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Engineered “Cool Down” Is Short Lived


The temperature map below shows degrees “ABOVE NORMAL” for this Saturday. Almost the entire country is above normal , much of it 15 and even 20 degrees ABOVE NORMAL. Of course on any given day the climate engineers can change predictions, plans, alter forecasts and the reality on the ground, so any forecast maps are subject to change.

Dane Wigington



The climate “forcing” from the ongoing and completely off the rails geoengineering programs has eliminated ALL natural weather. There is only “engineered” and/or completely disrupted weather. As stated in earlier posts, while the US media was ridiculously hyping up the manipulated “cold snap” as if the whole world was descending into an ice age, the rest of the world was at far above normal temperatures. Now, after only a few days, even the US will radically rebound to far above normal temperatures, high temperatures were also the case  just before the big headline chasing “engineered cool down”. It is likely after this upward rebound the geoengineers will again try to force the climate to downside and the roller coaster will continue. People need to get past Al Gore and look at reality. The current degree of planetary warming is at a rate exponentially faster than at any time in the last 65,000,000 years based on paleoclimatic data. The “weather makers” are literally ripping the earths climate system apart by the day and virtually eliminating any semblance of “natural” weather. Weather chaos on an ever worsening scale will continue to unfold.


 How fast is it warming?

 Climate warming at unprecedented pace.


How warm is it down under in the southern hemisphere where the main stream media would like us to think everything is colder as well?


What about South America?



What about the Arctic?


The unquantifiably destructive geoegineering programs are putting the planet from the frying pan into the fire. If all of us pull together on the single goal of exposing climate engineering, we could yet bring it to light and to a halt. No matter what other challenges we face, stopping the spraying must be a priority. Each and every day all of us continue to inhale the toxic brew being sprayed. All of us are being effected. The longer we are exposed, the less clearly we will be able to think due to the cognitive effects of this exposure, the less healthy we will be. Soon enough we will not be able to face any challenge. Global geoengineering must be brought to the light of day and stopped, we must all work together toward this goal, this battle must be won.


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One Response to Engineered “Cool Down” Is Short Lived

  1. DM says:

    The conditions here in Sweden (north of Stockholm)are warmer and drier than they’ve been in years, and, the aerosols being sprayed are as heavy as they are in CA, the US and everywhere. Looking at the MODIS images, the GOES weather sat water vapor images and all the visibles it is so obvious it stuns me that so little seem to care and others consider it not a problem. We don’t know who is flying the jets that are doing this here but most seem to be un-marked and off airway, just like everywhere else this is happening.
    Hopefully the demonstrations here will do something on the 25th, although it doesn’t seem to move many here, even when it’s so obvious. As always thanks to all working to end this psychopathic travesty. Onward through the proverbial…fog…
    All best, D

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