Daily Gazette – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: “Environmental Factors Alter Health Care Debate”


Here’s a great example of the many things that can be done to spread awareness.

Environmental Factors Alter Health Care Debate

The debate over health care should include environmental factors that have potential to cause medical problems.

For example, many observers see a risk of adverse impacts in artificial clouds above us that are being routinely created by aircraft. normal condensation trails behind airplanes evaporate and disappear within minutes. On most clear days, though, anyone can watch as some planes leave persistent “contrail” that stay airborne for hours. The result is unusual lines and patterns in the sky, which then expand to look like cloud cover.

According to the group Geoengineering Watch, such contrails contain aerosols and metallic particles that are being dispersed on a mass scale. A primary objective, the group reports, is to cool Earth’s atmosphere by blocking sunlight – even though sunlight provides Vitamin D that is essential to the human immune system.

Many observers deswcribe this apparent aerial campaign as “chemtrails.” Others call it “solar radiation management” or “geoengineering.” They all raise valid questions that deserve immediate answers.

Which officials would approve such flights without any public oversight? How would plane contrails containing aerosols and metals – dispersed above communities nationwide – ultimately impact nature and human health?

Lawrence Goodwin


One Response to Daily Gazette – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: “Environmental Factors Alter Health Care Debate”

  1. Karen F. says:

    Glad to see this made it into a publication that may reach some who are not yet informed about this health risk.

    I just did my yearly blood tests etc. I decided this year I am not going to beat around the bush..

    I asked my doctor how could you know what is going on with a person’s health if you don’t include the spraying of metals and who knows what else into the atmosphere into the equation?

    I mean we all know they are spraying something, right?

    They are not giving us any information on exactly what it is they are spraying so I am assuming it isn’t good.

    Also I reminded her that I am allergic to iodine and even if they were only seeding the clouds with silver iodide it could make me sick. I asked if she could help me with this. All I got was an acknowledgement that yes indeed they are spraying, but she didn’t know what and in her words:

    “This is just too big to do anything.”

    At least she didn’t make me feel like I’m crazy to be concerned. Though it is disturbing when your doctor looks that scared but is still honest enough not to lie about it.

    Lately we have been having some heavy spray days right before periods when rain is in the forecast. I haven’t been able to go outside during this period because my sinuses start to inflame and I break out in hives. I have always been an outdoor person and didn’t really have allergies until they stepped up the spraying.

    For some the silver iodide is not a problem…maybe…but it does show that what they spraying has an instant and profound effect on your health.

    If they don’t consider this is affecting our health and the health of our environment then I think that is like denying treatment. The can’t even come up with a viable cause for their patients illness. So they can’t provide the correct treatment.

    I have decided to stop keeping my mouth shut when I talk to these professionals. They are not doing their jobs!

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