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This is a suggested email letter and links for introducing people, organizations, and groups to the climate engineering issue.

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Spanish Translation:
Carta introductoria a la Ingeniería del Clima (.rtf)

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Introduction to solar geoengineering

Geoengineering / Solar Radiation Management / Drought

What if there were a monumental environmental threat that you didn’t even know was happening? What if you found out it is affecting your health and that of people you know and love? What if you knew it was such an enormous problem that it has the potential to destroy our crops and trees, the soil they are grown in, our entire water supply, and whole ecosystems – and that if you didn’t act, we could never turn back?

We are not talking about fracking, nuclear energy, or the oil industry. We’re not even talking about climate change.

What if it came into use in an insidious way, just as GMO foods have come into our food supply without our knowledge? What if it appeared to be harmless, but it wasn’t? And what if it were so cleverly woven into our culture that we didn’t even see it anymore? What if it were so masterfully stigmatized and wrapped in controversy that if you thought it strange or concerning, you’d be scorned or ignored?

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. It’s happening right above you, and it’s called “geoengineering”.

You can find articles and debates in which scientists are proposing to “dim” the sun to slow down climate change, using a technique called “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM). Their concept is to mimic the dimming and cooling effects of a volcanic eruption and existing particulate pollution made by human activity. However, it has been out of the proposal stage for decades, and even though officials will not acknowledge it, SRM has long since been fully deployed.

SRM sounds like a viable solution to slowing climate change, and scientists have repeated how “cheap” it is over and over again. But it comes with a price. In fact, it comes with many.

Global climate engineering/geoengineering programs are radically disrupting weather patterns, disrupting the hydrological cycle (causing drought in some regions, contributing to wildfires, and fueling flooding others), destroying the ozone layer, and contaminating the entire planet with the toxic fallout from these atmospheric spraying operations.

Again, climate engineering programs have been fully deployed for decades . There is a mountain of hard science data and film footage to back up this statement of fact. All available data indicates that the ongoing global geoengineering programs are mathematically the greatest single assault against the web of life ever launched by the human race. To interfere with Earth's life support systems can only be described as insanity. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the completely out of control military industrial complex has done. There are no regulations on these atmospheric spraying programs, there is no oversight whatsoever. We, all of us, are all being subjected to the ongoing illegal atmospheric testing.

You can learn more at:

133 Responses to Climate Engineering Introduction Letter

  1. Ted says:

    Hi, All over the UK they are doing it all day long. The list below of aircraft and companies, this has happened since July 2023 every day and had only 6 semi clear days to February 2024. I have witnessed myself and tracked the aircraft in the North of of England: Boeing 737-8JP Reg TC-SPR SunExpress (3 June 2024 21:39), Boeing 737-8JP Reg LN-ENR Norwegian (3 June 2024 21:04), Boeing 737-8K2 Reg PH-HZJ Transavia ( 2 June 2024 14:10), Boeing 747-8F Reg N613UP UPS (2 June 2024 15:27),  Embraer E190LR Reg OH-LKM – (02.June.2024 10:49), United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy Reg 87-0029 (8 May 2024 12:34)  This aircraft flew from west of Manheim in Germany over the Netherlands then through the East of England. Above are just a small amount that I have tracked on a clear or semi clear day and photographed and tracked. Ryan Air, KLM, United Airlines are some of the Many who air doing this. Also when ever there is an open area, it looks to be coordinated that aircraft fly over to spray over them.  Hope this helps.

    • Kieran Bilington says:

      Hello Ted, do you know of any geoengineering activist groups in the UK?



  2. Teddy Taylor says:

    Hi, All over the UK they are doing it all day long. The list below of aircraft and companies, this has happened since July 2023 every day and had only 6 semi clear days to February 2024. I have witnessed myself and tracked the aircraft in the North of of England: Boeing 737-8JP Reg TC-SPR SunExpress (3 June 2024 21:39), Boeing 737-8JP Reg LN-ENR Norwegian (3 June 2024 21:04), Boeing 737-8K2 Reg PH-HZJ Transavia ( 2 June 2024 14:10), Boeing 747-8F Reg N613UP UPS (2 June 2024 15:27),  Embraer E190LR Reg OH-LKM – (02.June.2024 10:49), United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy Reg 87-0029 (8 May 2024 12:34)  This aircraft flew from west of Manheim in Germany over the Netherlands then through the East of England. Above are just a small amount that I have tracked on a clear or semi clear day and photographed and tracked. Ryan Air, KLM, United Airlines are some of the Many who air doing this. Also when ever there is an open area, it looks to be coordinated that aircraft fly over to spray over them.  Hope this helps.

  3. Janice Alderson says:

    It is 20023 October in the South of France rural mountain area of Occitane. I am astounded at the amount of spraying they are doing in our area the whole sky is almost blanketed out!  On top of that they are still at work; and the mosquitoes have increased due to the heat domes it creates in the evening making our lives hell and we can't go outside!

  4. Bruce says:

    Since the first covid lockdown South Africa has seen a heavy increase in geo engineering becoming more intense and the the years go by, the West Cape has seen an even higher in weather manipulation, where chem trails are usually more intense around towns and cities, the whole coastal agricultural area is now being targeted, they seem to have specific areas of control, one of them being the mid and upper keurbooms river valley, going back five years this area had never seen a chem trail, from the day they started spraying we have had drought conditions, constant sound frequency can be heard by ear, a bit like the hum of a large speaker, intend to bring a spectrum analyser to site. The weather over this period is becoming more and more extreme, the latest we cauld call "day weather", before sunrise come trails then clouding over, little or no sun for the day and by sunset the clouds open, temperatures plummeting, this can continue for days till we drop below 10 deg C, July the coldest month had about six days below 10C and the rest of the year lows were  way above, as example in this month of April  temps are dropping as low as 7C on most mornings, the usual pleasant east winds are replaced with continual battering winds from all directions. Cloud will come through and the mist settle on the mountains, when it starts raining a light aircraft can be heard flying down the valley and within fifteen minutes the clouds disperse, and so much for global warming !

    • Jay Cojack says:

      Very intense trails here in southern California.  It is definitely not cloud seeding because the trails start in a clear sky then spread out to create a brownish haze.  I've noticed that the plants are being affected as well.  Multiple species of plants and trees alike look like they have chicken pocks on their leaves.  Seems like the haze falls to earth and covers everyone's car with a uniform, yellowish dust.  I do not believe that it is pollen because the same dust on the cars can be seen all across California hundreds of miles away where exist different species of plants and trees.  I have collected samples just in case I ever have an opportunity to have them analyzed in a lab for a lawsuit.  Sometimes it is so dense that I cannot clearly see hills that are a mile away.  I took a lot of great pictures of the actual planes as they are laying the lines.  Multiple planes flying in tandem, back and forth across the Conejo Valley.  Conejo Valley is a politically conservative area, I have heard that is the reason we are targeted which would tell me that there is a direct impact on the ground, not just the weather.  

  5. Mary Hollowell says:

    sent to Seneca Iroquois National Museum in Salamanca, NY

    • Linda says:

      And sprinkle or spray with barium, aluminum, mercury and other volatile substances and watch it explode  and disintegrate communities like the Camp Fire  did come summer from the residue left from seeding the clouds with toxic chemicals to "cool the planet"..  Why does Bill Gates think he can stop global warming by funding  and sending up more polluting Jets and the chemical stew they spew upon the planet.????????? ignorant self serving evil!

  6. Rose says:

    Just learned about this spraying, in our skies! The are we breath us "NOW"; destroying our planet! Thank you, Dane

  7. M. Barthoff says:

    Dear Friends, I feel inspired by the movie The Martian, 2015. Astronaut accidentally left alone on Mars, & all of Earth needed to work together to rescue him. Like when we band together in emergencies?
    Could stopping Armaggedon be as simple as awakening Trump's heart, to become a John Hancock & say no to HAARP, to inspire every person on this planet to lead with their heart?
    Could this be the answer?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, M., FYI link attached that should be considered. The occupants of the white house (past and present) are only props in the power structure scripted theater of insanity.

    • Kim Dawes says:

      Sorry, but, they are ALL in this together. The conservative political camp and the liberal. It's actually a world wide event. All to usher in the NWO, new world order.

    • John A Debaltzo says:

      Donald Trump is more of a salesman than a powerful political

      protector of the executive office. I would no longer vote for his weak

      answer to the 2020 riots , or his lack of initiative in handling a serious

      domestic situation.  He is sadly uninformed of the modern science of

      the global military industrial giant that  bestrides the modern world .

        These scientists and military  ( MEN ) ?  have little respect for any

      appointed leader , and live in their own coveted world of a new order

      for the human race that they seem to share over polished tables and

      jovial well laden tables.  There seems little hope , as both of these 

      present political powers are merely one big celebrity hoax of show

      and tell and  ( look what they did , are,nt they bad  – well I ,m gonna

      fix them good the next time we hold a big bad important  judicial

      hearing !  (Sounds familiar does,nt it  ) ?

        If there ever was a need for divine or extraterrestrial intervention

      it certainly seems like the only thing taht can stop this big ugly pack

      of circus performers from wrecking the good earth !



  8. Mr. Rod Ashton says:


    Re: Chemtrails and the unlawful Gross Crimes Against Humanity against The Earth's Inhabitants.

    To: Mr. Dane Wigington


    Thank You for Your information.

    It is quite obvious that there is no law. This is The Problem.

    It would be required to re initiate THE LAW. Because THE PEOPLE Have THE RIGHT to lodge a GLOBAL CLASS ACTION against these combined criminals that degrade THE LAW. To see that The Earth and all it's Flora Fauna and Human inhabitants Do have RIGHTS and THE RIGHT to initiate a Global Class Action against those that perpetrate Gross Crimes against Humanity and The Environment.

    To find a Effective Proficient Legal Team to represent Earth and all it's inhabitants has been the Problem and still is.

    When You do I will sign on the list of Complainants for this Global Class Action to give Everybody and Everything Their Rights back of THE RIGHT to LIFE.

    It is quite obvious that the current Pollution Laws that Should be Anti Pollution Laws are not effective and obviously need to be improved and be more Effective against Polluters of Earth.

    When those that Pollute are sued so much that they are financially unable and imprisoned for their Gross Crimes will be a Good Day to remember how in futile Everyone has been to let it get as far as it has. Lest We Forget.

    At the same time if we could get the Eugenics Movements to do the Right Thing and suicide themselves in the interests of saving The Planet that would be Good.
    Thank You for Your Time.

    Mr. Rod Ashton

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rod, certainly I more than understand your angst. Though we have very capable attorneys, consider that the legal system and the contamination “standards” have been orchestrated for decades in a manner designed to make it nearly impossible to prove violations. This being said, our legal team is gaining ground with gaining needed information via the FOIA (freedom of information act) requests to NOAA and NWS. We did not get any information from NOAA untill our team filed legal action against the US Department of Commerce, the overseeing agency for NOAA. We are doing our best, but ultimately all comes down to reaching a critical mass of awareness, that effort will take all of us.
      FYI links

    • Holly Summers says:

      @Mr. Ashton , whoop whoop! I ,too ,am ready to sign up for class action lawsuit , for All the Crimes being perpetrated on All of Humanity.  AND , I totally Agree , that the eugenics folks should start with themselves.Including Especially, mr.gates of hell , and all like minded of his ilk . Touche' Sir .

      Thank You, Mr Wiggington

  9. Steve Dorsey says:

    Great Information. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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  11. Rachel Davis says:

    Hi family,

    i know that reaching out to religious  leaders is not the most popular of ideas here, and part of me sees why; however, I  personally feel called to it, nonetheless. If anyone here feels a similar calling to mine, I offer my humble example.  (Hope it helps):

    Hi there,

    I’m curious if any churches are discussing the current geoengineering of our planet (ongoing weather modification programs).  There is a very factual and reliable website called “,” which explains what is occurring much better than I could; however, I will be be happy to discuss it with any church leaders considering putting it forth to their congregations.  God’s own creation is being destroyed at an alarming rate, and (frankly) the churches are the only way I can see to make enough people aware in a short enough amount of time to

    matter.  Evidence is now out that 80% of the insect population has already died off.  (This is only one tiny example of why this is an urgent, pressing issue and not one for future generations, as, frankly, there will most likely not be any beyond this current generation, if something is not done right now).  As such, I believe it is my personal calling to reach out to church leaders now.  I have hesitated in this but cannot continue to ignore the call and be disobedient any longer.  

    Please give this the deepest of consideration.  I understand there may be points of disagreement or

    hesitancy, but I trust that the people who hear and serve God will test the spirit of this email and the information to which it leads, and the spirit of it will be verified.  When you listen to the weekly updates this man (Dane Wigington) puts out, I know you will recognize the bittersweet nature of Truth, as I have.  Many have lost faith in The Church, but I have not.  I know that the majority of people who get up early on Sunday mornings and give of their own income to help others are just waiting for ways to serve as they feel called.  I know this makes them happy, (just as it does me).  The key now is simply to reach a mass awareness.  If enough of us are aware, things can be changed

    without need for violence.  


    I understand that what is happening may seem to be simply what has been “preordained” and in the Bible, but people have assumed that during other dark times throughout history, as well.  Please consider a simplistic view—things that are not of God, not what Jesus would go along with, are now occurring everywhere.  The “bad” is actively running rampant and surreptitiously  taking over.  We need Love and Goodness to stand up to it now, and luckily, it is as easy as passing on credible Truths and data to our people, spreading the word, providing a wake-up call.  I am only delivering the message and have no credentials, special knowledge, power, or great wisdom, but I will sign my name to this, simply because I stand behind it.  


    Respectfully submitted,

    Rachel Davis

    P.S.  Here are a couple of direct links which introduce the nature of the situation we face and why I feel what is going on cannot be of God.  (I will leave the rest to your own personal discernment).

    Booklet PDF


    Flyer PDF



    **Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it, because they are absolutely needed at this time.  


    • Vicky says:


      I agree, the churches could be a huge assist in helping to spread the news and reach critical mass of awareness. With your permission, I would like to use your letter and send to all churches i can find mailing addresses for. (I will use my own name.) I believe it will touch some hearts. My own heart wonders if it is too late; at the same time I believe the earth can heal herself and perhaps all it needs is the chance and the show of love by humanity.


    • Jeannie says:


    • Rebecca says:

      Hello 🙂

      I would love to put together a march against the elite and all the evil they are doing. i’m totally serious. people need to take their powder back!! how can we organize this??? i want to create change and help our planet and the people!

  13. William says:

    Time to band JET ENGINES if this chem trail stuff is what the engine is putting out in the sky. I say hit them with hundreds of law suites. 


    • John says:

      Not the jet engines themselves it's what is being put out by spray nozzles on the aircraft. I remember in the late 70's new reports about blue green blobs coming down out of the sky and landing in peoples yards, news portrayed it as leaking toilet tanks, wonder if it was the chem trails in its initial trial stages to see what worked.

  14. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anais, the list of science community contacts you are asked about is contained in a PDF file located in the attached link. FYI

  15. Chris de Vreeze says:

    In the Netherlands the spraying has been really atrocious lately. Maybe the "elections" today had something to do with it as well. If only we would see more cars with the bumper sticker (and some people do at least read it, I noticed), more people would start paying attention. It's a small thing to do, and who knows how many people would get triggered to finally awaken to some hard truths, now that the power structure seems to go all the way in its attempts to destroy our planet and all life on it. Listening to Dane is one thing, but listening alone is not nearly enough.

    • Michelle Squires says:

      Folks!  There are far more of US than there are of those who pollute our skies.  How can we use this advantage to the benefit of this issue??  The numbers are on our side.  Think, people!!  26 MILLION people have visited this site!!  What can we do with 26 Million people with the same goal in mind????

    • Mish says:

      Question, Dane.  Does your legal team agree that the Secretary of the ACE is supposed to have included a written FEASIBILITY report for the H.R. 3080 "Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014" Public Law No 113-121??  (Once the report is written, it will be subject to FOIL)  That would be key to Public disclosure, right?   I think the requirement for a "Written Feasibility report" is found in the Conference notes in the H.R. 3080.  When I called the PR Rep for the ACE, he "could not find any written feasibility report". He said he'd get back to me.  Is this of any import??

    • Tom Bergstra says:

      Remember Trump visit Brussels may 2017 we had 3 days blue sky without the white stripes that we haven't seen tot long time. After hè was gone it started again 


  16. L says:

    Another day of thick, whited skies here in Norfolk UK. Even the trails are barely visible and yesterday's sun was covered in this dense, white so it could be seen, but wasn't getting through.

    There is currently an article on yahoo news about famine and entitled  "World Faces Worst Humanitarian crisis since WW2"- I have tried several times since yesterday to post something about geoengineering and I cannot post. I even used more innocuous terms such as weather manipulation in one attempt to try and get the message across but I cannot post anything. It would seem it is being heavily censored.

    • Cav says:

      Many people mistakenly believe that we cannot do anything, and therefore they quit before they start taking action. However, EVERY evil thing done by the government in bed with the military industrian complex needs our support—even if we are not aware we are supporting it. Therefore, people everywhere, and at least the 26 million viewers of this page, should begin "starving the beast". Stop being a consumer, especially with these dirty corporations killing our beloved planet. Live simpler, and don't forget to tell your elected officials you are doing so for reasons such as this. We do not have to alter things even 50%. In many cases, a mere 10% reduction in corporations sales can tip the scales and run them out of business. Make it your solemn vow to do this in your life—and stop being a useless consumer.

    • Hayley says:

      I am Norfolk based..Very interested in connecting with others in this area to raise awareness. 

  17. Kelly says:

    Did you know you can choose a picture and a link to be sent automatically at the bottom of every email you send? It may be one way to get the word out with very little effort. For example, you can download one of the flyers from this website to your computer, then go into your email- click on 'settings'- and find the place to add a signature to your emails. Instead of choosing a signature, upload a small picture of the flyer you saved. You can then choose to add a link to

    • Dee Jay JV says:

      You know I just woke up to how diabolical the planned mass murder of Humanity is and had crazy thought about having big Party/Dance and proceeds benefit saving life on Earth? Well I know this Idea is just a silly brainstorm and would probably just get shut down, get negative media attention and considered extreme….Huh? If I had this type of sick theme for a way to get people to wake up like I just had happen, does anyone think it might help, would anybody help me promote or even attend?

      Thank You Dane!

  18. Willett Amie says:

    I took the time to read through many of the "comments" and appreciate everyone's passion about this issue.  I started thinking about when I was much younger and they use to do "message writing" in the sky.  "Marry Me Betty"…, etc.  I never thought anything about it.  It was "cute".  This is why I never gave the formations in the sky 40 years later any thought.  I actually thought that the formations were just the aftermath of someone sending someone a message in the sky.  Well, "someone" is leaving a message and has for decades.  We were so use to it, we didn't notice it anymore. But I do remember the first peek behind the curtain…when the wicked witch wrote in the sky "Surrender Dorothy" in the Wizard of Oz. After 80+ years, we are still being told to "surrender" but we will not.  We have to always fight the good fight!

    • Patti Minter says:

      Hi Willett,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:

      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

      We can all fight the good fight together.


      Patti Minter

    • m b says:

      Hi. I feel badly shaken too finding out!!!

      I remember "sky writing".

      The 2017 "Love" postage stamp is so unkind! 

      Its a pic of a plane shooting out "Love" out the back end of a plane, written in thick white exhaust! And the sky behind is not blue!!!

      I tried to ask the U.S. postmaster general to get rid of this hurtful stamp, but failed. 

      I am grateful to all of you, helping me feel not alone. 26 million strong… can we do something?

      With gratitude to this beautiful planet♡

    • amanda wilson says:

      Very interesting. I also remember as a kid we used to see "writing in the sky" and for some odd reason we had been told or thought that it was "telling us what kind of summer we were going to have". I was only 8 but that sticks out in my mind now. So ya, no doubt this deep conditioning has been going on for a very very long time.

  19. susan higgins says:


    Economic:  get one city or community or a whole voting district to GIVE their cell phones back to their provider….ATT, etc.

    Civil disobedience:  Turn off ALL electrical power EACH DAY upon an agreed upon time to cause the grid program to get confused. 

     For the technologically skilled, gather and agree to one act of civil disobedience with the prior approval of a legal defense team.  

    Demonstrations at cell towers throughout the nation would garner the attention of the security forces out there monitoring private citizen right to follow life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   

    Garner ONE MOVIE PRODUCER to finance Hollywood quality educational documentary that has enough sex, violence to earn consistent viewing. 

    • Michelle Squires says:

      Susan, I love the idea of all 26M people (who've viewed this site) shutting their lights out at an agreed upon time!!!  Awesome!!  Could we send some kind of Alert to invite those that have viewed this site to do so??  Dane?  Is this possible??  After all, WE are ELECTROMAGNETIC BEINGS!  WHY NOT send an Electromagnetic message of "protest" by "removing" ourselves??? (for a pre-determined period of time).

  20. isabel672016 says:

    Saludos bella gente desde Quepos Costa Rica…. Quisiera saber si en mi pais sucede esto porque noto cambios muy raros en el clima, como puedo saberlo.??

    Greetings beautiful people from Quepos Costa Rica …. I would like to know if in my country this happens because I notice very rare changes in the weather here, as I can know. ??

    • tony browne says:

      Watch the skies, if planes leave trails that stay in tne sky more than 2 minutes and slowly spread into clouds then you are being sprayed. Mr Wigington as you have 25 million visitors how about an online petition? that massive amount of people would be hard to deny.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tony, about the aerosol trails, even the short lived bright trails are in most cases also sprayed dispersions (see the link below). About additional efforts to sound the alarm, I can use all the help I can get. I have been putting in 80 hours a week for as long as I can remember. All of us are needed to help move this fight forward, it must be a team effort, thanks for making your voice heard Tony.
      FYI link, re, aerosol dispersions and the high bypass turbofan jet engine.

  21. pat says:

    I witnessed this activity firsthand. We were visiting relatives in Utah and there was a jet flying over leaving  a vapor trail. We watched as the vapor trail continued to grow and lower, then it went by again causing more of this. I will be dammed! the next day it started looking like rain, and then it rained for a couple of days, where it normally does not. We are convinced that this was in preparation for the 4th of July and they did not want mountain fires.

    • Debs says:

      Hi Pat,

      I just read your response how you and your family fell victim to this horrible disaster we American's are waking up to. We all need to push on government to let them know we know and we can't stop.  This is continuing and must stop.  America is headed for more trouble too. The elite won't give up, well we won't either we must ALL come together – "We the People".   I live in So. Cal and because of the chemicals sprayed on the forests makes the fires impossible to fight.  Please continue the good effort.

  22. Adam Coleman says:

    It is AMAZING what people will see if they actually stop watching TV and get outside and look up. Leave your smartfon inside and just look up. Do this every day with your shoes off for 15 minutes and I assure you that within a week you will witness yourself being poisoned by whale manure of the lowest humanity there is. 

    I'll reiterate a new scenario I have thought fits the situation We The People of Planet Earth are in and that is… THE ELEVATOR ladies and gentlemen…AND THE ELEPHANT IN THE ELEVATOR WITH US!

    • Chris de Vreeze says:

      In the Netherland, where I live, there is obviously lots of climate engineering going on. I vividly remember the first time I noticed very strange skies, although at the time I could not make any sense of it. It was the day after ascension day in 2014, and it was a beautiful Friday. Most people took that day off, enjoying a long weekend. I didn't, and went to work instead. The roads were almost empty in the vicinity of The Hague, and I had plenty of time looking up at the skies. I saw this massive and dense grid of long persistent white trails like I had never seen before (and I was already well over 50). I mean, there were several hundreds of those long white trails that morning. It was simply impossible not to notice them (if you drove to work in the morning).

      I did not understand any of it, but intuitively it "felt wrong" immediately. In the back of my mind was the knowledge that a few months earlier the US "government" had caused regime change in the Ukraine (after all, that's what they do best), and that our owned-and-paid-for media were completely silent and dishonest about it (replacing truth by Russia bashing). Not knowing anything about climate engineering, and about the persistence of the trails, in my mind I equated the large number of trails with as many airplanes that were at that moment simultaneously flying around, which certainly did not feel right to me. Strangely, it all felt somehow like a "US occupation" to me. In a way it was, and besides, let's not kid ourselves and pretend that we are not a Rothschild-controlled vassal state (for as long as we accept this slavery).

      Since that Friday, I have looked up to the sky far more than before, and have noticed the strange skies more often than not. Yet in my youth, when we had no mobiles to distract us and to keep us from looking up, we most certainly did not have the unnatural skies of today. I started to wonder what had changed since then. It was sites like that educated me about what was going on. In a weird paradoxical way, the insanity started to make some sense.

      I admire your courage, Dane, in the fight against this monstrous crime against humanity. People like you and Chuck Norris are a true inspiration to us all.

      For the sake of our children, I do speak up at times, but at other times I keep silent and do not want "to spoil the party". But now that people know that I am a "crazy conspiracy nut" anyway, why not speak up more often than I already do, and try to get better at it each time? It is hard to deny the urgency and importance.

      When I try to convince people of the existence of climate engineering, it is clear that many of them still do not accept the notion that governments would kill and/or poison their own citizens, as if (admitted and declassified!) false flags attacks like operation Northwoods and operation Gladio have never taken place. Then there is of course 9/11, the day that science supposedly took a day off, if we must believe the official narrative. Well, we know many more examples (recent or not). How can we be "conspiracy nuts" if our Western governments as well as their Ministries of Propaganda (called "media" by some) are so obviously pathological liers, and therefore cannot be trusted at all?

      Talking about "conspiracy theorists", there is a powerful article by Paul Craig Roberts that may touch a few sufficiently open-minded people here and there who currently still believe that our governments are benevolent rulers. It is the "There is no Freedom without Truth" article (

      Let's all continue to be courageous enough to do our part in raising the collective consciousness, while we still can.

  23. sunaj says:

    We  are  past the  letter-writing campaign, the Feinstein-Boxer Syndicate replies to  your  queries with  computer-generated useless  meaningless  rhetoric, it  is  time  to stop rush hour  traffic, or embargo DC

  24. Dagaan says:

    My idea of an effective letter to the completely uninitiated is this;


    Dear Governor, Military Commander, Environmental Agency – etc.

    Daily, our skies are being sprayed by high altitude airliners with substances to dim sunlight in an attempt to reduce global warming. These are not contails which are short and evaporate in a short time. These trails remain and expand all day. The aluminum in this spray is toxic to people and plants and has been shown to be linked to the increase of autistic births. Aluminum is also a fire accellerant that creates its own wind. The McMurray fire has gone from 1500 acres to 458,000 acres in three days. The internet is full of information about chemtrails. We are sending this letter to the Governor, Lt Governon, Attorney General and in-state military commanders and all in-state agencies concerned with forestry and health. Thank you for taking a little time to research this subject and thinking about the health effects on children, Thank you

    Sincerely, League of Child Protection Concerned Voters of the State of dot dot dot.

    At, you can find email addresses for all representatives and departments of forestry and health.  In one hour you could communicate to all the major agencies in your state. If you create a file saving all contactees, you can do it again next week!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Degaan, your letter is a good example of what can be done. The only think I would strongly suggest is to absolutely avoid the “chemtrail” term in any such letter where credibility is crucial. The attached link is the first (and likely last) stop people will come to if they go online and search that term.

      Symantics matter in this battle, we must stick to the science terms like “climate engineering”, “solar radiation management”, etc. There is no scientific basis for the “chemtrail” term that has any connection to climate engineering. 

  25. Rose says:

    Does anybody know exactly what methane does to humans?. What are the symptoms of exposure?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rose, Methane is lighter than air, the dangers from it are due to its overall atmpspheric effects. Hydrogen Sulfide is often released with methane, it does pose immediate dangers as it is heavier than air. I will try to keep up the posting data as quickly as I can on these issues. 

    • Kerri says:

      Hi Rose, You can google a MSDS (material safety data sheet) for methane exposure – many, or any other chemical. One is at Concentrated/compressed it can burn like frostbite. Re GeoEngineering pollutants, inhalation is biggest risk. In high concentrations it displaces oxygen and can cause suffocation but it's greatest threat to life on earth is its efficiency as a green house gas. We'll cook and starve before we suffocate if that's any consolation… It's not to plant life and smaller animals and insects who are fading fast already. Frankly, due to the potency of the chemical cocktail in GeoE pollutants, we'll all be so neurologically screwed by that point anyway we won't notice or remember… I suggest everyone do a little homework on how to detox heavy metals (for eg Zeolite powder (not the liquid, too dilute), or ozonated water and do these daily). If testing at very high levels, consider EDTA chelation then ozonated (ozone is 3 oxygen) water or zeolite as maintenance. Buy organic food – it's not protected from GeoE pollutants but at least there is no added glyphosate etc to overburden our systems further. Grow your own in a green house? Primarily, get a blood test for MTHFR gene mutation – this is for methylation and detox pathways – compromised if positive but can be supplemented (Google Dr Ben Lynch – supplements at seeking health, inexpensive). Filter water, eat Himalayan salt ( essential minerals) and organic grass fed meat or organic legumes if vegetarian. Ensure vit D levels are high – protection from 80% of all disease incl cancer (see 20 minutes full-body sunlight daily is the best source but to raise levels quickly, take D3 supplements from a compounding pharmacist (only) or recommended sources – full dosage protocol for this on grassroots website. Consider brain support with ethical, clean omega 3 and telomere support (Dr Al Sears or Dr Amen in N.Y., online Good oils for brain and physical health are coconut (raw, cold pressed, organic 20mg daily + turmeric/circumin), hemp seed oil and olive oil (extra virgin, first cold pressed organic). Do not buy over the counter vitamins and minerals, they're full of nasty fillers, low on nutrition and are hit and miss. Check out the best quality organic "whole food" nutritional supplementation – best I've seen is "Manna, The One" and anything else made by Josh Woodcook 'Flower doc'- he's an ethical genius. Drink 3 litres of water daily to help detox and do not ever eat GMO's or any grains that are not organic (GMO's and glyphosate are equally carcinogenic, see Seralini group independent study on this) and Dr Mercola with Dr Stephanie Senneff interview on YTube or Good luck – I mean it…

  26. Marc says:

    In the "Flaming Arrow" link, I downloaded a pdf file which had a link to a site called dcgeoconsortium,org. I went to the site and was appalled at what I found. Many erudite young academics posting meticulous and convoluted essays about geoengineering, pros and cons, governance issues, forecasts of geopolitical ramifications, and so on. AND YET, NOT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY OPEN DISCUSSION PERTAINING TO THE ALREADY FULL-SCALE DEPLOYMENT OF AEROSOL SPRAYING OF THE ATMOSPHERE, WORLD-WIDE!!!! These so-called academics, with their fancy vocabularies, and their references and footnotes and their impressive academic credentials aren't worth a pint of cold piss. I read 5 complete essays and not a word among them regarding the easily verifiable and long-term spraying of aerosolized materials, said materials all conforming to government patents for their use in SRM or related programs. Most of their discussions focused on EVERYTHING CONCEIVABLE HAVING TO DO WITH GEOENGINEERING, EXCEPT FOR THE PRIMARY AND ONLY CURRENTLY RELEVANT ONE, THAT IT IS GOING ON RIGHT OVER THEIR BESPECTACLED DUMB-ASS HEADS!!!! 

      This is truly difficult to comprehend. And, by the same token, I encountered the identical phenomenon when I googled the upcoming Climate Conference in Paris, 2015. Their vid links and text COMPLETELY OMIT ANY RELEVANT DISCUSSION OF GEOENGINEERING'S FULL DEPLOYMENT, ALREADY LONG SINCE UNDERWAY!!!! Really???? Why? Why?Why? Why, for the love of God, is this paramount fact sidestepped and skirted around? Any idiot can plainly see that aerial spraying has been going on for quite some time. And the horrific effects are there for all to see. And ESPECIALLY, YOU WOULD THINK THAT THOSE VERY INDIVIDUALS (government or otherwise) FOR WHOM SUCH AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE RATES AS HIGHEST PRIORITY, WOULD BE THE ONES MOST LIKELY TO HAVE "FOUND OUT" AT SOME POINT THAT GEOENGINEERING IS ALREADY WELL UNDER WAY. And yet, we can only imagine what kinds of private "off the record" discussions will be taking place in hallways and hotels and restaurants, because "on the record" it would appear that geoengineering is not yet considered to be in full deployment. This disconnect shall forever be inexplicable to me and to millions of others around the world. Why the secrecy? Why the taboo? It serves nothing to remain consciously and willfully ignorant. Are these reps and attendees going to sit quietly through "mission statements" and discussions of governance of geoengineering on the geopolitical landscape, while in the backs of their Bordeaux-pickled brains they skillfully conceal the fact that they know the dreaded CABAL has been doing their dirty deeds for decades? Why the burlesque show, folks? Why, in the name of the Holy Mother of God, can the world not CUT TO THE CHASE at this conference, cut out the stupid bullshit and address the only topic worth discussing: that the world needs to wake the fuck up and put an immediate stop to ALL GEOENGINEERING, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!! The extreme precariousness of our biosphere is now on the line. What's it gonna take to sever the head of the geoengineering dragon?


    • willem says:

      Well said Marc, I was shocked as well. these so called elitist brightheads are the worst mindcontrolled agents in the field. disgusting. And shocking at the same time, do these people have a moral compass and look up?? Anyone with more than one brain cell understand the devastating consequences of programs like geo engineering. 

    • luann says:

      Hmmm wonder if Illuminati really Did cause 11/13 like French Pres said.

    • Missy says:

      Finally went to church yesterday and forgot what I learned when I was there and that is to love your enemies. How can I love something who is killing us all? I will try.

    • Jon hicks says:

      It seems to me that this action brought upon us by people, governments,  or what ever entities are completely responsible constitutes an act of war.  An act of war on the world…  We were not asked to participate in their illegal science fair projects.  What in gods name gives anyone on earth the right to experiment on our kids, family, and the general public.
      To those who believe they are entitled to make decisions on the worlds behalf.  Why is it you hide?  Let me answer for you…  FEAR…  How is it so much fear and ignorance plagues the upper echelon of society?  Perhaps you listen to your half cocked science majors when you should be listening to the people.  Afraid of losing your billions?  Please, take out a dollar bill put it in your mouth…  Chew it like its your last meal…  Taste good?  Probably not however you get my point, keep destroying our planet and your bank will become you grocery store. 
      Whatever the case we see you…  Know this!  Every day more people wake up to the truth.  We are watching and will continue to educate the good people of earth.  Planet earth is not yours to destroy!!!!
      One day the truth will be revealed to the world, good luck with that!
      BTW You should be scared, this won't end well for anyone.  Including all of you responsible.  
      Food for thought…

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you Marc.  I appreciate your knowledge and view of the situation. I am older and have five grandchildren that have a questionable future. I live in Yosemite and see the evidence of their destruction every day. Our trees are dying by the thousands. They claim it is the beetles, it ,of coarse, isn't. I believe we are in serious trouble. It is somehow comforting to know someone else realizes this as well. 

    • Jody Krupa says:


      I too, just came from that site and was appalled !! I couldn't believe what I was reading ..had to double check the heading for fear i miss clicked somewhere along the line. This is an uphill battle all the way… still the best method I've found of getting folks to think out of the box is dragging them outside and physically getting them to LOOK UP!!!  but, i still felt your pain! keep up fight..

    • Michelle Squires says:

      I am so with you, Marc.  The language in the H.R. 3080 signed into law on 6/10/2014, Public Law No 113-121 is Heinous.  Wondering if the knowledge of which would spark a similar OUTRAGE from Geraldo Rivera (FOX NEWS) who expressed despair re: the despicable SYRIAN CHEMICAL attacks this week…DO YOU think HE KNOWS that AMERICANS and people worldwide are being slowly poisoned to the same end???  In the HR 3080, it has a phrase Sec 1001: "Vertical integration and acceleration of studies…"  WTF is that???  We're seeing it DAILY because these satanic individuals responsible for the planning are STEPPING UP their assault. We need to act in tandem or focus and act in our local communities.  Maybe local RADIO can help??  A call – a thon on the same day??  Everyone call their local coast guard station at the same agreed upon time???  I maintain if our pilots really KNEW what they were spraying, they would STOP & DESIST.  IDEA!  What if we could post "Geo" signs ahead of the EXITS to the highways that the Pilots take on the way to their runways???

  27. Tamara says:

    I am re posting articles on twitter stating look up wake up. Help me to bombard twitter with this information

    • Carmen says:

      Hi Tamara….We need thousands of people to coordinate our Tweets, not that we shouldn't be constantly reporting and informing; but I would like to TREND on Twitter and we can only do that if we coordinate everyone to tweet in a certain time frame using the same hashtag.  We might have to take several runs at this to be successful but I think we should give it a whirl!  If you're on FB please join Toxic Cocktail for updates. 

  28.  Dear Friends,

    Till this moment your Flaming Arrow Package has been translated in the following languages







    • jill phillips says:

      Please could somebody produce this package in good Italian & mail it to me so that I can spread it here as well as in English. Thank you. JP

    • Joe Marman says:

      Fro Jim Phillips who wanted the Flaming Arrow message translated into Italian:

      Geoingegneria / radiazione solare Gestione / Siccità
      E se ci fosse una minaccia ambientale monumentale che non sapeva nemmeno che stava accadendo? E se hai scoperto che sta interessando la vostra salute e quella di persone che conosci e l'amore? Che cosa succede se si sapeva che era un problema così enorme che ha il potenziale per distruggere le nostre coltivazioni e gli alberi, il terreno sono coltivati ​​a, tutto il nostro approvvigionamento di acqua, e interi ecosistemi – e che se non si agisce, non potremmo mai tornare indietro?
      NE se fosse entrato in uso in modo insidioso, come cibi OGM sono venuti nel nostro approvvigionamento alimentare a nostra insaputa? E se sembrava essere innocuo, ma non lo era? E se fosse così abilmente intessuta nella nostra cultura che non abbiamo neanche lo vediamo più? E se fosse così magistralmente stigmatizzata e avvolto in polemiche che, se si pensava che strano o riguardanti, devi essere disprezzato o ignorato?
      Sembra fantascienza, ma non lo è. Sta accadendo proprio sopra di voi, e si chiama "geoingegneria".
      Si possono trovare articoli e dibattiti in cui gli scienziati stanno proponendo a "oscurare" il sole a rallentare il cambiamento climatico, utilizzando una tecnica chiamata "Solar Radiation Management" (SRM). Il loro concetto è quello di simulare l'inquinamento particolato oscuramento e gli effetti di una eruzione vulcanica di raffreddamento ed esistenti, emersi dalle attività umane. Tuttavia, è stato fuori fase di proposta per un bel po 'di tempo, e anche se i funzionari non lo vuole ammettere, SRM sia già in funzione a pieno ritmo.
      SRM suona come una soluzione praticabile per rallentare il cambiamento climatico, e gli scienziati hanno ripetuto come "a buon mercato", è più e più volte. Ma si tratta di un prezzo. In realtà, si tratta di molti.
      Programmi di ingegneria / geoingegneria Global Climate perturbano radicalmente modelli meteorologici, interrompendo il ciclo idrologico (causando siccità in alcune aree, inondando gli altri), distruggendo lo strato di ozono, e contaminando l'intero pianeta con le conseguenze tossiche da queste operazioni di irrorazione atmosferici.
      Programmi di ingegneria del clima sono stati completamente dispiegati per molti anni. C'è una montagna di dati scientifici duri e filmati per eseguire il backup questo dato di fatto. Tutti i dati disponibili indicano che i programmi di geoingegneria globali in corso sono matematicamente il più grande assalto singolo contro la rete della vita mai lanciato dalla razza umana. Di interferire con sistemi di supporto vitale della Terra è follia oltre ogni comprensione, e questo è esattamente ciò che il completamente fuori controllo complesso militare industriale ha fatto. Non ci sono regole su tali programmi di irrorazione atmosferici, e nessuna supervisione di sorta. Siamo tutti in corso sottoposti a questi test in corso.

    • sonja says:

      A translation in German would be great too…………:)

  29. Ted Carberry says:

    Question please?

    With the DUMB's could the power disruption some years ago on the east coast have been from a an overload power system that they were hooking up? The one Gent who was murdered for exposing the DUMB;s Please to watch it is good. Very sad…..

    Where do they get the power for the HAARP sites local generation?

    • Amarina Innovo says:

      Looking up toward the sun today in New Zealand – the sun was ringed by what looked like a great grey cloud encircling the whole sun 

  30. ms. miller says:

    That is terrible. Follow up every visit remain calm say nothing. Be on time. Insult no social worker. This is a control and ego game and you must be very submissive. They don’t want to see emotion. Don’t say anything outside the age appropriate, corporate remarks. Have steady employment. Others have made it thru. Ask for Jesus’s help. When she is returned, then, work on getting cities and counties to not allow this spraying over their air spaces.

  31. Twolf1 says:

    Who took your daughter Becca? Your ex, or the county? Did the county or state seek you out, or did your ex use your views on Chemtrails and such to get your daughter? This is kind of important here. If your ex did it to prove to the judge that you are a nutcase, (which you are not,) that’s one thing, but if the county or state stepped in just because of some view and or opinion you expressed either verbally of in writing, than that is a whole new level fo creeeeepiness! Please write back if its not too personal, and know that we are praying for you and your daughter, and will stand behind you, but I need to know which scenario that it was.
    The Kelley Family in Riverside, CA-

  32. Becca says:

    Please help. I am being railroaded for expressing my views about and chemtrails (and other conspiracy facts).

    I completely lost custody yesterday and can now have only supervised visits. I HAVE NO ATTORNEY BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY YET. PLEASE HELP.

    The judge actually said “99% of people would know those are just contrails” and said that I was so “immersed in a fringe subculture” that I was a danger to my daughter.

    THis is in Boulder CO, which became “kontrolled opposition” a long time ago. They are not liberal here, and they certainly are not free.

    Please FWD this & share any ideas.
    Thanks Becca

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Becca, it is alarming to hear what has happened to you for simply telling the truth. Make your voice heard now more than ever, write an article outlining what has happened to you. I have forwarded you my personal email for you to send your article so that we can post it. You are NOT alone in this fight to tell the truth Becca, stay strong.

    • Markus jolliff says:


      The challenge of talking to people is getting them to listen… they often  have "triggers' and become defensive… Observe your language and approach… small bits of information may be all they can handle as this stuff is scary… its tempting to lay it all out to them in one go… but it can tip them.  Pause and let them ask questions… i use a strong firmness adding a gentle concern for their health… I commend your boldness to be who you are and stand up for something you believe in!

      peace in,


    • Dagaan says:

      Hi Becca, THe judge who judged your attempt to inform people about chemtrails is scary. Why no publish his name and a way to communicate to him from this site so people can support you in the info you are trying to communicate? You're dong the right thing. Dagaan

  33. CJ Johnson says:

    Amen 1 person or group AWESOME when out of 20 say yeah my co-worker told me OR they have been spraying for 10 years in California OR I have noticed the lines in the sky OR I wondered what you were taking pictures of. We who see, know, understand, document must TELL it to minimum 1 person a day. I ask have they seen lines in sky like up there and point to them Most say yes…but have only seen, without knowledge and understanding. WE WHO KNOW MUST TELL AND with clarity to plant the seed..I ALMOST CRIED past 2-3 days they did not spray She said at 4 “THE SUN IS SO BRIGHT TODAY” the next day was a BIG X right above us. Please take pixs, plz post on Twitter, FB, etc. We are a UNIQUE FEW willing to be called crazy TO Tell others the sky, weather, is under Govt control..#LookUp @TalentsMomMLG

  34. nancy wess says:

    We are in elkton maryland,we watch the sky everyday. We have security cameras that show a storm of particules at night not visible in day light . It looks like a huge snow storm swirling around. This is what we are breathing day and night. Who is responsible for making us sick .

  35. Mary Keys says:

    I do the same thing. Tell everyone who will listen.

  36. PauL says:

    It’s almost 20 years that I say to people of chemtrails.
    Nothing changed.
    (Look at what happened in this day in Italy, again and againundertoo muchwater

  37. Josie says:

    I make it a point to tell at least one person every day and some days 5 persons. And one day I made a public announcement in the blood bank as we were all in chairs with needles in our arms! even the workers listened,huge windows, the view chem trails!!! HAHA seize the moment when you can

  38. tom says:

    There are many ways to get the word out to a lot of people about this geoengineering nightmare. Find a company that makes bumper stickers. If you want to save money, design yours to say the same thing on the left and right so you can cut them in two. Most bumper-sticker websites have great software to help you design your own stickers. You can get creative and Photoshop a blue sky with obvious chemtrails for your background or use your imagination. Now hand out your stickers to your friends and family and place your stickers EVERYWHERE you can think of. Drive-thru restaurants, poles where cars stop at left turns, light standards at shopping malls, public transit stops, near schools or anywhere the local population congregates. You will be VERY surprised to see how many stickers are still there after 6 months or more and you will know that you did something to get the word out! YOU CAN DO IT!

  39. Ray says:

    The best way I have found is to get the word out is to ask people to Google– engineered drought— and click on the you/tube video.

    When they do up, pops Dane’s You tube video.
    You can make business cards with the above info.
    It’s a good starting point.

    Don’t say the word chemtrails to a new person.

    • Rose says:

      I'm frustrated with the progressive liberals in my region who are tirelessly working over climate change and have their heads in the sand. Keeping busy talking and fundraising for sustainable energy. But can't get the HAAP or geo- engeneering connection. These are our most educated leaders for god sake!! What's wrong here?!

  40. I am so glad to be able to refer people to this site. I have experienced the frustration of ad hominem behavior in a lot of people-they believe something based on who said it, not what was said. The first thing they say is – “why haven’t I heard anything about this before? If this were true our government would jump on this.”
    I like your intro letter that says just the right things. I am a Coast to Coast AM radio listener, hosted by George Noory, on which Dane Wigington is a regular guest, If you don’t listen yet, I highly recommend it.
    I have known about chemtrails and geo-engineering for a long time. I began documenting chemtrails with photos in 1996. I am old enough to remember normal. These things have, sadly, become the ‘new’ normal. Thanks for having a site that lends credibility to my attempts to get the word out.

  41. Simon says:

    Dear Alex,

    Chlorella and NAC Detox are suitable for detoxing.
    You can visit the I-Herb site to learn more about it.
    Anyhow, a real expert when it comes to detoxing is dr. Klinghardt. He knows a lot about metals and recognizes the chemtrail issue. Underneath you can find a pdf file including his detoxing protocol:

    Good luck Alex.

  42. Katherine L. says:

    Also “” has superior nutrients and supplements. I use them.

  43. Katherine L. says:

    I am sorry, I feel your pain. The pendulum is starting to swing the other way. Please see that. Remember, EVERYTHING is coming out into the light now. They have been spraying for YEARS and now it is more known than before and action can be taken.

    • Mish says:

      Here in U.S., action can be taken.  Title 50 US Code statutes regarding "CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL Warfare", CH 32 of TITLE 50 under "EXCEPTIONS":  the law requires that there must be a "Presidential directive in writing" to provide notice to the Secy of Health & Human Services Dep and which Requires notice WHERE the spraying is anticipated to occur and that WRITTEN notice IS provided to EACH Governor of EACH State that is being sprayed according to the "Material Data Safety Sheet for Aluminum Oxide NANO Particulates".  The Law states that this chemical can NEVER be distributed into the environment without proper PERMITS. Whosoever issued the Permit is would be responsible for DAMAGES.  CALL your GOVERNORS.  STATE the Law, and let them know you know they are complicit according to the law and can be held responsible for damages.  Shake things up.  Also; there's more… 

    • Mish says:

      Here's REASON to express & document your outrage…According to the 113rd Congress,  Congress/housebill/3080 – "Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014", Public Law 113-121 and voted into law on 6/10/2014, there is a statute of H.R. 3080 which would allow, we the people, to have political impact and STOP the "Stratospheric Aerosol injection programs if government officials would put to the record our testimonies on damages (crops, water, health, etc.)..  See page 128, Statute 1196 "Title Program Reform and Streamlining Vertical and Acceleration of Studies", Sec 1001(a) under section 905(a) of the "Water Resources Development Act of 1986 (33 U.S.C. 2282 (a)…(e) "The secretary (in this case the Head of the Army Corps Of Engineers) will consider a REVIEW of the program IF THERE IS SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC DISPUTE as to the ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS or Benefits of the project"…So, if I am correct on this, if there IS SIGNIFICANT Public DISPUTE, the Secretary of the ACE must put the project under review.   Although the word "significant" was not defined, we should all bring our comments to our Governors!!  And plan on filing "FOIA" Freedom of Information Act requests "regarding the guidelines that are set forth in Title 50, CH 32, Section 1512"  and we present detailed paper-trail of evidence (e.g., crop failure, property damage, health conditions, etc.).  By accumulating some evidence we can make impact.  Dane, is this correct??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MIsh, I have forwarded your comment to our attorney group, thank you for sending it. Our attorneys already have a number of FOIA requests in process, I will continue to give updates on my weekly radio broadcasts.

  44. Katherine L. says:

    Thank you. I heard similar and am vegan, I do all sorts of things but not all together. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar shots in the AM , down with juice is great. oh so many things one can do to detox daily. This is insanity what they are doing but they have their ‘agenda 21″ – its probably up to Agenda 25 by now. How pathetic for a group of entities to do this. Its fear based in my opinion but we can talk for hours on that.

  45. Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    To Alex: YES , please listen to Dr. Blaylock’s talks on detoxing from aluminum. Also, Bikram yoga a must if you are having his kind of reaction. You can do it, even laying in the room while sweating and doing a few poses will help tremendously. Also, eating dark leafy green vegetables. Going raw and vegan as much as you can. Doing QIGONG is superior. Dr. Blaylock has supplements that he recommends. You must detox daily. Good luck. K

    • Mish says:

      Detox foot soak / Bath worked for "Geoengineering" Flu:

      1/2 cup Redmans Salt (only)

      1/2 Epsom Salt

      1/2 cup Baking Soda

      1/2 cup 20 Mule Borax

      Use 1/4 of a cup of each ingredient if just taking a foot bath.  Mix in VERY warm FILTERED water….and soak as long as you can.  Do not do this with unfiltered water (otherwise you open your pores to contaminants like chlorine & fluoride).

      To those suffering upper respiratory symptoms, this made a HUGE difference in my recovery overnight. 


  46. Kelly Yakimishyn says:

    Keep up the good work Dane and thanks for looking out for my Kids future .

    I as well am trying to bring a issue to light However when I FOIP the Goverment as well as the RCMP they only give you what they want knowing it will cost you more money to get more evidence. And the media will not cover it. Its been 10 years an i will not stop.

    My father past way from ALS and Dementia and it all just come out of nowhere fast.

    This what i now for a fact !!

    People are stupid tax payers and every one stopped asking were the money is going .Once and awhile the media will throw someone to the dogs just to make people happy .people are selfish and only worried about today and tomorrow EG ;my car ,pot hole, is my sports teem doing well I need to get another game for the X-box so my kids don’t bug me ,on and on .Selfish ! head in the sand.

    This is what i know people pay taxes to the Gove to spend on anything that they want. So in return we get our daily comforts looked after and all is good . Well big business gets grants to do all kinds of things like what you are uncovering than they hold all kinds of charity’s for fighting deadly human diseases ,so they take the money than it goes for more work on new medicines than the Gove helps pay for that ,look at how all the words biggest players are joining forces now you are starting to understand how the cash just keeps going in one big loop. . Connect the dots people.

    I have three kids one is 5 my girl she has room amatory arthritis ,guess what she needs shot for the pain .The other boy has nose bleeds and breathing issues since 5 .My other boy for now appears to be OK so far . These kinds of thing are not in our family tree but they are now . If people would get on board with this it would be sweet but all i see is Face book things just things . NOTHING THAT Matters.I don’t know why this is not attached to all face book pages. ( O Maybe its the Media being controlled by the people ) I will talk to my kids and see if they can start sharing this pages. But the problem with kids is they don’t know any better ,they have never seen a blue clear sky ! I wonder who sells inhalers for students just about every kid in the class has one now .

    I will continue to go to work and watch this assault EVERY morning in the sky. Have you noticed how people are so slow now ? I’m sure it this crap in the air.Not trying to be mean .

    By the way its Edmonton Alberta Canada and its BAD trails every were . Government Corruption ! Just look up all the story’s of the PC entitlement to tax payers CASH . If people real think there’s no money to fix a pot hole think again ! They just put the money into the sky’s ! OR maybe they gave it to Rob Ford to spray crack on the people of Toronto .

    Dave i get it but stick to what you know best leave the tunnels and other issues aside people cant think for them selves and this is what the Gove likes than they stick with you are a mad man!

    If you don’t think these tunnel are not filled with the top medical teems to combat this illnesses of spraying you are probably wrong . I’m sure the medicine already is there for the Rich. The population of the world needs to be address at some point maybe this is the way .

    Kind of like this a sun burn happens in about 20 minutes now. I picked rocks as a kid on the farm i never had one. Is it not strange how the media constantly tells you to buy
    sunscreen. I wonder who is the owner of those company are.

    Keep going Dane I love watching your progress i just hope its not to late for my kids.

    OMG I have to run the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary stampedes are playing i sure hope the roads are smooth.

  47. Lily mc Carron says:

    It’s been about 4yrs now since the spraying in E Tn increased, just about the same time I went to my allergist/asthma doc to inquire about a dry itchy chronic cough I had. She switch a medicine and blamed it on a side affect. The coughing continued. 2011suffered a brain aneurysm, multiple sinuse infections along with chronic migraines. The docs just kept prescribing drugs of which I hate to take. This week I’ve been locked in my cabin watching them spray just about every day. I’m using my inhalers more than normal my nebulizer 2x a day. Tinnitus also emerged within the last 2 1/2 yrs. I had chronic laryngitis and 2 masses on my voice box last fall and winter.

    I’ve been eating organic and staying away from GMO’s mostly all my life but more so in the last 17 yrs. in other words I take care of myself. Sure I was born with allergies and asthma be had it under control pretty much except over the last few years. My skin developed a dermagraphic condition any scratch will turn beet red… Anywhere on my body. The kids enjoy watching me write my name on my arm.

    I’m not sure if all of these crazy things that are happening to me are all cause by GeoEngineering but I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone else developed any of these conditions.

    My organic garden is no longer organic and my tomato plant only produced 7 tomatoes and stopped. I have trees that I’ve had for years that died this year and my “writer spiders” that were always there to greet me every year disappeared the last 4. No bee, of course just carpenter bees. Fish in my pond died and don’t hear the bullfrogs or see the redwing black birds or hear my favorite whippoorwill. I moved to the foothills of the great smoky mountains because of it’s natural beauty and wildlife. It breaks my heart knowing there are species dying in that biosphere park of ours.

    I am pissed….

  48. Alex Dmyterko says:

    I have severe sinusitis runny nose and get sick alot. Very weak. My hands are shaky. Severe depression from nothing. Does anyone know any herbal treatments against chemtrail exposure? Please advise.

    • Maria Martinez says:

      We take bentonite clay to detox metals in our bodies and diatomaceous earth(food grade) to cleanse and detox.  Google them

  49. jos says:


  50. Nancy says:

    Lisa, i have had rainwater tests done as well – however I can’t find what acceptable ranges are for these metals….have you??

  51. Lisa Thomas says:

    I noticed the same thing with our insects here. The spraying started, the insects disappeared. It was horrifying to see. I had my water tested at McCampbell Analytical, but you can also use All five of my water tests (2 ponds, 3 rain water) came back with aluminum, barium, and when I tested for it, strontium.

  52. I started filming it here in Nuremberg, Germany and uploading it to my YouTube channel. I hope this helps in getting the word out. This is downright crazy and terrifying!

  53. Anicca says:

    Thank you thank you!! I had been accused of being paranoid since almost ALL of the bugs on my 100 acre farm are just plain GONE! And I live completely organic here in the woods.
    I haven’t even seen a FLEA on my cats here… there are even barely any mosquitos… almost zero bees…my normally productive garden is a loss. I have harvested 4 cucumbers so far. It does seem to be a bit random, as I have friends 20 miles away who’s gardens are at least, ok.

    To note, there were relatively a lot of bugs back in the early spring then they suddenly disappeared when I started noticing the trails over my house- I have 50 pictures over my roof.

    Does anyone know where to get pond water tested? I am worried about my fish now, too.


  54. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone had any success with the media reporting this? It needs to become in the forefront and a political issue. To think how the government put the guilt trip on us for our contributions to global warming when in fact they are the culprits. They banned aerosol only to seed the stratosphere with it further damaging the ozone level. Mind boggling!

  55. Ivan Byrne says:

    They have been at it for 100 years now. The little people are just going to pray and pretend it’s not going to happen to them. They don’t even want to know the truth.

  56. Ivan Byrne says:

    Make sure you use Dick Cheney’s name and address on the return label. A lot of activists are turning up missing or are being arrested for nothing.

  57. marjorie horner says:


  58. At some point we the people and our 50 states militias will take control of major airports and inspect all planes . Any rigged for spray will be grounded or destroyed.

  59. We can all fight back by participating in Boeing stock plunge as Boeing is providing the Fed gov with 300 cargo planes and you know some will be added to the chemtrail fleet.

    Then we need to participate in a Microsoft stock plunge as Bill gates has contributed 300 million dollars to the geoengineering business patents and all.
    Gates is taking after his dad who was big into eugenics and laid ther ground work for planned parenthood = 333000 abortions per yr.

  60. No problem for the elite .
    Now they will save the day and reduce global warming with geoengineering and slow kill us at the same time. And pay for it by turning your kids and grandkids into debt slaves in world banker fashion..
    No worries,
    its just zionist jews playing god and according to then they are doing gods work.

    But the reality is this is our war (the 99 % ) against the most evil people on the planet ( the 1% )..

    It is time we derail the elites divide and conquer scheme and unite to take them down.

    • Randolph Scott says:

      I don't know what we can do to stop this evil assault on the citizens in every country of the world. Our governments and politicians will not try to stop these evil acts on humanity.

  61. Sako says:

    Here is my message to Attorney General of CA:
    Dear Attorney General, I am contacting you regarding Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails. I am not an activist by any mean,but I am a concerned Father. I have been doing lots of research on this issue for the the past few months,and it is only getting for terrifying ! This is affecting everybody and every breathing organism under the sky. How in their right mind can the officials authorize to dump billions of gallons of toxic mixture on humanity in hope of possibly helping global warming ??? We ALL are breathing the same air,aren’t we ? They are effecting all of our families and loved one’s health ! I can tell my kids not to eat GMO foods or other foods that are bad for them, but how do I tell them not to breath ? PLEASE HELP ! Let us know what to do to stop this crime against humanity !

  62. Sako says:

    This is my message to Attorney General of CA:
    Dear Attorney General, I am contacting you regarding Geo-Engineering/Chemtrails. I am not an activist by any mean,but I am a concerned Father. I have been doing lots of research on this issue for the the past few months,and it is only getting for terrifying ! This is affecting everybody and every breathing organism under the sky. How in their right mind can the officials authorize to dump billions of gallons of toxic mixture on humanity in hope of possibly helping global warming ??? We ALL are breathing the same air,aren’t we ? They are effecting all of our families and loved one’s health ! I can tell my kids not to eat GMO foods or other foods that are bad for them, but how do I tell them not to breath ? PLEASE HELP ! Let us know what to do to stop this crime against humanity !

  63. Lisa T. says:

    Yes, please do!

  64. Julie says:

    Can a person use this to send in a letter to the editor of their local paper ? I’d love to send a letter to wake up others and this is so sensibly put together !

    • kim says:

      I have contacted the local newspaper, and the cleveland radio station more than once.  never heard a thing.

    • Mish says:

      Here was my Letter to the Editor:

      It was on a drive returning from a visit to SUNY ONEONTA with my daughter, when I got a strange metallic taste in my mouth.  Glancing at the sky, I noticed something quite bizarre in the vista before me.  It was a virtual tic-tack toe board (comprised of persistent jet contrails) in the sky!  In my 50 odd years, I had never seen such a thing.  Pondering that it might be a flight school or military exercise, I later learned that these patterns were something far more toxic. 

      Recently declassified government documents imply that “Geoengineering" or "weather modification" programs have been in effect and “so called research” has been done on the public for years, but without public consent or public notification.    

      Aluminum, Barium and Strontium have been used in “cloud seeding and so-called “weather modification” programs for decades.  I began to wonder whether the decimation of the bee population, the crop failures (recently reported by local Farms and others) and the spike in childhood asthma in my area in NY had something to do with the persistent contrails I’ve observed in OUR skies on a regular basis.

      Funny thing, excess Aluminum in the soil will prevent the absorption of nutrients in any plant.  The "Plum Curculio" and other pests may be a SYMPTOM of the problem rather than the ROOT of the problem!! A weakened plant invites bug & fungal infestations.

      These same programs left Northern California farmers shocked when observing elevated levels of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and Cadmium in their soil, and as well in the blood counts of residents in the Shasta County area. I became very concerned.  Google the terms: "Northern California aerosol tree die off".   

      It may be the free form aluminum in the soil & water that will show elevated levels rather than testing for the natural occurring form of aluminum!! However, to my knowledge, there has been no historical testing for this contaminant, locally.

      If these Toxins are beginning to show up in our soils at elevated levels, there may be a way to get ahead of the problem before more farmers abandon their land due to crop yield issues. I fear as the result of crop loss, “Big Agra” will move in to our Valley. 

      Monsanto has already developed a patent on Aluminum-resistant seed.  Any coincidence that this would happen?? See declassified government documents now available to the public for view on the subject of “geengineering”, “aerosol injection of particulates by aircraft” and “weather modification” programs.

      Look up people!!

      <I have yet to see my Letter to the Editor in our local Paper.  Frankly, I'd be surprised if they published it.  Basically, our local paper has a bunch of wooses at the helm.>

  65. Maria says:

    Dear Addie, i have seen your post, you would volunteer to translate this letter in German. I am spanish but leaving now in Germany and me and my husband are assisting to a chemtrails group info. We are going to inform people in Düsseldorf on the 1st of May. If you kindly contact with me, if you had the letter in German? would be great! otherwise i will spread the english one. thanks!! Maria

  66. Addie says:

    Dane, it would be good if at least some of the info contained on this webpage could be translated in to German. I am volunteering for this.

  67. Konrad Wolffe says:

    I find this absolutely disgusting that global governments can manipulate weather and / or climate to meet their own specific aims. Who do these people think they are, playing god with our planet?
    I also find it rather ironic that the controlled media is ramping up the whole climate change rhetoric around the same time that aerial spraying and EM manipulation is taking place. One feeds off other one would think. Governmedia would never embark on a concentrated manipulation of the global population if: a) there was not enough evidence to back up a naturally occurring scientific theory and b) if they did not have the technology and will to impose this most abhorrent activity onto mankind.
    It is high time we made the tyrants feel the sting.

  68. Joe Morales says:

    I live in the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula, Kevin. Friend me on Facebook…

  69. Bonnie Morgan says:

    if you are on facebook just put in a search for your area .that is how I found peeps here in Hawaii

  70. Kevin Barker says:

    Hi Dane, I live in western Montana and the spraying is in full force here as well, do you know of any groups out this way that I can get together with and help make this evil disaster know and get people to wake up ?
    Thanks , Kevin.

  71. tammy harrison says:


  72. Russ Tanner says:

    The PDF is working now. Thanks for the notice.

  73. Brandy says:

    I opened it successfully in word..the PDF didn’t work..but I still gained access to the content I needed.

  74. Julianne Scott says:

    Flaming Arrow Package is difficult to access. Or let’s say impossible. Dane are you aware of this? The offer of having ‘a suggested email letter and links for introducing people’ to information about weather manipulation is good BUT there is NO suggested email available! Please respond.

  75. James says:

    Open it in Wordpad…

  76. James says:

    Add this to the package.
    Academy Awards tonight: in the nominations for best supporting actress, a clip, an old woman lifts up her skirt to the gravestone, saying, ‘See what you missed?” The landscape shot of her lifting her skirt features a massive chemtrail cloud, solo in the sky vista beyond.

    The message is clear.

  77. Yvonne Nota says:

    Can you make this available in some other format for viewing?

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