Dane Wigington on AFR


Monday – 1st Hour: With Dane Wiggington and John Hankey.   2nd Hour: With John Hankey and Dane Wiggington.

Link—>American Freedom Radio interview with Dane Wigington – Nov 19, 2012




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  1. Justin S. Cooper says:

    Dane, this is Justin in Seattle. I was at Dialysis so I could not call back. I started organizing and talking to various people. We are waiting for the paper but I was able to get funding for a rain testing kit and also Geiger counters. I have worked 17 years in the Legal community and have a lot of connections and I thank you for your call. I will set up the station on Vashon Island here in the Northwest. I really understand how busy you must be but I will call you tomorrow, August 15, 2014. Thank you.

    P.S. I will leave a message if your busy. I am very capable of helping you and my Dialysis will not get in the way.

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