Climate Geoengineering – The Secret Spraying Of Our Skies


Source: Project Censored

For decades now, and largely in secret, the US military-industrial complex has been engaged in the systematic “spraying” of large swaths of our sky in one of the largest and least-discussed global planetary experiments in human history, reports Jeremy Schulman for Grist magazine.  When human observers on the ground make it a point to “look up” and study our heavens, they witness strange anomalies beyond simple and expected patterns traditionally made by water vapor ice crystals or typical commercial airline traffic.  Instead, critical observers witness a variety of spray patterns: parallel lines, crosshatch lines, X, O, or U turn lines, even circular shapes. These spray patterns possess two unusual behaviors: they stay visible for lengthy periods of time, and they slowly spread out across significant sections of our sky, often for hours at a stretch.

These observed persistent ‘contrails’ are visible for several hours – and evidence suggests the contrails are aerosol sprays of metal oxides meant to reflect incoming solar thermal energy so as to cool the Earth by 1-2% and offset the greenhouse effect of increasing atmospheric CO2. (Note: the Internet is full of disinformation sites on this issue, and consulting these can make the unwary researcher doubt his own eyes and mind.) The “spraying” patterns reported by observers for more than 15 years have characteristics that contradict disinformation sources (official and unofficial). To wit, typical commercial flight patterns differ from these oft-witnessed heavy spray trail patterns in at least three distinct ways: 1) commercial airlines don’t go East-West and North-South in the same patch of sky; 2) commercial airlines do not fly in patterns that make X, U or 0 shapes; 3) commercial airlines do not fly heavily one day and not at all the next.

What’s in these sprays in our skies—and are they toxic? Global scientific data collection paints a picture of a multi-year systematic effort to engage in “climate geoengineering” through this spraying program, with troubling environmental consequences. For example, post-spray rainwater tests made in Canada, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand reveal the presence of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other heavy metals in varying amounts that are unsafe, often radically so, according to various official criteria (EPA, US states, Canadian provinces, UN, etc.). Numerous U.S. patents from the mid-1970s to the present, meanwhile, confirm the aerospace industry and the U.S. military’s high level of interest in aerosol spray technology, including electromagnetic technology, as well as an interest in specific metals/chemicals/oxides and their requisite particulate sizes. The problem with aerosol sprays is that what goes up comes down, either in months or in one to two years. When these sprays fall to earth, they are invisible and easily penetrate deep into human tissues as they are breathed, drunk, and eaten in food grown in heavy-metal-laced soils toxic to life. Citizens in various communities worldwide have organized hearings and protests and submitted petitions to government officials requesting clarification about what’s being sprayed on them and also to demand such spraying cease and desist. These communities include: Victoria, BC and Espanola, ONTShasta, CASuffolk County, NY; and Aigina, Greece.

What is so surprising about this climate geoengineering story is the almost-complete corporate news blackout regarding it, particularly given the massive amount of visual evidence available on the Internet. Independent media coverage of this story is robust. For a diverse array of recent stories, see George Barnes’ 2014 documentary, “Look Up!“; whistleblower Kristen Meghan’s interview, Michel Chossudovsky’s Global Research website; and a revealing exchange between influential climate geo-engineer David Keith and Geoengineering Watch founder Dane Wigington.

Source: Jeremy Shulman, This Geoengineering Scheme Could Halt Climate Change – But It’s Probably A Terrible Idea 
Student Researcher: Elora West (Burlington College)
Faculty Evaluator: Rob Williams (Burlington College)
Community Evaluator: Ian Baldwin (Chelsea Green Publishing)

Source: Project Censored


50 Responses to Climate Geoengineering – The Secret Spraying Of Our Skies

  1. Gayle Perry says:

    Is there any hope for this to stop?

  2. Jo says:

    Hi down southern Africa spraying as been going since september on a daily basis,we are in a severe drought blamed on el nino ,people don’t have water to drink over the holidays people were traveling with bottled water to leave at towns that are suffering ,farmers in dire need ,lost crops ,animals etc ,yet the spraying goes on day / I write they spraying we have corrupt governments who are destroying lives on the orders of n w o But, God is in control believe,

    • stu says:

      ya its sad where the money goes deeper in there corrupt pockets,contrl and manipulation,its funny all the money used against us and the animals and the planet,

  3. Tim Hof says:

    Senator Portman (R-OH) want's more c-130 s due to their heavy usage for domestic aerial spraying in his latest newsleter.

  4. Here is a follow-up to my earlier posting:

    The crazy Easter spraying activities in Germany in 2 slide shows:

    There is an English and German translation included.

    Today they sprayed the skies with tankers in lines heavily again ….

    Who is going to stop them, it is getting worse day by day…



  5. anon says:

    We are taking a beating today here in the south. Almost a full "white-out" and it's only 10:00 in the morning. Like most days, it starts off blue and the rest is history. How can we make this stop? I've supported financially and verbally, but how do we get to the root? We cannot just waltz on some military base etc…

  6. JR says:

    To Rachel, our Presidents I understand are selected, not elected. Over El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico across this part of border these lowlifes-SAG are like devils. Their flight patterns totally change from what we are led to believe normal. They really go out of their way to spray. They know what they do, they can't be that stupid in not knowing their actions, all because of inaction-good deeds I mean. The scales are totally unbalanced working in all evil folks. There will be light in the end for one's good deeds, but not evil but only darkness as they are surely striving for those ends. God's speed…………. 

  7. Helene says:

    We finally had a beautiful day like we used to, clear, blue skies, and then, around 4pm, the spraying began.  Gd forbid we could have an entire day without chemtrails.  We live about an hr west of Victoria BC on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, across from Port Angeles, Washington with the Strait of Juan de Fuca between us. Usually the spraying consists of a few horizontal lines, today they were crisscrossing all over, and there are a load of horizontal "cloud" lines which look like they began in Wash State if not the Strait, they look like they are building up or layered in front of each other.  Rain has been predicted for tomorrow Fri Apr 10-Sun Apr 12 all week, but until the spraying began it looked like we were instead in for clear weather for a few days.  The "clouds" are grey and white and most of them have that cottony toilet-paper look.  I actually saw the plane it was quite high up prob 20k feet at least.  This winter there was an odd sort of flu going around with a lingering dry cough.  Folks had all kinds of related aches and things which were different from the "normal" flu.  We take loads of organic vit d and eat only organic and non-gmo we try to keep our immune systems as healthy as poss under the circumstances.




    • A lexicon says:

      End of August, we should have had our clear blue sky days continue in to September…but then airplanes above flew back and forth above our skies (east Vancouver Island) and contrailed… then we are deluged with rain and storms (check Vancouver's floods and power outages August 29). Go to planefinder…Alaska Airlines nearly everytime.

  8. Rachel Robson says:

    Danny Darko, thank you for the first hand description of compartmentalization.  It is not just pilots and military.  It is everybody in their own little trained bubble.  All the bubbles are bursting now that Jade Helm 15 is announced.  All fears come true.  Fema camps, the whole nine yards.  We seem to have but one hope and that is that the military wakes up and stands down.  Apparently the Navy got away with their new plan.  That is on top of the aerosol spraying, and now Jade Helm.

    Paul, Yes to your revolution and how, how?  We are out numbered in terms of everything from weapons and craft to motivation.  And of course, no water.  Radon from fracking wrecking people's homes, contaminated water, contaminated skies-WTF?!!!!  Things just went from what the hell to all hell in a flash.  Rather, one step at a time while all shined it on, barely noticing, but for the few here.  I am depressed and mad as hell.

    I came across an obscure Swedish paper saying this spraying was large scale but not full scale–in order to see who noticed what and said what-to judge public reaction.  Now that we've all identified ourselves….

    Ed Snowden says how things got worse with Bush and Cheney.  I always said Bush's last "election" was in fact a bloodless military coup. Seems I may be right about that.  He goes on to say he had hopes with Obama, but Obama has ramped it all up.  We have to want our freedom and not just roll over to fear mongering.  We have to exercise our freedoms while we still can.  Obviously we are getting nowhere with the spraying and won't.  Not allowed.  To mention.  We are living in a totalitarian country now, ruled by Big this and that, backed by "our" military.

    I am begging our military to stand down now!  Wake up.  Do not attack your own country.  Stand down now!

    • Amy says:

      I have been so depressed over this spraying for so long now.  Humans need sun for vitamin D and nobody feels good without it.  Every morning when I first wake up……I have only a second or two and then I think "oh God……this world is going to hell"…….I feel like I can't even be happy anymore.  Just so damn depressed every day.  It is a battle to stay motivated to get through each and every day……going through the motions to get things done…..trying to act like it is all okay…..when in fact NOTHING IS OKAY.  This is all utter insanity and if I were a single person without child or husband at home I would go total activist to the point of no return over this…….it sucks to feel so freeking helpless over all of this!  What the hell are we all supposed to do?  I need to make a sign of protest and start standing at street corners in the evenings instead of being at home.  For Christ's sake it's all so evil what the powers that be are doing…………A long time ago I decided to eat a very clean diet and take all kinds of supplements and drink filtered water and eliminate household toxins as much as possible to TRY to feel better……..Crazy (no…..not crazy) thing is……….despite ALL of THIS…….I still feel like shit most of the time due to the damn air I am breathing…….that ALONE is making me feel like crap no matter what else I do!!!  It is SO frustrating.

      It used to be that if you exercised…..ate well……got rest….etc., you could feel GREAT.  Is there any such thing as feeling GREAT anymore?!?!?!  If there is………I must be excluded from that.  I don't feel like I'm nuts though because there are a ton of people I talk to regularly that say they never feel great anymore either.  They say they feel run down and their energy is never quite up to par like it should be…………My allergies are INSANE.  I never used to even HAVE any allergies!  Now I wake almost every morning with a headache……sneezing…..blowing my nose…….almost every morning I wake up and look out the window and the sky is almost ALWAYS hazy.  NEVER clear anymore……….


  9. Melody Meachum says:

    There are none SO BLIND as those who REFUSE TO SEE. This means large swaths of Americans need blind guides. That's all of us, you wonderful people at Geoengineering Watch!  Bless your souls – you give me encouragement to keep fighting the fight against this all out war in our skies. We see and share this misery together!  And just as Dane has been & continues to be our blind guide, we need to endeavor for others who do not yet SEE!  Some of those who are blind are within our OWN FAMILIES and I don't need to tell you what a mixed, painful bag of goods that is!

    Reminder that the Global March against Chemtrails is drawing ever nearer.  Many of you are already planning to attend and know what signs you'll be holding on 4/25/15.  If you're from Michigan, there's a March planned for 2 pm @ the Capitol steps.

  10. JR says:

    Southwest-New Mexico's rain clouds being obliterated by Chemtrails-SAG and yes the winds come. All these people involved have truly sold out their souls and continue in evil works ready to point finger elsewhere of terrorists and so on. Our government reps. are mum and say all is normal and contrails. Dyn-O-Mat out of Florida is one company into modif. of weather and Weather Modification Inc. out of the Dakota's. All this will end one day……….. 

    • NR says:

      Hi JR, where are you located? I am up in Silver City

    • Lori Garcia says:

      JR.  I know what you are speaking of as I live in Albuquerque, near Kirtland Air Force Base.  I am documenting the dates and times they fly and trying to snap a few photos as well.  I wrote to Gov. Susana Martinez and Mayor Barry.  Working on other letters as well, knowing that probably nothing positive will result.  Still, for the sake of my children and grandchildren (who don't believe that our own government and elitists seek our harm)…I have to try.  To NR:  I used to live in Silver City and think that is a nice place to live to avoid these chemtrails as there is no large airport there.  

    • Amy says:

      Yes…….it is frustrating when you are dealing with people within your own family that don't want to recognize what is going on.  I've been preaching in our house about all these things for several years now.  It makes me want to scream that is seems like even most of the people that do recognize what is going on just want to turn a blind eye to it all…….is if it's just going to go away if we all ignore it long enough.  NO FRIGGING WAY is it going to go away.  It is getting worse every day.  I am scared to death for my children's future.

  11. Rachael Webb says:

    North Texas is in constant white out, I am on so much vitamin D and C its ridiculous, and I drink 36 ounces of mineral water a day. Looking at the extended forecast for April, we are going to be covered in clouds the whole month, one day of sun is forecasted and of course I guarantee this will be their version of sun, which I call the 21st century sun, that is filtered behind white stuff. Its just so dreary here, and this is Texas for crying out loud, we used to blue and sunny all the time. Some mornings I get up early and its sunny, then I hear the roar of military airplanes, (civilian airliners are all required to be on stage 4 and stage 5 noise suppression, this gives a commercial airliner a distinct buzz and wine type noise, military planes do not have to abide by noise suppression, so if you hear a really loud roar, or a high pitch siren type noise, its military.), start seeing the white streaks and by 3, the sky looks a white mess.

    Its interesting to me a few years back when the US government awarded a contract to build 400 tankers to Airbus (which as since been rescinded and given to Boeing), but all most people found to complain about was why the government was giving a contract to a foreign company, when the question that should have been asked is why is the government ordering 400 tankers?

  12. First of all: They are spraying my region in Germany as crazy. They started Good Friday, spoiled the weather, then took a break until Easter Sunday evening and then hell broke loose. Constant spraying. They spoiled Tuesday and Wednesday's blue skies entirely. I estimate tons of chemicals rained down on us.

    But I noticed a change in pattern: Most of the trails do not persist for a long time any longer. They learned their lesson. It is obvious and I can prove it with countless photos that they are spraying chemicals as there is no distance from the wings to the output at all and modern planes do no longer produce "classic" contrails described above. The poisonous soup spreads over the sky within minutes. They often use tankers with 4 spraying nozzles at a time which are very effective. I could identify some of the heaviest spraying airlines on my photos:

    1. Emirates – tankers, extremely heavy output, frequent flights

    2. Air Berlin (2 spraying nozzles)

    3. Lufthansa (sometimes 2, sometimes 4 nozzles)

    4. neutral, non marked planes, most probably NATO tankers

    What's going on is insane: Nobody can survive that for a longer period of time. First nature dies, then the human race.

    There is no hope from any side as our governments work for those elites and fight their own citizens. They do not plan to pay for our pensions, therefore there is no longer any discussion about financing that. Should there be a financing shortage, they simply print money…

  13. Wyatt Berry says:

    Here in Camden, Maine the covert stratospheric aerosol operation is out of control.  Today, April 8 2015, there is an extreme amount of unusual activity in the skies.  I have counted half a dozen jets at altitude that have made heading changes of ninety degrees or more.  One jet made an entire 360 degree turn as it spewed its payload and turned the sky grey in its wake.  I watch the skies every single day.  It is obvious that these are not conventional flights as they are flying all over the place and the entire sky becomes aerosolized cirrus after they pass.  Why has all of this begun to occur today specifically?  Why are these aircraft so prevalent today and virtually nonexistent on others?  These are coordinated military operations and anyone with the slightest bit of perception can realize that.  I only hope that someone in power decides to take a stand against this.  I am raising awareness to the best of my ability but there is still so much progress to be made.  I am saddened when others uncritically ridicule me or attack my character for observing that something is undoubtedly not right.  It is a defense mechanism that allows them to avoid an unpleasant reality.  There is not much time left to stop this operation.  Make your peace now while you still can.

    • Al C says:

      Geoengineering/chemtrails have been on my radar for almost 5 years now. I first heard the term "chemtrails" for almost 15 years via Dr. Leonard Horowitz's books and never really looked up…….Unfortunately, once I did, it has been nothing but a negative awakening.

      Since many videos have been out and last summer's SOCO magazine article, the subject has exploded worldwide and yet I still can't believe the number of people in consensus trance who don't see it or don't want to.

      I'm never going to give up pointing this criminal activity right above us.

      If the government were actually accountable to the people, they would address the subject and start answering questions instead of suppressing it.

      If it is a multi tiered agenda with diabolical programs such as mass vaccinations, transhumanism etc, we will never get any answers because there is too much corruption.

      The military industrial complex running at full speed.

      Such a sad time.

  14. Rick L. says:

    This article confirms everything I've witnessed from my back yard the past few years. On this site I've read many times where people have tried to contact their elected official or representative and inquire about or voice their opinion about all this spraying and I don't recall anyone ever say they received a response back. You know it is our elected officials responsibility to respond to the people that elected them to office and they choose not to.

    Our Constitution starts with "We the People". It was written to protect us from the kind of government we have today.  They work for us and it would appear that many Americans today either don't know that, they have forgotten it or they just plain never knew it. Obviously our government is in control and have been for quite some time. They have no moral compass and the only thing they care about is control, money and their own well being. We need to remind them who they work for. Just like the days of the American Revolution where we (the people) fought for the idea that we are the government and they work for us. Sure, their making all the rules but as long as we sit back and take it their going to keep on doing what they're doing by destroying this country and us.

    George Washington in his departing letter told the people that if they want to save this Democracy we need to be sure of three things. 1, we stay out of other peoples wars. 2, we stay out of debt. 3, have no partisan parties. Well, look at what our government has done to this country. How many wars have our elected officials gotten us into? Our National debt is what $18 trillion, $19 trillion? And how many political parties do we have? Two, three? Somebody else owns this country and more than likely it's not somebody we're going to care for. I believe we're headed for a NWO and that is the main reason we never hear back from our elected officials. They may or may not know the specifics but their being to told to keep their mouths shut.

    This spraying is World wide. It's just not hear in the United States. So it's as big as some of us can imagine.

    You know I have something that some may be interested in if you care to learn something.     Enjoy Dr. J. Rufus Fears

    • Earth Angel says:

      Rick L., Yes they are SUPPOSED to work for us- but governments and their subsidiaries are corporatized and therefore are responsive only to their shareholders and board members, of which we unfortunately are NOT.. that is why the ba*#a&ds get away with ignoring us totally. All this has to be exposed and changed as we haven't got any representation to speak of at all as things stand right now. Sucks to be us doesn't it?!

    • Yeah!!!!! Earth Angel gets five exclamation points for mentioning corporate graft. It's always government pigs slobbering at the corporate trough. They just can't get enough swill and graft. Government by the corporation, and for the corporation. As long as corporate capitalism continues, so will bankers wars and mercenary jerks polluting the Earth with chemicals and death.

    • Rick L. says:

      Earth Angel, I have to agree with you 100%. It certainly sucks as you say and representation today is nonexistent. I have to shake my head in disgust when people say to Vote. Phhhhhhf, you've got to kidding. Just what is it people don't see what's happened to this country and the ones they elect.. Our education system is a disaster and now with this new healthcare system, plus everyone pays taxes when they work, they pay taxes when they buy something and if they are not careful with their finances they pay even more. And still, like I said the country is 18-19 trillion dollars in debt and it really seems to be of no concern to anyone. It's an out of control government spending money that will eventually not have any value to anyone, especially to other countries. And on top of that were being treated like Lab Rats with all this spraying. Just what is it that even the corporations don't get about that? Like you say they just don't care.They are already rich beyond sensibility. We know money isn't everything but come on, is it really worth destroying a Democracy that basically could survive if a lot more attention was paid to history and why Empires failed. I feel as Ana does, disgusted and angry with it all.

      You know I have something that's inspiring and will bring tears to some

      Too bad we can't find such a person take this country by the reigns.

  15. Jay Dean says:

    NSA spying, the intense and blatant uptick with the chemical spraying, Jade Helm, etc. We’re at the tipping point here in this country. Once the line is crossed and the Kenyan community organizer orders the first shots fired on American citizens in the name of “fundamentally changing this country”,the shepple will finally wake up in droves.

  16. donny darko says:

    Pilots?? Let me tell you a thing or two about pilots. First off, a great number of them are ex-military. So basically what you have are life-long indoctrinated yes men that will do just about anything to keep the money flowing in. If any of these aerosols are coming from commercial airlines, I can assure you none of the rank and file pilots know about it. As for the military tankers spraying these aerosols, that's a whole different story. These hacks are "just following orders". Heck, they would drop bombs on sovereign countries with no justification at all other than "just following orders" why do you think that they would even hesitate to spray aerosols? It's called compartmentalization. These dupes are told that the spraying is a matter of National Security. They think they are actually doing their dying nation a great service. How do I know all this? Simple I was both a military pilot and an airline pilot. I know how brain-washed, ignorant, indoctrinated and child-like my FOX News watching brethren really are.

    • Marie says:

      Thank you Donny for clearing up what I had assumed, how else could anyone in their right mind poison their own family and friends. My hope that others will have your courage to tell us what they know. Time is running out.

  17. horsegirl says:

    There is another aspect of secrecy.  We live in what we call a not-see zone – pun intended.  Here we see the toxic gasses but not the planes emitting them.

    It is near major military reservations  Our two best guesses about why this area is exempt from open displays (except on very rare occasions) has to do with 1) keeping the military unaware of what the public sees in major population centers, or 2) someone far up the chain of command among the cabal lives in the region and uses their pull to have lots of "sunny days" and keep the spraying secret..

    Whatever the case there are "invisble" fields of material in the air at times.  This is also a rain dump zone.  Two years in a row this former high desert received over 24" rainfall, which would be a decent year for the Congo.  Right before rains there is something like an invisible resin in the air.  It interferes with visibility.  It can come as a glare even though the light/dark contrast is very weak under an apparently clear blue sky.  I am a professional artist and quite familiar with the gray scale, and I'd say light ranges from about 2.5 to 8 on a scale of 1-10.  White surfaces illuminated by full sunshine are not brilliant the way they used to be.  Nor do you see the tarry dark shadows on the asphalt.  The former mirage of seeing water on the highway in bright sun never happens anymore.  I could go on and on.

    There is a glare at times which makes it much harder to read signs.  Cross over to Mexico from Douglas, AZ to Agua Prieta, Sonora and suddenly signage is highly visible.  Blackbirds with their enchanting songs have also gone to live on that side.  Birds really thinned out on the US side, probably because of bizarre technologies used on the US side for surveillance.  Just hypothesizing but the difference in the number of birds between the sister cities stradling the international border is highly dramatic.

    Can't help wondering if we shouldn't all take a hint from the blackbirds.  This will end in tears. 

  18. Melody Meachum says:

    Is there confirmation that predictive weather forecasts such as the Farmers Almanac is on target with the actual weather (controlled) that occurs? Do weather grids get charted out years in advance, with of course, room for error factored in? Seems as though the weather makers have become all too precise in weather warfare. Though the Meteorologists must make constant "adjustments" to their forecasts!!

  19. Sarah says:

    What are they trying to accomplish here in New England?  Last night was definitely an engineered storm.  Believe it or not the air smells different when the snow is chemically nucleated. Why the fake snow?  So they can break records and announce them on their soap opera weather channel?  Have you checked out the weather channel website lately??

    It cannot be just SRM because they are wasting their time then spraying at night (which actually WARMS the planet).  Oh ya and on cloudy days they are up there spraying too so that doesn't make sense.  

    Is it because they are profiting with weather derivatives?  Insurance reasons?  To control the food supply?  Monsanto wants to sell just their toxic crops that the human body can't even recognize as "real food"!  Oh that's right, GMO's are completely safe.  That is why Gates has a seed vault in Svalbard with organic non manipulated seeds.  Why would such a company create Epicyte corn?  Is this Agenda 21 (population reduction)?  If so why all the nonsense with spraying, causing drought in California, causing crop failures etc.  Why not come out and say "Hey the Earth is overpopulated let's all work together to create a sustainable planet?"  Why cause all of the suffering to ALL ecosystems?

    We don't have real leaders…  they NEVER look out for our best interests.  They just want to profit off our us…  keep us sick so we are on medication for life.  Infect us with toxins in the air, food, and water.  Aren't they the least bit ashamed????  It feels like we are in a science fiction movie or something because it is so absolutely ridiculous that THEY think it is fine to completely destroy and forever alter the foundation of OUR existence!!  

  20. JMS says:

    Just flying across the United States, back from Florida, depressed me–the zigzagging of sprayed skies and the lack of true blue skies–was so obvious…aren't our pilots aware of this??  Here in Minnesota we are desperate for rain.  Lack of snow here, since they dumped it all on the east coast apparently….is very worrisome.

    • Marie says:

      I agree JMS. How can thousands of professional and private pilots all over the world stand silent? They have to know that what they see daily is not normal. How can they remain silent. It affects them and their loved ones also. We must all stand together and be willing to protect those with the courage to come forward and expose what they see and know. Please help us.

    • Cheryl U says:

      Yes, JMS, will agree to what you say,  we are from NW Wisconsin and the spraying and  chemical clouds are on us constantly.  And like you, we have had very little snow, and now they say it is to rain, but all we get is a mist.   We are farmers, and we have been awake to this nightmare for 2 years now.   We are fearing if they continue to spray heavily, (like everyday this winter) we won't get any crops.   God Help Us!

    • Earth Angel says:

      JMS, But here's the question:  Which is worse-  to get no snow at all or the toxic laden chemically ice nuclieated 'fake' snow melting poison all over everything?.. hard to know isn't it? I guess its the same for the rain as well. Answer: Geoengineering/ Climate warfare is a misery no matter which way you look at it. 🙁

  21. Jeff says:

    We have been getting dumped on big the last few days here in Idaho.

    I have been curious if there are other people that have noticed large numbers of people coming down with flue like symptoms,after these kinds of spay events. I have multiple friends,and clients that have come down sick in the last few days.I am suspicious that the criminals that do the spaying are experimenting with infectious viruses .Although I have not come down sick myself,I am sick of living in a lab experiment.

    • Rick L. says:

      Jeff, we're in central california. Yes,  both my wife and I have come down with something very unusual. I can't tell exactly what it is but It's not like anything we've ever experienced. At this point I'm a lot worse than she is.

    • MarcusW says:

      This is something that I have noticed too. People seem to be getting the flu year around nowadays! And what do I do! I'm constantly on detox! This has to stop! The political leadership responsible for this has already proven their point to us all that they are crazy , ignorant and incompetent! We want to see them go!!

    • Pauline says:

      Late reply . . . just came across this site.  Just flu-like symptoms?  I'm in Maine and just in our small  (25-30) congregation, at least 9 people have either succumbed to cancer, have gone through chemo for cancer or have been newly diagnosed within the last year.

      The contaminant levels of aluminum, barium and strontium (to name a few) that are emitted from these geo-engineering trails are, no doubt, dangerously high.

      This doesn't even take into consideration many 'new' cases of respiratory illnesses and, for myself, extreme fatigue despite a healthy lifestyle.

      All well and good to be aware of this latest form of terrorism; just frustrating that our hands seem to be tied.


  22. Marc says:

    As mentioned here, perhaps THE most revealing fact in the entire piece (as far as I'm concerned), is the phrase: "corporate news blackout". Hello? Thousands of planes are flying these sorties over vast swaths of our great land and right over probably every major U.S. city. These illuminati-scum are lilly-livered cowards because they hide their agenda inside the illusion that what we see are harmless contrails, and c'mon folks, hello? Given the vast scope of this global agenda, is it not completely and utterly impossible to believe that it is not being reported on in MSM??? Generally speaking, they won't even touch it !!!! WHY IS THIS!!????? Doesn't this sound a wee bit fishy, folks? Hence, once again, these as swipes are too cowardly to stand up before the American people and the world to disclose exactly what the f**k is going on.   Yeah, "corporate news blackout" alright. This bare fact alone tells it all about what the hell is going on in our country and with our so-called "government". A COVER-UP equal to or greater than both the ufo/alien topic and  9/11. It's truly unbelievable and if this one fact alone does not conceal within itself the whole house of cards behind all this s**t, then I'll eat this goddamn laptop in front of me.

  23. barbara larkin says:

    Has anyone heard of or read the book review by bill morgan of col tom bear dons, ‘OBLIVION’ america at the brink. About scaler electronics / scaler wars , my son sent me a whole load of information that is truly almost too much to comprehend, and yet, is obviously about and connected to the ongoing aerosol spraying, but so much more.

    • Milla says:

      A brief perusal of Beaden's website Cherniere reveals that he believes countries other than the US are attacking it and cites US Sec Def Cohen in 1997, giving the ostensible justification in 1997, the year chemtrails were approved and shortly before they appeared. I really do not think it is worth trusting US military to reveal that they are in fact, as they are everywhere in the world, the aggressors. Americans need to stop buying into the line that "we are being attacked." We are attacked by none other than "our" (their) government.

      I have not fully read through Bearden's stuff, but I really really would caution people to realize that USG has many disinfo agents and has been the primary aggressor of the 20th and 21st centuries.

      The Russians may have gotten the tech first, but we all know who uses it.

  24. carol freiberg says:

    Once Californians wake up and realize they are being purposefully droughted out of business,and produce prices go through the roof, then and only then, will people start to wake from their slumber. It is going to take a crisis to convince some that the "contrails" are more than just "ice crystals". Very sad.

  25. Frank says:

    The power structure, knowing its reign is about to end, has worked tirelessly in a last ditch effort to keep us suppressed. Chemtrails are but one small weapon they are employing to accomplish this.
    Their ultimate goal is a New World Order, global totalitarianism and a reinstatement of their absolute power. The NWO will fail if citizens become empowered to wake up and fight with powers against tyranny.

    This is already occurring, and chemtrails are ultimately ineffectual at preventing the inevitable.

    Few know the chemtrail program's true purpose, and most of those implementing it have been told lies. They believe the "mass vaccination" scenario, that what they are doing is beneficial to citizens. Unfortunately this illusion, like all others created by the power structure, shall fall away in due time.

    That time is rapidly approaching.

    Chemtrails are merely delaying what is destined, and what is destined is the glorious revival of human sovereignty and victory of the human spirit.

  26. Marie says:

    One of the things I can't wrap my head around is how ANY person involved with ANY type of aviation isn't profoundly concerned or alarmed at the constant spraying of heavy metals in our skies. How can so many people remain silent? It is affecting their families as much as anyone else. How can they see the increased application of chemtrails filling our skies everyday and not say anything? They must know that this is NOT CONTRAILS. What and who has the power over so many professionals? And, what about our medical Doctors? Specialists in ALL fields. Every doctor takes the hippocratic  oath to protect their patients from harm. How can they remain silent? 

    • Marie says:

      I pray everyday that courageous knowledgeable individuals will find it in their hearts to expose what they know and free us all from this nightmare. I will support them 150% as I'm sure thousands of others will do the same.

    • Catherine says:

      I mentioned this to my doctor in Southern California, she's very enlightened, and she is well aware of this attack on humanity. She told me she gets groups of patients at varying times of the year with the same complaints. In one period, she saw multiple patients with heart palpitations and problems, and in another, flu symptoms that were atypical for the season, and in yet another, depression, and another extreme anxiety. She also told me she's seeing an increase in Alzheimer's, dementia, and cancer cases. I asked her if she was aware as to why this is being done, and she glibly stated, "it's an attack on all of humanity to rob us of our humanity entirely."

    • Marie you are living in a false reality, we are all, from doctors to pilots, they are all part of the false reality. It has no foundation and will crack under its own false weight soon.

  27. donna ford says:

    I've found chemtrail tee shirts and bumper stickers at

    When I wear mine a lot of people ask about it, a good way to spread the word.

    Today in NM they started to spray but due to high winds they moved on to somewhere else I guess. Bless the wind. Used to hate it, now it is a blessing.

  28. DebW says:

    I posted pictures on my Twitter acct DebWard628 of so many trees dead or close to it from the dysfunctional geoengineering of our weather. They have weird green stuff on most, and the others are just dying from the roots, and I figure that could be chemicals added to the "rain" that is pre-meditated by the geoengineering clan.

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