Geoengineering Disinformation, Battling Climate Engineering Deniers On National Radio


The more ground we gain in the fight to expose the dire issue of climate engineering, the more disinformation people there will be in this equation. They will aggressively try to slow down our progress and to cast doubt in any way they can. Debating a "double-team" of disinformation characters on a major radio station can make for some interesting conversation. After standing ground with solid information against the ideologue "head in the sand" disinfo host on an earlier show, he invited me back for another session. The second show was to be with his hand picked "expert" who teamed up with the host in an effort to discredit and marginalize the geoengineering reality. The two of them did their best to "debunk" hard geoengineering data, I will leave it up to the viewer to decide the outcome of this "debate". Though the interview was scheduled for a full hour, it seemed the disinformation "tag team" decided to throw in the towel at just over halfway through, when they apparently felt they were losing ground. The host even cuts off one of his own listeners who calls in to agree with the facts I had presented. We should all keep this in mind, deniers want to argue, create dispute, division, and cast doubt. They thrive on this. It is also important to remember that if such ideologues were really looking for the truth, they would have found it long ago. Generally speaking, disputes with people like those described above go nowhere. The best approach with willfully obstinate people is to pass them information and walk away. If they are truly interested in honest investigation they will look, if not, then you will only waste your time and energy in dialog with them. To engage in such disputes only feeds their idiocy. "You cannot wake a person who is pretending to be asleep", as the saying goes. On the occasions when standing ground and debating is worth the time and effort, it is my hope that the national radio show debate in the video below might be of assistance to activists that inevitably find themselves in such exchanges. My most sincere gratitude to Karen Ball for assembling this entire video. Her help is greatly appreciated in this battle.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Brian says:

    Craig is an idiot. He says it's all there on wiki. hahahaha. Just wants to debunk. I've called FAA once after seeing an asterisk made trail and there was a recorded tanker in the area, but no telling the FAA that they were dumping fuel, or any kind of leaving a trail. So Craig is wrong saying that these pilots have to say what they are doing.  

  2. Nancy Nehs says:

    WOW Dane,

    You sir are amazing, I could hardly listen to this guy and you handled it so well. Kudos to You. I finally after years of telling people about what they are doing got one person to actually go watch one of the documentaries on geoengineering and he was stunned. He is now a believer and he is now telling people about it. Just out here planting seeds and one actually grew. I can't wait to see your new documentary. Keep up the good work.


  3. adam coleman says:

    Sometimes you have to argue with an idiot to get your point across when on national radio and obviously, Dane is a seasoned and knowledgeable researcher who made his point concisely and even  with a kind and tempered tone so as not to make the idiot look as naive and ignorant as he is. When argueing with an idiot, make sure he's not doing the same thing and there was only one idiot in that conversation and he isn't the guy who runs this website. Well done young Dane Wigington. Chalk a big win up on the good team's ledger and THANK YOU FOR DOING SUCH A FINE JOB.

  4. Sean S says:

    Wow Dane. Forgetting everything else, your ability to remain calm under those conditions is a testament to the not only the strength of your character but to your maturity, elegance and grace when confronted with ignorance. As always I applaud you sir. You are a shining example of what a human being should be.

  5. JJ McCartney says:

    Craig Bergman is a Rino corporate shill.

    He is an idiot, and every time he tries to beat down Dane with moronic rhetoric, Dane hits back with fact.

    Sick and tired of people like Craig Bergman who throw insults, and blanket indictments of people like Dane Wigington simply because he has no facts on his side.

    Dane Wigington is a smart, and honest thinking man.

    Craig Bergman is a worthless hack.

  6. Sylvia Sires says:

    Hi Dane, I don't know how you hang in there with what your up against! I'm listening to the pizza man in this video and I'm sitting here crying and my stomach is sick and tied in a knot. Americans are in the same world as the movie, "The Truman Show" and like many of us here, we made our exit just like he did at the end. But look what he went up against after he made his discovery of the truth! His whole world tried to fight him to keep their jobs! 

    On I watched a video containing a document revealed by Wikileaks which showed US government influence on a narrative on 60 Minutes!! Philip Crowley sent this email to inform Hillary Clinton: Dear Madame Secretary, a very quick update. I just received CONFIRMATION from 60 Minutes that a piece on Julian Assange will air Sunday night. He will be the only person featured. We had made a number of suggestions for outside experts and former diplomats to interview to "balance" the piece. 60 Minutes assures me that they raised a number of questions and concerns we planted with them during the course of the interview. We will be prepared to respond to the narrative Assange presents during the program.

    I'm posting this to show that the United States government has been working together with any and all media to demonize and that US government is the most POWERFUL PROPAGANDA PUPPET MASTER!!! '

    God help us all and God help and protect YOU!!


  7. We need to address this with a Positive approach than not otherwise were playing against the same dark intent to not stop Climate engineering on our beautiful Planet
    This early Am looking into the skies now by habit nd seeing the planes as we speak streaking our skies to prevent any such rainfall supposedly to fall in this region..
    These culprits are Cabal and illuminati and they will do nothing to stop this for it's in there agenda to continue on until our Planet is in ruins 
    But one thing on a positive note Dane has  done his very best to open the Hearts of mankind and this said is more than hanging onto a rusted nail ..

    • Wendle Lehnerd says:

      Hello Dane,

      Kudos on a most excellent interview with Mr. Craig Bergman!  He readily blew himself out of the water!  

      Your firm, but calm and controlled debate skills give dignity to your presentations and encourages one to do further research. Mr. Bergman's small minded frustration was clearly heard.  He was not up to the task of credibly challenging your mind and your facts. No contest.

      Also want to thank you for the interesting way you put together the slide show to go with the radio interview.  I would listen to it again sometime, just to make sure I get to see your slide responses!  Very good technique.  Added a little humor to a most serious issue. 

      I further appreciate the thoroughness of your research site.  Thank you for building a credible resource for helping folks understand the largest environmental conspiracy fact in the history of the world.

      I have been following research developments related to the geoengineering aerosol crimes since I first became aware of them in 2002.  Clifford Carnicom was instrumental in helping me to get a grasp on what was going on.  However, your website is easy to navigate and full of interesting content.  It encourages one to keep up with the info.  

      I can only imagine that your sincere urgency to help people must be taking a toll on you personally over the past years.  Please know and be confident that your efforts are not going unnoticed. The scriptural record indicates that our loving Creator sees what is going on and will very very soon take direct decisive action to "bring to ruin those ruining the earth" (Revelation 11:18).  He alone has the authority and the power to ensure that his footstool, our beautiful home, is brought back from the brink of ruination by these criminals and turned into the permanent beautiful home for humble and obedient mankind (Isaiah 45:18, Psalm 37:9-11, 29). 

      Thanks, again, and warmest regards to you and your crew,
      Wendle Lehnerd, Arizona

  8. I was going to let the Bergman disinfo troll die of his own accord, but after reviewing the video… Well…  At about 11:00 in, Mr. Bergman enters into a sort of familiar dementia, as he appeals to the listener with the terms "a rational, sane, objective conservative." Erm… You must mean conservative stuff like this?
    Unam Sanctam – The Bull on papal supremacy issued 18 November, 1302
    Stop The Pirates: History of Trusts
    Romanus Pontifex – Wikipedia
    Be sure to read (carefully) the wikipedia text concerning the "Content" of the Romanus Pontifex. World slavery is just a theory away…

  9. Dennis says:

    Dane and all,
    Guys this is unreal. How could the show host even TRY to cover this issue while using an actual agent provocateur?
    What I mean is this; Craig Bergman is a GOP representative in Iowa.
    Link to his site
    Clearly, this guy has NO agenda? Give me a break.
    How disgusting. Thank goodness there was a caller who let Craig know, not every conservative agrees with everything other conservatives agree with.
    Craig sounds an awful lot like Mr. Disinformation himself. I'd be willing to bet he got ALL his research there, well that and WIKI! on "chemtrails".
    I propose we do a "Truth" bomb to WHO, and let them know we don't like what he did, trying to belittle the very dire and real issue, geoengineering.
    Best to all,

  10. Benedict says:

    Download a decent airplane tracker app and you will see how ridiculous the assumption that all commercial flights are carefully logged. Almost all the "commercial" planes I see spraying have little to no info. Some don't have flight logs for YEARS. And then the plane right next to it has a call sign, flight number, origin/destination and flight logs going back years. You can also see their flight paths which at times is extremely erratic. I've even seen a "commercial" flight pull a 180 in the sky and on the app even though it states away from its destination.  

  11. donna says:

    on drudge CBS Sacramento report about Ca. drought with Dane!

    Loved it.

    • As desperate as the government is at this time to reduce global warming, I wouldn't put something like this past them. If the particles are aluminum they might be spotted by ultra-high frequency radar as chaff. This is similar to the anti-radar techniques used in wartime. But to use in peacetime for atmospheric engineering to prevent global warming is nonsensical.

  12. Rick says:

    Dane I've listened to this about 4 times now, and I must say that you have complete mastery over your subject, your emotions, your thought process, and your tongue.

    Bravo sir.

  13. stephan says:

    You are our sunshine – our only sunshine – you make us happy – until they spray – you'll never know Dane – how much we love you – let’s not let them take our sunshine away.

  14. Davey says:

    Thanks for the continued passion and determination to expose this disgusting issue! Dane Wigington for president! 

  15. It is highly doubtful that Mr. Bergman has ever read the complete contents of Agenda 21. I've run into numerous people (with large portfolio holdings) who insist that "climate change" couldn't possibly be caused by man's desecrations of our Earth. Their God is capitalism. Their Piety is depravity. Their Creed contains the original lie from the original Garden… They are sick with envy and evil…

  16. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Interviews of this degree/caliber need a WARNING LABEL -exposure to this Bergman shill may cause intense pain or nausea. What an example of neuro-toxicity –cannot even follow his train of thought.  Dane remains engaged, fortified with both government  and university  science,  patents, tests, hard  data -NO wiki! Reminds me of the Doctor Patient  oncology meeting  where " you are terminal"  talk occurs.  One diagnosed as ill or dying  knows this special  talk is coming; just like earth's collapse scenario. It goes like this: What the Doctor (Dane) says is not heard by Patient (Bergman) . Classic denial.  The patient twists the message (Dane never interrupted Craig.) The patient is confused. The patient is wanting what the doctor cannot "cure" –which is death. Craig cannot "hear" about the depth and level of Geo-engineering real agenda.  There is no cure for this… only to stop it.   And, Where did the so called host (Jan M.)  go ?  Liked  the "UM " slide as periodic table element -AWESOME graphics and  ideal images while listening to this-BEST thanks on your time and talent  Karen Ball. Meanwhile let's keep in mind: Craig ,and those like you Your LIFE Will Speak. 

  17. Dane Wigington says:

    I am very grateful to you all for your support, we are all a team in this most critical battle for the common good. I feel great appreciation for each and every activist that has risen to the challenge we face in our skies, it is our combined efforts that can yet make the difference. Let's all continue to move the ball forward in this all important fight, every day counts.

  18. Tim says:

    God this guy is an idiot. Dane, good job remaining cool.

  19. Christy says:

    In Kansas, I have a 180° view of the sky.  It was beautiful this morning.  I finally had a day off and sat outside for a couple of hours.  Here come the trails,  lines and then until the whole sky was covered in white fuzzy lines and then almost completely covered in white.  Im getting really tired of this!  It slowed down a little while, and now its back more than ever.  Sinus irritation, body aches, and I'm getting really cranky.  It was 96 degrees here with the spraying.  I guess it might 'look bad' if its 105 in Kansas in September, so they have to keep doing this……I'm getting really tired of it and pissed off as hell!  Those who know me, now know WHY I'm pissed, and they are watching too!  Cats out a the bag and whomever is in charge of this debacle need to stop poisoning us!!

  20. Jeff says:

    Best battle yet 🙂 You are a warrior Dane right on! You almost had him crying. lol

    I agree with presenting the info and moving on, they can debate their own ignorance.

    Thank you for all you do, Dane.

  21. Earth Angel says:

    Craig Bergman- an idiot..must be blind as well as stupid to deny that this is going on!  Clearly Dane's facts and calm demeanor got under his skin..big time. This paid shill does a very poor job!

  22. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…kudos to you for taking this interview on. As you stated, it was the opportunity to further the anti-geoengineering message and educate a large spectrum vs consideration of the effrontry these guys might represent.

    I'm of a mind-set that Craig Bergman is not just merely short-sighted, but a gatekeeper. Something does not add-up when you consider his "apparent" knowledge of Agenda 21…enough knowledge to have made a movie about it with activist film-maker Judd Saul titled "UNsustainable"  

    Could this be a prelude or a soft warm-up to agenda 21 via a dualistic working notion that citizens can forfeit some rights in order to remain in sustainable communities? Sustainability is the new meme since the GP became all too aware and in opposition to Agenda 21. The NWO's had to re-brand or repackage it into "sustainability".

    Notice the glowing bios and interviews below that portray a very amicable guy who just wants to work together to get this message out. Hardly the guy that interviewed Dane!

    "Craig Bergman is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, political campaign adviser, and pro-environment crunchy-con who has managed multiple campaigns nationally.

    Unsustainable will discuss proven, effective policies that would not only ensure both economic and environmental prosperity, but do so in a way that suits the needs of individual communities. The film will be the first major documentary to reveal the truth about Agenda 21, a UN plan whose scale and reach is incomparable. Most importantly, the audiences will learn that only by working together can we preserve both our environment and our liberties.

    Craig Bergman interview.

    "Conservative radio talk show host Craig Bergman is sick of Republicans failing to appeal to environmentalists, and he's making a documentary to try to bridge the gap. He's behind a new Kickstarter campaign[1] for "Unsustainable," the documentary underway that Bergman hopes will provide common sense solutions for environmental concerns. Part of his challenge, however, is to convince people that this isn't a right-wing film. Bergman himself is a long time crunchy-con."

    Also consider the talk-show host, Jan Michelson, moderator during the interview with Dane.

    "Iowa radio host and influential conservative kingmaker Jan Mickelson unveiled an immigration plan that would make undocumented immigrants who don't leave the country after an allotted time "property of the state," asking, "What's wrong with slavery?" when a caller criticized his plan.

    On the August 17 edition of his radio show, Mickelson announced that he had a plan to drive undocumented immigrants out of Iowa that involved making those who don't leave "property of the state" who are forced into "compelled labor," like building a wall on the US-Mexican border."

    None of us wants or should be expected to bear the burden of  illegals in this country, but would we really consider the option of enslaving them should they choose to stay? Unbelievable!

  23. Marc says:

    Standing ovation for Dane Wigington!!! It is a rare individual who can maintain composure and hold tight to reason and facts when confronted with the sociopathic, muddle-mouthed performance of a buffoon such as Mr. Bergman. I concur with another post wherein they state their disbelief that an imbecile like Mr. Bergman actually has a following. That Mr. Bergman somehow manages to command a microphone and find an audience is perhaps a penultimate expression of "freedom of speech", but, while I don't have a problem with his right to spew steaming horseshit over the airwaves, WE also have a right to challenge his sickening brand of ill-informed, emotionally overwrought horseshit. This fellow could barely contain himself in the face of reason and facts. And his LOL attempts to intimidate Dane with a blizzard of his own "facts" made for some bonafide radio entertainment! 

    At the end of the day, the truly sad part of this is that there are breathtakingly stupid (and sinister) people who, through mass media, are driving a wedge between the common people and the TRUTH of what is going on. These phonies will soon enough discover that what Dane has been saying for many years will have boomeranged around to bite them right in the ass.

  24. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    Not even a contest.  Dane is articulate and presents a cogent argument full of facts and documentation.  Craig's pitiful "arguments" are vapid.  The graphic showing the "FACTS" cannon facing the fake pistol with an "opinion" flag summed it up quite nicely.  Nice work, Dane

    As someone who was blessed to have the opportunity to earn an advanced electrical engineering degree from a respected Massachusetts Institute and over three decades of experience, I can confidently state that engineers are the most honest people I have known and have outstanding "bovine fecal matter" detectors (I refrain from using profanity).  I challenge anyone to try to bluff their way through a job interview with a real engineer — ain't gonna happen.  This is how I see Craig's attempts to argue against Dane.  Not only are Craig's arguments lame, but he lies when he states that Dane was talking over him.  There goes that detector again!

    I've been following this issue since 2000, and only recently discovered Dane's site.  This is by far the best, most complete compilation of data I've ever seen.  Again, great work, Dane.


  25. Tom Keith says:

    Excellent Job Dane ! Keep up the fight. I'm going to keep harassing the Sirius channel until I can get you on Pete Dominic's show. Your message is too strong to be kept silent.

  26. Allan Buckmann says:

    This discussion seems to be between science and provable fact vs. speculation and scientific ignorance. Dane did a remarkable job of bringing facts and logic, and Craig seems to think it is an argument between liberals and conservatives (it is not). Dane gave true and accurate facts and associations, and Craig gave opinions without any substantive proof of anything. I am amazed anyone believes Craig and he lost the discussion when he called Dane and others names, and became louder and more frustrated as the program continued.

    Craig, you need some lessons in science. As a weatherman I can tell you that the jet clouds are not classic contrails … the classic definition is hot exhaust melting ice crystals that rapidly refreeze and disappear in short trails. Further, the new jet engines are practically incapable of forming such trails of clouds without additives … ergo, there are additives to both the fuel and  witnessed spraying from nozzles. The jet trails turn into clouds … specifically high-thin cirrus. High-thin cirrus is known for capping the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect, increasing global warming, magnifying storm intensity, altering wind and rainfall patterns, and when persistent (now the case) altering normal life cycles in the ecosystem … including yours. The fake clouds are creating serious environmental impacts, accelerating the present 6th global extinction, and could kill all of us if continued. The persistence of this long term program is changing weather daily and thus altering the climate … I hope that helps your mind sort out the "truth" you seem to think you represent.

    This weather manipulation is extremely serious and your position, flying in the face of facts and logic, is confusing the issues and slowing our awakening and potential recovery. You are doing a great disservice to us all with your political posturing.

    Everyone else … wake up or there won't be any flowers to smell or noses to smell with.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Allen, you know those high cirrus looking bullshit fake clouds, well, they are not always so high. I sat for over an hour watching one drop today. There was no drift in the sky. It was sitting still. The crap cloud got bigger, still spreading, and was dropping right at me. The sun got lower at about 5 and rays got under it, producing a vertical sheet of golden sparkles dropping straight down under the center spine. It was strangely beautiful. I hate them. I can think of nothing more evil.

  27. Las Vegan says:

    Dane, wonderful, wonderful job!  (1) We need to disabuse ourselves  from political labels.  Craig Berman happens to be conservative, but most of the hardheaded anti-geoengineering opinion I encounter in the cab are liberal government supporters.  "What???  Why would the government deliberately destroy the country and citizens?"  [Implication:  government "takes care" of people]  The quality liberal or conservative thinkers, who cannot wrap their heads around a government actually engineering climate change (reason unknown), share is complete belief in and loyalty to that entity.  I am rather amazed by Mr.Bergman.  If he, indeed, believes an Agenda 21 may be developing, which he appears against, why wouldn't you believe part of that agenda isn't deforesting and depriving people of food and resources so that you can herd them into cities and greater metropolitan areas where resources can be managed/controlled/allocated by a power structure seeking obedience from a citizenry?  Being hungry will make one extremely obedient.  (2) Dane, I have closely observed the vegetation around the Strip where I drive.  Having watched some of your videos and becoming more educated, I now spot the excessive UV exposure/fungal kills you point out.  Each year small plants die around the hotels; this year reveals an alarming trend.  Significant, approximately 1-1 1/2 feet sections of boxwood and staple greenery are brown and completely dead.  The hotels will have to replace entire sections.  You're right:  trees, even with the infinite care exhibited by landscaping employees employed by the hotels, have both dead and live leaves nearly all year.  (3) Additionally, your mention of weather derivatives and showing the WSC All Weather Portfolio with a 79% return over a normal "balanced portfolio" is brilliant and key.  I've worked in Vegas for 17 years; I worked through the boom period.  I also worked for nearly 20 years for the State of California at a desk job.  I was extremely naive.  After driving bus, limo and now cab for 17 years, I now believe many (not all) people will do anything…again, ANYTHING…for huge money/profits.  I am not against profits.  I am against manipulation of markets and widespread control of industries (by super mergers and acquisitions), which lessens competition and allows more control over media and thought processes in this country.  They are silent these days, but I used to hear a great deal in my cab from Wall St. boys about financial manipulation for both public and private gain.  I was left utterly breathless from shock and, actually, titillation at the extreme greed.  Do you understand?  Their lives love, as one loves a spouse or dear child, the acquisition of wealth and quick, clever profits.  Their attitude is one of worshipping this strength.  Do you understand why geo-engineering of the weather can, therefore, be a natural extension of greed in the human being? 

    • BaneB says:

      Well said!  Greed.  Obsession.  Adoration of money.  Love of the game.  There love is like that of the love for their own "baby."  Would therapy help?  Since you are in the Las Vegas area, you might want to pay attention to the NEXRAD pulses out of both Vegas and Searchlight.  Someone called my attention to strange pulses and weather manufacture in the area and believe NEXRAD is involved.  I think they are correct.  These microwave devices have max output each of 750,000 watts.

  28. gregg says:

    The voice of ignorance speaks the loudest here as it seeks an ear to plant  its garble of distortion, lies and misinformation. This craig seems to be getting very emotional as well through out this talk show, which makes him even less credible as a real person, let alone an author of a book. Anyone can write a book- like this craig – that does not mean the contents are accurate or even true for that matter .What kind of person would waste their time and money on his book anyway after hearing his comments here and the bad attitude he maintains. Thank you again Dane for standing up for the truth based on real facts and credible science. I have the greatest respect for you and how you handle yourself in these difficult situations. I will continue the fight with you to educate people on this issue and look forward to meeting you one day. God Bless You and Protect You

  29. J Rizk says:

    Well, I'm proud to be a left wing, liberal, environmental whacko. I'll just keep spreading my lies to all who will listen (sarcasm intended) about saving our beautiful planet. Anyone who can't see that it's dying hasn't been outside lately. My present job has me meeting the public constantly and anytime I find an opening I'll commend someone on their choice of purchasing organic or making their own dog food or non-GMO choices, etc. and it's interesting where the conversations go. I might only have a couple of minutes with each person, but it's very, very obvious that there are people out there waking up.

  30. Penn Hudson says:

    When it comes to Craig Bergman, you can't fix stupid. What a beat-down.

  31. Marvin says:

    I have looked closely at all the data / evidence you've presented for some time now.  Given the massive amount of information you've brought to light it's hard to image anyone can still deny that geo-engineering doesn't exist. 

  32. Barbara larkin says:

    Brilliant Dane, the disinformation guy seems to think the louder you get  and the more  insults you direct  prove  a person right. Anyone listening, can hear foot themselves who sounds crazy and who remains calm. And to the point , will they have the gumption to have you back ? And not cut the show  when they realise how pathetic their arguments are.

  33. Michel B says:

    Just love the guy who called in at the end. Bless him. This whole interview was well worth Dane's time too. Logical and sensible directives to listeners to investigate for themselves. From the "expert" on religion, politics and general bullshit, nothing but complete dribble. But what else could he offer?

    If there is one word nowadays that has an almost completely diminished credence, it is "expert". I'm not saying there are not experts out there, but it is obviously a hat virtually anyone can put on. Just look at the dribbler trying to rebut Dane. If he's an expert, I must be a genius!

    Best of all, this radio interview will garner more waking up of the people.

  34. Karen W says:

    Kudos to you Dane!
    Next time this radio talk person invites you on to talk with an "expert" make sure they are intelligent enough to carry on a civil conversation.

  35. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …That reminds me I hope the pilots are pleased with themselves due to all the devastation to life and property related to the severity of the wild fires because it is all directly related to their handywork drying out the acreage and the takeup of aluminum in the plant life, therefore resulting in hotter fires consuming far more than would have otherwise occured without a doubt…..ThanksGuys…bunch of real fine boy scouts….nice goin…..yall get a Nobel prize for completely stupid……you can bet on that…..

  36. Cori Gunnells says:

    Geoengineering, climate engineering, SRM (solar radiation management), weather modification… those terms are a mouthful, but they are important for people to understand. Not a person or living thing can escape the toxins from these programs, or consider themselves safe from the weather anomalies/catastrophies, disruption in food production, danger to our water, decimation of our landscapes/wildlands, and so on. 

    Iowa – I grew up there, went to college there, have family there… What I heard from Craig was not the best of Iowa. I heard nothing from him that sounded like an expert. I heard his ignorance, an unwillingness to listen, and an agenda. If this radio program is nationwide I hope people don't make the mistake of thinking that he represents the people of Iowa. The gentleman caller (Greg, from W Des Moines) who called in late to the show (near Des Moines) got it right. Though he wasn't given long to speak, he used his common sense and had the courage to state that he sees evidence of aerosols in the sky, and noted he doesn't fit the sarcastic sterotype of a "liberal" or a "wing nut" like Craig tried to associate people who care about this issue as being. If Craig claims to be an expert on Agenda 21, he should know that 'this issue' is indeed control, and if the power elite manages to obtain full control over our weather, food, water… they WILL have control over us. Perhaps in his private moments he'll take Dane's advice and do some research on his own. If he doesn't, he'll be one of the people led to the slaughter… just like all the other people who refuse to listen. We are in serious times. We need people who can think for themselves, understand what's happening, and help to fight back. The ill effects from geoengineering are so far along, our time on the clock is a few minutes till midnight. This isn't a Right/Left, Liberal/Conservative issue. It's our habitat and survival.

    Dane – once again, I commend you. Your only goal is to help bring this to light, for the survival of all. 

  37. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "The best dis-information is 98 per cent truth and 2 per cent bullshit." 

    — Michael C. Ruppert

    "When all people have left is name-calling, you know they've already lost."  — Dennie J. Mehocich

  38. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    Thank you Dane and your team for all the work you all have put forth to educate the world…we appreciate it so much…the spraying of chemtrails is criminal and none of us signed up for this nightmare.  Here in California our drought is never ending y the intensity of spraying has increased…it seems everyone has allergies..and health issues on the rise..i am recovering from toxic mold i believe in holistic methods so sad but mainstream healthcare has not helped me.I have faith in God and pray for this insanity y cruelty to end…detoxing is vital for us all so many suggestions on the net..find what works for you…make pure water your best friend…:-) god bless take care ….peace….S

  39. Rory says:

    Dane…thank you for taking up this fight. You give us all so much encouragement to stand firm for what is right. Your courage is God given and you are a bright light in these times. Know that you are in our prayers . Those who listened to the show and have ears to hear the truth,heard it!  So many people have been awakened by your mission to expose the lies. Thank you bro


  40. Francine says:

    Thanks for taking a stand, again. My view is any time you can get attention and get the conversation rolling is a win. They're getting the message that we are not backing down, so plan b is damage control.  Everyone, keep exposing the situation. We are making progress!

  41. Keith Whittington says:

    Gotta change with the times. We used to call it lying. Locally, the same lines are repeated by all kinds of people. *Our garden didnt produce this year; It must be all the rain.* Or *It looks like fall is coming early. Leaves are turning yellow and dropping. It must be all the rain.* Or *Bushes and trees are dying. It must be all the rain.* Though I dont have one or watch tv, I would bet they heard this bs on the news. To be fair, there is a nano particle of truth in it.

  42. SD says:

    Geoengineers running amok in the sky over SoCal today. Intense high-altitude SPRAY RUNS on the leading edge of YET ANOTHER TROPICAL rain system.  Clearly visible to the naked eye by ground based observers.
    Record shattering high temps Sun were greatly reduced Mon.  Same sequence of events been going on all summer. Not much rainfall produced this time.
    Once again time to call out all meteorologist deniers and incompetent scientists who STILL don;t know what's going on – GET PSYCHIATRIC HELP!

  43. AVA says:

    Dane, your time is too precious to waste on a shill like this. I mean this guy is a parody of a shill, he's so bad. He's a clown. Perhaps vet the opposition first and choose real opponents.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello AVA, in this case the show was well worth participating in as they have a huge audience that covers many states in the US.

  44. Ken says:

    Dane, you handled that "interview" in a very impressive manner. That so called expert knows nothing about Christianity or Science. He will acknowledge the truth soon enough. He is a paid disinformationist, so to speak. Name calling is indicative of a lack of facts or knowledge on a subject and is a way they try to move the conversation away from the facts. 

    When it comes to what is going on environmentally and big picture power structure developments you are a reliable and trustworthy source.

  45. Eric says:

    Scariest aspect of this broadcast is that this idiot, Craig Bergman, has any following at all

  46. Cjay says:

    A short note to all the trolls, shills, and idiots.  You are so easy to identify, and you know who you are:

    The Internet is not reliable (unless it reflects your views), and you attempt to discredit all sources of information that contradict your views.

    You will not believe that governments would do this or attempt to keep it from the people.

    You NEVER back up what you say with any form of solid evidence, because you have NONE, not even plausible evidence.

    You believe your whole premise to be true, therefore, your conclusions must be true, even when they are entirely conjecture.  Conjecture being simply GUESSWORK.

    You are unable to use logic to make sense of the issues in front of your face.

    You attack your “opponent’s” character as a means of discrediting even the most reliable information.  That includes name calling when you run out of things to say that you think make sense.   

    Because you don’t know the facts, doesn’t make you a bad person, to attempt to distort and discredit the truth makes you not only evil, but repugnant… lower than the scum that is being sprayed.  A logical human, in light of all the attention that this “possible” health issue is receiving, would at least do some research, to satisfy their own personal safety, not to mention their family members.

    You won’t believe an oven is hot, until you put your head in it.  Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Nnikki says:

      Well said Cjay! I wonder how much the cabal camp followers pay people like Craig to attempt to thwart the truth? All he succeeded in doing is making a completely obvious bombastic ass of himself! Let's all hope that some people of real sense were listening, take Dane’s words to heart & do the research. HIGHEST HAILS to you Dane for keeping your cool with this jerk! Your calm, sane, polite attitude truly SHINES!

  47. Tom Liccione says:

    You came out smelling like a rose, Dane and Craig Bergman, a member of the Tea-vangelicals, purporting to broadcast the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the truth, drowned in his own ignorance and lies. If you visit his website,, you'll see that this fellow is too steeped in conservative politics to be interested in real and present issues. From my experience, very conservative people, often staunch republicans, are the biggest deniers of global warming. Maybe we should petition our legislators to resurrect HR2977 in its original form, the first time the word "chemtrails" made its official appearance. The Bill was subsequently amended and radically changed (emasculated)!

  48. Dane it's so hard for me to hold a Tear back watching you in this video showing the death upon our Forest.
    Anyone in their right mind can See as Believing is happening as we speak.
    My opinion if this ongoing situation has not come to a full on halt in less than Two Years were going to see significant death among civilization  as our Wildlife is already showing great decline in their young…
    I have talked with ones trying to show proof and they too deny all allegations they say to get my head out of the clouds ?
    But then the ratio of ones I have spoke with are taking a truer affect upon spreading this around than not Seeing is Believing.
    After all the information Dane you have presented to the Public as in truth of all matters there are ones as in this interview with you showing themselves to be totally uneducated in this presentation of facts.

  49. Gary Pennington says:

    I don't know where to start with this one. This expert/fool can only site 'wiki' as his source, other than' "cuz I say so!" Amazed you kept your composure while taking his argument apart, Dane. His saying that we are all liberal, environmental wackos, was all I needed to hear. Who doesn't want a safe, healthy planet? In the 'liberal' S.F. Bay Area, I wrote to the supposedly most liberal radio station, KPFA, and suggested that Dane would be an important person to interview, specifically on the 'Guns and Butter' program. The reply from the co-producer, and I quote, " Thanks for you suggestion. We are well aware of the issue of geoengineering but it is a complicated topic with few reliable sources. We do plan to cover this topic in the future as there is important information that needs to be shared." Can hardly wait to see who he deems reliable on geoengineering.

  50. Irene Parousis says:

    I apllaude your patience and tolerance with this idiot, Dane, but you're right lowering our vibration to theirs is counterproductive in the grand scheme of things and this late in the game. 

    • This  video is like listening to the Cabal trying to remove Truth from our Planets Reality as in Climate engineering.
      I like to see what they say in 2 years when there own kind goes ill.
      When it comes back home will they admit as it is or who else is going to be placed in there position to Hide beneath the porch.
      This idiot lied in his conversation saying Dane interrupted.
      He's totally denying what the Military is doing in our skies.

  51. Nicole says:

    Thank you Dane, this is a great broadcast as well. I'm glad these types of comments are being addressed, it's true this isn't a left or right problem, it's not a democrat or republican problem, it's about the health of the biosphere we all depend on in order to exist. It's beyond sad, and sick, that there are still people out there so very willing to challenge whether this is even happening before taking enough time on their own to even understand the bigger picture. This guy Craig could not even tell you what SRM means! This is the language of many scientists pushing geoengineering including college studies talking about this right now! That is astounding when he's got so many opinions on who is responsible for SRM, but he can't even tell you what it means! 

    This interview underscores the willful ignorance of people that Dane you have been busting your backside to help for more than a decade. The very least they could do is to give even half of the same effort to their own family that you have given. 

    For those reading and watching. Put down the blasphemy, the anger, the defensiveness until you have researched geoengineering (not chemtrails, the slang term) thoroughly on your own. Don't allow sound bites from these kinds of fools to dictate whether or not you take action to protect your own family. The people you love and care about are counting on YOU. 

  52. carol freiberg says:

    This "expert" is about as credible as Mr. Magoo. Not sure I can listen to much more of this idiot. Where did they find this wacko? He has no knowledge and is not doing the work to research because his head is directly inserted into his poop deck. His opinion is irrelevant. Keep up the good work Dane.

  53. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 73rd email to my contact list, titled '1985'

    1.  1985 was an interesting year, and also saw the start of intensive global atmospheric spraying.

    If you're younger than 30, you've never experienced a month in which the average surface temperature of the Earth was below average.  Also, you've never seen natural skies (i.e. without the effects of atmospheric spraying).

    2.  Scorching 2015 continues:

    3.  When flying, you can often tell where wind turbines are as they create clouds which stand up above the general cloud, similar to the output from cooling towers of power stations.       

    This video helps explain why we get so much localised, and ‘lines’ of, rainfall which do not seem natural.

    4.  Time to get out of Dodge?

    • BaneB says:

      Andrew, thanks for the NEXRAD links.  That should keep me occupied for a couple days.  It is good to know what others people are experiencing with these powerful microwave pulses.  

  54. Frank says:

    The insanity of all rational thinking is the normalcy of today's power structure. They proliferate all agencies of government to the extent that all involved cannot extend ones opinion. Your opinion is granted only if you agree with there policies. The so called citizen rights groups like Greenpeace are just paid agencies for the power structure. The EPA is the giant means for all government and big business  to further there agenda of absolute power over the masses. The paid parasites like Al Gore way of thinking only confuses more people and that is the power structures way of total control. When the masses need to be moved fast they institute fear like 9/11 or wars. The latest forms of confusion are blatantly more lies like the new documentary by Kip Andersen, Director of Conspiracy. It is his way to inform that we as a civilization are in trouble from the cover-up of Co2 release from agriculture mainly cattle. So the main reason we wave a rapid release of greenhouse gases is from cow excrement. The documentary never mentions the ongoing process of Geoengineering that has been happening for decades. He shows that most citizen rights groups like Greenpeace do not mention his information on cow dung. 

    This is the further intentions of the power structures way of feeding actual bullshit to us all. There is a link to a interview with Kip Andersen and his documentary is on Netflix and other places. Like Dane says there are many layers to the onion but what has to stop is weather warfare if we are to ever have a chance.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Your comments Frank struck a nerve as I have neighbors who actually believe BS is the culprit and Will Not look any further.  I give up on them, though they claim to be ethical environmentalists.

      Dane, your composure in the midst of idiots is incredible and much to be admired.  The anger in that Craig person, where is that anger coming from?  It certainly was not you, rather the message I think.  Your stubborn perseverance is paying off.  It greatly helps that you are so calm and rational and come bearing tons of facts.  It is hard to believe how very long all this has been going on and I suspect many people initially balk at that, at being used, tricked and confused for the bulk of their lifetime.  ;I would love to see/hear you in a discussion with better educated persons.  I hope soon that will happen and seems bound to happen.  Because no matter what, you stand up to all with integrity, eloquence, and knowledge, backed up by so very many decades of proof.  In the end, that will win out.  Hopefully soon before time runs out!  Bravo!

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