Engineered Winter, The Toxic Deception

How long can the climate engineers confuse and divide the US population with completely manipulated "winter storms"? The latest is "winter storm Eris" as named by the power structure owned Weather Channel. Also controlling the flow of climate information to the public is the Rothschilds owned Weather CentralArtificially/chemically nucleated snow is a primary method by which the weather makers create short term toxic cool-downs. Why are they doing this? Because it creates the headlines that the power structure and its media machine need to help hide the fact that our planet is warming at a runaway pace. A "white Christmas" here and there does much to confuse the public as to what is actually unfolding on the bigger climate picture. This is one of the major purposes of global geoengineering. Extreme jet stream manipulation is a major component of the engineered cool-down of the US.
jet stream

Such contorted jet stream patterns like the one shown above were historically unprecedented, now such scenarios are increasingly the norm. How extensive is the global network of ionosphere heaters (which are used to manipulate the jet stream)? The map below gives some idea, though there are many new facilities and mobil facilities (such as SBX radar) that are not shown.
Haarp map
As the planet continues to rapidly warm overall, the geoengineers are now simply robbing cold air from one region to cool down another. When they create a cool-down in a more populated area, the weather makers get the headlines they are seeking. Again, such headlines perpetuate confusion in the population in regard to the true state of the global climate. This confusion buys time for the power structure to further prepare for the coming collapse. Where is the cold air for "winter storm Eris" coming from? It is pushed down from the North with the jet stream manipulation mentioned, and then combined with moisture which is artificially/chemically ice nucleated. The North then immediately heats up as shown below.
 From record warmth to record cold in only days, such increasing extremes should be very alarming to any that are even partially awake and paying attention. 
Since we all hate Al Gore (for good reason), the public is very willing to accept any lies that fortify their disdain for him and the rest of the criminals in power. If we can leave Gore and his carbon credit scams behind, and examine verifiable data, reality will be more easily recognized. Who would want the public to believe the planet is not warming, or even cooling? Big oil, the military industrial complex, and the geoengineers, that's who.
How powerful are artificial ice nucleating agents? View the video below for one example of biological nucleating elements. A few drops of these can instantly freeze a container of water (chemical nucleating agents can be even more powerful than biological agents).
Winter storm "Eris" was just in time for Christmas. The Weather Channel's job is to hide the climate engineering crimes and their theatrically named "winter storms" are part of the production. The Weather Channel's paid actors dramatize the engineered cool-downs and avoid discussion of the fact that 2014 will be the warmest year ever recorded on our planetThere were over 2400 high temperature records set in December alone over the continental US, though mainstream media hardly said a word about this. Earth has now had 358 consecutive months of above average global temperatures (over 38 years in a row), how many have heard this from any mainstream media source? What about the record shattering ocean temperatures? Yet again hardly a word from major sources. But what about the petition of 31,000 scientists that say global warming is a fraud? The truth is, the petition of 31000 scientists denying the planetary meltdown is itself is a fraud. Just because those in power (like Al Gore) are trying to profit from disaster, does not mean the disaster is not real. The power structure does all it can to profit from war and global conflict, does that mean such events are not real? Of course not. We must all base our conclusions on facts, not ideology. The biosphere is warming at an extreme pace. Though temporary surface cool-downs are being created, climate engineering is making a bad climate scenario far worse overall and poisoning the entire planet in the process. Geoengineering is decimating what is left of Earth's life support systems.  All those in the climate science and meteorological communities that are hiding the climate engineering crimes from the public should be considered criminal accomplices to these crimes. The responsibility of sounding the alarm rests with all of us, we must each do our part in the battle to reach critical mass of awareness with the population.

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  1. Nikki says:


    Can you tell me what type of chemical was used when they froze that water or what type of chemicals they use when they freeze the snow … in Denver the other day, it was 29° and raining ..and that evening it was about 35° and it was snowing 35 to 37°

    Please feel free to reply to my email address

    Thank you


  2. Scott Loveday says:

    We the people will succeed In stopping the spraying ,we have to….

  3. Scott Loveday says:

    Thank you so much Dane for all that you do to getting the word out on this aerosol assault and what these people are doing controlling our weather and taking away of blue skies. I’ve called many weather modification companies Noaa, NASA and meteorologist list goes on.I just get the denial nothing to worry about those are regular contrails.I hope this next year is the year they stop. More people are noticing thanks so much again your effort and dedication exposing what’s going on.I won’t stop untill they stop Blocking the Sun.. Scott

  4. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It is currently 39 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska at midnight! We reached a high of 44 degrees today. Our historic averages for this day are 24 degrees for the high and 5 degrees for the low. The lowest temp. we’ve seen this year is only 9 degrees. Please take a look at these temp. graphs for Nikiski, Alaska to see how radically warm it has been here the last couple of months. Anyone want to buy a snowmobile?

  5. Matt says:

    They started spraying today in tacoma. They managed to get it to snow hard packed small balls very lightly for about 20 minutes. It was 43 degrees. Now there is no poison clouds left in the sky and I notice the water in the back of my truck is frozen. You should go on coast to coast Dane, they have been talking about geoengineering a lot lately.

  6. Freedomranger says:

    I tried to live in ignorant bliss just for a couple of days then they sprayed the sh** out of me.

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Dane is definately right about the climate warming. Today, Dec. 28th 2014, I see violets sprouting and trying to bud. Also have seen a couple of dandelion flowering. This is UNPRESCIDENTED for the North Georgia USA area where I have lived for over 50 years. The past few seasons I have seen this happen as well as honeysuckle blooming in NOVEMBER! Also for the first time in 18 yrs. my chickens are laying eggs in winter. Normally they stop laying around Sept. and begin again in late Feb. or March. I’m glad for the eggs but this is very unusual since I don’t keep them under lights of any kind. If people would just OPEN THEIR EYES and LISTEN TO NATURE, it would be shockingly obvious that something is VERY ODD. Keep working on helping others to SEE the TRUTH- however bad it is.

  8. Earth Angel says:

    Carol your final statement sums it up very well; these people are demon puppets of the lowest order.

  9. Ana says:

    What this Power structures did and do to us is not new and just shows how their psychopatic minds work …I don´t know how people get so amazed with what´s going on that is so impossible to believe ,even if they have sprayed directly on our faces (as someone told)or in our food or water or vaccines or whatever people would continue to voluntarely be their guinea pigs for their experimentations instead of hearing the voices of reason .There´s no way ,people seem to be conditioned/limited in their minds ,they think they have been living in a world that in reality is not the the “humanity” as they think it is as is dificult for them to accept the truth ….I talk to people and they continue to think that our world is better than it really is .I saw this article on the Guardian from 2002(with the title:”millions were in germ tests”) and this is just a small part of what comes to public knowledge if as they say :’It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.’

  10. Karen says:

    Dane, would those SBX be the “huge odd looking honey cone shaped” ship(s) that have docked up near Washington state this past, I believe early spring, and then was gone? Seemed like no one could it explain it out.

  11. Karen says:

    Thank you once again Dane for your updates. I appreciate reading and watching the information you report. Today in the Sacramento area we had strong winds coming from the south/west and the temp dropped to a crisp chill. Next time I will monitor the time span with/temp change
    I do hope people will start sending in videos of the burning snow in their area.
    I don’t even want to take the kids to Tahoe sledding.

  12. middleway says:

    It has been established that nano particulate aluminum is one of the key components used in the geoengineering aerosols being sprayed via aircraft into the earth’s atmosphere. The stated purpose of the geoengineering process is to ‘to combat global warming’. Nano aluminum is found to be one of the primary reflective metals listed in the geoengineering aerosol patents. Aluminum in nano form is highly bio-available and is being dispersed in massive quantities around the world. It was recently stated by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior researcher at MIT, that the neuro-toxicity of nano aluminum particulates is increased x100 when there is a synergistic recombination with glyphosate (roundup), which is in heavy use in GMO agribusiness.

    Try as I might to ignore it, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a eugenic/debilitating intent underlying many of the global programs and agendas that are being promoted as a solution to a declared global crisis.

  13. Cori Gunnells says:

    Barry V. – Thank you for being so observant and open. Keep watching, and keep asking questions. Having people like you within the commercial aviation field, give me more hope.

  14. carol freiberg says:

    Thanks for another good article to add to my library of geo engineering. The more I learn about this crime the more everything else in this world, that makes no sense, all of the sudden fits together and makes sense. Our leaders, from the president down to the lowest bureaucrat, acting like they are above the law.Apparently our country has been taken over, from the inside, by a cabal of psychopathic freaks that have no moral compass.

  15. Howard Taylor says:

    Thank you brother. You have stood alone against the tyrants spraying our children and citizens with their toxic chemicals. You are a true son of Liberty. Fighting these evil soldiers of toxic death.Mad scientists, mad pilot, mad politicians. The largest number of Meteorologist in America are the US Navy located at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. These people direct Navy andAir Force .Largest Oceanography and Meteorological in United States.
    They all believe they are fighting for America but are not told the real truth.Get to them and other soldiers maybe we can stop this insanity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Howard, thank you for your support in this fight. Yes, we need to reach our military brothers and sisters with the truth so that they realize they are being lied to about the spraying and its consequences. Let’s all keep sounding the alarm.

  16. Barry Verespey says:

    Hi Dane, I’m a flight attn. this past 24th. I flew several times from San. to Smf. and back starting at 6am thur 4pm. I noticed the morning skies where full of trails running N. to S. I happened to be looking out the window when one of our planes pasted by leaving a long trail which lasted for quite a long time as I watched for many mins. going in the opposite direction. Our colorful jets our easy to spot and I’m sure it was similar to the one I was on. My ? is could atmosphere conditions play a role in these trails, or could there be some sort of additive being mixed without the knowledge of the airlines and pilots and ground fuelers. We do not have spray equipment on our aircraft, I look out constantly as well with other carriers. I hate the trails and wish I had more answers. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barry, in regard to the atmospheric spraying, there is not one single scenario. Available evidence indicates commercial personnel are not openly or directly involved. There are patents for fuel additives, and for sprayed payload dispersions. We have film footage of tankers spraying, so that is a given. Commercial aircraft have been identified with flight tracker leaving particulate trails, and project “Cloverleaf” seems to be the outline for the use of commercial carriers. Again, in many cases this could be with a fuel additive. In regard to atmospheric conditions, any spraying would be have a much greater visibility if there is more atmospheric RH (relative humidity), so conditions do matter and have an effect.

  17. Mark Davis says:

    Microscopic analysis of the artificial snow is surprising, by the many “engineered” particles

  18. Mark Davis says:

    Chemtrail Pilots tales of secret islands and underwater bases confirmed by google maps, some details are obscured but much is visible, including HAARP, and TTAs.

  19. Irene Parousis says:

    Hi Dane, I would wish you a Merry Christmas but I don’t know how merry it is since it doesn’t even feel like Christmas anymore.

    I just watched a year old debate ‘An audience with David Suzuki’, it seems that he maintains his belief in global warming but makes no mention of climate engineering. I’m wondering if you already have or would confront David Suzuki on the topic of geoengineering, seeing as he’s the top environmentalist in North America?

    You may know of this article by him “Conspiracies fuel climate change denial and belief in chemtrails”. As someone who much of the populace look up to, Mr. Suzuki should be properly informed and confronted with the “scientific evidence”.
    Between the above article and the interview mentioned he contradicts himself when he claims that on the one hand we don’t hold leaders accountable and the media is complicit in denying climate change, yet on the other hand suggests that the ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theory promotes distrust of governments, media and scientists. He is misleading and contradicting and I am wondering what are your thoughts on this?

    Thanking you for everything you are doing Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene, Mr. Suzuki says exactly what he is told to say,exactly what he is allowed to say, nothing more, nothing less. If a scientist of his prominence spoke openly about the atmospheric spraying, there would no doubt be immense consequences for him.

  20. Steven Chamberlain says:

    We are beginning to see the effects of this round of jet stream manipulation. It’s currently 37 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska with strong winds out of the south. THEY did give us an inch or two of nucleated snow last night, how nice of THEM. I guess everyone gets a fake white Christmas this year. This is the beginning or our “scheduled” warming trend here in Alaska. I’ll keep you all updated. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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