Former Air Force Industrial Hygienist Confirms Geoengineering / Chemtrail Reality


This interview gives a very important first hand glimpse into the massive covert global geoengineering programs. Both the radio host and the interviewee are former military personnel.

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  1. Robr says:

    Great job everybody and hats off to Dane! Yes, the sh*t is here to in NZ and causing a major drought. Water prices along with food will be up Globally oh so soon!

  2. Tami Kimble says:

    Please Google “Georgia Guidestones” as it seems the government is following them and world population reduction is there game.Thanks for speaking up!

  3. Tami Kimble says:

    I’m so glad someone is speaking out!I have Lung disease from working with chemicals at a car manufacturing plant (no longer open due to lawsuits) I am now sick with lung disease for life and even thou I’m in Ohio, the outside air makes my asthma sore and i have attacks, plus I’m considered now one of the governments “useless eaters” as they now call me.Doctors put me on SSI,Disability and I am now have other side affect from Medications i take are now for life,OSHA checked and passed them I was there when they came in . Now, PLEASES contact “Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot” she puts this info about the gov, out on the web and may be able to help protect you!She is a Whistle Blower and can help get this out–Please contact her.Kerry Cassidy is also on U-Tube, Peace and Love.

  4. Santa says:

    It’s happening in Northern Europe as well. Never has it been so cloudy ever. We went about a month with no sun light. Every day would start bright and then you’d hear a couple of planes and by 10AM it’d be a mist, cloud, gray… Not really cluds, but a grey mist all over.

    Happened today again and yesterday as well… I’m living in a tower building and I see it happening every day when I wake up.

    Should start taking pictures.

    I am a sceptic but after a month of putting one and one together I started to realise this’ not normal… The sound of the planes always proceeds grey mist.

    First I thought it was pollution coming from the factories or something, but there are no more factories around here.

    Or could it be Global pollution clouds?

  5. Eastern Ontario geo-engineering watch says:

    Thank you. We have to stop the mad men.

  6. jason walker says:

    They have been spraying for 2 days straight in northern NY. 2-16-13. Only symptoms so far are bad allergy like symptoms. The 15th was the first I ever heard of chem trails. I do not watch the news. Too depressing. I’m a bit south of plattsburgh but I am guessing they sprayed from Canadian border down to n of Albany. Idk4 sure.

  7. PaulExArrod says:

    Can anyone recommend a resource for advice on remedies and detoxing agents describing the main options? Here in the South West of England it has been very intense – pretty solid for the last year.

  8. Rome says:

    I lost my wife and children because of this crime against humanity. Not because they died from it, but from its indirect effect to my family life, I was forced to abandon our dream house near northern Sacramento, Ca back in 2008, sent my entire family overseas to avoid this deadly aerosol program which at that time was cloaked under the guise of the “Light brown apple moth” eradication program by using the chemical called “Checkmate”. I too started hiring an industrial hygenist to take samples and analysis, after my two kids would constantly suffer from nosebleeds and high fevers when they went outside the house. On the begining of my message, I said I lost my family to this because up to this day, my wife who i think might have been one of the brainwashed people that do not believe in me about my position about this horrible chemtrail phenomenon, therefore choose not to spend their lives with me fearing that one day I will be asking them to wear masks outside…..I need to take back my family before its too late, Kristen Meghan if you see this post, please feel free to contact me because I would like to be part of your movement to save humanity, by the way Im also a USAF vet, stationed from EGLIN AFB, FL….
    May God help us all….

    • lobsterman from mid- coast Maine says:

      The night of january 20 2013, i witnessed HAARP in action. I am totally convinced that it started the “artic freeze” every evening sense that night we have been bomb barded with chem trails. I had that shit all over my boat. I’m trying to reach out and tell my story. My friends think i’m crazy. i don’t give a shit that the fusion centers are tracking me. Put me on a list.. I’m a fourth generation Maine Lobsterman. I spent 20 yrs in the fire service. 4 yrs full time. I’m a good person.. The weather here is out of control.. I blame it on HAARP and Chem trails.. and i can back that up!

    • admin says:

      Hello Lobsterman – Would you mind dropping a quick email to us at ? Dane Wigington would like to talk with you. Thanks!

  9. health says:

    I would recommend the zeolite (it is a silicate based volcanic mineral with a honey comb shaped molecule) daily intake – to flush out all these heavy-metals and radiation. Just buy the powder (the liquid-form is a scam) wish you all the best

  10. Gail Merrill says:

    My 13 year old tree, with big areas of missing bark (the biggest area was about 2 feet tall, by about 6 inches wide), had 11,600 ppm aluminum and 3.300 ppm barium in the soil. A solid tall healthy appearing tree in the wetlands fell over at the roots; 2300 ppm aluminum. An organic lawn guy with a chemistry degree used biologicalls to try to help the tree with areas of missing bark heal. It is still healing.
    Three schools were tested in the area; they all showed aluminum and barium in the soil. Land next to the aquafir also documented the same chemicals. My garden that only produced vegetables also showed aluminum;barium was not tested. The health department in my town acknowledged awareness of the chemtrails.

  11. TColes says:

    I was wandering if we the public can see the test results that were done by this young lady, and where could we see them? That would be awesome. Thanks. 🙂

  12. Michael Watland says:

    I have contacted my Congressman about this and he tells me it is just jet exhaust. I do not believe it. I am in Iowa and have many photos of these chemtrails they are not normal jet exhaust. I have heard reports that they are spreading everything from flu virus to manganese which has an effect of making people insane.

    • Iggy Pop says:

      Why would the government want to make its citizens insane? That makes no sense.

    • get a dust trap, set it up outside. put a recording security camera on it.. package and seal all your samples on tape. store it all in a way that would protect viral evidence.. repeat for a while. then its one more person with a credible lawsuit against the government

  13. Thank you Kristen. My husband is a former Marine we was stationed at Cherry Point Camp Lejeune Havelock,Nc Marine Air base and they as well was doing testing and flying the same planes out there. We live near Wright Patterson Air force base we think they’re doing it there as well.

  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’ve been an activist for the past few years and hope to recruit others to come forward to invoke awareness and change.

    • veganbadass says:

      Natural carbs are good. Man made carbs are bad. A backed Potato or Banana are good carbs. Breads and pasta are not good. Tree, Bush or Vine. I eat 15 Bananas a day :]

    • veganbadass says:

      “Baked” lol not “Backed” I hate that.

    • Anonymous says:

      /Users/rita/Desktop/Rita 2012/Chem trails video 10:12 copy.MOV

      sent this to all my local Vermont reps and including head of EPA in VT and got NADA, ZERO, NOTHING and now I am in Cocoa beach and the chemtrails this morning were ridiculous covering the whole sky. This is preposterous!!! MASS MURDER!!!!

    • Anna Deeter says:

      I admire your brevity! All of us, fearless truth-tellers, are together in ONE purpose of saving our Mother Earth from being killed today! Thank you so much for speaking up! Please, visit and get familiar with simple solutions to all the problems that we have to deal with to save the life on the planet. Get united with people all over the world. Welcome to the Thrive-movement! We are all ONE! Love!

  15. Toni says:


  16. Peter Kwee says:

    Thanks for speaking up. You are a courageous soul. I salute you

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  18. T says:

    Wow. Thank you so much for being brave enough to share what you know and what you have seen.
    I’m looking forward to hearing the stories from those who do know what’s happening. And eventually everyone WILL know it .. we can only hope and pray they ‘know’ it in time to make a difference.


    ~ T

  19. Ralf says:

    I can congratulate you that you are NOT a coward. This even more difficult, as you told there are so much PTSD around. It is good to get proof by a witness of the scheme and an expert in the area of chemical analytics. It is courageous to leave your anxieties there where they come from.

  20. Sue says:

    Thanks for speaking up, Kristen. It gives the rest of us so much impetus and courage when people like you speak up. Thank you, thank you.

    • tomas says:

      What can we do??!!! People don’t believe when i talk about this. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Tomas, First of all, just know that you are not alone. People have been conditioned by the media and other influences. We are all fighting the same thing. What you can do is make copies of the films on the home page of this site and hand them out. Get some of the free resources at Hand those out. I hand out a lot of the small, business card sized info cards. People ask questions, that opens the door to talk about it. I’ve found it’s better to hand people a resource, and let them come back with questions. That’s been my experience anyway.
      Study up on Geoengineering and become fully informed, so that you can speak confidently when you are talking to people about these programs.
      Keep your head up. We are making much progress with awareness. This site gets a lot of traffic, so people are looking into it. Feel free to email us if you have any more questions at

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