“Conspiracy Theorists” And The Programmed Responses Of The Masses


How well our society has been trained to criticize and ostracize those who dare to question the “official narrative”. How quickly the term “conspiracy theorist” is used for individuals that show the courage to speak out about events that clearly cannot be rationally explained by the official narrative. Those in power are all too aware of the “herd mentality” that infects most of the population and they have taken great lengths to condition the responses of their citizens. This training is, thankfully, breaking down as people begin to wake up to reality.
Dane Wigington

10 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists” And The Programmed Responses Of The Masses

  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    As I talk to more people about geoengineering, I’ve been surprised to learn it is the older people who really “get” it right away. Perhaps it’s because they have lots of stored history in their minds. They’re usually aware of lots of other government “experiments” that were horrible and unconscionable. It makes sense that mentally debilitating drugs are being pushed on seniors. I was shocked to learn “assisted living” includes drugging seniors in passivity. The aluminum sprayed will affect the young and old first, and that also seems part of the dynamic of the elites.

    As you choose who to discuss geoengineering with, I would seek out Elders. Here in Alaska respect for Elders incorporates learning from their wisdom. Elders have a teaching mission to younger people. Traditionally children were raised by the grandparents because parents had too much real subsistance work to do. It’s not so different today. Working parents are already overburdened. Speaking to Elders, i.e. seniors, will help our efforts more than one might initially realize.

  2. tom says:

    There are many ways to get the word out to a lot of people about this geoengineering nightmare. Find a company that makes bumper stickers. If you want to save money, design yours to say the same thing on the left and right so you can cut them in two. Most bumper-sticker websites have great software to help you design your own stickers. You can get creative and Photoshop a blue sky with obvious chemtrails for your background or use your imagination. Now hand out your stickers to your friends and family and place your stickers EVERYWHERE you can think of. Drive-thru restaurants, poles where cars stop at left turns, light standards at shopping malls, public transit stops, near schools or anywhere the local population congregates. You will be VERY surprised to see how many stickers are still there after 6 months or more and you will know that you did something to get the word out! YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. Ken says:

    Here’s something that is NOT a conspiracy:
    Israel was heavily involved in 911 and Corbett will never talk about it or those individuals involved.

  4. sean cairney says:

    ty Pat, we must all play our part

  5. Pat Price says:

    Sean, I’ve followed you on facebook for a few months and appreciate your efforts and input. keep up with the truth. It’s really all we have in the effort to expose that we are all “people of the lie(s)”.

  6. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    Thank you again Dane for you never give up- Im not American but i read everything from you and i share it and some i send to a few newspaper in Sweden there i live but they dont take it in yet.

  7. dondavid says:

    Good one Dane. I got your back my buddy!!! I will put this up on http://www.angelfirenetwork.com if you like! Just give me the URL.

  8. Joe Campbell says:

    As usual Dane, an excellent video. Here in my country, Ireland,this week end, we had our weather service, Met Eireann, show us a new weather graphic. Not sure if it was computer generated or a satellite image. But what it clearly showed was broad bands of cloud streaming over Ireland. ALL FORMING STRAIGHT LINES. Another way to tell the people that this is all normal. Nothing to worry about folks.!!!!! Keep up your tremendous work. Joe

  9. sean cairney says:

    i am not a conspiracy theorist i do not claim to be a conspiracy theorist, i am an activist against geoengineering and haarp weather modification programs… these are not theories they are factual

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