Screening of “Look Up” Documentary with GeoEngineering Panel Discussion Feb 7, 2014 – LAX Hilton Expo Event


Free GeoEngineering Panel Discussion February 7, 2014.”Environmental And Health Ripple Effects”

Information.Pass Required.Date.Friday,February 7th.5:30pm-7:30pm.Location:LAX Hilton,Plaza Panel Room,LA California USA.Award Winning GeoEngineering Film:”Look Up” to follow panel discussion – 7:30pm-9:00pm in the Bel Air Room.

GeoEngineering Panel:Dane Wiginton, Susan Jacobs, Dr. Douglas Levine, George Barnes. This panel will take an in-depth look at Climate Science, the unregulated program of GeoEngineering and Weather Modifications, and the resulting health risks.

In 2 hours your life will be changed. We guarantee it and apologize in advance for bringing this to your attention. You will never look up in the same way again.

Ever see long white trails in the sky that don’t dissipate? Have sunsets and cloud cover looked stranger than in the past? Wonder how there can be a blizzard in 75 degree weather? None of this is normal and can be attributed to man-made manipulating of the weather. GeoEngineering is the deliberate creation of false cloud cover intended to reverse global warming through the spraying of highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere from aircrafts. Unregulated. Health risks unknown. Environmental risks are becoming more evident each day. GeoEngneering is the number one environmental threat the planet faces today.

You won’t believe what is being injected into the atmosphere.But it’s true and the mainstream media is beginning to take notice. Health is everything and the increasing cancer and autism statistics are undeniable evidence. Your health and the health of the planet are at great risk. Come and learn what you can do and become part of the rapidly growing movement to take back our skies and air.

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  1. Rand Clifford says:

    Way to go Vanessa!

    I recently sent the following to a friend, under a title about feeling sick and stupid for not being aware of:

    Your mention of savage experiments conducted on “savages” living in some of Earth’s true paradise was a surprise–such awareness and Humanity is getting too rare on the Internet.

    Thank You

    And you are posting on a VERY IMPORTANT website: GeoEngineering Watch. Dane Wigington is so crucial I can’t help worry about him being…”suicided”, or some other means of shutting him up.

    Most people don’t understand what is at stake in the whole “SAG”, “SRM”…you know the acronyms for what is more than anything else: population reduction.

    Most of all, here…Thank You, Vanessa.


  2. Anti-Agenda 21 says:

    Climate Engineering and UN Agenda 21

    United Nations commissioned scientists – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Royal Society, the World Academy of Arts & Science, World Population Fund, World Bank, the UN, NASA, 178 countries, The Earth Charter, modern U.S. Presidents, have declared a global emergency …terminal Climate Change caused by humans.
    The United Nations Agenda 21 “sustainability” theme is the CO2 argument, whether scientifically sound or not. Overpopulation saturating the atmosphere with fossil fuel CO2 will kill the Earth by 2050. Even if CO2 emissions fall to zero the plague upon the Earth will remain us … you and me. CO2 emissions are not the original problem….we are.

    The ultimate conclusion already reached is that for any of the “sustainability” principles of United Nations Agenda 21 to work, the human population must be immediately and severely reduced. The profound question is: How to do it?

    The UN’s Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, page 773, suggests a population reduction to 1 billion people. (An exception is provided: if the world is de-industrialized (meaning pre-1765), then a peasant population of 4-5 billion is to be allowed).… The Report’s bottom line is clear:

    ‘Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere.’

    Population will reach 10.8 billion by 2050; 15.8 billion by 2100. To feed it, food production must increase in the next 36 years by upwards of 100%. Water shortages are unsolvable. See:

    CO2 emissions must drop to zero immediately to keep PPMs below 450 and keep average temperature from increasing by more than 2 degrees Celsius, the allowable ceilings. But in order to feed so many, CO2 would have to drastically rise, not fall. Global food production is the largest single source of greenhouse gases, biodiversity loss and land-use change. It occupies a quarter of habitable land and uses 70 per cent of freshwater — our most precious resource – often very inefficiently. Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General.
    Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided? Jan. 9, 2013, Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich
    So the only conclusion is we must depopulate now by 5-6 billion and slash CO2 fossil fuel emissions to zero. See UN World Economic and Social Survey 2011 for a very explicit summary of this whole non-fiction agenda:

    The iron fist of communism is needed to make it work. We are already essentially there.

    Geoengineering is increasingly being sold to us as a way to cool the planet by spraying/bombing the skies with toxic chemicals to block the sun, known as Strategic Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) or Solar Radiation Management (SRM), using high reflectivity particles like aluminum dioxide, strontium, barium, and other chemicals.

    The folly of it all: it is causing release of much more deadly methane.

    Who knows what other mission geoengineering may have? All we know is that they are dead serious.

    “A Hard Rain’s Agonna Fall.” Bob Dylan
    ‴Good luck, Comrades ‴

  3. CJ Hoff says:

    They have been spraying very heavy for 19 days straight in Orange County. Every day a new blanket is created, so we are constantly breathing in this hazardous stew. It has to stop!! When it is blatantly obvious, I stop people in parking lots, and ask them to look up and tell me what those white lines are. The majority state, contrails or jet stream. I then give another explanation, and point them to this website. Even if they don’t understand or believe it now, at least a seed of knowledge has been planted.

  4. Vanessa says:

    There were 2 stories that caught my interest today on one about the impending water shortage in the SW due to prolonged drought,the other titled “US Human Radiation Experiments Covered Up by Public Broadcasting”. I left comment pointing readers to this site, I hope readers of this site will post their observations of these stories in the context of the geoengineering topic! I applaud everyone here who spreads the word. The light is beginning to shine, folks.

  5. Mark Smith says:

    Pam Washburn is correct!

    I also live in Humboldt Co. Calif. and the chemtrails have been significant. Lots of N – S trails over South Fork mountain every morning accompanied by E – W trails all day. Some seem to concentrate over the Eel River valley. It must be to control the moisture evaporation and dispersal? They have been spraying here for years just like everywhere else. This year the rainfall is nonexistant. I am watering my plants in January! Unheard of. The rivers are at summer levels. We even have had several wildfires this month. Along with the chemtrails are intersecting grid patterns in the clouds ( And chemtrails that spread out ) from NEXRAD or HAARP?

  6. Hello,
    My website is currently under construction. But I’m a webwaster, graphic artist and t-shirt screen printer and embroiderer. I applaud you for your service. What you are doing is of great service. God Bless you. Keep fighting the good fight. While I’ll try to attend the event (I’m in Arizona), I will be using my talents to try to bring some attention to this problem.
    In Liberty,
    Lenny Mayers

  7. Dane thanks for makeing this your life. Thanks for your time….I applaud you.You have opened many eyes. any many to come. GOD BLESS (IF THATS WHAT YOU BELIEVE) Bless you Dane.

  8. Wish I could be there. You go Dane. Tell um . Your my Hero. So to speak. I never see a day go by without chemtrails . God help our planet. I tell all that listen. Even here in gods Country.Humboldt County. Its dieing before my eyes. Born and raised. I remember when the rivers were full. The jail wasnt.

  9. Andy Kruusi says:

    spread the word…nothing else matters…

  10. Andy Kruusi says:

    Those two paragraphs say it all…peace, love and I apologize in advance…

  11. Kathleen McGuire says:

    Keep doing this very important work!!! I tell every person I have a chance to talk to. Few believe me. Most people try to convince me that chemtrails are contrails. I keep spreading the word anyway because I create doubt in their contrail theory, and more people are looking up. The spraying over San Luis Valley, CO is obvious and plentiful. I have many pictures, but am unable to post to Facebook anymore. I was posting and one day I was disabled and my password doesn’t work anymore…

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