Confronting Geoengineer David Keith


David Keith is likely the most internationally recognized geoengineer. Keith is, in my opinion, the epitome of what is wrong with an unfortunately high percentage of the scientific community. There is extreme arrogance without a shred of oversight or accountability. In so many cases there is absolutely no regard for the consequences of the experiments that the “scientists” carry out on us all in one form or another. In the 5 minute video below, David Keith’s completely cavalier approach to experimenting with life on Earth is clearly visible when I confronted him at an AAAS conference. Below this video is an “Open Letter To David Keith” which was penned by the “Chemtrails Project UK”. My thanks to this group for their well written document that can and should be used to wake the public up to David Keith and all those like him, the more exposure for the Keith letter the better.
Dane Wigington

An Open Letter to Dr. David Keith

Source: ChemtrailsProjectUK

Dr. Keith is one of the most prominent proponents of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG). In this open letter, we challenge Dr. Keith with a number of concerns regarding the SAG proposal.

Dear Dr. Keith,

I have seen your Colbert Report interview where you appear to publicise and promote the idea of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) – namely, the spraying of thousands of tonnes of toxic substances into our atmosphere as an attempt to fight global warming.

SAG, by your own admission, is expected to kill 10,000 people in the first year alone.

Of further concern is the overwhelming amount of evidence that indicates such practices are not mere proposals but are already happening in our skies. (Incidentally, as you will find in The Directive, this would not be the first time the UK population has been covertly sprayed.)

Please would you provide me your responses to each of the following questions:

  1. Aircraft trails that persist, spread and block out the sunlight are now being witnessed on a near-daily basis in the UK (and other countries). So why are you presenting the notion of blocking out sunlight with aircraft trails as a new possibility for the future when it is something that is clearly happening already?
  2. With the SAG proposal, why are you promoting the spraying of toxic chemicals such as sulphuric acid and/or aluminium oxide to block out our sunlight when we are already observing that the same effects – according to our government –  can be achieved with natural condensation trails?
  3. If you believe the sun cannot be blocked out by natural condensation trails, do you concur that all these persistent, spreading trails that we now witness blocking out our sunlight cannot be composed of “essentially pure ice” and are, therefore, not ordinary condensation trails?
  4. To what extent do you believe the plethora of persistent, spreading aircraft trails that we witness today may be contributing to climate change?
  5. If SAG were to commence officially with the spraying of thousands of tonnes of aluminium oxide, should we expect our lower atmosphere to exhibit a grey/silvery haze – much like how we already witness on a near-daily basis?
  6. Would we also experience high levels of aluminium content in rainwater – much like how we are experiencing today?
  7. Would it also be reasonable to expect that, being military planes, the vast majority of geoengineering aircraft leaving persistent trails would not appear on real-time commercial flight-tracking services such as Flightradar24 and Plane Finder – just as we witness today?
  8. Could we also expect that these unidentifiable planes be the ones that would often leave grid patterns in the sky – again, just like we are experiencing today?
  9. To what extent do you believe the persistent, spreading, sunlight-blocking trails that we now commonly experience are contributing to the acknowledged phenomenon of global dimming?
  10. As a result of spraying 20,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid into the atmosphere, you say there will be around 10,000 deaths in the first year. Do you regard that as an acceptable death rate, and – taking into account the higher incidence of terminal illnesses that will result from these activities, along with the increased amounts that will be sprayed in the following years – by how much might the annual death rate increase as time goes on?
  11. What happened to the suggestion of putting 20,000,000 tonnes of aluminium into the atmosphere, as you proposed in 2010 at the AAAS conference in San Diego? And what would be the associated annual death rates expected in this scenario?
  12. You admit concerns over which country controls the SAG “thermostat” and allude to possible resulting conflict. On a similar note, does it also concern you that “chemtrails” were described in the first draft of the USA’s Space Preservation Act as an “exotic weapons system” but was later omitted… I.e., does it concern you that the USA has not only alluded to technologies similar to SAG being be used for military gain but has also made efforts to conceal it – and, by association, may use SAG with that same military intention?

I look forward to your response to each of these questions.


James Hodgskiss

PS – This is an open letter, published at and where our future correspondence will also be published.

Here is the interview (6 mins 22 secs) of Dr. Keith getting a (very entertaining) grilling on the Colbert Report.

Source: ChemtrailsProjectUK

30 Responses to Confronting Geoengineer David Keith

  1. Louise says:

    I've read and listen to a previous video and David Keth what you are doing in Geoneneering is very wrong and I sincerely hope you will pay for this mistake you've done for an amount of years now.

  2. Holly Clark All rights reserve 1-308 says:

    Why cant we the people charge David Keith and all others involved in international courts for crimes against humanity against the people for poisoning us? It's our country our planet not  theres to do as they want to God created the earth and we all pay are taxes and we are against this and this is a act of war against the people and treason ! Why is the United States incorporated not stopping this insanity and bringing charges against these mad scientist? If there is a true form of the people's government they would never allow these chemicals being sprayed upon there people if there was any doubt there be any harm any risk done them! Why has this been going on for years now and not being stopped there will be serious consequences ! What goes up must come down! We live in a waste land! What's there to be proud of and what is the future we leave for our future generations? Our planet is in ruins even space is a junk yard full of junk and satellite s our seas are miles of junk floating around ! Our air,water,land is destroyed! It's our responsibility to clean it up stop these greedy corporations and get our priorities straight money can't buy a new planet! God bless us all! Pray a lot ! Does anyone remember the crying India tv commercial? Why don't we see clean up our planet commercial on tv anymore? Plastic was going to save the planet now it's ruins the planet it was a lie it was about money and cost to begin  with! Look at the big pic about  these chem trails and see if there's financial federal funding involved here ! Bonds?  i like  to know if there taking out bonds and having then people like us pay it back? How much a day there spending flying  around dumping chemicals on us at our expense against our will?  that should make every tax payer mad ! They all need to be reminded they work for us the people they are supposed to be our public servants and protect us against harm against all foriegn and domestic enemies! All rights reserved ucc1-308

  3. Phil says:

    100% with you guys.. I did see a plane with long trails of particles once – I'm in Australia. Of all the things they are doing this really could be the worst. Without somehow living underground we just can't escape. Thank you to everybody working on this..  

  4. Sarah Williams says:

    If we know the people who are responsible why are we all sitting back and talking about it.  Our world is made up of PEOPLE….not government and these assholes are running things.  We are paying taxes and they are using them to poison us.



  5. Joe Ceonnia says:

    When he says the is not a MORAL ISSUE it's LIKE FREE RIDING ON OUR GRANDCHILDREN makes me sick to my stomach – He's says he's published nothing because he doesn't want to publish nothing.

    I hope he is locked up for treason against the United States, where are the Military Leader who've taken an oath to fight all enemies foreign and domestic, where are the good men and women who've taken this oath and why aren't they speaking out, I know there has been a few Whistle Blowers, but not nearly enough to make this American feel safe from these treasonous Scientist and the lies that come from their mouths. I have told everyone I can about this site, but there must be more we can do on the east coast where they seem to be hiding the climate war much more effectively. I wish we could put together something like the folks in California did back in August 2016 with the VAXXED film followed by Dane Wigington regarding all the new names, SRM, Geoengineering, chemtrails, which I know folks don't like that term, but it's exactly self explanatory. Trails of Chemicals. People just can't be lead to the information without a mainstream media guy on the 6:00 news channel explaining it… Because I tell anyone who will listen and still they won't just look up, today in fact they were spraying heavily today in Pennsylvania and I pointed right at the aircraft spraying and the folks think that is a con-trail that last a very long time?? WHAT? I tell them to just look it up, because I see more and more folks on-line talking about this subject, but not nearly enough.!!  Can anyone share a success story on how they got there community involved without sounding like a nut. And I'm tiered on that term Conspiracy Theorist. Which by the way by my count, the conspiracy Theory's are more correct then not. I need help, I would like to have this type of exposure in eastern Pennsylvania, I tiered of folks complaining about how different things are, but not willing to see the truth.

    Sincerely Yours, Joe Ceonnia


  6. B. Knight says:

    Almost every day here in British Columbia, Canada the skies are full of these CHEMtrails. We seldom get a break long enough to see blue sky. I almost forget what a blue sky looks like. It makes growing food off-grid more difficult. We MUST come together and remove these people from being in positions to harm us all. Its time that we all leave city living and live in communities that are self-sustainable. Nobody works but everyone volunteers. Life becomes about family, friends and learning rather than $$$. Communities are self-governed, no gov't, no elite.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      He is single handedly killing the planet with his nano particles like Nano Aluminum, Nano Barium, this is bad for all life on the planet, he admits there has been no testing on human health. This is treason.

      He hasn't published nothing regarding human health, because what he doesn't tell the public is he has a vested bias in the results because it's his company that's getting rich.. He should be shot for treason, the FBI should be locking him up!!

  7. Silvia Carmagnini says:

    David Keith is a bastard minded liar, who is employing his intelligence for evil plans!!! God curse him and all those like him!!!!!!!
    Because of him, in my beautiful city, Florence in Italy, we had too much damage! It is twelve years that happens that violent storms arrive every time in Italy which are causing the death of many people and animals and often those who survive lose even their home and work!!! David Keith and those like him are just traitors of humanity and they are not worthy of belonging to the human race…
    They are just cowards who make war without declaring it!!!
    David Keith or whatever you call…you are unforgivable!!!
    Know that God is sever in punishment !!!

  8. michael says:

    Wow, cool thing to see Colbert talk about this issue on his show…..

  9. The Jesuits Know says:

    Dr. David Keith should be considered as one of the Frankensteins of the NWO Agenda.  A University Degree does not necessary make you intelligent, but ones ability to use Double-speak and avoid answering questions will provide hugh Grants from the d'elites of humanity in order to promote the systematic destruction of our world.  After all, isn't that what Lucifer and his minions in the world have been doing forever.  He hates mankind; therefore, we have the ruination of everything.  As the eras have gone by our technology has allowed more and more diversified threats.  The so called threat of Terrorism is a Scam.  Terrorists will not destroy the Earth.  They just kill.  The REAL THREATS to mankind are the Poisons that are Sprayed on us, the Sodium Fluoride Added to our drinking water, the GMO foods, the Vaccines, etc.  All of us are subjected to these Real Threats.  The "terrorism' is a d'elite plan of Propaganda which may allow them to CONTROL the populations of the world by 'governmental' force.      

  10. Eve Gilbert says:

    They’ve been hitting us hard in North NJ. Today, I took a walk and the sky was a mess of criss crosses. I decided to go to the police station, and on the way pointing out the sky to everyone I saw. A couple people told me they thought the sky was beautiful! I have personally witnessed drones spraying, and I did today as well. I went to the police station and asked them if they had heard of geo engineering and if they had seen the sky today. One of them said he knew about geo engineering and that he would send the “drone Police” to investigate. Of course he was lying to me, but government employees are usually the most brain washed people on the planet so he probably thought he was being funny. I intend to get that man some literature on the subject. I don’t care if he thinks I’m wacko, but these people are here to serve and protect, so they say. Scary how well they were able to lie with a straight face though! Not one person I told had ever heard of chemtrails or geo engineering even though we get all out assaulted all the time. People in New Jersey are used to being poisoned. However, I see the chemtrails everywhere I go, even over the NSA building in Maryland- though not the full skyload they give us up here.

    • gail says:

      Eve, I was reminded it is better to refer to it as geoengineering.  Using the term chemtrails equates conspiracy theory.  Only goes to show the masses are still unaware…don't stop; keep plugging on.

  11. Tim says:

    This jerk knows it is happening. Today was one of the worst days ever in Colorado. My whole family is sick tonight from it.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Laura, I have that same feeling also. Look at how worn and tired Kieth appears. It seems congruent with someone who is internally conflicted, yet pursues the same insanity while having knowledge of the terrible consequences of such a path. I would not be surprised if Keith falls ill himself, due to this war raging within.

  13. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Every time I see or here this psychopath I get the urge to move my outhouse!

  14. Gloria says:

    Please go to your Local TV NEWS Facebook Pages and POST THIS VIDEO !!!

  15. James Reid says:

    When Dr Keith says (around 2:17) “folks from Carnegie Mellon, who’ve focused on human health impacts”, it’s worth remembering that he’s talking about the institution from which the following gems have emerged:
    a) the recommendation to fluoridate drinking water and
    b) the data “proving” that there was no connection between asbestos and mesothelioma.

    Many thanks to everyone [else] who’s trying to draw attention to this subject.

  16. Marc says:

    And so it has gone….in the 21st century….that the kings of science became so heartless and blind to all that is wholesome, good and safe in this world, that their schemes, ostensibly to benefit us all, made sure that just the opposite would happen. Be it GMO’s, geoengineering, deadly pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, nuclear waste, groundwater contamination from fracking, oil spills in eco-sensitive regions, flouride, etc.etc.etc…..Mr. David Keith is a pansy-assed, over-educated dweeb with a sociopathic bent. He and his army of murderers must be exposed, shamed, and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

  17. DF says:

    Keith really betrays himself. Just watch him talk. It’s almost like a bad joke.

  18. sherry taylor says:

    excellent article. I was wondering how they handle their product and waste materials as they would be so light they could float away on air currents?
    Would it be hazardous waste level like genome experimental material?
    So..the nano particles in the air now..and nano bots(self replicating) who is taking responsibility for cleaning that up?
    Just wondering. The Greenland ice sheet is black..people are thinking could all that be from the forest fires. Has anyone tested that stuff?

  19. Sharon says:

    Notice “Mr.” Keith chose his words with “should be”, “is thought to” etc. What he is really saying that they are experimenting on us, with nothing more than theory backing them up.

  20. Laura Sutton says:

    He has always struck me as someone who knows that we shouldn’t do this…but wants to anyway…

  21. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Here’s something you might find interesting. This website has a list of nano particles, scroll down and take a look at all the ones available. Geeez!

  22. Ana Santos says:

    Here in Portugal we have this jet planes(chemtrails) in daily bases,that´s the reason why i started to search in internet for information ,planes in the sky all the time making geometric designs,seems like everytime the sun is shining they are here spraying and leaving a cloudy dark day ,and this is crazy as hell to me cause nobody seems to care.I already saw them in early mornings ,at mid-day ,and in the end of the afthernoon .Our summers here are getting cloudy and with periods of intensive rain(people here joke saying our weather are getting tropical cause our temperatures are warm but very rainy days) even in the great months for tourism was bad cause we just had empty bars and restaurants near the coast/beach…the trees in my neighbourhood are dyeing so one morning i woke up and they were cuting two big palm trees cause they seemed to be dieing of too much water and burned at the same time by the color of the stem and leaves cause they were black at the same time (light green ,yellow and black )…we have rain everyday now ,heavy rain in short time making floods here and there and than it goes and suddenly comes again ,so heavy rain that looks like leaving smoke or fog …there are no seasons anymore …and some people just laugh if i say something cause they say to me that those planes are contrails and they argue about how much the fuel of airplanes are expensive …i just tell them that the same fuel are being spent cause somehow the planes are there in the skies coming and going with the same fuel(and for nothing either?contrails are not expensive anymore?for what then?))…some other people say that they saw that since 1970 and that is normal training of Air force…sometimes i become angry and I cal them blind…
    I think that if Mr Keith is talking about sulfuride acid maybe we already are being sprayed with this substance cause when he talked about aluminium we were already finding that in samples of the soil or water …so ,we need to still talking about this as just a possibility of being happening ?what a hell of world are we living in that the truth seems to worth nothing and the lies seem to have all the credit ?just because there are oficial lies and unoficcial trues?…this mad scientist Mr Keith are going to answer this letter with more 10000 ton of sulfuride acid ,each ton for every adictional expected death per year or maybe he will decide along with some friends to start erupting vulcanos just to put some more crap in the air to block the sun (to “SAVE EARTH” from global warming)and maybe he already have the numbers of how much deaths per country it would bring us…this man doesn´t seem to me the kind of listening but maybe i´m totally wrong …
    My sincere thanks to chemtrailsproject.UK and to and you Dane for all your efforts and fight.

  23. Trees Are Life says:

    The official forecast from NWS is laughable! As a new pacific storm approaches California it is being destroyed by the weather makers. Funny how yesterday not a jet trail in the sky for the Blue Angles in San Francisco, today the sky is full of trails I suspect to destroy the approaching pacific storms.

    Yet another frontal system spins around the parent Low
    pressure center in the Gulf of Alaska and, bringing another shot of cool air and another
    potential for wet weather.

    As these frontal systems reach California, the systems weaken as
    the Intermountain West ridge holds strong. Therefore, the two
    systems later in the week tend to fizzle as they knock on
    California`s door.

  24. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    The has been a significant amount of geoengineering activity over the UK today. One think I have noticed recently is that they often spray immediately when there is a clear sky and the sun is in view. As there is not necessarily a resulting shower it is tempting to assume that the spray is purposefully done to block out the high levels of UV. The sun has definitely felt hotter recently even though it is mid October here. Whatever belief system and religion the psychopaths at the top follow it is fairly clear that they have no regard for life in its current form!

  25. john graf says:

    Thanks for sharing all this Dane. I am seeing the thickness of the chemicals in our air and I am very worried. All our surrounding mountains and cities are now in a fog in Los Angeles..daily. I am doing my best to get flyers out and wake the masses. Thank you for all you do. John Graf

  26. Sharon LePerw says:

    See how stupid they think we are? Has been going on for decades. I wish he would have asked him about what effect it would have on trees, since they are already sick and dying. These is so unbelievable.

  27. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    Thank you Dane to let us know and its scaring that those ppl so cold count on that 10000 humans can die and they dont care about it who do they think they are they play with humans life. I also wonder if that as happends in Japan now with orkans and volcanic eruptions depends on this aerosol spraying . for me and a lot of other is this so scaring and im also worry about the american ppl there its spraying much more than it does there i live in SwedenBut you are a great and caring person as let us know so thank you Dane

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