Dimming The Sun, The Climate Engineering Assault Continues


Creating "global dimming" is the stated goal of numerous geoengineering patents, it is one of the primary goals of the atmospheric spraying. Climate engineering is the epitome of human insanity, "Global Dimming" is a direct result of the constant spraying of our skies with toxic metals and chemicals. Though countless forms of human emissions  into the atmosphere are contributing to the "global dimming" phenomenon, mathematically speaking climate engineering far exceeds all other factors combined. The BBC documentary linked below is an extremely important watch for any that wish to better understand the truth, and the dynamics of the all out assault on planet Earth by the climate engineers. Though the film makers did not make mention of the ongoing geoengineering programs, the implication is there. The "global dimming" effect (created by the aerosol spraying insanity) can create short term cooling scenarios, it comes at the cost of a much worsened overall warming. In addition, the entire planet is being contaminated from the fallout. Each and every breath we take is laden with toxic heavy metal particulates from the aerosol spraying. If the science community as a whole does not show the courage to stand up and speak out, very soon, it will be game over for planet Earth.  This 6 minute film clip should be extremely alarming for any that are even slightly awake. 
Dane Wigington


BBC Panorama documentary on Global Dimming
from Robin Westenra (above).

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  1. Arthur Radtke says:

    The first PBS site was blocked in the USA due to copyright issues. The 2nd PBS copy Dimming The Sun had issues with any written words on the screen coming up backwards.The documentary was in a screen within a screen with a green on black background that moved vertically from top to bottom. It was a minor distraction.  But I wanted to watch the movie Skyder ALERT.com/store and the site came up as unavailable with a site that had a heading that said gonorrhea instead.  I sure would like to see that movie as well.

  2. Gabby says:


    I'm a 60s girl. Over the decades, as the evolving change in weather, sun,water,food and toxins we are exposed too is very unsettling!

    I remember the blue skies over the horizen sun rising in the morning ..enjoying days at parks, back yard cook outs,never worrying about ozone, sun burn, cancer, toxins..

    If anyone cannot see..feel the eerie atmosphere ambience, they are blind.there is this wiere hue ,strange feeling and strange patterns in the clouds colors shapes sizes.

    The past ten years I've sat and watched these changes.I live on top of a mountain and get 360 view of the skies.

    The sun in the summer burns your skin.burns it within minutes!

    Swimming is not an option. The suns rays plowing on top of your skin is unbearable.

    Winter this year has been strangest of all! One day 60 degrees in Jan?wake up to frudgid below freezing temps!

    I got up at 6 am .sat looked out the window as I always do.I seen a blue sky!!! Within minutes the trails came.not clouds.trails!

    They lingered for an hour or so..then completely covered our whole county and the sun is not able to shine upon us today..again!!

    I feel like its a terrible nightmare a movie its not real! But it is real!

    Our whole skies have changed..weather..sunrises..sunsets..all changed. Its actually eerie! A stillness a weird feeling..sometimes the clouds are purple!! Orange and a tint to them!

    I never thought I'd live to see the days of such changes ..and its very unnerving! I feel as tho it will never be the same!

    Fresh air.sunny skies.beautiful sunsets..and breezy summer mornings.

    How can anyone possibly not see .these changes!

    Global warming.climate control.weather control.geo engineering ..ect.

    I'm on board with you. 100%

    I miss the old days gonel +(


    • Mike Norledge says:

      sometimes..all I need is the air that i breathe and to love you? hey Gabby.. it's so wrong 🙁

    • Thomas C. Liebl says:

      Thank you for your comment! That´s exactly what I´m experiencing, here in Germany, but I cannot share it with the people and (former) friends around me. I´m with you!

      God bless you and all of us.
      Thomas C.

  3. Jo Milligan says:

    Hi Dane, 

    I wish it was possible for you to make a new documentary film about 'Global Dimming'.  I live in the U.K. and we have hardly seen the sun this year, everyone is sick!  Every time there is a gap in the clouds and/or we get a reasonable day, they chemtrail constantly until we can no longer see the blue sky and sun and then we have more days/weeks of solid cloud. 

    If you google 'Global Dimming' all you get is BBC stuff or very old stuff and I think really this is something that needs to be updated. As we know 'Global Dimming' was created to deflect sunlight etc…. well, it isn't working, so it should be stopped ASAP.  It is the Trojan Horse for stopping 'climate engineering'.  As you have mentioned so many times, it is our food supply that is going to disappear soon, which is most likely the whole idea behind it, to create scarcity and war etc.  So if we could shed light on the fact, 'Global Dimming' really isn't a good idea, that it isn't helping, in fact it is doing the opposite. 

    Last year, I and my family went to the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa, and from the time we left England to the south of Spain, it was solid cloud and in places very tightly matted cloud. Also last year when I flew to Ireland, it was solid tightly matted cloud the whole way from when we took off in Southampton to when we landed in Dublin, and you could see them laying down more chemtrails above the matted cloud.

    Leonardo di Caprio did a film on climate change, as I'm sure you saw, where he was used as a shill for the establishment, which basically laid the blame at the foot of China and never mentioned climate engineering. I have a feeling from the look on his face some of the time in the film, he was quite surprised by their analysis.

    If only we could make a film, really setting the record straight, ideally with some big star(s) e.g. Mark Ruffalo (star of 'Spotlight' – the film that exposed the Roman Catholic Church) showing the extent of the cloud, how tightly matted it is now, showing the extent of the damage (without too much yuck factor, like Spotlight, otherwise people won't watch it and ideally showing some positive breakthroughs) but highlighting that this global government policy of global dimming is in no way helping to prevent global warming, indeed it is doing the complete opposite.

    Obviously the film would interview experts on HAARP, weather experts, pilots, etc, and show footage of the Arctic,Antarctic, forests, etc from around the world. I'm sure it would have more impact thane a thousand speeches e.g. "Why in the World are they spraying" was a totally brilliant film and to this day, still has an enormous effect on waking people up.

    The thing I would ask is, because this is a global problem, not just a U.S.A. problem, the film makers would need to travel all over the world, so please could it be a global film.  

    Would you be interested in making a world documentary film?

    Best regards,


    • Egal says:

      Hello Dane.  My deepest respect to you and for what you've been doing g for so long.  You know, I look at the world & how it's falling apart everywhere with wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, earthquakes… and I look at everything you've been saying and teaching and I think: WOW! I mean this is everything Dane has been talking about with 100% verifiable proof and people either don't listen, don't wanna listen or ridicule it and go against it.  People are losing their lives, losing family members, losing their homes and being displaced and their not even speaking up against this, and others are just looking on.  If this world gets destroyed by the people (or should I say monsters) who are trying to destroy it, we will deserve it.

  4. Chuck says:

    Dane, Is President Trump going to shut down the toxic, poisonous, deadly, contaminating-everything, every square centimeter of the earth's surface, especially all earth & ocean grazing surfaces/feedstocks via Spraying chemtrails to upset & overturn the UN/IPCC plans to push & propagandize their blatant & open lust for a world-wide" Carbon-Tax"

  5. Chuck says:

    Measures for environmental protection: Do not allow material (Aluminum Powder) to be released to the environment without proper governmental permits. 


  6. Chuck says:

    Looks like another cover-up, false-flag story to get the public to enthusiastically accept the concept of Global Dimming from particle pollution  as Global Cooling
    Chemtrails does nothing to decrease CO2, but they do most-massively increase the production of dead vegetation CO2, therefore increasing Global Warming

  7. Chuck says:

    USA Government's Authorization to Chemtrails  spray the entire USA with incessant USAF & Civilian airplanes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even decadely  spraying of Congressionally-approved, toxic, poisonous, desiccant, herbicidal, oil-coated nanoparticles, all toxic to all life-forms…

    Public Law 94-490 
    94th Congress 
    "An Act"
    To authorize and direct tlie Secretary of Commerce to develop a national policy on weather modification, 
    and "for other purposes". 

    What are the other purposes not divulged in this Act? 

    -Population reduction control
    -Destruction of millions of forest acreage
    -Destruction of millions of farmland acreage
    -Creation of massive droughts & wildfires
    -creation of Mega-GigaTons of CO2 from dead & dying vegetations
    -promotion of massive health issues, including "death" for humans, animals, birds, bees, insects, all ocean life, all life forms.
    -promotion of Pharmaceuticals Industries sales to medicate Chemtrails injuries
    -promotion of medical doctors & hospitals treatments & fees industries
    -promotion of "carbon taxes"
    -promotion of customized "bad weather" events
    -Promotion of "one World Government.
    -etc., etc., etc.

  8. Aeron says:

    I don't understand why he is saying "contrails" in the video, while clearly looking at chemtrails on the satellite footage…. ??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Aeron, the documentary film makers cannot use the climate engineering terms, or acknowlege the reality, and still get their film released.

  9. martin says:

    Lacing the skies with Toxins to combat man's polluting activities is a Global version of giving a sick Patient ,with a terrible diet an extended course of Chemical Drugs & diet supplements , rather than addressing the root cause of his malady . Trouble is that addressing the root cause of our Planets malady doesn't generate Billions in sales for the Toxin Vendors.. 

  10. Bridget says:

    The chemtrail spraying here in central Maine typically increases temperatures in spring, summer, and fall.

  11. Bill says:

    Might be the script blockers I use, but the "Global Dimming" link at the top or this page, seems to refuse to load the Video?

    I found another URL that loads quickly & plays immediately.

    I've listed that URL in this comment post.

    Not sure if this may be useful or not, but a backup resource could be useful I suppose?

  12. Tim says:

    The Govt hides this spraying and they hide how bad the economy is. Most stocks have lost a ton. They kicked the can down the road but we have debts that we cannot pay. The USA is done. You will have a few winners since they have so much cash but the average person is done. If you add in IOUs that we have, our debt is more like 150T (Trillion). It is over for us as a Country. If you don't believe it, you are in denial.

  13. Alida says:

    I watched the full length program and reached the same fear/conclusion Carol made that a globally coordinated PLAN would have to be set in place to balance a systematic reduction in both problems. By the end of the presentation, I realized we can choose between ongoing toxic particle spraying with imminent drought/ famine and underwater cities caused by too rapid a warming when the skies are clear, or a scorched earth. I  have been aware of the spraying for several years and monthly post my own vids to my FB page of what I document in the mountains of NC.I have tested my rain and am awaiting the snow results. I have seen worsening behavioral changes in mood dysregulation in school age children in a mental health practice for the last 12 years.

    • Carolyn says:

      I have lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Upon moving here my common phrase every morning when I woke up was another sunny day with nothing but blue skies. Sadly that phrase doesn't get repeated anymore. 

    • Kristin says:

      Hi Aleda – I too live in Western NC and we get a heavy dosing of chemtrails daily here.  There are MANY changes in mood, behavior, malaise, pain, gastrointestinal issues and in general an all-over feeling of depression and flu like symptoms.  

  14. ToxiCom says:

    Dec 2015 — Washington, DC area is sprayed almost daily — a two-day period without seeing chemtrailers is now so rare as to be a celebrated anomaly.  Literally, chemical dousing every other day.  It has been so for many years.

  15. Jeff Griffin says:

    have you googled images of what our clouds looked like  thirty years ago? Click "images". 
    This is bottom of the ninth, man 

  16. Jimbo says:

    here in Fond du Lac,WI our skies are consistently being sprayed daily.Its been so bad that it is surprising when we have a day where there isnt a chemical haze covering the sky or trails upon trails all over the place.Its amazing how obvious it is yet there are still so many people who refuse to believe anything is wrong.I am so greatful for people like dane and websites like this.There is no greater threat to our future than these issues.Thank u for everything u r doing

  17. Gary says:


    Ive watched a couple of your broadcasts and one of your conference vids. But my biggest question really, is if these chemtrails are not only poisoning us, the general population, but they must also be poisoning the people and the families of the very people that are instigating and carrying this out.

    Which kind of doesnt make sense, so whats your opinion on the fact that they're willingly killing themselves and their families?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gary, I answer your question in detail in almost every presentation I do, hope you will keep investigating. Presentations are on the home page of geoengineeringwatch.org

    • Larry Charles says:

      Gary, Your question to Dane is simple and straight forward, but the answers, (plural) are several and very complex.  Those answers can indeed be gleaned from Danes articles, but that will require a lot of reading and listening.  I do not recall seeing an article dedicated exclusively to your question, and such a singularly 
      focused article would be a helpful tool for approaching others.  But Dane has a lot on his plate. Larry

  18. Frann says:

    I live off grid and the constant haze cuts down on the power I am able to generate each day. 

    • ToxiCom says:

      This is why "solar energy" is actually another control mechanism, that makes money for the elite owners now, allows them control in the future, and ultimately suppresses and subjugates those pursuing solar energy — by costing them now and ensuring their enslavement in the future.  True alternative energy sources are not controllable by The Powers That Shouldn't Be.

  19. wisconsin says:

    Here in Wisconsin we are getting sprayed almost everyday.  All day the plans are leaving trails of death. A full sun day is rare.  

    Horse are getting cancer and strange bumps on the skin.  The snow is not melting as it should.  Rail tankers carry the poison to the Milwaukee and Michigan airports.  Every month there is a huge string of black rail tankers.  

    The cloud cover is made up of chemtrails.  Real clouds are not part of our sky anymore.  So much for clean Midwest living. 

    • John Celee says:



      OH I FORGOT, Jim Willie from GOLDEN JACKASS exposed ISIS as being Operated out of ANKARA and funded by the US Govt secret Langley Virginia connection.

  20. Laurie says:

    Dane Wigington, you are amazing and greatly appreciated! But although some may say you are cynical, I wonder if you are cynical ENOUGH. I don’t believe a word about “stated purposes” of chemtrails with these psychopaths. What if that is all just PRETEXT? That they offer SOME reason for chemtrails, but not the real one, which is (according to my best understanding) to create a transmissible medium for HAARP, to electronically and climatologically control the world, the economies, the land masses, the populations. That they know that it is HAARP itself (an ionospheric HEATER) that is CAUSING the global warming. So they say that it’s all about CO2 and that they are “the good guys trying to help.” But that that’s just a PRETEXT, deception, diversion from their deadly actions. Worse, they say that global warming is “a national security threat” (meaning they can keep these actions CLASSIFIED,) but they themselves are the national security threat! We’ll wind up with no nation at all at this rate!

    Also, PLEASE integrate the (Fukushima) radioactive contamination into your website because it may be even a faster-moving ELE than this is. It’s scary, but people deserve to know. The Pacific Ocean is dying, the marine life, fish, along with the oxygen-giving plankton. (We’re next with health epidemics.) Soon we may neither have much to eat nor to breathe.

    And thank you so very much for your amazing work!! Whatever happens to this world, you are a hero to US.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laurie, yes, all is dying, but its important to remember there are many cuasal factors (though climate engineering is likely the top of the list). In regard to the spraying, there are again many agendas being carried out, none of them benevolent. This being said, it is important to remember that the climate system is severely damaged. Again, there are many causes, climate engineering likely the greatest single factor.

    • ToxiCom says:

      It is very likely that Fukushima was and remains a cover-story for the real source of radioactive poisoning in the Pacific — and that is the unchecked and massive amount of nuclear waste dumped there by the US Navy.  Consider all possibilities, even the worst possible ones.

  21. I have had the same problem as Ana. says:

    Each day I review the news on several websites and I continue to see articles confirming all of the things that I have viewed here but none of the article mention the real reasons that are affecting the various anomilies being discussed. It is interesting that none of the journalists are actually researching what they are writing about, only the observations.

  22. Freedom Ranger says:

    Michel B, WOW God has truly given us the minds to solve any dilemmas we may face. It is good against evil in the Colosseum of the universe.I feel like this is God's entertainment. I mean here we are again good against evil on an infinity of unique planets, once again pitted against each other for God's entertainment an infinity number of times. At least that is how I feel. I really enjoy your posts, you put up a lot of cool and interesting info I never knew before, Thanks. Whodda thunk it, the idea of Whisson is so simple yet so workable I guess all truly great ideas are. The evil in this world simply want to use water as a vital resource of control I fear, this just proves it.

    • Nick says:

      Where else could we be but right here, right now?   It does not seem unreasonable to conclude that we're destined to be where we are, and that it's up to us together as a species to work out our difficulties.  We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves.    God has given us all we need to solve our problems.  In fact its easy and rather fun if you like spending more time with others.   It can only bring out the best in us, not the worst.   If this is God's entertainment, then enjoy it too, as perhaps this is what you were born for.    Have the strength to let go of fear.    This is an eternal struggle after all…against evil and suffering in all its forms throughout all ages, though increasingly   sophisticated now. Stay positive, be the change you want to see in the world, and love even your enemy.   You will transcend lucifer's work with light in the darkness, your strength in times of trouble, your inspiration to those who need it now.   We were born for this.  A warrior spirit in you is called for.    What is  polarizing society is dangerous yes, but an inevitable consequence of advanced development.   Lets not break this society, our cultural development, for within are  the tools needed to resolve even the most serious problems.   We must find a balanced and reasonable way despite  the fear and confusion.  Yeah though I walk through the valley of death etc.    Find the way of the warrior.   You will know you're in possession of it, and not your ugly side, when you feel good about doing the right thing and that it comes from the heart.    Life follows, after all, the prime directive…the basic principle…to become increasingly more complex as an organism.   It's getting difficult for me to keep up at 55, but the demands upon my soul will I'm sure inevitably draw out the best in me and us  as a species.     I hope we can seek to slow things down, modify our beliefs and behaviour, and do so in a beautiful way, but we must learn to control the more dangerous elements of our civilisation too, and those within it (within the oil industry particularly) who are clearly wrapped up in a more Darwinistic, material, interpretation of life.  These people appear to have decided not to  live and let live.   I believe they will not transcend this life-time and foster nothing but pain and ruin for themselves and their families no matter how rich they become.   So if this group exists among us, as I suspect they do, they will believe themselves to be a higher species of humanity, worthy of survival.   They are willing to maim and kill for their beliefs, and perhaps even that the survival of the species depends on their leadership alone (so inadequate they see the mechanics  of democracy).  I suppose too, they believe too, that the natural rights of man are the 'nonsense on stilts' as Bentham claimed, that it is their solemn duty to act in the way that they do.   If you believe this, then you must also act with equal force to counter the malevolence, and do so with discipline, compassion, resistance, and love     Find it in your heart to respond to the highest calling and not be drawn by the them into chaos.  Whether we live or die in this time, our souls will be that much more greater, wonderful, worthy and bright than  those who follow the other path.   Perhaps you may like to remember too, that often we find the devil's chariot pulled by Angels (the pilots and ground crew for example), so judge not hastily the actions of others, for often they know not what they do.       

  23. Michelle March says:

    Lets just leave our planet alone and realize our planet made it this far without any help from us. All we do is pollute..so stop! Grow your own food eat and buy local..and invest in solar and wind energy! Give us back our blue skies!

  24. “Power, like a desolating pestilence,
    Pollutes whate’er it touches; and obedience
    Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
    Makes slaves of men, and, of the human frame, A mechanized automaton.”

    – Percy Shelley –

    Anarchy is the only way out of insanity.

  25. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Cassandra, If this is true it's very encouraging news.I actually had a dream that this was happening.


  26. Michel B says:

    We are now between a rock and a hard place. For all the various reasons that we have reached this point – carbon-based economies, deforestation, energy-intensive agricultural and meat industries, SRM/SAG, continuous wars – we have now incurred our own inevitable destruction.

    As Guy Macpherson says, “To reverse carbon output, modern civilisation has to collapse.” That is a broad statement and immediately my mind tries to imagine methods that could save us:

    – To stop burning coal, we might consider building Solar Thermal Chimneys en masse. These devices can supply power in mega watts and are suitable in many places of the world;

    – Apparently all combustion engines can run on hydrogen technology using water as the fuel and produces little or no pollution, as per Stanley Meyer’s inventions;

    – Reforestation could easily be a global effort given national participation from each country. I will include Biochar here as it is also apparently an excellent carbon sequestration method;

    – Max Whisson’s Water Windmill and proposed Water Desalination Water Road (can work in mega litres per day) can both play an excellent amplifying role in reforestation and reestablishment in wet lands and river, stream and lake systems;

    – Reduce military and economic activity from the way we have operated up until now. These two factors travel hand in hand. Our military activities could not occur without the money printers churning out trillions of fiat dollars to support their so-called wars on terror, which are really just resource grabs from other countries. This point might have to be considered as a first action as it too negatively impacts on other efforts such as those mentioned above.

    Can we do any of the above? They are just suggestions off the top of my head. To happen they would require firstly a revolution in the thinking of enough people to gain momentum. And ‘these people’ are not derived form the current so-called authorities and institutions since they are part of the current dilemma. They are derived from us, ‘We The People’.

    The public has yet to go through the painful lesson-to-come in order to start questioning and then start learning and then start acting. The Powers-That-Be have been acting for a long time now. They are well down the path of planning and implementation of their schemes. The sheep have been herded from plan to plan.

    It is not that we don’t have the means to make the technical transformation. It is that most people do not know how things could otherwise be. We need to start forming communities that are cogent in fair political systems, alternative technologies and are ever vigilant of corruption from inside or outside of their communities. Then education of a better way of living can take hold and hopefully spread.

  27. Grant Loyd says:

    Same situation in SW Missouri of clear mornings, criss crossed CT then by about midmorning totally overcast with what looks like wispy clouds. If you watch the sky after the spraying you can see the trails expand and create the overcast. But as everyone mentions, people refuse to accept reality… the very thought of it upsets peoples’ minds so much they cannot accept it…even though a casual observer can see it happening… particularly true for people like myself who have observed the sky and weather for over 60 years

  28. Freedom Ranger says:

    I wish I was so ignorant that I could believe in false gods or better yet to not even see the trails altogether. That is not my lot. O how wonderful it would be to breathe the trails and just think I was unlucky to have come down with cancer or to see the trails and believe that a myth was going to come and save the day. I know better, there is only one religious law, there really is only one religion that makes sense, Hinduism. Karma makes sense. We got Karma coming to us all.

  29. Cori Gunnells says:

    Sobering. Important for everyone to understand.
    Thank you for posting this.

  30. Leigh Anne says:

    I live in Angier, North Carolina. It is about 45 minutes from the Fayetteville army base. Every single day at 4-5pm they spray our sky’s with god knows what. My 7 year old daughter and I see it every afternoon when we go outside to play after her school day. We go out to gain some “fresh air.” Now I am scared to even bring my children outside. Even my 7 year old knows something is weird about airplanes spraying our skies. Again, even my 7 year old gets it. It’s genocide. I am amazed at how long this has actually been going on. I wish I could have learned all of this sooner. I have only been researching for a few months now and every day I learn of a new jaw dropping event that IS taking place on our planet today. I have also learned of the fluoride in our drinking water and here I am stressing myself over not smoking. I may be to old to begin to be an advocate today, but I promise that my children WILL become great advocates for a better world. I WILL pull my children out of our public school system that lies to our precious children. I WILL ensure that my kids DO whatever it takes to fight for the greater good. I will teach them of the past and how they cared so much for their future generations and that is how it will be in the future. It may not be soon, but good will eventually triumph evil. As said “the government is run by psychopaths.

  31. Chuck S says:

    My name is Chuck and I live in Durham North Carolina USA and have lived here for about 2.5 years. Climate engineering spraying here has been very frequent and pervasive since I moved here. Often the entire sky will be criss-crossed nearly from horizon to horizon. They seem to do it about every month or so and then sometimes they will do it for 2 to 4 days in a row as just now. When I lived in the Washington D.C. area sometimes the sprayings would be so thick and full that the entire sky would literally look like a huge checkerboard or chessboard with the lines crossed in perpendicular formations with one another .

    The web site address I have put there is 19 photos I took in my area of climate engineering sprays and everyone is welcome to share them as they wish. They are all from Durham North Carolina and are in a zip file and all are jpegs.

    Thank you all for your concern and keep up the good fight !
    ~~~ Chuck S

  32. Cassandra Anderson says:


    Other countries have already shot down some of the planes but they are forbidden to report it on our Mainstream Media. They are all owned by the same six corporations and most likely are profiting from this insanity just like the other goons.

  33. Jane says:

    Today I mentioned to someone about the Staged 9/11 event. Another dis-believer. The person thought it was real it seemed to me by what he was replying back. I didn’t mention Climate Modification to them because as stated by many pretty much everyone thinks you are kooky unless you are a critical thinker like the ones that post here.

    I have mentioned this to many people and I only have one person that sincerely believes what is going on.

    Your only hope for sun most likely is this.

    Good luck to all the conscious people out there.

  34. victor says:

    Several times a week, I receive a petition in my email from Change.org. I think that is the site. What if Dane or a very knowable person on this site filed a petition for people all over the world to sign and after a suitable number signed, sent the petition to all heads of state and other politicians and major and alternate media, etc? If worded correctly, this might just help us wake up more people and cause more of those involved such as the pilots flying these planes to come forth.

  35. bob says:

    Hi; I watched the sun come up here in south western Ontario / Canada and went out and took pictures of the chem trails. Our dog is crying and won’t go out. I have a tightness and a dull ache in my head. The sun is almost completely gone now and we have strong winds. This has been one of the coldest ,wet summers on record here. It seems life is about to disappear and every one is oblivious to that fact.

  36. Anon says:

    Come to the march on 27th september.. 12pm portland place outside the BBC building – The REAL people’s climate march.



  37. dave says:

    so where there are deep concentrations of water storage within our trees is where frequency does the most damage, cause it affects the wood fibers of the tree in that area. weakening it to either split from the trunk or a large canopy branch from the top breaks off. look up water storage in trees and how a tree feeds itself and you will know why we are see tree damage in the same repetitive place after storms including rain showers. I agree with dane, its possible that the earth by now is incapable of producing its own natural cloud cover. people in power are just pushing the envelope of what God created is his natural balance. but in the end God is in control of everything

  38. dave says:

    if only you can wipe the white stuff away ? Christ will !

  39. Merlin says:

    … it’s the same here in Switzerland. I’m heating as if it was winter although it was a bit sunny today. But the air is unpleasant and cold except for a few minutes (yesterday), probably when the real weather comes through for a moment. Of course it’s not natural but most people haven’t understood yet.

  40. Angie Home says:

    Well we have certainly been “dimmed” this August here in the UK.

    If only I could have just wipe all this white stuff away August would have been from the start, the month it should be. We have had white-outs, when we have not seen the sunrise for 3 days as they have blocked them out and finished off with white-outs. Gloomy days which are more like November and temperatures of less that the middle of winter.

    The weather reports are now saying we “may” have a high pressure for the weekend Bank Holiday – huh! What they really mean they will stop spraying for 3 days and let us see the sun! But will we really, or will it be just like last year, but a shorter version. Come Bank Holiday Monday will we be able to sit and watch them paste away the blue and the sun? Any “blue” we do see will be already sprayed and turned into a powdered version and any “sun” will be behind a haze no doubt!

    Today we are experiencing a temperature of 14 degrees – this is supposed to be the warmest, sultriest month of the year.

    A month when we would normally wish for a cool breeze – hell it’s freezing here in Cornwall, UK!

  41. Kelly Coote says:

    The bbc has removed the video. No surprise there.

  42. Csaba says:

    connected to global dimming, just remember how the dinosaurs died. the cause of their disappearance is a “global dimming” caused by meteor.

  43. randy says:

    Since the late 80’s I have noticed the subtle increase in haze in our sky. An honest objective observer can see the changes. When flying at 35,000 ft. look up the haze is still there, above the clouds, above the weather, the haze is still there. There’s an unnatural gold glow on the clearest days with a corona surrounding the sun. Aside from what the reports are here one can realize the changes by simply being observant. I was born in the early 50’s neither myself or my healthy contemporary friends complained of fatigue as young adults, today people in there 20’s have complaints regarding a lack of energy. I live 47 degrees n. latitude and personally notice more intensive sun rays on myself and on the leafs of trees as they wilt during summer in spite of more than adequate watering. The Wise know the world they live in.

    • Donna says:

      You are right. My teenage daughter complains of low energy and she eats organic food, takes vitamins, and exercises. I had much more energy at her age.  Criminal what we are doing to life on this planet. The planet will survive but we won't unless this insanity stops. The earth may take thousands of years to recover but it will. We had smart meters installed 2 years ago. I opted-out but I am the only one in my neighborhood who did. The spraying has really picked up in the last couple of years. Since then, two of my trees have died and several shrubs and one is not doing well. I used to see plenty of bees and wasps in the summer every day. Last summer, we rarely saw any bees. Pigeons have diappeared. Pigeons use the earth's magnetic field to guide them. We used to have problems with the pigeons eating all the bird seed. Now we rarely see them. The electromagnetic fields and chemtrails must be confusing them. These signs and more is why I know there is a lot that is terribly wrong. Chemtrails and EMFs (especially from smart meters) are the worse environmental attacks on life because you have little choice. My neighbors' smart meters affect me even though I opted-out. 

  44. teresa says:

    It`s not just dimming the sun, the nano-particulates of aluminum and barium are activated in our brains to become synthetic nerve/synapse pathways to further the transhumanist agenda. Throw in some Fukushima radiation and we are all assured to be profitable to the Medical/Big Pharma Cabal and Monsanto/Syngenta/Bayer GMO food monopolies.

  45. Tree says:

    well iv been reading every ones replys and we can make a stand we all need to pull togather and call the meadia and get it on the nees every one waches the news !!!!!!

  46. ricety says:

    antiaircraft is what need to be goin on

  47. Mary Beth says:

    I agree with all the comments above, especially the ones in which people are pissed off as to WHY OTHER PEOPLE CAN’T SEEM TO SEE THESE chemtrails. So what if MSM is afraid they’ll be shot or lose their jobs or whatever if they report this. They too are breathing this toxic air, as are their children, parents, spouse, etc. on down the line.
    I think I’d rather die by being droned or shot by a gun that kills you instantly than by this slow death that is upon us. I see Agenda 21 unfolding right before my eyes, as the feds are now taking peoples land, cattle and the STATUTES (they call LAW’S) that have stripped us of our rights is insane. It is all insane, yet what would you expect from a bunch of oligarchical, inbred psychopaths…they don’t KNOW REASON, SO YOU CAN’T REASON WITH THEM, LET ALONE UNDERSTAND THEIR REASONING! It’s a vicious circle, & yes, there is strength in numbers, & we still don’t HAVE THE NUMBERS, the MAJORITY of the people to DO ANYTHING TO STOP THIS. We can see hyperinflation starting in the cost of our food, our gasoline, and it’s NOT going to get better, it will only get worse. I THOUGHT that the rising prices of living expenses would WAKE PEOPLE UP & I now see, that isn’t happening. I honestly don’t know what it will take to wake people up, to stand together and say NO, WE DON’T CONSENT TO ANY OF THIS!
    To the person who calls themself “Icareaboutmyearth”…your words could have been written by me, as I say and write that ALL THE TIME, I have for years. I do what I can, I’m not afraid of what others think of me, call me, etc, etc! I still pass out flyers, DVD’s of George Barne’s documentary & TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE CONSTANTLY, including pointing them out to people all the time! I leave flyers on people cars in parking lots, in shopping carts, etc, wherever I go, yet it does no good! People do not want to believe that their government would do anything to harm them, even when they know, deep inside them that their government IS AND HAS BEEN harming them & it will never stop until we are all dead or we RISE UP AND BAND TOGETHER! We truly ARE the MAJORITY, so LETS RISE TOGETHER AND SAY “NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY OF THIS”

  48. Rhiannon Tara Hewlett says:

    I find it so worrying that people do not want to believe all this. They only need to look at the sky. It will cause terrible depression as we need sun to keep our endorphins working. As another person mentioned even my dogs wont go out on some days. And it makes everyone tired. How on earth can we deny this. How do we campaign when no one listens. Its in the hands of the angels, if they can get through the fog!!

  49. peewee2565 says:

    i’ve been seeing this comeing for a long time now and have tried to tell people even family, theyall think i’m crazy. now there’s volcanos wakeing up, earthquakes, i believe they are connected to this as well. everybody is to into their technology now days that they forgot what it is to be outside on a nice day, or even on a bad day, the clouds don’t even move right anymore!

  50. Mark H says:

    I’m up here near Seattle.
    We experience the same patterns, Am Sun is soon followed by PM cloudiness and loss of most Sunlight the rest of the day. We have Solar Voltaic Panels and we only get about 1/2 the watt output we should get.
    CA is in the middle of a great drought and may soon not be able to grow food crops for the rest of the country/world!
    How do we as a nation get them to stop spraying before it’s too late?

    I’m hoping we can use Aquaponics grow beds (in a domed area) to keep growing a backyard garden! Many CA food growers are looking into Aquaponics to stay in business. I heard this first hand from a company selling PolyGal Polycarbonate sheet materials. This company was meeting many different food grows this past month.

    Although they may claim that it’s for Global climate control, there are serious health affects that I’m much more concerned about. I’ve had much more lung/breathing related problems over the last few years.

    How do we go to our local Governor (with documentation) and get them to stop spraying us?
    Please send me the documents or link to the documents to present to our state government!!

    Are there any local groups here in the Seattle area that are actively fighting against Chemtrail spraying? Please drop me their names and website links here in Seattle area?

    Best regards,


    • hopsing says:

      Join and see how many members from Washington.

    • Robin Doucette says:

      To Mark, I know you posted this quite awhile ago, but I am now just coming to this information and sifting thru it all – I actually got to this place by researching the possibilities of why I am so sick these past 2 yrs and have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  I live north of you in Bellingham and saw some startling skies this past Sept 2015 – I didn't know what they were when I first saw them because they were huge and sparkly.  Went home and started researching this and started seeing the pics of trails and started looking up.  A few days later, I was driving and looking up and voila, the skies began looking just like the pics I had seen.  I had to pull over to the side of the road – not sure whether I was going to get sick or start crying (I opted for the cry).  Long way around to ask you (if you ever see this post now that the thread is so old) if you found any activist groups in Seattle to join.  You could email me at robin.doucette@yahoo.com, as I am not sure I will find my way back to this thread.  Peace, R


  51. horsegirl says:

    It will culminate in an apocalypse. However people explain it to themselves.

    Note that the Jewish portion of the Bible – the old testament, as they call it – pictures something called the resurrection of the damned, where mass death occurs. Piles of bodies choking every city. Cities totally abandoned. Mass death. Warnings to flee from the land of the north. I could go on and on.

    Also portrays those living after the great slaughter. That the ones who caused it all go on to merit everlasting contempt and disgrace. Same planet, quite transfigured.

    I can see it now. The one percent pulling the final solution. Getting rid of all those ‘useless eaters’ with mass gassing. Finally being done with their consumers of industrialization. Trying to pass it off as a methane event.

    That’s the message here for me in this video. The producers had the chance to deal a blow to geoengineering and they passed on it. Left the onus upon the people. Lots of good information packaged up in a propaganda campaign.

    As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  52. no blue says:

    I live in south central Colorado, at foot of Rockies. Today is another day like you describe in NY. Colorado is known for its blue skies. But people get mad if you mention the CTs above or the fact that the mts are behind haze and yellow skies. Remember when shadows from the sun were crisp? Now it is kind of like an eclipse’s shadow. Is it really money driving this? It is to kill our plant life (trees, grass, bushes, food), our animals (birds, wildlife, domestic animals, people), our water our sky, the dirt. It is all dying. Who wants a dead planet? You have described perfectly what is going on and yet people will deny what is in front of their eyes. Is there so much lithium in what they spray it is making them brain dead? Why do some people see it and others don’t? There are heavy CT days when even my dogs don’t seem to want to stay outdoors. Why do some people see it – I am afraid that one day I will wake up and NOT SEE IT. What is making people so blind of what is happening?

  53. rebecca says:

    maybe they are getting paid not to see it, just like the pilots who fly these planes. whoth are they anyway!? we get the same here,nj ,no sun when there shld be sun. sounds like u r getting the brunt of it all. why is noone who is anyone doing something abt this! i hv hard time trying to understand that, nothing being done that i know of~ infuriating to say the least.

  54. Alexandra says:

    This film is amazing,for the fact that not ONE of these ‘scientists’ mention geoengineering, are they THAT brain dead & blind? do they not see & understand that the jets spray are CAUSING the global dimming ? how can that be possible? how can these ‘scientists’ not connect the jet spray with the blocking of the sun? all this connection takes is a kindergarden or first graders OBSERVATION SKILLS to notice this. This film is INFURIATING, Are there no ‘scientists’ to make a film like this but make the connection between the SPRAYING to the SUN DIMMING? here in the Finger Lakes NY (a place where brain death is rampant among the population as the sun is dimmed 98%(NINETY EIGHT percent)of the time,the spraying NEVER stops-jets pass overhead every 3 minutes like clock work,if the dark grey chemicals EVER clear & blue sky pokes through,the jet assaults are massive, then 7-8-9 or more jets at a time can be seen spraying us back under the grey chemical sun blocking shield & once again the sun is no longer present for another 28 days but for few small breaks in the chemical ‘clouds’ of death & then the jets can be observed spraying those sections of blue clearing. For some reason this area seems to be the worst spray area of the United States ? for SEVEN MONTHS every winter it is like living in hell on earth, NO SUN for SEVEN MONTHS,mold & fungus are killing the trees at an alarming rate, at the end of winter there is MOLD/FUNGUS covering the ground even. Every tree & branch is head to toe covered in the mold & fungus.If any’scientist’ with one functioning brain cell lived in this area, there is absolutely no mistaking or doubting the connection between the spray & sun dimming,the jets passing overhead every 3 minutes like clockwork,only a handful of days a month you can actually see the jets the chemicals are so thick all the time, but you can hear them passing back & forth,back & forth, back & forth back over head spraying their sun dimming death shield.I have been documenting this all in pictures & film for the last few years, This is a HORRIFYING place to live I just cant understand where these ‘scientists’ observation skills are? it is mind boggling why they cant make the connection? Why the hell cant they SEE THIS happening right in front of their eyes ? Dear God help us all is all i can say, I know the spraying is getting worse & worse all over the country & more people are having more & more days like we do here in western NY state, NO SUN, NO LIFE.

    • Cassandra Anderson says:


      I’m in Lincoln, NE and it is exactly the same here as you describe it. I keep saying we need to let the gov shut down, stop paying taxes, pull all our money out of the banks and stop buying stuff. I know it will be hard on us too but we need to get drastic. Millions of people have been writing their brain-dead representatives. They do absolutely nothing. No one getting a paycheck that is tied to any of this will ever do anything. That is why the people need to just get their courage up and do it. What is the alternative? Holacaust comes to mind.

    • waverly says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with Cassandra. The ONLY way these idiots will sit up and listen is if 10 million US citizens stop consuming, and pull their money out of their bank accounts yielding .25%.

    • Donna says:

      I agree. I am moving my money to credit unions and small banks. I only spend for what is absolutely necessary. I won't feed the beast. My 25.5 cu ft fridge died. I refuse to spend a couple of thousand on a new one. I bought a 3.5 cu ft mini fridge until decided on a new one but found the small fridge is plenty. I only put fresh produce, butter, jam, frozen peas and fruit, eggs, tofu, leftovers, and some condiments. Onions, garlic, and potatoes don't need a fridge and I don't eat meat or dairy (except butter). I also agree with your other comments. This winter has been so wet here in the high desert of Nevada that I have moss growing between my pavers. Moss in Nevada!! The skies used to be sunny almost every day and the air smelled like fresh mountain air. Now it's cloudy every day the the air literally stinks like manure or chemicals.  Very depressing. 🙁

  55. jen says:

    It is 7:30 am and the race is on to fill the sky again. 10 trails from north to south over the entire valley .
    Thanks Dane for your work, is there some research I can help with or documentation I could be making?

  56. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    I Agree Philip. The two party system is all a setup. Both parties that are the candidates are placed there by the Corrupt banksters, that are pulling the strings.
    people think they have a choice, It is all a setup. These corrupt people need to be rounded up, By the people & Placed under arrest. we need to clean house!

  57. Philip Dec says:

    My post below was in response to “I care about my earth”‘s comment at 8:11 pm.

    It’s good to see so many people willing to speak out on line, as they continue researching the chemtrail / geoengineering issue and educating others who care about what’s happening.

  58. Philip Dec says:

    “The Time For Talk is Over, it Is Now Time For Action!”

    The clueless and gutless politicians going along with (or promoting) this mass poisoning need to be removed from the office that they should not have been placed in to begin with.

    The voting process needs to be restored, and the “two-party” system exposed.

    The vast majority of politicians that vote to poison or disarm us (or both) are Democrats and Republicans.

  59. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    How much longer to you think we are going last? This has been going on for years. No matter how much we detox! This Geo Engineering aka Chemtrails has to be stopped now! Or we will all be Dead Or On Our Way Out!
    We are not Super Humans!

  60. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    Global Warming or Global Choking aka Global Induced Disease And Global Mass Death!

    Which would you rather die from.Suppose we humor the fakes & believe all their lies. So the Question Is, Would you want to die from global warming (LOL, Not even funny) Or much worse, Die from Toxins, Induced Disease & Cancer, Morgellons once your Immune System wears down. And much worse “Everyone on this Planet Has Been Infected with Self Assembling, Self Replicating Nano s. We Breath them In, From the Chem Dumps! & Also they Can go through your Skin! We all need to get together Now! Every Animal Is Infected also! Plants & The Soil. It is called Smart Dust! These Individuals that dreamed this up are Clinically Disturbed Psychopaths!

    We must all organize & All Come together to work as a team to stop this now! before it is to late. If it isn’t already. I cannot stress this enough.We will not have a Planet pretty soon.And if we wait any longer, It will be to late for us also.

    We know this is going on. We have all done the research, Had a look at UN & Their ICCP Committee.
    The Time for Action Is now. before it is to Late!
    How we are going to ever clean up the Planet, Is the Next step. To rid the Planet Of the Evil Bio Engineered Nano Tech Disease & Clean up The Soil & every living thing that is Infected. Which is everywhere. Because it is being sprayed via Aerosol!

    The Time For Talk is Over, It Is Now Time For Action!

  61. gingercake5 says:

    It’s “funny” how the narrator didn’t mention that the reason the world warmed up by 1 degree Celsius after 9/11/2001 was because no planes were flying. The researcher at the beginning remarked how clear the skies were, but didn’t mention the ban on flights. I’m glad I looked at the comments after watching 20 minutes of the video. I won’t waste my time with the rest of it.

    I wish the ban on flights had lasted a couple weeks, so we could really see what happened to the weather. What if it evened out and recovered after a week or so? I do believe in God, after all.

  62. Philip Dec says:

    Ginny Linn, in the same way Jeff Rense places articles and videos on his site for readers consideration that he actually disagrees in many areas with himself: I believe Dane posted this in pretty much the same manner so we would be aware of what the mainstream is promoting regarding this issue.

    In these major media presentations there is usually some truth leading viewers to faulty conclusions in the end thanks to the withholding of vital information. If you read my comments earlier in the thread, you’ll see that I agree with your position on the “warming” and the chemtrail spraying. Thanks for posting.

  63. Freeme says:

    Hi Freida,
    Wouldn’t you like to know what is causing the ice melt and WHO is doing it? All the info on the subject is on the internet, please do your own research that is widely available.
    “Truth is obvious for those able to see”.

  64. judy says:

    Planet earth is doomed. People are too stupid to believe what’s going on. They’ll believe when lack of food is involved and the neurological diseases SKYROCKET.

  65. Krystina says:

    I agree, it must be a coordinated effort, but it was said at the end it’s a warning not a prediction. Seems if the dimming slows then natural precipitation may increase and contribute to cooling?

  66. It says pollution is the cause of global dimming and it doesn’t mention geoengineering so it’s misinformation in my opinion.
    More lies from mainstream media.

  67. Freeme says:

    This surely wasn’t released lately, was it? This info in the video is so out of date that it is obsolete. We now know WHAT causes the ‘sun to be veiled’ and it is called GEOENGINEERING aka WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAMS intentionally creating the white sky across the globe shielding earth from the sun. When aerosol spraying in atmosphere and above can manipulate weather precipitation by means of chemicals, and Jet streams guided by machines to create all kinds of STORMS, including snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, yes….we’re in BIG TROUBLE because it is all planned and orchestrated by mad scientists with an AGENDA. I know what that Agenda is, DO YOU?
    IF NOT, RESEARCH IT, millions know the truth, it is time everyone did!

  68. Ginny Linn says:

    The problem is the fact that our skies are being sprayed with chemicals. We call them chemtrails. This documentary is a bunch of propaganda bullshit. Stop spraying our skies. Psychopaths are at work here. Global dimming, greenhouse gases, global warming my ass. And it is NOT the people of the world doing this; we are all victims of madness. Don’t know why Dane even posted this video; it’s disinformation.

  69. Frieda Nelson says:

    The Greenland Ice Sheet is meltcing now people. We are by their estimate then already gone over the tipping point. This must be an old old video.

  70. Rusty says:

    50% dimming in NW Wisconsin, a critical issue here. When we get AM sun, the jets fly over at noon and block the PM sun.

    Am very concerned about growing prospects for crop and food production this summer.

    Notes for video below – weather channel shows NO clouds – even though there is cloud cover…


  71. Philip says:

    And their almost continuous chemtrail spraying of our skies now, is most likely the major cause of any “global dimming.”

    Stop the poisoning of our skies, and most of the “warming” and “dimming” would stop as well.

    Philip Dec

  72. Philip says:

    Having watched this activity in New England closely since the mid-90s, I am certain that “stopping chemtrails” would have just the opposite effect.

    The chemtrail spraying here in central Maine typically increases temperatures in spring, summer, and fall.

    “Global warming” was the establishment’s explanation for the effects of their chemtrail spraying over large areas of the nation, and internationally.

    When “global warming” was not a large enough umbrella to cover what they were doing: out came the terminology “climate change.”

    “Geoengineering” is their contrived “science” that they are mentally preparing the public to accept as a “remedy” for what they caused in the first place with the ongoing chemical bombardment of our skies with barium, aluminum, etc.

    “Geoengineering” is not the “remedy,” it’s the major cause of what they now call “climate change.”

    Philip Dec

  73. tim reeder says:

    What follows is an email I sent to the Occupy Sacramento education group in order to enlist help spreading the word… Education.OccupySacto@gmail.com

  74. tim reeder says:

    Hi my name is Tim Reeder and I was active in Occupy Sacramento in the Fall of 2011.
    I retained your email and I hope it’s O.K. that I use it to communicate about issues that you may find important.
    I would like to distribute flyers concerning geoengineering and climate modification from a website called: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org to college students in our town.
    These flyers are full color glossy professionally designed and 2 sided.
    Also, George Barnes created a DVD called: “Look Up” which serves as a great introduction to (what everybody can see in the sky above their heads)deliberate aerosol spraying by jets in the troposphere… This can be freely copied and given to the public along with the flyers.
    I’ll be forwarding this email to Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org when you respond, if that’s O.K.
    Tim Reeder

  75. carol says:

    If the information in this video is correct, then it appears a coordinated effort is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions BEFORE Geo-engineered spraying of the atmosphere can be stopped.

    Stopping the chem-trails alone will result in rapid global heating, because of the pollution induced greenhouse effect, leading to severe consequences seen in the video. The incredible extreme temperature swings have been observed already when spraying is reduced.

    This can only be turned around by a coordinated effort internationally.

  76. Amanda says:

    Out of all the information on end time events this ONE is the most frightening. All of us are guilty. Yes the corporations and especially those intentionally spraying the skies. But, we all drive, use electricity etc…God forgive us all! God bless those who dont use modern technology. I myself am guilty of technology use. God forgive me! Repent all of us Yashua will return soon to punish us. Come out of Babylon! Be Ready.

  77. Colt says:

    People are more concerned with their next Venti coffee. Europe is setting heat records daily this March. How often do we hear about it?

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