Climate Modification Catastrophe, A First Hand Account


89 year old New Mexico Rancher Tom Kelly has witnessed the destruction of weather modification first hand since the late 1940s. On a mountaintop above Tom’s Ranch a weather modification installation was constructed and subsequently expanded over the course of decades. Many arial operations occurred in the skies above Tom’s land in conjunction with the weather modification installation. Tom’s accounts of his encounters with the scientists that came and went are compelling. The sort of experimentation that Tom describes and has witnessed has been going on all over the country and all over the planet for so many years that there is virtually nothing left of Earth’s natural climate systems. In the front line account given in the recording below, a very clear picture is painted of the unfolding climate engineering nightmare that has been inflicted on our planet. My thanks to Shaun Kranish for bringing Mr. Tom Kelly’s story to light.
Dane Wigington

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13 Responses to Climate Modification Catastrophe, A First Hand Account

  1. Kate says:

    This is truly valuable information. I’m sorry to hear that the perennial grasses are gone, how sad! People that work and make important decisions according to weather are the ones that can easily see it is manufactured. I have a large snow removal company in northern Ontario. The snow is not what it used to be, it fuses to every thing it lands on even in mild temperatures. We are having to use more salt product to burn it off to make it safe. That can’t be helping the environment either! Clients can sue if we don’t get the ice off. Our average snow falls have increased and we get very little sunshine. People here think I’m crazy too. They are the crazy ones!! To accept that this is normal. Thank you Tom for your information.

  2. I talk to people until I’m blue in the face. I see the results of climate engineering when a weather system starts in the Midwest and before it gets to the southeast it blows up and disappears time and again. I see the nighttime results of spraying in the morning and it disappears by 10am. I’ve seen some of the strangest cloud formations in the last few years that I’ve never seen before. What does it take to convince and these idiots that we are losing the battle for our future generations survival.

  3. Earth Angel says:

    A very interesting account of what this reacher has witnessed over time. Thanks for posting it. I’ll share it around. Keep up the good work folks, and we’ll keep hammering away until we make a difference. It may look bleak now but as Dane always says, who knows what can be accomplished and what unknown forces may be at work in our favor..Don’t give up people. Let’s double down in all our efforts! May the FORCE be with every good person in this cause- May God Bless us all.

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    After living outside the US for three years, it was some time in 2011 that I saw crazy jet trails in the sky and very peculiar clouds. A friend suggested I look up HAARP. I was so glad to discover GeoengineeringWatch with all the credible information, and you always have my thanks, Dane, for everything you do to help us.

    For me it was not hard to believe what was happening. When I was a teenager in the 1960’s my Dad worked for a NASA contractor on Project Mercury. He told me then how the government was controlling the weather, and him being my intelligent Dad, I didn’t doubt it. It was remarkable to see that 1966 document though, which completely corroborates his descriptions.

    I look forward to hearing more from Tom Kelly. Thanks so much for this interview.

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    To Steve Chamerlain,

    That’s so frustrating when we lose a heartfelt message. It’s certainly happened to me. Maybe it’s just a test of our patience. Your message is out here somewhere, so thanks for taking the time to communicate. Nothing can happen if we don’t talk honestly to one another. Beyond that, it seems our fate lies out there in the Universe. Hang in there, be well, and try not to let the distress overwhelm you. This is not easy by any stretch 🙂

  6. Ben says:

    People were forewarned in 1967 of the potential environmental catastrophe that we are facing today as a result in part of weather modification: Howard J. Taubenfeld, Weather Modification and Control: Some Internationale Legal Implications, 55 Cal. L. Rev. 493 (1967). Available at:

    And yet the World Meteorological Organization and the Weather Modification Association and even California’s elected leadership are not communicating the facts about this issue properly and they all should be. Weather Modification Association
    World Meteorological Organization, WMO Documents on Weather Modification Abu Dhabi, 2010

  7. Alexandra says:

    my apple tree produces 3 bushels a year of delicious apples, this year NOT ONE APPLE – the crab apple tree usually drops a couple thousand crab apples in the yard for me to pick up – NOT ONE CRAB APPLE – this is looking like a FAIT ACCOMPLI – we are so doomed .our children have ZERO CHANCE.

  8. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    It’s very disturbing to me that this man has watched this since the late 1940’s. Now it’s worse than ever. I wonder what was going on last Sunday as several people posted here and other places that the spraying had increased on Sunday, same here in the Midwest. Only a fool could say it was normal jet travel. This seems to have been all over and Steve said it was the same in Alaska too. Hawkeye did you see increased spraying in FL? Makes you wonder how many jets were used in the spraying just on Sunday. They sure have plenty of money when it comes to secret programs and wars. When are these scientists, military people, people in government going to wake up, are they all brainwashed? Is this really about the planet or another agenda? I’m very upset. Thank you Dane for another great video and all that you do, you are our hero. Take care all.

  9. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Damn it! I just wrote three or four paragraphs with my sincere feelings for all of you. Then I hit the post comment button and pooof it’s gone. Anyway the spraying has ramped up and I’m really pissed off! When are we going make some realistic plans to stop this shit!

  10. James says:

    This is one of the best interviews I’ve heard yet on the subject. Many thanks for the work Dane, and to Tom Kelly the cattleman for telling it as it was, bearing witness to a weather control program and it’s deadly effects 1950 through ’55 and all run by the dept of Nobody, whose footmen took the ‘oath of silence’. Astounding account, i listened to it twice and three times in places. Its packed with information. I was on the edge by the time Mr. Kelly came to the trees. Just today i was out looking at a row of about 50 dying pine trees, at the request of a buddy who was showing them to me. Same in our neck of the woods, certain species are more affected, some to the point of dying.

    So they’ve killed off his wildlife, the flora, the water supply, and now the trees. Sounds like warfare to me. Any human-being listening has to feel compassion, then anger, and finally fear. A documentary tour with Tom would be terrific. Tom is a superb communicator. Thanks again for making the interview possible and for sharing this important conversation.


  11. DebW says:

    I feel the govt is making it so the elderly don’t last as long because they/us know what this sky used to look like. Obamacare makes sure once you hit 76, your options for healthcare you were used to getting is no longer available. Their little “clauses” even put my mother in her grave this May, and all she has was a small oxygen tank. They cited
    “quality of life” and literally starved her to death. I screamed at them to feed her and give her something to drink, but as soon as I would leave to go home, they filled her full of morphine so she couldn’t do anything. Wide awake, talking, eating etc while I was there and if I happened to “slip” in to see her at night, they said she was incoherent. My niece saw them doping her up or I would have never known. The govt reports say the elderly don’t need to stay alive past 75. They want anyone and everyone who knows how the US used to be, no longer available to speak the truth.This govt has got to be stopped…they are out of control. This morning I looked out my door as I always do to check if the sky is safe, and there were 3 planes all in a row spraying the crap out of the sky. I have never seen them lined up like that, but it wasn’t just those three up there. They were all over the sky, in every direction. Scared the crap out of me, and I have learned not to go out too often when they do that because of all the health issues I have seen people getting on a large scale since the spraying has gotten to be so heavy and daily.

  12. Alexandra says:

    sharing everywhere, please share like crazy, we need to get these voices out there.Thank You so much Tom for speaking up. Dear God how will we stop them. Here in the Finger Lakes NY the sun is blocked 10 1/2 MONTHS of the year, I am trying to sell my farm, i have to get out of here, i am being forced ou by this shit, i sit here and watch & film literally HUNDREDS of jet s aday spraying the crap out of this place, the blue sky is turned completely DARK GREY in massive chemical attacks day in and day out, last winter we went 7 1/2 MONTHS with absolutely NO SUN , i could count the days on 1 hand that we even saw the sun. this is horrifying & terrorizing , the turkeys showed up 2 MONTHS early this year( i have been here for 5 years & NEVER saw the wild turkeys before mid Nov. this year they arrived the first week in Sep. horses ( i am a life long horse woman) i have never seen a winter coat produced on a horse before MAYBE LATE oct but usually by LATE Nov they have half a winter coat, this year they had a full blown winter coat by first week in Oct. the Eco sytsem is completely breaking down & the brain dead zombies not only don’t see any of it, the trees all are dying, but they get angry if you mention anything to them about this stuff. That is even more horrifying.keep trying people, there has to be a way to stop them, when will our military troops abide by the oaths they take & stand down to these illegal,a moral & murdering orders ?

  13. Nancy Nehs says:

    Loved this, I commend this man for asking questions! We could all learn from our Elders. What a great old timer.

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