Disinformation Through Our Spiritual Leaders


The website Evangelical Environmental Network, is an example of disinformation by clergy, which is being funded through grants by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF).  The UN and RBF’s “Man-Made Climate Change” doctrine and  “Sustainable Development Program“, (more popularly known as”Agenda 21“)  are being advanced on all conceivable fronts, in this case; religion.  Their strategy can be seen in the document “Guidlines for Engaging Faith Based Organisations as Agents of Change“, and the website “Interfaith Partnership for the Environment“.

The result is what people of faith, who have become aware of the ongoing geoengineering programs, are encountering in their churches; namely; silence on the topic of Geoengineering, Chemtrails, and other technologies which are incorporated in the elite’s global agenda.

This brings back childhood memories, when my mother would share stories about being a young girl in Germany during WWII.  She talked about the propaganda that the people believed, without question.  She said that the clergy had been paid by Hitler to go along with the Nazi agenda.  I also remember how  teachers, and other adults would voice their disgust over the German people and how they had “refused to see what was happening”.  Many of the German people had put their heads in the sand… (Does this sound familiar?).

Scott Johnson writes, in Contending for the Truth;

“During the reign of Adolf Hitler, three prominent Protestant theologians were dramatically successful in convincing German Protestants to cooperate with Hitler and his genocide of 18 million ‘Devalued People’. The Illuminati here in America is using this same tactic, and will most assuredly get the same cooperative response, from the 501c3 corporate churches (who were given their very right to exist via the government/IRS)”

 Infowars also has an interesting article on this topic.

Not surprisingly, the disinformation article implores people to take responsibility for our current extreme weather patterns as though they were a result of Man Made Climate Change, as the Geoengineering programs which are the true culprit,  brazenly continue to shred our environment for profit and global control.




POTUS’s Challenge
Evangelical Environmental Network
February 13,2013, 10:38 AM

The President issued a challenge on climate change during Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

Now, the good news is, we can make meaningful progress on this issue [climate change] while driving strong economic growth. I urge this Congress to get together, pursue a bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change, like the one John McCain and Joe Lieberman worked on together a few years ago.

But if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will. I will direct my cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take, now and in the future, to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy.

I for one hope Congress takes up this challenge from the President and acts. Climate change is a moral challenge for all America. It’s not a liberal or a conservative issue, but a matter of life. Each American already feels our changing climate. Food prices have risen from extreme weather events like the record-breaking 2012 drought that consumed two-thirds of our nation. Transportation slowed to a standstill on the Mississippi River as water levels reached historic lows. Superstorm Sandy devastated the Northeast, and the recent blizzard paralyzed New England. Massive forest fires, extreme weather, sea-level rise have all become the new normal. All of these events are in keeping with human-caused climate change, and the extremes will only intensify.

Last fall, I preached at a local Harrisburg, PA church. Between worship services, I talked with a disabled man living in poverty. During the summer’s long-lasting heat wave, this individual, who lives in an upstairs apartment without air conditioning, was overcome by the excessive heat and passed out. Only by God’s grace and the caring action of a neighbor who found him unconsciousness and called 911 was he saved from death.

Excessive heat, extreme weather, water shortages, and destroyed crops are just the tip of the iceberg. All America will suffer, but our poor and the world’s poor will suffer the most. Indeed, they are already suffering. Some estimates put the annual death toll from climate change at 300,000, and countless others have fled from devastated cropland, water shortages, flooding, and sea level rise. Conflict arises as scarce resources force survival competition. People already suffer, and it will only get worse unless we act now.

We need a comprehensive American plan to battle our changing climate. Climate change remains the greatest threat to our security, prosperity, and way of life. As my colleague, The Dr. Rev. Jim Ball, so forcibly states, “Climate Change is the greatest moral challenge of our time.” Yet with action now, we can limit the loss of life, and stave off the worst of the crisis. America must act and act now. Climate change no longer is up for debate. The science is clear and compelling, but meaningful action requires all of us.

The choice is simple. We can work together and forge a brighter America or shirk our responsibility and have regulations that make the choice for us. Buy-in from all America, including Congress, seems the best solution, but without Congressional leadership, we must act, our future and all God’s children depend on it.

Many American businesses already have picked up the gauntlet. They not only understand climate change threats, but also see the opportunity. Corporate giants like Wal-Mart, Dow Chemical, M&M-Mars, Duke Energy, Exelon, and many others see new markets and increased profits as they take moral leadership. Individuals across our nation reduce waste and save energy, but we must come together with a national plan.

We can start with a national effort to strengthen and coordinate planning to address the extreme weather events that cannot be avoided. Improving our infrastructure from electric transmission to bridges and highways must be a priority. Also increased energy efficiency standards need incentives. However, a price on carbon pollution remains the single most effective way to address climate change.

Pricing carbon must happen, and President Obama issued the challenge. Can Congress find a bipartisan market-based approach? Or by our in action will court-ordered Clean Air Act regulations have to take effect? Which will Congress and the American public choose?

Above all else, America needs to be the leader. The new party line for many of my fellow Republicans is, “Climate Change is real, but with China and India now as the largest carbon pollution emitters, any effort on our part would be negligible.”

First, my mother told me that two wrongs don’t make a right. Second, we are responsible for much of the existing carbon already warming our world, and third, moral leadership works.

Over the last two years, The Evangelical Environmental Network, The National Association of Evangelicals, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops worked hard to see the Clean Air Act enforced to reduce mercury emissions from coal burning that is poisoning our children. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards became law and our efforts provided the U.S State Department the moral authority necessary to secure the first ever-international mercury treaty. While this treaty isn’t perfect, it is agreat step forward in protecting our children, especially the unborn from mercury poisoning.

Leadership works. We commend the President for his moral leadership in overcoming the threat of climate change. May Congress and all America join together, rise to this great challenge as we have done with other great challenges in the past, and work together to solve the climate crisis.

The Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox

  • A York PA Plan For Climate Change

    February 11,2013, 13:30 PM

    A York Plan for climate change


    First published in the York Daily Record/Sunday News, ydr.com

    We all agree on the need to protect our children. The recent Sandy Hook tragedy broke our hearts, and yet we still expose our children to larger threats every day.Asthma rates are soaring; toxins exposure is on the rise from our energysources, plastics, pesticides and building materials. Studies are showing thelinks between environmental toxins and the epidemic rise in autism, ADHD and breast cancer. These toxins have serious impacts on our children.

    Extreme weather also threatens our kids – 2012 was the year without winter; drought ravaged two-thirds of the U.S., winter storm Euclid spewed December tornadoes, andSuperstorm Sandy affected millions as it tore though the Mid-Atlantic coast.

    Corn and soybean prices,thanks to the drought, remain at all-time highs, and 50,000 additional NewYorkers faced Sandy’s storm damage from rising sea levels.

    Yes, 2012 was quite theyear, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg for tomorrow. Extreme weather eventsare not an anomaly, but the new normal, increasing in both frequency andintensity. Perhaps even more alarming is a recent insurance industry study thatranks the U.S. as the seventh most at-risk nation for extreme weather. Notsince Pearl Harbor has the U.S. seen this sort of threat to our homeland.

    Will Sandy, the drought,and other extreme weather be our Pearl Harbor moment?

    We need to mobilize anational effort to defeat extreme weather; overcoming our new normal will require common purpose and commitment. Not since WWII have we as a nation accomplished the same energy efficiency and national commitment that we need today in order to defeat the causes of amplified extreme weather.

    Fortunately, we have amodel created here in York County, PA as our guide.

    In February 1942, agroup of York business and community leaders gathered and drafted the York Plan. The 15-point plan called for shared expertise, sought cooperation, not competitiveness, joint resources and cared for the health, housing and fairwages for all. The York Plan, adapted quickly for national use, provided the blueprint to defeat a common threat; our society came together to find solutions, work in harmony, remain competitive and value its employees. We need to rekindle the York Plan, defeat our latest threat, and protect our children.

    Let’s acknowledgeinitial attempts to address extreme weather solutions came from the wrong direction. Unfortunately, too many pushed for government-based solutions as the first step. This approach further fractured our already polarized American populace. Instead, the best solutions, as illustrated by the historic York Plan, come from businesses, industry and community leaders as they initialize aplan that involves common sense approaches that unite us in common purpose.

    Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dow Chemical, Wal-Mart, M&M/Mars, and York Container alreadylead the way. They understand the need to address the systemic roots to extreme weather, the necessity for clean energy, and they know what it takes to do sowhile helping the economy.

    Dow Chemical, for example, invested $2 billion in the past decade or so for $9 billion savings in energy efficiency. Wal-Mart reduced its distribution costs and subsequent energy savings by 69 percent. Newsweek recently issued its fourth worldwide report on those companies leading the way. If we wish to protect our children,our economy, and creative meaningful employment, America needs to unite.

    Our community, individual lives, national policy and assistance to the poor must focus on protecting our children and their future. Every local chamber of commerce, manufacturing association, trade group, labor union, and all community stakeholders can build a recipe for success unique to local resources,capabilities and circumstances. Just as the York Plan matched local talents,our new All America Plan to protect our children must seek national goals with community-focused strategies.

    Let’s make York County a model community to save our kids. One group, Stewardship For Prosperity, has already made the first steps, but we can do more. We need a challenge to bring us together – and protecting our children’s health should be that challenge.There is simply too much at stake to do nothing.

    We have the technology to defeat extreme weather threats, but we lack the will. Using the original York Plan provides the historic roots, and as a person of deep Christian faith, I find that Jesus provides the courage. The author of the Book of Hebrews combines both and said it best 2,000 years ago:

    “Therefore, sincewe are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”

    The Rev. Mitchell C.Hescox is President/CEO of the Evangelical Environment Network. He lives in NewFreedom.

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