Engineered Winter Theater Continues In The US


Dane Wigington

Yet again the climate engineers managed another "winter" storm to keep the confusion and division of the US population going in regard to the true state of the climate. "Winter storm Venus" is the latest installment of manipulated weather from the weather makers. Take a good look at the temperatures on the map below, the white bullseye in the center of the US is the core of "winter storm Venus". The rest of the country is experiencing far ABOVE normal temperatures to RECORD HIGH temperatures (and tornados), while this extremely anomalous (and meteorologically ridiculous) "winter storm" is occurring.


Completely engineered (also temporary and toxic) cool-downs are exactly what the military industrial complex controlled media machine needs to produce the headlines they are looking for to continue fortifying the climate confusion of US citizens. Every engineered event that is carried out furthers the total destruction of Earth's climate and life support systems. Where are the engineered cool-downs being carried out over and over and over during the course of the last two years running? The GISS  temperature anomaly map below paints a very clear picture.


The map above represents compiled temperature readings over the last two years. How can the eastern US be so anomalously cold while the whole of the Arctic is in superheating, the western US is burning up, and while all of Siberia and most of the rest of the world is in meltdown? Recent peer reviewed study proves extreme and anomalous cold events ARE NOT connected to global warming, so what is the cause? Welcome to the world of climate engineering. The constant engineered cool-downs of the eastern US are psychological operation to hide the true extent of climate disintegration from the US population for as long as possible while the power structure makes preparations for total collapse. The NOAA map below shows with shocking clarity the radical extremes of contrast between engineered heat in the US West and the engineered cold in the US East, this pattern has been very consistant for two years.


What happens when populations in the western US start to wake up to the fact that they are being subjected to record drought and heat by the climate engineers? It seems that the geoengineers have scheduled a temporary unprecidented cool-down for the west in the attempt to cover their tracts. The NOAA "forecast" map below (which amounts to the scheduled weather as all of NOAA's maps are provided by climate engineering contractor Raytheon) is no less shocking and meteorologically unprecedented as the map above. 


I have covered the completely engineered cool-downs of the eastern US again and again and again, the articles linked below are filled with essential data and source links on this scenario. Those who wish to be most effective in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering should take the time to review as much information as possible. Clear understanding and credible conclusions which are essential if we are to gain ground in this most critical battle. DW

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38 Responses to Engineered Winter Theater Continues In The US

  1. Marie says:


    I just found this report on line and thought it may be of interest.


  2. Rachel Robson says:

    Hey folks,  I erred and I don't like to do that!  Feeling a bit brain dead.  The Erin Brokovich thing is a big deal.  I had to watch it again and again to get it right.  The first pre-emption was in 1976! not 1996.  It was smallish to apply to a few things that needed testing and meant to lessen legal blowback.  Now there are two bills before Congress that she is working on.  One is the Toxic Substance Act.  Out of 84,000 chemicals new and new-ish to us, only 200 have been studied as to effects on our health, much less the planet's.  The sponsors are trying to pre-emption this, that is to take away our rights in this, to know, to be identified, to sue.  The second bill is about GMOs and brought by Kansas Senator, and is referred to as the Dark Bill.  This is to put a pre-emption on GMOs, such that no one can sue, get disclosure, even affects lablling, and in large part has to do with glyphosate, a known carcinogen, now used in conjunction with Round Up in order to try to kill Super Weeds.  This is huge folks.  I am sure Erin knows about geoengineering, she kinda indicated as much.  These two bills must not go through.  Think your votes don't count?  Think again.  Social activism works.  Especially if you do vote, if you call your representatives, if you sign online petitions, if the subject is "real"-as in written up and before Congress as opposed to geoengineering which is real, but not acknowledged.  I am looking into this further.  If this goes through, we have zero chance of getting the spraying stopped. This affects states rights and individuals. The reason social activism works is these people work for their paycheck, if a huge amount of people sign and oppose, their jobs are in danger, they Will lose votes.  It does work, if you work it.  Try, for Gods' sake try.  No matter how they push her, I will not vote for Hilary.  In part because she and Bill brought Monsanto into the fold.  Other reasons too.  Apparently many others feel the same.  thus her attempting to change her stripes and others, such as Bernie Sanders stepping up.  It is a matter of morals.  Integrity-I know, odd words to use with politicians, but not all are bad.  And some are very very bad.  So, get involved.  Try.  Beats bitchin' by a long shot.  We have to stop these two Bills.  Have to.  If we want disclosure on geoengineering. 

    • Pat says:

      Thank you for speaking about the bill HR1599 "Pro-GMO Dark Act" bill introduced by Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo.  I was really upset when I learned about this from you.  I cannot eat GMO foods.  I learned after years of suffering in pain from Fibromyalgia (from a friend who encouraged me not to eat GMO foods as they cause inflammation for many people) and experimenting…when I quit eating GMO foods and foods with GMO ingredients…all my pain went away within 3 days. (I experimented several times going back and forth between GMO food and non-GMO food and I know that it works for me.) None of the medicines my doctor prescribed ever worked.  But not eating GMOs resulted in no pain after several years of pain.  It was truly amazing to me. I also wonder about the millions of other people in the U.S. diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and who live in chronic pain.  I don't know if this is true in other states but in California, look at the small sticker placed on the fruit or vegetable—if the 5-digit code begins in number 8—it is a GMO food.  The 5-digit code that begins with number 9 is an organic food.  Codes that begin with 4 or 5 are foods from farms still using pesticides but at least are not GMO.   So, thank you for advising about this bill; I contacted my state Congressman and House of Representatives for my city–and sent emails begging them not to allow this bill to be passed.  For others reading this, it's really easy to contact your representatives.  Simple search "Who are my state and federal representatives for {put in your city and state here}".  Please send an emails referencing HR1599 and asking your representatives to kill this bill.  At least on this front–we have a chance of making a quick difference.

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane has not said much about it but awhile ago he was wondering if what is being sprayed is acting like a lens–you know, like a magnifying glass on ants.  I think he may well be spot on with that.  It would explain so very much, from the intensified UV Despite less sunlight reaching us and I mean a real chunk of it, 22% less?, as well as some of the beautiful? weird photos of quadruple rainbows, perfect geometric reflections around water and in the skies with water, water falls, etc.  Many of those make the news and all wonder out loud about how unusual, how beautiful, but incredibly unusual, never seen before.  I think Dane is right about the lens affect.

    Pat-Wonderful that a Kaiser nurse talked with you for 30 minutes about fallout from spraying and asthma, and that she will look into it!  I tell my medical people but have never gotten a good response like that-great to hear!

    Bonnie in Hawaii, My best friend lives in Hawaii and has for a long time now.  Claims to have never seen a chemtrail, doesn't believe.  Says it is not happening in Hawaii.  From postings, I know otherwise.  I think my friend would believe me and look into it if not for how busy with work she is and her husband's negative attitude towards my bringing this up. She tried to tell him that in the past, I'd been the first to alert to this and that and was always right.  He blew it off–too happy to be in paradise.  What island are you on?  They are on the big one.

    Marc, first I want to say that the first earthquake I ever felt was in Kansas City, MO.  I was home alone, baking bread when there was a loud boom and the house shook.  I first thought something with the furnace, but news said earthquake and that was 47 years ago.  Upshot of the news then was that there was an ancient fault line there, and near the Ozarks, the land is the oldest in the US.  That while very rare, potentially we could have them and a big one.  I too suspect the earthquakes in Nepal, but in this case I am suspecting China since they have this ability and want the real estate. Unfortunately, more than one plays this unholy game.

    JR-thanks for the Mothers' Day warm wishes, THE ONLY ONE I RECEIVED!  Not bitter, all's good, just thank you. Even if it was sent out to all, it counts!  Kindness counts.  Thank you.

    As far as weather modification programs go that are listed, two in Texas and one in North Dakota-or other way around-mostly saying for rain, which has been going on forever, but at one North Dakota one I read all the way through, they go so far as to say they can lift that cloud and place it where you want it.

    And, finally, the nail in the coffin, as far as getting any groups or the EPA to care, forget it.  We cannot get things really tested.  Erin Brokovitch was on Bill Maher's show last Friday night, and I think it can be pulled up on You Tube.  Towards end of show.  She looks freaky, but boy does she make sense.  She is working on a Toxic Substance Control Act.  This really gets interesting.  In 1996, a legal thing called a pre- emption was passed that supposedly was to be temporary to give permission for some experimental activity.  But it was never suspended and sort of grandfathered in.  She kept stressing preemption.  This deprives all states of rights, all consumers of rights.  Once was small, now across the boards.  84,000 chemicals at play in every way, only 200 of which have been tested for safety.  The EPA says there are about 1,000 that seem to be very dangerous but need study-but to thoroughly study them would take 100 years!!?  Says our EPA is basically defunct-no surprise there.  So many things, like BPAs, like the material in your furniture, your bed, your clothing, every single thing it would seem.  So, she is trying to get this investigated, stopped, via this Toxic Substance Act.  She did not say what to do or who to contact but I will look into it.

    As it turns out, we CAN sue Monsanto in theory.  I've gone on and on about how they snuck in the sequester at the last moment, permanent protection for Monsanto from blowback forever.  Thanks to Jon Tester, Democrat Senator from Montana who owns an organic farm, he offed that, got it deleted in the nick of time.  Wow.  I am impressed and I never knew about this guy.  Makes me wonder if he'd be any help in the spraying issues.

    Finally, another very chilly day in Berkeley, CA.  The cold is beginning to really get to me.  I know the seas are warming fast, but weather man says and keeps saying our coastal waters are cold, thus causing this cold.  Saw a cloud earlier that had to be a chem one because it just sat there and did not move with our winds.  Now the sky is white.  So dry, so dry.  But they are saying rain on Thursday?!!  I mean of course I want rain and supposedly raining up near Dane, but?  Even without chemical manipulation of our weather, given CO2 emissions, we'd be getting weird weather.  Besides the chemicals, these planes flying to spray them all the time and around the world puts Way more CO2 into our skies.  And by the way, ozone tears can repair themselves if given a chance.  They do all the time.  Ozone is interesting stuff.  But here, there and everywhere around the clock, not much chance for healing.  Hence Dane's very concentrated effort to stop this madness. 

    • SD says:

      Yes, Rachel, I have also noted the tell-tale rainbow effects lately.  Sometimes in the chemtrails themselves, but especially during periods of light rainfall. Very unusual stuff here in SoCal.

      Similarly, the chemtrails will show red/orange colors at dusk, color-matching exactly the nearby artificial "clouds".

      And I'm also wondering if some of the aerosol particles in question reflect sunlight in many directions – like a "disco ball effect". Even if we assume the aerosols are engineered and manufactured under highly controlled conditions, they must certainly scatter sunlight in all directions, not just back into space.

  4. Janet says:

    Are they spraying in Mexico?

  5. Bette says:

    Lets call it what it is…"Weather Manipulation Warfare"!!!


    • wandakate says:

      How about calling it "Playing GOD"…GOD has always controlled the weather and now man wants to be god and play god. GOD is most likely angry at that. The will pay for their lies and their disobedience.

  6. Katie in San Diego says:

    I am suffering with actinic (solar) keratoses.  I have encountered many folks with it also.  Perhaps the breaking down of our ozone layer is contributing?  Sickening what is happening to us all!  Thank you, Dane, for all you do.  God bless.

  7. Pat says:

    I live in Roseville, California but work in Sacramento, California.  During the last 5 months we have seen very heavy spraying overhead.  Initially it was higher atmosphere but now witnessing MID and high altitude geoengineering chemtrail spraying.  I am also noticing people with well-controlled asthma having severe asthma attacks when the spraying ramps up.  My husband, who has never had asthma, this spring developed asthma with 3 back-to-back severe asthma attacks which required a lot of doctor visits and medications.  I am constantly irritated when I leave my residence to drive to work at 7:00 a.m. only to see heavily sprayed skies with several visible aircraft overhead spraying.  I am disturbed when I see healthy people out jogging and children waiting outdoors for the school buses–knowing they are breathing all of these toxic metallic contaminates in.  Every time I pour a glass a water to drink, I wonder how many contaminants are in my water.  I wonder about my contaminated food supply (not including trying hard to avoid GMO foods that cause inflammation).  When I need to drive somewhere the first thing I do after staring the engine is switch my air settings to "Inside Air Only" to avoid breathing the overhead pollution dripping down.  A Kaiser Permanente Asthma nurse called me at my office today to check on my asthma.  I asked if she knew about SRM, Geoengineering, or Chemtrails.  She didn't so we discussed the subject for about half an hour.  She is going to visit this website to learn more and share it with her department and upper management.  Honestly, I miss sleeping with my windows open at night.  I miss sitting outdoors in my patio drinking orange juice early in the morning–but I can't when I look up and see chemtrails billowing out overhead.  I miss going for an outdoor walk.  I wrote a very long letter to city officials, our state governor, elected federal representative, and air board–only to not receive any response.  It wasn't like this when I was growing up.  We use to have blue skies, clean water, and never worried about toxic metals in our food.  Every time I have to look out a window or drive and see the non-stop overhead polluting trails billowing–I find myself grieving for this planet, animals, and humans.  My father, father-in-law, and uncle served 20 years in the Air Force or Navy as aircraft pilots.  None of them were assigned to these duties.  However, I know for a fact that had that happened they would all have refused to do so.  If you are a pilot, please learn about the damage this is causing.  Please consider refusing to fly these missions.  Sure, your C.O. will probably be ticked off and you'll be assigned to a desk.  But, just remember the military has spent a lot of money training you and you will be routed to other flying duties.  You need to spend some time at this website and look at the scientific proven facts.  I only hope this stops before we pass the point of no return.  I look around at our neighborhood now and wonder when our trees will start dying like what is going on in Shasta County up north.  The spraying won't continue without pilots.  Please be as honorable as my military relatives.

    • Bonnie Morgan says:

      wow great comments !  l live in Hawaii and it is bad over here as well ..I am going to visit my siblings in calif and dread seeing the skies there .. it just gets me .. why are they doing this ? thats what I just cannot fathom the insanity of it all !

    • wandakate says:

      Can we say it's all part of the "depopulation" agenda. Doesn't this administration and Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger and George Soros want to get rid of millions of people so they can make the globe with fewer inhabitants? Didn't Henry Kissinger even say that most of us are just "useless eaters". We aren't the elite, we don't need to be here, so we should die. This is just one of the ways to make that happen and oh yeah, what about those vaccines? I know a nurse that knows how bad they are and she doesn't even want them for herself or her family. Every state has chem-trails. I'm in North Carolina and we see them here all the time. We went to Fl. for the winter and we even saw them there. 

  8. James Burke Boyd says:

    Dane, while the rest of the world appears to be super heating our eastern US is in a cool down.  OK, great.  Our atmosphere is only getting worse including our precious ozone because of in part the dispersal of toxic metals and whatever else they are spraying.  What can we do to improve the condition of the ozone other than to stop geoengineering?  I am hearing lately a great deal about the UV Index being on the rise.  Is this because of primarily the testing of nuclear weapons and the catastrophes at nuclear plants since and the combination of the Toxic Metals.  I think what I am hoping to hear is that there is a way to reverse the Ozone depletion before it is to late.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, the aerosol spraying programs appear to be the primary source of ozone depletioin, available science study backs up this conclusion. The ozone layer would recover if the climate engineering insanity was brought to a halt. We would still have immense and unimaginable challenges, but it would  be a start.

  9. I believe all you are saying and I see the chemtrails. Naysayers and disbelievers abound. But for those of us who believe, what can we do? How can we stop this? If this is a government controlled program, then our legislators are aware of this too. There is such a web of intricate stealth organizations being contracted by the government to run these various secret programs that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! Why don't we  create a petition that we all can sign and send it to our legislators to react to, and let's get this ball rolling politically! Let's get The Sierra Club, NRDC,The Wilderness Society, National Wildlife Federation, the National Parks Association, and American Farmland Trust (just to name the ones I know ) combine their forces together and make a powerful statement to counteract this process, and hopefully, finally achieve a cease and desist bill that bans any further geoengineering! We have to believe this process works, and the only way is to combine powerful lobbyists together! Let's do this!

    • Dane has contacted certain environmental organizations. The Sierra Club doesn't want to hear it because they would lose money…cha ching!

      This is a horrifying situation we are facing. Usually I am depressed to tears. But I have to work in the positive light and hope we can do something, or it will consume me. I think of the enormous weight Dane has on his shoulders. I will personally send comments to these organizations and point them to this website. I copy and paste his website to everyone I know.


    • Bonnie Morgan says:

      I tried the nrdc .. they wont touch this subject why I dont know?


  10. Joelle says:

    I'm vacationing in Greece and posted yesterday via your FB page two photos of a what I can only describe as a 'before and after' of a chemical trail from an airplane. The effects were real and very worrying! I don't want to press anyone's buttons but I've also seen many troubling videos about the biblical rapture that supposedly will come on Sept. 23-24, 2015. I personally have not followed any religious belief but after seeing the things that are taking place on our planet, I have to admit I'm starting to be a believer! Thank you Dane for leading this battle!

    • Gordon Chamberlain says:

      Are you aware you can find out about the airline that you observed as flight paths must be filed As well what do you believe airport security, the airline, pilots , co pilots, navigators, filing of flight path, Minister of health,environment are doing in response to concern that somebody is altering our planets atmosphere? 
      As well was the aircraft you flew on to Greece spraying chemicals? 
      CO2 from burning fossil fuels it not a secret Where does damage to our atmosphere caused by CO2 fit into your concerns. 
      These are being investigated by gov and universities globally and are the focus of international negotiations.  Do you believe chem trails are criminal acts and no body is doing anyting? 
      as well are you aware of the UN Dirty Dozen campaign but not chem trails ? 

  11. Brian hudson says:

    Please send me some official water, air, or soil tests so that ! have some ammunition when my skeptical friends challenge my beliefs about geoengineering.  I see with my own eyes the spraying that is going on here in Victoria, Canada, but very few will believe what is going on.

    Thanks, and keep up your vital work, Dane.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brian, there are plenty of lab test results on, check the top tool bars. As for those that do not want to wake up, nothing you show them will likely matter. As the proverb goes, “you cannot wake someone that is pretending to be asleep”.

  12. Marc says:

    Read about anomalous seismic activity in the U.S. midwest and south on Linda Moulton-Howe's website "Earthfiles". Much of the non-tectonic anomalous activity is suspiciously focused right around the New Madrid fault near the Missouri bootheel. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that the sons-of-bitches who operate the HAARP installations may be trying to intentionally trigger that dangerous fault, which could result in a massive earthquake of biblical proportions. The associated link on her site talks all about fracking and the small quakes and seismic activity associated with it's deployment. But I don't think that is the whole story.Anomalous activity has been monitored in and around the Yellowstone Supervolcano that points to suspicious use of advanced technology to "encourage seismic activity." As in HAARP? There is evidence suggesting the Fukushima quake was a HAARP-induced earthquake. Sound like fantasy conspiracy theory bullshit? 

      It is well known that HAARP facilities CAN INDEED GENERATE SUFFICIENT POWER TO CAUSE EARTHQUAKES. Call me stupid but I find the Nepal/Katmandu quake unusually suspicious. And I haven't even begun to investigate anomalous activity in the markets prior to these aforementioned events. I have no doubt that the "disaster capitalists" are in cahoots with the assholes who command the HAARP facilities. Because it is now undeniable that the markets are trading "weather derivatives" in a high stakes game that transforms the entire planet into a goddamn blackjack table. Why not use HAARP to make a few extra billion in the market?

      Can you even……..?  It's starting to look like the bad guys really do win this round.

    • PLT says:

      Whatever material gains they make, whatever battles they might come out on top of, just by being what they are they have lost in every meaningful context.

    • joy says:

      Don't fool Mother Nature.

  13. Arlyne Ball says:

    We live smack in the Giant Coastal Redwoods 4 hrs. North of San Fran. Humboldt Cty…I heard of chemtrails from our neighbor who suffered ailments from them. We were new to the a oregon coast back in 09. Since we have moved to Humboldt..we have educated ourselves. Since we live under the coastal redwoods they take a lot of the stuff that is being sprayed

    down on us. We now duck and hide. Wear protective clothing. Wash with baking soda and detox everyday if we get caught in it. We have shared info with our family & friends some believe some are brainwashed. All and all we want to have a solution to this problem at least for our children & grandchildren…as well as Earth as we know and love it!

  14. Marc says:

    I can verify the efficacy of the map that shows the dramatic cool down over the southwest. I was just out in Tucson a few days ago for a week. Unseasonably cool and "delightful" weather moved in right before I left. Tucson had already been entrenched in their pre-summer heat preview, with temps reaching into the 90's. But suddenly and inexplicably the weather turned. Gee, what could possibly be the cause of that? 

      Once again, I will reiterate that when the grocery store shelves begin to empty out is when the real awakening will occur "en masse". Until then, the dumb and dumber will lolligag along as if everything's just great and life is a magical gift. (which it is!) I cannot share their naivete. And many thousands who visit this site also cannot share their naivete. Is it a curse knowing this omnicide is underway? Would we be better off not knowing? I, for one, would way rather know the enemy I'm facing than live in ignorant bliss until some apocalypse punches the holy life out of my whole world. But that's just me. 

      Amazing how many people don't give a rat's ass about all this even though they know it's happening. Again…..full shelves = complacency, empty shelves = panic and hopefully, final comprehension. "Nine meals away from revolution".

    • PLT says:

      Better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a %#$& satisfied. (Sorry to mangle the expression, but I have a lot of respect for pigs – especially in comparison to the %#$& types!)

  15. BJ says:

    I want to thank Dane for enlightening me in regard to geo-engineering and its horrific effects.

    I want to ask him or anyone on this site how  U.S. weather compares with the rest of the world and to compare North & South hemispheres.


    • donna ford says:

      BJ, In the past year I was in Italy and France and the spraying is going over there. Also saw it in China a few years back. From what I have read all of Europe is being sprayed. I have seen pictures from Real Estate sites from Central and SA that look like they too are being hit….  ;-(

  16. JR says:

    Here in Southwest still with abnormal wind in May (high winds). The clouds steered north of us (Colorado) and east towards Dallas area, hello. This morning hanging from trees and vehicles with a trained eye one can see the Polymer fibers (white) not spider webs built overnight. The psychos or idiots, sorry bastards are running stir crazy folks. To bad we have false leaders in our country and anyone else doing Satan's bidding. In Texas, yes you have cloud seeders hired out by the Municipal Water Systems with Silver Iodide which is also not good for upper respiratory for supposedly inducing rain and any havoc (ill) it brings with it. They (these) people need to be held accountable for their actions, and in most cases inaction with our reps. starting wih D.C. politicos… God Bless and a warm hello to All Mothers Today…Sunday

  17. SD says:

    Yes indeed, the Geoengineers and their "scheduled weather".  Looks like they have another incredible May snowstorm scheduled for next Saturday here in SoCal. I'm wondering weather they are "showing off" their capabilities at this point.

    And let's not overlook the Sunday morning M3.2 quakes.  It seems they have seismic activity on a schedule also!

  18. Irene Parousis says:

    If this anomalous weather doesn't wake people up, nothing will.  Could this be a twisted test of the Universe to see how unconscious our species has become?! Humans have failed.

  19. Dog aka db says:

    Many here in CO will not think about water shortages with this last staged weather event! Don't even bring up nucleated snow! Looks like we got some of your H2O CA? I do see some questioning what is happening! Thank's Dane, Russ and God for common sence!

  20. Wyatt Berry says:

    Earlier this afternoon I was planewatching as the airlines coming from Europe pass over my house.  I witnessed a jet leave a trail that separated into two lines as the wind spread it out.  It first got my attention because there was no gap between the plane and the trail unlike the others in the sky.  One of the lines was just the ordinary  short-lived contrail that dissipated after a couple of minutes – I know this because I could see the two thin lines traced straight to both engines.  However there was a thicker and grayer plume that stretched across the horizon and did not dissipate after a considerable time.


    I suspect that commercial airliners have been contracted to carry out the spraying in addition to the military tankers.  There is a good photograph of an airbus at altitude with gaps between the engine and contrails, but also a third trail that is being emitted directly from the tail of the jet.  Something is definitely being sprayed yet so many actively choose to ignore all of the circumstantial evidence that points to the existence of this program.

  21. DebW says:

    Dane…while I was doing some searching for info on the chemical spraying of our skies, I ran across an article where Texas openly admitted to having their skies sprayed for the rain. It also stated in the article that each state has to give permission to allow this to happen.  I thought that was a bit shocking that they allow this to happen. Here is the Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulation for weather mod in Texas

  22. Carol says:

    When I saw this snowstorm reported on the news today, I wondered if it was manipulated this time or if they have lost all control of what they are doing!

     Yesterday  I had a strange weather experience.  The temperature was about 82 degrees here in Southeast Michigan. I thought I would aim for a little vitamin D conversion by sitting with only my legs in the sunshine. After about  7 minutes  I had to give it up because my legs felt like they were burning. The sun felt abnormally hot.  I have heard you mention such a phenomenon, Dane,  but personally experiencing it brought it home. 

    • joy says:

      Same here in south central Colorado. The temperature doesn't seem to be a factor in how hot the sun feels.  Our UV charts are off the scale almost every day of the year. Remember when we used to be warned about "acid rain" and high pollution days?  We no longer hear that, and I fear that we soon won't be told about the UV. But, I guess that it won't matter, as the masses are blind and deaf to what is going on in the world around them and they ignore the warnings that are so clear to the few who do notice. SOS – SOS – Save our wildlife, save our oceans, save our plants and animals, save our dear sacred earth that has taken care of us for such a very long time – SOS. There will be Karmic Justice to pay.

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