Climate Engineering, Runaway Climate Collapse, Dead Judges, And The Push Toward WWlll, What’s The Connection


Dane Wigington

Connecting the dots involves standing back far enough to examine the bigger picture, all are a part of the picture. End games are being played out on many fronts as the walls close in from every direction. The quest for total control (including the weather), pursuing remaining resources, and the collapsing climate system, all are intertwined. Western power centers and their allies are rapidly running out of options and are now pushing toward WWlll with the proxy war in Syria. The Turkish offensive against the Kurds (the most effective force fighting ISIS) is the most recent and glaring example of increasingly naked NATO aggression. Why would a NATO power attack the very force that is most effectively fighting ISIS? Why would a NATO country shoot down a Russian Fighter Jet that was engaged in bombing ISIS? Because Turkey is (and has been) actively doing business with ISIS. Because ISIS being used as a tool for Western governments (and their allies) who are trying desperately to overthrow Assad in order to continue the advance of their Eurasia conquest before the biosphere completely collapses. The "Grand Chessboard" is being played out.


Is there a connection between the most recent abrupt act of total aggression on the part of NATO powers and collapsing Arctic sea ice? The timing of these events almost directly coincides. Arctic ice is now at record low levels) and plunging further lower by the day)?


Is there any connection between the recent unexpected (and suspicious) death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the unfolding events already mentioned? Is it just another coincidence that Scalia's death will likely completely alter the outcome of the proposed Obama Climate change agenda that was just struck down by the Supreme  Court only days before Scalia's death? Was a further ramping up of the ongoing geoengineering assault a part of the administrations plans behind the scenes?


Why are Arctic sea ice levels so critically important? As the Arctic ice extent implodes massive methane hydrate deposits are thawing and releasing into the atmosphere. Atmospheric methane levels are at record high levels and growing by the day. The Arctic ice methane release feedback loop has very real and very immediate ramifications for the human race and all life on Earth. Methane is over 100 times more potent a greenhouse gas (over a ten year time horizon) than Co2. The atmospheric methane is expanding and covering the planet like a heat trapping layer of glass. 


In addition to the methane buildup, atmospheric levels of Co2 are also exploding. This is especially true throughout the northern hemisphere.


The ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare insanity is not only NOT HELPING to mitigate the unfolding climate disintegration (as the proponents of geoengineering programs would have us believe), it is making an already bad climate scenario exponentially worse (2014 was a record warm year, 2015 broke that record, 2016 will break the record again). Rapidly worsening weather whiplash is battering the biosphere. All available data makes clear that climate engineering is only adding fuel to the overall planetary meltdown. Why would this be any surprise?

But what about the record cold temperatures that just occurred in parts of the Eastern US? The corporate mainstream media weapons of mass distraction will do their best to trumpet the very brief chemically nucleated cool-down, but where are we going from here in regard to US temperatures? Right back to record shattering warmth for much of the country. Overall global temperatures escalations are accelerating rapidly. The constant engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US have been used to manipulate the perception of the population in regard to the true state of the climate damage already done.


Climate engineering/weather warfare is the greatest and most immediate threat faced by the human race (and all life) short of nuclear cataclysm. The unimaginably destructive and highly toxic geoengineering atmospheric spraying programs can be directly linked to the rapidly unfolding conflict and chaos that is occurring and escalating around the globe. The environmental and human health impacts from the climate engineering assault are already far beyond catastrophic. These impacts are completely connected to unfolding global conflict.  We all have a responsibility to examine the facts, and to sound the alarm. Make your voice heard

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  1. writnondawalls says:

    Looked on an app called flight radar 24 last night.  Saw something very disturbing….. abot 300 jumbo jets a380 777 747 etc from all parts of the   US and The EU on direct courses tonthe general vicinity of the CERN LHC. I live in Denver and there was a constant flow of air traffic over head. Cant help but think of a cople of things solar warden stargate jupiter the pyramids star alignment niribu planet x etc. WE MUST STOP THE LHC ASAP


  2. Ken L says:

    Found this interesting tidbit, of course, without a mention of geoengineering polluting our skies and soils.  The level of deceit is so immense

    • Renders says:

      Said it before, and saying it again: Get this recorded, so that the next time around we learn from our mistakes. You can all cry about it or leave a legacy for the next human race to learn from. The changes that are occurring are exponential, so we need to move fast.

  3. Corey says:

    We have seen a nearly 70 degree swing from one day to the next here in Maine.    (-18 one day and 50 the next) Everyone seems to have a constant cough or respiratory issue lasting for weeks on end.  Just read earlier about South Africa drought pushing 50,000 into recession…  wildlife is suffering as well…   very sad.  Do those involved believe that they are immune to the toxic environment they are creating?  How can they not care about the future of life on Earth??  

    • Kate says:

      These – people – aren't like regular folks. It seems their endgame is destruction. Period. Each of us must ponder what that means.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      We had a swing of about 65 degrees F north of Boston — from about –10 F to about +55 F.  I remember –27 F when I lived in Maine back around 1995.  Now that was cold!

    • Dennie says:

      We have Weather Whiplash in Northern CA this week– 79 degrees Fahrenheit in Cloverdale, northern Sonoma County, CA on Tuesday, then blustery, cold and rainy weather again yesterday and throughout the rest of the week.  Glad to see water flowing in Orrs, Gibson and Feliz Creeks, and more in the Russian River than when I went up on Wednesday.

      Regarding Evil Elites:  I think "their" psychospiritual problems are a lot more complicated and unconscious that just being Diabolical Demons "bwa-ha-HAAing" their way through their miserable lives.  From everything I've read, these people are often not really raised by their own families and many are brought up by abusive servants, or by parents that have an agenda in mind to abuse their kids to show them Who's Boss, then the victims turn around and become the next generation of perpetrators.  This is how "they" keep The Game going.  The way they do that is very deeply dependent upon D-E-N-I-A-L, as in "You really didn't mean to (take your pick here:  slap, beat, burn, starve, verbally and emotionally abuse) treat me that way, did you?"  Or worse, forcing kids to witness someone else's abusive treatment.  But of course, their "caretakers" either don't think or they may well have consciously premeditated the abuse.  Child-rearing to too many is really more like child abuse.  A lot of it goes like, "Who has time to raise kids when you're Hellbent-for-Leather determined to OWN THE SUN–???"

      In addition, many have a death wish.  Please believe me.  I think you're nearly there.  These people just DO NOT CARE what they, or YOU, feel.  Not when you WON'T stop to feel your own feelings.  And certainly not when money is more important than life itself.  That should be a whole lot more than obvious to anyone with eyes to see, by now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is how ridiculous it gets. The Canadian government wants to Re-Coop 47 million dollars from snow removal contractors in fines for poor performance for not doing their job properly and giving them fines. The outstanding fines are around 47 million dollars. It makes me wonder if these snow removal contractors have any idea where all the snow is coming from. In all reality they should be fining the geoengineering contractors for dumping all that Nucleated Snow.

  5. Michel B says:

    It is supposed to be our rainy season here in Brisbane, Australia, but it barely rains. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicts the ever meaningless percentages of chance of rain, even storms, that just don't happen.

    Is someone trying to make it apparent that things need questions, or do they know that a pacified population won't think anything through, despite the gigantic discrepancies between what happens and what is predicted?

    Why don't they say there is no chance of rain or storms? That way, with their rain-ceasing effects of SRM/SAG, the predictions/prescriptions will be accurate. Or do they know that people live in hope and that even deliberately erroneous predictions of rain allay a not too suspicious population: "It's just the weather people getting it wrong again!"

    The massive changes in weather patterns in the last several decades should be enough to stir questioning in people, but the fact is unless you learn about these programs, you probably wouldn't guess at s**t like global weather modification. The spread of this news is up to us.

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Found this music video on YouTube. It's by System of a Down, the lead singer is Serj Tankian. The name of the song is "Sky Is Over" Thank you Serj

  7. Ken L says:

    What a roller coaster ride 2/16, here in NJ. Ice nucleated predawn, then HAARP/ELF's full blast, causing severe sinus/ear pressure and stomach cramps.  the skies became solid pale grey, then skies darkened and got on and off rain and strong winds.  As soon as I got a stomach cramps, the winds would start to gust slamming against my house.  By 2 PM it was raining, then sleeting and snow, back and forth.  Then around 3 PM a very dense fog rolled in.  By 5 pm, was so exhausted, had to lay down.  Woke up at 11 PM!  The skies were clear, saw more stars then usual and the moon.  Minutes later heard military type planes, look out and the skies had been ice nucleated again, with cotton ball clouds and a large orange halo was around the moon!!!  then coughing spells and severe nasal congestion.  Where the clouds started to part, you can see the typical chemtrails being laid down around the moon, and the bright orange halo is back!  So now we have Lunar radiation management too?

  8. stephan says:

    Hello all – here in the dead of winter in south central Canada,Winnipeg Manitoba aka (Winterpeg Manisnowba) the forecast is for rain on thursday and friday.

  9. Larwence says:

    Hello Dane and all here. I have been seeing lots of new names on the comments here, WELCOME ALL, I hope soon we can get the insane spraying of us ALL finally stopped, it is killing us and our families and friends as well as the trees, and every other living thing on our planet!!

    Warm regards to all and Thanks again Dane, family, and all that are in this fight,

  10. Two days ago top news story on MSN. US officials warn of impending attack on US soil by ISIS. The bastards are preparing to stage another false flag event to further escalate their agenda and prolong the war probably leading the whole world into WW three I fear. They are going to kill us one way or another unless we can stop them. Be prepared. stay vigilant. On another note I guess they are done engineering our winter, we are now 20 degrees above normal this last week. Working outside in a Tshirt  in the middle of Feb. Are you kidding me.

  11. Greg says:

    Today there were many more planes spraying in southwest Colorado.  They completely filled the sky from Cortez to Durango, north to Montrose and west to Norwood and back down to Telluride.  The intensified activity, which now also includes night time spraying, is unbelievable.  I had to travel over this area today and there must have been 15-20 different jets.  One was painted pink/orange on its underbelly.  One was red, white, and blue.  How frigging patriotic!  I will be out of contact for the next ten days.  I hope there is an end to this nightmare that is not tragic.  

  12. Rats trying to expose free energy technology says:

    Help Stop World War 3

    • BaneB says:

      It is probably impossible to stop the drift into utter destruction.  My view is we must prepare ourselves psychologically for what is going to be a shock like nothing we humans have ever experienced.  How does one put one's mind into such a role?  

  13. DrDignity says:

    Hello Everybody! No usual geoengineered skies here in Palm Springs probably due to the OSEAN Conference at Sunnylands with all the dignitaries playing golf.  First days since I have no respiratory symptoms due to the cessation of overhead spray.  What a beautiful blue sky we've had all week, also for the Modernism Week festivities.  Thanks, Dane, for your mention of the Arctic zone in runaway.  Here are the latest high figures for green house gasses from NOAA/NASA: C02 405,83 ppm (4 February 2016, Moana Loa), methane 2963 ppb (8 January 2016, Moana Loa), 315 ppb nitrous oxide, 160 mmT fluorinated gasses). DrDignity

    • wayne says:

      Dr Dignity,

      Little confused with your post, yesterday was the first  semi clear day we've had, the horizon at sunset was a mess, black, purple and pink horizon. The long holiday weekend the skies were full of….extreme spraying. Palm Springs, CA.

    • John says:

      Their Viral delivery system is in Test Mode. Hence no need to have a 24 X 7 coverage up n running. When they ramp it up have a damn good respoirator and many tanks of oxygen if youre in a built up a built up area? get out now!

  14. John Louro says:

    5 minutes of sunshine, 15 minutes of hate. Time to blow the whistle on these bastards. Just drove cross-country(again), been watching this for 30 years. They're changing the climate regionally.  Salt Lake on Wednesday had the dirtiest air since the 1970's, the radio weatherman said its the inversion layer. Know what it really was? you all post about how your town or state is getting sprayed heavily today or your state is getting hammered today. let me brake it to you folks, this is more sinister than most realize.  Been blowin the whistle for 30 yrs, targeted for 25, alive by the grace of God.  Wind-turbines do not make electricity and are not moved by the wind. The behemoth magnets they utilize for them are made in China. They're built on mostly Fed. land, high on a mountain, and they make clouds that seek the heat of the sun, similar to a heat-seeking missile, then they almost dissipate, creating the intense glare, and sun-scorching heat.    Smokestacks and industrial plants are emitting shit that becomes (clouds), and the locals in whatever city i"m in will tell me, "thats the old concrete plant, or fiberglass plant or plastics plant, but only a skeleton crew works there now." Combined with the chemtrails we get constant cloud cover and dirty chemclouds from this mix. The constant cover is to create regional weather and to provide just that, a cover so whats goin on above is not disclosed till the disclosure.  Doesn't the Bible say the anti-christ will exalt his/their throne above the stars, even making lightning and clouds come from the sky to decieve the world they are God. Most think only God makes the weather. Thats gonna be quite a light show with lying signs and wonders including norway spirals and aururo borealis coming from the sky with a fake rapture soon. Also the sky would be blacked out in the last days! H.A.A.R.P., N.O.A.H, N.A.S.A. THE E.P.A. THE AIR FORCE, smokestacks, this is worse than what you can imagine.  I don't have enough space here to tell everything I know.  I'm the original whistleblower from lawrence livermore lab, and have been targeted for years, and don't care anymore. Going on the offensive now, in Jesus name.                           

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Thank you John. I will give a call tomorrow afternoon.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks for confirming what I knew I'd been seeing recently with smokestacks.  There's a paper mill near my house that I've noticed several months ago is emitting smoke from 5 or 6 different chutes rather than the 1 or possibly 2, as used to be.  Also noticed some days it appears to create a cover across much of the already silver sky.

    • Earth Angel says:

      John, Do you know Leuren Moret? She is also formerly of Livermore Labs and doing her own whistleblowing on the nuclear problems we face. Very good information she has shared too.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Earth Angel, I have John's phone number if you would like to talk with him. I talked with him today for about twenty minutes. I would have talked with him all day if I had the time. Just search Charlie's Pizza Nikiski, Alaska and give me a call anytime and I will pass his number along. I was the only person that called him after he posted his number the other day, unbelievable.

  15. Alan says:

    Today, San Diego is about 25 degrees hotter than average and it's dry, dry, dry.  Historically, San Diego averages one February day with a high temperature of 80 degrees or more.  This February, we will probably end up with 10.    Last night, the weather reader said, "We had record heat today but these temperatures are not all that unusual."  ????  I mean, it might just be me, but I thought that a record temperature might qualify as somewhat unusual.  We are not just breaking heat records.  We are smashing them into oblivion.  I'm listening to a lot of music these days …….Thank you to everybody on this site for all you do.  Thanks especially to you, Dane.  I'm writing you in for president this year.  

  16. Mike Goldfield says:

    My wife and I are in Whittier California 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles and every sunrise/sunset our skies are full of planes covering up the sky with chemicals resulting in a silvery white sky… it's never blue anymore…we smell metal…also my wife's lungs hurt when they're heavily spraying…we bought a good mask recently for part of the time because it's really affecting our health that we're being sprayed like bugs everyday!  Dr says lung issues are way up! Horrendous!

    • SD says:

      Here in SoCal have seen HIGH barometric pressure with offshore Santa Ana winds past three days. Temps still @ record highs, 90-95F.

      Lunatic Geoengineers have SCHEDULED a bizzare rain/snow system for CA Wed/Thur. Pointer on my wall mount barometer wagged far to left this PM, LOW barometric pressure a full 24 hrs BEFORE arrival of rain system.  Indicates HAARP induced.  Numerous earthquakes in local mtns (Big Bear) as well as Eastern Sierra(Mammoth and Big Pine).  Further telltale HAARP involvement.

      Last weekend saw return of THE FOG. Heavy, nucleated FAKE FOG in valley and coastal areas..  Santa Ana winds blew it out to sea, but will return no doubt, like bad SciFi movie.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The current government sets & enforces Laws & Rules, but does not abide by them, they play their own set of cards. The death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia is one example! The original U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights has totally been manipulated and abused, especially from the current administration. I refuse to vote in the 2016 Elections, unless Climate Change and the condition of planet Earth is the number one priority on the agenda. How could anything else possibly rank higher than this! The current U.S. Federal Debt is now over $19 Trillion. President Obama's new Budget is $4.1 Trillion, which $2.8 Trillion is from Tax Increases. In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, $62 Billion will be added to the Deficit. President Obama wants to access a $10 Tax per Barrel of Oil, since Gas prices are low, it would not affect the state of the economy, he said. The Oil/Gas Tax has not been increased in over 16 years, this would increase the price of gas at the pump by 18 cents per gallon. The tax would accumulate $32 Billion per year in revenue for Clean Energy Research & Infrastructure. The President & Administration needs to find other streams to raise revenue for this, by cutting back on other useless reasearch,  programs and constant government spending and waste. How about ending GeoEngineering/Climate Modification and researching more natural ways to prevent, inflicting any further irreparable harm to the biosphere & Earth.


  17. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    An extremely high-profile Supreme Court Judge in a critical position dies while on vacation with no security detail or witnesses.  There is no autopsy…cause of death determined by a judge (Cinderela Guevara — you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried) over the telephone without seeing the body…pillow over his head not questioned….immediately embalmed….nothing to see here folks, just move along.  Yeahhhhh right. 


    Now I'm convinced we're living in the Twilight Zone.

    • BaneB says:

      Would an autopsy really matter?  The criminals control everything.  They own the coroners.  They control the pathologists.  They control the flow of information.  Yet, slip ups do occur, and pertinent information of a revealing nature slip through the cracks and we get a peek at the inexplicables.  9-11 is a very good example of a con revealed.  President Kennedy was autopsied.  Certainly the cause of death was known.  Yet, he was cut up by the ghouls though it has been revealed that this too was anything but kosher.  A tome, but attention riveting, is Best Evidence by Lifton.  JFK and the intrigue concerning the body, the autopsies (yes plural), the witnesses such as hearse drivers, funeral home directors, photographers, etc.  The rest of the story.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Very good points, BaneB.

  18. david says:

    just more proof of sea level rise. this article blames the oil industry as the main cause.  we know otherwise:

  19. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    That methane graph shows classic exponential growth that one would see in a positive feedback system.  It appears to be breaking away from the exponential shape to the slower side just before 2000.  This could be some kind of limiting effect starting to kick in or just a perturbation.  We would need more data beyond 2000 to determine which, but looking at the simple methane feedback model we have, it seems most likely to be just a perturbation.  In any event, we're way past the knee of the curve.

  20. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California  Spray  Alert !   011:45  2-16-2016

    Killing  Cockroaches with Raid comes to mind today .

    My  Brain is on Full  Tilt today with the recent Murder of

    Judge Anthony Scalia .      RIP

    Long Live  LaVoy Finicum

  21. Hi Dane,

    Thank you another hard-hitting article! I have published a French translation for your French-speaking readers:

    Ingénierie du climat, effondrement climatique et troisième guerre mondiale : quel est le lien?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Henri, thank you so much for your tireless work on the translations, I am so grateful for your efforts. We are all a team in this most critical fight, all needed, all essential.

  22. horsegirl says:

    @ Melody Meachum

    Thanks for the reference to Kay Griggs' interviews.  Devastating.  But the first real portrait of the uppermost echelon that made sense.  Nothing but gangs and cartels in uniform.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      @ Horsegirl…you betcha. I believe we're on the same page and you don't often find that. Keep up the excellent research & writing. You are gifted!

  23. horsegirl says:

    I knew there was an ancient quote concerning the towers.  Finally found it.

    On every lofty mountain and on every high hill there will be streams running with water on the day of the great sloughter, when the towers fall.  The light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days…

  24. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Fascinating 24 hours of weather here in SE TN.  Yesterday heavy rain all day temps ranging from 34-37 rain ended with a quick frost at 32-34 degree's.  Sun out quickly this morning with rising temps to almost 50 again underreported right before noon.  By 1pm total cloud cover temps back into the lower 40's and rain about to fall.  You can hear the jets above the clouds now.  Sneaky geoengineers! Sun rise this morning was white/brown not pink on the horizon.  Methane??? Our days of normalcy are #'d.  Prepare everyone, love those you can, spend quality time preparing spiritually as well as physically.  My families prays daily for everyone who is aware to safely prevail through these tough times we are in and the tough times to come.  This is our time!  Dane Keep up the good work! Prayers daily for your safety.  

    • Bill says:

      Here in formerly sunny SW Florida, we had another night of the most intense thunderstorms and lightening; with a local tornado (again).  Woke up to a beautiful blue sky; destroyed by 9:00 with a dozen planes overhead spraying.  The sun was dimmed nicely, and the sun's rays disappeared.  Just now, hours later, 5-6 newly sprayed lines of chemtrails over our house, crisscrossing, even at lower altitudes.  


      I have called our local Congressman dozens of times; telling me that nothing is scheduled to be legislated regarding GeoEngineering.  I have called local news stations, asking them about the spraying.  The idiots claim it's due to the additional amount of aircraft in the area, due to the "Holiday" season.  


      Best wishes and prayers to you all; I also wish we could formulate a strong body to show up at Washington DC within the next 90 days.  Thank you Dane, you're so incredibly intelligent and logical.  I pray for you & your family. 

    • Frank says:

      I completely understand TNGEOWATCH as I to live in SE Tennessee. These engineered cold temps are playing on everyone"s health. Most winters here are at least 20 degrees cooler than normal but what is normal anymore. When the sun shines through mostly only a few days a month the UV's are felt so intensely. The amounts of barium and aluminum is very heavy to nucleate these constant cool downs. The amounts of rain we get with every weather system is way too much. Any moisture we get is constant flood warnings for most. The perverted jet stream is a constant reminder of weather warfare and the relentless spraying that goes on daily. Many people are awake to this travesty but are not allowed anywhere other than this site to speak there thoughts. I tip toe softly at times on one of the biggest weather sites in the US. When I do speak and post about the gag orders applied through the NWS and NOAA I get shilled by the same ones and attacked right away. There are many who like my comments and try to give me a thumbs up before most posts are deleted. Thanks Dane for all you do and all of you who keep up this fight. 

  25. I have been meaning to express my gratitude to those of you who are reporting daily from all over the planet. Your on-location reports have given me, and I assume many others, a better understanding of the consequences of all pervasive geoengineering and aerosol spraying which appears to be increasing. I wish we could have a computer generated demographic based on reported locations, frequency and intensity – which might give us a better idea of the method to their madness.

    I don’t usually report on conditions here on the Olympic Peninsula WA because it is so often overcast that it is difficult to usefully observe. I think the Navy is using their microwave/radio frequency emitters here for EW electronic warfare more than the aerial spraying. But it is difficult to judge. I have never seen the sky ‘chemtrailed’ here as bad as some photos. The sky here is “electric fried” more often. Dane’s research and conclusions brought into a cohesive comprehensive focus the research I had been doing for 25 years, beginning in 1987 with Eustace Mullins [ ]. Because of my background and my visions, I had been pursuing this trail of LIES obliquely in all its intentionally confused fragments. Dane put everything together for me under the canopy of geoengineering and I am very grateful for that. My heartfelt thanks to all who are posting here in support of exposing the insanity.

    • Kiki Francis says:

      "I wish we could have a computer generated demographic based on reported locations, frequency and intensity – which might give us a better idea of the method to their madness."

      I follow a guy on YouTube, 1PacificRedwood who does a daily video of what is unfolding in the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast of the US.  One of his aresanols is the Live Feed NOAA Goes West map. The average Joe could pull that up at a moments notice, but this guy does a great job of explaining the details.

    • Kiki Francis — This 1PacificRedwood is excellent. We can train our eyes to recognize the radio frequency/microwave transmitter blast patterns that appear on these NOAA maps. Brilliant! Thank you! Link here:



    • BaneB says:

      Central Mendocino County:  another grunge sky day.  The sun is very dimmed.  Chemtrails abound and the clouds are totally degraded and turned into a messy looking fake cloud canopy.  The weather makers say rain is scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday.  If it does rain will be have clear blue skies after the rain?  Highly unlikely given there have been no clear blue sky days since at least the first week of November.  Indeed, the grunge is always in our sky in varying amounts.  

  26. Hi Dane,

    Thanks for keeping this site up to date.  I have been documenting the sky conditions in the Washington DC area on a daily basis since October 2015.  I think we have plenty of evidence showing man-made sky conditions here at .  Feel free to use any of our material to help in this struggle. Dew Away. 

  27. marc says:

    The game-over light is beginning to flash off and on. When it STAYS on, that's it. Soon, very soon. Anybody that imagines a comfy future is either an idiot, an idealogue, grossly uninformed, grotesquely misinformed or in solitary confinement. 

     I listened to Global Alert News from Saturday for the second time. Dark, very dark. Impossible to remain hopeful in any way as everything we hold dear dies all around we who are next.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Yeah…and this game has no replays.

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so, well, like, when do "they" run out of aluminum, barium, and jet fuel?  I do apologize in advance– stop reading if you must– but it seems to me that we will continue to have no further shortage of The Gullible, the Desperate and the Unfeeling who, for a few dollars, will be most happy to oblige the System and keep producing the nano-particulate air crap you're being forced to breathe, and spray it on you 24/7/365 for what, the next 30 years?  Isn't there information I saw from Guy McPherson about how long "they" plan on continuing to spray us all, looking for the desired result, whatever that is?

  28. Damon Duval says:

    …. hoping that the GeoEngineeringWatch Legal Team is capable of putting at least a dent in their shield of deciet.

    • Dennie says:

      And so with this the long tentacles of the Proxy Wars extend unto the chambers of the Supreme Court, as they have since the assassination of JFK and possibly even before, but the difference now is that with the death of Scalia at Cibolo Creek Ranch, the war is now become HOT (I find it quite ironic that Scalia died at a hunting lodge– the ultimate example of perpetrator-become-victim).  It is now Open Season on Supreme Court justices– if it's one supreme court justice you don't like who can now be whacked, who's to say "they" won't pull this on the ones you think may be more representative of justice, though it begs the question: Justice for WHOM?  I think we all know the answer to that here.

  29. Talk of planet x or the ninth planet, s seen on a Canadian channel              

  30. Donna Potter says:

    Are the ones doing all of this so deceived as to think they will escape the death they are bringing to this planet?  

    • Martha says:

      The instigators intend to flee into their lavish, comfortable, well prepared, well stocked underground dens. No doubt they also have access to health preserving procedures and technologies that we don't.

      What we have that they don't is love, light, conscience, integrity and an ever growing network linking us together in awareness and truth with the strengthening bond of kinship. 

  31. Also, is it right to suppose that with the death of this judge, the legal team of both American and Canadian lawyers filling complaints on geoengineering could be at high risk of assassination therefore, nothing would come of this? Scary.

  32. Roger Gibbons says:

    Here's a man who is a Judge of the highest court in the United States going hunting all by him self. No friend, no secret service, no body guard no family member just all by him self and then dies of a heart attack suddenly in bed.


  33. Ken L says:

    Weather whiplash here in NJ.  Went to bed last night and it was snowing heavily.  Got up at 4 Am because it was so warm and stuffy.  Looked outside and NO SNOW was left.  The skies appeared clear because I saw stars.  Let the cat out and wow, temps way up, after record lows since Friday.  An hour later, went to check on the cat and he was just sitting on the stoop, enjoying the warmer temps.  I looked up and no stars could be seen and noticed the temps were dropping, skies still too dark to see what was going on above.

    • Ken L says:

      Skies now trying to lighten, and just as I suspected, there is a huge "chemcloud" covering the skies, so sometime between 4AM and 5AM, we were ice nucleated again.  My little fish pond, which had been frozen all week, now back in liquid form, so the overnight temps must have been quite high!

    • Dennie says:

      And we don't need temps in the high 70s in February– not even in California!

  34. JohnC says:

    Since some two weeks I hardly see any chemtrails at the location where I live (near Amsterdam) whereas before I seemed to live in a complete web of trails.  At the moment I see only short trails which seem to be condensation trails only.  And these trails disappear within a few minutes and the sky is blue since very long …

    Does anybody know something about this or heard something?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, even the shorter bright trails that seem to disipate are in all probability still spray dispersions. When one region gets a break, other areas of the world are getting hit harder.

    • Von Droid says:

      On Sunday in buffalo,ny, the day began with blue skies and zero chemtrailing.  In the early afternoon I started seeing the airplanes with the short bright trails lacing across the southern part of the sky in virtually the same flight track separated by several minutes.  None of the flights appeared on  I watched then intermittently for a couple hours and probably saw 20-30 of the short bright trail planes and none appeared on radar.  Then the heavy chemtrail planes began laying non dispersing horizon to horizon trails through a cloud of aeresolized muck that bad developed, or blew in, from the southwest.  It appeared to be very large kc-10s or something because they were very large, had four engines yet didn't appear on radar either.  I was observing these activities through binoculars but not close enough to identify anything further.

      The way these operations work, as far as I've been able to tell, is they send out scores of the small bright trail planes initially and then once the cloud has really changes phase or whatever it does, they seed it more with the other chemical mixes.  Of course, I'm speculating, but I've see this pattern repeatedly.

      It also has to be noted that the commercial airlines are absolutely involved as well, but at least they appear on radar and you know it's a commercial jet doing the spraying.

      The level of chaos and insanity we are surrounded by is truly frightening.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's a way out of this.  I hope to god there's an international coalition of people on the verge of arresting these insane crime organizations that are ruining our world from top to bottom.  Where have we been led that the truth and peace have been completely stigmatized?  It's a world of shadows these days.

  35. Earth Angel says:

    On the sudden death of Scalia, the whole thing STINKS to high heaven..and that's before learning any of the real details of the situation. I always thought that zionist hag Ginsberg would be the first of them to go based on age and health. The criminal elite are pulling out all the stops on pushing their agenda through. They haven't slowed a bit since the JFK assassinations. They've become even bolder. Now is the time for the People of the World to make them STOP the crime. Speak out everyone!

  36. Dawnski says:

    Dane, what causes there to be rain or freezing rain when the temperature is in the he 20's? Wh not snow? I have a creepy little bug on my at storm door that laid a little triangle of eggs. In below freezing temps. Tonight I saw low level ightning clouds. And tomorrow it will be 59* or so they say. . .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dawnski, with the engineered cooldowns, the cold layer at ground level is becoming increasingly shallow. Air temperatures above this shallow layer are increasingly warm as the planet continues to heat. This can create the conditions you describe.

  37. vince mackay says:

    Thank you for your article Dane, I to am sick of the spraying and GMO food. Vince

  38. [continued…Pravda propaganda or true?]  "Now is the epochal moment when Russia can determine the fate of the United States. It is only the US elite who can talk about it, and Henry Kissinger is a person, who represents the US elite.

    "The Bush clan needs Russia's money, Russia's armed forces, Russia's political support to defeat the Clintons to subsequently destroy the entire group of bankers and making them responsible for the US national debt. For their part, they are ready to give Russia a weighty support in different areas."

  39. Gary says:

    Doug Hagmann, private investigator for over 30 years/this is what he does for a living. So what is his opinion of the Scalia mess?

  40. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    God bless you Dane and all that you do…thank you!! I finally understand how i became so ill y the fight for recovery is impossible as this global threat worsens!! I am a witness daily and do my best to post on facebook y pass out flyers…i talk to everyone and most people have no clue and are not interested…i pray for the christian leaders to stand up..exposing evil is stated in the bible it is the right thing to do…it is the end times i pray they wake up before it is too late…take care…peace…

    • Stacey, God bless you for all your efforts to spread the truth in this world of lies. Keep at it!
      Never give up! I pray also that He will heal you of whatever has been afflicting you,healthwise. I’ve had a bit of a trial the last couple of years as well. Had one cancerous tumour removed, then the MDs wanted to really go at my lymph system, start cutting out more nodes, chemo, etc. After researching lymphoma myself, I said “No Thanks” and started on an home-brew Alternative/Natural anti-cancer regime.
      So far, I am happy…it’s under good control. If you, or Dane, or any one of the wonderful contributors here at Geoengwatch are interested, I’ve done a 17 minute mini-documentary, “7 At Home Anti-Cancer Treatments” Have a look!

  41. A compilation of evidence from 'official' textbooks and scientists: Clear evidence of the use of Aerosol Components is found in the ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. Secondly I found an online discussion from an esteemed Cornell University professor on Ionospheric Modification, what they call ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE (the term you should google) using barium. Last is the definition of “chaff” in a textbook on EW, electronic warfare. I believe these three are blatant evidence that we term 'chemtrails' are used and well known not only to the military, but to the scientists who are developing the technology and the equations necessary to blast the Ionosphere and our bodies with aluminum, barium, strontium, and the rest of the filaments, particulates, and nano-particles that are invading and inundating us, the soil, the air and oceans. [here]:

  42. Dennie says:

    So, no one actually examined Scalia's body, but he gets to be pronounced dead, over the phone, NO examination necessary, by a Texas judge, who set out to the ranch but was turned away by U.S. Marshalls (? huh??), who then tells the media that Scalia died of a myocardial infarction?  How would she know?? And then, she REVERSES herself, saying that Scalia's heart stopped, and then again, later, that he died of "natural causes??"  Is Judge Cinderela Guevara a medical examiner who works by mental telepathy?? 

    If anyone is familiar with the Church Committee's further investigation into the shenanigans underlying the tip of the iceberg known as Watergate, you'd know about the committee's videographed testimony in which the "heart attack machine" makes it's appearance on the floor of the Senate– no, that is not just "conspiracy theory," it is conspiracy FACT.  Here's Mary Embree telling all about the criminal operation known as the CIA.  The part about the heart attack drug and gun starts at 4:10: 

    It's starting to sound to me like Scalia may well have been treated to the same fate as "weird Uncle" Matt Simmons, the oil investment banker who was very likely given the heart attack treatment as a result of speaking out loudly about the reality of Peak Oil and telling the truth of the Macondo Deepwater Horizon horror.

    Is it a coincidence that we have guys with names like John Poindexter (remember, the national security advisor to Reagan and chief architect of the Iran Contra affair??), a Texas millionaire who owns the hunting lodge where Scalia was found dead.. hmmm… To quote Fred Hampton, the leader of the Black Panthers, who was shot to death by the FBI while sleeping in bed with his girlfriend, "You'll come up with answers that don't answer, you'll come up with explanations that don't explain and you'll come up with conclusions that don't conclude."

    But WAIT– knowing what we know about particulate matter and the action of barium, is it possible now that Justice Scalia died of "myocardial infarction," if you've read Russ Tanner's account of his barium-induced heart attack? 

    Sorry, but the first thing I thought, and do now whenever SHTF like this since 2008 or so was, "Okay, WHO did him in?"  Someone in Power swiped a play right outta the Little Black Book (II) of Dirty Neo-con Tricks.  I was only 6 1/2 years old when "they" whacked JFK but I distinctly remember hearing the television news reports about a "conspiracy" and that the Warren Commission would give us The Story– well, many were not buying it, not even back in 1963.  There was this feeling that the country was sitting atop a massive pressure cooker that just wasn't about to be turned down, but in fact was just getting going and had yet to reach a rolling boil, which is where I'd say we are about now.  That day in 1963 changed my life forever.  It's a wonder I majored in music and not poli sci.

    Here it is, the Wa Po article (thank you, Jeff Bezos):

    • esther says:


    • Dennie says:

      2006 Texas Monthly story about John B. Poindexter's purchase and upgrade of lands now known as Cibolo Ranch:  And now, just as the article reported then, "Poindexter finds "himself in an uncomfortable place: the headlines."

      Cibolo Ranch appears to be a place that's been "rehabbed" and now serves as a private hunting lodge for celebrities, royalty and Big Wig political figures.  One account of the place seems to say that animals such as bears, mountain lions and others were "reintroduced" to the area.  Ostensibly to be hunted down at a later date, to live out their lives as stuffed heads on a trophy wall, the latest being Judge Scalia.

    • Dawnski says:

      Did anyone "see" him since he was pronounced dead. What if he is alive on a sunny island or in a DUMB? Things that make you go hmmm. If no one has to see him but can pronounce him dead I say he's alive and kicking. . .

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Andrew Breitbart was killed with the heart attack gun also.

    • Dennie says:

      FYI:  It is the stories that are heard soonest after an event that are the ones most likely to be accurate.  The further away in time you get from the event's actual occurrance, the more time there is for the facts to undergo "revisions," embroidery, etc.

    • BaneB says:

      Admiral John Poindexter is the originator of the terms Full Spectrum Dominance and Total Informational Awareness.  He is the architect of both.  It should not be surprising to see his name pop up.  My memory suggests he was up to his eyeballs in the Iran Contra criminal activities.  It is doubly distressing to realize the ranch he operates is a killing field for the wealthy and powerful to off innocent wild animals.  And the impression is they import more exotic creatures to blow away, too.

    • BaneB says:

      Oops, I got my Poindexters confused.  The Admiral and the hunting ranch owner in Texas are two entirely different individuals.  There are over 300 John Poindexters in the US.  My apology.

  43. jack says:

    Listen to this video at about ten minutes and thirty seconds into it (10:30) to what this guy says about their hardly being any wildlife left, and also listen to the propaganda about what is cause this:
    The fact is that the Oligarchs, who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore privately own the creation/printing of money and so can do whatever they want, and because of this, they actually own the whole apparatus of government, banks, and corporations all the way down. They are not taking everything over right now, they already took it over, and hid this fact from the People by keeping a whole facade going. Now they lie to you as they depopulate and kill you with Geo Engineering, which causes massive cancer deaths.
    The Time Is Now. You must take strong protests literally to the lying Media's doorstep to disrupt the delivery of their propaganda.
    Do you want to go down without a whimper, or do you want to go down while blasting away at them with everything you've got? I choose the latter, as would every Free person worldwide.

  44. Phil Morrison says:

    Recent video has Guy McPherson acknowledging (finally) the role that aerosols play in climate change.   Guy says he was behind the curve on aerosols and playing catchup.  

    Dane was right from the gitgo.

    • Citizen69 says:

      The problem is that many misinformers have used geoengineering as a COUNTER argument to ACD (anthropogenic climate disruption) driven by industrial society – one of the things I appreciate most about Dane is his unwavering resistance to dividing geoengineering and ACD into a "one or the other" dichotomy – it's all ACD, the origin of which was unintentional (though not unforeseen), the response to which (geoengineering) is quite intentional

    • Rodster says:

      Can you post a link to that video? I want to show it to a Guy McPherson groupie who denies Geoengineering.

    • Rodster says:

      Dane, have you seen this video? If so, can you please post a link to it. I checked YouTube and found nothing. Having McPherson admit Geoengineering would be EPIC !

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, I believe what McPherson admitted to is the profound impact of the massice aerosol saturation in the atmosphere, I don’t believe he actually admitted to geoengineering being a reality. I hope I am wrong about this, but I don’t think so.

  45. Kevin Shipp says:

    You are exactly right Dane.

  46. Greg says:

    Thanks again for your constant watch over the global meltdown!  Dare I say the Illuminati is at their biggest play in regards to the takeover of the entire planet's resources and the enslavement of all of humanity.  The spraying continues everywhere.  Time is at the critical stage in regards to our collective survival.  I wish us all the very best in the good fight.

  47. olga mens says:

    Stop  the madness now. I'm also sick  that they are trying to kill us or  make us ill just for profit.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Olga, it is important to remember that there are many layers to what is being carried out in our skies, the equation is complicated.

  48. Dawnski says:

    My, oh my! Sharing. Terry I hope you read this. Dane explains things political so much better than I and my child-like Spirit. My gut feeling when I heard about the Supreme Court Jusice in Matts Revelation class. Thank you Dane!

  49. Brian Wright says:

    Dane, you've once again put together a sterling integration of the knowledge of various facets of the global meltdown. I'm definitely proceeding to distribute to all my social media, email network, and as a guest column on Short of stopping the perturbations for nuclear annihilation, humanity MUST as its highest public behavior put an immediate hard stop to climate engineering. Everyone out there, spread this to your networks as if your life depended on it… because it does. It's pointless and too late to try to petition Congress–they're pure sleaze with no concept of the threat–but DO petition state and/or federal grand juries to investigate and indict the global corporate-government officials responsible. We need to stop the high-crime assault of wanton geoengineering NOW!

    • bija says:

      The second I heard about Scalia's death at a remote Texas ranch, my instinct immediately kicked in and I began to connect the dots, as Dane always suggests. And guess what??? It seems that Scalia stood in the way of Obama's Climate Plan, which is sure to 'roll out' the need for experimental (hahaha!) geoengineering. I know he wasn't a young man, but Scalia's supposed heart attack at this particular time and in this remote location smacks of foul play to me! I see the puppet-master's hand behind all the dark events that hastily usher us down the path of global disaster!!!

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