CNN’s “Beme” News Comes To California To Cover Climate Engineering Issue


Dane Wigington

Mainstream media’s near total failure to tell the truth on any subject is a primary reason populations are still so completely disconnected from reality on countless issues with climate engineering at the top of the list. The short on-air morning news interview below covering the climate engineering / geoengineering issue was recently recorded in Northern California at the KQMS radio station. Present at this brief interview were a reporter and her videographer who work for a startup branch of CNN News. The pair from CNN were in Northern California to investigate the critical issue of climate engineering (though the questions posed by the CNN employee near the end of the short interview indicated a bias toward the official narrative of geoengineering denial). All available data conclusively confirms that climate engineering programs have long since been fully deployed. Legitimate investigation is an obligation for any who claim to care about the future of our children and the web of life. The 12 minute video below documents the geoengineering discussion and debate that occurred on the Northern California live news broadcast.

After the radio broadcast exchange, the CNN interviewer and videographer spent the whole day with me to continue their “investigation” of the geoengineering issue. The expected "official geoengineering denial" bias of the CNN reporter was evident at many points of questioning during the day. Due to this factor, a member of the anti-geoengineering legal team (working with requested reasonable assurance from CNN that my responses to their questions would not be edited out. The CNN group refused to offer any assurance of objectivity in their film release agreement. For this reason, I have refused to sign the release. Given the rapidly increasing desperation of the power structure to falsely discredit any who dare to speak out about the climate engineering atrocities, we will have to wait and see what they do now. Reaching a critical mass of climate engineering awareness with the population is absolutely essential, this is the only way forward in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. This effort will take all of our efforts, it will take all of us working together. Sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective and efficient way to wake others to the geoengineering assault. Help us to sound the alarm, make your voice heard.

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  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Great 12 minute broadcast, however any News Reporter is totally in denial and unwilling to do their own investigating on the subject of GeoEngineering. Beme News, is another example of what they believe in and what they want to believe in, no matter the amount of data and evidence that is discussed and given to these News Reporters. It is obvious the female reporter is not educated on Aluminum's existence in the environment.

  2. Joe ceonnia says:

    Thank you for rearing this episode of you speaking to David Keith, the way he does not speak about the Harms  of geoengineering  and Free-form aluminum speaks volumes. Their killing the entire Web of life. 

    • Matt says:

      That is odd.  Check out Google scholar articles by Keith.  Spectroscopy search results some (as I was researching how to quantify the spectra shift these particulates are causing)

      A good chunk of a few Keith papers are very clear on the impact on raising albedo, diffusion of sunlight, and the cost to plant/animal life.  We already have white horizons and pale blue skies under the trails. Sundogs/chembows are all too common instead of rare.   Days of complete whiteouts even just past the Rocky Mountains (impsosible to have super-saturated air in those regions)

  3. Blue Sue says:

    A good Saturday morning to you all.  Dane, I haven't found Global News Alert #129 for January 27, 2018 on your site.  I hope all is well with you. Will check back later to view the archived version and as always, Dane thank you and god bless!

  4. An excellent treatise addressing lost civility and the erosion of human reason. Like many brilliant philosophers, Mr. Atkinson sometimes rattles the windows of our programed assumptions at fundamental levels. Yet… 

    A Theory of Civilization

    Philip Atkinson

    "Once expression gets placed in a straitjacket of official truth, then the madness that occurs in all totalitarian states is obtained. Life, in private and public, becomes a meaningless charade where delusion thrives and terror rules."

    Philip Atkinson

    (December 17, 2002)

  5. Earth Angel says:

    Hi all, FYI- While standing waiting at a store checkout today I happened to glance at the front page of a local area newspaper and read a headline that completely stunned me. It seems that local corporate government stooges in Cumming, Ga. have come up with the idea of merging BOTH the county and city governments into ONE in order to streamline business there… Imagine THAT!!  I almost fell out. This clearly shows the desperation and breakneck speed at which corporate globalists are working to consolidate power over the people. Thankfully, those at the county office were able to table the issue- for now. Please be on the alert in your own areas for signs of this same tomfoolery there- and be ready to stand against it wholeheartedly.

  6. Miss Kirby says:

    Did anyone look at Google today when they opened up their Browser to research? I thought it looked very strange. The toast with the fire and the brain thing. Well you do know that when you smell toast, it might be a sign of an oncoming stroke. The brain thing though, I'm not sure about. I will give my best guess. The neurological spray that is in the air (Lithium and all the other ingredients), will most likely compromise your brain. It is depicted very well on that Google. Breathing in and out is what is showed there. Breath in all of this is what every each one of us are doing. What do you think is going on here? Not very many will conclude that anything is going to happen to them, only because it is a slow process that is being done above our heads and they are not thinking very well anyway.

    I have recently lost someone who suffered Parkinson's Disease. It calcify's the penal gland in the brain. Also I have a dear friend that can't comprehend  anything because of  Alzheimer's Disease.

    I told them both beforehand that something is just not right up in the sky and both of them did not listen or care.

    Usually I read the news paper to find out the passing's. Sounds kind of morbid alright, but that is not what I am looking for. Instead I look at how many people are dying at an early age. The number is very high compared to years ago.

    When I think about it, I always tend to think it is because of the aerosol spray that is being sprayed each and every day above us. I do not believe it has anything to do with a solar shield to combat Global Climate overheating.

    I do believe that it is all about making people sick for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Also it makes devastating weather which certain people can monopolize on.

    It keeps the recreational business going totally and other things.Just a few below mentioned.

    Ski Hills, Snowmobiles, Ice Fishing, Cars rotting from the salt and sand, Clothes Manufacturers' for winter, City Employees' for snow removal, police force looking after accidents, Ambulance and hospital keeps busy from all types of accidents whether it be from slipping on ice or car accidents. The list goes on. It is way to big to list.

    Today when I went outside the amount of aircraft that were trying to cover the sun and pollute the sky was unbelievable. Tonight is the exact same thing. Trying to stop the moon from shining through.

    All I do know now is that we all are in very serious trouble. Oh well as many people tell me when mentioning this to them.

    They go Oh Well. Who cares.

    End Of Story.


    • Dennie says:

      I think I can safely say we're not getting enough lithium down here to constitute a therapeutic dose, as in psychoactive effects.  The lithium's being used to track upper level winds, presumably to see where their evil H.A.A.R.P. technology is taking the weather.  There are other poisons in the air that are a real problem, like barium that can precipitate heart attacks in the otherwise healthy, and the desiccants that are extremely drying and damaging to the lungs.

      Wonder if Brin and Page ever have lunch with Zuckerberg– he's just down the road in east Palo Alto.  The Zuck says he wants to eliminate all illness and disease in the next 25 years.  Wonder what the conversation around the table in the Google cafeteria would sound like with these three discussing the elimination of disease– including chem trail flu, like I've had the past week-and-a-half?

  7. penny waters says:

    dear dane 

    have just seen this study by alan robock in nature ecology evolution

    'potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of solar geoengineering implementation and termination'

    pub online 22 jan 2018

    stupid or liars or both

    do they not look up?????

    how can we humans have allowed the stupid humans to run things???

    makes no sense to me 

    is there any sense to any of it?

    had a funny thought – made me laugh anyway

    i don't think it is funny to be alive as a conscious human – that made me laugh – yes me nuts!!

    never knew what a sense of humour was till i was nine – found norman wisdom – the humour is living amongst the pompous and retaining a sense of the ridiculous

    weather is very strange – no continuity – heat cold heat cold – no pressure above us – no atmosphere – hate the murk that constantly fills our skies in southern uk and the taste of it – filth up my nose and in my mouth and in my lungs

    local water comes from the reservoir – seems not to behave like water – sounds weird but i have been washing me and other things all my life and the water seems weird!

    this 'flu' – people i have spoken to – seems to be vastly exaggerated by the filth in the air from geoengineering

    how can we survive this constant pollution of our being

    much love to all you wide awake people in this nightmare of human making

  8. marc says:

    I have been a follower of Whitley Strieber's literary work for 30 years and am a subscriber to his website. I have previously lambasted Whitley more than once for posting articles about geoengineering and/or weather-related issues that were so blatantly and obviously disinfo and/or just plain false….as in lies. The attached link reveals yet another stink-bomb from Whitley's website. Several quotes from Alan Robock appear in the article, reinforcing the glaring fact that Mr. Robock continues to play along with the absolute FICTION that massive global geoengineering is not yet underway but if it were………etc. There is so much wrong and misleading about this article it boggles my aluminum-spiked mind. (yes, there are a few truths therein; it wouldn't be disinformation if this weren't the case) I present it here as just another example of what we're all up against as it pertains to truth. Go to the link embedded at the bottom of the page to go to the original article from which this is drawn. ( Unbelievable deception…..and….questionable "science"….

  9. Ray in FL says:


    It's very wise that you didn't sign the release. Always keep editorial control when dealing with parties that might misrepresent you.  If you recall during the Deepwater Horizon blowout, CNN interviewed Matt Simmons from time to time. They shot him in ultra closeup, sometimes only showing one eye, his nose and mouth, and I remember thinking right away that CNN was cropping his face like that to try and make him look as crazy as possible, since his message was not very flattering to the BP propaganda effort. His replies were heavily edited as well.



  10. Tom Keith says:

    I'm not a very good public speaker, but I do well writing and "one on one;s." That said, I've had some luck at the local YMCA's and recovery groups. (people go to church because they're scared of dying and going to hell. People in recovery have been there.)

      Most of these seem to be more open minded than the general Pop.and to me at least, the less education they had, the more easier they are to reach.(Their cup is not too full) Just my opinion.

    Take care


    • penny waters says:

      dear tom keith

      people in recovery  

      me – having dabbled in many things – have always found life painful – on all sorts of levels – physically, emotionally and intellectually

      people who dabble, i think,  find life as presented by our establishments  – uk usa russia china etc etc totally unspirited, bland and often downright revolting – so geoengineering would just confirm to them that humans are often unmentionable and revolting except…… for maybe the island of tonga where the headman measures his people wealth by how happy they are – wish i lived in tonga

      just as a funny aside – it was/is under the 'protection' of the uk crown – tonga people, when the queen goes there the islanders show her their arse – tis their curtsy/bow – that is what they say it is – hahaha and the queen has to accept it

      hahahaha – love the people of tonga

    • Tom Keith says:

      Ha, that's funny! Maybe we should do that to the orange fascist when he comes to town. (he probably wouldn't get it.)

  11. marc says:

    A most thought-provoking interview with a former Dutch airline pilot re: aerotoxic syndrome.

    • beatriz says:

      thanks so much, Marc. great interview to listen to!

    • Hello marc: Excellent find!!! There are so many health and safety issues related to aircraft operations and design, it would fill hundreds of pages of documentation. Commercial airlines would NEVER have made it out of the gate without massive tax subsidies. Everyone is obligated to pay extortion fees (via general taxation) whether they choose to fly or not. Sorta like this item: >

      Excerpted from: Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation – Wikipedia

      ["The Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel.[2] The Convention establishes rules of airspace, aircraft registration and safety, and details the rights of the signatories in relation to air travel. The Convention also exempts commercial air fuels from tax.

      The document was signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago, U.S., by 52 signatory states. It received the requisite 26th ratification on March 5, 1947 and went into effect on April 4, 1947, the same date that ICAO came into being. In October of the same year, ICAO became a specialized agency of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Convention has since been revised eight times (in 1959, 1963, 1969, 1975, 1980, 1997, 2000 and 2006).

      As of 2013, the Chicago Convention has 191 state parties, which includes all member states of the United Nations—except Dominica, Liechtenstein, and Tuvalu—plus the Cook Islands. "]

      Complete page:

      The FAA is a fraud: >

      18 U.S. Code § 38 – Fraud involving aircraft or space vehicle parts in interstate or foreign commerce | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    • Dog says:

      36:00 and on – from the pilots themselves –

      Thanks you marc –

    • Dog says:

      marc keep looking up! I hope to see you in town and meet you –

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      marc — This is excellent! Thank you!  He also talks about the world spraying operations. WIKI:

      The word "organophosphates", when appearing in communications (e.g., from the press or the government), in areas such as agriculture, the environment, and human and animal health, very often refers to a group of insecticides (pesticides) that act on the enzyme acetylcholinesterase[citation needed] (see also carbamates). Today, organophosphates make up about 50% of the killing agents in chemical pesticides.[2]
      Organophosphate pesticides (OPPs), like some nerve agents, inhibit this neuromuscular enzyme, which is broadly essential for normal function in insects, but also in humans and many other animals.[3] OPPs affect this enzyme in varied ways, a principle one being through irreversible covalent inhibition,[4] and so create potentials for poisoning that vary in degree. The brain sends out neurotransmitters to the nerve endings in the body; organophosphates disrupt this process from occurring.This chemical, organophosphate works by disrupting the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase. Acetylcholinesterase break down the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, which sends out signals to other nerve endings in the body. Without these neurotransmitters from the brain, the nerves in the human body cannot function properly.


    • marc says:

      The presence of organophosphates, at altitude, is a most disturbing discovery as related by this Dutch pilot. Might we have yet ANOTHER smoking gun as it pertains to massive decline in insect populations around the US and perhaps the world?? The implications of this are beyond treacherous.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Marc that was an amazing, excellent Veritas video interview. Thank you so much for sharing.  the information he shares validates and aligns totally with Dane's research regarding the timeline of weather modification, the toxic health consequences for airline crew and passengers, the military's particulate laded GPA fuel with its toxic additives aluminum, barium, and (cancer causing) strontium that is used by commercial aircraft as well; which is why they facilitate the dispersion on the nanoparticulates so effectively, and because all commercial airlines are in fact a part of the military (I did not know this) the fuel additives are "classified" information.  I will visit this brave and intelligent former KLM airline pilot and whistle-blower's website often for valuable information truth-links:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan and All, Forgive me for being slow, I am living in hell, but I found this a couple of weeks ago, a main issue going to court on behalf of a coalition of environmentalists and fishermen: Organophosphorus gas was originally developed as a chemical weapon before WW2.  Dow Chemical, based in Midland, Michigan, has been selling chlorpyrifos (which are derived from) for spraying on citrus fruit, such as apples, cherries, and other crops since 1966.  This is among the most widely used pesticides in the US with Dow selling about 5 million pounds (2.3 million kilo grams) domestically each year, endangering all species including humans and flowing down our rivers.

      This issue is huge and known and yet it goes on and goes with Monsanto.  As in Dicamba.  As it does form a gas, that vapor drifts over and beyond to other crops and has created a massive loss for those in the midwest growing corn and soy.  But, Monsanto plans to make even more money with this poison by now selling Dicamba ready seeds!!!  And we wonder why people can't deal with the reality of geoengineering! People can't deal with land based reality!!  This stuff is widely known!  And, yes Marc, these and others, derivatives, are sickening and killing people or maiming brains and babies, as well as contributing greatly to ocean dead zones.  Not to mention bugs, fish and all critters.  

    • Blue Sue says:

      The key properties of Organophosphonates are:

      1. Threshold effect and crystal distortion.
      2. Hydrolytic Stability.
      3. Sequestration characteristics.

      4. deflocculation.

      5. Chlorine stability 

      These aspects of the Organophosphonates are described in the following paragraphs:

      Organophosphonates, in substichiometric amounts prevent or retard the precipitation of scale forming salts. Phosphonate interfere with the nucleation of the hardness crystal causing much higher levels of hardness to stay in solution than would be possible with untreated water. The inhibitor is adsorbed on the surface of scale forming crystals during the process of crystallization. This retards the growth of crystals and when they are formed they are highly distorted preventing orderly lattice type growth. This changes the adherence characteristics of the scales formed leading to a soft sludge rather than an adherent scale, which is easily dispersed by the movement of water.

      Organophosphonates are extremely stable to hydrolysis as compared to polyphosphates at elevated temperature and extremes in pH for extended periods of time. The carbon to phosphorus to oxygen (CPO) bonding in Organophosphonates is more resistant to hydrolysis or cleavage than the COP bond in phosphate esters and the OP bond in polyphosphates.

      Organophosphonates form water-soluble complexes with metal ions, thereby preventing their deposition. Many chemicals are capable of exhibiting this property via ligand formation with bivalent and trivalent cations like calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, aluminum, etc. Stability constant, which is a measure of the thermodynamic stability of the complex formed, can be used to compare sequestering agents. The smaller the stability constant, the larger is the amount of free ions. 


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Marc.

      Excellent work.

      Makes all the sense what you are saying and they started to add those organophosphates into the fuel and / or in the aerosols in the last 6 to 7 years, because the drastic decline of the INSECT populations started in 2011. That was very easy to notice for someone that lives outside the cities, like me. And is global, it is not something that is happening only in some regions.

      If they raise the DOSE we are GONE. This kind of products can easily kill large mammals.

      Blue Sue, Rachel, Susan, Paul, thank you for the INFO!!

      The site is impossible to open.

      Even if with the organophosphates the dispersal behavior of the aerosols are enhanced or other aspects of the same, in this moment one can truly see the madness of these criminals.

      Nothing will prevent them in this mad demand to fulfill their plans of weather control, the Biosphere will be collateral damage.

      Beyond insanity.

    • horsegirl says:

      Excellent interview.  Thanks very much.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everyone.

      Several weeks ago I've shared one thought with you all about the drastic decline in the Insect populations, and that thought was related with the implementation of the 4G technology here in my region in Iberian Peninsula. In fact, despite of my post in this page commenting on the finding of our friend that shows that organophosphates are being included in the jet fuel and / or in the aerosols, and that this fact can be a major reason for the disappearing of Insects worldwide, the connection between this new fact and the effects on Nature caused by the implementation of the 4G technology ( since 2011 in my region ) are the highly probable combined cause for this great disaster, and this makes all the sense. We do not know when these pesticides started to be included in the fuel of the planes and / or in the aerosols, but we know that the gradual decline of Insects worldwide was already a reality in the past 2 decades ( at least ). The pesticides and gliphosate also used at ground level are of course another reason for that ( on agricultural regions and near regions ). What I can say ( and I speak for my region, but studies are confirming the chronology of the facts for the world ) and the reading that I make is that we had have already a environment overloaded with EM transmissions ( with the 3G tech, RF and the rest ) and a global population of Insects under extreme stress because of all the environmental contamination ( due to the use of pesticides at ground level and via aircraft too, due to the extreme and increasing assault worldwide over the Biosphere via the GE aerosol spraying, contaminating everything with aluminum and the rest ) and due to the progressive dryness of the regions and forest fires ( caused also by climate engineering ), and bang; in 2011 – these populations of insects that were living already under extreme pressure, were not able to deal with this extra and very significative factor of environmental stress which was the beginning of the 4G transmissions. As I said in the first post, and as you all know, Insects are very sensible to electromagnetic fields, all insects are but flying insects are even more affected with these EMF. It is known for a long time that also Birds are affected by electromagnetic fields. And the rest of all living beings as well. Now they want to implement the 5G.

      It is just tragic.


  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Capetown, South Africa, a city of 4 Million, is due to run completely out of water on April 21st.  A BRICS nation, I'm wondering whether China or Russia will come to their rescue.  This opens a moral Pandora's box for me.  While it's one thing to cause a drought, and terrible enough, certainly it would be horrible and incomparable for 4 Million to have NO water, even as the Asian glaciers are melting and more than A Billion people and animals in India will face this dilemma at some point. 

    I wonder what the international ghouls at Davos have up their sleeves. 

    • Pedro says:

      Yes Bella, it's INSANE.

      More two or three years like these last three years of drought and half of the World will stay like South Africa. People think that Water come from the supermarket and is born from the tap.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Bella_Fantasia — I have a dear friend who lives in Cape Town SA. She has been telling me her personal experience stories and says this is a nightmare. Violence. The beginning of world collapse…. "The Camp of Saints"

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Pedro and V. Susan F.

      Those that HAD to play god with the weather will have to sort this out, but who knows what their intensions are?  I'm glad it's not me making the decisions, but there's no escaping the collapse of civilization.  In 2012 I studied global water scarcity, and there is much to understand; for example, once water is removed from one area, it will never come back.  The stunning example is the Aral Sea that was used to irrigate cotton.  It's another form of geoengineering, so to speak, with  disastrous results that extend so much beyond water scarcity.

      The long version:

      Water wars have been ongoing for decades, often using the guise of something else. 

      It's also important to know that of all the water of Earth, only three percent is fresh water.  Of that three percent, one third to one half has already been polluted, MOSTLY BY INDUSTRY.  Fracking is an abomination to water as aerosols are to the atmosphere.  That is why water conservation should be the primary focus.  Also, desalinization plants require intensive energy and the resulting water is poor.  The rich Saudis won't touch the stuff.

      Most people just can't wrap their heads around the dire state of things. The Doomsday clock is now 2 minutes to Midnight. 

      To everyone here, serious people who can't help it. . . . . May we all meet in the Cosmos. . . . . Until then, your friendship means the world to me.


    • bob says:

      If they'd stop the geoengineering it would rain a lot more because the temps are warmer and the particles they put out are dessicants, and no intentional droughts or stealing of storms to make snow would block rain from certain areas.  Also the deforestation and living in large urban areas devoid of vegetation is not intelligent, forests make rain and fill the water table by capturing groundwater.  There are ways to green back deserts with permaculture (as long as they get at least some rain in the year, the design stores water, then creates a microclimate).   Even if people would design yards better instead of all the water going into sewers…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Bella.

      There is already enough technology to provide clean water to everyone ( of course we know that the increasing crisis because of the lack of Water is the result of the climate engineering programs which are disrupting profoundly the cycle of the rains, it's SAD ), but even with this evil activity happening, there is solutions, but these solutions will never be available for the most needing populations.

      These are not perfect solutions, in some cases it is needed electric power, in other cases solar power, in other cases one person need dirty water:

      There are also the pills for water purification, that can save the life of someone that is lost in the wild.

      With this technology you need the device and wind:

      Rudimental devices even without the vent system, similar with the last example can be made, for collecting some Water from the air. It is necessary to have big variations of temperature between day and night and a metal structure similar to the given example which depends on the wind. And creativity.

      Many years ago I've saw in the Odyssey Channel a documentary about the company Hyflux ( Olivia Lum ) and they shown in the documentary a portable flexible ballon with a small device attached ( like a little head ) and that ballon was capable to absorb atmospheric humidity to produce drinkable water without being connected with a power source! I thought that was an amazing idea. I've tried to find that today and I can't find. At the time, the innovation was shown like the better solution for all human beings that are living in very arid regions. I do not know if the idea is now inside a drawer, but that company has good ideas and products.



    • Pedro says:


      one of the ACTIONS everyone can do in order to protect the Planet and the Water resources is to make the option of not drinking soft drinks. For each liter of this kind of drinks produced, 100 liters of Water or more are spent ( and the factories normally are located in Countries which are having already big problems with Water scarcity. This is also war against Ecology ). With beers I think is more or less the same. And these drinks are terrible for health, as you know, the industry puts inside these drinks tons of sugar or tons of aspartame or other artificial sweeteners which are in fact POISONS. But people buy this for kids.

      If one person likes to drink something besides Water or juice from Fruits, wine is a good alternative.

      The buyers have power, but we as a whole are not thinking yet.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, "random thoughts" from 'my perspective'

    It's alarming that I have gone through 3 beginnings of spring melt and Anchorage has hardly froze up yet.

    Since when do snow storms come up out of the Gulf of Mexico?

    Today I watched a tanker jet come in from the east and a fighter jet come in from the west and both made an arch that intersected the aerosol trails and they, together, headed on down my valley and out of sight. It was about an hour after that I started noticing "plasma clouds".

    Ya, and on that note, thank you Virginia Susan Ferguson for your long line of contributions regarding plasma physics. I learned a lot through your efforts and my further research. Some days it's not so great though while I am sitting in my 3 big windows looking out at what I now understand the 'why' and 'how' of. I appreciate all you contribute. You have made a difference in my 'perspectives'.

    My life 'style' has afforded me much, ya, like recently. After our "unseasonable" rain last week. Which froze and became a tilted skating rink and then got a sprinkle of that wonderful nucleated snow that is ever so slippery…. I fell flat on my back, twice!, in 1 minute. I was even being careful while going out to turn off the generator for the night. I didn't break anything, but, the second day after I was stove up with the usual lower back stuff I have cursed myself with. Needless to say, I've had quite a few hours sitting here in these 3 windows "watching" what is happening "out there".

    Ponderosa update, um… they're not doing so good. They're fading even in the midst of winter. I can see right through trees that should be full and blocking my view. 18 years ago these Ponderosa were growing like weeds and now they're all dying a slow cruel death.

    My Mustangs have done something new this winter. Mind you, they are not starved by any means. However, this winter, they have taken to eating the dried flowers off of a certain weed that grows well here. The pasture is/was full of them. I was told a few years ago that it had a few important "medicinal purposes". Leave it to the Mustangs, I would not be surprised one bit if one of those 'purposes' was "Detoxing". Nature knows, she'll tell you all about it if you set her free. That's why I listen to those two banana heads out there that think they're Mustangs. As for the damn dog, isn't a low flying jet pass through here that I don't know about. Whether "I" hear them or not. Partners, All…

    I am so excited to see new names here in this column. It does me a world of good to read each and everyone of your contributions. All of you new folks here represent the unfolding wave of awareness that is over taking the powers that be. may our efforts be precise and not to late. I hope the PTB can't stop "us". I've been dragging around this column since visitor 10 or 12 million. It makes my heart race looking at that ticker nearing "30" million!

    What are "they" "not" talking about? It's a relevant question. One I don't find reference to very often, any more… Anybody ever think of what could surpass 911?… and have it hit globally? Give it some thought. It might save our lives or at least some of our lives.

    My gracious but there are a lot of volcanoes erupting at this current time. Hang on to your seat folks. Nature bats last. (I can't stand the guy, but it's true). What else would we expect by taking down the ozone layer and placing the Earth in a microwave oven? Pressure relief valves abound!

    Thank you for reading through my random thoughts, good night, love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • laura hall says:

      Hi horseman, I was glad to learn of your location as I have a very wonderful daughter in Spokane Washington that needs some further insight to the issue at hand. Both my kids think mom is going over the edge (I wish I had the means) I just want them to be prepared for what's coming. So leans listen to your locals. Thanks horseman. The trees down here in normal are dying at an alarming rate. I cry ALOT these days which alarms my dog. Thank you Dane and everyone


    • penny waters says:

      have said it before my friend

      will the volcanos put aside the reasons for geoengineering – done without our consent by idiot academics who spend their lives indoors and know little of the great outdoors

      hurrah for the spewing earth – except the disruption near fukishima (spelling!) where the nuclear core is falling through the mantle cos we have nothing to stop it

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you for you kind words, a simple horseman. I am still trying to decipher their insanely evil technologies, which appear to be always changing, morphing into new ever more bizarre and un-natural cloud forms. Russia is particularly inventive. Here is a mix of crazy 'electri-fried' charged clouds from a NASA Worldview image east of Kamchatka Russia in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Volcanoes amaze me.  They create new land.  Seemingly, just when one, rather all, need more land!  Go nature! 

  14. Blue Sue says:

     "We are simply put, the victims of chemical warfare."  Without a doubt, Dennie!  and I am so sorry for the pain and suffering it inflicts on so many of us here in one awful form or another.  The fall-out from stratospheric aerosols are a (maybe not-so) slow death, and I pray it STOPS SOON!I Am praying for your health Dennie and for the good health of ALL here.  Blessings be with you my friends in this fight for sanity and the well being and safety of us all.  

    • Dennie says:

      I'm getting better with the Isatis Gold formula from Health Concerns, and acupuncture.  The formula really handles the inflammation (Translated:  "heat," in Chinese medicine, and it doesn't matter the cause, actually– heat is just HEAT–!!!), also the phlegm.  Works for healing colds, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.

      Wondering if there are any volcanoes in Nicaragua– that part of the world is "still" in the Pacific "Ring of Fire–"  probably would be like the C.I.A.-run U.S. military A-holes to get all those volcanoes going so they can force those countries to bend to their ill will.  I heard the Nicaraguan government basically kicked out the U.S. military and told them that they will allow a foreign power military base on their soil when the U.S. agrees to a Nicaraguan military base in Miami ;-).  If there are fewer chem trails there than here, I'm thinking of looking into what it would take to go there to start an El Sistema or Suzuki school for strings.

  15. Dennie says:

    Anyone got any friends in places like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ecuador?  I'm beginning to think about the feasibility of renting my house out or selling and moving somewhere where there isn't such heavy spraying.  I hear there are few to no chem trails in Costa Rica and read here a while back that Ecuador doesn't allow them at all. Anyone?   

  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I am very worried as of late due to many recent observations regarding our weather and the aerial assault happening above my region. (North central Washington. The 'other' electromagnetic warfare 'practice' zone). There, that being said, here are the high lights of recent days. 4 days ago we had a serious chemical ice nucleation event that started at dusk, of coarse I heard the tankers first. About 2 or 3 hours into the fake snow fall and the same amount of time after dusk, a twin prop airplane(sounded very large) flew over the cabin and on down the valley I live above. It was flying low and very slow. It flew the same coarse twice in 20 minutes. I've learned what planes make what noise. OK fine. Well last night the same coarse of events unfolded. Only this time there wasn't as much snow. I know the sound of the low, slow flying airplane. It's an air farce twin prop without any markings(my speculation). Seems to be a data collecting type. No visible apparatus on the exterior. I've got the pictures from when it, or one like it flew over this last fall in the hours of late afternoon. It would be just the perfect plane to spread aerosols over a dense thin cover of potential precipitation. "Targeted crop dusting" and we here in Aeneas Valley are the targets! "They have burned everything around us". "They" have raped and illegally salvaged everything left standing and now we here in this Valley are in the cross hairs of agenda 21, or 2030 (The Y to Y plan), same damn difference. Look, here's my point withstanding, "They're dumping a concoction of ingredients on us that when combined only needs a low temp ignition point or points, depending on the area desired to be incinerated to light up and burn down everything in "its" path. I could go into the rumors of white vans roaming around the hills here 'before' the Okanogan complex fire went full blown catastrophe, or I could comment about the army troops that went up my road and were never seen again, "before the fire went full blow catastrophe". But I won't". All I know is, is that shit ain't right in "whoville".

    'a' simple horseman

  17. Miss Kirby says:

    No One has seen nothing yet. What is in store will be paramount. That is why there are Movies. It has ramped up since 1999 and will continue beyond belief. Hold on to your seat. A very rough ride is ahead and very much in store for everyone. And that is including……"YOU AND I"

     Can you sort the puzzle out Yet? . If not then you are Blatantly……….Ign. or Stp.


  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: They are using the ‘government shutdown’ confusion to allow the intelligence agencies to by-pass Congress for spending.
    Top Republican Warns That Under New Spending Bill “the Intelligence Community Could Expend Funds as It Sees Fit”  / January 22 2018
    In a dramatic moment on the Senate floor Monday afternoon, as the upper chamber rushed a spending bill through to end the government shutdown, the top Republican and Democrat on the Intelligence Committee warned that the bill contains language that would kneecap Congress’s ability to oversee secret covert actions and surveillance programs. Their effort to amend the language was rebuffed. … one of the Senate’s staunchest advocates for the intelligence agencies, leading the fight to reauthorize surveillance programs and fighting to bury the results of the Senate’s five-year investigation into CIA torture. … to warn that it would compromise Congress’s ability to oversee secret intelligence programs.  “This language could erode the powers of the authorizing committee,” Burr said. “Effectively, the intelligence community could expend funds as it sees fit without an authorization bill in place and with no statutory direction indicating that an authorization bill for 2018 is forthcoming.”
    The provision, first reported by The Intercept, appeared in the House version of the spending bill last week and modified the 70–year-old-law that first chartered the CIA. It removed language that requiring intelligence agencies to spend money according to Congress’s instructions, and replaced it with a provision that allows the agencies to move money around freely and without Congress’s knowledge. Blackwater founder Erik Prince has recently pitched the administration on a private intelligence force that would report directly to President Donald Trump and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.  The move cuts off the Intelligence Committee’s most effective means of oversight, because it allows the intelligence community to repurpose funds in the event that the legislature eliminates funding for a certain program, the senators charged. “If this exemption is granted, you could potentially have an administration, any administration, go off and take on covert activities, for example, with no ability for our committee — which spends the time and has the oversight — to say time out, or to say we actually disagree with that policy,” said Mark Warner, the leading Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies / Dec.4, 2017
      The Trump administration is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals. The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.  The creation of such a program raises the possibility that the effort would be used to create an intelligence apparatus to justify the Trump administration’s political agenda.   “Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of the proposals, in describing White House discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”
      North, who appears frequently on Trump’s favorite TV network, Fox News, was enlisted to help sell the effort to the administration. He was the “ideological leader” brought in to lend credibility, said the former senior intelligence official. Some of the individuals involved with the proposals secretly met with major Trump donors asking them to help finance operations before any official contracts were signed.

    • Dale K says:

      The legislative response to artificially contrived climate change can be directly traced to the goals and policies developed by the RAND Corporation, which is duly supported by the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal.  

      About the RAND Corporation
      The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND's research and analysis address issues that impact people around the world including security, health, education, sustainability, growth, and development. Much of this research is carried out on behalf of public and private grantors and clients.

    • Hello Susan: Nice catch there… Orwell underestimated just how sick the puppy could get. >

      5 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence Industry | The Nation 

      Read the article slowly and carefully. Now savor the enormity of the issues at hand. Then see this: >    

      Whistleblowers: Congress Has Entrenched the Surveillance State – YouTube

      Published January 18, 2018

  19. Bill F says:


    No sooner than the 'Airing' of this "BEME" report, CNN 'Shuts Down' the recently-acquired "BEME" branch – which they just 'Bought' last fall?

    Apparently, a small price to pay in order to "Silence" the "TRUTH"

    I do hope the founders will "Regroup & Reform" on a new platform that will begin with Exposing the TRUTH of their findings, as disclosed by their day spent with you Dane.

    May GOD "Richly Bless" them & you for 'Deliberately Choosing' to "Dispel the Darkness of GeoEngineering" by 'Telling the TRUTH'

    The "Light" from a SINGLE candle – Can completely destroy Darkness and may be visible from several miles away.

    It's been well-said: When the world is momentarily silent, a Single voice can seem almost "Deafening"

    I truly hope the founders of the 'recently-silenced BEME operations, will further collaborate with & in some function way – join you in publicly exposing "Even More" of the criminal activities of the "GeoEngineering Cabal" 

    • Bill F says:

      How Very Interesting?

      A video report, showing the still-airborne arrival of a helicopter in Davos,(perhaps the chopper that had Mr. Trump aboard) and there was NOT a single GeoEngineering Trail – anywhere to be seen?

      Seemingly 'Pristine' atmospheric conditions in Davis. 🙁

  20. marc says:

    Over the last several months, if not longer, we are all seeing a plethora of feature articles in MSM about "air pollution", the sources, the effects it's having on us and the environment, etc. Gee, does anyone here think this might be by design? The attached link goes to HuffPost's "Killer Air" section (holy mother of God!) which features several different articles about air pollution scenarios around the world. Really? What do you think the chances are that the slightest mention will ever be made of the apocalyptic and unapologetically OPEN spraying of tens of millions of tons of assorted deadly nanoparticularized substances and God knows what else?? Any moron (me) can see that this plume of articles relating to dangerous air pollution is a clever psy-op orchestrated by very skilled and very powerful entities working deep in the shadows where no one will ever see them. In fact, as a general observation, the tidal wave of disinfo is so huge now, be it by social media, TV, MSM, NASA, the Trump administration, whatever….that the vast majority of us don't stand a chance at the truth.

       On a related subject, for three straight days in Tucson, Az. the skies have been completely trail-free, smudge-free from horizon to horizon, and the temps cool in the day, cold at night. Prior to these three days we endured a disgusting blitzkrieg of aerosol spraying right over town for a couple of weeks, non-stop. I personally observed numerous jets during that period making intentional LONG arcs with their dispersions RIGHT OVER THE HEART OF TUCSON FOR ALL TO SEE. Sorry, but no one will convince me that heavy spraying, complete with arcs and crisscrosses and loops, when done literally right over metro areas, does not have an obvious psy-op function. Not to mention the other nefarious intentions of a higher scientific order including ionization of the atmosphere (for 5G, surveillance and weather mod) and implantation of bio-warfare agents, etc. And still…….after all these years of rampage on planet earth, an astounding percentage of people somehow remain uninterested, clueless, and imprisoned inside a conception of reality that for some amazing reason does not even see the horror being enacted right around their heads. Like, I know a bunch of people for whom the issue of geoengineering is just plain "not cool". In otherwords, go away, leave me alone, don't bother to come to my party, you're full of shit. Question is… this late stage of the game does it even matter anymore? I confess, it is hard to feel hope when most of what I find is disdain, complacency, and/or folks who are too busy to bother with such a fringe topic of little to no perceived relevance to them. Yes, what we are asking of people is a tall order: abandonment of their comfort zone, a reboot of their entire way of thinking about how this world is run. The resistance to this will, unfortunately, remain right up to the very end, which from where I sit does not seem far off.

    • marc says:

       I see the link above in my post is inoperable. Sorry. Not sure what happened. Working on it.

    • Dog says:

      Seeing EXACTLY the same things in Tucson. Sure looked like a blatantly obvious show up in the sky to me as well.

    • penny waters says:

      dear marc

      that is why i appreciate this website of danes'

      without all you good people i would thin k i was really nuts

      all my life i have seen the idiocy of human behaviour and yet – speak up and people will say – go away, full of it, rubbish etc…

      tis so hard to be awake and try to awaken others

      once awake there is no going back!

      yet sometimes i get through and feel the common horror with others of the nonsense of human behaviour

      love to you all

  21. SD says:

    M4.0 earthquake reported here in southern CA overnight once again FITS THE PROFILE as being induced by Geoengineering ops.

    The quake was shallow, sharp jolt, felt over a wide geographic area.

    More importantly, the EQ was accompanied by a quick weather cooldown locally.  Lower barometric pressure, onshore flow of Marine Layer Clouds and higher humidity. Slight chance of "drizzle".

    Temps here forecast back to >80F this weekend.

  22. To all readers: I think The Weather Underground site could use some feedback and/or guidance. Be kind and informative with your comments. It would seem the viewers there need help… >

    Earth Was Hit By 29 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in 2017 by Dr. Jeff Masters | Category 6 | Weather Underground

  23. Hawkeye says:

    "We might get DESPARATE enough to want to use it." (IT, being, toxic chemical spraying into the atmosphere via jet air planes).

    "The goal being SRM, to block the suns solar radiation from hitting Earths surface, WITHOUT taking into consideration the effects of doing this." 

    "Desperate": feeling, showing, or involving a HOPELESS sense that a situation is so bad as to being impossible to deal with. "

    Desperate is in play. They got there, might is history. 

    I can't take this painful chemical cold in SWFL, the tropics, anymore!!! Ahhhhhhhhh………. Solves nothing to vent this except letting some steam out of my ears. But it is very unbareable and so NOTnormal, how much longer does it have to go on for??!! FL now has winter and summer extreme seasons and it sucks, no lala land vacationers seem to notice or give a sh** and no matter how " desperate" my financial matters become due to my inability to fake it and sell this lousy ugly paradise I can not do it!  I hate living in poverty, pain, and lies through illusions. Seven long years of this for me. Sorry, having a bad fake freezing day in the tropics! 

    Great job once again Dane! Thanks!!


    • Dennie says:

      The ice nucleation chems that rained out after the very heavy spraying here that started more than 2 weeks ago was pretty awful last night.  The irritation from the massive amount of spray coming down starting a week ago last Monday has given me a bad case of bronchitis and possibly a little pneumonia.  For this I am using an Isatis formula from Health Concerns.  Thank God I got some last night.  It's keeping me from complete misery.  I just need to be able t sleep in a relatively chem-spray free space or I don't sleep much if at all.  Thinking of moving to Costa Rica…

  24. Dennie says:

    Here's research physicist emeritus, Ryugo Hayano, who's helped to invent a "baby scanner" to check small children and infants for internal radiation emitters:  Dr. Hayano worked at the University of Tokyo and started Tweeting right away as information about radionuclide releases began to be reported from the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster.  He was also a Suzuki violin student and continues to play with groups of Suzuki violin students.

    • Dennie says:

      Unfortunately later on, the video takes a turn towards an apology for Fukushima… "returning to normal," "agricultural products are monitored," like "everything's fine," etc. hmmm… I'm wondering if the students Dr. Hayano's worked with would ever ask themselves why should we accept constantly having to monitor our air, soil and water for radionuclide levels as "normal?"  

  25. Blue Sue says:

    Most all of the readers and posters here on Dane’s site are awake and aware of the atrocities in our skies thanks to the military industrial complex and their perverted ilk.  No doubt about it — the world is run by criminals, and ALL governments are corrupt.  

    Besides suffering the never ending crimes and lies of puppet/fakers (e.g., Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Trump, et al.) posing as leaders, we’re besieged by the blatant and insidious tentacles of technology that continue to infect every aspect of our daily existence — creating and maintaining our near-slavery.  

    Since the advent of television, our society has been “programed” by design – to be passive, distracted, desensitized, dumbed-down, and deluded to accept lies and theater as truth and reality.  Today’s polluted politics are a pitiful and useless sham – pathetic theater to mollify the ignorant and/or feeble minded.  The "programs" on TV today (w/o even mentioning Big Pharma's pathetic drug commercials) are for the most part a tragic wasteland. It’s beyond sad and disturbing how life is increasingly commoditized (commodified?).  Products and profit are more important than people in our war-driven, materially saturated, consumer culture.  Nature has been brutally raped and her myriad treasures/creatures ruined/destroyed for pleasure, greed, or through abject disinterest and disregard.  Also terribly concerning is the loss of basic life skills amongst our children.  Young people today cannot do many things we older folk simply take for granted like changing the oil on our car, making a fire, sewing or mending a shirt, knitting a hat, paring an apple, tying knots, baiting a hook, baking bread, cooking from scratch, balancing a checkbook, reading a map, or planting/tending a garden.  Today everything is tech-oriented and as a result, cognitive function in our children and our selves is being rapidly downgraded.  How many can even remember phone numbers anymore? I can because I don’t use direct dialing on my “dumb” phone.  I hope you know that CONVENIENCE IS A TRAP!  Most of what we have in our lives to make things easier for us is making us less capable, less self-sufficient, and less empowered – by design!

    All the technological trappings starting with hand-held calculators and remote control devices for our TVs to smart phones, back-up monitors in our autos and GPS, etc, etc. are reducing our personal power to function as real human beings that are supported by and (should be) stewards of nature.  The loss of life skills only serves the power structure and their control over us.  The fast approaching SMART grid will no doubt function as “thought police” and along with 5G will be the “frosting” on our collective cake of doom.   

    Today I learned from a conversation with a friend who is an avid cross-country skier that she is thrilled with a new app on her iPhone that measures her stride/slide by duration and length, even the degree/angle of her thrust when she pushes off on each leg.  We are in deed being monitored more and more in every single aspect of our being these days!  Incredible, and surely there’s more to come.  Please forgive my wordy ramble, just needed to vent.  May we each be the change we hope to see in world.  

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Blue Sue for articulating exactly what I have witnessed for years now. All I can do is keep resisting by doing a lot of those things you mention. No tv, grow my own food and preserve it (canning/dehydrating), mending my cloths instead of just buying new when I lose a button, and keeping my cognitive skills by working on word puzzles and math problems. I’m also getting rid of my “dumb” phone in the next couple of weeks and going back to a land line (way cheaper). 

    • Hawkeye says:

      Love your post here Blue Sue!! Totally agree with ya, you nailed it to a tee! IF there is any future to be had, how is this younger generation of completely incapable humans going to be able to run anything including a basic household? …. They have no idea how anything grows or works and without a GPS in their car or on their dumb phones how will they even know where the grocery stores are? No one can read a map anymore. A simple box of macaroni an cheese completely stumped a few 20 year olds in the grocery store during FL's Sept. hurricane! 

    • Hello Blue Sue: Your "ramble" was very clear and well stated. The missuses of technology have entrapped and enslaved mankind since day one. Rather than setting us free to engage other skills toward an informed stable society, we've allowed ourselves to be hijacked by rabid media hounds and industrial pirates. > This is how NEWS became a public theater of the absurd. Please take the time to read the entire page. >

      Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media is a 1988 book written by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, in which the authors propose that the mass communication media of the U.S. "are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function, by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion", by means of the propaganda model of communication.[1] The title derives from the phrase "the manufacture of consent," employed in the book Public Opinion (1922), by Walter Lippmann (1889–1974).[2]

      Manufacturing Consent – Wikipedia

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, My friend I haven't met yet, You can ramble in a wordy way any time you want to. I have and always will read every single word. I often do the same here and sometimes they don't get published. But that's OK. I know it's just Dane and company that are keeping up the integrity of this web site. Funny how last night I felt the same way you did. I'm going through a bit of a depression this last month or so. There's been one chemical ice nucleation event after another here in north central Washington state. I know that part of my depression is a result of not having anyone that understands what's happening "out there" to speak with. The other part is not having any sunny days to speak of and another part is watching the implosion of my forest even in the cold of winter when everything should be "on hold" until spring. I wonder if your cross country ski friend has noticed the difference in snow levels and what it actually consists of. I don't consider our snow falls to be real. 4 years in a row now I have heard the jets flying above the canopy of crap in the sky before every snow fall. I have taught many folks, "listen for the jets and then watch for snow". I also challenge folks to find a "real" snow flake like the ones you and I knew when we were young. The ones we drew pictures of and cut out of folded up paper. When I was a young boy, I specifically remember looking at snow flakes that had fallen on the driveway or a tree branch or on my glove and went indoors to try to duplicate it in a folded up cut out paper or drawn on a paper with my crayons. I also remember using up the dark blue crayon first because that's what the color of the sky was back in those days.

      Love and strength to you Susan and ALL,

      'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      @ Blue Sue:  We pay lip service to being good stewards of the Earth each Sunday during the Prayers of the People yet there is nowhere to be found an environmental awareness, education, justice and action component to the churches.  The Episcopal diocese of Northern CA had a seminar one afternoon back in October but beyond the following day of action, I don't know where that energy went.  People are too busy trying to come up with the Almighty Dollar to get out and DO something for the planet, if only to teach their kids how to recycle– it is astounding how many who'd otherwise say they're all for the environment just turn around and throw their crap into the landfill when recycling would solve half the problem.  The other half is solved when idiots teach their kids to use less or do without.  Which brings me to Hawkeye's comment that today's young people can't even run a household– Amen to that, brother– while I appreciate my two housemates, they are mostly clueless and rather irresponsible when it comes to cleaning up their mundane messes– how could we possibly expect NOT to have massive environmental problems when nearly no one is teaching their kids to take responsibility and not make messes that can't be cleaned up??  Environmental education begins at HOME, and we do not need to bus the kiddies off to some pristine wilderness location to learn about the "environment–"  The environment is where you are.  Take a look around.  Is is clean?  Is it safe?  Or is it poisoned with crap that can't be cleaned up and you either run away looking for a new place to start The Game all over again or you just stick your fingers in your ears and say it's all fine, let's live in Chernobyl/Fukushima Prefecture/Hanford/Three Mile Island– the list is growing longer…

    • Pedro says:

      Dane, listen to this "weatherman";


    • Blue Sue says:

      Thank you all for your kind replies to my post. It is comforting to know that others here feel the same way I do and we see life through a similar lens.  Horseman, I can relate to the depression you're experiencing and also know the loneliness you feel when those in our immediate realm can't/won't see or accept the truth (let alone have an intelligent discussion about it). The sad state of our world does indeed make for melancholy. Like you folks in Washington, we Alaskans have been having fake snowfall all day occurring at temperatures between 0 and 8 above (F). At these low temperatures, snowfall doesn't occur naturally — it should be crystal clear – not gray and overcast.  The manufactured snow is very dry and looks like super-fine styrofoam.  I scooped up a couple of cups off of my deck brought it into the kitchen to examine with my magnifying glass, and I could compress it to a hard little ice ball – but it would not make a real  snowball.  I tell my first-grade students not to eat the snow when they are outside at recess playing in it and happily sliding down the icy hills.  Those paper snowflake you (and I) made as a child  (smile) — well, I always show the children how to fold the paper so that the folds will create six "rays" to cut out lacey edges from. This is a favorite nature-connecting creative activity that never fails to surprise and delight every generation of school children.  

      Wow, just saw a photo submitted by a viewer and shared on the local weather report of this huge circular "chem-bow" / "halo" they called a "sun dog" (NOT!) taken shortly before sunset here, which occurs about 4:45 this week (we gain about 5 min. of light every day this time of year.). Often times I see these iridescent rainbow effects amongst the "clouds" or in the particulate laden atmosphere.  Last night the setting sun I saw was a very blurred orange-ish orb (obscured and dimmed through a thick veil of particulates) shining below a dark gray valance  of clouds.  

      Just heard that the "dooms day clock" has been moved forward by 30 seconds to 2 minutes before midnight, according to Lester Holt on the NBC news tonight. (It's clearly past time to put the TV back out into the storage shed! I keep it around for when my mother comes up to visit from California). Those precious little ones (mostly 6 and 7 year-olds) that I spend about 40 hours a week with, are what keep my spirits up, (the light in their eyes and the love they radiate) and for their sakes, I have to keep doing my part to spread awareness and wake up those folks who are still asleep. God bless you all for your persistence and passion in this crucial undertaking. 

    • penny waters says:

      dear blue sue

      most probably have said it before but a bloke called e e schumacher in his book 'small is beautiful' says it very simply that when an organisation is run by family and friends it functions properly but once the organisation gets bigger and is run by people who don't know each other then the organisation runs the people

      clever clever man

      look at the world of humans and you can see this so well

      loved your ramble – was like sitting inside my head hahahaha

      love you all

    • Old Sal says:

      Hi Blue Sue…..excellent words. You mention fake snow….anything about shooting heat (microwaves) up in the atmosphere in Alaska? Some satellite videos of the melting ice cap look like it evenly melts starting from the one side and back again. Time lapse really shows the disintegration…..maybe just be an illusion.



  26. Lee Eyerman says:

    Read USA today,they admitted in a roundabout way that they are spraying us.Come on Bernie,be an American and stop this crime.

  27. Joseph L says:



    Alzheimer’s Association Denies Aluminum Connection

    Great 3 minute video

  28. Dog says:

    Dane, does your refusal to sign the release mean that they will not or cannot air their version of their conversations with you, i.e., will this air on CNN?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dog, yes, that is what it should mean, but who can say what they will do.

    • Dog says:

      Thank you Dane.  I suggest we all be on the lookout for any article or broadcast, so that we can spot and expose any "spins".

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dog, about CNN’s “Beme” news branch,  it has just been shut down, headlines today (interesting timing). It seems they were not able to accomplish their agenda with this branch of CNN News. FYI

    • Dog says:

      Thanks Dane.

  29. When I stepped outside the other morning, I noticed a huge drop in surface temperature. Damp sidewalks and slushy snow had dried completely in a matter of hours. The overnight temperature drop was dramatic. About two hours later, my eyes and airways were burning with what seemed like an allergic reaction. I've now spent two days with migraine, constant running nose, and water pouring from my eyes. Erm… So I did a bit of research into desiccants and possible health implications… For those with access to lab equipment, here's something to test for: 

    Sodium chlorate – Wikipedia


    Also see: Sodium chlorate | 7775-09-9


    I do not recall being informed that I was part of an ongoing “medical” experiment… I do not recall signing a waver or consent form. Hmmm…

    • Dale K says:

      Anyone else notice very tiny but distinguishable white specks about a couple of millimeters wide that appear on the ground surface after rainwater evaporates? I'm in northern California and have seen these specks after the two most recent rainstorms. One person sent me an email stating that she thought they might be ash blown in from a nearby fireplace, but these specks stay put and don't float in the air when there's wind.

    • Old Sal says:

      January 20, 2018 Saturday at 15:30 hours approximate there were 2 jets on a heading of due north 360 degrees. Both were flying side by side and then another went right between them on a heading of 180 degrees due south. All 3 of them were silver shinny jet airplanes all with trails as shown in the photo. The middle airplane can just be seen in the trees in between the 2 bright jet trails. The usual landing path is about 210 degrees heading southwest direction.

      I do have radiation syndrome from mishandling nuclear material so I have to take my vitals everyday….Blood Pressure, Pulse and Temperature. On January 21, 2018 Sunday morning around 04:27 hours I woke up from sleep with my neck sweating enough to wet my T shirt. January 21, 2018 Sunday afternoon about 14:05 hours, the clouds started to roll in and January 22, 2018 Monday it rained. Have my health symptoms be related to these above events? Further details (jet trails and health symptoms) will be noted for future publication.

      Tried to add the picture of the jet trails but was unable….any suggestions to attaching my DSLR camera image.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Paul Vonharnish:  

      For most of last week I did not sleep because we got very heavily sprayed here on the West Coast of Northern California before a rainstorm.  The metal particulates feel very sharp when spraying's heavy and they also hit us with a lot of ice-nucleation chemicals that cooled everything off but feel totally caustic when you are exposed, so you feel like you're on fire, with constant irritation of nose, throat and lungs.  This went on for over a week.  

      We are simply put, the victims of chemical warfare.  The ability to be able to breathe is something so fundamental that almost no one has announced that we here on Earth have a RIGHT to breathe clean and safe air here and our Lords and Masters of the Military-Science-Corporate complex have no business "treating" our atmosphere with tons of caustic chemicals!!

      Tonight the acupuncturist came to my house because I felt like I was getting pneumonia– lots of mucus from the irritation coming from some place much deeper inside my lungs than ever I'd seen.  I'm hoping to avoid having to visit a stupid, stupid M.D. because I won't be able to tell any of them what's really going on, they are so out of touch and so far behind the learning curve, but we're essentially the victims of chemical warfare.

      I have had to find a spot where I can go that keeps most of the particulates out and right now I'm lucky to have an overnight place where I feel relatively safe, but even though that house is better, it is not completely immune from the sprays' penetrating reach.  I'm in process of beginning to plan a garage conversion at my house, with not too many windows and a very high-quality door that will not let air in around the edges, top, side and bottom, to be installed by a first-rate door installer.  It will likely cost me about $50k to do this but I need to be able to get back here full-time, 24/7/365, without total fear that I will not be able to breathe when I try to get to sleep.  It's been going on since 2010.  Please pray for me that I will find a way to make this conversion a financial and material reality, and that I will be able to live in relative safety here full-time once again

    • Blue Sue says:

      Paul, I did not know that this was also part of the aerosol particulates being sprayed on us.  I looked up this chemical and found this: 

      Sodium Chlorate: HS Code  2829 11 00 Hazard Statement(s)  H271: May cause fire or explosion; strong oxidizer.
      H302: Harmful if swallowed.
      H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
      Precautionary Statement(s)  P210: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking.
      P221: Take any precaution to avoid mixing with combustibles.
      P273: Avoid release to the environment.
      Signal Word  Danger Storage class  5.1A Strongly oxidizing hazardous materials WGK 

    • Dennie says:

      Can you find a patent that lists this as part of the formula?  It's not supposed to be released into the environment, which I'd say includes the atmosphere!


    • Diana says:

      Yes Dale K. Hope you see this. Last year's rains were heavy in SoCal. Rain puddled a bit in our garage, a thick edge of what looked like salt formed after the rain dried. Have that now on our front walk on the flagstone, still there from the last, rare rain. Took samples from the garage but haven't sent then to a lab, I already know the results anyway.

    • Hello Old Sal: Sorry to hear you were damaged by ionizing radiation exposure. The symptoms of non-ionizing radiation (EMF) poisoning are quite similar, and massive evidence proves they both result in neurological hypersensitivity to additional triggers.

      The aircraft patterns you describe are classic, and are often combined with HAARP based ELF excitation in the surrounding atmosphere. If you've become electro-sensitive, you could very well be experiencing physical symptoms in real time… When this happens, check local NEWS for weather shifts or seismic activity in your area.

      Dane has a number or articles (left side bar "Radio Frequency Dangers") which address the use of HAARP facilities and other electronic based technologies for manipulating weather.

    • Dale K says:

      Hi Diana, thanks for the info and confirmation. I've experienced dryness in my eyes and a runny nose throughout the past few weeks, and I suspect that a chemical compound like sodium chlorate could be the culprit.

    • Pedro says:

      Paul, I have one thought;

      Besides the harm that this substance causes to all Plants, Animals and Humans ( which is clearly described in both links you provided ), and one can deduce that there is a strong possibility that this substance could be in using in the spraying programs, there is another aspect that may be linked to it;

       …"Sodium chlorate comes in dust, spray and granule formulations. There is a risk of fire and explosion in dry mixtures with other substances, especially organic materials, and other herbicides, sulfur, phosphorus, powdered metals, and strong acids." …"liberates explosive chlorine dioxide gas;"…

      Can these explosive properties in specific situations be in any way related with the loud trumpet sounds and the very loud sounds that many people are hearing around the World? Or, this phenomenon of strange sounds is related with the collision between the electromagnetic transmissions that they are using as an attempt to reduce atmospheric levels of methane? Or related to both together?

      Anyway, this kind of product do NOT belong to the Atmosphere.

    • Hello Dennie: Sorry to hear you're having these very serious difficulties. I've been following your posts for some time now, and am consistently impressed by your informative links and overall grasp of the "situation"… Thank you for being here…

      I've been concerned about your ongoing health challenges, and wondering if you've considered contacting a building biologist or anyone who could do a survey of your home environment. There could be an underlying mold or chemical hazard, or perhaps stray electrical fields. Some individuals are sensitive to Earth's lay-lines, underground streams or water mains, geomagnetic effects, etc. Subtle environmental effects can add to your allostatic burden and exacerbate an underlying physical condition. I've spoken by phone with the gentleman in the first link, and believe he may be a very helpful local (Santa Rosa) contact. The second link offers a diverse set of services in a much wider geographic range. I hope you find the information helpful.

    • Pedro says:

      Dane, Paul and All.

      Sodium chlorate  –»»  ( "reacts with strong acids forming toxic and explosive ClO2;" chlorine dioxide gas )  –»»  "Contact causes irritation of eyes and skin. INGESTION: May cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal or gastric pain, dyspnea and other symptoms."   —»»»  .

      "Chlorine dioxide is toxic, hence limits on exposure to it are needed to ensure its safe use. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set a maximum level of 0.8 mg/L for chlorine dioxide in drinking water.[33] The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the United States Department of Labor, has set an 8-hour permissible exposure limit of 0.1 ppm in air (0.3 mg/m3) for people working with chlorine dioxide.[34]

      On July 30, 2010, and again on October 1, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against the use of the product "Miracle Mineral Supplement", or "MMS", which when made up according to instructions produces chlorine dioxide. MMS has been marketed as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including HIV, cancer, autism, and acne. The FDA warnings informed consumers that MMS can cause serious harm to health and stated that it has received numerous reports of nausea, diarrhea, severe vomiting, and life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration."

      Also from Paul's provided links:

      "It can also be used as a non-selective herbicide to control many kinds of plants such as morning glory, Canada thistle, Johnson grass and bamboo. In addition, it can also be used as a defoliant and desiccant."

      Besides the use of this evil product as a defoliant to the Forests ( and we are seeing a lot of burned leaves on the Trees – in the fake Autumns we have every year – burned leaves hanging in the Trees sometimes until next Spring ), the MFs are using this poison to control Bamboo – one of the most important species of Trees on the World. Insane.

      If the job is to kill Nature, it will not be long until the killers meet their destiny. Normally if one builds bad karma, bad karma will get him.



    • Dennie says:

      I've had Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA here three times to test my house for toxins and wipe down.  We tested for barium and it was here, also outside.  I've had my blood tested for aluminum (none) and barium (26 times higher than the OSHA allowance).  I have no electrosensitivities and there are zero emf fields near my house.  I can and do doze off here in front of my computer in a room with my WiFi still plugged into the machine.  This only happens when the spraying is heavy.  There is NO denying that what's getting me are the toxic irritating metals, desiccants and god-knows-what-else is in the chem sprays, including an increase in toxic ice nucleation chemicals that burn when they hit your skin.  The newer ones give you a bad headache.  No place I've been entirely keeps the crap out because we know it's sub-micron sized and can get in by the tiniest cracks between the window frame and the walls.  It then goes directly into the brain.  Most people have NO sensation of this but I feel every last movement of the air crap. Three per cent of us on Earth are in this category.  Most don't notice and even more couldn't care less.  

    • Pedro says:


      some months ago Andrew posted that breathing masks with the FFP2 filter can work well with aerosols. I've used these masks already for working, and they are good. Even working with large quantities of very fine dust, in the end of the day the respiratory tracts remain free and without irritation. If someone works with dust outdoors, he or she will breath the particles which are in the ground plus the dust. The masks are good.

  30. simone says:

    NOAA Climate Website Goes Black During Gov’t shutdown.  The government shutdown resulted in the country’s top global warming research agency going dark while other websites affiliated with the group remained open, albeit under limited capacity.

  31. simone says:

    THE WEATHER CHANNEL.COM comments: "WENT BLACK".. "downloaded weather channel app and phone blacked out.." "Weather channel not working Nevada"  ~ WHAT WE SEE IS THAT THOUSANDS OF  FOLKS STILL WANT TO CHECK ON THE "WEATHER CHANNEL" EVERYDAY !!!   I left for them the link to watch real reports on GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG which is available 24h everyday.     I WISH WE WOULD HAVE A MAJOR CHANNEL, DAILY REPORTING GEOENGINEERED TEMPERATURE, AIR QUALITY, AND EXPECTED, GEOENGINEERED EFFECTS ON AIR, WATER, PLANTS, SOIL, ANIMALS, AND HUMANS.   VIVA GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG giving people who can see, hear and think a great Hope 🙂 

  32. Sundai says:


    Another source of human exposure to aluminum is Flouride (aluminum filing tailings), a toxic waste of the aluminum industry. It was used during WWII as a brainwashing tool and found to be very effective in breaking your will. It was also used  to make bulls more tractable during mating season. Claiming it prevents cavities it was added to toothpaste at the end of WWII. Vaccines also contain aluminum.

    Two years ago it was reported in the Gillette,Wy. paper  that they significantly increased the amount of flouride in the city water to prevent bacterial contamination due to their new and  reconstruction of water lines. Not to worry, it would not harm your pets.

    Sorry guys….Flouride is NOT an antibacterial substance, yet no one seemed to notice.

    AGAIN……Remember the S.A.L.T . treaties where they agreed not to use weather warfare against each other.

  33. Pamela says:

    Everyone who has the power to say something but won't is complicit in the genocide of America, Europe and mankind.


  34. Brice says:

    If anyone still thinks we have "natural" weather they are mistaken. I live in Minnesota and winter storm jaxon was supposed to dump around 15" of snow along with 45mph winds. Well the system ended up shifting it's track at the last second and we only got 3-4". Three days before the storm the sky was filled with a thin high altitude haze with trails going through it and under it.

    In other news I am attempting to arrange some kind of discussion and informational session here in Minnesota. If anyone is anywhere near Rochester MN please respond to this post!

    • simone says:



    • Hey Brice: Here's a more direct link. >

      Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering – Exposing And Halting The Covert Global Climate Engineering Assault

  35. Dennie says:

    Geoengineering is being "justified" by the phrase "because we might get desperate enough to want to use it."  

    That's what "they" also said about nuclear weapons.  

    Desperation is usually not a good place to come from when planning solutions to problems.  The problems wouldn't have happened in the first place if it weren't for greed.  The greed that says it must profit by gobbling up Earth's resources, for what?  Money?  LOL, like you can eat money– HAH!!

    • Dog says:

      Speaking of nuclear weapons, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has a new and ultra-important book: The Doomsday Machine:

      IT IS IMPERATIVE that everyone, everywhere, is made aware of just how close we are, and have been for many years, to nuclear annihilation, by a tiny group of military and corporate madmen, who view nuclear war as some kind of game. It's even more frightening than the geoengineering programs, and could be unleashed upon mankind at any moment.


    • Dog says:

      Also, has everyone noticed that in recent years, the MSM has been trotting out ever-increasing articles and commentaries on nuclear war, and how it (the UNTHINKABLE) is some kind of looming possibility (THINKABLE)? Not unlike Geoengineering as a "solution".

      The younger generations have no real concept of what sort of, or magnitude of, horror that any nuclear weapons deployment or exchange would result in. This makes this scenario all the more dangerous.

      "If we have nuclear weapons, then why can't we use them?" – DONALD TRUMP

      "If we have nuclear weapons, then why can't we use them?" – HILLARY CLINTON


    • Dog says:

      " A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us." – MARGARET THATCHER


    • Jeanette S says:

      I do not like that we had that false alarm in HI. It is a boy that cried wolf item, I think. HI was probably telling the sociopathic to take a flying with their gmo freaks. I do not think they will do a nuclear war unless the slime have a way off the rock. they are all working with each other these days-that's what "global" anything means, the shtbgs are arm in arm over something.

    • Hawkeye says:

      I hear ya Dog! The doomsday clock has been moved to two minutes to midnight, up from five minutes because of the nuke threat in the world. That " clock" is only for nuclear threat levels. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Jeanette S.

      There is no way out of  this rock.

      If you make a spear, is because some day the spear will be used for hunting.

      They want the war and they believe blindly in their psychopathic science to give them the answers for the radioactive contamination.

      And they are obsessed with the issue of population control.

      For these masonic criminals, dates and numbers are important, next November 11 , will be the 100 th anniversary of the end of the 1st WW.

      Let's see.


    • Pedro says:

      Dog, the info about Daniel Ellsberg's book is very IMPORTANT. The only solution about everything that is nuclear is – disarmament and / or dismantling.

  36. Pedro says:


    How can the "authorities" want forced vaccinations??
    With all the evidences that are available, it can not be legal to give these abominations to humans, as it is also illegal to stab the body of someone. Vaccinations are abusive and are an act of aggression.

    • Hello Pedro: You're right, it is an act of aggression. And it is NOT legal. These "authorities" are in violation of s 402A. SPECIAL LIABILITY OF SELLER OF PRODUCT FOR PHYSICAL HARM TO USER OR CONSUMER


      For the complete text see:

      Restatement, Second, Torts, copyright © 1977 by The American Law Institute. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

      Also see:

      "An intentional tort is a category of torts that describes a civil wrong resulting from an intentional act on the part of the tortfeasor (alleged wrongdoer). The term negligence, on the other hand, pertains to a tort that simply results from the failure of the tortfeasor to take sufficient care in fulfilling a duty owed, while strict liability torts refers to situations where a party is liable for injuries no matter what precautions were taken." 

      Intentional tort – Wikipedia

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul. Thank you.

      So, for a regular person that lives in a region that is under the strategy of forced vaccinations conducted by the "authorities", is enough if that person says that her or him wont allow that their son or daughter, or himself, to be vaccinated because he or she or their relatives are being victims of an intentional tort and therefore victims of a crime? If the persons have the Law with them and if they show it to the agents it is possible that this kind of defense could result?


  37. Miss Kirby says:

    Flu season is very much here, only because of the spray in the air we breath. It does not take much of a brain to figure this out. We are breathing the air that is contaminated from this spraying. Stand outside and listen to the relentless amount of aircraft in the air. This did not happen by coincidence. All of the commercials on TV encouraging people to take a vacation for one thing. All the commercials trying to sell the quick fix of pharmaceutical aid for the sick that have symptoms of the cold or flu. I have never ever in my lifetime seen so many people out there that are sick from this aerosol spraying every single day. The real kicker though is people still think it is all just fine. Just that time of the year. Too bad that is the intellect of the sheep. They follow the herd. They can't open their eyes up or even wrap their miniscule brains around such a thing. Great video DW. Thank you.

    • Jeanette S says:

      this seemed to happened with overcast skies and raining. I think they sprayed the hell out of us and it is causing the "flu like" symtoms.

  38. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Good to hear that they spent some more time with you Dane after the radio appearance. She had already spoken to Keith by the sounds of her question. I Hope they are fair in their reporting on such a dire topic that needs the Truth, & nothing but the Truth, to be spoken.  I Hope they are not up to any Tricks, & they do realize the lateness of the hour.       There is one principle that can keep a Man in ever lasting Ignorance. That is contempt, prior to investigation.  –Herbert Spencer —        Learn to see things as they really are, not as we imagine they are!   —  Vernon Howard  —        I Hope they understand these quotes.

  39. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane! Sounds like good news for a needed change. Press on! People are listening, EVEN THOUGH, they pretend NOT to be.  Sharing with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch.  PRESS ON! Prayers continue. Blessings!  They WILL BE SORRY! 

  40. Nina says:

    The planes are out in force here over SW Portugal today. I have been watching them covering the sky with trails. So many planes! Where do they all come from? Some look very odd, drones maybe? First crosses, then checker-board, finally almost white allover. Always when rain is forcast.  I read recently that Socrates and the ancient Gnostics said that there are two kinds of humans on this Earth. The first with a true connection to Divine Source and Mother Earth, and the other having only a kind of "Robotic Hive-mind mentality". I thought it sort of explained  why so many people simply cannot see what is so obvious to us. Socrates understood this world well I think. Too much of a threat to those in power. I think whatever is behind all this horror hates all of humanity, all natural life and is slowly replacing it with the artifical, the synthetic, the counterfeit.

  41. neil says:

    I'm not surprised the CNN reporter had a 'denial bias'. There's no way they would be allowed to cover geoengineering without it. Whatever report they present will probably be overwhelmingly buried with the double-speak of academics, who have a vested interest in assuring the public it is not happening. Talking of which, and I think this is of primary importance, the likes of Keith, Robock and Holborn are always careful to reinforce the idea that geoengineering is only a 'possibility'. They have the patents and technology but, according to them, it is not being applied. Are they simply lying or are they the scientific stooges, whose research and development is taken by the military-industrial complex and implemented without them being aware of it? I think the former, but it's an important point that needs disclosure. This, I am guessing, will only come to light through the testimonies of whistleblowers… but these whistleblowers would need nerves of steel, because we all know how they are usually dealt with by our Lords and Masters. Thank you Dane and all at – where would we be without the solid evidence and research provided by your site?

    • Dennie says:

      @neil: People have been mind-controlled to believe that any issue boils down to just. one. thing.  It's not "either/or," in the case of Keith, Robock, Holborn, Caldeira or any other of their ilk. Please GET this, people:  The patent application process is long and likely costly.  Once you have a patent you're going to use it– why wouldn't you?  Duh.  We have a number of instances where we hear David Keith in lecture saying that it would be very easy to retrofit jets to spray the planet with 10-20 megatons of alumina, but he never mentions what this will do to humans and other life forms here, then tries to wiggle out of it when pushed to the wall, feet held to the flames to come out with the right answers, which we ALREADY know– apparently the Great Doctor couldn't care less where his proposed poisonous potions land and what it does to everything, fcuk no.. that's not even a moral hazard, according to his twisted narcissistic mind.

      Keith owns a company that is trying to get carbon out of the air and turn it into fuel:   Caldeira was working for a military contractor (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, whose philosophical granddaddy was that great psychopath, Edward Teller, inventor supreme of heinous weapons of mass destruction, hailing from a humble, holy, infallible little tribe of victim/perpetrators who worship themselves and guilt-trip the rest of creation to follow suit).  These monsters dressed up in protoplasm shaped in human form are LYING Military-Industrial complex SCIENTIFIC SHILLS.  That is the correct label for them.  They just want to give YOU a snow job (and we're getting that from them, too, at least on the East Coast)

    • Donna-AZ says:

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 
      ― Margaret Mead

    • Dog says:

      @ Dennie – Well Said!

  42. Felix says:

    I'm surprised cnn is still spewing fake trash news and not OUT OF BUSINESS.   I don't read them any more,  just  "consider the source"………. crap!

    Keep up the good reporting Dane.


    I also think that our FLU problem is being spread via the chemtrailing.


  43. DEBORAH J TOMASI says:

    It is clear to see that the populace is being groomed to consider a fifty-year aerosol spraying program, and what disasters would ensue if this type of program were to stop suddenly.  This is a spin the dog scenario, since the powers that be already has been Geoengineering since the 1940s, in fact, over 50 years and I’m sure is now preparing to expose the ongoing programs and try to convince our brothers and sisters everywhere that “we can’t stop now” without destroying the world as we know it. 

  44. GwynEury says:

    Look at the air quality in Hawaii.  Totally ruined their fresh air and yes, the sun is definitely being blocked.  SO sad.

    • Dog says:

      …Not to mention being subjected to a Missile-Attack-False-Drill, to see what the reaction of the populace is, and perhaps soon to appear in a Theater Near Us as well –

  45. Jeff says:

    I have no faith in cnn or the media. Shocked she spoke to you.



    • Pedro says:

      Aluminum exists in the World but not in its industrial form, as is being found everywhere under the form of nano particles of aluminum oxide, or in other non-natural forms other than in its original form as ore of aluminum.

      To me, it is very surprising that among so many reporters, some do not feel the threat we face as a whole, while these look up at the sky. Many thanks to the only two reporters that are ready to expose the issue of climate engineering. Because the threat is REAL. Besides the contamination and the sabotage of the Biosphere, if they change the "juice", we are gone.

  46. Adam Coleman says:

    The blonde leading the blind? The elephant in the ELEVATOR? The ProPaganDUH machine lies to cover up the politicriminal and mad scientist's crimes?

    N Calif has undoubtedly experienced the Dark beta testing of Agenda 21 in recent months and the forced vaccinations of her citizens. At what point do sheeple actually look up From their computers and see that blue screen recovery system is CONTROL ALTER DELETE? Since the beginning, every Windows system soft crashes that way..

    Ever wonder why? It's been bugging ME for a while now.

    Bill Gates is a whale manure, globalist and a total scumbag

  47. Rutherford_County_NC says:

    From the linked USAToday article re: geoengineering —

    Both procedures remain theoretical and untested at this point.  

    theoretical and untested? I was seeing Chem-bows yesterday morning (when light refracts from the chemicals to form mini-rainbows in the clouds — only happens on days when spraying is extra heavy).

  48. Christine says:

    oh, it would be good if everyone could post Dane's photo booklets, the posters and  the glossy fliers in their car windows, all the time. It would be a chain reaction expanding the facts among everyone, while using car windows..

    • Amy says:

      I have considered this idea for a long time before realizing that it is expensive to professionally or personally print flyers and to see them blowing all over parking lots in a matter of an hour would be a total loss of time and money. I print up flyers from Dane's available info  and hang them in laundromats and at grocery stores.  I still wish he had t- shirts for a donation because I'd buy one for every day of the week. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Many of us already have flyers posted in our vehicle windows and bumper stickers too. I'm on my second set of flyers in the windows. The sun faded the first set quite rapidly, just saying. There's even a few of us that have made or taken the opportunity to engage the public face to face.

  49. Christine says:

    Our orange tree does not have a single blooming blossom this year!!! Looking at the ocean one sees only white foam, as far as one can see.. It is almost an end of January, and on many trees the leaves from the last year didn't fell off yet!! To me, it is an end of the nature as we know it.

  50. Rahasya says:

    At least they are starting to talk about this but we have a way to go to wake up the masses…keep on "Being You" Dane.

  51. Carol Freiberg says:

    Heck of a good pamphlet, Clark. Maybe you will read it and realize we are being sprayed with COAL FLY ASH. Jezzus   WAKE UP!

  52. Dave says:

    I urge all of you to listen to any of a number of Christopher Bollyn/uyube presentations to understand who really runs the USA, in a word, sickening. 

    • Dog says:

      Dave, +1. Very important investigative work by Bollyn. Some will not accept what he has to say. Some deride what he has to say.

    • marc says:

      Bollyn has the truth figured out as to who was behind 9/11. I've read his books. Immense eye-popping research into the offal-stuffed suits behind the whole f**king thing.

  53. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Dane, really good coverage in a mini slot>  ANY chance that  this local radio (KQMS -AM ) can invite you for a simple  monthly remote call in  on their morning radio ?  The  7-9 am offers plenty of M-F time for  the many issues that  you cover.  How notable that aluminum NOT being raised by as many -it cannot be explained. Like radiation, just stop measuring, nothing to bleach bit, smash, delete  or destroy. I had to Google  term Beme as what CNN acquired for the younger audience- a new brand / mobile app. Have concerns with  identity politics like Dan Rather joining TYT (The Young Turks) -have my reservations on true intent re drive by media. Depth is lost. Investigative so very rare.  Great job once again on establishing the severity &  consistent cover-ups on escalating geo-e programs. You are wise to know that CNN would/ could manipulate interview-not worth the further damage done by twisting the truth . Smart decision.

    • Anne Denise says:

      Dan Rather and TYT are the LEAST of media problems, and of identity politics! One is far more likely to hear some truth on TYT as opposed to Fox, CNN, etc, etc. 

    • Dennie says:

      Does everyone here understand who the historical "Young Turks" actually WERE?  

      They were neither young nor Turkish.  

      They were the agents of the Rothschild banking cabal that understood it would need to gain control of the oil in the Middle East, to enrich and empower itself, so, get the Armenians, who controlled commerce in the region, out of the way, to make the Middle East "safe" for Big Zionist Capitalism, thereby ensuring future European economic hegemony dominated by the London banking system and paving the way for a future "Jewish state," in reality the pretext for a western foothold in the Middle East, through which Anglo-European policy would dominate the region:  

      The plans of the 1915-23 Armenian Genocide, where a million and half Armenians perished in a barbaric way in their ancestral lands in modern Turkey, actually were drawn up and were in place by the year 1910 or 1912.  There is the book "Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution" written by Mevlan Zadeh Rifat in Turkish and published in 1929, the author, a pro-sultan Turk, claims that the "Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911, by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect which included Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nizam posting as Muslims.  It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient loge/hotel of Salonika."  Syncretism means a combination of different forms of belief or practice; masonism fits that description. As the masons started the 1897 revolution in France with the cry "liberty, fraternity, equality," Young Turks used the same slogan in their revolution of 1908.

      The book divulging the truth of the secret Zionist land grab was written in Turkish by Mevlan Radeh Zifat in 1929.  It's getting harder to find this information on the internet but the source article which I've seen published on other websites, was found here today:

  54. David says:

    What can one expect from CNN?  Like being interviewed by a snakes and pigs.  Glad you didn't sign the release.  

  55. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Lionel Nation is making a very insightful smart call @14:22 at the end of this video. He is warning us that ALL the FISA etc. endless detailed releases of information are in fact HABITUATING us and wearing us down, so that we just don’t know what to do or care.  I agree that we are being conditioned, habituated to living in conflict, in a passive acceptance of evil. Essentially we are already in a Civil War. But not one that will lead to our freedom — a return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Rather this Civil War is leading us straight into a Military Dictatorship — it will be said, for our own good and in the best interest of the country. The Rule of Law will be replaced by military law. One might say, it already has been replaced, gone, when you learn of the very real corruption in the judicial system. Our prisons are often owned by judges, and are being run to serve as free labor for corporations. These monsters know exactly what they are doing. Conditioning us to chaos, habituating us to the tales of endless conflicts within the evil power elite, which is now competing for domination in a crumbling empire. When HC goes to trial and jail, when Trump calls for the end of geoengineering the planet, when pigs fly — then I will believe that the greater good is being served. Until then, this is IMO all manipulation, a psyop designed to habituate us to the whims of the oligarchy.

    Lionel Nation: DeepState Criminal Conspiracy Trifecta: FBI Secret Societies, Lost Text Messages and FISA Abuse


    • simone says:

      "Essentially we are already in a Civil War."

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Spot on VSF!

      Well phrased  And precisely the 'play' that is being called on the field right now. The empire realizes that the spiking temps, droughts, floods, fires, and widespread anomalous weather  can no longer be explained away with carefully crafted denial which is reinforced by an army of paid trolls and the MSM.

       Folks may be ignorant but most aren't stupid; they 'see' what they 'see' and many.many more are concluding that the efforts to cloak the reality and direct personal experience with spin and denial have been terrifying lies and the deepest deception-the anger is palpable and approaching incandescence.

      In order to buy valuable time and extend and pretend, the tactic  of 'overt discussion of possible ways' to deal with the now manifest ecological and biological distortions that can no longer be rationally ignored as they have become so severe.

      Under the guise of being part of the solution to these threats, many contributing organizations that have created the current state will seek to improve their public relations image by exploring 'scientific' ways to undo the harm that has already accumulated.

      First in this campaign will be the 'prospective' use of agents to block the sun while adhering to the position that these agents have NOT already been deployed is now the contemporary position.

      Expect to see more and more of this approach as the issues / problems related begin to compound geometrically and be prepared to challenge and confront this technique with data and support available on this site. It will be easy to link what is already being done with what is being 'proposed' as they are identical.

      Example below:

  56. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I am very excited that you were afforded the opportunity to spend a day with a "cnn" reporter. I figure worse case scenario would be that much of what you taught will be omitted in any published article. That's OK, little miss reporter has been exposed to the most informed person regarding geo engineering on the planet. I hope it will weigh heavy in her own life and forth coming awakening. There by lending to the fact that once you know, you can not un-know. Truth has a way of picking up particles or sediment along its path. There in it grows 'larger'. "Whether you like it or not"(grin). Being that I suffer from severe CRS, I live by the standard, "tell the truth, there's less to remember". (Those that tell the truth are bound to repeat themselves).

    'a' simple horseman

    • Jeanette S says:

      I think that too, Dennie. she will grow up one day and see much with her own eyes. she'll wake up.

  57. Edward Truth says:

    People will go to jail soon. Set humanity free. Send out e-mails, facebook, flyer cafes, give materials to your elected officials in US Congress, State Legislature, County Supervisor, Agricultural areas, etc.

    • Star Messenger says:

      "People will go to jail soon."  Don't hold your breath.  The "powers that be" seldom send the "perps" to jail.  They are well protected and if somehow exposed, they are simply assigned to another governmental department where they can either do the same work or do something else nefarious.

      The governments of the world, City, State, and Federal, are based on evil intent and worship their god Lucifer for guidance.   So to "root out" the evil doers you would have to "unseat" the "king" of the underworld, Lucifer himself.  But cheers, anyway. 

    • simone says:


  58. Edward Truth says:

    Article in USA Today how creating clouds to stop global warming is creating havoc on the planet. Get the truth out there!

    We must stop the Deep State. There was $21 trillion missing from DOD. How much is spent of our tax dollars to kill this planet?

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Edward, Unfortunately this article feeds most peoples fears that stopping the spraying will only make thing worse, fast. It also reinforces the idea that it is just a theory and isn't happening yet. To you and I this article is a big lie, but to others it is effective propaganda.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Edward truth, Thanks for posting this link. Dennie was looking for it last post!

      What you just said, hmmmm, could be a piece of the reason why the stock market " is doing so well", to bring in " record breaking tax revenues" which fund all things…..right? Yes, the wealthy blind greedy aholes ARE funding this sh**!! 

      Such actions shall not go unrewarded. Lol, then those I describe go out and show off their earnings by buying bay & and gulf front million dollar properties! LMAO!!! …….. For what? To have a front row seat of the Geo views? To go out on their big fat boats and swim in the chems, lay in the UVC radiation, deplete all the fisheries, buy lots of GMO snacks, booze and food. Lol, really it is crazy! We the meek are the ones who are receiving the " for your own good" , so just know this. 

  59. Mishelle Shepard says:

    Wow, I don't know about y'all, but this is like at the top of the list of 3 great stories today!  A change in the tide?!  Daring to hope! 🙂



  60. Edward Truth says:

    I went on drudgereport early in the day. I saw one headline "Geoengineering is destroying plants, tree.." with link to article on USA Today.

    I went back on. It was erased from the blog. Did someone threaten him to take it off?

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Edward –

      That wouldn't surprise me.  I decided to look on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and you are indeed correct.  As of the the moment I am writing this comment, the Wayback Machine has four captures of the website, so far, today.  The link Drudge had was titled, "Geoengineering may wreak havoc on animals, plants…"  It then links to a USA today article about how creating clouds, in order to halt global warming, could wreak havoc on the environment.

      The link did not show up on the Wayback Machine's first scan at 02:11 AM, but first appeared on the scan at 04:30 AM ( is in the center column and is the 14th headline, down from the top.  It was still there at the 10:21 AM and 12:53 PM scans.  So, sometime after that is when it disappeared.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Its still there at 6:00 p.m Alaska time. After reading it I think it might be better if was taken down. We don't need this kind of trash working against us.

  61. Danny Mandryk says:

    Brilliant conversation Dane! I have to wonder how much that cowardly shill from cnn is being paid to be nothing more than a “presstitute” for her corporate masters? That was an excellent response to her bringing up the half truth about aluminum being so abundant. This short video is perfect to share with the deniers. THANK YOU! 


    LOVE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE to all who helping in this most important battle we are in!

  62. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Thank you, Dane. Excellent work. It does seem obvious that the CNN gal intended to derail and undermine you, but obviously was ill prepared, naive, and foolishly had no idea who she was confronting. As always, you navigated the shark-infested waters of ignorance and mendacity brilliantly.

    For those of you who may have missed this article and are wondering where the literally tons of manufactured toxic nanoparticle metals, etc., are coming from — have a look at this likely source:


    • simone says:

      SUPER-COMMENT, V. Susan!!!  No one can SAY IT ANY BETTER!!!!! Love to read all your comments. Id'like to see YOU on a major tv channel, reporting major NEWS! Stay very WELL :))     

  63. Robett Walton says:

    Excellent headway. Thank you so much from Canada! Weather has been so crazy up here. Peoples breathing issues on an increase! Runny noses getting normal for many! No insects on the windsheilds this last summer! Observable tree death everywhere. Praying it all stops immediately!


  64. Harry Mooshegian says:

    Great presentation Dane. Your a great speaker. Your winning the battle getting the population informed. And we are all going to help you in this effort.  Thank you again for your unending diligence and self sacrifice to save us all from this man made environmental menace, Sincerely, Harry Mooshegian

    • Joe Strauss says:


      You have SUCCEEDED… A spark of "not quite" correct has

      resulted thru you.  From now on any denial is arrogance totally.


      Good show  for us all   Joe, San Francisco, CA

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