Filmmaker Sean Stone Covers Climate Engineering


Just like his father Oliver Stone, Sean Stone is blazing his own trail in the pursuit of truth. Sean is addressing the most hard hitting issues we face with great courage. My most sincere gratitude to Sean for helping us to raise awareness on the extremely critical issue of global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

Source: Buzzsaw TV with Sean Stone Covers Climate Engineering

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  1. I agree with you, Michelle. This is so very important and needs to be read/seen/heard all over this planet.

    It literally breaks my heart that so many people are in complete denial and refuse to believe our government would permit such a horrifying crime to be committed!
    Keep it going people! One day…..they will be FORCED to KNOW of it’s deadly effects on all LIFE.
    Nobody gets away with anything.

  2. Thank you Sean Stone and Dane. (thumbs up!)

    This is going to be a real ‘eye-opener’ for those in denial regarding the intensity of the chemicals being sprayed.
    Too many people are sick, asthma, alzheimers, etc.
    I am sharing this page with Russ Tanner’s Orbis Vitae Chemtrail Awareness sight.

    Thank you for this post. Keep it going people! Yes, it is so frustrating to inform people of the plumes of chemicals being forced upon us to breathe, and they say, “No, I don’t believe the government would cause people to be hurt, and sickened by spraying anything harmful.”

    This will be the PROOF NEEDED. Blessings to you as you continue reporting this deadly Chemical Spraying in our atmosphere. Sincere appreciation!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Hi Dane, we met at the March Against Monsanto in SF.
    I looked for the link you said is on this page that has the transcript of dialogue you had with the geoengineering program participant you mentioned in the above video.
    I would like to be able to use this in my many online comments I am making against who I believe are shills on various forums. It would be great if you could you post the link to it as a response to my comment. I am sorry I am unable to locate it, it’s probably right under my nose!
    Thanks so much, keep up the good work!
    Bonnie H. Marin, CA

  4. Dear Sean and Dean:
    Please continue with all you are doing. Just wonderful work. And, if you will, have people begin to investigate as well the civil emergency provision in the U.S. Constitution. It’s the domestic violence clause in Article IV, Section 4. The framers of the Constitution would have us use that provision now to stop the harms. Good luck. Best wishes.

  5. This needs to be presented to the first and only International Human Rights Tribunal in America. This is genocide on a global scale! We also need to encompass Monsanto as well. I would encourage everyone to know your rights

  6. Bane says:

    I first noticed the jet spew phenomena about 25 years ago. The spraying has increased tenfold since then. I live in Mendocino County where the spraying is a routine fixture in our sky. At 4,000 feet, I once had a clear view to the mountains to the south in Lake a County. No more; the atmosphere down to the horizon is a gunky whitish thick haze, everyday. The last couple of years the mucous in my nose is very dry and uncomfortable. Also my eyes are dry, as if there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere. I have written to my local, state, and federal representatives, to no avail. Phones call, too. Last April I had an epiphany while observing the behavior of the jets and the spraying. The purpose is to block low pressure systems from bringing rain into California. It is clear to me a deliberate assault is taking place upon the people and productivity of natural environment. Fortunately for my sanity I found Dane and his Geoengineering website. The information provided has given me a three dimensional understanding thanks to satellite and weather information and the images of the earth showing the spraying of storms out in the Pacific. The psychopaths destroying our earth have come to believe they are God. But the truth is they are death. They can never create life. Mimicking the Creation, and creating artificiality is their game. Unless these high priests of science gone mad are stopped, I don’t see any future for human life to exist on spaceship earth.

  7. HighFiveVibrations says:

    Hello Bill,
    I seen the SAME thing in my town here in IL. I want you to know I SEE it too, and I appreciate your comment! I never speak on these forums, however, I don’t know what else to do now but connect with more like-minded, open minded individuals- for my sanity!
    Thank you thank you….

  8. nomad says:

    Interesting. I witnessed the same phenomenon last week. I didn’t think of it as an attempt at stealth but as a way of increasing the volume of the clouds they were in the process of manufacturing.
    I followed one plane. It’s pinstripe trail stopped as it entered a bank of translucent clouds. Strangely enough, though the plane itself was too far away and enshrouded in this haze to be visible, I could still follow its path as a “negative” trail that cut through this cloud. It left no trail the whole time it coursed through this haze, but shortly after it emerged it began leaving a trail again. And now, about an hour later, I observed the same behavior with two other planes. They arched across the sky, traversing several banks of translucent clouds in the process. Each time these planes passed through these clouds, their trails stopped, resuming again after they emerged. Obviously these planes are attempting to fill in the aerosol gaps between the banks of translucent clouds created by earlier sprayings. 11:30 AM.

    There are broken banks and bands of translucent clouds all over the sky now. Few active chemtrails. But ironically the fresh trails seem to be doing the opposite of what I observed earlier. Instead of stopping the spray when it enters a translucent cloud bank and restarting upon exit, these trails tend to start when they enter a cloud formation and stop when they exit, as if they are trying to increase the volume of the manufactured clouds. 1:30 PM

  9. Brian Mac says:

    The Chemical Spraying of our Atmosphere is in full blown operation. I travel from coast to coast, north to south. I photograph and video allot of this activity. It is very real folks. You can see the jets turn on and off the spray in particular areas.. Yesterday, 10/3/2014 South Kansas was a very large dumping ground. Over Dodge City the criss-crossing of spray was so obvious everyone on the street had to take note of it. But interesting, right at the Texas Border.. The spray stop.. Jets did not leave these massive, ever spreading trails of filth. I’ve seen this from New England to the New York Border also.. In New Hampshire.. Clear skys.. Driving south you see at the horizon this Milky Sick looking clouds in streaks and as you get closer you see the jets hard at work covering the Blue Sky…. This program is deliberate and it is attacking certain areas harder them most. LOOK UP.. Take Pictures and become aware… 

  10. anthony barrett says:


  11. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My heartfelt thanks to Sean Stone and Dane for this interview. I was looking for the little cards that used to be available to help spread awareness, but only see flyers now. The cards make sense to me as a helpful tool because, besides online comments, I inform people of these programs on a very personal, one to one, basis. It’s like treading on unstable ground everytime because we cannot know how someone will react. But giving a little card with internet references allows a person to explore quietly on his own. There’s no pressure from others standing by who may intimidate or judge that person.

    I’ve had the most success of raising awareness on a personal basis, and most interestingly it is older people who tend to believe what I’ve told them. I’m older myself, and we’ve seen a lot of betrayal in our lives. This must be the ultimate betrayal.

    Might the cards be available again please?

  12. Debra Lopez says:

    We have enjoyed this video with Sean Stone interviewing Dane. It was good to see Sean involved in trying to wake up the herds.It was well done and I will share with others. I have been aware of Chem-Trails for about 3 yrs now, after I became very sick from exposure to these chemicals. It’s been a long road to recovery using herbs and supplements. My family are Native American and we have nothing but respect for Dane Wigington. He is the “Brave messenger and warrior.”

  13. Bill says:

    Today…I witnessed something deeply disturbing and sinister in the skies above me. As if the spraying wasn’t already enough. Usually I see the chem-trails being laid in long unbroken trails across the sky. Today I caught them stopping the Chemtrail at the very edge of a cloud bank. Then as the plane crossed a short stretch of blue sky to another patch of cloud, it began spraying again as it reached the edge of the next cloud bank. It continued on doing the same stopping and starting tactic until It was out of sight. It was obvious that they were making an attempt to hide their trails, from view from the ground. This probably fools millions, who refuse to except this nightmare, but it didn’t fool me, and those watching this terrible offense against mankind. Then I noticed other previously sprayed trails in the clouds, that were beginning to open and part the natural clouds in long bazaar straight blue lines that crisscrossed the skies. All the while leaving the blue skies untouched. This tells me that the many angry voices crying out against this attack, are having an effect on these program’s. Once again Dane I applaud your tireless efforts in combating this sick experiment forced upon us.

  14. I just posted it to my email and community groups. We are living in the Times… GA

  15. Michelle says:


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