Farmed Fish, The Most Toxic Food In The World


Think fish are good for you? In many cases, this could not be further from the truth. The three minute video below gives a glimpse into the highly toxic world of farmed fish. Our entire food supply is becoming ever more contaminated. Most media sources are absolutely not disclosing the significant health hazards associated with the unnaturally grown fish flesh filling markets around the globe. What is really in that fish sandwich?
Dane Wigington

8 Responses to Farmed Fish, The Most Toxic Food In The World

  1. geoffrey says:

    part of the globalist elite agenda 21 is to use corprate power to pollute the world and blame us for it, que the green movement, man made global warming, more taxes, also in their scam is a plan to get EVERYONE to become vegan vegetarian to “save the planet” so we become like medievil serfs only eating gruel while these same elite dine on fine meat-we dont have canine teeth for nothing folks-DONT FALL FOR THEIR EMOTIVE FRAUD, these same brainwashed “more caring than meat eaters people” using words like “insane animal holocaust”, have you ever seen how nature feeds itself???? ever seen how bloody and violent a lion is to a zebra???? there are some good food producers out there dispite all the green propaganda but the corprate system is destroying them fast, sad truth is ALL OUR WATER AND FOOD-MEAT AND VEG-IS POISONED BY CHEMTRAILING, dont fall for the bait and switch, theisis, antitheisis, sinthesis.

  2. Bonnie Morgan says:

    even in being vegan we are not safe .. there is no more truly organic foods .. Here in Maui they are starting to grow in greenhouses as the yields have gone way down

  3. Cori Gunnells says:

    There are also grave concerns with “wild caught” fish – geoengineering toxins, PCBs, mercury, *radiation*, BP oil spill/Corexit, run-off from agricultural fields…
    Sadly, it is not a healthy food source anymore.

  4. al says: you might find this interesting she does wonderful work perhaps you guys could get together and share info thanks for your hard work dane

  5. Pamela says:

    What you all said above is certainly true! The factory farms are horrific. Our main food supply is becoming more and more toxic all the time: GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fall out from various sources. We do need to heal ourselves and mother Earth. For sure. (And, we should tell others: just say NO to farmed fish, factory farms, etc.)

  6. Bjorn Lindholm says:

    There´s hundreds of reasons to become vegan. This is one of them. Try it! It´s guaranteed a life changing life style.

  7. Karin Six says:

    Well said… Time to get creative and protect our lived ones. I believe we need to now go vegetarian and develop meals that are entirely satisfying. (Soaking veggies in herbs’ is fantastic.). We need to heal our waters and not pollute. Massive die-offs are occurring.. It is time…

  8. Ken says:

    The entire animal “food” industry is horrific. If anyone thinks any animal products are good for you, you are believing the lies. It’s all destroying our health, the planet, and of course the innocent animals born into the insane animal holocaust.

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