Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Discloses Dire Vaccine Dangers, An Interview With Dane Wigington


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has shown incredible courage in her ongoing efforts to educate the public of the true dangers vaccinations pose. Dr. Tenpenny has been constantly on the front line of the fight to fully expose what the medical industrial complex and mainstream media is not disclosing to the increasingly mass vaccinated population. The power structure's push toward forced vaccinations should be of dire concern for us all. In a recent presentation Dr. Tenpenny gave at a major Northern California VAXXED event, she discussed the fact that mandatory vaccinations are not only of grave concern for our children, but also for adults. The general population has, unfortunately, been extremely well conditioned to blindly accept any and all advice from health care "professionals". This unquestioning obedience to a horribly corrupt system has inflicted unquantifiable and irreparable harm to countless human beings. In the following 15 minute interview, Dr. Tenpenny gives very straightforward input and advice on the critical subject of vaccinations and the dire dangers they pose. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Sherri for her unyielding courage in the fight for the greater good. We must all make our voices heard in this critical battle.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Andrei says:

    Thank you for this. Keep up the good work. We need more of this kind of of information out there and not just what “they” tell us. Bless you for spreading  the truth. 

  2. Bobbie Ammons says:

    What is YOUR opinion as to why the antelopes in Kazakhstan die off by the herds in a few days? Could chemtrails be causing this?

    Thank you for your most valuable website!


    Bobbie Ammons 🙂 

  3. Alicia says:

    I'm desperately looking for help on this, I live in California and have an 11 yr old healthy, unvaccinated son – and id like to keep it that way. But apparently ca passed a new law that ALL school age children have to be fully vaccinated! Now that includes a chicken pox vacc! If i do not vaccinate he cannot attend any school, not even private. Its obscene. Im terrified.  I don't know where to look for help if there is any…  any advice?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alicia, Dr. Tenpenny will be speaking in Redding California on July 28th, Friday evening, at the Red Lion Hotel. This is a free event that is being organized by GeoengineeringWatch.org. More information will be posted soon on our site, stay strong, you are not alone in this battle.

  4. Rhonda Haley says:

    could somebody please help me ? my daughter is having a baby in March and doesn't want vaccinations. Is the hospital going to try and force them ?

  5. karen says:

    Dane, thank you so much for your continue truth reporting. 

    Would you consider having Dr. Tenpenny back on to cover the issue of children becoming paralyzed suddenly.  Would it be due to the vaccines these young kids are getting????  I think so, but it would be nice to hear from her regarding this grave situation.

  6. Joseph L. says:

    Common ingredients in vaccines include aluminum and mercury  (Thimerosal)       and       Monosodium Glutamate   (MSG)   .  Here is a link to the cdc website 


    Wow this is all very sick when we trust people w our health instead poisoning people. 

  7. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    CDC- Corrupt Diseased Criminals Thank you Dane and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. We certainly need more members of the medical community, to be brave and honest, just like Dr. Tenpenny! I look forward in hearing more from her.

  8. Elena says:

    I wanted to thank the person who posted the link to Trace Amounts a few weeks ago; it's really good. I'll re post it here: https://youtu.be/AEL7TojuEno. I recommend it as a must see for anyone interested in the vaccine subject. It is loaded with info and gives a fuller, more 3D picture of CDC corruption; even before the MMR fiasco the CDC was slicing and dicing data to try and get rid of a mercury/autism link they found. MERCURY!! How stupid are these people? If one just watches "Vaxxed" one could hopefully think that maybe this was the first time the CDC had done something like destroying data, etc; the  "I can't believe we did what we did, but we did" statement by Bill Thompson made it seem like they had crossed a line, but that maybe it was the first time they did so. Not so; I was so outraged when I saw this movie that all I could think of was that the CDC needs to be de funded, dismantled, and destroyed. It is nothing but an arm of Big Pharma, ( it should be named "Mini-Merck" or DeLie Silly.)  It is completely and utterly untrustworthy; I remember reading a post some time back on some other website about Vaxxed from an Oregon doctor who said that the CDC is conflicted and can no longer be trusted; that pretty much says it. But they've been in the fraud business for some time apparently; the MMR was definitely not their first rodeo.   

    • Dennie says:

      I'm watching Trace Amounts right now.  It's a well-made film, very engaging.  I like what they say about the vaccine manufacturing process:  "It has nothing to do with the greater good.  It has everything to do with the greater greed."

  9. paul fowler says:

             I read a story that caught my eye on the "weather net work news" about a vaccine for the common cold . Dr. Martin Moore from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia is researching the possibility of a vaccine for the common cold , because we have too many missed work days due to the common cold . I hardly ever get colds but I have used that excuse often . Mule work, peanuts for pay and a jack ass for a boss  are probably the real causes of most work place absenteeism .

                     After all we know about vaccines and their detriments , they want to push more vaccines on the uninformed public. More of what we don't need . Now that I know some of the dark secrets of the villainous vaccine programs , thanks to the few brave souls ,  this news article pierced through my aluminum lined eye sockets and struck a damaged nerve . I had to look a little deeper . So I followed the money , as is often suggested .

                "Emory University" gets a lot of money from "Coca Cola" and has done so since early last century . "Coca Cola's" largest share holder is " Berkshire Hathaway" , they have owned shares for a long time and is owned by Warren Buffet , and Warren Buffet gives obscene amounts of money to the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" . Go figure . 

            "Coca Cola" also gave over $40 000 000 to                                         " The coalition against food labeling " Just don't say GMO ? They all seem to have the same problem , too much money . High time you collected their fair % of taxes . 


  10. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know that it's been snowing for the last few hours here in my little corner of New England.  Reminds me of the ice storm we had some years ago on Oct. 30th, I believe.  It ruined Halloween, of course, and I had to stay at work overnight that night, it was that bad.  I could see downed power lines right in front of the hospital where I was working, so it didn't seem safe to try to drive home (that was the only way out).

    Anyway, I have a feeling we're in for a bad winter like a couple of years ago (remember all the snow in Boston that year?)  Last winter we had a reprieve for a change.  It was very unusual in that we only had a few snowstorms and they weren't that bad.  Somebody already commented on this site that their local meteorologist commented that they could guarantee this winter wouldn't be like the last.  Gee, thanks (but no thanks), geoengineers.

  11. MS P says:


    Climate & Healthcare, is in the language. Also to create cities,  & ban private transportation. Open all borders world wide, for a Global Governance. 2030 plan for Sustainable Development.

     500,000 attended this event. Gives the concept of cities receiving federal grants a whole new meaning. For there is a major plan in writing. I'm still looking it over.  Scary stuff! We already see the spraying worldwide.

    Look what the UN has planned….

    Habitat lll New Urban Agenda  Document ►


    News story ►



  12. Ryan Kuntz says:

    The Dickinson Press posted a article on cloud mod and weather mod in N.Dak ,  very little response or further investigation by the people in this area . I am not surprised at all . Election and the pipeline protest is more interesting . Stupidity is superficial , ignorance is bliss….

  13. James says:

    Great article and I am one believer on healing ones self. 
     I'm in my late 50's, grew up poor with just me and my Mom and made it through all years with little or no vaccinations because we could not afford them at that time.   Schools didn't require them at that time and hearing from my young friends and parents about what they do in school vaccinations is ridiculous.    It's mandatory now or you go to jail.  I feel bad for all my friends that are still in school having to suffer this tragedy of life we call 'medical practice'.    I stay away from it and so far I've come out better for it..

    Now I reject any and all medication of any kind.   I don't even take aspirin or ibuprofen unless absolutely necessary and that's just about never.   Most of my aspirin is given out to people that need them and wind up giving all of it away.   lol

    I'm also ridiculed by co-workers and friends alike for my standings on all of this.   When it comes to Geo-engineering they think I'm crazy and state that 'there's no way we can control the weather'.   Boy are they wrong and to try to tell them different but it all goes in deaf ears.

    I've even compiled satellite pictures on my phone with scientific proof that the weather is being modified but again no one believes this or literally have no kind of basic science background to spark that light of possibility of it being so.  

    Today so many are blinded by TV and media.  It's because of this they can't 'see' what is going on in the world much less what is going on in the sky and what's being injected into their body.     TV is something I gave up 5 years ago and the best thing to happen to me ever.    It opened my eyes up to alternative media and the realization that there is a world of useful information out there that most never have the chance to see or get a hold of.   They'd rather talk sports or politics and go about their blind lives with never a want to learn outside of the box.   Hence their incapabilities to think on their own, have any real thought processes because the only thing they do is sit in front of their 'idiot boxes' and get dumbed down.  

    Also if any of you listen to any kind of music you'll also know that the music industry is dumbing our kids down in an extreme way.   Gone are the days of Jazz and music that made you feel good inside and now all we hear are such simple beats and lyrics from the artists that again dumb you down because of the simplicity of the music.   The marketing behind all of this is incredible and a reason why I don't listen to mainstream radio and use an outside music source that lets me listen to what I want.  

    Hit the roads when you drive and tell me how many people do you see that are in a daze?   Pretty much everyone.   I used to enjoy driving but the way people drive nowadays it's a drudgery to drive because you never know when someone is going to do something stupid and not have any thought process in what they're doing on the road.   What a mess.  

    Even when I get sick I take off so that I can heal.   My co-workers add that if I take some over the counter med I could work.   Hmmmm, sounds like something that would keep me sick even longer since I thought rest was the perfect prescription for healing.   No one understands this anymore thanks to a TV that lies to you and you fully believe it with all heart.

    Germs?   They're everywhere and people use antibacterial soap and then wonder why they're always sick.   Geez people can't you figure this out or are you so dumbed down that common sense doesn't apply anymore? 

    I find it so hard to live a life where you know something that could help someone out but they're unwilling to listen to reason even if you have the evidence showing that it can make a change.    So frustrating it is. 

    With all the world events taking place that the media won't tell you and all of the covert poisoning being done to all of us I'm glad I'm old enough to have lived through a time of a good life.   Now all life is going down hill because of the sleeping people not willing to realize they're being snuffed out whether willing or not.

    Dane and this site along with many others have been a big help in keeping up with all the nonsense that is going on and I'm so glad I woke up.   All my younger life I constantly said to myself is this what life is all about?   Finally after leaving the TV world behind my questions about everything I asked myself as a kid and adult has been answered.    Sometimes that answer hurts but the knowledge of of what I know is something that college or man cannot teach you. 

    Thanks Dane and all that post here and help toward a larger awakening.   I really hope and wish for this miracle to happen because I really don't believe in miracles or Deities so lets hope the consciousness of the people wake up soon.   I want my latter years to be just as good and revealing as the earlier years.  Peace to all…..

  14. Marc says:

    Listened to Guy McPherson's latest radio show on his website to analyze what kind of stuff he's putting out there now. He, of course, will remind everyone that he always errs toward a conservative interpretation of the data, some of which is gleaned from Sam Carana, which is an assemblage of papers from some of the best climate scientists and experts in their respective fields. He takes this stance precisely because of the criticism he must endure because of his overall position regarding the "game-over" aspects of where we find ourselves now. And yet, even to this day, when discussing how he arrives at his numbers and conclusions regarding the amount of warming we are facing, he will NEVER acknowledge active ongoing geoengineering, but instead, will subsume the reality of it under the generic headings, "aerosols" and "sulfates", which he openly acknowledges as an ongoing contribution by humankind to the atmosphere, but only in the context of industry or automobiles, etc. The thing is, I actually agree with most of his dire interpretations of the data, and with his mostly game-over conclusions. BUT, I find his side-stepping of acknowledgement of long-term historical geoengineering to be the epitome of cowardliness, if not complete, unapologetic deception. And for one of his relative stature, amongst an exponentially growing population of environmentally awakened people who are really starting to "get it" about our impending peril, his bullheaded insistence on avoiding open discussion of the ACTIVE GEOENGINEERING going on represents a grave error on his part and in some considerable sense renders alot of his "resignation philosophy" woefully incomplete. He is really doing a disservice to the many thousands who now revere him if he does not fold into his discussions some hardcore reference to active and massive geoengineering already underway. Furthermore, it is also aggravating to sift through the SAM CARANA site and see their articles calling for, and making seemingly intelligent cases for, the deployment of large scale geoengineering. Hello?? Uh, really??? To what extent is the SAM CARANA data skewed by the massive ongoing geoengineering and HAARP maneuvers occurring all over the world?? Of course, we have all been asking ourselves for a long time just exactly WHY the leading and most visible climate scientists do not, will not, or cannot openly discuss the active geoengineering going on. This is functionally no different than the cosmic absurdity we see going on in our presidential election process, wherein really the only issue we SHOULD BE discussing is how to deal with climate change. Nothing else matters at this point. Tell THAT to Chicago Cubs fans……

    • Dennie says:

      Carana and McPherson both get.. a paycheck and a pension, undoubtedly.  In light of the fact that McPherson has no problem mentioning "aerosols," "sulfates" and "particulates," I find his position in his comments on the state of the climate to be disingenuous, and his attitude toward the future not only lugubrious but morbid:  "Live lives of excellence," as we're all doomed to being cooked to death now– "Have a Nice Day!"

      I have to wonder how McPherson would have answered had he been included in one of the +1000 scientists in the Legal team's survey re active deployment of geoengineering.. I think we already know– HA!

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  The two gentlemen to whom you refer are obviously disinformation specialists.  There assignment is to disseminate the "dire" facts and the statistics therein.  They are to not ever mention the reality of the ongoing "covert" geoengineering operation all on this board know is a 24/7 aerosol-particulate assault upon every human being in the planet.  In a manner of speak these people are trolls.  The picture they paint paves the way for a popular general acceptance of a manufactured necessity to initiate a aerosol-particulate geoengineering program and transform what is obviously already being transformed, i.e. our blue sky and the earth's atmosphere.  Somewhere in this flip is a red herring.  The rational for this kind of confidence game is about how mankind has not the will to extricate itself from its fossil fuel dependency.  The reality is there will be no withdrawal pang until those who own and majorly profit from the matrix run out of the stuff.  And the more dear is the supply shorted, all the better for their portfolio.  And so the fix is in and has been for quite some time to expressly maintain that which is already dead while killing off the biosphere and you and me.

    • izzy says:

      Geoengineering seems to be a blind spot for McPherson, but the “feet of clay” problem plagues almost anyone who ventures into the public realm, especially with serious bad news. And he delivers plenty of that with the stuff he does acknowledge. There’s usually some area where we just can’t go for various reasons, even on sites such as this. One notion we’ll probably have to let go of is the model of some benevolent and omniscient savior figure to lead the way out, if there any longer even is one. The truth may not set us free, but it at least ought to open our eyes. Then the rest is up to us.

    • sonja says:

      Greeting…..I'm curious to know the latest on the filed 60 day notice of the "Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG) " from July, 25, 2016? 

      Thanks for all that you do. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sonja, I will give another legal effort update on this weeks radio show, stay tuned.

  15. Joseph L. says:

    Thank you Dane and Dr. Sherri on your great work.  Here is another DR.

    Exposing the dangers of vaccinations.


    Dr. Kenneth P Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can cause Autism and other neurological damage, yet the organization has refused to make a determined effort to have mercury (in thimerosal) removed from all vaccines. And in fact, has instead engaged in a cover-up to protect the interests of the vaccine makers and pharmaceutical empires. Please share far and wide – the public needs to hear this!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph L., Hi, and I agree.  For an MD doc to resign from the AAP Because of thimerosal is astoundingly brave in this current environment and shows great integrity.  Plus he did it in 2008.  I bet he sleeps well at night, but the cowards?  How do they sleep?

  16. Dawnski says:

    A nurse in my bible study shared tonight how her 9 year old granddaughter whim she gas custody of may need to go on anti depreesant meds. After class I attempted to share myhdiet.com and geoengineeringwatch.com with her. I must say I sensed a very guarded attitude from said nurse who proceeded to try and tell me there haven't been heavy metals in vaccines for a long time. I proceeded to remind her pharmekia is sorcery in the bible. 

    Its very sad to think a Christian nurse honestly believes a 9 year old needs to be medicated. If she looked up at all tonight before class she'd see the very toxic laced trails laden with aluminum known to cause depression. How sad children cannot simply go outside and play without being sprayed like a bug. Even sadder, not being educated or informed by those around them.

  17. Wayne Koppa says:

    John Judge (researcher), protege of Mae Brussel (researcher), both of whose research still exists online whether it is 100% correct or not is up to you.  John had an interesting quote.  "Sociopaths in Germany had to shove people into crematoriums to burn the bodies during WWII, they (operation paperclip) could drop the crematorium from the sky during the Vietnam War." Can you imagine the bioweapons created by the sociopaths today?  I can't.  IBM created and gave the technology to brand and track like cattle the human victims in WWII.

  18. Wayne Koppa says:

    Basically, there's a bunch of sociopaths in government who either want to legislate your death, or are ignorant of that fact.  These sociopaths shouldn't be in position of power, they should be in criminal trials for Crimes Against Humanity.  "Just following orders" isn't an excuse.

    • Wayne Koppa says:

      It's Russian roulette with all bullet chambers of the gun loaded.  Will the bullet kill you?  Maybe not, but I don't want to play.

  19. Dennie says:

    Dr. Tenpenny's advice sounds right and FEELS right.  I'm wondering how many physicians we have out there who would hop off the juggernaut right now, if only they could.  Obviously, we need a much larger, much stronger movement towards medical sanity, including medical freedom, for both the patient and the practitioners.  Everything is NOT "One Size Fits All" when it comes to healing modalities.  We have had, like everything else, massive consolidation and along with the loss of diversity, a loss of overall health and vitality.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Dennie.

      In my opinion we all belong to tribes and we all are Indians in one way or another. I consider that we are living in the modern times since the beginning of the old empires, since 3000 years ago ( at least ), and one of the most important phenomena that turn the direction of everything in the World since then ( but in much more recent times, obviously ) was as We All know – the F "industrial revolution" – the BIGGEST mistake of our species. This moment ( the IR ) was crucial to establish how this "new" Humanity would organized in the times that were to come. And now we are here. But we still organize ourselves into tribes, the only difference we have with the True Tribes is that the MFs stole the Culture of the majority of the Humanity, long ago. Our society is made of tribes. We have the doctors tribe, the army tribe ( fake army now, because true Generals aren't F MURDERERS ), the lawyers tribe, the farmers tribe, and so on, on and on. This is impossible to change. However, the Tribe (s) of the Free People is a residual reality than it was 1000 years ago, when the Clan was the enlarged Family of almost every People on Earth. The big difference in this "new" era is that now some tribes are plotting to erase Humanity and All the Biosphere.

      Because they are F socio-psychopaths!!!

      Spirituality must flourish again. We can't be servants of this false ""culture"" anymore.

      We must be – clever – of course and more important, we must have the ability to smell at GREAT distance, the difference between "normal intelligence", and between – CRIMINAL cleverness -.

      Because they ( these CRIMINAL COWARDS ) feed themselves always with the BIG LIE.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  20. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Thank you for the correction, Dennie.

    I swear I was looking for the correct way to write – "clever", but in the end I got distracted and the "cleaver" word stayed in the same. Thank you.

    About the Angels, thank you again.

    We all must thank and pay the due Respect to Persons like – Dr Sherri Tenpenny -. With Dr Sherri Tenpenny, and others that may follow her steps in a near future, maybe we still have some chance to turn the "game" into the right direction and revert the Madness. About demons, believe me, some demons don't have a master, and they defend the weak. We must expect the unexpected, and have a little LUCK.

    Love must conquer All.

    You said You're a musician. That's very cool. By the way you write I would guess you're a drummer, yes?

    Thank you again, Pedro.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks, Pedro.  I'm an A. F. of M. Local 6 member.  After 35 years of playing with regional symphonies, Broadway shows in the big theaters in down town S.F. and teaching the traditional Classical style I am at the beginning of my Suzuki teacher training, loving every minute of it, as it really is fun and helps everyone it touches, including me.  I growl and snarl in regard to subjects like geoengineering but Suzuki's philosophy and teaching puts me right. It is keeping me sane.  I also teach people how to play the cello and the piano, my current new love.. now that I can finally say I really did learn how to play the violin in this life time.

  21. A very interesting and valuable interview that actually applies to all of us worldwide under the control of the big Pharma's!!!

  22. an angry aunt and mother says:

    What problems might arise from childhood vaccinations, other than autism? Well, I have a nephew with a mild neurological disorder (labelled Tourette’s syndrome), which causes his face to twitch and his speech to become stuttering when he is upset or excited. That had never shown up in either of his parents’ families before. Another nephew spent his childhood on Ritalin because of an Aspergers diagnosis. My niece has a ‘congenital’ hardening of her breast tissue, or had (she went to the extreme of a mastectomy because it was so uncomfortable). My daughter has slightly compromised coordination – she never quite mastered crawling, for example. All of those problems are almost certainly attributable to vaccinations.

    On a different note, my son cannot tolerate sunlight ever since smart meters and wi-fi inundated our neighborhood. He prefers the basement on sunny days, even though he used to thrive on being outdoors. Would he be so energy-sensitive had he not been immunocompromised by vaccines? We’ll never know…

    • Donna-AZ says:

      @an angry aunt and mother, can you expand on your son's not being able to tolerate sunlight ever since smart meters and wi-fi inundated your neighborhood? I never had a poblem with the sun or WiFi until after being exposed to, and got very sick from the smart meters placed on our house. I thought what I was experiencing was from something that was being sprayed on us. My arms itched really bad, there were no visible bites, and when I stopped scratching them, I got deep burning pain, it felt like nerve pain, and the only way to stop the pain was with ice packs. I now have to cover my arms when out in the sun and driving. I found a name for this condition…. Brachioradial Pruitus.    

    • an angry etc. says:

      Hi Donna, I probably should have expanded on my son's situation before, so thanks for asking. It seems likely that the direct cause of his intolerance of sunlight comes from the excess UV-B and UV-C that we now get (as explained by Dane). He is fair-skinned, so he has less natural protection than someone who tans quite easily. That may be why he, but not his sister, has this problem with the sun.

      However, his biggest complaint is that the sun hurts his eyes, so obviously there's more going on than just melanin levels. The reason I suspect that smart meters and all are connected with his intolerance is that he changed drastically when we moved to a densely-packed neighborhood which had those… and where we had several neighbors with wi-fi, as well. Barrie Trower's discussions of smart meters should convince everyone to protest against them (and wi-fi, and cell phones).  But he and I are very much alike when it comes to energy sensitivity, and I don't have nearly the problem he does, which is why i think vaccines may have played a role for him, by undermining his natural defenses.

      Have you looked into Morgellon's – Cliff Carnicom's research, for example? I just wonder if there isn't a wider combination of factors provoking your reaction.  I had great results from following his advice.

      My son has not tried to address the root causes of his problem; he just avoids going outdoors (he's 22 now, so I can't shove him out into the sun).  I hope you have better luck than him – sunlight is so beneficial in so many ways!  Here is my current favorite means of staying healthy, from our friend Dr. Mercola.

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    There may be an attempt by the drug dealers to do what they do best which is to sell there  psychiatric drugs to more and more children and people,drugs that have to potential to do immense harm (deadly side effects) that the best our medical industry does it masks symptoms not cure a disorder  those drugs are not treating a physical problem they are not healing anything they are not a path to your cure they are perpetual treatment that is based on masking symptoms they make you dependent on a pill and then what happens a new law just passed that makes it mandatory to take medication prescribed by your doctors unless an exemption is given for reasons other than personal beliefs that's what is happening now with vaccines that's what may have already been happening with ADHD maybe and tha is what might happen with autism the " MDMA" Drug in some articles they make sure you know if you read the article there is no cure for autism but then say if you take this drug you may loose autistic behaviors but one of my points os that it doesn't lead to a cure it's masking symptoms another problem I personally have is that I follow Jesus's teachings and Pharmakia and sorcery is a sin it destroys your mind and much more I would say if it doesn't lead to a cure or treat a real illness like Insulin for diabetes for example then it should not be done it's all playing and tampering with your mind. I bet what would cure many cases of autism is sitting in our kitchen or be related to some other fixable cause.

    • Dennie says:

      I was reading the "for rent" list for a dance institute's student housing service.  One person listing a room apologized in advance, stipulating that she is not able to take any renters who are taking psychiatric medication.  The dance therapy offered by the trainees of this institute is very effective at helping emotionally disturbed children.  This is a vicious circle.

  24. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    I thought most folks here would enjoy reading this article. It seems quite relevant to what goes on here in the GW network of good folks.


    "I've always been fascinated by the engineering capabilities of spiders, They are all so different yet all are effective in catching dinner".

    (Dane, it's a free to publish article. Just like your own).

  25. MS P says:

    Great Interview. Thank you.

    I agree. When we get sick. It will go away. That was very well said. I only caught the Chicken Pox in my youth. I think they passed the virus around my school. So all the children got sick, just as summer vacation was starting. Everyone  in town had it. That summer.

     In fact I look at getting sick, with a virus or bacteria, ,  as a way that our bodies compliment our lives. Our bodies are getting rid of impurities. It might not be much fun. Much better than our bodies doing nothing at all. When we get well. Then we are stronger. With our own immune system, working perfect.

    Too many get sick from the flu shot. Even the pro-VAC sales people are saying it's not related, to sell more shots. 

    I refuse to have some 1/2 killed flu virus injected into me. It's been over 40 years since I had the flu. Only 8 colds since then too. I'd be the only one who did not get sick, at a workplace. 


    Best I can remember. I got the flu after that so called annual check up. As a young teen. I always have hated any kind of Vac. I'd be feeling very sick afterwards. I thought it was just me. I do not respond well to any pharmaceuticals. 

    I have no need to see a DR. I have no problems either. 

    I am a strong believer in herbs, for medicine. They work for me.

    Oh those poor children. I feel so sad for them. The very DR who is supposed to be trusted, is destroying their health. To sound the alarm on this, gets a whole lot of resistance, from the obey  the medical authority types. I sure hope that the truth will someday be learned by all. End the big money pharma biz for good.  Who has only 1 goal. To keep us trapped in our bodies, in a constant sick state of being.  No thank you.



    • a simple horseman says:

      MS P, thank you for your common sense writings. You made my mind go back in time to when I was in 4th grade… My friend got the chicken pox and my mom told me to go keep him company(grin). Well pretty soon I had the pox and then my little sister and brother. Pretty sure Mom knew this would happen. Pretty sure she also knew that the sooner you get the pox the easier it is to get over it. As did many moms 'and' dads back then. I had the mumps 2 years prior to that, all three of us kids did, At X-mas time(smile). Survived them both, with no "long term effects". "All" the kids I knew survived them both and never had any "long term effects".

    • Dennie says:

      I do not see how in God's name these people entrusted with the health and well-being of our children can possibly sleep at night knowing or even suspecting that they are routinely doing something that seriously alters the course of the lives of the children whose health they are supposed to be guarding, and the lives of their families– good GOD, this is truly insane!!! Now, I'd like to hear more from the physicians doing all this vaccinating who can speak honestly regarding what they see in their patients who are following the current standard of hyper-vaccination, with multiple vaccines given routinely in one office visit to very very young infants and children, and tell us truthfully just what they are seeing and how it affects them.  This is child abuse!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Which is worse.. a short term illness or to incur a lifetime disability or disorder? It's pretty much a no brainer to have a brief sickness which then strengthens the immune system as opposed to suffering neurological damage resulting in autism or some other cognitive disability which you are then battling for a lifetime..Unless of course you are the pharmeceutical / medical industrial complex!

  26. Michel B says:

    Making money is one aim. But given that those behind the push for vaccinations must know of the dangers, could there be some hidden and terrible agenda in the mix?

    Is it that much of a stretch to consider that vaccinations, together with flouridated water, gmos, chemical driven food production, High Fructose Corn Sugar, the suspect murder of Natural Health Practitioners, SRM, the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex, continuous war and state sponsored terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere, the use of spent uranium, State syllabus manuals for education, the ownership of most of the News media industry by a small group of special interest people, the total sellout of the Journalistic industry, the obvious propaganda tool of the entertainment industries, the erosion of the Constitution by Presidential Executive Orders, vilification of whistle blowers, growing powers of Federal government, the suppression of alternative technologies and so on are part of a larger sinister tapestry? Or is this all just coincidental? I ask this in earnest given my own continuing naivete.

    Given all of that, why would there be justice on the vaccination issue coming from those behind its push? We are far down the road of awareness on both sides of the issue. Those with vested interests are not likely to concede on their own. The scale of deceit is too large for admission, not that they were ever going to anyway.

    • Dennie says:

      No no no, these "elites" really aren't that smart, believ me, you're giving them way too much credit.  The fact is, they just do not give a damned.  SAME NET EFFECT.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Micheal B, I'd say you are quite astute at connecting the dots. Justice is not something that will be served up in today's corrupt society, however it will become a reality once we reach the other side.   Coincidental?  I think not. And tapestry is such a lovely word I am loathe to use it in a perjorative context, but the scheme is — as you say — very sinister!

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Dennie. I never said they were smart, but it is obvious they work hard at what they wish to achieve. Though they do attain the right amount of smartness for what they want. I do agree with you that there is a net effect, but that comes from many causes. There may be a large conspiracy, which is verifiably factual, and there may be much subsequent activity by other groups who wish to gain benefits.

      With my above comment, I was wishing to emulate JFK's speech by offering a somewhat comprehensive listing of the areas they currently dominate. When you stand back and look at what they dominate or at least influence, you start to see how wide their scope is. Its attempt is to include everything.

      They have considered what they are doing for decades or longer. For them it is a game that they take very seriously, but only a game nonetheless. Imagine a game whereby you gain control of a whole planet? What a dream that is. How intoxicating for them! If they control the oceans, lands and earth's orbit, then humankind and its activities are their greatest hurdle. But that is the point, isn't it? Other humans are the most difficult thing to control, but that is what they need to do. Everything can be sacrificed in order to get that.

      We empaths call that 'insane'. 'They' call it 'normal'. I once watched a Youtube clip of an interview with an incarcerated psychopathic criminal. When asked what he would enjoy the most, he replied, "To watch a whole city burn!" The interviewer asked what would that do for him and the inmate simulated masturbation to express sexual pleasure. Whole cities have been burned by incendiary fire bombing and by nuclear explosion. Lately we are seeing whole regions, whole countries and the whole world under assault. Who knows if this causes someone pleasure? But someone wants these deeds done, that's for sure. But don't forget it is a very small group who are behind all of this. That is their difficulty and they are forever persistent.

    • Dennie says:

      While insanity and chronic disease is now normalized, the ones handing it out just really are not smart enough to have cooked this up in some luxury resort a few years back, making sure it's all interconnected, then sit back and smoke cigars while sipping cognac.  No, they really are not all that smart.  Unlike creation, it just doesn't take a whole lot of planning to do destruction, actually.

    • Net says:

      Michael B.

      Certainly there is a much deeper more sinister plot behind the activities of those chem trailing the skies. Its called population reduction. If you have not noticed, or researched it, quietly, the average life span of humans has been changed to 69.9 years. Hmmnn. You won't see mainstream media promoting that either just like they refuse to investigate or report the deadly chemtrails.

  27. Dennie says:

    I watched the Gary Null documentary titled "Silent Epidemic."  It's really been a shock to find out what all goes into vaccines– totally "dirty, crappy" stuff, like viruses that actually cause cancers– and NO ONE's tested what each of those ingredients actually does to humans when they're injected with these substances directly into their blood stream– if I were a healer I'd just have to scream out loud to highest heaven, "WTF–??? THAT'S NOT SCIENCE!!!!"

    For such "smart" people (as in, "intelligent") physicians, since about the last thirty years or so, have become the stupidest, most close-minded, mind-controlled, brainwashed, indoctrinated people who are  also somehow completely sure of the correctness and rightness of their knowledge set– which is really just three things:  Slash, Burn and Poison.

    • MS P says:

      It's very sad. I have lost a lot of people that I love. To Cancer. They believed in the DRs. They died.


    • a simple horseman says:

      About doctors these days… I'm right there with you. Only I will never see one ever again on a personal basis. I'm willing to pay the price "if" I am wrong in my thoughts and convictions. There's way to much info still out there to ever need a "doctor" ever again.

      "Heal thy body with thy food", "Hypocrites", founder of the Hippocratic oath. It has always alarmed me as to how closely all that rolls with "hypocrisy". Sad how one negates the other……

    • MS P says:

       What the drug store has to offer, is just a patch. For temporary relief. Even those over the counter remedies, prolong problems. Such as cold medicines. They stop a nose from running. Well guess what? A nose runs to get rid of the virus  sickness. Just as an example.

      While the sick body feeling, is no fun. It is the body fighting something off. It's a bad idea to suppress it. Even if  in the bathroom,violently ill. That is your body purging out the sickness. Odd compliment. But good when it's over. The bad stuff leaves your system.

      From the moment we take our first breath in life. We are always fighting something off. My thought would be; if we are fighting 5 or more things off. At one time. Then it take us down, to the state of  feeling sickness. 

      In my younger years. I too was duped, into believing one needs to see a DR to stay healthy.  My parents took their children to the DR. As it was just part of life.The thing was. I was often sick with digestive issues & infections. Colds & flu conditions too.  Healthier than many children around me. Just not as well as I am these past 4 decades. Our bodies are so wonderful. Be good to yourself. Eat well. Don't stress.

       How my perspective changed….

      I had this cough I could not shake when I was 14. Three DRs & 3 ideas on what was wrong. Nothing helped. Then someone who was annoyed at my non stop coughing. Gave me a handful of Goldenseal  Root capsules. Next day the cough was gone. After 6 months of non stop coughing. This is where I decided I wanted to learn more, about natural remedies. 


      So I was so sick,of being sick. I said no more DRs. Found my way with herbs. After a childhood of being sick, while under medical care. I have found a way out. My stubborn & headstrong ways. 

      I have survived some very bad things, in my life. Where I know if I had gone to the DR. It would have been much worse,or  even game over.

      Ten years ago. I was bit on the ankle by a Brown Recluse spider. Not trusting DRs & AMA protocol. I asked a pharmacist. What is the AMA protocol, for a Brown recluse Spider bite?  =Steroids & Antibiotics, & sometimes flesh, or limb removal.

      So I did alternative herbal medicines. It was a very tough 3 months of my life. My leg turned black. Necrosis.The poison had an echo like effect on my body. Best as I can describe it. It was really bad.  My friends were trying to talk me into going to the hospital, to have my leg cut off. I had to stop driving, after I almost passed out while driving. i parked, then passed out. I was so very sick.

      I bet my life, that I could save my leg. I believed that my body could rid the toxins.

      I created these herbal patches, I placed upon the bite area. To suck out the poison. Did a herbal tea, mix too. It worked  very well in keeping the poison, on the skin surface layers, instead of eating into the flesh. My leg was black from necrosis,  from my knee, on down to the top of my foot.

      Eventually my leg looked like a bad case of Poison Oak, then a bad sunburn. Now there is no scar where I was bit. I took some photos. just to be sure, it was starting to look better. My leg is 100% normal looking now. Never had any more troubles either, in regards. That is just one story I have, in saying I have no use for a DR. 

      This very bad experience, had really made a believer in herbal remedies, out of me. Many people have not survived a Brown Recluse bite, while under medical care.

      I also busted my elbow a couple years ago. It healed just fine. No DR, no cast. I did keep it still best I could for a while. Learned that eating zucchini heals bones very fast. (I laughed at the idea, at first, but gave it a try. ) Something about eating zucchini & bone health. I can not explain. It just works. My elbow is OK again. It took a long time. My body has healed up, very well for as bad as it was.


      Our bodies have amazing healing powers, within. If we just learn to let our bodies fight stuff off, & rid toxins. 

      To me, there is only 2 things that will make a body sick. Toxins &  Bugs. Or both combined. What a person gets, is more about where these 2 bad things settle into our systems. Or attack our bodies. It's rather simple to look at this way. 

      I do believe that there is a plant on earth, to cure everything that ails human health. Also gravely concerned about the mass  extinction, of so many plants world wide. These our most likely lost cures.

      Old remedies, are the best to learn. So much knowledge has been lost.  Fight the good fight. Learn old ways of survival.

      ♥Stay well my friends♥



    • Net says:

      All food grown by corporate farming outdoors, is inundated with glyphosates, everywhere on the planet. From there cross pollination assures that the mom and pop crops are also robbed of nutrients and replace with death ingredients. Those who try to down play the effect of these deadly chemicals are also being destroyed by them. What, do they think they are invincible?

      When are we going to come to the point where everyone on the face of the planet, and those who live within it, place the all of government on the 'not to be trusted period ever' list!

      Do some study on nano particles to get an idea as to how far along these criminals are in their scheme to eliminate humans, animals and plants. This happens to be what the book by Ray Kurzweil entitiled 'The Singularity' is all about. Let's just destroy the health of all the world to bring in synthetic health and at the same time steal eternity from them.

  28. Sam says:

    Hitting people with stuff that weakens them at least, kills them at best, well, that's the idea silly.  And, all our dear loving and working for us Politician's, and, the strait lace Judge's, adhering to the law rigorously, well, they think they are elite too, so, out with us in with them and their childrens’ Ivy League education. I mean what is most important their children attending the best University and having the doors thrown open to them, so they can all make a lot of money and live happily ever after; or, people who are little more than worthless eater’s, to them, the elite, get saved from some disease or diseases? The answer to this question is quite obvious, if you consider what is really going on in the world today. Wake up, sucker’s. The politicians and the Judges are all paid for employees of the most powerful, richest family, that has ever lived and they, the family, want less of us, lots less of us.

    • Dennie says:

      Back in the early and mid-Sixties here in San Rafael, CA, we had the brighter high school kids who were from good families talking about becoming a doctor because they could get rich– great, huh?  Whatever happened with actually taking care of people?

  29. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dr. Tenpenny and Dane. I had my yearly routine Medical Doctor's appointment a few days ago. I had told him earlier that I caught the flu last time they gave me the shot! So this time he didn't even ask. He just wrote at the bottom, 'Patient Declined Penicillin and Flu Vaccine."  Heads Up!  Keep spreading the word. Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae. Blessings and keep sounding the alarms. We can post emails, write letters, or call our governing officials. Sooner or later, they WILL GET TIRED OF HEARING FROM US.  Yet, we DO NOT GIVE UP!  Sincere Blessings! 

  30. kathleen says:

    While I enjoy drinking deep of your longer talks, these shorter ones are probably easier for the average person (with an attention span of a nano-second), so I encourage you to continue adding some shorter ones which might reach a larger audience.

    Here's my question: Now that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for the damage their drugs do (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/300aa-22) isn't that a BIG clue they are up to no good? It's akin to Monsanto's desire to own all seeds (and eventually all DNA), or to all people — from infants, to athletes, to invalids — being dosed WITH THE SAME AMOUNT of fluoride in our water. In fact, infants are being dosed higher with that horrific "baby water" being sold and given to low-income people eligible for WIC and other programs.

    On a side note, the rise of autism also correlates with the expansion of glyphosate (key ingredient in Round-Up) in our soil and foods. Eat organic whenever possible, my friends! I've heard statistics indicating that one would need to eat 30 apples (or more, I forget the exact number) to equal the nutrients in ONE apple 50 years ago. Start a mason jar "garden" and sprout some seeds (organic). Learn to love some of the bitter herbs like cilantro. Add worms or their castings and rock dust to your soil. Plants get their minerals from the soil in which they grow. And look into Magnesium, a mineral most all of us are deficient in. 

    Sending much love to all who are fighting for our lives and the life of our home planet. {{HUGS}}

    • Jenny says:

      Maybe more people need to get involved in getting fluoride removed from their local water.  I'm sure I grew up on fluoridated water, as I lived in a very populated area, but for a long time, I've lived in a place that got rid of fluoride in the water.  I know of at least one other nearby town that doesn't have it anymore, either.  So at least in some cases, it can be done.

      TBH, I haven't even studied fluoride yet, but I've seen enough people on this site talk against it that I am wary.  I do still use fluoride toothpaste, since my dentists have recommended it (since I have a weakness for lemon juice in soda and acidic sour/sweet candies, and it wears down my teeth), but that may change, once I get around to studying the issue.  I drink a ton of tap water, so I'm glad it is not fluoridated here.

      BTW, Kathleen, I love green stuff like cilantro, dill, dandelions (eaten raw in salds or on bagels or sandwiches), chives, and scallions.  So I'm kind of a 1/2-good, 1/2-bad eater.     

  31. James Arthur Brown Jr. says:

    LETHAL INJECTION: The Story of Vaccination

  32. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for staying with us in this fight.

    Waking people up is truely harder than I thought it would be.

    My father believes in the flu shot, is convinced flouride is great, doesn't want to know about GMO's and thinks that the lines in the sky are contrails. My mom, on the other hand, (they are divorced) is fully aware of these criminal acts and the harm being done to us and all around the world. I aquired the 1954 Collier's magazine – Weather Made To Order, to "hopefully" assist with my father's denial.

    Thank you Dane, for all the tools to work with.


    • Dennie says:

      St. Paul said that there's a war in the heavens.  How right he was.  We are seeing the separation of the goats from the sheep, those ending their denials and those who just want either to stay in denial or to go even deeper into the Denial lifestyle.  This is a necessary part of the healing of this planet.  Reality always precipitates out from the consciousness that creates it.

  33. L says:

    Thankyou very much Dane for doing these shorter interviews along with longer ones. I think they make good material for those who think they haven't got time to watch something that is half to one hour long, in which case, they can be directed to these shorter items as a solution!

    Some great information here in a nutshell and a very intelligent interview on both sides. My greatest respect to you both.

  34. SF: Hegdes is saying that the 'forms of social control' we now see executed against the poor & blacks will soon be implemented against us.    CHRIS HEDGES: How Power Works / Oct 23, 2016
    The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 … is a detailed study of the inner workings of America. … the same blueprint used today to keep tens of millions of poor people, especially poor people of color, caged or living in miniature police states. … the 1960s and 1970s … unfettered police power … sent the message that the people, not the police, were dangerous. … Conditions in prisons today are worse than those that led to the 1971 revolt. Control of prison populations is more brutal, more sophisticated and more inhumane.  … Much of the worst damage was done during the Clinton administration. … the draconian 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. It provided $9.7 billion to build more prisons. By 1995 the prison population exceeded 1 million. It would soon double. … so many of these people now in prison had been arrested because they were drug addicts, mentally ill, poor, and racially profiled concerned few if any politicians … difficult and often impossible for prisoners to use the courts to protect their Eighth Amendment right not to endure cruel and unusual punishment.  …“The heart of the matter was the fear of blackness.”  This white fear remains unexamined in America. It allows us to stand by passively and watch the daily murders by police of unarmed black men and women. It allows us to maintain a prison system that holds a staggering 25 percent of the world’s prisoners…  But the state, in the age of deindustrialization, has no intention of stopping there. These forms of social control, so familiar to poor people of color, will bear upon all of us.

  35. Concerned One says:

    Thank you for a great video. I was just discussing this very issue with a friend earlier today. I am in my 50's and we, as children, were not exposed to all these vaccines that the children are expected to receive today. When these substances pass through the blood/brain barrier, I believe they most certainly can do damage in some people. While there are certain vaccines that are necessary to protect the population, the dangerous chemicals in these vaccines need to be taken out. Why are they even in there any way ? The drug companies are businesses today, in it for the profit. We need to bring the health care system back toward the people, for the GOOD of the people, for the good of the patients. This will benefit all of mankind. Thank you, Dane, for your great website. Thank you for this great woman, Dr. as well, who knows what she is talking about. The Healthcare system needs many more like her. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      The only "vaccination" that babies need is the milk from their Mothers, 2 years or more.

      Our species exists for 300.000 years. We must be cleaver.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, mankind is always "clever," and even SMART, actually.  What we REALLY need is WISDOM and MATURITY.  Look where "clever" and "smart" has gotten us.  Unlike the Indian tribes, most of humanity just lacks the tools with which to see beyond their own current lifetime :-(.

  36. legal eagle says:

    Hopefully someone in the tyrannical Australian government will take heed to this; they plan on getting citizens to rat out those who do not vax.

    If there are any honest media types in that country they could re post this? Prolly as corrupt as the pols though.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, "rat finks" and "tattlers," what's in it for them– the LOST good will of their neighbor?  Is the government now paying these little assholes MONEY to rat on others?  Thought they didn't have enough to pay their secret police– WWT??? THIS IS A NAZI TECHNIQUE–  but stooopid People Magazine-reading sheeple don't understand One Goddamned Thing or even care that they don't.  There was a time when people felt they had actual SELF-ESTEEM for getting themselves a real education, knowing how to tell the truth from bullshit and being able to think critically, actually.  Proving THESE AREN'T REAL PEOPLE here any more.

  37. Christine says:

    It is really great to hear this talk and also a great Autism expert, who was actually murdered (authorities say he committed suicide..) because of his incredible medical discoveries, in my opinion:


    One of Dr. Bradstreet's discoveries was about macrophages, based on research of a Japanese pioneer in that filed. Macrophges are exactly the same bodies compounds the Wagner's Thesis Work on this page is talking about. This fact is extremely important for the entire medical field, which is of course dominated by militaries, who have the money for their infinite research programms, comming btw. from all of us, taxpayers… 

    • BaneB says:

      HIV is one of the diabolical inventions.  Indeed, at the Sikes Committee hearing Dr. McArthur, a lead biologist from Ft. Detrick, spoke before this Congressional Sikes Committee hearing whereby the request was for an appropriation of $10,000,000.  That was in 1969.  A new field of bio-research had come into being thanks to Krick and Watson's discovery of the double helix/DNA "zipper."  Dr. McArthur ( the spelling might be MacArthur) stated the money requested would be for DNA research "to produce a novel virus refractory to the human immuno system."  AND they could achieve this within a 10 year time frame.  The definition of the AIDS virus is precisely what is stated above in the quotation marks.  Ten years later guess what…….AIDS.  it's amazing this committee meeting was not classified.  Nowadays the crooks damn near classify everything.  One can well imagine how far along the road to hell are the new odd emerging diseases they themselves create.  The list grows longer.  Add to the Frankenstein cocktail nano-technology.  And deliberate plagues breaking out, or escaping by accident from a P4 "secure " laboratory.  San Francisco has built acres upon acres of bio tech buildings, a campus for supposedly altruistic research.  Who would know differently?  And that gargantuan bio-meddling is within the city proper and the entire Bay Area is put at risk.  For a deeper understanding of the "Titanic" go search out the bio-tech industry's Asilomar Conference at Pepple Beach.  This was sometime around 1976 give or take a couple of years.  I believe it was after the outbreak of a new bacterium named Legionnaires Disease, but before the first cases of AIDS in 1979.  The attendees were very much concerned about accidental bio-releases and set up the structure for rating labs from P-1 to P-4.  It's a very interesting read.

    • BaneB says:

      Oops!  I meant CRICK and Watson:-)))

    • Dennie says:

      There's a Level 3 bio-warfare lab on the U.C. Berkeley campus up in the Berkeley hills neighborhood.  They wanted to use the old Golden Gate Fields race track and convert the plant into bio-research facilities.  I think the City of Richmond, CA is going to have something built there for this purpose.  It's all about how to tweak the genome to produce ever more heinous diseases than they already have– anyone ever hear of Ken Alibek?  He is a microbiologist who "defected" to the U.S. sometime in the 80s. Then the news media did a black-out on just about any and all stories re microbiological research, because it's being run by the MILITARY F*CKS, those arrogant, stupid little Army/Navy/Air Force.  Who, for a mere $15,000 a year and all expenses paid, plus cheap real estate loans, free college and professional school tuition and a PENSION would KILL THEIR OWN MOTHER and not blink.  What a bunch of sick ALL, a bunch of MASS-MURDERING WHORES, just "following orders–" UGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Here's a link to a nature.com article about the 1975 conference on DNA modification at Asilomar Conference Center in Pebble Beach, Monterey County, CA (that's right, where the Big Golf tournament takes place):  http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v455/n7211/full/455290a.html

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  your link to 1975 Asilomar article is a must read for anyone concerned about the advent of recombinant technology.  This article is important especially because it reveals the bio-tech science community's concerns about the catastrophic potentials that could occur from their bio-meddling.  Much of the work is about creating bio-weapons.  And as an aside, the Buck Center for Aging Research is a bio-lab located on 101 just north of Novato near Berkinstock's old facility.  It sits on a hill and is one ugly out of place structure.  Does anyone ever ask what contracts they have and what if any Frankenstein creations are being conducted?  I lived down wind from that place and wondered about it's activities.  Thanks for that link to the Asilomar information.  They actually published a hardbound edition of the " minutes."  Somewhere around here is a copy.  

    • Dennie says:

      .. ahh, yessss… The Buck Center for Research on Aging.. started with seed money from the fabulously endowed Buck Fund, named after it's deceased benefactress, Beryl Buck of Ross, CA, who left a fortune that was, her will stipulated, to help the poor, in body and in spirit, of Marin County, CA.. with a massive fight ensuing upon her passing, between the San Francisco Foundation, a charitable group that briefly commandeered the Buck Fund, and the Buck Trust, who actually regained control of the multimillions.  The Buck Trust money's now been firmly commandeered by the Big Pharma controlled physicians and none of it goes to the arts organizations, as Beryl Buck specifically stated that it should, any longer.  The research is housed in a large white building designed by I.M. Pei, no less (that caused landslides and damage to homes in the nearby neighborhood due to the massive earth moving done to create a berm to enable the large, square building to sit on the flank of the rounded golden hill behind it– sooo ugly..), and located in northern Novato, a hop, skip and a jump up the road from the old McGraw-Hill publishing digs (back to Birkenstock up there again), and a mere 10 miles north of my home town of San Rafael, CA.  The building is totally out-of-place looking, like an alien thing landed on the hills of Earth.  And so it is.  Wishing like Hell the f*cking ALIENS would take their damnable "medicine" and go home, actually.

  38. Pierrette Marie-france Bentz says:

    Thank you for your courage in exposing the truth to help mankind.

  39. Seeing Clearly says:

    I am hated by autistic people for wanting and supporting and advocating and desiring a cure. You did an outstanding job, people like me and you go through lots of hate for doing the right thing. I will never promote autism acceptance because it's the wrong thing to do, what's right is a cure.

    • Dennie says:

      .. and what's EVEN MORE right is… not doing the sh!t that's causing the autism in the first place.  You know, folks, it's actually CHEAPER not to pollute the planet than to have to clean up all the crap that angry white males think they can keep spewing all over it– GROW UP, KIDS!!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      They see it as preventing diversity and eradicating great minds that how they view us they are delusional healthy children are the real glory of God autistic ill children are not that way because god made them they are that way because of our faults for eating GMO , breathing air pollution and chemicals and more we referring to man are responsible for autism epidemic and mental illness in general 1 in 5  that's sad but the twisted world we live in there nothing to be sad about everything is ok it's all natural diversity.

  40. Michel B says:

    I believe the intention is not only to make money fraudulently, but deliberate harm is most assuredly an undisclosed aim of this monstrous practice.

    One of the Zionist agenda is to deliberately reduce the mental capacities of the populations and thus the brain injuries are a desired result. The range of injuries are wide and some are obvious and others not so obvious. How many people who have not been vaccinated are doing very well today? Many of them I bet! And I also bet the establishment is afraid of looking at this fact or having it exposed.

    Always remember the motto of the Zionist group: "By secrecy we conduct war." How much do we have to witness in every field the manifestation of that hideous motto? Every aspect of our lives (Full Spectrum Dominance) is under assault.

  41. sharon scott says:

    Once again thank you for including the injected metals going into our children and grandchildren, starting at birth. Medical docs are so un-educated on this and so many other issues as they are more and more pressured to force vaccines on us. She is so correct about the fraud regarding vaccines, going back to inception with Pasteur who stole research from Bechamp & promoted fraudulent vaccine for profit. "Pasteur Exposed"


  42. Shanna says:


  43. Emily says:

    Thanks to Dr. Tenpenny and others like her, my granddaughter will not give her newborn the Hep B shot or any other vaccines.  She will be homeschooling her son

  44. Sue Ratliff says:

    Thank You for all the information, I was sitting getting my car smogged and started a conversation about GeoengineeringWatch.org and on the flyers i had from Danes Website. I mentioned this very Video from Dane and Dr. Tenpenny. I hope the people will at least check it out. 

    Keep us feeling that there may be some hope!

  45. Wendy says:

    Wow Dane & Dr. Tenpenny great video!

    Thank you so much for helping us fight till the end

    to help rid this evil world of corrupt leaders! And

    by being blind sheep.

    I'm trying so hard to not have my child injected

    by any more chemicals.  It was upsetting enough

    that I had to have my beautiful 9 year old subjected

    to the MMR vaccine 3x because the Drs office

    made a "mistake". I fought, fought & fought until

    the school threatened me so many times that 

    I had to cave in and suc comb and pray that ever-

    thing turned out okay. Thank God it did but I am 

    just one….. Thank you and God bless you!!

  46. Al C says:

    Thanks Dane and Dr. Tenpenny…………..this madness has to stop!

          I happened to be talking to a friend of mine about "Vaxxed". What brought the subject up, I forget……Anyway, he mentioned that right after his grandson had his shot, he got all kinds of side effects and today at the age of seven has autism.

             Why can't the medical establishment connect the dots?

  47. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.


    In a land of demons sometimes we find  Angels.

    Angels can step on mud without dirtying their feet.

    • Dennie says:


      The demons are Lucifer's "Angels."  And worse.   But:

      "In a land of demons sometimes we find [real] Angels.  Angels can step on mud without dirtying their feet."

      Beautiful!  XXX OOO XXX OOO

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