]
      Complete text:

  13. Dennie says:

    Strange sounds are being recorded around the world when weird storms blow in:  Either this is part of Project Blue Beam (really??) and/or The MONSTERS are doing Something with audible frequencies to manipulate the weather into "behaving" for them, then cheerily making statements such as "Earth has background frequencies; most of the time you can't hear them but sometimes you can."  I don't ever remember hearing anything like this and neither did my mother, or my grandmother, going all the way back to the 1890s.  If they'd heard anything freaky coming out of the sky I most definitely would have heard the stories. 

    More on Scalia:  Other than news about the body lying in state and who's attending, as well as the Who's Got The Power Now kinds of stories, it's amazing how the stories about Scalia's death, lack of autopsy and reaction about that from law enforcement are mostly fading away, less than one week afterward.  Here are two, from the New York Post:

    Scalia could have been poisoned:

    Cibolo Creek Ranch news, pictures and why Scalia was there:

    • mark says:


      it appears your strange sound link has already been pulled off the internet!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Infowars team are the only news media to go in and do any real investigation of the Scalia mystery/death at all. Their coverage has been superb. I suggest going to the website ( or /Alex Jones) and listening/viewing their reports directly from the Cibolo Ranch where the situation occurred and the small town of Marfa nearby. Very odd situation indeed. Lots of peculiarities and questions uncovered.

  14. Diane Friday says:

    I wanted to report what's going on here in southeastern PA. As everyone knows, we had the ultra deep-freeze last weekend. That was followed by  a much warmer day this past Tuesday, which of course meant rain accompanied by high winds. But not just rain. There were times during the day when it was raining so hard it was more like a monsoon. Many people referred to it as such. There were many tornadoes in the southern states associated with this same engineered storm. For a good hour or two that day, it looked and sounded like we were about to get hit with a tornado as well, but thankfully that didn't happen. It started to clear up later in the afternoon, at which point I could see countless trails above the low clouds from which all that precipitation had come. Thick, already expanding trails. Almost as soon as the rain stopped, I felt the temperature starting to drop. Clearly, we had been heavily ice nucleated and it was working quickly. It's such a false cold. It almost seems to cling to your skin and produces a chill that comes and goes after exposure. It feels like the evil "entity" it is. The scheduled weather for yesterday and today in this area was for clearing and party cloudy/partly sunny with temps in the high 30s to low 40s. However, I had the unbearably loud hish in my ears all day Wednesday, and I felt very ill. Seems I had yet another bout of what's been referred to as "chemtrail flu", which usually lasts between 24 and 36 hours. After the day-long high-pitched hish in my ears, which I've come to recognize as jet stream manipulation, I shouldn't have been surprised when it didn't get out of tbe 20s yesterday, and, as always, there was a strong, relentless north wind. Today, the spraying began very early in the morning, and we were under the hideous white dome of wholly engineered cloud cover. The high for the day reached 34 degrees, but again, because of the heavy ice nucleation, it felt 10 degrees colder. My partner and I had the same debilitating symptoms: difficulty breathing, severe joint and muscle pain, sinus pain and pressure, fatigue, and stomach distress such as nausea and reflux. I had trouble swallowing a few times today. That was a new symptom. We both felt agitated and depressed. The constant gloom has me beyond depressed. I'm still around only because my conscience won't yet allow me to quit for good. We also had that feeling of impending doom (duh), but more than that. The kind of feeling that's hard to put into words. 

    When I read Dane's articles and listen to his reports, when I read the comments from people from all over this country and other countries, it seems to me that "they" are redoubling their efforts almost on a daily basis at this point. I've felt a real urgency to it for some time now, but never more so than since the record-breaking snowstorm last month, and it's gotten so much worse since then. 

    There seem to be many theories as to why things are happening so fast now, and why they're getting more and more blatant about it, but I'd like to hear more. It almost seems like there's a deadline involved, and "they" are bound and determined to meet that deadline. I don't read every article and every comment on here, though I do check in at least once or twice a day. Any thoughts or observations or insight into why this is quickly and obviously spiraling out of control? I have a few theories, but it would mean a lot to know what others think, or know. We've been able to awaken a few of our friends to what's going on, but none of them have really followed through on checking out this site, or much of anything else, so there's really no one we can talk to in any depth about this. Thank you Dane, thanks to all of you, for being in the trenches and working so hard to educate, enlighten, and, most importantly, expose!! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Never give up Diane, the power to never yeild, ever, this belongs to us alone. When the wake up comes, it will be a shock wave around the globe. We are closer than most yet realize. This moment will not end our challenges, they are just begining, What it will be is a quantum leap in the correct direction, a paradigm shift. Face to the wind, let us continue to march in this all important battle for the greater good.

    • Diane Friday — You describe "the same debilitating symptoms: difficulty breathing, severe joint and muscle pain, sinus pain and pressure, fatigue, and stomach distress such as nausea and reflux. I had trouble swallowing a few times today. That was a new symptom." I have suffered with various forms of digestive issues for 9 years – and besides completely changing my diet, getting rid of all acid, sugar, wine, chocolate, black tea, even fruit juice – the only thing that helped me was colostrum. It took time and I'm by no means completely well, but colostrum works especially well with GI issues. It heals the inside of the intestines. I tried every brand and found SYNERTEK to be the best, pure and effective.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The past two days, I have been observing Stratospheric Aerosol Injection/SAG/SRM struggling to cover & obscure the sky above. The reason being, there is a large High Pressure Center over the Central/Mid Atlantic region, creating a Northeasterly wind pattern over Northeast Florida. I have noticed numerous aircraft determined to cover the sky, but with this current wind flow pattern, the aerosols are quickly blown out of the area. Surface winds have been from the Northeast 15-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph. The winds at the 500 millibar level 18,000 feet, are from the West at over 50 mph. The upper level winds at the 400 millibar level, which is around 23,000-24,000 feet, are from the West at 70-80 mph. This is typically the level of height in the atmosphere (20,000-25,000 feet) that most of the SAG/SRM is being administered/conducted. With all the atmospheric mixing (strong Zonal Wind Flow) going on currently, the GeoEngineers are having a difficult time with SAI persisting! I love this struggle they are currently experiencing, I wish it was a more common occurrence. I have plans to place sets of the GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, in the front entrance to our Public Library. I also will be passing the flyers out to people at the International Airport, next time I am there. Maybe this will be an attention attractor, since we are talking about aircraft being involved.

    • Dennie says:

      Diane:  You can most definitely feel the ice nucleation chemicals landing on your skin and doing what they were intended to do– freeze everything.  You can be in your house, windows closed and covered up in several blankets and the crap just worms it's invasive way right into the room with you, covering your skin, making you sick and really freezing you.  I've noticed on days when there's lots of particulate crap getting in or I'm outside, it is hard to swallow because the crap gets into your esophagus and covers everything with a moisture-absorbing powder.  I'm always keeping a big container of water with one slice of lemon in it next to me and sipping it all day long so my throat doesn't shut down.  I'm wondering if this ice nucleation formula is a factor in esophageal cancer– Anyone out there who can find an actual patent listing the chemicals in the ice nucleation formulas we're being treated to?  If we can prove the existence of these chemicals in the soil and match the patents to them, that should go into the lawsuit as well.  I've had joint and tendon pain and muscle twitching with the sprays the past few months. 

  15. Tom ONeill says:

    So what would happen if they did stop spraying?  Why are they spraying so much here in the Philadelphia area?  This winter has been deep freezes- not many and like this coming weekend back up to over 60F.  Today was beautiful blue sky in the early AM and again driving on my job I just watched as they painted the sky with grey dimming.  No one wants to look or listen.  Denial is a safe place.  I wish I was back in that state.  Sometimes feel so alone watching the poison being sprayed on all the kids and pets.  Someone asked me what my solution is.  I paused.  Don't know. I am taking heavy metal removing supplements and oils etc, but still feel foggy all day.   I have become more dependent on Jesus in seeing all the bible prophesies taking place before my eyes.   Can we change the bible prophesies?  So far I keep seeing them become reality.  All I can say all day when I get overwhelmed with the spraying and every news piece I hear is "Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And ;ead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thy is the Kingdom,and the Power and the Glory forever and ever, Amen.

  16. alan says:

    Arrest the predator, makes perfect sense Dane, good luck. Last I checked the sprayers have all the weapons and machinery. 

  17. If we stopped paying taxes and boycotted all NYSE companies maybe the creeps would not have the money to do insane things to humanity. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bradley, unfortunately those in power can and always have printed whatever funds they need out of thin air, they are the central bankers. There is but one way forward, we must expose them, to completely reveal the global climate engineering insanity is the key to the door.

    • Right you are Dane. And now they want a cashless society which adds more cover to their insane fiat currencies.

  18. Chad says:


    I looked up AMEG, this is the first time I have read about it.  I was struck by the sense of urgency, specifically the dire need to cool the Arctic and the countdown to irreversible damage.  

    Do you think there is a tie to this countdown of sorts and the French Foreign Minister stating we have 500 days to avert climate chaos?  

    Also noted is the reference to a solution of a "reflective haze in the stratosphere".  Is it possible the increased aerosol programs are a legitimate attempt to cool the Arctic?  

    Secrecy makes people suspicious.  The most successful way to impact the issues AMEG raises would be to openly rally the public and governments alike.  Yet this is the first I have heard about this.  We, all of humanity, collectively have the power to make the necessary changes (and pressure the power structure if needed) to save our planet.  I just don't understand why the power structure would not rally the collective power of humanity to change and reverse course.  Even if they control a majority of the resources they cannot impact change as could motivated masses.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chad, AMEG’s front line information is generally on target. Their calls for geoengineering to be fully deployed (as if it has not long since been fully deployed) is completley of base. I only know one scientist from the AMEG group personally, he is not rational. We must all learn to sift out solid front line informtion from conclusions and calls for action that are completely wrong. This approach is needed in regard to AMEG. About the power structure, NOTHING they do is for the common good, nothing. Global climate engineering can and must be stopped if we are to have any chance of salvaging the planets life support systems.

    • Dennie says:

      The remark made by the French Foreign Minister in 2014 in regard to a 500-day countdown to averting climate chaos was in reference to the amount of time between when he made the remark in 2014 and the date of an actual vote that would be taken at the Paris Climate Summit back in July, 2015 on controlling greenhouse gas emissions; the "right" vote on the issue would be the one that averts climate chaos.  That's all.  No clandestine or hidden information there.

    • Corey says:

      I originally thought that the aerosol spraying was legitimately for solar radiation management purposes until I really started looking up and noticed that they spray often during the night (you can especially notice this when there is a full moon) which clearly creates a warming effect blanketing the region.  

  19. Mark says:

    Dear Dane, I educate people everyday (5-10), to my shock 90% never noticed chemtrails. I will step up my efforts. I will do it till we win. You are our inspiration and You are one of few real patriots. Radio stations ignore my plea, MP`s are the same. I will confront my MP in person with 10-12 friends about this issue soon, we will keep up pressure on her.

    • Mark, from your use of the term “MP”, I reckon that you are in Canada. Good on you and your friends for confronting your local MP! Back in
      October, just before the federal election here in Canada, I confronted the leading local candidate (who was elected MP 2 weeks later) at one of his public meetings. I went on a good little 3 minute rant to everyone in the hall, all about the dangers of stratospheric metallic aerosols geoengineering, then handed out flyers to the candidate, his campaign manager, and several others of the public attending the meeting. Haven’t heard a damn thing back from him, of course…BUT, brothers and sisters, we have to keep kicking at that door of silence… Sooner or later, it’ll bust open. Don’t let them Boil That Frog!

  20. Black Goo and a Dead Forest
    Christina Beauchamp / May 29, 2015
    I went to Larch Mountain OR today and was utterly sickened by the condition of our beloved National forest. Has anyone else noticed the tarry stuff on the trees of the forests? The black goo has a kind of consistency which sticks to whatever touches it. There are no animals, no birds, and much of the plant life has died. I would have done a video on this but my camera battery was near the end of its life so I took photos instead while I could. I would love to know if anyone else has seen this as well.

    • Oracle says:


      Yes, I've seen it. The lichens are rampant here, too, which is an indicator that even the trees with leaves are rotting on the inside (heart-wood.) The metals they spray act like salts, and prevent the magnesium from doing its job to help the trees absorb water. The relative humidity then feeds the lichens. All the trees that fall (with and without leaves) are completely black in the middle on the insides. It takes nothing to break the branches on these trees, too. Very. Bad. News. 

  21. levi says:

    Guy McPherson now acknowledges SAG global dimming and the shield project and his conclusions of rapid heating and abrupt climate change when this insanity stops is a glimpse of the world we have come to accept where murder is easier then hope for most who don't want to stop the party even at the hefty price of no future even in short term for their children and the planet Erich was in a stable climate period before it has been brought to the brink of anything this planet has ever endured 2015 doubled any of the previous hottest ten years recorded one the year right before it which is a first and the exponential function has now come into play and as Guy McPherson stated when the shelf is down and the planes don't fly to disperse the particulates the worst is yet to come our habitat will be lost I'd imagine the 55 degree swings we've seen recently is a small sample plants can't get up and move they won't adapt this paradigm is over the climate that made it possible for life to thrive is no more the damage done will take millions of years to have the slightest chance and chances are the moisture from our rapidly acidifying ocean makes our atmosphere something like Venus has but we are that planets evil twin and our fate is far more severe all the moisture in the atmosphere will make for the dense superheated greenhouse from hell

  22. Tom Keith says:

    I never thought I'd say this but I'm hoping the economic collapse hits before these reptiles do something astronomically stupid, or,if you will,decide to turn the table over.  Maybe if the pilots stopped getting paid they would  decide to help us, instead of spraying us like bugs! 

    • Tom, from some articles I’ve read just today, you might just get that wish, and soon. Negative interest? Have we entered the economic twilight zone? And, we DO have “Pilots For 911 Truth” (Thank God), but where the hell are the “Pilots For Geoengineering Truth”, eh? Expose The Sky Crime, Captain!
      Pipe this song into the cockpit, maybe:

  23. Joel W says:

    Just last week my local paper ran a disgusting article touting how wonderful 'cloud seeding' (as they called it) is for averting droughts. Even had a picture of some pilot standing next to her plane all happy and proud, like she is helping save the planet. Sickening.

  24. jefe says:

    My landlady is a perfect pawn of the mainstream, when I try to describe how these stories are twisted and covered up by the Powers-That-Be, she becomes incredibly agitated.  She can't handle the idea that there's far more to some stories than what the tv news is willing to feed us.  There are lots more just like her all across this country.  We can't cure them.

  25. UV from sunlight excites nanoparticles to kill phytoplankton in lab setting
    An experiment shows that normal levels of ultraviolet light (UV) from sunshine cause titanium dioxide nanoparticles suspended in seawater to kill phytoplankton.
    By Benjamin D. Duval in /Human World on Feb 07, 2012
    Microscopic bits of metal – nanoparticles, a thousand times smaller than the thickness of a human hair – have been touted as a biotechnology and manufacturing miracle. Among many other applications, they can be used to keep the smell out of sweaty gym clothes, to treat wastewater, and they are being considered as a way to deliver cell-specific cancer drugs. However, as a recent experiment shows, the very properties that make nanoparticles so valuable in killing harmful and unpleasant bacteria also kill ocean phytoplankton that regulate the climate and are the base of the oceans’ food chain.
    The study – whose lead author is Robert Miller of the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at University of California Santa Barbara – was published on January 20, 2012 in the online journal PLoS One. It is called “Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanoparticles Are Phototoxic to Marine Phytoplankton.” Miller and his colleagues conducted an experiment showing that even normal levels of ultraviolet light (UV) from sunshine are enough to cause titanium dioxide nanoparticles suspended in seawater to kill phytoplankton.
    …Titanium dioxide is by far the most commercially used nanoparticle. About 70% of all pigments use titanium dioxide, and it is a common ingredient in products such as sunscreen and food coloring. Titanium dioxide is therefore likely to enter estuaries and oceans, for example from industrial discharge, and new studies such as Miller’s have focused on measuring the impact of metal nanoparticles on marine life like phytoplankton.
    Nanoparticles are highly reactive with oxygen after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. This reaction gives nanoparticles significant antimicrobial properties, which is why they are effective against your smelly gym clothes.
    Meanwhile, nanoparticles suspended in water can easily attach to phytoplankton cell membranes. Damage to plankton occurs when titanium dioxide is electronically excited due to energy from UV light. Electrons from the nanoparticle react with surrounding water to form reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are very potent oxidizers that damage cell membranes and degrade proteins and organic compounds within a cell.
    It is well established that titanium dioxide – as well as zinc oxide (ZnO) – exposed to artificially high levels of UV is electronically excitable and toxic to cells. However, the experiment by Robert Miller and his colleagues showed that normal levels of UV from sunshine can excite titanium dioxide nanoparticles suspended in seawater, kill phytoplankton, and lead to population crashes of some phytoplankton species in a laboratory setting. …phytoplankton populations are highly vulnerable to damage from nanoparticles.

  26. Sean Slavin says:

    Stay strong people. Keep fighting, but stay strong. Regardless of the outcome as soon as we were born we were handed a death sentence. Our creator knows what he/she is doing. "God" may not be on time but he/she is never late. 

  27. Howard Taylor says:

    Bless you Dane.

  28. Astronauts unload 1.5 tons of trash into space / Capsule will burn up over Pacific Ocean
    By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer /February 19, 2016
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – The International Space Station just got a lot tidier. A pair of NASA astronauts released a capsule loaded with 1.5 tons of trash Friday. The spacecraft should re-enter the atmosphere and burn up harmlessly over the Pacific on Saturday.
    NASA supplier Orbital ATK launched the capsule to the space station in December, full of food, clothes and other goods. The astronauts removed the precious contents, then filled it with garbage for incineration. … The flight was delayed a few weeks after black mold contaminated some of the cargo bags. Technicians had to disinfect everything.

  29. S.price says:

    Every morning I get up at 5:00 and look out my door 

    to planes speeding across the the skies leaving behind 

    white trails some days it's three planes at the same time 

    you want to tell me no one is seeing this are we that blind 

    and dummy down to see what's in front of our eyes

    its time to wake up and look up

    • Martin says:

      people don't want to see, don't want to hear…

      some say they are afraid to hear the truth… I say they are afraid to realize they believed lies

      so they put their head in the sand and go back to watch football with a nice cold one…

      unfortunately, ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away

  30. Wayne Klinestiver says:

    Eye opening (and hopefully mind awakening) video to the very real environmental dangers we all face!

    This morning at 8:30 AM I observed a stunning display of geo-engineering. In the eastern sky here in Denver, CO there was a broad swath of clouds blocking the risen sun with numerous spray trails in all directions visible in it. What made it even more bizarre was the rest of the sky was almost completely cloud free! It looked like someone deliberately tried to cover the rising sun. It was like a painter who had just begun a painting and started it by putting a big splash of paint on the canvas. Riding a motorcycle and not a car I get a good view of our sky when traveling and what I saw today frightened me

    • Roy says:

      I hear you Wayne. I go out riding my dirt bike sometimes, and I see trails everywhere. The other guys just riding along oblivious. I look at gopro videos for all over the nation, and the trails are always there no matter what state.

      Went mountain biking yesterday morning in Asheville. More of the same.

      Whiplashing between 30s and ice storm on Monday to high 60's today, back to cold again on Tuesday.

      Whenever I see the signs of ionospheric heating (ripple clouds) I start getting nauseated. I never get nausea unless bad food, seasick, or too much alcohol.  Until now.

      But in the last 3 months, I get waves of nausea out of nowhere it seems — they pass quickly. And my ears started ringing about a year ago. This despite my extra care in using hearing protection for my whole life.

  31. No Winter For the Arctic in 2016 — NASA Marks Hottest January Ever Recorded / RobertScribbler
    The Scientists are floored and we should be too. The global heat and especially the extremely high temperature departures we’ve seen in the Arctic over the past month are flat-out unprecedented. It’s  freakish-strange. And what it looks like, to this particular observer, is that the seasonality of our world is changing. What we’re witnessing, at this time — it looks like the beginning of the end for Winter as we know it.
    Hottest January on Record — But the Arctic is Just Outlandish
    Anyone who observes the Arctic — from scientists, to environmentalists, to emerging threats specialists, to weather and climate enthusiasts, to just regular people unsettled by the rapidly unraveling state of our global climate system — should be very, very concerned. The human greenhouse gas emission — now pushing CO2 levels to above 405 parts per million and adding in a host of additional heat trapping gasses — appears to be rapidly forcing our world to warm. To warm most swiftly in one of the absolute worst places imaginable — the Arctic.  full article + graphics:

  32. Al C says:

                 It seems the majority of the populace are hypnotized or in some sort of trance………….That's been my personal experience when I point this activity out and I have stopped using the term "Chemtrails".

               There are so many unknowns with this activity.

                Is it climate engineering for global warming?

                Is it weather warfare?

                Is it population reduction?

                Is it terraforming?

         A combination of all of the above and possibly more?

      I'm sure that as critical mass in consciousness is reached, a pre-written or recorded lie will be announced to pacify the questioners.

               I truly don't know how you do it Dane.

    At the moment, I'm dealing with my mom who has dementia and I'm exhausted but I'll hang in there with you folks here and hopefully there will be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Al C, I too have my mom, a dementia patient and very elderly. I can totally relate. It is exhausting both mentally and physically. As if that weren't tough enough, on top of dealing with this everyday, we have to combat geoengineering and ALL the rest of the insanity being thrown at us by the kooks in power committing these crimes. Who could have ever imagined we'd be living in these kinds of times?! I've been listening the past couple of days to the Infowars coverage of the Scalia mess. Unbelievable! You are right, we have to just hang in there every day, doing what we can to spread knowledge and wake others up, believing we can and WILL  make a positive difference. Bless you, your mom and ALL of us out there in the trenches.

    • alan says:

      Wow, your post really touched me. I too just had to put my mom with dementia in a nursing and she is only 73. I'm totally exhausted and on top of it the world is going to hell fast, sighs

    • Mary says:

      I think they get paid for disasterous storms.  The more severe weather puts money in their pockets.  They seem so attached to having the worst possible scenarios.  The part that sucks for me is when they put my house on a whistling loud flight path.  I tried to take video of a helicoptoer over my house and I ended up with 4 short beige videos with no sound.  I have since found that Apple has the technologie to block cell phone videos.  I have my real camera charged but it doesn't take video.  I started working the weather with orgone.  This last weeks storms had the element of controlled high winds in addition to the blast they send to the cell towers and transformers.  I suppose we are all meant to sit hopelessly around bemoaning the fact that we are helpless.  We have to stand our ground.  

    • Donna says:

      This is the worse day I've seen for spraying in Reno. Every week seems worse than the week before. We have enough toxins in the environment without chemtrails. At least with other toxins, you have some control. With chemtrails, you have none. Reno used to have 300 sunny days a year on average. A sunny day is now a rare occurence. The chemtrails literally give me headaches and make me feel claustrophobic, especially when the sky is completely filled. Everytime I see some blue come through, I get hope and then I see another plane….. 

  33. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert !     2-19-2016  @012:15 hrs
    I would think  the County Board of Supervisors in Amador would have addressed this Toxic Aerosol  Poison  By Now ….
    12+ Years of Pure Hell on Earth .

    • Judy Morton says:

      Hmmm, it is storming up here in the northern end of the state of Calif. by the Oregon border. My aunt down your way says "it's fine" so I take it you are those blessed with the blockage of El Nino this week. I can only offer you my observations.

    • Al C says:

      Earth Angel and everybody here…………..Bless you!

  34. L Lecours says:

    The stupidity of the masses is truly appalling

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