Engineered Weather, Exposing The Lies


The level of deception and outright lying coming from the climate science community and especially the “official” agencies like NOAA, NASA, NWS, etc, is astounding. Some in the climate science community are lying about the climate engineering reality because they are afraid of losing their jobs or worse. I know this for a fact because I have had face to face conversations with a few. There are other climate scientists that are totally in denial as they just can’t face the truth. Then there are the rest that are simply paid to deny the ongoing climate engineering reality. In any of these cases, all who deceive the public must be considered accessories in the massive coverup of the catastrophic climate engineering crimes. The so called “experts” that are lying to the public should be contacted by each and every one of us every single time they lie to let them know that we are not buying their lies. These “experts” should be put on notice that one day soon the public will hold them responsible for their criminal behavior. The two minute video below is complete deception due to the total omission of the catastrophic climate engineering issue. This being said, the video is well worth watching as the disasters it outlines are already all to real.
Dane Wigington

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  1. dave B says:

    I am in Tucson AZ a pretty hot place.

    I took pictures of the monthly and the daily forecast, Daily. For the first two weeks of this month the hourly temps and the daily temps were 5 to 7 degrees higher then the temp was. Then the Next Day at about Noon The real temp showed up on the Monthly for the day before, and so history was correct. On the monthly for that day and the future the 5 degree higher temp was shown. The temperature of yesterday would show they higher temp until about Noon then the correct temp would for that day would be updated.  Well funny thing is they finally decided to stop telling the belated truth. The months previous correct temps are now replaced backward with the Lying Temperature.

    Someone out there was doing the right thing I assume they got fired. 

    Can we get a bunch of people to take pictures of the daily temps and temps shown for the month? Proof of Truth would be great . 

  2. Marcelo de Almeida says:

    Hi. I would like to know what other parts of the globe are being sprayed, as i live in the mountains outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thanks

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marcelo, though some locations appear to be hit harder than others, there is no place to escape the contamination from these programs.

  3. Truth seeker says:

    I know of a pilot who was told if he followed these planes that are spraying or asked questions about them he would have a jet fighter plane on his tail in minutes. Another pilot told me that he’d been told that 11 planes are missing. He didn’t say from where but that there was a lot of concern as to what happened to them. These are both pilots who fly commercially all over the world.

    I don’t see how this can be called a conspiracy when we can see the trees dying and our gardens won’t grow – not to mention the drastic increase in diseases.

    Can’t help but believe it’s all about population control. It’s pretty obvious this is connected to the NWO and the 1993 Agenda 21/ Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

  4. Pat says:

    Scum bags!! Raytheon!! Below:

    Raytheon manages the operations, maintenance, and evolution of AWIPS, leading an experienced, reliable team of large and small businesses that support NOAA/NWS’ initiatives and strategic efforts.
    Our “Voice of the Forecaster” program allows forecasters across the nation to participate in AWIPS improvement initiatives. We provide forums for sharing information, ideas and insights, we solicit feedback, and we encourage forecasters’ direct participation in software testing.

  5. Jon Wise says:

    There has been so much spraying here in Victoria British Columbia for the last two years. I find it astounding this is not being mentioned by any local media! I have called the local talk radio station and the lol cal newspaper. At least the person at the paper listened and said she’d get back to mr

  6. jerry keller says:

    On thursday october 9 at 6:45 a.m.atleast 10 planes flew by leaving vapor trails.Within a half an hour these trails conncted to make 1 cloud atleast 1 to 2 miles wide and long.This took place in Marietta PA.We just moved here 3 weeks ago,i will be documenting more CHEMTRAILS,we are due for rain in 1 or 2 days.

  7. Nancy says:

    We must never give up educating others, no matter
    how long it takes! Even if you do not SEE spraying over your own head every day, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening elsewhere and probably closer than you think. Would someone call out ‘KEN BRADY’ for his lies he spews in the Reality Zone Newsletter? He is
    a puppet and seems the only one getting published on that website. It is strange because everything else
    reported there is TRUTH…except for this guy.

  8. Soren says:

    thanks for this!!

  9. carol freiberg says:

    The sun came out periodically today ,through their man made clouds, and you could feel the burning radiation immediately.No more ozone layer to shred at this point I think it is gone.At the end of the day you could see bright blue sky ,finally, and a few large geoengineered clouds. Then a huge aerosol sprayer was seen laying out his last trail of the day.Seems to be 24/7 here in north central Idaho.Still waiting for my “official” response from my elected reps.I’m sure they are much too busy trying to sift through the rest of the BS and lies in DC to respond to this issue.

  10. Nothern Breeze says:

    How convenient..a new weather forecast. When dictating and creating the weather have become a reality, then forecasting it won’t be a problem. They were pretty sure about saying how the the “new weather trend” would be like. I had a discussion on the FB page of our weather forecast here in Norway last year about geoengeneering where i layed out document links and the science behind geoengeneering. They totally dismissed it and started using layman terms to explain to me how the weather works. The conditioned followers of the page soon came out and used pretty harsh words to support the forecasters. If it had not been so sad to see it would have been funny. But the quest of informing the public continues and for those ten that laugh there’s always one who don’t. Yesterday they sprayed here for the second time in one month i was told by one of the awakened and informed.

  11. Chuck says:

    Fortunately, the cabal who plan so much destruction and injury of people and the earth are quickly losing all their position to do such things. They have about 5 years or less left to do this kind of stuff and then all their power will be gone. They count on the US dollar and it us all but useless already on the world stage. There are an extremely few people that cause such destruction to come about around the world, and as they get down to their last dollar, no one will be working their dirty deeds for them anymore. They are already negotiating their surrender now, though this is probably just a smoke screen. Many of their efforts have for years been falling through because people are not willing to risk their lives for a buck when the bucks are getting less and less.

    • Helen says:

      Sorry Chuck but its now 2022 and on East coast Australia we're being blatantly bombarded with engineered weather. Repeated  massive flooding and thousands of people homeless and businesses destroyed. It's 100% criminal. Devastating …. 

  12. Marc says:

    Lying, lying, and more lying… are we to come to grips with the clear fact that many thousands of “scientists” and their colleagues are complicit in this massive planet-wide crime spree? There aren’t enough prisons on earth to incarcerate the multitudes of psychopaths involved in this apocalypse. I admit folks, I am having difficulty seeing this one through to a brighter, healthier place. As Dane says: our biosphere is being shredded. Here in St. Louis, one day, massive chemtrailing horizon to horizon. The next, nothing. What moron cannot look up and see that this is all designed and executed by the psychos with the their “technology”?
    We are in for a real rough ride my friends. God bless all those who come to this site to seek out the truth.

  13. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    stop spraying and stop trying to lie to people

  14. Blue Sky Lover says:

    I call that scheduling the weather NOAA….

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