Engineering Climate Chaos


Dane Wigington

Numerous record cold temperatures continue to occur in various locations of the US. How is is possible for such a consistently anomalous cooling of such a specific region? Is climate engineering a factor? The short video report below will provide answers.

It is essential to reach a critical mass of public awareness on the climate engineering issue. Climate engineering disclosure is the great imperative of our time, accomplishing this will require the collective efforts of all those who are already awake. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

The links below provide more details and data that directly relates to unfolding engineered weather events occurring all over the world:

Geoengineering Is Creating Freeze Fry Extremes

The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation

Climate Engineering Insanity, Manufacturing Winter Weather With Tropical Moisture

Damning Admissions From Weathermen And A Geoengineer

Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

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19 Responses to Engineering Climate Chaos

  1. Ron Nuce says:

    What is the overall intent of the "American Nazis" in trying to freeze the residents living in the South with the "maufactured" ice storms? It is quite obvious these temperatures are NOT the typical temps. we normally experience during the cold season in Texas!!

  2. Tom Petrie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

    As always Dane, a great presentation!  Now a question for anyone:

    Is there any way of knowing whether or not the great Blizzard of 1949 in the Great Plains, (beginning of January, 1949), with sustained winds and ridiculous snow accumulations was one of the great "Successes" (mistakes?!) in early GeoEngineering attempts–two years  after they were alleged to have started with operation Sirrus.  There's never quite been a blizzard like this one since then.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Lori Bridgeford says:

    The BEST ever explanation with crucial  footage ! A keeper  Dane,  of extremes & VISUAL movement per satellite  captured of  ongoing THEFT !  Stealing  west coast rain by concentrated "movement"  ( follow the handy  red arrows !)  to then dump upon East Coast cold/ snow  -all for  headlines. MUST share this  crucial vid to your local script readers ( TV meteorologists) and radio/papers as well. Ideal vid to challenge & confront lying MSM. Include your Congress rep, City Council & Bd of Supv. too.  Share with majority of  sleeping faith -based &environmentalist on this obvious  PROOF & evidence of weather warfare upon  us ! Fires, power outages, crop failures just the beginning of "new normal". AGENDA in place , over 70 yrs of Geo-engineering slamming remainder of  planet. Drop the dead weight fake friends & family, when you are shamed or critiqued for being"so negative" on  active apocalypse in progress. Align with Awake ! Thanks Dane & company.


  4. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    I was thinking about this subject of having lost friends because of trying to share truth with people about geoengineering. It strikes me that I have an obligation to truth that is stronger then my obligation to other people's cognitive dissonance and preconceived biases.

    • Wayne Pacific says:

      Those people that would cancel your friendship because of an intellectual discussion are not real friends – they are acquaintances really. Or they could have weaknesses and deep insecurities – very flawed friends that abandon you over a discussion. You don't need them.

  5. Duane Martin says:

    Dane, thanks once again for the clear depiction of the "weather" that is now forced upon us.  Yesterday, in the Round Rock Texas area, I watched the "grid pattern" of aerosol poisons being laid out above us once again. Nearer to the ground a crescendo of non-jet engine planes started up – it sounded and "looked" as though the "war" had come "home" to us. And the neighborhood joined in with various lawnmowers, chainsaws and power blowers – the insanity we live in!

  6. Brenda Young says:

    I want the conscience of every meteorologist and pilot world wide bothered day and night until this assault on our planet ends.

  7. cristina says:

    Venice: We Read:The NOAA-20 satellite captured this image of Venice, Italy, on Nov. 14, 2019, A tide of nearly five feet for Friday at 11:20 a.m. due to sirocco winds (hot, humid winds from Northern Africa) coming across the Adriatic Sea.the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, asserted that this year’s flooding outstrips previous records: “These [floods],” he stated on Twitter, “are the effects of climate change.” sirocco wind is an engineering wind The devil in on the details— From Rockefeller foundation into resilient 2014 "The guardian" : Resilience reflects a city's ability to persevere in the face of emergency, to continue its core mission despite daunting challenges, and is as appropriate to discussions about Venice's rising tides From Rockefelller resilient cities 2015 "the guardian" — With the city slipping slowly into the lagoon and sea levels continuing to rise, the delayed €5.4bn Mose flood barrier project will be fighting the laws of nature. Venice’s €5.4bn Mose flood barrier project will be able to support a three-metre high tidel. If we listen to Rockefeller agenda : "able to fight the laws of nature " NO , it is man-made weather and climate change trillions investment plan Rockefeller and partners and their greed to control all energy and to use government money for the infrastructure, So, they hit the city with geoengineering to push their agenda. SICK!! CRIMINAL INSANITY!! Geoengineering creating droughts are the cause of desertification. From carbon brief magazine, we read:: Another impact of desertification is an increase in sand and dust storms. These natural phenomena – known variously as “sirocco”, “haboob”, “yellow dust”, “white storms”, and the “harmattan” – occur when strong winds blow loose sand and dirt from bare, dry soils. Research suggests that global annual dust emissions have increased by 25% between the late nineteenth century and today, with climate change and land use change the key drivers. Look images of theses man-made phenomenons , they are man-made ugly storms. Yes , there are some natural sand storms especially in the Sahara and desert areas,here and then but not these kind of violence , they are all man -made and it is criminal and completely insane, They are going mad!!.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello cristina: Right on the mark regarding Rockefeller funding of climate cover ups, including any public acknowledgment of economically driven weather warfare . Hers's an article regarding the flooding of Venice. Over 80% of the city was inundated. >

      ‘Apocalyptic’ flooding set to leave an ‘indelible wound’ on Venice as city battles 2nd highest tide in history — RT World News


      “The situation is dramatic,” Brugnaro said on Twitter. “We ask the government to help us. The cost will be high. This is the result of climate change.” [Climate change?]


      The comments were echoed by the governor or the region, Luca Zaia, who said that Venice is facing "apocalyptic” flooding.


      “We faced a total and apocalyptic flood, I will not exaggerate in words, but 80% of the city is under water. Unimaginable and awesome damage has been done,” he said.


      No one in authority asking about multiple aircraft trails and surreal grayed out skies… Let’s not talk about nuclear power plants at sea level…

  8. Dylan says:

    JackED Frost

    Look at the global surface temperature anomalies for October 2019.

    Most telling of all is the discrepancy between Professor Jennifer Francis’ model of the Arctic winds invading the south and actual GISS maps which reveal that these days the “north winds” originate much further south with no continuity from the Arctic which consistently shows anomalous warming.

    It will perturb the coincidence theorists beyond endurance to learn that Robert Knollenberg, the inventor of the weather modification method using milled urea referred to by Dane, was also an acknowledged expert on contrail formation and published in 1971 (the same year) the seminal paper:

    Measurements of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail

    NASA refer to this paper today to confirm that the water from the jet engine as compared to atmospheric water in a contrail is relatively insignificant (conservatively estimated as being around 24,000 times less):

    NASA: “Nearly all of the contrail is created from the moisture in the atmosphere.”

    Knollenberg: “The measured water mass within the contrail was found to be four orders of magnitude greater than that computed as a combustion product.”

    Extremely curious however, are Knollenberg’s predictions in the paper on the likely effect of contrails on the amount of water in the upper atmosphere.

    “Average crystal sizes of nearly 0.5 mm allow for a transfer of moisture at generation level to much lower levels before re-evaporation. Because of the magnitude of the measured effect and its believed frequent occurrence, the overall effect of sub-tropopause jet traffic is likely to lower the water abundance at the most travelled levels.” Emphasis mine

    “Given sufficient probability for conditions of such growth, the overall effect of sub-tropopause jet traffic may in fact be to lower the water abundance of this region of the atmosphere through the precipitation of existing moisture to much lower levels.” Emphasis mine

    Knollenberg states in 1971 that contrails will shift water to lower levels in the atmosphere in the same year he patents a method for forcing water onto ice nuclei to perform the same function.

    Then, starting in 1995 water levels in the atmosphere do just that, around the same time that people begin noticing military jets leaving behind “contrail-clouds” that occur at lower levels in the atmosphere where they have no business occurring. Note the jets don’t need to be operating at lower levels because the trails and contrail-clouds themselves descend to the lower levels where observers may misconstrue this as being due to lower jet flight paths.

  9. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The results of geoengineering ignorance are becoming more clear: >


    Upper Midwest sugar beet farmers endure difficult harvest – 

    MOORHEAD, Minn. — It's been a bitter harvest for many Minnesota and North Dakota sugar beet farmers. 

    Nearly a third of the crop in some parts of the two states is frozen into the fields — where it'll be left to rot — after a wet October delayed the harvest until the weather turned too cold.


    "This is far and away the worst (year), as far as beets left in the field," Dan Younggren, who has raised sugar beets near Hallock in far northwestern Minnesota for about 40 years, told Minnesota Public Radio.

    Complete text:


    The realities of commodities fluctuations in the agricultural sector are too obvious for anyone to notice…

  10. Faith says:

    Excellent documentation Dane!!! Thank you for this…and everything else you do to sound the alarm. This is undeniable evidence.

  11. Paradox says:

    We need more videos like this!

  12. Margaret Duckwald says:

    Southern California is being sprayed with chemicals so heavy they're a floating fog of toxic air.  I wrote you about this two days ago and it's getting worse every day. I'm well aware that the States Governor has a direct hotline to Pelosi in Congress but she's busy running an illegal coup.  In the meantime we are trapped in our homes because of poison air.  Even our pets are starting to behave  strangely.  As you may suspect as I do the young people particularly puberty age are behaving like they belong in an asylum rather than walking around.  I believe these chemicals are affecting mental health of our population.  We are now duct taping our windows.

  13. Nancy says:

    We here in Illinois had a snowfall last week,  I stepped out side, took a deep breath and got a "metallic" taste in my mouth!!  I've tasted it before when there were chemtrails in the area.  I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.  TY

    • Dennie says:

      Sure, most of the time for the past 9 years here in the S.F. Bay Area.  Worse when a storm's coming in or blowing out, or whenever "they" want to spray heavily.  This is very common.

    • Jeff Baker says:

      Yes Nancy – This has been happening in Illinois for years. Good to see your Awake. Keep informing others.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Nancy, I am in the southeast and notice whatever they spray to induce the artificial cold irritates my throat and sinuses every time. Almost feels like fiberglass in the throat to me. It helps somewhat to use the nasal cleanse with netty pot salts adding a drop or two of lavender/tea tree oil and lemon/eucalyptus oil to it. Gargling helps a bit too. I have a friend in the Rockford/Rockton area who is very awake to the many assualts we are facing from the deranged and evil, very sick SOB's who are doing this to us all. Keep healthy as possible and keep speaking your truths to all who will listen!

    • Robert says:

      i had that taste a couple times in the last couple weeks. they have been spraying non stopn here in central tx. 

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