Coast To Coast AM Daily March 13th 2013 – Geoengineering Threats


Dane Wigington and George Noory discuss the geoengineering assault against all life on the planet.

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33 Responses to Coast To Coast AM Daily March 13th 2013 – Geoengineering Threats

  1. Anonymous Hieronymus says:

    A) Based on tests, health reports, photos and other credible information, team up with citizens and ask State lawmakers to invoke the 10th Amendment. The Tenth Amendment grants States the power to nullify Federal laws on State soil (and presumably, Federal activity too).

    I am not an attorney and don’t know how effective this would be, so I am just thinking out loud here.

    B) Media attention is given to class action lawsuits.
    Sue the manufacturers of the chemtrail sprays (is that Monsanto? Uh-oh, can’t be done). Sue the Federal Aviation Administration and Air Traffic Control, which are knowingly allowing this to happen. Consult good lawyers and the National Lawyers Guild (maybe free legal advice here?)

    C) I know the legal definition of treason concerns betraying the Government. Doesn’t it include betraying the People too? If we are (supposedly) a Government Of/By/For The People, then we ARE the government. If that is legally true, then their spraying Us, the People is treason. Politicians need to be held accountable for this.

    D) I heard that even the Nazis didn’t know what to do when their offices were picketed, they ended up releasing a few prisoners based on the bad publicity. Given the pepper sprayings and other things of the Occupy Movement, I don’t know if I think that picketing and occupying are great ideas right now. Risky and everyone has to know that if they participate. Then again, publicity given to the cause of an Occupation surely does work!

    E) Keep rebutting the “conspiracy theory” chant, it’s interesting how many times it comes up, and out of whose mouths it comes. Repeat messages come from somewhere, coached….this has to be exposed, as a pattern and a repeated one. As the phrases change, so must the exposing shift. But patterns are patterns, and agendas exist where there are coached patterns. Obviously.

    • Anonymous Hieronymus says:

      PS Maybe massive letters to the editors sent out, as a coordinated effort….

      As for occupying, I think what would happen is the “conspiracy theory” chant would only heat up. I think letters to the editor, written based on science, pictures and other highly credible material, and as a coordinated effort among Chemtrail activists, would be more effective. So long as letters are polite and credible, this would be key. They would have to be very well referenced, or the Conspiracy Theory chant will ring again. Link Congressional bills, NASA, etc….as well as local events/pictures, lab tests, etc…

  2. Merlin says:

    I spoke to a police man (in CH) today. By his reaction I understood that he knew about chemtrails but of course he couldn’t admit it. One of my friends is also married to a ‘gatekeeper’. Her husband blocks our contact now. But I’m not giving up…

  3. Michael says:

    Is there a site that SCIENTIFICALLY documents any health related effects of the chem trails or HAARP?
    There’s lots of subjective reports that are all over the map!

  4. miked says:

    Friday morning here in Reno NV.
    Spraying is heavy here and on a constant flow. I mentioned it to a few people and they looked at me and replied with a smile “cool vapors”

  5. Merlin says:

    The Cheating King

    Once there was a king. He asked his people if they wanted to eat some different food, which would be more profitable. The people answered: “You are a nice king and your scientists are certainly very clever. Still, we prefer the food as it was always given by Mother Nature. The king answered: Well, you have already been eating falsified food”.

    Then he gave orders to spray toxic substances very high in the sky. They would fall with the rain so that the earth would get hard and dry and unable to bear crops except the falsified ones. Again, people said that they preferred if the air and the rain water were pure, and if the sun was not blocked by artificial clouds. The king answered: The weather has already been falsified.

    A bit later, a delegation went to see the king and said: Oh king, would you like to have this water which makes you forget your own name and induces madness? Of course, the king didn’t want it. Then the people said: “The water that induces madness, you have already drunk it.”

  6. Merlin says:

    Question: What about lack of oxygen? I guess our engines couldn’t run without it. Maybe the ones involved in geo-engineering prefer if we burn petrol rather than using solar or wind energy. But apart from killing living beings, this could also kill their business, couldn’t it?

  7. Merlin says:

    I think we have to come from different directions. We are all connected as we are connected to the trees and the bees, all the innocent beings. That’s one thing. Then there can be plenty of ideas. What about legal action? People invested in solar panels, probably based on previsions of how much energy they would gain from them. Then the sun gets blocked by chemtrails and they loose money. They who are doing it only understand figures. They have no idea of a joyful life. Maybe the solar panel owners could get together?

  8. Nicolina Clark says:

    All areas of Los Angeles are being bombarded day and night. I have been documenting the spraying since I was awaken around thanksgiving 2012. My husband had a bad cough for over a month and then I got it. It keeps coming back as the spraying intensifies. This is sickening to watch, I see dozens of planes involved in this program and they fly in all directions the lines are so thick a blind man could see them if he just looked up. I see people jogging with their baseball caps or just wearing their headphones totally unaware. Most days it looks like Pearl Harbor and people just go on about their business. I notice the different type of spraying effects, we have the formation of synthetic clouds or just the thin layer that whitens the sky and obscures the sun, but the worst type is when the silvery haze that whitens the horizon the hills and eventually descents to the ground level the longer they spray the thicker it gets and it becomes so dense that the visibility is zero, people think it is fog or marine layer. I feel entombed there is no escape we are all engulfed in it. So the cycle begins every week is the same..there is never a break….Allowing this is insane, we need to form a coalition and seriously organize to control and protect our airspace…enough already

    • markonibg says:

      Hello, I understand completely what is said here. I have seen different types of sprays. The silver haze with a ring around the sun was around yesterday, toy could feel the sun very weak. It is clear to me, even though I had awaken last year as well, but I come from European country and never had experienced such thing. It seems that many people in usa consider the sky normal as they probably havent paid attention or thats the obly way theh have seen it. But for someone that knows natural clouds, it wiuld be easy to oick these fake ones immediately. I leave in south jersey. Most people will laugh or dismiss you, but remember that is the chain of reactions towards the awaken ones, it ends with victory usually…

  9. Glenn Marks says:

    If one steps back and looks at the whole picture, it appears obvious that this is an attempt to destroy humanity purposely. We have geoengineering, gmo foods, widespread use of nuclear materials (Fukushima, Iraq, etc), cancer producing vaccinations, etc. This is no mistake.

    • Al says:

      I have come to the same conclusion awhile back. Everything is designed to kill all living things on the planet. From what I have learned it is a step towards transhumanism. They believe they are gods and are going to create there own world using GMO everything.It is a luciferian agenda.

  10. Prof. John Delevoryas says:

    The problem is how to stop the spraying COMPLETELY.Who is going to do it before they do any more irreparable damage to our fragile planet?It takes unmitigated gall and conceit to do this.

    • admin says:

      I completely agree.

    • Michael says:

      are you convinced that they serve no good purpose? I think ‘they’ have concluded that the only way they’re going to decrease global warming is to shroud the world.
      There seemingly ARE other things going on–why are they spraying at night? So the particles will be there to shroud in the morning? It’s overcast here and they’re STILL spraying–why?

  11. Karin says:

    Listened to the program with great interest. Thanks for the info. I have downloaded the Canada petition, for whatever use it is beyond letting them know we’re aware they’re up to no good.

    Not sure if what I saw today was a chemtrail. It was a long, north/south S-curving vapour? trail that was quite thick & condensed looking. Does that sound about right? This is in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, BC.

    I took some photos as it looked strange to me. Kept an eye on it – it took over 2 hours to dissipate and had started forming whisps of cloud off of it. Today’s weather was clear & sunny. Now there appears to be some cloud forming. I’ll be watching to see how it progresses.

    • John says:

      Toronto is home to significant amounts of spraying, all hidden in plain view. Criss-crossing centre of city on regular basis, first north to south then west to east, especially in days which start out clear. I estimate the altitude of aircraft to be 15 to 20 thousand feet. Any trained person can always see these aircraft spraying. I suspect these aircraft arrive and depart out of military installations in Downsview and Baggotville, Quebec, but I stand to be corrected. Air traffic comptrollers in possession of detailed flight plans over controlled airspace will all know about this. With a couple of folk in the park, I also observed a gleaming aircraft doing very small doing tight aerobatic maneuvers just adjacent to the
      Chem Trail. After a couple of minutes it became obvious what we were seeing, a drone
      sighting above Toronto skies. I was shocked to see the least. Best Regards.

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  13. ChemTrail says:

    tic tac toe fresno

    massive trails 3/17 in the am-massive
    it looked like a double team effort-2 planes trailing at the same time
    10-12 hanging trails at 10am
    was going on all morning
    lots of north south trails
    some east west crosstrails-one had a nice sweeping S curve to it-10am
    tapered off in the afternoon
    winds comming from the north/west

    3/16 was total quiet-Totally

  14. paul stein says:

    Thank you for invaluable info I forward to all my contacts and weather channels.

  15. Kris Costa says:

    Excellent interview Mr. Wigington, thank you! You mentioned Project Lucy (Luci?) which, as I understand is the triangulation of methane clouds into the upper atmosphere which creates noctolucent clouds?!?! I have seen quite a few noctolucent events here on Cape Cod in MA. Does that mean we have escaping methane gas? We are surrounded on all sides by ocean, we see daily aerosol activity, if not directly overhead, then by way of jet-stream blowing it across from the mainland. Could you expand a bit on this? I will of course do my own research…! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  16. Lee says:

    was also walking at sunset last August when these planes were up in the air spraying in criss cross patterns – same sweet, noxious smell, same flu like symptoms – sick for 4 weeks! That is when I put two and two together and started researching like crazy. My family constantly mocks me – it’s difficult when people don’t want to hear something so potentially EVIL – my question to Dane Wigington – Dan Eden (real name Gary Vey) of VIEWZONE insists that HAARP in Gakona is a cover up for the real HAARP in Poker Flats Alaska and his information was that when this system was turned on it blew several holes in the protective membrane that protects us from radiation and that the Chemtrails program is to cover up their screw up – HAARP Eden claims is run by the Navy? True?

    • admin says:

      Hello Lee,
      There are elements in this equation that we can not be completely sure of. There is at minimum some truth in the speculation below and my by substantial truth.
      Yes, HAARP is and has been destroying the atmosphere, but so is the spraying. This being said, everything below is certainly plausible knowing the mentality of the military /industrial complex.
      What is sure is that both HAARP and the spraying are ripping life on earth apart. Hope you do not give up trying to shine the light on this dire issue, we need all the help we can get. Those that ignore you will not be able to for long.

  17. Lee says:

    early in the morning around 6 am I am seeing PINK streaks across the horizon and they come from the direction of an Air Force base 4 miles away from my house – so they ARE spraying when we sleep – however they spray during the day light hours as well. Anyone who wants to read an interesting take on HAARP and Chemtrails go to VIEWZONE and read Dan Eden articles – he’s also written several books – he had what he claims to be as a true story told to him by Navy Whistleblowers regarding HAARP – Mr. Eden is also a fiction writer – so keep that in mind – however, Mr. Eden is on the side of Chemtrails and HAARP are not for mankind’s benefit!

  18. ChemTrail says:

    oh ya,
    fresno has been getting trailed for over 10 years now
    the entire central valley, i-5 to 99
    trails mostly run north to south with e/w crosstrails
    i see them day and night

    june 3rd 2010 we had complete circles over fresno
    a picture was in the fresno bee june 4th
    the article claimed it was a f-22 raptor from edwards afb doing tests

  19. chuck says:

    find out who makes the chemicals and stop them. Cut off their supply.

  20. Rahasya Poe says:

    We really need to wake up and pass this information around far and wide. It’s true, the human spirit is strong…but we need a healthy physical body to continue to live on this planet.

  21. Linda Goorigian says:

    My family and I were sprayed with chem trails one night. We watched it being sprayed. The planes that sprayed them did turn arounds over the Fresno Area. They came from the South by South East and turned over Fresno heading back to the South East direction. The taste and smell were very sweet and smelled metallic. It was definitely chemical smell. My glasses were covered with it. I have the photos of the trails. The best I could do, because it was late at night with the camera phone, I got some movie of these chem trails falling on us. I am very concerned. We all got flu like symptoms after getting sprayed. I am afraid that we are all being poisoned. Dear Dane Wigington, please tell me how we can get them to stop. Every week here we are getting sprayed. It is now being done in the middle of the night. Sometimes it will happen late in the afternoon. California is being dried up. Why? What do they have to gain by killing the planet. Fresno is normally the flight turning point for chem spraying. We are getting very heavy doses here.

    • coral brune says:

      I really gained and learned again by listening to the coast to coast last night that Dane did with George. I realize its hard to keep insisting to people that this condition is still happening in our skies, on our planet, but he made a point that it must not be fully recognized that the damage being done is actually being caused without the full knowledge of those doing it or they wouldn’t be. So keep up the education. I have a lot more fliers and DVDs to hand out.

    • Michael says:

      I’m on the central coast and the trails here are drifting straight toward Fresno

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