Denying The Truth To Protect “Non-Profit” Status


By Dane Wigington

The People’s March Against Climate Change

Many environmental organizations are proclaiming the climate march on September 21 2014 a success. Many might ask, how can this event be considered a success when the march did not address in any form whatsoever what is likely the single greatest climate disrupting and environmentally devastating factor of all, global climate engineering? How can there be any legitimate discussion of the climate change issue without addressing the massive ongoing geoengineering programs as a primary part of the equation? In fact I have heard from a number of activists that tried to post intelligent and articulate comments addressing geoengineering on the website blog for the march only to have such comments immediately deleted if the climate engineering or geoengineering terms were even mentioned.


The All Out Climate Engineering Assault

While the climate engineering madness continues to obliterate our skies and tear apart Earth’s life support systems, almost all in the environmental and religious communities are completely silent. What’s wrong with this picture? Why aren’t the major environmental groups all over the issue of climate engineering? What about the major religious organizations? Aren’t we all required to be “good stewards” with our planet? After years of doing everything possible to communicate with and pass on data to such groups and their leaders, I have been forced to face the fact that what matters most to the majority of them is their prized “non profit” status. Sadly, for many “environmentalists”, all too often their activism and mission is not about focusing on the most pressing priority issues, but rather it’s about making themselves feel good. I am an environmentalist to the core. I have done an immense amount of forest and habitat restoration on the preserve which I have managed on the east side of Lake Shasta in Northern California. I was physically involved with every aspect of this work while supervising a crew on and off for years. This being said, I was forced to abandon such efforts as available data made it clear that if geoengineering was not exposed and stopped, nothing else would matter. I have since focused my entire life’s efforts on the fight against the climate engineering. If the whole forest dies, what is the point in managing one small piece of it? For the environmental groups, what is the point of saving a fish or a frog if the entire planet goes down? I know many people in these organizations and they can be the toughest of all to reach with the truth. Many are completely rooted in denial. They feel they already know it all and that makes them particularly difficult to reach. It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full as the proverb goes. In addition to this, many leaders of environmental non-profit organizations are simply not willing to risk their tax free status so they won’t even mention controversial issues.


What About Spiritual Institutions?

I am sad to say that I have not had any better luck from the spiritual institutions that claim to care about nature and creation. All the major spiritual traditions teach us to be good stewards of the planet.  Truth and morality should trump the prized non-profit status, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, in almost all situations I have personally encountered, this is not the case. I cannot even remember how many  ministers and bishops I have spoken to about climate engineering that simply stated “we are not interested in your information”. Really? Where do any of the great traditions say you are allowed to turn two blind eyes to an all out toxic criminal assault against all life on earth? I have been able to shame most of the church leaders I have spoken to into accepting geoengineering information, but none of it has ever likely been seen by their congregations.

So many have simply sold out. They have rationalized dealing in half truths as better than not doing anything. I do not agree. The truth cannot be divided, it can not be split in half. Half a boat cannot float, it takes a whole boat. It’s up to us, each and every one of us. Move the ball forward in this fight every single day. There is an “activist suggestions” link and a “flaming arrow” link on the home page of These are only suggestions, all can come up with ever more creative and effective ways to sound the alarm and share information. Make every day count in the critical battle to expose and stop climate engineering, this is our responsibility to the children of this world, and to all life.


24 Responses to Denying The Truth To Protect “Non-Profit” Status

  1. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Hawkeye did you watch the video under Dane’s article on Sept 29th about Haarp and Fukushima? It scared me to death! Even though I have read so much about it already. This world is really getting scary, I hate it. To answer your question as to where I live I don’t like to put personal info out but I will say The Midwest, Northern part. I know it’s silly everyone else does it, but that’s just me. That being said, I wish I had your email or you mine but there again no way to get it to you. I’d love to talk to you more about the state of the world and so many issues. You are an interesting person. You can find me on here I post quite a bit. We better not post anymore on this article. Oh about those small military planes though. They go over here everyday, I wish it was only a couple times a month. They are larger than a prop, gray and unmarked as far as I can tell and loud. In 2012 I was keeping a record for a while with as many as 40 times a day 7 days a week. Must cost a fortune to do this and this is just one area. It was so ridiculous and drove me nuts. After a couple months I quit, it took up too much time writing it down. It slowed down in 2013 and slower now but still many times a day. Some days more than others. It is probably 100 miles to any military base or large airport. Many many times they come right after the chemtrail jets. Kind of like they are checking what they are spraying. Or sometimes they go over and then the jets come. Maybe not enough chemicals up there and they call them for more? The nite flyovers like between 1 and 4 AM is what really upsets me. They seem lower and then they are quieter. During the day they are loud and can’t be more than a couple hundred feet up. I’ve also seen the ghost plane someone mentioned. Twice in the last few days. It’s a jet and it’s pure white like the chemtrail jets with NO trails. Could be smaller than the tankers. It has a frosty or transparent look to it. Really really strange looking. It really is ghost like. Keep in touch. Thanks for all your info.

  2. Hawkeye says:

    You are great skywatcher grandma! I love what you say! Majority of people today have all these questions, I know, it drives me crazy seeing it. You are on your way to finding all you seek though, I see it in you. I believe that is why you found me. You also give me answers unknowingly, so thanks. For one example, you said a military plane just flew over low and in FL do we get this. OMG yes!! I have not heard anyone else say this or confirm it for me or even admit it!! Now this is not good. Exactly as you described, here too, but just twice this month so far is all I have noticed. Something new here because I notice everything, why I am Hawkeye. Can you please tell me what state? This new sky candy just fits too well with my knowledge. Honestly I do not think there is enough time or space to get all to you. I will try to cliff note as best I can on your questions but then if some still remain, go on the pc and ask google words, or dates, or sentences, anything and God will direct you. I promise it works. — My views or my knowledge on haarp? Let’s go with the knowledge. First; we need cooling because too much methane gas is heating earth and her atmosphere. Haarp is like giant radio transmitters shooting frequency waves UP in to the atmosphere to combat the methane gas, but the power is enough to also change jet streams and they are. Spray alone is not enough to cool you must also move jet streams to get it done. So haarp was “recommended” by the mad scientists to help the cooling. The official report I read sited this. Haarp can zap more methane then the spray can so together with the spray is one use for haarp. I told you the spray has multi purposes. I told you it is all like meds and gave you the chemo example. Stay in that thinking, this is what it is. Haarp, the spraying, the solar reflectors on lands, covering ice bergs with reflective solar blankets, it is all under the category of “geo-engineering” and all to save the planet from global warming/climate change because earth is heating – “globe warming” and that warming is “causing” climate change and thermal expansion of her crust. Does that hit home? THAT thermal expansion is why a cover up is needed. Earth’s crust is breaking up and moving, her air & waters are getting too hot. This is the reason for ALL your questions. Try to re-connect dots with that as your reason and NOTHING else. A planet in peril and a secret to the public. That is your secret, global warming is killing the planet and no time is left for thinking or we fry. — Geo-engineering is the “title” of the program created to save earth from melt down and “try” to avoid extinction. “Saving Earth from the ravages of out-of-control climate change requires radical ideas. They are extreme, and they just might work. Climate change is real and solutions need to happen.” That is their words and what they think. Extreme, radical solutions – world wide spraying program is that. Haarp is that. Giant solar reflector panels on huge western ranch’s blinding pilots in flight is that. Everything is to reduce sun, reflect it away and cool. The element telling you other things to spin these things is your distraction. There are 2 elements, one tells us climate change is real but does not tell you how real by not admitting to the skies. The other element tells you the whole climate change thing is a hoax, no such thing they just want your money. No wonder people are mad, scared and questioning things. Neither element is bona fide. SO geo applications, just like meds, have side effects. Those side effects caused by the spray are crazy and numerous i.e. the droughts, the floods, the illness’s, etc. Why they chose what is being sacrificed I do not know. Either they can not control that aspect of it OR they think mid-west is needed more then cal and one must be chosen can’t save both. Choose one. See? Haarp is causing magnetic energies to be manipulated and that is in our brains too so effecting people adversely there too. They are not doing all that on purpose but have conceded it has to be to save as much as possible. They know this is how their chems work, this is a terminal diagnosis most likely. Something else always gets hurt like with chemo, so that is all it is. Not a choice to kill trees or anything else but they have no other plan for this emergency in play which is why the spray is in double time use now. They have been using it for decades and over time things are getting worse with the warming so increases in spraying amounts & times became needed. All the spray does is temporarily cool air physically and reflect sun to keep temps down to try and alleviate and buy time. Not a cure, no cure is known, only spraying & haarp in hopes it “might” work. It’s all they have for quick results and to keep people fooled because when people figure this out they are expecting civil unrest. When not enough food grows ( happening now ) people will go nuts. It is right in front of us. I do not believe any of the “bugs”, coming back out today and also new ones every day, are random as reported by MSM. Plenty of times looking back in time and today, I have noticed a disease or a virus resembles a chem reaction. Those dogs I told you about that got sick after a swim in the poison gulf, well guess what cured them? News reported this incident, the claim was some mystery bacteria yet the Vet going only by symptoms seen, treated the dogs with activated charcoal meds and that is exactly what is used to cure someone from an ingest of chemicals or poison. The dogs recovered. Well people do not know that much so mentioning the med in news helped no one but me understand this. The news told us it was some mystery bacteria that made those dogs sick so instantly. No mystery to the Vet, because it was not a bacteria, it was a poison chemical reaction. This is cover for the spraying. Tell them it is a germ. Jon Rappaport writes about this a lot he is very good, visit his site too to learn more. I am trying with words to draw you a picture that will answer all or most of your questions. I hope you are seeing this. Meantime in addition to on the ground and above, is the fact that the methane is also heating underground, under oceans – globe warming – so the activity of quakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, sink holes, all that stuff is earth’s symptoms of her illness. **Listen, “extreme” weather IS the model for climate change.** We have plenty of that. So just that alone means, yea climate change is REAL. It is NOT just from their methods, their methods are trying also to slow or stop her extreme weather reactions and then the side effects from their methods mixing with earth naturally trying to do it herself are causing all the weirdo things going on. Both things at play simultaneously and separately. Just extreme weather alone means something is wrong with earth. Earth has and will take care of herself as you said and the rumbles are her doing just that. You are seeing a sick planet and her symptoms, you are also seeing remedies by psychopaths called human scientists. THEN you are again, all at the same time, seeing side effects from those psychopathic methods of treatment. This is why nothing makes sense unless you understand this as a whole. The reason I am yelling heads up so loudly now is because of earth’s symptoms. They are WORSE then geo believe me and they are what is going to clean up geo, but people will be hurt because we are all in the way. ( why you see bunkers for them, not us ) Earth is right now with all of this trying to get back to normal. The only time she goes off track is when she is hit. Meteors hit big, she is damaged, she heals by an ice age, or flooding, or whatever, do you see what I mean? So yea, I too believe earth will be just fine, this is about people, we can not live through her wrath to heal and so this is what is trying to be slowed or stopped and it is counter productive because they are Godless idiots. No way they can stop quakes and volcano’s nor my God stop the crust of earth from shifting. LOL. All they can do is try to keep her cool and HOPE like hell it all passes. Meantime distract the public, they are the top dogs to remain. Not us. Won’t be room for anymore then 500K to a million when all is over. Many will perish from earth’s movements and blasts, counted on. The rest must also be reduced to sustainable numbers for aftermath. IF no food, no water, no economy …… well there are too many people for that end result of only a small piece of earth being habitable. That is the end result they expect. Only one small piece of earth in australia and another sliver off the coast of africa is all they think will be left. NOW, think about the GA stones you said you know of. What do they say? Population of 500 million to sustain. That is all they think can be sustained after earth is finished with her reacting and/or their methods. Psycho’s want to be stopped, why they give clues and subliminal messages. They ARE telling you a lot but they spin it and use words or sentences that have multiple meanings and want you to grasp the metaphoric side and not the literal one. Can you see what I am saying and implying better now? I hope I have helped some. Those quakes listed each day I told you to go look at are proof of all of this. Earth is having approx. 7 – 9 quakes an hour right now and it is increasing not decreasing. Will get worse and why we may be seeing those planes now because it is known. People in other lands are scared to death and saying it on that volcano site. They aare experiencing numerous quakes and eruptions and no officials are explaining it to them and they are mad, and they are scared and why I said they expect unrest. They are so psycho now with so many lies anything can happen from them trying to prevent this truth from coming out because it is all so ironic and funny – you think you are afraid of them, but the truth is – they are afraid of us and now put this puzzle together! Yellow is expected to blow, they wrote legislation in 2012 just for this and where to send survivors. Volcano’s are how earth naturally cools her ailments and how she cleans her atmosphere. They are also why we have quakes. Magma moving. She WANTS to clean her land, her oceans and her air and all volcano’s on earth are now active, this is why. This is earth trying to heal but this will kill people. Meantime if this does not all blow at one big time, then it will be slow misery and little by little food & water will disappear so prepare your home for survival now! This is what I am trying to help with, save lives, save good souls. “They” will not make it the Bible tells us this. No bunkers shall save them are God’s words. So hunker down and stock your needs, we are going for a ride very soon one way or another. It is here. Best to all is my wish. People are clueless to all of this. Politics is how you are being distracted and why none of them do what we think is normal. Why in the world would a prez want to kill an economy? LOL…. only reason I can think of is he has to to stop activity for all these reasons. Activity is still polluting and adding to all of this. BUT, that report I state, it said if all activity on earth ended and no one used one single slice of energy, it would not be enough to change this course in play but still they have nothing else so stop it, slow it down to save, to buy more time. No other reason. People really believe he is just coo-coo and hates us, that is your distraction and spin. They can’t tell you why really so they make it look like other things. The open borders I think fit this way better then what news tells us. Again, why in the world, with no good economy etc., would a prez just open the borders and floods of “CHILDREN” coming on through??? Evac’s it has to be because south & central America are rumbling daily, erupting daily, have no drinking water daily, no economic financing daily…… add it up it spells evacuations not just a crazy prez. Just like the legislation to send U.S people to other lands if and when yellow blows, well they did it with these lands too. Earth blowing is a secret, so of course open borders are just for fun! Get it yet? Let me know if you want to know more. Maybe direct it to another article ya think? I too hope Dane is ok with our long talks too! Hoping more noise means more $ for Dane because I am enjoying being the teacher here. It feels good to do it as it WILL help in some way I am sure of it.. Hawkeye signing off for now. Thanks.

  3. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    DavidK I don’t think these geoengineers and scientists have given a thought to all the side effects of geoengineering. I thought when I was in school we learned that trees took in CO2 and put off clean oxygen.What’s wrong with them? We need trees, we need sun. They don’t seem to care that they are killing trees. I just don’t get it. Everything they are doing is killing everything we need for life. So how can people not think that is part of the agenda? Gardens don’t grow or produce like before, flowers don’t bloom like they use to. Some of my perennials did not bloom this year, unheard of in my lifetime. I could go on and on. The bird and insect numbers are down. I’m not seeing deer and other critters in the woods like I use to. I can’t sit on the porch and listen to nature anymore, it’s too quiet now. It’s all very sad and frustrating, and to think so many haven’t a clue and never look up. This is all heartbreaking!

  4. DavidK says:

    Has anyone made the connection between geoengineering and photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is the only way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thereby reduce the global warming threat.

    If they are decreasing the amount of sunlight hitting the planet with this spraying, this will decrease the amount of photosynthesis, which will make it take longer to remove the CO2 from the air and sequester it.

    Of course, if the trees are damaged by the aluminum, that will also interfere with photosynthesis. So geoengineering is going to make it take longer to recover from global warming.

    And if eventually the trees are killed then of course global warming will never be stopped. But then we are doomed anyway. There I go again thinking about the long term.

    I believe that God will not allow the earth to be destroyed this way. It has happened before that God caused the evil plans of men to fail, once in the flood of Noah and again when he stopped the tower of Babel.

    Ecl. 1:4 “The earth abideth forever”.
    Jer 31:28 “And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them, to build, and to plant, said the LORD”.
    Isa. 65:25 “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain”.

  5. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Hawkeye I did go to the site about volcanoes and earthquakes, yes it is scary to see so many. What about all we have read and watched videos of people blaming haarp for earthquakes and seeing the strange chem rainbows above areas before a quake? Your posts bring up so many questions for me I don’t know where to start. You have info I hadn’t heard before. I wish you would tell us your views on haarp. If they are spraying “geo” to cool the atmosphere because of the gas, why do they heat it up with haarp to break up storms and move the jet stream? If they had never started this program would that gas have went up into the atmosphere and away from the earth without their interference? You said “CA is the trade off to save other lands”. WHY, when CA is a main food growing state? They know how to make it rain, we know that. I read comments all the time about it being about the food supply, so how can we not believe that is what it’s about? When they can give rain and floods all around Ca. Why do they have seed banks for all of Gods natural seeds? What are they saving them for? We all know how bad GMO’s are for us. You said GMO’s were invented because they will grow in our contaminated soil from geo. Do they really think after years of this crap falling on the soil they can someday bring back the seeds they have hoarded up and they will grow? I have seen the links for GA Guide stones, B. Gates formula, Agenda 21, the elite’s bunkers, etc. What are people to think with all of this stuff, if it is not to get rid of us? This is all very scary to me. I’ve always said why the secret if they think it’s a good thing, that alone makes us question everything. All of us here are not in a panic. We are ticked off. I personally think they are all idiots and will God really let them play God? The earth has taken care of it’s self for billions of years without their help.
    You said you cry when you look at the sky. I do too, a lot. I cry for all the nature and beauty this planet has given us and they are taking it away. It just makes me sick. Why should a few make choices for the world? I’ve always paid attention to the beauty of nature. I feel like I notice so much more as most never even look. It’s hard to believe people don’t notice we no longer have that beautiful deep dark blue sky we once had, how could they forget that? Why are their heads always down? Well I do know that answer. Well I’m rambling, which I could do a lot of, I still have questions, I’ll always have questions. I’m in constant search for answers. I just know I hate what is going on and it makes me very sad and frustrated. I’m so grateful for Dane’s site for info, and interesting posters. We are taking up a lot of space on Dane’s site, I hope he will forgive us. One more thing, a military plane just flew over. In FL do you get these small planes that fly low and are very loud? We are no where near a military base, yet they go over many times a day and night, I hate it! It scares me, they wake me up, the dog barks, he hates them too. Never saw this ever until 3 years ago. Why? See my questions never end. On the news tonight they said 45 states have cases of children being hospitalized for this respiratory virus that is so bad. Where did that come from? I’m sure we all have opinions on that. War, Ebola, they want to keep us afraid. Oh and yes I use peroxide too, have for years to avoid chemicals. So much poison in our world, the list is very long. Have a great weekend Hawkeye and all. Tomorrow is Dane’s radio show, I never miss them. I hope he takes time to relax with his family. He does so much.

  6. Ramola D says:

    It’s horrific that the spraying goes on and on despite so many anti-geo-engineering activists, watch sites, films being made, videos being posted on Youtube etc. Mainstream media stays obtuse and silenced. Our hope really is in the alternate media, in conscientious journalists and researchers unafraid to keep speaking out. There is most definitely a subterranean agenda that has infiltrated our institutions–even, as Dane notes, our churches and environmental organizations–part of the One-World movement apparently–that seeks inexorably to suppress the truth and push through these horrific actions that are destroying our earth and us. Bernie Sanders’ & Bill McKibbens’ Carbon tax could well be part of this agenda–the Agenda 21 report mentions a carbon tax on the common person I think, worth rechecking. I hope to set up letters and petitions soon that everyone can use, and I will use the flyers posted on your site, Dane, as you suggest–thank you. I really believe that all of us speaking out will have a tremendous effect, one we may not even imagine or calculate. Those of us becoming aware mustn’t stop speaking out. My latest post on my take-action blog is on geo-engineering:

  7. Hawkeye says:

    Ok Skywatcher Grandma! I’ll be here for you, just ask. Did you go look at the volcano site yet? You must do this and to anyone else reading this you must go and see that info. Besides the shock your eyeballs are going to get from the lists of rumbles globally, you are going to get THE best news possible from all the “I Felt It” comments left by really frightened people experiencing these quakes. GO, LOOK! Then you will know how much BS is being fed to you via TV and radio news. THAT site is proof of so much truth. Thank you much for the veggie washing tips too. I am in FL and have not noticed these speckles on my garden food but I will look more closely now, appreciate the tip! I use hydrogen peroxide to clean most everything today including my produce. It is the best thing to clean with and hurts nothing and you will save $ not buying more chems to clean your home or food with. Mix it 50/50 with water in a spray bottle and clean away. But so great for produce because hydro.px kills virus, bacteria, and fungus instantly. So hopefully even though I did not see the speckles I cleaned them away. One bottle is 1.00 and you get 2 bottles of cleaning spray. So a good $ saver and excellent prevention cleaning. I want to say to all looking here now that things are about to get really crazy I think. These rumbles are off the charts and picking up speed and intensity. You need to protect yourself however that may be and go do it now!!! Water is essential, save it. Food too. Be ready something big is coming I can feel it. Where are you Grandma? Curious for geo locations with all of this going on. Last night, 9/25/14, Alaska had a decent quake plus about 20 other tremors and this is all the time BUT NO news any place as usual. The bigger one was a 6.2 mag and felt in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Wasilla. Mammouth Lakes Cal. also went rolling big last night too with NINE quakes in 4 hours. That is way too close to yellow to dismiss the activity. Yellow’s roads are melting you know?!!See the methane rumbles are one thing and scary, but what really alerts me to do this telling is look at the depths on all these quakes. SHALLOW and that is not good news folks. That means the magma is at that depth. SO if you see a quake with a 2 km depth magma is 2 km under your feet there from this quake. When the methane erupts that gas releases and magma is forced up to fill that gas space, this is what is so alarming. — Many comments on the volcano site to see how it felt. That too is good info to know so you know what you are feeling and can know what to expect. They list near 200 per day but still are hiding some from public view. Etna rumbled big yesterday and she is burping since 4 or 5 months ago no let up in sight. Greece told me this as they felt etna’s quakes and they are rocking every day too and those people are pissed and saying it in these comments. So think about that one, a volcano site not showing a quake at a volcano? Must have been a roller!! Also note, Pakistan 2 quakes yesterday at 5.5 and 5.4 mags, so if you see heads rolling there question how that is when the ground is moving so much!! LOL…. such lies are out there Grandma. Geo has made all of this be and why I am now focusing on it because geo is a nightmare yes, but we are past that now earth is reacting big time and that is where we need to focus for safety as well. I know much! Ask me I want to help. God help us all – pray He protects us!! Best, Hawkeye.

  8. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Hawkeye I have many more questions for you about “geo”. Tonight I have no time but I will in a day or two. I wish I could sit and just talk with you, so much to talk about. I too garden and just that with the effects from geo is a conversation in itself. Hope you are washing things really well. 10 washings of green beans and I can still see tiny specks in the water and sometimes it’s like oil on them. Look with a magnifying glass, very disgusting. I’ve looked at tomatoes in the garden when the sun hits them and they sparkle. Chem dust is on everything! Don’t go away, I’ll post again under this article, need more info from you. I have to read everything Dane writes, radio shows and videos. I have an obsession with this subject. I guess because so many people won’t look up or believe, here is the place to be with others who are awake. I always read all the comments. I love hearing what other concerned people have to say. I’m thankful for all Dane does and the info he provides us. Take care all

  9. Hawkeye says:

    More info. cont. due to replies received on my priors…….. On the Discovery channel about 14 years ago we were all introduced to geo-engineering’s supposed birth with a documentary they put out called “Project Earth” and it is on DVD today ask any Library system if they have it. Called Project Earth because that is what it has been named by officials and it IS an official federal gov. program in place and we pay for it… and in more ways then just currency. At that time I did not realize what I was watching other then some silly ass show about how the government was funding this program and it’s scientists to fulfill the mission statement of: Reducing sunlight by 2% from hitting the surface of the earth to save the planet from global warming/climate change. Exact words. – So they proudly introduced geo and all the “cool” inventions these mad scientists were coming up with and showed 3 or 4 examples. The one most desired and addressed thought presented by the scientists was solar shields out in space like our satellites are to reflect the suns rays from the planet. They tried & tried to make this be so but could not feasibly produce the trillions of lenses needed to make up one shield nor could they get a rocket manufactured that would be operational to do this. The lenses were too thin and delicate and every blast off test attempt was retrieved with broken lenses. Then the costs figured to do this, needing of course more then just one solar shield, they ended up needing, I don’t know something like a million of them to surround the globe and at 5 trillion PER shield, well this was not economically feasible without collapsing the global economies. SO that being said, tried and failed, looks like the more cost effective emergency decision became to enhance, increase and replace ingredients to upgrade the spraying program of the stratosphere. Interesting though, is the fact that this Project Earth program shown on Discovery NEVER stated anything about spraying the atmosphere with chems as one of the solutions or inventions, even though we now know it was already in play 14 years ago and prior. To me it looks as if that is when the cooling ingredients really kicked in to the spray formula and I say this because all the phoney news we get lately is saying things have been cooling, not warming, for about the last 15 years. BINGO. Same dates…coincidence? Hmmm. I am writing so much to help you all understand and then you can make others understand better with logic rather then fear. It works better I think. People are afraid to accept it and/or to just say it with all the nonsense going on today I get that – BUT, this is no secret and why I tell these public facts, so no fear it is out there on TV and no one remembers or saw it. The secret is just a denial of public information because of all else I have written. This is how I logically see it. All I say, about earth IS responding right this minute and has been for a while, is truth and the evidence is in all the earthquakes and volcanic activity I also mentioned. I know earth has earthquakes blah blah, but what is happening today, and NOT reported is no where near normal activity. Normal quakes per year used to be any where from 20 to 200 a year globally. TODAY and yesterday we are at 200 per day globally. YEA! Are you shocked? I’ll bet you are. News has reported maybe 10. LOL…. but this too is public info. go seek it out it is important to know to save lives because something is really wrong with this and many nations already are having 10, 20 up to 40 quakes a day! NO kidding. Can you imagine what life must be like in these places. That is the equivalent of about one quake every 2 hours. OMG! California is one “state” of 2 rocking like this every single day now right here in USA and that is what I said is happening earlier, thermal expansion of earth’s crust, pole shift, the earth is pissed at all the BS. Can’t say I blame her one bit and in fact I am routing for her despite it might be meaning I go bye bye too. So you folks should be watching and paying attention to this activity it in my opinion is the reason for so many lies and cover ups. On the site they have “I Felt It” links for people in these quakes to write in their locations and experiences. THAT is the best most true news you can get today. Real people right after a rumble fearful and spilling their honest guts out! Another reason I know so much. People around the globe told me so. They also tell me on almost every list how most of them heard a loud boom at the beginning of the quake or seconds before it began. THAT is the methane gas exploding and then comes the quake. That is the proof this is what I say right there and nothing else should be questioned. Most don’t understand what that boom was they heard, but they say it and if you really pay attention to news you know they did report a quake or two recently and Cal. was most recent near San Fran. Listen to how people describe things with all of this in mind and you will see many common threads sewn in my direction. These methane explosions occurring are also responsible for landslides, sinkholes and big cracks appearing out of no place, or recently in Russia that big hole that just appeared….well when something underground explodes it pushes dirt up and out away from it. The pics for that news showed exactly that, all the dirt blown OUT from the hole and laying around the upper outside of the hole. That was a methane explosions and nothing will change my mind on that. I have some experience with that subject too from a previous employment position in security. So I know what an explosion looks like and does. Just trying to help!! Heads up people, get out of the way if you can or know what is real and try to be ready for it should we be spared. Best wishes to all.

  10. Steve says:

    Well put, Dane! It is a sad situation indeed when BOTH the environmental organizations, allegedly caring deeply about the well-being of the planetary biosphere, AND the churches, allegedly caring deeply about all humanity’s spiritual well-being…BOTH OF THEM deny the truth of geoengineering plainly visible to anyone with eyes to see, right over our heads. I’m beginning to wonder if Christ had more than one meaning in mind when He said, regarding the many upheavals of the latter days, “When these things begin to happen, LOOK UP, lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near”(Luke 21:28)
    Alas, neither of these bunches of would-be shepherds and watchdogs seems to be able to simply tilt their heads back, and see what’s really going on! Unreal.
    For one of the few “Christian” music videos that even tries to deal with the geoengineering morass of denial and deception, try “Boil the Frog”

  11. Hawkeye says:

    Hi Skywatcher Grandma – Thank you for your reply. You ask perfectly logical questions and I can and will give you more info. no problem happy to help. That is why I am printing this, to help! OK, let me try to answer you on most, we both talk long…lol. – I find geo spraying to have ZERO benefits to anything, but I also feel this way about chem-o therapy. ( notice the chem in chemo ) I am not a fan of chems either. I am a health conscience person. But when a loved one gets cancer and is told chemo is the remedy and with it 5 years is the prognosis, or no chemo and death is in 6 months. What do you do? This is where we are with earth. So I hate geo, I am out of business because of it because I know and now I can’t sell paradise. I am a Realtor. I can only sell what I believe in and now….well you know. I watch dolphins wash up dead on our beaches, red tide kills over & over, I saw my friends dogs vomit uncontrollably and go into convulsions after swimming in the poison geo gulf of mexico. I will not go in any more. We have a flesh eating virus now in the gulf too. I loved to fish, now I won’t do it. I also love to farm and garden grow and nothing will grow, I hate grocery produce. I live as indigenous as possible in a modern world. My life is over because of this horrific element now in our every day lives and everyone is acting like nothing is wrong except me, I cry almost every day looking at our skies. Sci-fi skies I call them. Are you getting my position clearly now? SO, the benefits of geo? Well if we must pull one out, and just like chemo, it buys time. An awfully ignorant yet consistent decision by governments it is but this is what they do as I said with all things today. When was the last time you heard a local gov. say, hey let’s put vitamin C in the water to help people stay well? LOL… never, they force fluoride, a drug, instead. Nothing is natural ever and that is my choice, so I do not do any of their chems. I do it my ways. But, if you read Dane’s article from I think it was 9/8/14, talking to an insider of the geo planners, it shows what I say to be correct. They do not know what to do, all they know is chems for meds, earth is sick and without hundreds of trillions of dollars to do solar shields in space this was the emergency decision. The only reason we are seeing it so much now and all of a sudden last 2 years is because, and like all their other BS, it is failing. This is what always happens after time the product med needs to be increased. The body gets immune or needs more and more, like all drugs do. Because it is not a cure it is a time buyer. So side effects are enormous and this is exactly what is happening on a planetary level. You know we come from the earth, the earth made us and man thinks he knows better. I agree with you it is insanity in the umpth degree but if this heat is not controlled we fry. What do you do? Fry or take chemo? Geo is destroying the ozone layer OF the atmosphere in the process to cool the air but this is the trade off just like california is the trade off to save other lands. They can’t save it all they do not know what to do and yes you are right, they are NOT God but act like it and this too is why it all is happening. Godless people for too long destroying earth’s environment for wealth & power and now it is out of control and they are still trying to be the last man standing. Idiots. The time to do something better is gone. They in my opinion are panicking now. We can imagine all sorts of reasons we are not being told anything and we are, and again, this is why I am in here telling you all of this. Because they are all fibbing to cover this. Imagining is very healthy for the brain good, do it and then take the next step to seeking out your questions. All you need to do is ask for the truth and it will come. What do you want, ask God and you will see because truth is God and when you ask for it you are opening the door to let His energy in to assist you. A power it is. This is where all minds need to go now and if there is any miraculous tangibility to it all maybe we can somehow mentally bring some kind of energies in to help us or protect us. I am sorry to be the messenger this time, but what I see is bad and no geo will stop it and yes it will be endless misery with geo, like chemo, until earth finally breaks through it all and does her thing. She is trying. They are trying to stiffle her. I know a lot because I ask God for truth every day. I also have too much time now with no sales happening, so I work on my own education because I do not believe tales laced from hate and that is all we get in news and all else. If hate is in it question your butt off. If love or good intentions are behind it, well you hit the lotto then Grandma! I could go on and on ask me anything and if needed I will forward some proof. I hate to give out links though because it is monotonous and most is propaganda and I worry on the true stuff it might disappear from the public eye if I tell my secrets. So please try to read of and past my words and get the implications as well. I know we were not given a choice and I also know we have laws in place that do not permit any of this and yet there it is. Dane also had posted once a good article of one of his friends calling the FL local EPA and questioning geo and the woman was great! Seems this element giving our consent is also above the seats we think are the drivers. EPA is not allowed to know any of what the “climate people” are doing. They do this I think to not have panic. It most likely would happen but I agree with you there too, don’t know unless you try. Point is, we have no power as we are supposed to and why is that? Well if you pass over the hate element telling you it is NWO wants you dead blah blah then what’s left? What’s left is a bona fide reason for it all. Now bona fide does not mean sane, it just means there is a real problem. ,,,Now, one more answer, monsanto’s gmo foods. IF the planet is being poisoned then plants won’t grow as I spoke in my garden and Dane has said too right? SO this is why the mad scientists created chem food, oh excuse me, genetically modified. Still has chem in the ingredients, all they know, see?? They can not feed 6 billion mouths if food won’t grow, so we need gmo fake food that does grow in poison dirt, we need more robots and computers because they do not get sick like people will and are from poison skies. Very easy to see why gmo is being pushed by government. Do you see it is not tyranny on purpose really but still it is tyranny but from panic and insanity. Truth removes fear and confusion and why it helps people. I want to give something good in case we are about to meet our maker!! So I have a good eye and a big voice to give and here I am giving it to you all. Time is short in my opinion. I’ll be back don’t worry. I want to help, it is needed. People need to know most importantly now, know what is real so you can stay healthy well, and know how to plan your life. Many need to get out of the way, this is all we can do now, no more chems, no more spraying etc. etc. it is over. BUT something better awaits those who are truther’s and trust in God. Believe, it too is truth. Call again, enjoyed it!

  12. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Hawkeye I found your post interesting, but I think you need to elaborate more on what you think the benefits of “geo” are. You said “We are being sprayed because of these methane gas releases in to the atmosphere because they heat it up just as they heat up the oceans. So, geo is to combat that gas in the atmosphere.” I thought because of the “geo” as you call it, it was trapping the heat and gasses on earth and not letting it out into the atmosphere, because of their constant “shield” up there. So how is it combating that gas? My thoughts are the reflective particles are not just reflecting the sun back into space but also bouncing it back onto earth. All that reflection everywhere is why the sun blinds you now, and it feels so hot, and the sky is no longer black at night. The particles are making it hotter on earth if you ask me. On days they spray very little, the sun isn’t so glaring and it seems smaller and less hot. We need sun, we need clean air and water. Geo is destroying all forms of life, so are we better because of it? I don’t think so. My windows are covered with these particles, seen when the sun hits the glass directly. The air is saturated with it. Would we be better off if this program had never started? How do they know it would be 100 degrees everywhere? Without that shield the heat and gasses would escape into the atmosphere. I thought the atmosphere protected the earth, so why destroy it with particulate? The earth temps have changed for billions of years, and it has taken care of it’s self. I feel geoengineers are playing God, like they think they know better. I’ve read several times how some professor in WI decided after 911 the earth temps had increased a couple degrees with the grounding of the planes. Really? The temps are all over the place in Sept. Yet they decide the “contrails were cooling the earth”, after a couple of days without them. Even though they dissipated in seconds back then. Sorry but I don’t buy it. The weather is being traded as a commodity, Monsanto has aluminum and drought resistant seeds. People are making money off this. They are controlling the weather, flooding some out and causing droughts for others, look at all the severe storms now. Look at what is being done to CA. What is that really about? Could it be the food supply? They know about operation Popeye from Viet Nam, they know how to make it rain, yet CA frys. I’d love to know more of your thoughts on how this program is making things better. No mention of Haarp and moving the jet stream around, how does that fit in? I think most people are trying to understand why this is being done, we need as much info as we can get to make sense of it all. How can we not imagine all sorts of reasons when we are not being told anything. We have not been asked for our consent. I don’t think the world would panic but we have not been given a choice. We are smarter than they think. Please post more of your info. I might be an old Grandma but I crave info, as everyone else does too. Thank God for Dane and his website and everyone who posts comments. Since our gov won’t tell us anything we must depend on each other for information.

  13. Hello Dane and All geoengineering activists, I hope you get to read the below report which comes at this perfect time with it’s almost prophetic title 🙂

    This confirmed my feeling that perhaps we are finally at the tipping point. Good luck on Saturday at the Global Chemtrail and Geoengineering March THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

  14. Hawkeye says:

    Dane you are 100% correct about the march. I too rolled my eyes seeing no mention of geo from these supposed activists and a big shame on them! Most people see but can not accept this truth of geo-engineering. I understand because I am out of business because of my awareness and acceptance of it. Can’t sell paradise when it is lost, so I can’t sell to earn now. Extremely frustrating it is yes. Even more frustrating is those who do see and do acknowledge like we all do, and this is to all of you in here also, yet you still do not get it all completely. Top comment mentioning illuminati is a perfect example of what I mean. Listen folks, if we are going to do this then let’s do it without the propaganda please. Global warming is coming from earth’s core. That heat is rising up through ocean floors via methane gas releases and as explosions which then create an earthquake and rise up out of the ground or ocean and up into the atmosphere. Geo is psycho YES, BUT geo is not up there for kicks & giggles or for the illuminati to kill you. PLEASE stop this madness and possibly that may get more ears a tuned to the truths we are trying to warn of. We are being sprayed because of these methane gas releases in to the atmosphere because they heat it up just as they heat up the oceans. SO, geo is to combat that gas in the atmosphere. Geo is to reduce sunlight by 2%, reflect sunlight off the planet, and COOL the air from the methane gas heat. That is the purpose of it. Without it we would most likely be seeing temps all over the globe be in the 100’s ( climate change ). That is why it is called “global warming” & “climate change” and this treatment of geo is what they do with everything no surprise, geo is exactly the same as all their worthless meds are. Chemicals, chemicals is all they believe in. So geo is like chemo. A poison chem med to kill a tumor that has numerous side effects some worse then the actual disease. Can I get an AMEN there!? – Every single treatment option in medicine today does this. Now, try using my example to get attention to your warnings. Next – explain it. What is wrong is titled “Thermal Expansion of Earth’s Crust” CAUSED by global warming of earth’s core. Global warming – the word says it – globe warming, NOT the air, the GLOBE!! The air is an effect of the cause. SO, if the GLOBE is warming then climate change is simply that word too, the climates are all becoming one temp. Climate CHANGE. Yes, if a northern state “changes” to a hot “climate”, then you have CLIMATE CHANGE. I seriously doubt it will ever be announced as such publicly through TV news sources because of the obvious reason of panic it would cause. The world as we’ve known it – is ending. Panic will arise yes. Although I do believe if it were to make headlines after panic set in most would rally to the cause to save lives etc. But we will never know this and a shame it is. The planet IS responding to pollution over decades and also now, geo. Everything we are seeing, giant egg algea balls washing up on shore, dead forests, white spray skies etc. etc. etc., is ALL a reaction by earth. RESPONDING to poison and trying to spit it out. Stopping geo means we fry. We are in an unchangeable quagmire unfortunately. Geo to me is governments in panic. It IS a “world wide” spray program – think hard about that and then apply it to news and the fake talk radio people. World wide means all gov.’s around the globe came together at a table and ALL agreed to do this, because USA does not have alone, enough planes to spray the entire planet. SO, cooperation by other nations military are in play. Here is more food for thought – do you really believe the “open” borders are also just for kicks & giggles from a crazy prez.? If you do you are still not awake. You’re not thinking!! All those countries being “let in” the open doors, well I beg to differ on the reasons why that is happening and applying sheer logic, I see evacuations. Due to what I just said about panic arising, well then since it is all a big secret how can they tell you the truth on anything? So they keep the hate theme going to distract you away from the fact that S.America & Central America ( just to name 2 )are out of control with natural disasters from global warming. They are having daily numerous quakes, they have several volcano’s blowing too and their local news reports are telling people to evacuate from volcanic ash clouds. They are also ( most of them ) bankrupt. They can not feed, shelter or even provide drinking water to their people, so they are sending them to the nearest safer place – USA. Same dam thing is happening in Indonesia. DO your homework! Other then this site, which is wonderful by the way, you MUST do your own research and ask questions. How do you think I know all of this? Thermal Expansion of Earth’s Crust facilitates the need for geo-engineering. Exact words off the scientific report being followed by governments. Maybe if we had caught this global event back before geo began we would have had more options, but now it is too late. All we can do now is pray. Earth is going to do what she has to do no matter what is in the sky, can’t stop her. She does not give a hoot about their power or wealth or their methods. Earth has been through more then we can possibly imagine and for thousands, maybe millions, of years BEFORE our stupid ass’s came to be. LOL…. let her do her thing regardless of geo she will blow and is in line as we speak. Get out of the way if you can and pray. That is where we are. Know the dam truth and why things are as they are. Seek out quake info. Volcanic info. pay attention to your earth yourself! If your neighbor won’t listen to your warnings then who cares. Protect yourself is all you can do because really, telling people is doing what? They can not do anything, most likely why they won’t accept it. Telling is ONLY to help people stay well and give a heads up. Earth will remove geo on her own, we can do nothing there. Too late. These reports I speak of being followed, well the prognosis without geo is complete extinction in 6 years. This “might” happen anyway, but I do not think so. Earth is going to blow soon so she can heal. Volcano’s and quakes – fire, pole shift, all possibilities. Fire is how earth will remove the chems, only way now. It’s all in the Bible too. Ignore the stupid activists, the protests, all of it. Matters not. ONLY you and what YOU do matters to YOU. The natural disasters happening every day now from all of this are becoming way to numerous and loud to keep hidden. It will surface on it’s own very soon, no worries there. A real live person on the ground just told me last night that austrailia, having so many quakes every day for months now, well they are now beginning a seismic testing for GAS to see what’s going on. This is it coming out. You can go to to view daily activity, but even there at 150+ quakes listed every 24 hrs., some are not shown. But it is a good source for excellent people info. Do it! Then you can try to get Utah states seismic watch for yellowstone who is also about to blow it seems. There aren’t many, but they exist for information and ALL listed quake/volcano activity is by government agencies like USGS etc. around the globe. Time to really wake up people. Thanks for reading. Sorry so long!

  15. Pat Price says:

    Dane it’s true that fear of retribution keeps us from taking deliberate action. In some cases valid threats have been made. It can be quite uncomfortable when you no longer garner the acceptance of your family and peers because of your action or lack thereof. We may also want to fit in or we may desire not to stand out. Many people choose to close their eyes to the true horror that confronts them on this planet at this time.

    There is an ongoing,concerted effort by a group who desires to own and control the planet and all the resources. They scheme to mould our impressions of our world for us, to our eventual demise. Many call them the “Illuminati” and there are more controversial names. Geoengineering is quite possibly the final front in the war against the Gentile.

  16. citizen in California says:

    Thanks so much for your response to last weekends march on the east coast. When I started reading all the propaganda wording and attack on the marchers I thought this is a lesson for us out here on the west coast. I also noted that there was NO MENTION of the skis above….what a crime.

  17. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    I’m so frustrated at all the people who never look up and don’t believe this crap is going on! I’ve long admired Senator Bernie Sanders, he always seems to be for the people and protecting SS and Medicare, he’s for the middle class and poor. I’m so very very disappointed in him right now. He is calling for a “Carbon Tax”. Geoengineering is putting more carbon and pollution in the atmosphere than anything else. When are people going to wake up! I just don’t get it, what is wrong with people that they can’t see what is right in front of their faces? Today after many days of decent blue sky except for a few of their man made puffy clouds, today I watched chemtrails being sprayed everywhere with many many jets doing it, going in every direction. SOOOO very obvious to anyone who would just look up. Many of these trails being pumped out had some weird designs to them, not the usual ones at all. I’m so sick of this I could scream. I can hardly stand any of this “ignoring the obvious”. Can’t people see the particles on their windows when the sun hits the glass directly? Do they think Mother Nature put those colored nano particles in the air? I’m including some of what Bernie wrote…. He included pictures of him and Bill McKibben at the March. I wrote to Bill but never heard a word back. I guess neither of these guys look up. I’m all for reducing emissions but I am NOT for a Carbon Tax!… From Bernies Blog…
    Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators marched through Manhattan on Sunday to demand bold action to combat global warming. Sen. Bernie Sanders joined the march that organizers said drew 400,000 people. Bernie and Sen. Barbara Boxer are the co-sponsors of the most comprehensive climate change legislation in Congress – a bill that puts a tax on carbon and billions of dollars into energy efficiency and sustainable energy. In interviews in New York City, Bernie said that it was an international embarrassment that the Republican Party was blocking almost all efforts to reduce carbon emissions. “You have a major political party that is rejecting science and is impeding us at every step of the way,” said Bernie, who serves on the Senate energy and environment committees. “The only way to put pressure on government is to do exactly what we are doing today—taking to the streets.”

    Bernie praised fellow Vermonter Bill McKibben, who founded the international environmental group “Bill and all those who worked with him to organize this extraordinary demonstration know that the only way we defeat the powerful fossil fuel companies, and reduce carbon emissions, is when people around the globe take to the streets and demand action from their governments. Sunday’s march was a great step forward in that effort.”

  18. Laura Sutton says:

    Laura Sutton CK…You are absolutely right………I wonder if the increases spraying right now is caused by 1) anticipation of losing a day or two this weekend because they don’t want to spray on The Global March Day(s) this weekend 2) anticipation of greater awareness and outrage regarding geoengineering…in general and even partially as a result of this coming weekend of protest. I don’t doubt that the nucleus of power in this geoengineering policy is huge and strong and determined. They probably view us like annoying buzzing flies BUT it’s been proven historically that very angry and determined small amounts of people become bigger….and that great power can be eventually wielded by groups such as ours. Lets stay strong and lets stay smart………..and spread the word.

  19. Howard says:

    Today in Houston geoengineering to the max.Great blu skys from Northern cool front.Massive chemical crisscrossed turning the shy silver blue.Catholic, the mega church Lakeway and all others silence. You are right $$$$$
    The biggest Cancer Industry heremaking $$$$ by fist full. The churches and Cancer Industry love each other.The say they are saving us.Want to give the dvd out at these churches, Amen.

  20. Blue Sky Lover says:

    Permaculture is 100% part of the solution. However permaculture is useless if the weather makers turn off your weather. Lets end this madness 1st, then get all the smart ideas rolling.

  21. kat canto says:

    Your reading my mind!!! Exactly what I was thinking. >^..^<

  22. Well said Dane & I concur wholeheartedly, as someone from within the Green Party who has tried to get our environmentalist colleagues on board. In Cyprus, we are the only Green Party who dares to campaign about this & sadly most of our European Greens are in denial & have so far refused to consider this a serious issue. Cyprus may be a small country but we do look up & we see what’s going on. Linda Leblanc, Elected Pegeia Town Councillor, Cyprus Green Party

  23. Doug says:

    Well said! Thanks Dane! I get so frustrated Sunday after Sunday when our pastor goes up on stage and talks about the weather (being either good or bad at that moment), when I have given him numerous geoengineering links, videos, data, and even written prayer requests. I’ve traded emails with him. Still nothing. No response to any of it. I even checked to see if we could have a screening of your DVD and/or “Look Up” at church. Guess what that answer was? I’m sure he thinks it’s just a conspiracy because he doesn’t hear about on the news. He would clearly prefer to stay asleep. Beyond that, even if he did pay any attention to it, I am not convinced he would have the guts to do or say anything about it to anyone. On the other hand, friends of mine that go to the same church (not on staff, but just regular members) are very open to hearing/learning about geoengineering and some of them have even become activists – so there is hope… but not when there is money or church politics and a public perception at stake.

  24. Heidi Schunke says:

    I studied permaculture under Vladislav Davidson of Berkley, CA. He would be well qualified to design and present a class called: “How to Balance Nanotechnologically Altered California Climates”
    needs to be a permaculture 201 course.

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