Former ER Physician Sounds The Alarm On Vaccination Dangers


Dane Wigington

The extreme and irreparable vaccination dangers are finally coming to light. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a veteran in the battle to raise awareness of the threats posed to human health by the ongoing vaccination assault being forced on populations. At a recent major public awareness event in Northern California (organized and sponsored by, Dr. Tenpenny gave a completely updated and extremely informative live presentation to directly address the vaccination threat to the health of our children, and ourselves. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Dr. Tenpenny for her relentless work toward the greater good. 

While the majority in the medical industrial complex are only concerned about preserving their profits at any cost to anyone, some physicians have shown the courage to tell the truth.

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  1. Felix says:

    Wow,   the  

    Mary says:

    November 25, 2017 at 5:15 am


    posting was great and I just thought of a SUGGESTION.  Before ANY vaccine is made public,  make LAW that ALL  cdc and fda employees

    must take the shots themselves, and that must be witnessed !!!!   Also

    remove the law that lets drug companys escape LIABILITY for damages.

    • Benjie says:

      Hi Mary!

      Its all population reduction, engineered humans replacing us. The full movie Brave New world is on utube. Aldux Huxley is the claimed fiction writer.

      Aldus Huxley was an insider ( son of a very powerful man) He was told by his father, the plans of the new world order, these plans are in full operation now.

      Aldus had the job of teaching us how to behave in the new world order.

      Its amazing how they made it happen.

      The movie is not fiction now, we have been taught, and we follow orders.

      Or at least we play with computers most of the time, to make sure we are busy being used for what ever they want.

      Yea weather control is a very old idea, like surgery.

      All focus is on population culling. Killing us.

      Fact. They want us dead.    Benjie.

  2. Rodney Caupp says:

    When Headed for Middle Eastern Navy Action and Other , over a three year period the shots came often, "Vaccinations against Exotic Strains".  One such Vaccine threw me into a deep Toxic Shock.   Perhaps Death would have ensued had we not been tied up to the Pier in Charleston South Carolina.  Medical attention came quick with a bag of some IV meds. My Wife later in life made me aware of "SQAILINE" a toxic metal in military vaccinations which accelerates the Immune Response, sometimes leading to DEATH.   I met my wife while working at a VA Medical Center.   We Both had Golf War Patients with Golf War Syndrome from Vaccines.

  3. Wesley W says:

    Of particular note, this physician lives approximately a half-hour from a minister in Ohio.  She is a credible source of information and actually used to be the minister's holistic doctor.  Kudos to Dane for bringing her onto this site.

  4. Jamie says:

    I have been hearing stuff about this for a long time but never paid much attention to it. After all, a lot of anti-vaxxers in the public light come across as freaking crazy! I have never trusted vaccines to begin with and I refuse the flu-shot every year. I don't need a needle to help me catch the virus, if I'm gonna get sick then I'll catch it the old fashioned way. When I was a little kid I got one of the standard vaccinations (can't remember what it was now) but I had a severe reaction to it. Got very dizzy and had episodes of near blacking out, felt very hot and sweaty but at the same time cold and sick to my stomach. It eventually passed but I won't ever forget it. I also have read about a large percentage of these girls (women now) who received the gardasil vaccine catching HPV/genital warts despite being vaccinated as recommended! Turns out the vaccine wears off! So you introduced a potentially fatal heavy metal poison into your body and in the end gained nothing in return. Fantastic! I will never get another vaccine in my life until they can prove to me that it doesn't contain ANY heavy metals.

    • Mary says:

      It's not just a question of heavy metals  and the HPV vaccine is not only about wearing off.  The 3 HPV vaccines are only for 9 KNOWN strains, one has 4 stains, the other just 2, the newest 9……but there are actually over 140 strains they don't protect you from.  And actually most infections these protect or any others resolve by themselves or with antibiotics.  AND the most important thing is that the system already in place – Pap Smear screening – always does better to protect you from all.  See?  …since the shots will give you false security due to all its propaganda and you may skip the Pap smear screening. This is confirmed by the expert of the HPV clinical trials herself Dr. Diane Medved Harper.
      But there are many more issues you should know about vaccines, first…
      Jamie…. think for a moment… and who are actually the so called "anti-vaxxers" (Vaxxers-in-the-know more like it)?
      They are mostly all patients (mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, family members, friends, neighbors) who, on the trust of our venerated medical officials, and thus SECURELY believing vaccines are what they are purported to be, HAVE FOLLOWED THE SCHEDULE OF VACCINATION AND HAVE BEEN VACCINATED MORE THAN ONCE …. AND THUSLY have experienced vaccines' real life risks called injuries after the fact. 
      Why then are their word of physical complaints and injuries – NOT limited to autism – ignored?  
      Why then are they abandoned by medicine with their injuries?
      Injuries that not only affect the injured, but the lives of the caregivers and their siblings and families – forever?
      Injuries that many times cause the injured patient to become completely dependent of care through adulthood and to death?  … even AFTER the death of their parents or caregivers.
      Injuries that cause not only illness but all kinds of behaviors that may also cost their lives?
      Behaviors that also affect all family members and cause anxiety and exhaustion to all members? … and immense financial duress!!
      Would this not make you mad as hell?
      Would the trauma of injuring your precious baby and turning your life upside down for the rest of your life not be cause enough for you to be frustrated and stressed in ways that people like you would interpret as "coming across as freaking crazy" when they voice their life circumstances?
      Life circumstances that are then denied by the very system you trusted and in whose hands and assurances you put the health and life of your young innocent children?  …. A system with no remediation … no backup for their errors or the risks THAT WERE KNOWN AND ACCEPTABLE AS "NORMAL"…. with no answers??? 
       To then find out ALLLLLLL they knew and did not warn you about??
      To find out that they have pre-pardoned these pharmaceutical corporations and you can't make them accountable for vaccines that injured your baby??
      And that they do not even then tell you about their off-courts' Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that you can apply to (not that it guarantees covering you!)??
      But HOLD YOUR HORSES…. if you think Vaxxers-in-the-KNOW act freaking crazy….. you and anyone reading this MUST continue reading to see how MEDICINE acts… 
      It's not all about metals, there are toxins and foreign tissue and other pathogens and poisons to ATTEMPT to kill those pathogens, and now even GMO injected directly into your body. Here's the whole list of ingredients per vaccine:
      And some of those excipients are genetically modified (GMOs) like sucrose and yeast and yeast protein…..
      But guess what??…. many in that list are missing AND they recently updated it where they have re-worded anything associated with GMOs, to not alert the un-knowing to it.
      Also vaccines will ALL be any number of GMO (genetically modified) methods COMING VERY SOON.. 
      (already the HPV (Gardasil) , Hepatitis B, and MenB Vaccine (Meningococcal B Vaccine), and flu shot Flublok and the 6-in-1 vaccine given in UK and others in underdeveloped countries are GMO…….  these all already contain genetically modified organisms – meaning the virus's gene is combined with a BACTERIUM or INSECT gene (like yeast bacteria and moth  Trichoplusia ni in the HPV ) or other organism  (and those bacteria were also produced using GMO technology), creating a whole new organism, which then creates parts of the virus (hepatitis B or HPV and so on) which is then injected into YOU….. these types of GMO vaccines are called recombinant.   And since there is no protection for the consumer to know about consuming GMOs – like labeling …. well… most people don't know and are not given a chance to accept or reject this mad Science.  We therefore serve as experimental mammals.
      (The 6-in-1 vaccine has these six viruses: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), polio, Hib disease (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and hepatitis B.)
      The newer forms of GMO vaccines are even more unstable. One of these is IGT which CHANGES YOUR DNA to manufacture that virus antigens …. yes you read right… (the first one is seems will be HIV)
      Immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer; IGT for short and sweet:
      "…..The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.
      The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies……". 
      "… if all goes well…" !!!!
      In other words your genes become a factory of the virus (the "synthetic gene" ) to be able to produce its antibodies within you
      They're  producing vaccines that transfer – SPREAD-  to other people to "protect" them too!  But they have to make sure the new vaccine-virus-to-prevent-other-viruses…. won't make us sicker! -among other dangers! :
      A good read on the subject from this old school journalist who exposed the HIV crisis:
      Medicine run amok !!!
      MORE CRAZY …..
      Scientists have proven that horizontal gene transfer occurs in bacteria (they are able to transfer their genes to another species among bacteria  – WHICH IS THE VERY REASON THEY USE THESE TYPES OF BACTERIA FOR THEIR VERY ABILITY TO TRANSFER GENES TO OTHER SPECIES!!)…. but they have also seen GMOs transfer genes into HUMAN DNA – which is not what nature does normally and we would not want that .  So the risks of the transfer of these new combinations into other species  including humans is very probable and unpredictable AND unpredictable consequences of changing our genome thus our characteristics AND creating more disease.
      AND FREAKIER ……..
      Not only are we directly targeted by vaccine injection, but also by the GMO VACCINE CROPS used to manufacture recombinant vaccines and their spread in the environment,  as this late scientist has been warning for years:
      See these from the above scientists' website on risks of GMO vaccines (scroll down after the ads that appear first):
      The only answer to this is to BAN THE USE OF GMOs IN AGRICULTURE, FOOD and MEDICATIONS and giving  full disclosure.
      Now…. can you still tell me Vaxxers-in-the-KNOW are "freaking crazy"?

  5. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Injecting Animal and Insect cells into humans through vaccinations. The Medical Industries cannot be held reliable for their rogue actions, these two statements are really alarming. The CDC should be renamed as the Centers of Demonic Contamination. Thank you Dane, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny for your courage and honest presentation with all the data and details on the dangers of vaccinations. I will definitely spread the word!

    • Wesley W says:

      Yes, thank you, Dane, for sharing this and introducing the presentation. She is giving credible data.  A wealth of data which is needed in the fight against the criminal cabal that is the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmacy:  a word that is directly derived from pharmakeia.  This word is used numerous times by the writers of the New Testament of the Bible regarding prophecy of the end times. 

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    AMA programmed doctors are little more than ghouls making cash and pensions from the suffering and death of "others".  Nearly all modern "medicine" is Rockefeller Institute inspired. They are trained criminal predators with no clue and no future… Avoid like the plague…

  7. Mary Hollowell says:

    – much info packed into this important presentation – I was glad for my front row seat.  Thanks, all, and I recognize production company efforts.  I will continue to promote awareness of vaccine dangers, here in Atlanta, home of the CDC.

  8. Lucille Munro says:

    I was forced to get the flu vaccine because I live in communal housing, because that is all I can afford.

    • Mary says:

      WHAA!!?  Now I've heard it all!!  Why?

      That gets me so mad!

      Do you know you can exempt yourself from vaccines depending on your State's laws for religious or medical reasons?  For religious find out how the letter is supposed to read from your State municipality.  Or call  the State health department for info first.

      Not sure if that would help your living requirements though.  You can threaten lawsuit.  It's all so against the law because you are not supposed to be force vaccinated by federal law!  The post WWII Nuremberg Code made so that medical needs your consent to invade your body. 

      Only State law requires for SCHOOL ONLY.  THE WORD RECOMMENDED BY THE CDC IS BOGUS.  Does not mean you have to.

      Recently a nurse sued her hospital for forcing vaccinations – and won.  Here are 16,000 nurses suing:

      So sorry.  The low income are always screwed with.

      Print the sources out from here and next time give them a copy of them which says the flu shot is dangerous and ineffective..  and threaten suit. Give them a form to sign that they will be responsible for any injuries and all side effects.   See if that works.


  9. Lucille Munro says:

    I live in communal housing and was forced to get the flu shot, or else I had to leave.  I got so sick 2 weeks later, I was in bed for 4 days, with chills/sweats, achy body, headache, and so were many of my co-people in the housing unit.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Lucille Munro:  Sounds as if that vaccine gave you and others an actual case of flu.  It's egregious that the "haves" feel entitled to treating the "have nots" in such a fashion– experimenting on them with money-making vaccines that real scientists understand to be untestable and ineffective, and something you can ill afford to have forced on you.  Forced medication just should not be.  This is how those with money feel they can and should treat those without.  They are paranoid that it will be the poor people who will start and spread pandemics.  And that there is somehow such a thing as "herd immunity."  Not so.

    • Rodster says:

      I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. It’s the same reason I refuse any vaccination shots and it’s been 30 plus years since I’ve gotten the flu.

    • Michael says:

      I would live in a tent before trusting the Illuminati that much.

  10. Ashleigh says:

    Dr.Tenpenny you are an incredible woman! Thank you for all that you do!   Vaccines are so disturbing and for depopulation. Autism= vaccine induced brain injury. Vaccines are not vegan. I hope the masses will wake up to what being done to our children!!

  11. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Those who know the Truth are not equal to those that, Love it.  All Truth is Safe, but, he who keeps back Truth, or withholds it from men, from motives of expediency, is either a Coward, or a Criminal!  – James Russel Lowell –

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for finally putting this video up. You and yours did a great job of editing and arranging the presentation. And Doc Tenpenny, if you read this, it was a pleasure to meet you and hear first hand what you had to offer. I handed out 3 vaccine videos just today. I know the harm they have done to me and I see the harm they have done to my kids and grandkids. Keep up the good fight Doc.

  13. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you so MUCH Dr. Tenpenny for this excellent video presentation. As the mother of a vaccine damaged child (now an adult) from the MMR vaccine, I have been aware of this poisonous agenda for over twenty years now (but not soon enough to protect my own child).   Reading the inserts on various vaccines ( with their hideous list of ingredients) a long time ago woke me up to the criminality behind this pernicious program.  God bless you for speaking the truth and illuminating the facts behind this deadly deception in our society.  I pray that many moms and dads heed your advise and STOP damaging their precious children.  Vaccines are EVIL — plain and simple!

    • Marie says:

      Well, i must have been one of those "dumb hippies" in 1972 at the age of 23 cuz when my son got very sick with his first dpt vaccine i never had him get any others. He is 47 now and never had but that one. He was so sick with a high fever of 103 for four days, had convulsions too. It was a nightmare. He was fine when i took him in for his "shot". The very next day is when he got deathly ill. Back in "those" days it was easy to fool the schools. We just had to fill out a form ourselves saying "what" vaccines the child got. I didn't know what he was "supposed" to get so i looked at the chart in the baby book. All was fine. Now we live in a Fascist or Communist society and harder to get away with that. My grand daughter had only a few when she was five cuz her mother did not believe me when i said how dangerous they were. I have a 2 yr old great grand daughter now and my grand daughter said she is giving her all the vaccines. I know down the road this child will be sickly and then it can't be proved it was from the vaccines. My son was also breast fed till he was almost 2 and a half. To this day i have never seen him with a cold or flu and he eats bad food. I had him Lamaze too natural childbirth. In 1972 i guess i was way ahead of my time. When i was ten in 1958 i got two polio shots. I was supposed to get the smallpox shot at school, but i was so scared that i vomited and they passed me by! Back in "those" days the parents had to sign a "permission" form for the kids to get shots in school. No signing, no shots. Wish it was the same now. When i was in my later 20's they scared me and i got a couple tetnas shots. Now when i go to the hospital for any illness, like twisting my ankle or something little like that – they always ask if i had my flu shot, pnumonia and tetnas. I always say YES! They think they can trick me like i am so stupid i don't know and the nurse asks me "when" i last had the tetnus shot. I know it's good for ten yrs, so i say i got it three years ago! Don't be honest with these people. I don't trust them. I am afraid in the future they will FORCE adults to have certain shots! Be careful.

    • Mary says:

      Good going Marie!  I now do the same.  I claim forgetfulness .."yes I've had had them, when ohh gosh let me see… about 4 years ago".  The flu shot oh yes did that already. ". No more questions.  Better than to explain your decision.  Also BEWARE that the document you sign in the ER INCLUDES permission to be given any vaccines!!  They word it stealthily .  Hand write ""I DI NOT GIVE CONSENT FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF ANY VACCINES .  NO VACCINES ALLOWED!

      my two daughters were vaccine injured by different vaccines. One with autistic symptoms from the Hepatitis B.

  14. LS says:

    In a time where good news is hard to come by,  today's announcement that the FBI informant was let out of a confidential agreement not to speak, means that we can all call and demand that Dr. Paul Thompson be allowed to report to the congressional oversight on the CDC. Time for the public to hear about the document/data burning parties and what was in those damning papers on vaccine injury. Congress 202.224.3121

  15. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Thank you so much Dr Sherri Tenpenny, for being the Person that you are. Your Spirit is here on Earth to guide us away from the danger and to the shelter of Good and the House of the Truth.

    A world of gratitude to you Mam, and to all the Good Souls that care about the damage that is being conducted by the big pharma industry of disease and death.

    People must awake fast;

    1st – climate engineering in reality is nothing more than a cleanse eugenic plan to depopulate the World. And destroy the Biosphere.

    2nd – the same for the vaxxinations.

    3rd – the same for the transgenic "foods".

    4st – the same for the business of war and the expansion of the empire of the banksters and their satanic helpers ( the masonic "family" ), which is driven by oil.

    5ft – the same for the nuclear businesses, sector that have the potential to end Life on Earth.

    The main goal is to kill or make irreparable damage.

    The Courage of the Good souls will be our guidance and inspiration. They, are the Flowers that shine in the middle of the filth.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      We also must have in account that the HARM conducted by big pharma, to adults and to CHILDREN ( also to pets ), it's not confined "only" with the issue of the vaxxines. Like Dr Sherri Tenpenny mentioned ( when Dr Tenpenny talked about the cheap drug that will make you buy in the future the other very profitable drugs to the big pharma, that you'll need when you get sick ). Psychiatric drugs ( 99.9% are useless ), chemotherapy, some antibiotics and several painkillers are another side of the immense problem that was built for Humanity by the greedy soulless monsters of big pharma and their criminal helpers.

      Humanity must walk towards the Light of Knowledge and break the chains of slavery which are being maintained for too long.

      Slavery never ended.

      And all doctors must get free of the big pharma also. And practice MEDICINE.

    • Marie says:

      I believe that it is a PLAN to contaminate the human gene pool with all these vaccines so that in the future humans will be very sickly physically and mentally they will be dull witted with low IQ so that they can be more easily CONTROLLED! 

  16. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Wish we had media and medicine wake up to Dr. Tenpenny and those like her.   October is Vaccine INJURY Awareness month . Great reminder vid Dane from past event. The fed gov. is  further squeezing both staff and patients to be force vax. Hospitals predictably sink for the profits- always. More tools  or pawns > just have our health bartered off , so reimbursements can keep flowing.  see below short article w/ nurses protesting in the face mask of shame. On a side note, based on the body parts , donated organs (which was raised to share , help, promote well being , etc. I am truly wondering what is being done to donated cells, tissue, organs. Aren't our bodies being toxified on every level by heavy metals, GMO, and vaccinated bodies ?  Ewww   ugg,  Even blood, I now wonder, whose blood is actually safe, clean, pure enough ?  I detox all the time, and know that many do not.  I know they harvest, maybe clone, and who knows what else. Think Planned Parenthood.  I see the wisdom of people pre-donating their own blood for planned surgeries. Very complicated  issue these days.  Go look at the Susan F. referral  to Science Care , as a photo of their  building in Phoenix  totally slammed with geo-engineered sky.  Must see it!   No wonder AI being pushed, just robotics who won't need to be vaccinated, nor fed.



  17. Inez Maria Pandit,MD says:

    Dear Dane!

    Thank you for posting this excellent presentation and all your efforts to expose the truth about vaccinations!

    Dear Dr Tenpenny!

    I thank you for your great work and courage to address one of the most harmful medical  interventions inflicted upon mankind and animals.I fully agree with everything you said!

    Over the past 30 years as a physician ( General Medicine/Germany,Family Medicine/US and General Practice/UK) I have had to deal with the controversial issue of vaccinations as a preventive measure. I have always been critical of vaccinations but was forced to promote them in the setting of conventional academic medicine-as most doctors.Today I can say that I will not sign  vaccine prescriptions any more or inject a vaccine into any living being. Vaccines are part of the genocide program along with the omnicide program of geoengineering.Vaccinations can cause death, chronic illness such as autoimmune disease,neurological disease( especially autism and dementia),cancer,metabolic disease etc. This is mainly due to toxicity from mercury and aluminum and other adjuvants.I encourage everyone to do their  research into the history of immunizations to detect the errors and lies surrounding this disastrous chapter in medicine.

    • Tag says:

      Nice to hear from a doctor telling risk instead of the lies.  Bless you!  I'm 63 and haven't had a vaccination since I was a child except a tetanus several years ago.  I got talked into that one after being bitten by a dog.  Never again.  I agree also that the Veterinaians are becoming as bad as MD's.  I did what I thought was right for many years and fully vaccinated my many pets for everything I was told they needed.  The results?  I lost a kitty to liver disease at 2 years old.  I then lost the next one to heart issues, 5 years old.  Next one was full of cancer at 2 years.  After that?  Forget what I had been lied about.  3 littermate kittens.  One lived to 18, 1 until 19 and one died peacefully, never sick a day in her life at 22.  I still do no vaccinations and feed either raw or cook organic food for my animals.  As of now I have a 16 yr. old dog and a 15 yr. old kitty with zero health issues.  I am a groomer (49 yrs.) and a boarding kennel owner for over 30 years.  I see animals all the time at 8 yrs. old that look 18 but they are up-to-date on their shots and eat poor quality food.  It is totally insane people are buying this.  Common sense is just not to common these days.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Tag – raw raw raw!  Raw meaty bones for dogs, raw meat for cats, no vaccines, with goats' milk (has a unique enzyme making it digestible for all creatures) for the young.  Right with you on this protocol.  The manufactured foods kill.   Had a high dollar elite kibble kill the most amazing cat we ever knew from a UTI.  Basically there is no good kibble – they need that raw food.  Bad food inhibits the immune system which his also why pups get parvo.  So glad to read your thoughts here and chime in with an amen.

    • Nina says:

      Thankyou Inez Maria for telling us the truth. I am sure all the problems I have had with my health have been caused by vaccines and mercury in dental fillings. I was full of this rubbish even before the aluminium being sprayed on us. Vaccines certainly killed one of my cats. I know better now, but they have caused so much misery.

  18. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Dane, and much thanks to Dr. Tenpenny.  As some here might recall, I was initially skeptical of this information on vaccines.  But, I did know that our CDC and EPA were corrupt and not helping us at all. Then, a neighbor who works at Kaiser helping pregnant women and birthing too, brought to me, when requested, their vaccination protocol.  That did it.  I was stunned.  The sheer quantity beginning Before birth! in the womb!! in third trimester!!!!  My sister and I and my father all got two kinds of measles about a year apart with no problems.  I was adopted. My 'father' had survived severe TB, being the first to have one whole lung removed and I was born with an auto immune disease, genetic.  I have some Native blood, but my daughter's father was a fullblood Lakota man and measles killed so very many natives, tens of thousands or more.  Family graveyards include little tombstones for babies, sometimes as many as 11 per woman!  I was not about to take chances and so very early in '74 she got her shots.  They were a tiny fraction of what is done now!  Seemingly, other than screaming for many hours, she was fine, but she did develop an ear infection and eventually deafness which I was told would render her deaf for life!  But no, but she has always had some hearing issues.  I do not know if that can be linked to vaccinations.  My dogs, especially my husky soul mate, I made sure they had rabies and tetanus shots.  This was as far back as 50 years until about 20 years ago.  I've seen two animals die from tetanus, one was a horse we knew well, one a close neighbor's dog.  I recently-ish posted about my daughter's family's new puppy German shepherd and the extreme vax program for her, after which she could not get up, her eyes were crossed, she passed out, but then in the morning was fine.  One of my go-to owie fixes is hydrogen peroxide.  I was so pleased to hear Dr. Tenpenny explain use of that with a deep wound instead of a tetanus shot.  Same puppy, 3/4ths grown by now stepped on a gnarly fish hook. My advice was to soak it first in Epsom salts, pat dry, then poor hydrogen peroxide over it and in it.  Family did not do this and luckily puppy seems fine.  But many docs put down hydrogen peroxide when it is one helpful thing in oh so many ways, but I did not know for tetanus, nor the reason why helpful which Dr. Tenpenny explained and I very much appreciated.  Despite my penchant for dramatic accidents and cuts on wires and such and the chicken yard, I probably never will get a tetanus booster again.  And, I just successfully got out of a flu shot.  I only had one once and got very very sick and had a whole arm as swollen as the size of a leg!  I was told this was due to my autoimmune disease, and also to my allergy to eggs, given made from live egg batter.  But it was not on my form that way.  Whew!  I am now fully on board but do wish there could be a trustworthy vaccine for emergency epidemics, such as for polio, endemic in Pakistan, that recently morphed large.  Here is an idea.  TPTB should come up with a leptospirosis vax and take that to Puerto Rico.  Then, and maybe only then, those poor stranded peoples just might get a visit!!  Of course they would rather have water.  But what do you wanna bet there will soon be a lepto vax?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Could a Vaccine been the cause of the Polio Endemic in Pakistan?

    • Marie says:

      My cousin told me never to get the Parvo shot as it's live and killed his labador retriever dog. The dog went to the vet, got the shot, and ten minutes later he started coughing and choking. Took him home. The next day 24 hrs later the dog died! My dog only gets a Rabie shot cuz it's "mandated" or else i wouldn't even do that since the dog is small and i take her out to pee and then back in the house. Got a fenced yard too.The stupid vet said, "well, what if a bat gets in the house thro your chimney? I said, there is a cage insert on top of the chimney and nothing can get in there!

    • Michael says:

      You have been served a plate of lies regarding vaccinations and much more. Jonas Salk was a complete fraud who coincided his "discovery" with a naturally occurring cyclic downturn in polio incidence. The Illuminati took it from there and weaponized it.  You might also realize that fluoride is not an essential nutrient as touted and has no place in the human body. (This is another massive lie, while we are on the subject of paid-for lies.) Basically, if the Center For Disease Control recommends it, then don't do it.

  19. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Thank You Dane and Dr. Tenpenny. I have been following Vaccines for almost two years after jumping into Cancer research and learning that the original Polio Vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing virus derived from Reseed Monkeys known as SV40 or simian virus 40. I started my Vaccine research by watching "In Lies We Trust" by Dr Leonard Horowitz and "Vaccines The True Weapons of Mass Destruction" by Dr.Rebecca Carley. Then last Fall I saw and listened to Dr. Tenpenny in "The Truth About Cancer" . All of these doctors and others are fearless in revealing and speaking the truth about the dangers of Vaccines. 

    True Regards

    Christopher RN

    • Kathy says:

      Christopher, I have been able to listen to this yet. Are they perhaps referring to rhesus monkeys?

    • Blue Sue says:

      Yes KATHY, rhesus monkeys.

    • Marie says:

      I got two of those contaminated polio shots as a child in 1958. Today i am in my late 60's and i have Lipoma cists all over my thighs and legs and hip. I got a few on each thigh, one on hip, and a few below my knees. I also have 2 on each arm. I had a couple when i was 18 i remember, but now i have a lot. Lipoma's are supposed to be benign, but still they are LUMPS!

    • Michael says:

      Rhesus monkeys. They put the "R' in RH factor.

  20. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: My country, the United States of America, has sunk much lower than any Babylon. This has to be one of the sickest reports ever. I would like to say ‘the’ sickest, but I know there is far worse that is being kept secret and one day will further horrify us. What can we say about a culture (if you can even call it that) that sells body parts like Big Macs. These people are monsters, or worse. Has the inundation of chemicals into American bodies made us completely insane? We have taken profit-motive and consumption to the level of a body-part-cannilbalism.  No wonder that film, “The Silence of the Lambs” was so popular. The American Empire corporatocracy and its military has turned into a force that serves evil. As ruthless bullies, greedy, heartless, and obese, we are hated around the world — rightly so it seems. I never thought I could be so ashamed of my country. God forgive us.

    PHOENIX – In 2008, a thriving company named Science Care Inc developed a 55-page national expansion plan. The internal document projected the yield on raw material to the decimal point and earnings to the dollar. The goal: to maximize profits from the sale of human bodies donated to science. The company’s model for ensuring quality: McDonald’s Corp.  Science Care founder Jim Rogers aimed to provide customers with the same cuts from cadavers no matter which Science Care branch handled the order. That’s why he cited production methods perfected by Ray Kroc, the visionary who turned a hamburger stand into a fast-food empire, said an executive who worked closely with Rogers. “He used the McDonald’s analogy that no matter where you go, you get the same exact thing,” the executive, former quality assurance director John Cover, said in a 2009 sworn statement. “It was all about quality,” Cover said in a recent interview. “When you get a Big Mac, it’s going to taste like a Big Mac, whether you’re in Louisiana or San Francisco.” McDonald’s and Kroc got rich selling hamburgers. Science Care and Rogers have made millions from human body parts. From 2012 through 2014, Rogers and his co-owner, wife Josie, parlayed the donated dead into at least $12.5 million in earnings, according to Internal Revenue Service audits and court documents reviewed by Reuters. The two likely earned millions more from Science Care in the dozen years before and after that period. And in 2016, they sold Science Care to a billion-dollar private equity firm.
    Last year, Science Care received about 5,000 bodies from donors, the company said. From 2011 through 2015, the last five years for which public records are available, Science Care received at least 17,000 bodies and sold or leased more than 51,500 body parts.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan.  Well, you sure know how to kick off Halloween!  I'm scared!  And what the hell is the deal on 'leased' body parts??!!!!  There are so many reasons to feel ashamed of our country, the one we were born into.  It is overwhelming.  But we can't give up.  Here is to a more perfect union, without the endless horror shows!  Ignorance is no longer bliss, but death and disability come a knockin'.

    • sea says:

      Susan F. 

      I immediately think of the movie Soylent Green from the 70s, Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson- I wonder how many folks recall seeing this film?


    • Blue Sue says:

      Yes, I remember seeing the movie Soylent Green in the 70s. Totally grossed out that the "food source" was human.   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      sea, interesting pivot point there with "soylent green". Think about it for a minute. What better way to recycle what has already been laid out. And too, think about this: "it is known that the "power structure" likes to project what is coming down the pike". Odd how some old sci-fi movies are coming into reality. Big "star" names or not. Will we really end up as a 2001 space odessy? If my calculations are right, "we're" 16 years past that point. Right?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      And now a new Sitcom with Drew Barrymore called;   Santa Clarita Diet.   Helping to put a positive spin on the cannibalism effort & normalizing this Insanity, yet again, through hollywood .  Shame on you Ms. Barrymore!    Yet another fraud.  You are messing with Children's Minds!  

  21. Farhad says:

    A clear convincing presentation that confirms the informed view that the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt with the full force and support of the US government. Below is a good article that comes to this conclusion from an entirely different perspective;

  22. jean ballard says:

    thank you . i watched and shared, with everyone i could. god bless you dane .


  23. Dixie says:

    Thank you so much for all the information about vaccines. We all need to wake up to the danger of big pharma.



  24. W R JACKSON JR says:

    Now I understand why I refuse injected viruses. 

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