Facing The Insanity That Currently Rules The World


Dane Wigington

The global elite have committed countless crimes against humanity and the natural world. These crimes have been going on for centuries, but now the stakes are inconceivably higher than ever before. On the current trajectory, total global extinction in the near term is not just a possibility, but an inevitability. 

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Industrialized society has made modern man complacent beyond comprehension. For most, unpleasant truths about our government are not something to be investigated and exposed, but rather to be avoided and ignored at all costs. This paradigm must be overturned if we are to have any chance of long term survival. Unnecessary daily distractions must be discarded in exchange for a pursuit of the common good. Countless crimes that have been hidden by the power structure must be brought to light.

The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.

John F. Kennedy

JFK was assassinated shortly after he made the speech from which this quote was taken. This is the society in which we live and that many have so far chosen not only to accept but to embrace. The 13 minute video below is an exceptional portrayal of the dark corner we find ourselves in, and how we got here.

We must all stand together in the battle to expose the insanity while we can, tomorrow will be too late. 

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  1. Tony says:

    Here's my 3rd attempt at posting. First time my computer shut down, the second time, after typing about 300 words, I hit the wrong button and lost it. So, here goes. Englishman Edmund Burke wrote "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." We, we are, literally, at the end times. Whether your religious or not, the similarities between Revelations and what's going on are stunning. I have tried to connect the dots for years about what's going on in the real world. I, like many of you, are surrounded by people who scoff at any conspiracy idea, or just plainly don't care. Watching The Kardashians is more important to them than their very survival. Yes, we have been so dumbed down by the elites that one has to wonder if there are actually enough people left to understand the real world. Through years of reading everything from garbage misinformation to the real truth behind a variety of events, I have come to this conclusion. First, look up The Georgia Guide Stone, it's makers identity is unknown, but what it says is chilling. It was meant to represent the new "commandments" post the great culling of humanity that is currently underway, and about to speed up greatly. It's all about an evil group of rich elites and their puppets, the Illuminati. The goal is to depopulate the Earth to a much more controllable level, and to maintain that level. These leftover people will have one government, one currency, one language, one new religion, and will be chipped so they can be tracked. Truly Orwellian. Hell, Facebook was created by Zuckerberg, an agent of the C.I.A., that's fact and easily researchable. In fact, Zuckerberg received an award from then Director Leon Panetta. Facebook is used by them to watch everyone, what they say, what they believe, who they know, etc. Once you put your picture on in, your face goes into a facial recognition system. Every word you say can later be used against you. Initially, the site even said, at the bottom, owned by the C.I.A. Many people are now cancelling their accounts. I am what a person would call "outspoken" and have no doubt that I have been monitored. My cell phone has taken pictures of me while using it to Google serious information, I saw the pictures in my phone with a warning that the pictures were malicious. I encourage all of you to Google and read The Blue Planet Project. It will explain a lot about who really is in charge and who they are working with. Yes, the elite are very concerned that humans have had enough, and thus the military is conducting exercises in population control and roundup. 800 Fema detention camps with millions of plastic coffins says it all. It's coming soon. The Illuminati are famous for their symbolism, and leave symbols in everything, if you know what to look for. Just say that September 23rd 2015 is going to be a key date. The Pope is going to be here. That date has been shown in many movies and shows over the past several years, subtly slipped into a scene. CERN is part of what's going to happen. No longer interested in merely smashing atoms and seeing the results, they have decided to double the power and are now trying to open up other dimensions. Steven Hawking has warned them not to attempt this. If you look at CERNS logo, it is surrounded by 6's, the number of the beast. At their headquarters, there is a huge statue of the Hindu God of Destruction, Shiva. I believe these elite and their Illuminati minions believe the door to hell will be opened, and their "god", Lucifer, will rise once again. Hey, don't believe me, just research it on Youtube. Jay-Z constantly flashes Illuminati symbols. Many of the stars are in this group. The Free Masons,despite George Washington warning the members about the Illuminati and their attempts at infiltrating the Masons, didn't heed the warning and were in fact taken over by the Illuminati. This is not to say all Masons are bad, I am just saying the top members are secret members of the Illuminati. According to much research, I have discovered a series of underground tunnels and small cities have been built deep underground. Each site is connected by mag-lev trains, capable of going hundreds of miles per hour. Denver International Airport is part of it. Research it and see the murals showing utter devastation, death, war, famine, etc. that were painted in the airport. Again, symbolism in plain site. Finally, after many complaints, they painted over them, but you can still find it on youtube. I encourage you too look all this up yourself. Well, once the rich and powerful start disappearing, you know that something is coming. What is the best way to depopulate the Earth, and actually make money doing it? War. There are rumors that China is ready for war with America. They are retrofitting thousands of merchant vessels for battle. Russia and Nato are conducting military exercises. If the Chinese decide to get out of the dollar, and stop buying our bonds, our currency is doomed. That will be the start of civil unrest. I once told my Mom that the amount of debt that we have racked up as a nation shows that they know the dollar will soon be useless. Just think of all those trillions of dollars that went missing and can't be accounted for? How do you think they built this vast network of tunnels? Whatever the big event is going to be, or perhaps a big series of simultaneous smaller events, remains to be seen. Every single sign is signaling we are witnessing the End Times. Starting in 2012, strange trumpet sounding noises starting coming from the skies around the world (again, see Youtube). Just as Revelations described would happen. Just look at what has happened in the last decade or so. Two major tsunamis, Katrina, massive fish and animal die offs, rivers, lakes, and parts of oceans turning blood red (from algae). If that isn't enough, what is the chances of the Vatican getting hit by a bolt of lightning the exact day that the new Pope took over? He is, by papal prophesy, supposed to be the last Pope and will usher in the anti-christ and the fall of the Vatican. By the way, the Vatican owns and operates the most powerful infrared telescope on Earth, in Arizona, the name of the telescope, ironically, is Lucifer. They will not tell anyone what they are looking for or at. Some sign I suppose. Whatever the case, thanks for this great site. It's nice to run across like minded individuals who refuse to believe propaganda and see the situation for what it really is. I could write thousands of words about what I have learned, but I have stage 3 Parkinsons and at least want to get out the most important info and my personal beliefs before I can't type anymore.

  2. Michel B says:

    Several weeks ago I watched the entire Youtube video from which the above clip was taken. Most of the video centers on the assassination of JFK, the people and the machinations behind it and the poorly executed cover up that ensued.

    It looks at the activities of the CIA, which is mainly drug running, political subversion in other countries and spying. I suppose that all might be called 'International Security". The other side of the coin to the CIA is the NSA which is concerned with 'Internal Security', inside the US and the collection of Metadata.

    The video also looked at possible evidence of George Bush Snr's involvement in JFK's killing. It does indeed seem he was there and involved.

    I found this video in the sidebar of related videos while watching a very controversial and long documentary called, 'Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told'. This particular documentary puts forth historical revisionism that turns everything one might think they know about WW1 and WW2 on its head.

    It is 6.5 hours long, not suitable for children because of its graphic footage, and is filled with abundant information including citations, quotes, archival research, expert testimony and hidden historical tracts that have been kept out of all official historical narrative and educational syllabus.

    Because of its revisionist assertions, one must keep a very open mind when watching it. It has been produced by an Englishman, Dennis Wise, and it has so far been blocked on Youtube in most countries of the world. That level of censorship would require that someone wants this version of history to not be disseminated. Though, the entire documentary can be found by googling tgsnt.tv and the whole 27 part documentary, as well as other revelationary clips, is to be found there.

    Just as I have experienced all types of reactions when attempting to enlighten people on the subject of Geoengineering, I have also met with parallel experiences when trying to introduce the premise of this documentary to others. I will not say here what it exactly asserts, but leave it up to the discretion of others to investigate for themselves.

    But I think it is suffice to say, if it is in any measure to be true, then I can see a historical path that leads through the last several centuries, through all of the wars and economic turmoil, the political and international intrigue, right up to where we are today, in a world mired in ignorance of the facts and run by insanity and psychopaths. "The truth fears no investigation."

  3. kirk mannor says:

    stoped spraying us heavy for a few days here in youngstown Ohio. Now this August 2 their at it again. Poisoning us slowly.

  4. Kate Willens says:

    Thank you for saying what must be said. And doing what must be done. 

  5. Nnikki says:

    For more depressing evil doings by our lovING govt, Google US government experiments on humans. This should be mandatory reading for all who are in denial, & believe that their govt would never intentionally harm it's citizens. Not limited to just USA either! It is time for a worldwide revolt! Thank you Dane for all the hard, endless work you do, up the steep path to enlightenment.

  6. Gary Appel says:

    Everyone should watch the whole documentary. JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick.

  7. Irene Parousis says:

    We experienced a rarity today, a clear blue sky and a beautiful sunset.  The feeling was amazing, I can't believe the sky still has the ability to do that.  I have been asking for Devine intervention and I'm hoping someone is listening. 

  8. dave marsden says:

    The false flag attack mentioned at about 10:55 makes my skin crawl.
    Karen Hudes, whistleblower on the banking cartels has evidence that a nuke was supposed to go off over Charlotte NC on October 12, 2013.
    here's a link to one article for ref, but it's worth looking at Karen's vids, tells the story better.
    What happens next?

  9. Thank you very much for bringing this information more forward!

  10. carol freiberg says:

    Not the cheeriest of documentaries for sure. I guess more will have to feel the sting before they grow a pair and get involved. There has to be an awakening to drain the pond we are currently floating in.

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