David Suzuki Confronted On Climate Engineering Issue


Many people hold David Suzuki in such high esteem, but is such respect truly warranted and deserved? Is Suzuki really an oracle of truth and wisdom, or is he a power structure owned public relations prop that will speak only as much truth as he is allowed to tell? Is Suzuki also being used by the power structure to publicly deny critical issues like climate engineering that they absolutely do not want the public to become aware of? In the 1 minute video below, Suzuki clearly denies the subject of climate engineering before walking away from the camera and those who simply wanted to ask him legitimate questions. There is absolutely no excuse for Suzuki's attempt to cloud the truth. There are only two possibilities regarding his behavior, he is either completely blind and ignorant to the natural world around him which he claims to be an expert on, or he is paid and/or pressured to lie about the dire climate engineering issue. If David Suzuki was truly committed to telling the truth in regard to the environment, and fighting for the common good, why would he lie about the geoengineering issue? Why would he lie about his corporate donations? The entire climate science community is built on a foundation of lies and cover-up. The state of the climate is not as bad as we are being told, it is exponentially worse. Global climate engineering is helping to fuel the fire overall. My most sincere gratitude to Irene Parousis and Christina Parousis for this video and for their exceptional efforts to expose David Suzuki's dishonesty and denial.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Authorities do know on a broad basis about the chemtrailing. Suzuki is a true con man and a totally heartless "scientist" who feels humans are somehow in the way. 

    • William H. Osborne says:

      Being the most well known and respected scientist here in Canada, I wrote a three page letter to Dr. Suzuki which contained names, dates, and as much scientific data concerning the free aluminum content in micro-grams per liter of the water, soil, and snow on Mount Shasta as per Dr. Dane's investigation leading him to his conclusions regarding geoengineering in Shasta County California. To my surprise he pend a short note back to me. In it he stated that I sounded like one of those people that were prone to believe in conspiracy theories which seemed a tad funny since my letter contain so many facts. But this was not the really peculiar thing that raised the red flag for me. You see, it occurred to me that he was in a win-win situation. All he needed to do was to verify water and soil samples to prove  or disprove the theory of geoengineering.  My question to everyone is: "Why didn't he do it"? He couldn't lose!!! He was in the position to have been the man of the hour. The answer is he knows what's going on.

      Anyway, his last statement to me was that, even if it was true, he was too old and too tired to do anything about it.

      William Osborne

  2. Come on folks.  Really???  Anyone who ever paid attention knew this guy was a fraud right from the top.

    "There are two ways to be fooled.
    One is to believe what isn't true;
    the other is to refuse to believe what is true."

    – Soren Kierkegaard –


    • Gord K. says:

      Great quote Paul. I'll have to use that one and of course reference the quoter. I used to respect Suzuki but after I found out he denies geoengineering, but actually said he doesn't deny it. He does and he doesn't, which is it Suzuki? He's probably been paid to keep his mouth shut like the majority of academia and other celebrity scientists. 

  3. Ray Ceniceros says:

    Everywhere, people do not even want to acknowledge the chemtrails when I point them out to them in the sky. people seem to be hypno-tized. Most people want to be left alone with their troubles. We in the military had our fiscal year on October with our pay raises in December. Now, we get our pay raises in January. Also, we spent 4 million a day in Afghan., and the pay raises each year are  just 1.2-1.4 %. Most young GI"s have to get welfare to survive. The Base exchange is way more expensive that outside store. The VA care and Base health is sub-standard.

  4. carol freiberg says:

    I am very honored to be part of this effort. Just the fact that this guy is suppose to be a critical "scientific" thinker one might assume he would give a more scientific answer but he chooses to walk away and marginalize the whole issue. Classic shill behavior. He knows but is enjoying his ride so far. I can't wait for Suzuki ,and the rest of them, to be exposed for what they really are, a bunch of spineless ,egomaniacal,psychopaths who are unable to speak the truth due to their allegiance to the dark side of humanity. Sad.

  5. Ana says:

    Bravo Christina Parousis and Irene Parousis! God bless you for your courage To be in the front line helping Dane!Thanks for all the others helping too! I not always can thank You all enough ! Sorry!

    Don´t you find to many people afraid to talk or trying to deceive us about the future ?Politicians ,world leaders ,economists ,financial institutions ,scientist ,meteorologists , social/environmental corporations,media ,health ministeries  etc …don´t you find  all about geoengineering discussions and climate change "solutions" just   controled oposition even when we are signing petitions or voting in "diferent" parties in the Presidential or ministery elections ?For me the two major  Parties(at least) have the same owner(s) or funders(so the same are alwaysl in control). Everything i see  seems like if they were entertaining us , keeping us ocuppied,giving us an ilusion of option or of democracy  while they seem to be gaining time ?(for what exactly i don´t know ). Don´t you think that we already passed the point of no return so that probably for them (Suzuki and many others)it doesn´t matter anymore except to join to  the Elites in a future plan or " journey" of a survival somehow? What do they know that we don´t that they keep denying the undeniable and simply they don´t seem to care about the reality as if they were "running for their lives " ?They act as if we were not going to be here to held them responsable one day so they just seem to have the need to keep going on with the denial no matter what or the outrageous visibilityof geoengineering  in our skies.The world  is not only going to collapse one day but it´s already collapsing under the desguise of these short coolings (here and there) made by these  geoengineering criminal masking  programs (it´s all "make-up").

    Theyseem to  no longer can cool anything ,here we feel the slugy/fug in the air ,the days they try to cool with the aerosols by trying to get  temperatures to down 30ºC we can feel as if  it was  40ºC the same way .Something odd cause we can feel something is very wrong if the sun is sometimes totally covered by haarp clouds well extended in the skies …But heavy fug that´s  what we still feel with the aerosols&haarp  "artificial umbrela" in the sky.What´s going on ? and how the planet can respond to this geoengineering aerosols for much longer if the natural cool down is no longer possible at night with this substances in the air blocking earth from cooling  down naturally at night ,how can we have unsleepable muffled unbearable  nights and sultry days for such a long time?how can the animals ,seas,plants ,land etc can resist or deal with this ?The geoengineers goal of cooling in certain places of the world  don´t even work anymore or what are they doing aftherall ?besides poisining us and killing all life already with those substances contained in their geoengineered cool downs /sun´s cover ??

    And by the way i heard in a Portuguese economic TV program that BCE print the money out of nothing just like your US Federal Reserve does … so these criminals are printing money to lend and to  indebted countries(and to create an institutional misery based in unpayable debts (worst than a comunist way of life,they want the capitalism with a "smell" or the "best" (for big  corporations)of comunism-the worst of the two ideologies together in one-THE NEW WESTERN WAY OF LIFE AND DEMOCRACY ? ) controled by the world rich big corporations =our buyers in Portugal and maybe Greece next ) and enrich themselves at the expense of charging outrageous debt interest money coming from nothing (virtual money).I´m tired of this world and tired of seeing people i considered intelligent looking like imbecils and totally devoid of feelings (like walking deads) .Sometimes i start to question myself about my mental sanity when i  look around to the people i once "knew" or thought i knew amd that i thought they were able to racionalize or question  things as they used to do before !…They believe in man goint to the moon cause the tv told them (i´m not saying is not true)and made a film  but they can´t believe in something they are seeing happening in our skies above everyday and don´t believe in the inumerous film footages we present to them of this planes spraying  …does it make sense?not to me  …conditioned minds ? groups of control  and controled oposition? what´s going on with this world and with this people????

    • penny says:

      Dear Ana, imo the fact that you question even your own sanity is proof that you are on the right track.  You are obviously sane, and I don't say that because I agree with everything you say, but because everything you say corresponds with what I see in the world around me.  People love to lie to themselves, don't they?  I read a fascinating book once, called "Why We Lie" by David Livingstone Smith, which explains the evolutionary roots of deceit.  It explains a lot, as does his other book, "The Most Dangerous Animal" (guess which one it is?)

      I always enjoy reading your posts.  Cheers!

  6. Mark from oz says:

    Suzuki used to have a reverent following, including me. But like so many;they've sold out for money-as if that will matter and be useful as they try to draw their final breath. It's the age of of the 'hyper individual' and 'wonderful' me where as long as the 'me' gets what they want, it's 'tell whitcha' to all others. That which they fear will select against that position as the earth has no favourites and never has; weak, sold out, they give their selfish and venal position away with no honor or compassion considered for why they were selected to be here.

  7. Marc says:

    And yet another observation: Mr. Suzuki, near the end of this clip says, "Chemtrails are YOUR thing", as he tries to deflect the woman's inquiry away from his bubble of arrogance. Really? Now let's think about that statement for a second. Can any of us imagine how insane and ass-backwards that statement is? To frame the woman's concern about geoengineering as if it's just her (and us activists') own little imaginary plaything, and not relevant to Mr. Suzuki's sphere of "importance", is off the hook, off the scale, stupid, cowardly, un-scientific, arrogant, disingenuous, and offensive. Yes, Dane, I can well imagine the array of human arrogance you have encountered in your years in the field. 

  8. Keith Whittington says:

    The world gets more confusing by the day. I, too, have held Suzuki in high esteem. His books always combined scientific facts with Nature based spirituality. He was behind ▶ Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb – YouTube . How can he understand the dire consequences of an over energized Earth on one hand and, yet, deny the spraying overhead with the other. I did not want to believe it, but his denial of corporate sponsors smacked me in the nose. Whats next; Thoreau was a Freemason?

  9. penny says:

    Heartbreaking update from Norway:  There is a line of trees outside my window, one of which has been stone dead since I moved in here a year ago.  The others all leafed out this spring, with only a few dead branches each (more than they should have, though, I think).  However, for the past few days we have had a steady rain and unbelievable amounts of spraying behind it (could smell it, couldn't breathe well, have had a burning throat) and massive HAARP activity (a few different tones of ringing in the ears, headache, etc.)  Today I am seeing spots, almost like pustules, on most of the leaves on "my" trees.  Some are almost covered,some have holes, many are yellowing suddenly.

    Who would have guessed that trees are allergic to rain, right?  More like, who would have thought anyone could be so stupid, heartless and evil?  This has to be stopped!

    A note about the level of spraying: for most of this year, there has been a haze so thick that it obscures the mountains 20 km away across the fjord, sometimes partially, sometimes completely.  It is not fog, it can't be industrial pollution.  It can only be caused by spraying.  It looks thick enough to scoop out of the sky.  Every day is a "don't breathe" day here in Environmentally Friendly (TM) Norway.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      we often get that white haze which blocks distant views here as well.  Using Plane Finder, I notice that nearly every plane flying Scandanavia/US sprays continuously – presumably to  screen arctic from the sun – whilst causing irreparable damage to us and our environment…

    • penny says:

      …and they have shut down most of the ferries, forcing people to fly if they want to, say, move to the UK or just visit family there.  Helps with the cause of killing off the entire planet.  I don't have an inner child; I have an inner Smeagol which is constantly hissing, "We hates them, nasssty basstardses!"

      Last time I did visit Scotland, every time I mentioned Norway people would say, "I so admire that country!"  Sad to have to inform them that Norway is not what people imagine.  Former (Workers' Party, so-called leftist) prime minister Jens Stoltenberg is now head of NATO, and the government is a coalition of, effectively, Margaret Thatcher and UKIP (without the anti-EU cause).  The social services are being cut, and they only really existed because the country was flush with ill-gotten gains from selling oil to the rest of the world.  And they spray constantly here.  What more need be said?

  10. penny says:

    He was trying to have it both ways: not admit that he knows it's going on (to protect his position in the power structure) and not deny it either (to save face with the demonstrators?)  As Dante said, the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, refuse to take a stand.  9th Circle for David Suzuki, then.


  11. Marc says:

    And another observation: Mr Suzuki immediately takes a defensive and condescending posture when fending off the woman's questions and comments. This, in and of itself, is quite revealing of a deep level of personal conflict of some sort underneath Mr. Suzuki's facade.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, you are completely correct on your assessment. The science community is filled with individuals like Suzuki that know deep down they are cowards. I have had many off the record encounters with people from USDA, USFS, California Departement of Fish and Game, EPA, Cal Energy Commission, Air Quality, The California Lt Gov, congressmen and their aids, more agency individuals than I could ever remember, etc, etc. All have behaved in the same manner. Such servants for the power structure have long ago abandoned any sense of honor or responsibility to the greater good. They have so far convinced themselves that their well funded little worlds are safe from the consequences of what they have participated in. Soon, very soon, all of them will be forced to face what they have been a part of, reality is already kicking down the door. Again, my most sincere gratitude to Irene and Christina Parousis for exposing Suzuki in such artful form.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dane,

      I love your site, great work. I have a Bsc degree in Biology from the University of Victoria. I had a professor that did Bear research up on the Queen Charlotte Islands here in British Columbia. His research was supported by grants from the Suzuki foundation. I can tell you for a fact that the Suzuki foundation is getting money from the Rockefeller foundation. One of the research trips had a few people from the University of Chicago (Rockefeller) on board the Research boat. The Rockefellers have been dumping a lot of money into the environmental movements here in British Columbia. Suzuki is their paid mouth piece. I have seen him at my University; he is very arrogant. After all he does believe we are all maggots, as he said in 1972. Look it up :" 1972 clip of David Suzuki comparing humans to maggots'. I would consider him the head Maggot.


  12. Marc says:

    Mr Suzuki's tongue-tied buffoonery actually proves that he KNOWS WAY MORE THAN HE WILL ADMIT. He knows exactly what's going on and the fact that he self-censored his remarks reveals that he is under some kind of censorship, be it self-imposed or from some external agency. I just don't get it. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why none of these public personas will grow the balls necessary to stand up and scream out WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON. Is the reach of covert intimidation and threat so far-reaching that the vast majority of these milk-toasty saps are actually too afraid to broach the subject in an intelligent and rational manner? Or…………..is there something………..some essence…….of this whole geoengineering thing that they intuitively understand to be sinister and dangerous, with a certainty of government and military involvement? And so therefore as public figures they intuitively realize they'd be wise to stay away from it? Or should we also factor in the potential for ridicule from their scientific peers?

       Perhaps all of the above. In any case, Mr Suzuki is no Mr. Miyagi, in the martial art of wisdom and composure.

  13. Danny says:

    Good job! Suzuki wants nothing more than a paycheck now. His credibility is tarnished forever.

  14. Irene Parousis says:

    We are so grateful to you, Dane, for being our PILLAR in this battle!

  15. Andrew J says:

    Brave and honest journalism; thank you Christina and Irene Parousis as well Dane for your continued vigilance.

  16. Cori Gunnells says:

    David Suzuki's immediate dismissal and disrespect, throwing out the term "chemtrails" (when it was not used in the question) says it all – he does not want to discuss the issue, and he uses all the classic tactics to evade it. 

    My thanks to Christina and Irene Parousis for standing strong, and making certain that he knows, we know, and that we know he is dodging any admission of the truth regarding geoengineering. That was a perfect venue for him to answer the question, and by not doing so, it's very clear he is bought and paid for. 

  17. marta says:

    Amazing to watch… he says, I’m not denying it … I don’t uh , I don’t uh… like he can’t figure out how to say I don’t admit it.
    then he dismisses her by saying, chemtrails are your thing.
    Like it is some flavor of ice cream.
    So watching this a couple of times my gut says…he is a complete phony and completely in the pocket of the slimes that are doing all this.
    What is in it for him?.. Maybe the promise of a way out that the rest of us won’t be able to get? He doesn’t seem fearful.. it doesn’t seem like he has been threatened, more like he feels he is part of the elite, he comes off as arrogant to the max.

  18. Josh Soares says:

    I believe there's a major event that's going happen that they are not telling us about. Maybe something entered are solar system IDK but either way it’s all bad news. Meanwhile try and expose these psychopaths. God bless Dane for his work and all you guys trying to get this out!

    • Marc says:

      Josh, I have for a long time felt the same thing. Like, how many D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) have been constructed, isn't it around 170 now? I mean we're talking a trillion dollar maneuver on the government's part. And isn't it interesting that, as far as I know, there has not been the slightest attempt to explain to the public the FACT that they are building them, nor are any reasons given as to WHY so many such bunkers are being built at immense expense.

      Any Joe with common sense can see that something just ain't right here. The only justification for such an array of bunkers must obviously be an approaching cataclysm, be it man-made or otherwise. Yeah, I would say they definitely know something we don't know.

  19. Karen says:

    Wonderful video—brave girl. Heartbreaking that so-called "revered" scientists are covering up for the sociopaths in charge of the climate chaos. Shame on you, Mr Suzuki.

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