Climate Engineers Continue To Disrupt Global Weather As US Military Conducts Climate Change War Games


Dane Wigington

The vast majority of global populations are unfortunately not yet willing to face the fact that Earth's climate and life support systems are being totally disrupted and derailed by a global power structure that is inarguably insane and completely out of control.


"US military planners have been ordered to war game climate change scenarios, focusing on geopolitical and socioeconomic instability linked to extreme weather". Photo: US Military/Flickr

A new directive says forces need to undertake joint training exercises with allies to “enhance capacity” and “improve tactics” for tackling impacts linked to global warming.

"Mission planning and execution must include identification and assessment of the effects of climate change on the DoD [department of defense] mission"…

The blocking of the the previously forecasted rains from the US West is one of the latest assaults being carried out by the climate engineers. In May, of 2015, stated on the record that in spite of the coming record El Niño, the climate engineers could still suppress the rain if they chose to (that is exactly what is occurring). Even mainstream sources are admitting "This Is Not What California Expected From A Super El Niño".The forecast map below clearly shows the previously predicted El Niño wet weather for drought stricken California (long since a victim of the ongoing climate engineering programs).


Though some locations in California have received moderate amounts of early season precipitation, reservoirs are still not filling up. As "winter" passed its mid point, the climate engineers have yet again shut off the spigot.

The NOAA precipitation map below reflects the complete antithesis of the predicted El Niño event. Far "below normal" precipitation is forecasted (scheduled) for the US West and South.


As previously stated, the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of ionosphere heater induced high pressure is completely blocking the flow of precipitation from the US West once again. 

The corporate controlled media has recently been glossing over the western US drought catastrophe which has not improved and in fact may now be heading into even worse territory in spite of the record El Niño. The population as a whole is unfortunately all too willing to continue ignoring and denying the geoengineering issue and its catastrophic impacts. The climate science community's denial of climate engineering is criminal.


The protracted drought is ongoing in California.

The geoengineers are again demonstrating that they can freeze the eastern half of the country (conveniently timed for election primaries?) while frying the West


The completely unnatural and historically unprecedented scenario reflected in the NOAA map above has become all too often the norm in recent years as the weather makers wreak havoc on the overall climate system.

The ongoing attempt to"Engineer winter" is clearly a top priority for the geoengineers as the climate continues into total meltdown from the Arctic to Australia. The January ice cover in the Arctic was the lowest ever and Australia is in "uncharted territory" in regard to the relentless record heat and increasing drought. Earth's oceans are superheating while global methane releases are also far worse than previously acknowledged by official sources. The planetary meltdown is accelerating with climate engineering helping to fuel the overall fire.

Engineered snow storms are a primary tool for the climate engineers. The 90 second video below of an East Coast radar loop has clearly captured recent chemical ice nucleating efforts over the US East. On this short video clip, waves of precipitation can be seen migrating in from the record warm Atlantic Ocean. The flashes of blue (frozen precipitation) occur as chemical nucleating agents/elements are sprayed/dispersed into the rain cells.

Our planet is not just dying, it is being killed. If we wish to survive for much longer, exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare insanity must be our top priority. All of us are inhaling the toxic particles being sprayed, the damage done to our health from air particulate contamination lasts for decades even after the exposure is stopped. Though there are countless anthropogenic sources of damage to the climate system and the biosphere, mathematically speaking, the global geoengineering is the most decimating of all. If you care, make your voice heard while we still have something left to salvage of Earth's life support systems.

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  1. I too notice the smaller planes, sometimes one or two flying much lower on days they are spraying heavy.  Sometimes I'll see an odd looking helicopter appear also.  It appears the smaller planes are monitoring the spray, I work out side so see this most days.  I've only noticed these smaller planes in the last few month or so.

  2. EagleScout says:

    This link is enough to make you decide that it is time to wear your face mask every day 24-7 to avoid breathing the particles . We have a higher IQ than others and this is the only way to send a message to the elite. I will wear my face mask to protect myself and force people to ask me why .. GeoEngineered weather ,,, that's why.. 

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    The news feed this morning showing the polar vortex pretext makes it clear to me that they are trying like hell to cool down Greenland.

  4. Ken L says:

    Wanted to share this.  So many thoughts on this, on a personal level
    Friends Forever

  5. Killer Dana says:

    Mono County California Spray  Alert !  2-13-2016   @ 09:00
    Mammoth Mountain and Bishop are getting Hammered Today .
    How could we let this Happen ?

  6. Ken B says:

    Dane – thank you, thank you, thank you for making the sacrifices you have for this cause. I myself am forming a thought for moving forward. This morning I deeply perused your site data, specifically the documents and tests. I need no convincing myself, never did. I'm looking at it from the perspective of why <40 folks wouldn't be fully outraged and in full blown protest mode, and what can we do to get their attention.
    While perusing this morning I couldn't help but notice a small percentage of broken links as well as the fact that a good portion of your sizable document library contains non-light-reading stuff. Obviously, the material is exactly what's needed but I feel that the <40s aren't really into 20+ page government document reading.
    One idea that I have is a series of graphs, much like they do in the financial world. We could do a group vote on graph subjects, get them together and stick them all in a .pdf as well as a tab on your site? Something like that? Maybe a graph overlay with several trends?
    Personally, I'm looking at (global): economy (specifically trade in goods containing metals) / Bauxite mining (alumina source) / some disease overlay like…Alzheimers / respiratory / dementia and then some air particulate and water sampling.
    I realize this would be no small feat. I'm just trying to think of something else we can do. I'll bet there would be several volunteers here willing to help. My thought is to pick one of the chem soup ingredients that everybody is familiar with. What do you think of this idea…along the lines of the small booklet idea someone else just posted.
    On a down note..I've also been looking at the CARB site and it appears they've ceased being a transparent entity about 6 years ago. Something interesting is that they don't list aluminum in their toxic metals list.
    Toxic Metals – The measurement of ambient arsenic, cadmium, chromium, manganese, nickel, lead, copper, zinc, sulfur, titanium, vanadium, iron, cobalt, selenium, strontium, zirconium, molybdenum, palladium, tin, antimony, and plantinum is done in support of California's Toxic Air Contaminant Identification and Control Program.  This program that began in 1983, is designed to identify and then control chemical, physical or biological agents that are found in ambient air and that interfere with life processes.  Analysis is done by inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry

    • Dennie says:

      It's very important that the government documents in their entirety be accessible here on one convenient site.  Everyone needs to know the entire truth of the insanity and what better proof than the source documents?

      Abstracts are helpful for those who lack the time to read the entire document.

  7. Alan says:

    Quote from Alex Tardy that appeared a couple of days ago in the San Diego Union Tribune.  Alex is a forecaster with NOAA in San Diego. 

    “There is a small chance that we won’t get a lot of rain down here. If that happens, it’ll be the first time we had a big El Nino that didn’t produce a lot of rain here. And that would raise some questions.” 

    – See more at:

  8. Melody Meachum says:

    "Who" is behind every "tectonic shift" going on around the world?Tectonic being literal, yes, but I do mean morally and psychologically speaking. Because this dear readers, this is the root of it all and the reason we witness our disastrous weather scenarios,endless wars around the world, synthetic and toxic food supply, robbing through taxation, a declining and propagandized education system from top to bottoml!!  If this tectonic shift had not occurred, we would NOT be witnessing the rape, pillage and plunder of our planet for decades upon decades.

    Now we are witnessing the literal rape, pillage and plunder occurring to European peoples and countries, whether it be the rape and beatings of white women via the so-called muslim "immigration" or the plundering of European properties and unimaginable tax burden placed on them while they are FORCED to play "hosts" to NATO corruption.

    Think this is a sincere act of compassion on the part of NATO sycopants to move hundreds of thousands of people to Europe? 

    So we all talk in circles when blaming the Bankers, the Masons, the Cabal….the NWO. BUT WHO ARE THEY? WHAT IS THEIR DRIVING IDEOLOGY to first destroy the earth to own it?

    There are many many sites for you to learn the answer if you don't already have a clue….,

  9. denny r says:

    I live on Long Island in the flight paths of both JFK and LGA airports. Fact, no matter the altitude, temp., time, season, there are NO CONTRAILS. Whether the planes are arriving or departing to those 2 major airports, not one iota of 'contrail'. YET, every single, in what begins a 'blue sky' day, I see the 'CHEM-TRAIL' planes spray early, from east to west, (clearly ignorant of any regulated flight path rules)  so that as the sun moves it is ALWAYS shining through a haze. Last weekend, there was actually a chemically induced rainbow that encircled the entire sun for most of  the day. When I traveled from NY to FL a few months back and we took off and broke through the heavy gray layer that we all see on pretty much a day to day basis now, the blue sky was visible BUT the # of planes spraying ABOVE the 1st layer was alarming. The magnitude of spraying is beyond belief, and the cost associated with spraying so many millions of sq miles must be exorbitant. I'm in my fifties and I cannot recall the sun ever feeling so warm in January, February nor has it ever been so harsh to look at. In some respects, it  seems much closer than ever. The digital bank thermometer down the street is always 20 to 30 degrees warmer than the 'cell phone weather app' as is my car thermometer. One day it's 60 the next day it snows 4' then drops to 18 and then back up to 52. Pretty much EVERYONE I see has dark circles under their eyes and know scores of others who have not felt well since shortly after the holidays. And it's difficult to ignore all the people coughing on the subway/rail.

    SRM is such a f**king 'elephant in the room' that many more people must be aware than we give them credit for; they just cannot comprehend the 'why' never mind the 'what' it's doing to their health. 


    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Glad you mentioned the above cloud ( forgive me, cloud is a technically incorrect word in this day and age ) spraying.  Recently took a flight from Saskatchewan to British Columbia Canada….  The rolling tunnels of SRM trails were plain to see above the "clouds" but did not have the opportunity to catch them in the act.  We are all actors according to the law.  Wonder how many pilots there are that have awareness of what is taking place…  Why are they not speaking out?  Why are they participating?  Are they all brainwashed?  So many questions… So few answers.. I have come to the conclusion that pilots of spray planes must not have children or any desire for mankind along with the entire food chain to survive. Oh I forgot; Monsanto will save us, with their patent for aluminium resistant soy beans.  This whole deal is such a farce. Thanks for letting me rant Dane. Fed up!! And upset!!

  10. Mike looking up says:

    Dane, PLEASE TAKE A CLOSE LOOK. I  may have a STRANGE or a very strange idea that I would like you to think about. I'm not a educated man nor a elegant writer as Iitarly I just made it out of  9th grade. However, I did pretty well as a small business owner in refinishing and the installations of hardwood floors. OK, so on to my idea, and please try to follow me here.  A small booklet type read.  With a headline like, "A Conspericy You Wish Wasn't True. " Or "The Greatest Story Never Known" or something along those lines. In this small 4,5,6, or 8 page STORY, draw up something like, Shortly after WW 2 and at the beginning of the cold war, for National Security reasons, The Dept of the FBI went into Nicolia Teslas home, took his work and were amazed in what they read, knowing it's importance it went straight to Washington DC and into the hands of the War Dept.. so on, etc. ect. Obviously mention this (Great Weather Weapon) was as good or better than a Nuke bomb, and making this mystery with a who's who of criminality. In this story add everything of importance, timeline project names in Geoengineering, HAARP, and stratospheric aerosol injection etc. with the military connection "Owning the Weather 2025 US AF. Military, HARRP and so on added and etc again. Included the spraying of our skies. Footnotes with important documents, etc. Finaly, make the ending of It no longer a "Conspiracy Theroy" but fact. For in his short booklet it could be passed off easily to friends, co-workers, etc. in a fun like way, like hey Bob, I just finished this short story and it's about this Military Mystery Conspiracy or whatever a writter thinks best, but the (idea)  as it might be the perfect read for you Bob, as I know everyone has and will like it. Maybe this i(dea) could be very ** MIND OPENING for those who would otherwise just roll their eye's. Making this booklet something we all read and then pass on again and again to other friends…….. Please forgive my unsureness and writing ability, as I'm more THINKING OUTLOUD, with little thought about the story or even its idea. Again, Its jjust a idea and I'm sure it may sound a little silly to you. However, a talented writer might be able to go somewhere with this. Fully understand I'm not thinking of myself as I'm hoping someone you know might be able to do something with this. I'm sure I't could be done inexpensively, so maybe someone might be able to pick it up and run with it. Well just a idea and thank you so much and with much respect, Mike Looking up. Sincerly Sir, thank you for everything you do. PS, please dont post this as it was for your thoughts only.


    • Irene Parousis says:

      Wow, just yesterday my son was saying how all his friends want more evidence when he tells them about Geoengineering, and though he directs them to this site, a booklet would be a good introduction.  Perhaps we can all raise the funds to make this happen.  GREAT IDEA! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well gee Mike, I'm glad Dane did post this because it is a brilliant idea!  Don't sell yourself short!  Even Einstein had trouble with school. 

  11. Marc says:

    I have a theory I have mentioned here in the past but honestly have no way to ascertain the veracity of it. There is a large high pressure cell parked over the midwest which implies subsidence of dense, colder air which under the right conditions can cause a temperature inversion scenario, trapping air pollution near the surface. I became aware today of relatively trail free skies in the late morning clearing  (after a very thick cloud canopy overnight and into morning) giving way to a massive slaughtering of our skies over St. Louis between the noon hour and "closing time", maybe 5:30. Incessant and widespread aerosol trails were laid out horizon to horizon and then suddenly all spraying seemed to stop right at sunset. Tonight is forecast to be the coldest night of our winter thus far dropping to about 7 degrees. "Cold and clear." But the forecast for tomorrow is mysteriously back to mostly cloudy. My theory is an unpleasant one to consider. I have a suspicion that the Evil F**kheads behind all this create artificial high pressure cells to facilitate massive subsidence of air across large areas and aerosolize the holy hell out of the cell with weaponized biological or psychoactive materials, and/or the usual array of heavy metals. The extreme cold snaps serve to psy-op our asses into imagining that global warming is not as bad as "they" are saying, and also serve to disseminate toxic or coercive materials into the immediate environment of tens of millions of people. Think this is sheer fantasy? Maybe. Then why, I ask, did they geoengineer the f**k out of St. Louis this afternoon for only 4 hours on the day forecast to be the coldest of the whole winter? I find this pattern anomalous and strange, but suggestive. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of event. Now, it might be argued that some kind of material was disseminated primarily to cool this region, or to facilitate additional cooling. But my cynicism and my intuition are both leading me to question whether there might be some covert and extremely insidious agenda going on here. Any thoughts out there on this? Am I full of shit?

    • Marc says:

      Let me clarify by adding that the subsiding air is bringing the sprayed materials to the surface, which I am speculating may be the precise intent of the a-holes behind all this.

    • Ken L says:

      Trust your intuition.  Intuition is your inner spiritual guide, it is not just some mythical, illusionary thing, it is your "compass" within your heart, .  that as Dane points out, has been masked by fear/flight "reaction", like in Stockholm Syndrome.  It is no coincidence, that as we awaken and face these manufactured fears, the geoengineering increased.  And, the false believe that women are more intuitive than men.  The only reason men "appear" to be less intuitive, is because they have been subjected, to much more trauma, ie: war, busi ness, etc.  dulling that "sense".  They have been "taught"   to go out of the home, to "make a living"..think about that..the real "living"  is within your home

  12. debra says:

    I wrote Diane Feinstein awhile back about the dangers of HAARP technology. For some reason I can't pull up my original, but here is her response. Beyond livid. Have notice two new Microwave towers in my area, in the middle of no where! Crop dusted whiteout again today. Sedition, treason, crimes against humanity. Time for a peoples Hague court!!


    Dear Ms. Pombo:


    I received your letter and appreciate knowing your concerns regarding the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and sincerely apologize for the delay in my response.


    HAARP is a joint program between the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force that investigates ionospheric physics and radio science.  This program is intended to allow us to improve the quality of both satellite and short-wave communication signals.  Some of the everyday benefits of this research include improving the accuracy of global positioning systems in our personal vehicles as well as better reception for our satellite radio and television services.


    I have asked my staff to look into your concerns, and they have not identified any evidence that HAARP is harmful to the health of individuals or the environment.


    Know that I will keep your thoughts in mind should the Senate discuss this program or debate any relevant legislation.


    Once again, thank you for writing, and I hope that you will continue to keep me informed about issues of importance to you.  Should you have any further comments or questions, please feel free to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841, or visit my website at  Best regards.



    Sincerely yours,

      Dianne Feinstein
             United States Senator


    Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website, And please visit my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

    Click here to Reply or Forward





    • Hi Debra. typical response from a bureaucrat. Diane Frankenstein oops Feinstein and the rest of the senators and congressmen know all too well the dangers of HAARP and the aerosol spraying. They will never help us because they all are a bunch of cowards serving their master. We are on our own. Take care of yourself

    • Mike p says:

      I received the same email from Feinstein but she did not address my concerns I asked about Geoengineering,only my concern about HAARP.She must have sent that same email to a lot of people.Her and Jerry B.are all bought and paid for politicians.Paid to cover up and lie to the people who voted for her.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well, debra, I remember when all claimed HAARP did not exist, was a conspiracy theory.  Progress?  Uh?  Baby steps?  I know that does not cut it, but things will out!

  13. Ken B says:

    CA Air Resources Board: Email –

    "General Air Pollution Complaint Hotline" – 1-800-952-5588


  14. Russia warns of 'new world war' starting in Syria / Feb.12, 2016
    Foreign and defence ministers of the leading international states are meeting in Munich and Brussels following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks
    … the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, staged their own intervention, saying they were committed to sending ground troops to the country. Their favoured rebel groups have been pulverised by Russian air raids and driven back on the ground by Iranian-supplied pro-regime troops. They said their declared target was Isil. But the presence of troops from Gulf states which have funded the Syrian rebels would be taken as a hostile act by the Assad regime and its backers, and a sign that they were committed to staking their claim to a say in the final Syrian settlement.
    Russia issued a stark warning of the potential consequences. "The Americans and our Arab partners must think well: do they want a permanent war?" its prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, told Germany's Handelsblatt newspaper in an interview due to be published on Friday but released on Thursday night.  … The Saudis are also testing American willingness to “lead from the front” in Syria in the face of the apparent defeat of their favoured rebels at the hands of an assertive Russian intervention. … The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said more than 50,000 people had now been displaced north of Aleppo in the latest bout of fighting, calling the situation “grotesque”.  “The warring parties in Syria are constantly sinking to new depths, without apparently caring in the slightest about the death and destruction they are wreaking across the country,” he said.

    Interesting that NATO has “The NATO Advanced Study Institute on Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards
    Abstract : The Tutorial Lectures of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards, 19 June 2000 – 29 June 2000, Hersonissos, Crete The aims of the Institute were: to provide a systematic overview and rigorous introduction to the physics of space storms; to review recent spacecraft measurements that have provided new insight into the dynamics and effects of space storms; to review space weather hazards associated with space storms and pertinent to the operation of technological systems in space and on ground; to discuss and assess methods of space weather forecasting, as well as national and international initiatives towards an efficient development of space climatology. [extensive pdf here]:

  15. Methane's Role in Arctic Warming / arctic-news / February 11, 2016
    Arctic Ocean hit most strongly by global warming [excerpts]
    … Methane, another greenhouse gas, is also present over the Arctic Ocean at levels that are higher than the rest of the world, as illustrated by the image below, showing methane levels over 1900 ppb over most of the Arctic Ocean on February 4, 2016.
    In the case of methane, the situation is different than for carbon dioxide: levels at the North Pole are more than 10% higher than at the South Poles, a much larger difference than for carbon dioxide. Methane is reaching its highest levels over the Arctic Ocean from October onward to well into the next year. Methane persists longer over the Arctic due to low hydroxyl levels there. Methane levels over the Arctic Ocean are high, as increasingly large amounts of methane are rising up from the Arctic Ocean seafloor, making that this methane will inherently be highly concentrated over the Arctic, especially shortly after its release. In conclusion, it looks like methane is playing an increasingly large role in warming up the Arctic, especially given its large short-term potency as a greenhouse gas.

  16. Shirley Kistner says:

    I'm currently at my home in Pawleys Island, SC.  Science Czar John Holdren and his referenced so-called Global Warming Scientist have implemented night flight schedules to deceive the public.  Basically, they're doing the same as I have witnessed in Charlotte, NC.  It was obvious last night in SC.  You could see the jets spraying continuously throughout the late evening into the early morning hours.  Visibility of such was obvious do to the glow from the moon.  At 8:00 PM the stars were glowing and bright.  This morning the skies were full of Geo Engineering Chemical activity.  Air quality disastrously poor.   I'll be traveling to my home in Naples Florida over the weekend.  The same is always taking place there as well.  I pray that the American people will wake up soon.  This is pure evil!

    • Al C says:

      Today in the Northeast, we are getting absolutely hammered.
      Since I have become awakened/aware? of this insane activity, I've noticed something unusual.
      At times when they're spraying, there seems to be a separate plane following the spray path, like he's monitoring it and fly's in tandem with it………..Sort of like a supervisor.
      Anybody else see this?

    • ildiko says:

      I have also twice witnessed smaller aircraft trailing the spraying (close to the rear) aircraft. I am in Adelaide, South Australia. 

  17. Marc says:

    A new 9/11 video entitled "Incontrovertible" by Tony Rooke is now on YouTube. Highly recommended. Have been reading extensively from the posted government documents at the bottom of geoengineeringwatch's page. Absolutely incredible how vast the programs are that deal with one or another aspect of weather modification, atmospheric science, governance issues, etc. etc. To the idiots out there who imagine in their colossal naivete that gargantuan programs of weather modification could not possibly be happening, I say to all of them, you shall perish in your own irrelevance and ignorance. Yes, we are all likely to die from these assaults upon our biosphere, but I much prefer to at least know what the f**k it was that killed me. But that's just me. Others may prefer the comfort of their ignorance and certitude.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Yes Marc….right on and imagine the desperation & terror when/if they do wake up. Won't be pretty!

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Video is now on my to do list and I concur with your words fully and completely. Thanks Marc.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Marc, I agree!  I too want to know what killed me!  Although I am likely to die from something else, at least I want to know how this dumb ass country and with whom, and what, killed the world!  Our world.  Not theirs!  Hands off our world!


  18. Ken B says:

    Central CA – leftovers from yesterday in a dingy morning sky and the f**kers are already going at it at 6:30 am. We have got to get more of the <40 crowd involved in this fight. Problem is…they think its normal. 

    • Jenny says:

      Exactly.  Even when I've seen videos of groups in Arizona and California trying to get help from local and state gov't officials, it appeared that mostly older people are in attendance.  We middle-aged and elderly people are the ones who remember the more normal, blue skies of our youth and early adulthood.  The odd thing, though, is even some older friends don't seem to notice the geoengineering, and my own husband, who is several years older than I am, claims "the sky has always been white in winter"!  He grew up in upstate NY, not far from Lake Ontario, and I did not, so I can't speak to the accuracy of his claim re that region, but today's whited-out and silvery-gray skies (with a choked-looking sun peering out through the haze) are NOTHING like the skies I remember from my youth and even most of my adulthood.  

  19. Veronica Roach says:

    BIG NEWS  –

    Yet another article talking about geoengineering as 'MAY be going on as research' – they are gradually introducing it into the conversation and obviously this is going to be 'research only' – so they can keep it non-troublesome !  So you are right all along Dane – keep up the good work – the actual stuff falling to earth needs to be shouyted out from the rooftops !!

  20. Dave says:

    Turned on the golf channel to see who is leading the tournament and there is camera shot after shot of the skies being obliterated with SRM/SAG on the coast of California, and not one person that I could tell that looked up to the monstrosity above their heads! You would think this should be ground zero for people to be aware, somebody get some pamphlets out there ASAP,  I would try, but It's a long way from the state of Michigan, unbelievable!de!  

    • Wayne says:

      Oh Yes David,

      California gets hit somewhere on a daily basis and no one pays any attention.

      I was speaking with a friend the other day and he pointed out the SRM to a coworker the other day, the coworker remarked “those are just normal clouds”!

      On Facebook folks post pictures of pink and peach geoengineered skies and claim how beautiful the sky is….insane.

      The US population sadly ….is stupid!

  21. MS says:

    Sacramento Valley was absolutely hammered today.  Total white-out by 12pm.  Trails all over the sky . . . horizon to horizon and every angle in between.  Some of the horizon to horizon trails looked like meteors.  There have even been some "L" shaped trails — 90 degree abrupt turns.  Also — three times in three weeks I have seen a rainbow halo around the sun.  A few weeks back there was even a blurb on the local KCRA Channel 3 website asking if people had seen the halo around the sun and to send in pictures (it was under their "Weather" tab) — and then the blurb went on to explain that the halo formed because of ice crystals and that it was quite normal.  How the hell are people able to ignore this?  We may have Stockholm Syndrome . . . but have we lost our actual vision?  I hope when we hit critical mass that we have a solid plan in place to make the bold statement that needs to be made.   

  22. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Make no wonder. The NBA game is in Toronto..last year we were in a deep freeze, year before severe ice storms, this year rain..cold..warm..cold.  Now it's forecasted for for a deep freeze just in time. Just wondering why the thin snow is dry and crusty. It's heartbreaking to really accept that this is going on.  

  23. stephan says:

    one of my favorite albums    take care all.

  24. Karen W says:

    Thank you again Dane.  You bring the truth to the light!

    Today (2/11) here in the foothills of the Sierra's we have been sprayed all morning, turning into gray hazy clouds.  Yesterday a co worker came up to me and said, "my knuckles are hurting, it must mean that it's going to rain"  I told her about the engineered skies above and she told me that I was scaring her.  When I go back to work I will be handing her a flyer.

    The radical weather pattern is everywhere!  People all over are getting sick (even here in the Sacramento area).  The EPA is attacking El Dorado County with a notice to the residence regarding the toxins coming from the people.  I say to the EPA what about the airplanes that are producing the toxins?  What about the weather whore's who are in bed with them?

    You are right Dane, this project against civilization is "insane" to say the least.

  25. joseph says:

    sorry for such a morbid post but i feel helpless all the hard work dane and his crew have done is amazing to say the least but im starting to think only divine intervention will work these assholes arent up a bit maybe when their kids start dropping over from heavy metal poisoning then maybe they"ll get it

  26. joseph says:

    i dont what to say these elite assholrs are the direct seed of satan theres no other answer im starting to think olitical means arent working i hate to say it but maybe we have our heads in the sand also wish i had a solution but our earth is almost gone and these imbecile politicians arent listening

    • John Griggs says:


      There's no denying the atrocities happening right before our very eyes, but you have to question, that if it's been this bad for this long why we aren't all dead already? The solution is to first take care of yourself. Get a good metal detox agent with zeolite in it, then restore your health by not eating their extremely poisonous wheat products that work in conjunction with the vaccines and chemtrails to wear us down. It's a process of accumulation so that between the food air water and prescription drugs we die off in apathy. However if you stop the process of accumulation you can effectively fight these bastards. As far as the unawakened there is, everyday for all of us awakened, the sense of living the psychological horror of "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." or "The Walking Dead." But you/we must all remember the that the Chemtrails are a huge wake up call and they are doing that despite the fact that we are still in the minority-a year ago this 12 year old website stood at 11 million views, a year later it is at 20 million views so despite the evil there is always the balancing of good. It must be that there is more at work than we see-otherwise we'd all be dead. So get yourself healthy and keep gathering info and doing research so when those you love do start to awaken you will be a beacon of information, comfort, and hope. And for anyone reading this these guys love us being scared and angry-that's how you beat the competition in their eyes-so perhaps it's best we do the opposite and focus on Love and Forgiveness because if nothing else you get to find and be the solace of love and inner peace in what appears to be a world gone mad. 

  27. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert    09:45   2-11-2016

    I was in Reno Nevada  yesterday 2-10-16 . Reno was getting Hammered  with Toxic Aerosol Poison Chemtrailed  Sky"s the whole day .

    Today in Jackson ,,,

    the  Spraying is  Wrecking the Air and Water to  the point of total extinction of life as we Know it  .

    • Dennie says:

      It was INSANE, the amount of spraying ramping up in the Bay Area and everywhere else on Planet Earth, since Stoopid Bowl XXXXX (that would be "L," to the rest of us).  One friend said she watched the sky turn from blue to near-complete whiteout yesterday, and it's making her feel really terrified.  Me too.  Somehow I have to hole up in my house and find a way not to feel like I'm going to melt down and frighten the rest of all the poor little horses everywhere– SHEESH!  You can't win here for losing.  "Don't get too worked up about this," I keep hearing between the lines, just about EVERYWHERE I go.   Now you don't have to actually say it, I hear this, loud and clear.  Well folks, maybe if enough of us actually HAD gotten "worked up" about this brand of insanity early on enough, we wouldn't be here having to face our reflection in this manner, d'ya think?

  28. Like the admission of aerosol spraying using aluminum, barium, etc. in the Navy's ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ [see below] – this interview shows that a famous Professor at Cornell University, who contributed to the math and studied the data from satellites & rockets shot into the Ionosphere, is admitting to and discussing HAARP and barium clouds. More concrete evidence from the mouth of one who helped to initiate and facilitate the aerosol operations that have modified and molested the Ionosphere.  I have been reading his textbook on the Ionosphere. Michael C. Kelley, who is an acclaimed teacher, here he discusses his uses of radar and rocketry to study the ionosphere and speculates about promising new studies of potential earthquake detection. This is an open discussion of barium clouds and HAARP from a professor at Cornell University. March 2013.
    * [Excerpts based on my notes from the video]: The experiments with plasma physics in the 60s & 70s – As plasma physics became a discipline – the earth is so rich in processes that can be seen. Gamma rays from lightning, the aurora, being able to fly rockets & satellites through it. An amazing laboratory.
    @32:11 Started at Arecibo the ionospheric modification work facilities. What initiated and drove the initial desire to do that work? What has actually come out the various ionospheric modification facilities? When you use radar you are being a passive observer. Until the so called “active” experiments were evolved. @33:25 One of the major active experiments of releasing these large clouds of barium ions. That’s an interesting history itself. If you want to actively study a physical process, you put up a large cloud.
    What made people want to do these active experiments with Barium? It had to do with the Test Ban Treaty. Once the treaty was signed, it turns out that the structures associated with high altitude nuclear explosions, they are identical essentially to what happens in a large barium … put out a large barium cloud and blow a wind through it, then one side of the cloud becomes highly structured. And that’s very similar to a nuclear explosion and the plasma goes out and then decelerates, an effect of gravity. The plasma version of the classic Raleigh-Taylor Instability.
    So the people who were studying what would happen in a nuclear war, because of the Test Ban Treaty, were left with the only option of (using barium clouds) theoretically and experimentally.
    That was the beginning of what we call ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE.
    The notion that in the case of the barium, you put a high density medium – not really explosive, but it’s released – the other idea was suppose you could dump energy with radio waves, so do an experiment where you put in a known amount of energy and study the results. And the other idea was that you could do inertial fusion – you could take a pellet of frozen deuterium and then collapse it by shining lasers or beams on it then you could make a small hydrogen bomb and extract energy and do it all over again – @36:36
    Well, the physics of that is essentially the same as reflecting a high powered radio wave off the Ionosphere. If you shine a flashlight on a mirror, the signal reflects, but with a really high-powered light, like a laser you start to reflect the medium that tries to reflect itself. You dump all this energy in and then use facilities like Arecibo to interpret. Small amounts of energy could create non-linear effects. The Russians were really heavily involved. That’s part of the reason too that we were concerned that the Russians [Woodpecker] were doing this kind of work. … Sending up a radio waves …showed structures … at a particular wave length… The original HEATER EXPERIMENTS were done in Colorado. There have been some published multi radar frequency studies of this …the rocket data was exciting. The other idea is that you could use the atmosphere as an antenna – work done up in Alaska to try to create a signal that could transmit to a submarine, the so called ELF. The interest in that has waned. 
    For reasons that Michael C. Kelley doesn’t seem to totally understand, HAARP seems to be surviving. The disadvantage of HAARP is that it just doesn’t have the diagnostics. The interest in going back to Arecibo, is that Arecibo has the diagnostics to understand what’s going on. But a lot of money was spent (on HAARP).  [they laugh…]
    Climate change work at Arecibo? Institutions need funding. Earthquake connection. @42:20 [complete video here]:


  29. Bob says:

    Have to comment this to you Dane – our movement, your site's weekly information is being paid attention to.  I have noticed much more lately that the Weather Channel is basically trying to explain, the exact issues brought up here.  This morning, there was a whole segment explaining why California is not getting the predicted precipitation due to their own labeled, "Super El-Nino".  The basic explanation is that crazy, and really stupid sounding, "Ridiculously Resilient High Pressure", is keeping it away.  They were totally trying to beef up the overall yearly snowpack totals and overall yearly precipitation totals, and make them sound optimistic in terms of the drought.  Total theatre.  But it was exactly what you talked about in this here article.  In a sense I like it because it means they are reacting to our information.  In a sense I don't like it because too many people are willing to be satisfied by the explanations of Lord Weather Channel, and aren't critical.  That annoying thing we seem to do so much now, blind appeal to "authority".  Anyway, I had to comment because it was like they were rebutting this particular article.  

    Oh, I also wanted to comment that here in northern Vermont, the sky has been cloudy non-stop also, sun maybe breaking out for short periods, but overall a foggy type cloud cover where you can see the outline of the sun, so you know the cover is thin.  My family also have been plagued by a "ridiculously resilient" form of sinus something.  No fever, or gastrointestinal issues, but crazy plugged up sinuses and upper respiratory coughing.  We haven't had a sickness linger in the house for years, and we have kids.  This is very different and persistent. Seems to have started after that last strange warming spell, that brought 50+ degrees rain, followed by 20 degree colder days right after.  30+ degree difference, and it happened twice two weeks ago.  Up and down, up and down, the ups had rain, the downs strangely bitter cold.  Then the infectious goob in the sinuses started forming…

    • SD says:

      Record high temps here in SoCal past four days, low 90sF. Looks like Scheduled Weather for next week includes some rain? from subtropical origin? in February? Pretty crazy stuff.
      Extreme high altitude spraying this AM noted  All the meteorologists trying to explain massive El Nino FAIL. Most popular "El Nino too big, too warm, causing high pressure ridge."  Ass backwards and illogical nonsense.
      Story in the paper today about Haiti drought and possible food shortage.  Of course droughts everywhere now.  SRM everywhere.  Aerosol particulates everywhere.  HAARP everywhere. Climate scientists scratching their heads and acting foolish at this point.

    • Diane Friday says:

      I've noticed it too Bob. I can't bring myself to watch The Weather Channel. It is and has been 100% theater, and very bad theater at that; for years. I do check the local online weather reports whenever there's a scheduled storm, or the next "Arctic blast", "Arctic front", "polar vortex", etc. is set to descend on our region, as is the case for this coming weekend. The way these reports are written now is disgustingly laughable. I swear they hire college English majors to write this stuff. For instance, a report I just checked described the coming potentially deadly cold as a "Valentine's Day cold embrace". Not kidding. I've also noticed a great deal of effort put into explaining what's going to happen and where and why. All kinds of doublespeak and flowery language, with a few authentic-sounding meteorological terms thrown in for good measure. 

      There's no doubt in my mind this site is being monitored by many, many agencies and individuals, thus why the over-explaining of conditions that logically shouldn't be happening. The thing that makes me crazy is that people gobble it up and don't question anything. Ever. I've seen the occasional comment making reference to climate change, which of course is jumped all over by the no doubt paid shills that monitor online weather reports. So I can't understand why so much effort put into making the freakish weather sound normal, like it's always been this way, when the majority of people will believe anything they're told and parrot it back to the people they talk to. Sadly, this site and those of us who are actually paying attention may have them sending more secret memos to every talking weather head in the business, but so far it isn't stopping them from doing what they're doing, and turning the screws even harder on what seems like a daily basis now. 

      We're sick all the time, but not sick with colds or the flu. Sick from the daily and ever-increasing aerosol and electromagnetic assaults. Our bodies are wearing out, and the constant gloom, the lack of even one full day of honest-to-God sunshine, has torn me down psychologically and emotionally. Here's hoping for a mass awakening, or a miracle of biblical proportions. 

  30. Ken B says:

    Just visited the CA Air Resources Board website. What a joke….The cover picture of deep blue sky and puffy white clouds must have been taken in the 80's. Here's their stated top two goals:

    ARB's Major Goals are to: 
    Provide Safe, Clean Air to All Californians 
    Protect the Public from Exposure to Toxic Air Contaminants

    Really? Well that's a FAIL isn't it. The topper is their Instagram page link is conveniently "broken". I wonder why……not.

    Sorry for the ranting……angry morning in this area of CA. We need to get through to the point-and-click crowd before we're all incapacitated.

    • Dennie says:

      I actually DID pick up the phone and called CARB a few years ago to rant, er, TALK, to one of their people, who cheerily told me that CARB does not measure any particulates other than those produced by combustion– now, how 'bout them apples? 

      I'd say the Far Bigger Problem is the error of compartmentalized thinking, a.k.a. D-E-N-I-A-L– Just as with the silly notion that somehow "we," (the privileged) will just blast off from Earth, leaving it and everything on it for dead, only to repeat the same ridiculous unthinking, unfeeling b.s. programming on a new, "pristine" planet, is but another GREAT example of the type of Adult Fairy Tale that so many insist will come true. 

      Meanwhile, back in Reality, the Problem, as at least some of us have awakened sufficiently to understand, will only repeat itself as long as we refuse to see the underlying thought processes that drive it– that's called denials of denials– so, now, how do we start teaching our children differently, folks?

      A "paradigm" is what you think before you think about something.  Einstein told us that you cannot fix a problem using the thought process that created it in the first place.  I think if you ask many who've been around long enough here you'd get a consensus that we are indeed overdue for a change of paradigm on Planet Earth.  And if we choose not to move to change our paradigm, the Earth itself will very soon move it for us.

  31. Bluv says:

    We are missing the Latino population on this site. Could you provide a link in Spanish. Just a thought.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluv, we are working on a section of translated articles, hope to have some of them posted soon.

  32. Ken B says:

    After the stupidbowl event here in CA the assault has resumed heavier than ever. As several people below have mentioned, random "colds", sinus issues and scratchy throats prevail.

    This is a serious assault on humanity! IMO, nothing short of a serious mass protest / riot and perhaps violence is going to get their attention. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT WE THINK up to a point.

    Until we can tip they 40 and under crowd I (sadly) think we're just talking to ourselves. How do we get the people that know nothing but this sky to realize what's really happening? WE NEED ACCESSIBLE PUBLIC DATA. DATA AND MORE DATA PRESENTED IN AN UNDENIABLE MANNER. WHERE IS IT?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Ken B, There are some young people waking up and alert to these aerosol crimes. A friend just told me about a young man calling himself  'Homage' who put out a video called 'Digital Clouds' (can be seen on youtube) Its a rap tune, very clever and catchy. A good video that will appeal to younger people and us older folks alike. Check it out and share with the younger generations. It is encouraging to see them 'getting it' and sharing the message too. (if I were better on the computer I'd post and share the link myself) Perhaps Dane, if you see it and like it you will post here on

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Here is the link to "Digital Clouds" by Homage on YouTube. Check it out and pass it on. Thank you Earth Angel.

  33. Linda says:

    This is horrific and though I post consistently on social media, not many that I know personally pay attention, or if they do, I am unaware of it. It is common to see photos posted everywhere weird clouds and colorful sunsets, claiming natures beauty while I see light reflected through metals. Beautiful and Deadly! Is everybody just in denial? The willful destruction of everything we hold dear. We are a part of nature, connected to all.  Crimes against Humanity and Nature!

    • kathleen says:

      Yes, yes, Linda, that claim of how marvelous "nature" is drives me batshit crazy. Nature IS marvelous, but the "clouds" are not nature's doing, and I know how you feel 🙁 I'm in your camp, however little ease that provides; I know. Be well, stay safe, and know you have compadres all over the world.

  34. JR says:

    On 2-11-16 from Southwest, New Mexico. Las Cruces is being bombarded with SAG/SRM, aka-Chemtrails this morning. Of course the sky line is filthy orange, brown, to finally white if the naked trained eye knows what to look for. They spray sometimes at a distance, could be hundreds of miles and just keep building up on their spraying. All the lowlifes doing this, including the pilots are just plain evil, sinister minds with no souls. Too bad our reps. in gov. are just as complacent and turn a blind eye. So much for freedom…..Lord be with you today…

  35. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    In all my years I've been following, interpreting the weather & climate, analyzing hundreds, maybe even thousands of Temperature, Precipitation, Surface Analysis, Cloud Coverage etc charts & graphs, I have never seen such extremely diverse OFF THE CLIFF charts & graphs that are being produced in the past several years. Looks like the Great China Wall is in these charts. The charts are black to white, dry to wet, up to down, left to right, cold to hot, clear to overcast. What I am trying to describe here is, there are no periods of moderation (time for slow gradual changes in weather patterns). It is Totally Whiplashed. Think of if you take a shower and directly run outside in sub freezing temperatures, soaking wet, without drying off & not being dressed. This would be a shock to the human body, with absolutely no time for you to adjust to the rapid change in the conditions. If you dried off & dressed with multiple layers of clothing & eventually walked outside after being out of the shower for several minutes rather than several seconds, you would be able to respond easier and adapt to the gradual, not rapid instant change, in the conditions your experiencing & being exposed to. These weather patterns & scenarios are very shockingly harsh, to the Earth, plants & animals which have to rapidly adjust & respond to these situations.






  36. Sandy says:

    Thanks Dane: Huge rain front in Flathead County, MT. 10 jets sprayed grids all day. Milky white haze everywhere… Zero precip. Many ill. Soooooo sad and pathetic. 

  37. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Every Saturday morning I brew a pot of coffee and sit down at my computer to listen to the latest installment of Global Alert News. While waiting for Dane to post the show I decided to check out the U.S. radar loop. I can't say that I was shocked to see what I saw because I wasn't . A storm spinning off the Carolinas was flashing out areas of snow over very warm water. This is clearly evidence of chemical or biological ice nucleation. There is no other rational explanation. I decided to send a link to the radar loop to Dane. Thank you Dane, for posting such a glaring example of chemical ice nucleation in progress for everyone to see. Never Give Up!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, I sit here flabbergasted as the weather personnel at Fox 5 news station out of Atlanta, Ga. try and explain an 'Arctic High' positioned over North and South Carolina predicted for next Monday to bring us another round of unususally cold, snow, and icy weather over the southeast USA…Wait for it… AFTER Highs in the 50's today and tomorrow (Thurs & Fri.) The 'Arctic High' is shown positioned right off the coast of the Atlantic ocean and it appears that rain will be falling to the north over the midwestern states of Indiana, Illinois, etc. at the same time because of the green color shown (of course they don't give us any temps. for those states) but I can't tell for sure because they will not show a picture of the entire country. The kid giving the weather today was stammering all over himself trying to explain how difficult it is to predict where the rain, snow, and ice will all converge over the area. I'm tempted to call the weather desk at the station and shame them for their deceit in delivering these kinds of weather reports to the public. We really are NOT THAT stupid.

  38. Dennie says:

    Tonight's Commonwealth Club's Climate One presentation on KQED fm is titled "Remaking the Planet," as they discussed geoengineering, spraying the planet with dust to cause temporary cooling, from the presentation on January 28th, 2016.  It's going to be rebroadcast at 2 a.m. on 2/11/16, about an hour from this writing, for all you night owls to listen to.  Here's the web page about this:

    • Dennie says:

      I am in touch with Latino, African American and Asian people, a number of whom are my music students at any given time.  People talk.  Many in the Latino demographic are very aware of what's going on and do not mince words in conversation. 

    • Dennie says:

      I stayed up to listen to the 2 a.m. rebroadcast of the Commonwealth Club of California's Climate One presentation from a lecture at the club in San Francisco, CA that took place on January 28, 2016.  If you go to the Commonwealth Club of California's website, you can sign up to get podcasts of their lectures through iTunes and this particular podcast will be available soon. 

      The Em-Cee asked some really interesting and pointed questions.  Ken Caldeira said actually that he'd like to see a public discussion with public input, regarding the proposed spraying of our planet with "dust" (did anyone ask what's in the "dust?") in order to "cool it down," at least temporarily.  Caldeira also said that he'd like to see a lot of currently inhabited land be returned to "wilderness," whatever that means, because anthropologists do understand that the native peoples here did in fact manage the lands with small brush fires, etc.  A panel member from Britain rightfully pointed out that concepts of how landscapes "should" look is very culturally-driven and Europeans do not think or feel that Man should be left out of "pristine" wild areas.  What I see is too many in America feel that "Man" should either be ABOVE nature, domineering it from The Top Down, or when that doesn't work any longer (like now), man "should" be completely absent from The Picture.  I say all would be better off if those types who wish so greatly to "control" nature through insane programs like geoengineering through electrochemical/biological/pharmaceutical means should in fact "absent" themselves– since I believe they are in fact talking about themselves; like the mass murderers that they are, deep down inside they DO know what they are doing– I wouldn't have a problem with that.

      One last thing:  One of the panel members pointed out that actions such as giving women full rights and parity would in fact be a form of geo-engineering that would have a great effect on the planet, and I thought, "NO POISON INVOLVED– Hallelujah!"  So Commonwealth put on a great presentation, maybe not perfect, but there are some ideas out there right now that we can get behind that do have great potential for gaining traction in the EFFORT to heal our Home Planet.

    • Leslie Krusinski says:

      So they said they are spraying to cause "temporary cooling"? Very cold temperatures here now and predicted to be at 0 degrees here this weekend on Long Island.. and they are spraying like crazy. Pathetic!  Watched and documented the progression from gorgeous azure skies this morning, multiple jets dumping their toxic sputum… and within less than 45 minutes the trails spread out and sky was a total white out… 

  39. clark says:

    The medium sized Midwestern city I live in sprayed just about every single inch of street pavement today with a liquid salt compound (whatever it is that they use) they seemed to spare no expense. The city trucks were running non-stop up and down most every lane. (Funny thing is, listening to The Nation Weather Service, there’s not even more than flurries predicted for the rest of the week, maybe light snow 24+ hours away.) Why would they do that? Normally, they do that when a mega-storm is predicted to hit that day, or an ice storm is sure to hit That day.

    It just reminded me of Geo-engineering.

    Especially when I got a headache and a sore throat while driving though the stuff as it dried up, turned to dust, and the wheels of the cars tossed it up into the air much like you’d encounter while driving down a dry and dusty gravel road.

    I very seldom get headaches.

    I wonder what the contracts for that look like? Unless payments are made by some kind of Bot, a whole group of somebodies know. [Insert bit about Rumsfeldt not being able to account for Trillions of Dollars, right before 9/11 wiped out the record keeping department on 9/11, here X].

    I encountered a local today, complaining about a sinus infection. … I didn’t wonder why.

    As I was reading Jon Rapopport’s articles about Zika, I kept thinking of this reoccurring theme, one that applies to pesticides, GMO’s, vaccines (and probably Geo-engineering, too): the lack of human studies and the willingness of decision makers to accept the technocrats fraudulent documentation, or flat out document-free assurances, that everything is A-ok fine, while dismissing any notion to the contrary, and even worse, pushing a lie.
    Money. Money Money. And, a whole lot of greased palms.

    For anyone who doubts that palms are being greased, just take for example, the housing bubble. Fraud runs rampant and regulators turn a blind eye. Examples are numerous. No one says anything. It’s just, ‘Go along, to get along’. The whole way, up and down the pike.

    We have a New Tammany Hall, it’s also known as, The Power Elite. What a web they weave.
    The sad thing is, too many people think politicians can or will change things or turn things around. I guess they never studied history and prefer to ignore human nature when it suits them?

    What if, the only chance to turn anything around, is because of one person in a jury box saying, “No.”?
    And, the Empire runs out of money.

  40. Helene says:

    spraying here on southern Vancouver Isl all week, clears up at night can see amazing stars for a couple of hrs…here's some info for all of you:

  41. DWK says:

    Got that same smoke-filled room smell when I went outside at dusk.  In Northern California where spraying has been at an all time high.  They are so getting so brash…no fear of being exposed.  Keep it up Dane, we are with you on this issue.

  42. thea says:

    Early morning fog has a dirty gray tone to it.  Yes, you can see rainbows in it as the sun reflects off the aluminum.   It does seem so much darker, especially on an overcast day(artificially induced of course).  But the sun seems to hurt my eyes more.  Wondering if it's because of the reflective quality of the air now.  Has anyone noticed how often you have to clean off your windshield?

    • david says:

      yes, definitely the windshield is always dirty with haze.  

    • Dawnski says:

      The constant reflective windshield particles make it dangerous to drive when heading into sunlight. I have seen this for years. On house windows too. Turn on an exterior light at night and it is easy to see.  Dirty carbon clouds on my way in to work. . . ashtray day.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oooh! Thea and Dawnski, The perfect excuse/actual reason? I hit my neighbor's truck yesterday!  I knew it had to be the sun, as I was trying to avoid trash/recycle bins, turning back in a drive across the street, then facing south, here came a big black truck that looked like his but the sun was blinding me.  I thought I saw him smile and so smiled back when blam!  Into his other truck-a big one and old and he didn't care and laughed and laughed as I hung my head and listened to a wee lecture on driving out there!  I mean, at my age, people blame this stuff on, well, my age.  What I recall was how dirty my windshield was and how blinding the light!  Thank you both!  And it was but a wee blam.  No harm done but to my ego.

  43. thea says:

    Yes, engineered weather.  On the day of the Super Bowl, there was not a cloud in the sky.  I did not even see one chemtrail from dawn to sunset and the weather was comfortable.  No, I will never thank them for a nice day.

  44. Today I received from amazon my copy of ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. This manual is said to be UNCLASSIFIED and “approved for public release.”
    Page 7-1.14
    The radiation emitted or reflected from the targets and backgrounds must pass through the intervening atmosphere before reaching the detection system. The radiation is absorbed and re-emitted by molecular constituents of the atmosphere and scattered into and out of the path by various aerosol components.
    Figure 11 reveals the presence of atmospheric windows, i.e. regions of reduced atmospheric attenuation. IR (infrared) detection systems are designed to operate in these windows.
    Page 7-1.16
    Windows / Domes / Lens Materials
    For most applications of EO (electro-optical) systems in EW, the detection system is protected from the environment by a window or dome of optically transmissive material.
    Page 7-1.17
    Transmission bands of representative window or lens materials are shown in Figure 14.
    Figure 14. Transmission of Selected Window / Lens Materials
    Lithium Floride, Magnesium Floride, Calcium Floride, Fused Quartz, Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide), Barium Floride, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Selenide, Cadmium Telluride, Silicon, Germanium.


    • BaneB says:

      This information you present ought to take the blank state away from those who disapprove of "negativity."  Simply put this manual/publication says the atmosphere has been 'weaponized'.  Is there any wonder why our representatives in state houses and Congress gravitate to hiding behind the "contrail" ruse?  Any serious inquiry into the labyrinthian corridors of power will produce the obvious, that the air we breathe is now a doomsday force enhancer.  "Congressman, Congresswoman…..uh, don't go there…"  

    • Ken B says:

      Thanks Susan – there it is in black and white ! TPTB have an endgame in mind and the the rest of us aren't included in it, that's a fact. At the same time, they're poisoning the "rock" to the extent that it will shortly be unusable for the masses. So…..makes you wonder what that endgame really is. A couple of things come to mind but I wont say here.

    • Blatant! Isn't it. This Handbook is available at amazon. First print in 1997 and last 2012. So this UNCLASSIFIED information has been available to the public for at least fours years. But who would think of buying a copy of ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.  Maybe a little old lady who studies Sanskrit metaphysics.   :o)

    • Dennie says:

      That's actually really big news.  So "They" are so demented, soul-less and completely ARROGANT that they've put their insanity out there for all to see.  For a small fee.

      Of course, the dumbed-down, in-denial public just thinks a manual like this would either be a Fairy Tale or a "hoax," take your pick.

  45. jason says:

    I cannot fathom how they were so stupid to allow all generations continuing to be scammed so greatly. I’m talking about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which is 100% unconstitutional.

    What many people don’t understand is that when The People gave away their most important power, the power to create money, to some private group, they wrote their own death warrant, because that private group will use that power to enslave everyone else to make sure to never lose their grip on it, ever. 

    This private group is the Central Bankers, and it doesn’t matter where they come from.

    People seems to miss this fact, or don’t mention it, but the Central Bankers are the creators and perpetrators of Geo Engineering, period, you must know your enemy in this fight.

    People post a lot of complaints about Geo Engineering on websites, and for now this is necessary, but there will come a point when they will have to actually go out onto the streets and protest it 100 million strong. This point is pretty much upon us right now. Can the people actually do this? That is the question. 

    If they can’t, then we might as well kiss the Earth and all life goodbye.

  46. Jude says:

    I live in MA and had a severe sinus infection just as many of you described. I was healthy one day and then sick for 6 weeks! What nose spray do you use to keep it moist and not so dry?

    I am on every kind of progressive email list. I have been writing on all of their petitions, "Stop Geoengineering of the weather! They are killing the planet!" I am urging every survey, every organization to see this as our number one enemy. 

    I looked up which candidate feels like we do: Bernie Sanders! No one else has even mentioned it. 

    Another thing I did was talk to people when I heard they were sick. "Well, doesn't it seem strange that so many people got sick with these symptoms around Christmas in our area and stayed sick for almost two months? I think it's because of the chemicals that are in those trails overhead. Those aren't clouds you know!"

    Thank you Dane and all who are trying to do what we can to save our beautiful planet.

    • Jude – Try colloidal silver nose drops; you can use as much as you like, you won't turn blue. And colostrum by SYNERTEK (powder ot serum) for your general immune system. Also large amounts of Vitamin C.

    • Dennie says:

      I use just a tiny bit of Walgreen's "chest rub" product inside my nostrils– keeps my nose hydrated and happy, and it'll tell me when I need to apply again.  This is really easy and cheap and will not hurt even one single cell in your body– no risk at all.  I carry a container in my satchel and a few others I keep tucked away in places that I frequent and have the keys to.   

  47. Janice says:

    I live in Southern Ontario, close to the border with New York and I can report that the spraying has been relentless.  Every day and night for the past 3 years – well that is when I woke up to this insanity.  Our winter has been all over the place, with Spring like weather for a few days, then a 30 plus degree drop less than a week later.  It was like Spring last weekend and now we are looking at -30 by Saturday.  The animals are completely messed up and everyone is sick.  It is so horrible when you know what is happening and feel helpless to stop it.  Even by the people slowly waking up, they seem to be one step ahead of us and there are so many people paid off or silenced.  Geo-engineering was even announced and explained on Canada's main news (CBC) last weekend.  It was announced that it was something the scientists were going to try to "protect" the planet from global warming and "climate change".  What a load of crap!!  It has been going on for years and is getting more insane every day.  I feel like now that they have announced it, they have played their card that will allow them to carry on this madness until the earth implodes.  I am so disgusted with the human race. Our earth truly is a prison  and our wardens are psychopaths.

    • Janice, your anguished comment really struck a chord with me…what CBC program was it? I used to work for them in Toronto. In 2003, yes 13 years ago, I gave a large research info packet all about Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering to the “5th Estate”, allegedly the network’s “investigative” flagship show. It vanished without a trace. Surprise!…nahhhh, not really. The hounds of hell have been polluting our planet from the skies for a long time, and propagandizing to cover it up all the way. I recorded a song way back in 2001 called “Boil The Frog”, largely for theraputic spiritual relief.
      Ha! Unfortunately, that old toxic chemtrail kettle has been getting steadily hotter all this time…have a look, pass it on, and may God bless and protect you, and give you peace, even in these darkening days of trial. You are not alone!

  48. Lea says:

    The weather here in Michigan is so far off track it's enough to make a person's head swim. The clouds are constantly being sprayed in place, at low altitudes, and above those are more clouds. If we've seen the sun 3 times this winter it's a miracle. But… They won't let it shine more than one day per month. Instead they spray the chems to make the temps dip into the teens or less. Then, as soon as there's a break in the clouds, they race to cover it. It's weather so contrived it makes the calmest person angry.

    Many here can tell the snow is fake because it looks like crushed crystals falling.. And literally feels like frozen glass when it hits the skin, and the air is a piercing, dry ice cold, and if I would go out without gloves, my hands would take only moments to get frostbite. It's the worst feeling in the world. This type of cold is NOT in any way, shape or form, even close to normal.

    I just would like people to note that there is a lady who has a video on YouTube. I can't recall her handle there. However, she had become very ill. She also noticed those pink sunsets. Making a long story short, she had photos of what the doctors had removed from her lungs. I guess I wasn't shocked to see these magnified 800 times. All they took from her was a totally, crystalline structured batch of crystals, that were clear on the outside, and pink on the inside. This tells me that they're grinding this stuff to powder, and using it. I would then go back to the beryllium scenario. That will destroy peoples lungs, and in the end, affect the bronchioles. 

    As for me, I use my scarf, with my hand in front of it, when I'm outside when it snows…or when crystalline snow is falling.

    Thank you always, Dane. Love and God's speed to you and yours.

    • BaneB says:

      I saw that video, too, but failed to remember the title.  The laboratory analyzed the microscopic nano particles.  The analysis found Fiberglas coated with aluminum.  The pink/red color is a marker that identifies. Earlier in another post the other day Susan Ferguson brought up something about chaff dumped from aircraft?  And showed a couple of pics of the stuff on her flashlight.  The pink/red aluminum marker was self evident.  Given that the Olympic Penninsula is suffering war games, it should not be surprising that chaff is raining down on the citizenry and all living things.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Lea, good to hear from another Michigander. I'm in sw MI. Exact same things you describe down to the last detail!  Thanks for sharing your observations.

      Betting those of us in the snow states are trying to recall what a non-SRM winter day used to be like. You know, where the sun shone in a crisp blue sky with puffy clouds and real snow squalls in between!  Now, nothing but ugly SRM gray days, one right after the other.

      Please weather people…it's time you came OUT IN FORCE and spoke the truth. There have to be a few of you coming to Dane's site for truth, if only for your own SANITY!!


    • renate says:

      Published on Jan 5, 2016 *WARNING – VERY DISTURBING*

  49. When I saw the film ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ back in 1964, it never occurred to me that General Jack D. Ripper was anything more than the fertile imagination of Stanley Kubrick. Now I’m wondering if in fact his character reflects something deeper that happens to some in power, something that infects the mind and unhinges the judgement. Watch this classic scene as General Ripper ‘locks down’ Group Captain Lionel Mandrake (Peter Sellers) and waits for the bomb. A brilliant film!

  50. Kathy says:

    Susan you are right about spring in Western Washington. It was 67 degrees yesterday, 60 the day before and so on. Yet, in the morning people look bundled like its 30 out at the same time the sun hurts your skin. The engineered cool down temps with the burning sun does nothing more than to make people say what a beautiful day it is….despite the hideous ugly ugly chemical wispy clouds strung out all over and nevermind the "beautiful chembow" clouds. No oxygen in the air either.

    On another note:

    I am on a hill that overlooks the valley. There is an industrial plant down there that puts out a ton of vapor on days it fogs up here.  I will watch it work in sink with the fallout from the sky. It literally drifts through the valley, builds up to where it will rise up over the elevation of the hill I am on and all in a matter of 10-15 minutes. It clears just as fast and starts all over again and again and again. It is always a orange/brown fog, Ugly, dirty and pathetic. Both my daughter and husband noticed this bazaar pattern. Yesterday and today I noticed hardly any vapor from that plant, The output was what I would say would be normal. I am certain this plant has something to do with aiding the engineers on ALL our foggy days.

    Doing all I can to bring these things to peoples attention…and support Dane and the legal team. I ask people to write this site down wherever I am in my daily route if they make even a tiny comment about the weather.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Kathy, Good job! As I wrote in a reply to Jeff, the powers of observation are critical in this fight. Thank you for maintaining your critical thinking and sharing it with all of us here and elsewhere.

  51. Anthony Enright says:

    Put the facts in order and put the situation in front of a Politician who is running for office . Keep pressing. Make them the responsible Party. Demand answers. Keep pressing.Hold them in receipt of this knowledge .If they are honest they will act.

  52. Julie McLean says:

    I have been very ill the last few days with what feels like stomach flu or gastroenteritis. I feel very weak, nauseated and have stomach pain, along with my chronic tinnitus, head pressure and periodic earaches that doctors have no clue about and treat me like I am crazy..It has been overcast,dark, grey skies here for days on end,scarce Sun, and it is getting colder now with a sprinkling of snow and ice.I was talking with a friend yesterday and talked about GeoEngineering, in my city’s downtown, and referred her to this site. I am talking about GeoEngineering with people with some success.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Julie, Hurray!! "We" are all having success with discussing Geoengineering. People know something is wrong. And so, "the race is on". Will we reach critical mass before 'they' shut our computers off? I keep joking about getting one of those "happy lights". The one that gives off 'sun light'. Your not the only one that needs one. Myself, I'd rather have the real thing back with the ozone to filter it……..

  53. Roy says:

    What lunacy to refuel the air force in the sky using kc135's. The citizen's real needs for these millions $ are so much greater here on the ground.  The NF base has been facing closure for years and it has been heavily promoted as an unmanned drone facility for some time as well.  Actually, it's a very good location for a major solar energy facility.  Is the real information secret? Are the 135 tankers to be used for SAG activities?  Who knows?  These bases have terrific military security … how does one begin to find the truth?  My level of trust and faith in their motives & activities is not good.  Plus I  feel a target on my back for posting such information.  I do not have Stockholm syndrome.  This area sees chemtrails regularly but tracking the aircraft routes is very well disguised.
    Buffalo News Opinion page February 9 2016 (unnamed author).

    The Air Force Reserve unit at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station needed a new mission if it was going to avoid the federal budget ax. With a good bit of foresight and planning, along with the considerable influence of local lawmakers, that goal has been achieved.
    The 914th Airlift Wing is going from flying cargo planes to flying KC-135 refueling tankers. The plan is to be announced soon as part of President Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget.
    The Air National Guard unit at the base flew KC-135s from 1994 through 2008. The expensive infrastructure necessary at a refueling base remained in place.
    As has been reported in The News, the Air Force will be downsizing its fleet of cargo planes. That jeopardized the future of the 914th in Niagara Falls. In response, local lawmakers and base advocates lobbied for bringing KC-135s back to Niagara Falls. The move should secure the future of the 914th, but it is also a smart financial move by the Pentagon.
    The Niagara Military Affairs Council and the entire Western New York congressional delegation played a vital role in the decision, which is important given the possibility of a new round of base closings at some point down the road.
    The council and local members of Congress knew that the Niagara Falls base is ideally suited to a mission few other bases can handle, having the fueling system needed to handle aerial tankers. The KC-135s, based on the Boeing 707 jetliner, refuel Air Force planes while in flight.
    The base underwent a multimillion-dollar upgrade in 1994 to allow the Air National Guard’s 107th Air Wing at the base to take on the tanker mission. The 107th switched to C-130s in 2008, and since then local lawmakers have fought attempts to strip the base of the refueling apparatus. They understood the value of the system, along with the base’s reinforced runway and ramp, and wanted to be prepared.
    The 107th has recently converted to its own mission with a better future: flying unmanned drones. Advocates for the base said it supports about 3,000 full- and part-time jobs, including 1,987 reservists and 630 guardsmen.
    The list of lawmakers working on this project is long: Democratic Sens. Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten E. Gillibrand; and Reps. Chris Collins, R-Clarence; Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo; and Louise M. Slaughter, D-Fairport, whose district included parts of the Buffalo area until a 2012 reapportionment.
    She fought hard for the construction, now underway, of a $28 million training simulator facility for C-130 pilots. Even with the cargo planes leaving, the simulator can still be used to train reservists from other bases.
    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo summed it up well when he told The News: “The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station plays a crucial role in both our national security and the strength of the local economy and workforce – and this decision by the Air Force to bring new refueling tankers to the base was the right call to make.”
    Join the discussion…
    rhmaccallum • 
    We are in the midst of a zany presidential race. Virtually all of the Republican candidates claim we need to rebuild and up funding for our military…that same military that is funded at levels far beyond any other two or three countries combined.
    But…we have to use that funding responsibly and to best advantage. Sure, it's nice to have jobs…local jobs. Using our military and our national defense as a domestic jobs program however is foolishness. If left to our generals and admirals at the pentagon this N.F. base would have closed many times over. The fact that it remains is wholly due to political influence, not military need.
    We are not alone. Military bases and weapons programs across the nation are forced upon the military leadership…by politicians who hold the purse strings.
    Remind yourself next time you complain about your taxes that defense by far is our largest expendature. Remind yourself next time you think about our military readiness or lack thereof the damage done by politicians influencing expendatures for jobs programs instead of best defense needs.
    44guyton  rhmaccallum • 
    2015 Federal Budget: If you look only at Discretionary spending you are correct.
    "defense by far is our largest expenditure". BUT the federal budget has another category i.e. Mandatory spending.
    NOTE: The MANDATORY spending e.g. social security is a HUGE part of the overall federal budget. The discretionary portion is much smaller. Military budgets fall under the discretionary spending side and YES it is a major part of that side (discretionary) of the overall budget.

  54. Jeff says:

    Here in Idaho,myself and 90% of the people I have dealt with this last week are sick with what seems to be a bad head cold. I have asked every one I have talked to, how it started for them,and the same answer from all. They say they went to bed feeling fine,and woke feeling lots of pressure in there heads,with a raspy dry throat. A good percentage of the peoples symptoms started with in a day or two of each other. I watch the sky daily,and two days before I started feeling bad,there were very heavy spray days,skyline to skyline thick. We have been getting low freezing fog every night,that does not clear until almost noon every day. Every morning there is 1-2 inches of frost crystals built up on every thing,I have lived here my whole 49 years,this is not normal. All day there is this grey haze,I can only see the mountains filtered anymore. On a positive note,I have been able to interest at least 1/2 dozen people into looking into geoengineering.and directed them to this sight. It seemed easier to get there attention when they were angry at being sick. I guess some are ready to face the ugly truth,its a start. I remember very well my own ignorance,and try to be patient with those that cling to it. The over all perspective is changing,and I am doing my best to light a fire under it.

    I have read some of the past comments on people having constant buzzing sounds in there ears. These people should read up on EMF fields,they are all around us,and I think tied to the materials in geoengineering. I think Dane has done an article months ago on just this topic.

    Thanks Dane for all you do,I'm nothin special,but I am with you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, thank you for the update from Idaho, very valuable information. Just for the record, you are extremely valuable to this fight my friend, as are all other individuals that have commited themselves to this all important effort to expose and halt climate engineering. We all march together in this battle, it is an honor to march with you Jeff.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Interesting you mention the head cold Jeff. I am far from Idaho (in the south in Ga.) however I also suddenly came down with such a cold last week. (we really haven't even had much of the orchestrated winter storms here until yesterday.) Stuffy head & sinuses (really annoying) dry cough and feeling like crap for a week now. ( haven't been sick in 4 yrs. prior to this year) So I'm normally a healthy person despite the toxic soup raining down on us all daily. I used Dane's recipe for nasal cleanse with netty pots yesterday and have seen and felt some improvement today. Am drinking lots of hot teas with honey & lemon and using collidal silver spray & some vapor rub too. Maybe its just a coincidence but thought I'd comment on it. Dane, maybe you would reiterate the nasal cleanse recipe for everybody sometime- I don't want to misprint it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, I will soon do a full post on what I personally do to stay healthy, including the nasal spray mix. Glad it is working well for you.

    • Dawnski says:

      Like I mentioned yesterday, after Sunday and Mondays hazey gray damp skies, I felt the strangest smoke filled room smell, sensation and irritatiin in my throat. Today my son reported many at school are sick. We are in the Piedmont of NC. Frigid one week, balmy the next. We noticed daffodils blooming on our evening walks. The chem dust in my house appears much powdery than before. Magnetized particles. Even in my office at work. . .

      I used a perfect opportunity to share this site this week with  a church tea committee more interested in  not having anything on their precious newly painted walls, while church members are dying of cancer and various other illnesses caused by the dysfunctional weather, dumbphones, fluoride, vaccines, GMO's etc. Yet, another perfect example of why I never will join as a member any organized 501.c3 religion that turns  their backs on the planet and people we are stewards to. No surprise my email has not gotten a response. 

    • a simple horseman says:

      Jeff, Nothing special? Well I got news for ya, "You are!" The powers of observation are critical. Be glad 'your' critical thinking is still in tact. Thank you for sharing.

      I too have been observing what you described with folks getting sick with in the same time frame. I've been observing for over 20 months now in a small community that covers a large region. My town in the valley is pop. 1000. If you drew a 20 mile radius around that area that adds about another 8000. "Small town", word gets around, 'regardless'. I have a small group of friends that are connected to a bigger group of friends and what you write is not happening in just your area. I would like to add that it is not "seasonal". I too watch the jets fly over and pay close attention to what happens 'afterwards' "on the whole". At this point for me and how simple it was to arrive at what I have found, I am ashamed of my fellow human kind in general. Thank you great creator for those that see through the silver linings and will speak of what they discover. In a past life I participated in long distance events in sled dogs and horses. So let me say, coming from many an organic endeavor, spirit and mind, Jeff, Dane and All, Keep your energy up and positive, keep your mind focused, and make every step count for forward movement to the goal.

    • Theresa says:

      Hi Jeff and Dan,

      Missoula, Montana is experiencing extremely heavy spraying and for a very long time. Super Bowl day is was sunny, clear as a bell, with bright blue skies, BUT by game time out came the planes. Within 2 hours brought us to dark gray, no sun.

      We are also experiencing the last 3 mornings with the strange frozen fog that gives us the thick 1-2" crystals on the tree branches and brush. It has been clearing at 1pm or so it seems. I noticed the sun peaking through the thick dank clouds piercing brightly the last 3 days and I see this strange frozen fog instantly disappear and it looked like it was going to be an uncommonly beautiful day after all. The whole sky turned bright blue sky clearing the big valley quickly, but then it is like the prison door being slammed shut because here came a few jets out of now where spraying and then the sky turns the weakest of blue to white filmy, back to dank heavy gray. There LITERALLY seems a constant watch that we get no sun or blue sky. 

      The planes are always near like prison guards. I swear they must have ground feedback, because the response time is so damn fast. I watch like a hawk everyday. Today after the fog left it was still difficult to see our surrounding hills, like LA smog. It was not fog. It must be the chef surprise of nano particles of metals.

      I want so badly to walk up one of our hills, but hesitate because I'd be breathing that stuff into my lungs. We live where it should be pristine beautiful mountain air but it is polluted by the jets. That is a crime of epic proportions. People should be outraged. Our town is absolutely sprayed constantly. We NEVER get a break and rarely see the sun and if we do it looks like it is covered with wax paper w/a metallic sheen.

      I saw the map that shows where the nations drought areas are and noticed my area of Montana has a big red drought marker. Well, I testify that is exactly where they are spraying with 6+ jets constantly, constantly, constantly, like a deliberate pet project. I feel the chem trails cause the terrible summer forest fires by keeping the rain and snow away and by making the trees dry as reflective aluminum match sticks every year. 

      I wish it would stop. 

    • BaneB says:

      A very nasty cold/flu bug is everywhere here in my region of Northern California.  Mine has lasted 18 days so far.  Granted the worst of the bug  has passed on.  But, the lung cough is alive and well.  And my sinuses are unhappy.  This started out hitting me like a ton of bricks.  I know from where I contracted it.  I never go anywhere and rarely am around others.  But I went to a wedding anniversary party attended by about 300.  That was a Saturday.  On Tuesday my throat came on like sandpaper.  And it was all downhill after that.  Granted, there are cold bugs. New do catch them.  But, I can't help but wonder how much depression of the mental sort plays a role in contracting disease.  If the sunshine is covered over and dimmed nearly all of the daylight hours, this could depress our immune system.  Further, with so many people going to and fro by aircraft, the passenger compartment is a perfect vector of entrapment for passing a flu onto every city on earth.  And further than further, given the state of science and their use of us as the guinea pig lab rat, and because revenues need an uptick at BIG pharma, there is the probability     that the lesser bugs, such as colds and flues, can be induced via spraying a simple infected aerosol mist into any transportation hub.  Remember the rash of cruise ships whereby all on board became ill with mystery bugs.  Some of them nearly sank from all the diahera.  Really, what would be a better testing lab for novel pathogens than a cruise ship full of unwitting passengers.  

    • Hello Jeff. I live in the valley SW of Twin Falls about 20 miles. Same thing here, fog most of the day and when it finally starts to lift I have noticed a bluish colored haze low to the ground left behind with a sickly smell to it. Have you noticed this too? While I haven't suffered with flu like symptom's I do get headaches all the time and that awful hissing sound in my ears. I have several friends who have been sick all winter and I can tell you this what they think is the flu it is not. They all get the flu shot every year. I have never had a flu shot and do not ever plan to. Think there is any connection here with the spraying and flu shots?

  55. Loran Conley says:

    I am with you, Dane. I agree it is singularly the most destructive strategy possible. Even we "preppers" will not be able to grow our own food, eat the fish in our own ponds, or eat a deer we might harvest without wondering what spurious chemicals are present. I wonder what those creating this demise of the earth think THEY are going to eat after they have killed everything. As for others, it is not that they don't see, or don't care what is going on up there. It is, "There is NOTHING we can do about it so WTH." And I agree. We and the planet are in a limited time frame of life.


    • Konan Igan says:

      We share all of your concerns…it is in every NATO Nation and more.  To be this big it is a dark force indeed.  Family and friends alike refuse to believe this or that their government will allow this.  It's a fight we must make now together …if we want our children to live to grow up.  We must wake others up now in the military and local police and sheriffs…in our churches and schools….and act soon on these demons as a society or we are doomed.

    • Donna says:

      Spreading the word is key.

      After moving to AZ to care for aging parents, I walked our dogs daily (and never on the phone) and didn't see the trails until my mother mentioned them. Shortly after seeing "the checkerboard in the sky", we were at a march against "GMOs", and while a geoengineering activist was speaking on stage,  a very large gray military tanker flying low dumped it's load right over us, as if it were known what time she was to speak.  Prior to that, I had only heard the term "chemtrails". After finding this site, and doing a rain test, and a test on the soil off the roof of our house, our lives have changed drastically. My dogs don't understand why we don't walk very often, and if it stays like this, we won't be riding our bikes or going camping any time soon. 

      Rain test: Aluminum 2250 ug/l,  Barium: 28.4 ug/l

      Soil from roof: Aluminum 16300 mg/kg, Barium 160 mg/kg

      We don't live in a dust storm area, and there are lots of golf courses, so it's from fall-out.

      Dane, thank you so much for the awakening. I had no idea it was this bad and that our weather was being controlled. 

    • Larry Charles says:

      Loren,  To find what "they" are going to eat, Google or YouTube DUMBS.  Some Deep Underground Military Bases are complete cities; have endless sub surface water supplies, organic nurseries, and highly sophisticated HVAC systems.  We are not invited. 🙂  

  56. Doug Slinkard says:

    I've been posting these videos on my Facebook page but only a handful of my friends actually care. it seems everyone would rather be in denial than face the truth and it gets frustrating. I hope can help stop this madness 

  57. Well done on the video, Dane! “The 90 second video below of an East Coast radar loop has clearly captured recent chemical ice nucleating efforts over the US East.” It's like Spring here in western WA. This information regarding war games helps to explain what is occurring here on the Olympic Peninsula. “The document, which is signed off by Robert Work, deputy secretary of Defense, calls for greater work with climate scientists to ‘reduce risk and promote mission execution.’ Planners must ‘integrate climate change considerations into mission area analyses and acquisition strategies across the life cycle of weapons systems, platforms, and equipment.’ Medical staff will need to update training to ‘address effects on personnel, including changes in extreme temperatures, precipitation patterns, and disease vector distribution.’ Despite stiff opposition from many Republicans, the Pentagon has released a stream of climate-related warnings, research and adopted new clean energy policies in the past eight years. …"

    Which leads me to express the conclusion I have long been considering: The oil glut is intentional to store oil supplies for the time coming when everything breaks down. For multiple reasons, the oil fields will not be accessible for production. And as you have said, that total break down of western civilization appears to be beginning now.
    BP's Stunning Warning: "Every Oil Storage Tank Will Be Full In A Few Months"  /Zero Hedge  02/10/2016
    …warning that storage tanks will be completely full by the end of H1. "We are very bearish for the first half of the year," Dudley said at the IP Week conference in London Wednesday. "In the second half, every tank and swimming pool in the world is going to fill and fundamentals are going to kick in," he added. "The market will start balancing in the second half of this year.”

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