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Former Government Official Confirms Atmospheric Spraying

birds and chemtrail sky

The vast majority still don’t even begin to grasp the gravity of our collective reality. So many are still going about their lives as if there is nothing wrong in the world, such denial will very soon be shattered. This being said, each and every one of us has a responsibility to the whole, a responsibility to do everything in our power to change the direction of humanities current course of total destruction. So many people in our society have lost any sense of courage or moral obligation, that is how and why things can get so bad and go so wrong. One exceptional example of courage is the now late Ted Gunderson (it is suspected that he was murdered). Ted was a former FBI chief who speaks out in no uncertain terms on the 2 minute video below. If only there were more like Mr. Gunderson employed in government, we would likely not be painted into such a deep dark corner. All of us should be inspired by Ted’s courage, it is time to make our collective voices heard.

Dane Wigington
Geoengineering Watch

11 Responses to Former Government Official Confirms Atmospheric Spraying

  1. twin star says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience. I can very much relate, and I do believe the frequencies being pulsed through the air from the cell towers and phones are working in conjunction with what ever is being sprayed to lull us into a zombie like trance.
    I see what you see and have had many similar experiences watching this story unfold over the years.
    When I was in my late teens I remember noticing the communication towers starting to go up everywhere, i instinctively didn’t trust them. they had bad vibes to me, and at that time, i had no idea of the rabbit hole i was about to fall down and spiral up from towards truth. keep on keeping on, emit, and transmit your own frequencies, though voice, thought, and instruments-
    this is a war on consciousness. seems like the powers that be are well aware of how to manipulate us through frequencies in various formats. Words and vibrations aligned with positive intentions emitted from our hearts are more powerful than any weapon. It is my hope that when a group of people use focused sound and intention in this way, significant change will happen for the healing and restoration of our planet and species.

  2. JR says:

    I was last on this board about 3 days back. Today is 5/12/14 at 8:28 p.m. and hovering over Las Cruces, N.M. USA is a miserable sight hanging over Mesilla Valley with blacklish, orangeish smoked out looking skies. Of course they have been spraying west of this city and valley all day with their patented chemtrails. One would think there was a fire west of this city like last year which then that smoke was a forest fire, in Arizona I believe. That smoke traveled many miles here to this location as another forest fire I believe not long after Arizona’s was from the Gila Forest. I have not heard of any fires in either areas at present. These lowlifes have no character doing all these sprayings, yeah, man, whew? It reminds me of old testament scripture where whoever would mark their homes with blood of lamb over posts, as death would go over and not touch any dwelling there. This is no doubt death hovering over this country and around world with such spraying of many evil works to go with it, as GMO’S also fall in same category. Israel was led out of bondage from Egypt for sin they had done against GOD. HIS protection had been removed from his chosen which led them to years enslaved. I believe we have to read much into Revelation (new testament)last days with this crazy world we live in. Let us make the best with what surrounds us, Press on…..Peace, especially to God’s children and want Christ in their lives. HE says, no one will HE reject who comes to HIM……He is only way for who receive HIM…He is not as common man who lies, whatever denomination you are if any. HE will have final say over all. Can’t serve 2 masters, folks.

  3. Liz says:

    Everyone, this is and will be a fight to the finish. I look back 50 years ago and saw my parents aligning against the same things I see here. Keep on going. don’t stop and don’t give up. we all get tired but we must keep at it. Bring in our next generation with the knowledge of these things.

    There is so much evil control going on, our food supply, our water supply, our air! Slow expensive and painful genocide. Making us all sick. Its all about money, control and greed.

    Talk it up. Explain to people at the grocery stores, in the parks… just mention “do you see those lines in the sky?” “Do you know what they are?” and start a conversation. Tell them to look up chem trails on internet.. Talk about chem trails, not contrails in get-together’s, meetings,every where and anywhere. People will start to wake up and then start actions.

    Blessings and Love to all,

  4. Janette Collins says:

    Thank you for confirming what I see every day in England.

  5. Linda Lee Evans says:

    Would like to send a donation but have had bad experiences using my card online. Please send address to the email above where I can mail a donation?
    A million thanks, Dane, for all you are doing. The info is really circulating, thanks to you and all the helpers shown here… and the talk show interviews. Surely something has to give soon…I am planning to send an email to all senators and congressmen asking why they cannot stop this? Do they not care about our plants, trees, animals, birds, people? Our one-of-a-kind water planet in the cosmos? The most beautiful planet is being ravaged beyond belief. If I were not living it, I would not believe what is happening. Love and blessings to all you warriors.

  6. Gwenn says:

    I can not help but think being meshed in these Hz from cell towers may have something to do with the collective dissonance. It is the only thing that explains the extreme apathy around me.
    Everyone in my town is deterioting so rapidly, myself included. Pets are sick, dropping weight overnight, and having seizures, birds come around in odd spirts or not at all, we have buried so many loved ones in the past few years… the pain is unbearable. WHY IS NO ONE ALARMED?
    People walk around with glazed eyes and can’t keep a conversation, but they sure can focus on their constant cell phone activity. These HZ can very easily cause an entrainment-like effect, or brain stupor. Is this why I can not get a coherant conversation from officials? With all the heavy metals in the air, it is the only thing that makes any sense…. Please, anyone, do you think this sounds too outlandish? Is anyone else experiencing this in their surroundings?
    These communication towers are having a profound effect on our ability to act and could be the KEY.

  7. This is directed to Dane Wigington. I have emailed you but no response. What is the solution to this madness. Since ALL media outlets, ALL Government employees and ALL Congress, Senate, Military are in on it. I have been uploading video after video of it with my real name and email address and NOT ONE person responds. When I mention your site I get all the usual comments like I am a lunatic to believe in what you are saying all over the internet. So my question is WHAT is the solution?

    Douglas Bickford
    or Dbickford123@hotmail.com

  8. JR says:

    It is now 6:20 p.m. in the Southwest of N.M., U.S. These low-lifes (no-life) have been at it from due west all day. These whitish no life so-called clouds are being pushed east with what again I say has to be HAARP. The winds come at their whim and stop. It’s a big artificial white cover overhead. They open up their spraying concentrated on what their building up only, and then may leave a normal contrail if we’re fortunate. I just walked outside and the trash in sky must span from North to South at least 70 miles width, perhaps more! Time is now 6:45 p.m. MST. They are nothing more than a bunch of brood vipers as Christ called the Pharisees & Sadducees! Matt:3:7. Bottom feeders (hell-raised-worshippers) who will be wanting to flee from the wrath to come unable to escape, oh yeah. Yahweh Lives…..God Be With You in your walk daily….

  9. Karen Strong says:

    I am personally grateful that I have a knowledge of this .. I am grateful that I know truth when I hear it … I am not gullible .. Far from it .. I am grateful that this has given me an indepth in-sight of human nature … I don’t like what I see .. But that is how it is … I know that the saying is true ” there is none so blind as those who don’t want to see” … I will always stand for truth and this is included … I will continue to study and enlighten myself on Geoeengineering .. I will also always let others know … So many people haven’t heard of the subject at all … That absolutely amazes me … So I am here to FB info … To make them aware .. If they will look .. That is ..I have written to our Prime Minister .. No answer .. I have written to. Greenpeace .. No answer as yet … I have commented often on Nwe Zealand forest and bird .. No comment there either … They have to know about it .. The fact that I am getting no replies tells me .. They do know … I have given up completely on The Green Party in New Zealand .. I thought they were our watch dogs for all things environmental … Well no … What I can’t understand is if someone c showed some honesty in govt and said no to Geoeengineering it would be all the votes they ever wanted coming their way … So what is there to hide in this .. If it is so good .. Why the secrecy .. Because it is evil .. Always done in secrecy …

  10. Helen Larsen says:

    I cannot thank you enough for all what you do and I can imagine you must feeling so dispaired. I do not know what else I can do. Have been on 2 marches, have contacted the Danish Met Office on numerous occassionly, the Defence Ministry and the Environmental Dept., also Greenpeace. Wrote also to a chief editor of a Danish National newspaper. Apart from being laughed at, I received the answer that what we are seeing is the same we see when we start our cars on a cold morning. I replied that I had never seen the exhaust fumes get bigger and stay visibly in the air all day. I received no answer for the chief editor. A Danish metrolog Jesper Theilgård who, by all accounts, is a clever and decent person, has said that he is tired of talking about chemtrails, geo Engineering, as he has no knowledge or evidence of this. We know this is going on, we can see for ourselves. If I can see it, who oh why can’t they, at least, be honest with us. Thank you again.

  11. Constant Walker says:

    Nobody in the tip-top tiers of the “global” privateering pyramid scheme is listening to the “voices” of those beneath them….no matter how loudly or how many of these ‘expendables’ might be crying-out. What’s more, as implied by the suggestion above that Mr.Gunderson was maybe assassinated, the occasional “individual” who might possibly stir-up ‘unrest’ among the muddled masses, by speaking-out from a position of ‘authority,’ is easily silenced. It is a Natural Fact that the artificial Human “individual” has been designed and built to be both easy pickings for the predators in their midst, and completely ‘disposable’ when no longer needed by their wannabe ‘owners.’

    The one thing actually Humanly-possible left for our tame Sisters and Brothers to do, here in the terminal throes of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, is to get over their own too-precious usurping and organically crippling “self” (which is nothing but the active mechanism of the syndrome’s immune-suppression regime), coalesce spontaneously into the Free Wild Natural Communities of Free Wild Natural Persons Humans are by-nature, and thereby recover some of the Organic Integrity essential to fulfillment of our Function in Earth’s Living Arrangement as a component of Her immune system. Merely ‘shouting,’ while all-together ‘twisting’ in the toxic ‘wind,’ will do them no good whatsoever.

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